October 19th, 2010

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I lost my passport a few nights ago. It's my only legit form of ID (I don't have a proof of age card or a license). I'm stressing cos it's my fucking passport and I'm so pissed off at myself for being careless enough to lose it. I'm gonna call the last place I remember having it out at as well as the cab company I used to get home that night.
Should I also call the police station in that area in case anyone was lovely enough to hand it in?

When's the last time you lost something important? What was it?

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Do you think it's too personal if someone touches your face? 

Today my boss cupped my face in his hand and said I'm still beautiful without makeup and left me standing on the fire escape at work like, "Uh wut."  He has never touched me before today even though he has flirted incessantly with me.

Have you ever really wanted a switchblade? 

I sure as shit do.

If one of your guy friends was going as you for Halloween (you're a chick) would you be flattered?

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I just wrote my life's story. with Times New Roman, size 12, single spacing I got to 5 pages (with paragraphs). I thought it would be longer. How long would your life story be?

Would it be filled with awesomess, sadness, worry, bliss, something else?

What would be the most important part/event of your life so far?

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I spent over an hour and a half typing out some fucking questions to send to a professor making it as awesome and intelligent sounding as possible. I copy my email, then send it, thinking everything went okay I go and copy a link, then my email doesn't send, I don't notice and fuck I have no more questions.


.... please tell me how....

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How would you go about asking the super-awkward "So are we dating or what?" question? Be creative and non-srs for bonus marks.

One of my IRL buds has suggested "So, remember those co-workers of mine I introduced you to the other day? They asked if you were my boyfriend and I did not know what to respond with. Are we dating or are we still just FWB or what?" I'm so bad at this shit I have to have outside help, durrr.

And yes, this is still all relating to FWB/boycrush. I was too chickenshit to bring it up on Saturday so I promised myself I'd try again this week...

DK/DC: Did your parent(s) read to you when you were a kid? What was that one book that you ALWAYS demanded they read to you, even though they tried to get you to pick something different? Mine was Green Eggs And Ham.

Do you read (or want to read) that book to your kids?

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You have stayed at someone's house and are using their shower. Which shower products do you use?
If you would ask first lets assume they've already left and you can't.

Do you share toothbrushes?

You have washed your hands and there is no clear hand towel - WHAT DO YOU DO?

Do you have a bathroom bin? If not, why, you horrible inconsiderate person?

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Dr teakyewsee,

Over a month ago I walked the dog in the rain while wearing flip flops. As I approached the flight of painted concrete stairs across the street, I thought "this is a horrible idea", but on I went. I slipped and fell down the whole flight of stairs, landing on the sidewalk. I sliced open my right leg, and banged up my left shin pretty well, and got some pretty good bruises.

Thing is, a couple places on my shin are still sore and painful to the touch more than a month later. I realize shin injuries take a little extra time to heal, but I'm worried because it still hurts. Is it worth going to the doctor to see if I actually did some real damage?
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So I'm late to the game and am just now going to get an iPod. Should I go for the Nano or a refurbished classic? Any advice you think a first time iPod owner should know?

Are you feeling any strong emotions at the moment? What are they in regard to?

What is your favorite gem stone?

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1) OK Google doesn't really have the answer to this one so I'm hoping someone here does.

Is it OK to keep clothes in the same space as the gas boiler?

I ask because my bedroom in my new flat doesn't have space for a wardrobe. Instead the owner has installed clothes rails in a cupboard in the room. Alas this room also contains the boiler. We moved in during the summer but, with winter approaching, we've started switching the heating on. I'm a bit concerned keeping clothes in this cupboard is going to damage them in some way.

Edited to ask another unrelated question

2) I am being creative and making some pate mix to use in my packed lunches this week. The recipe calls for flageolet beans which have proved difficult to find. I'm substituting them for butter/lima beans but going to cook them first. Will it be OK to use them in the pate mix after they've been cooked?

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If you are "in a relationship" with someone on facebook, do you get reminders for your anniversary (like it does with birthdays of your friends)?

Do you have any experience with consolidation loans? Please share your experience and/or advice? I need to look into one for my student loans and I have no idea where to even start, at all. :T

Alternatively, what do you currently do for a living? What do you like/dislike about your job?
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Part of the reason that our politics seem so tough right now and facts and science and argument do not seem to be winning the day all the time is because we're hard-wired not to always think clearly when we're scared. And the country is scared.

(This is citing American politics, fwiw.)

If you read this statement - without any context or direction, what thoughts come to mind? Do you agree or disagree? Why?
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So if Ambien gives you crazy side effects like sleep walking, sleep baking, and sleep bank robbing, how can you feel well-rested in the morning if you're so busy making cookies to distract the guards from your thievery attempts?


Did your dog act weird after their rabies shot? My dog is usually really hyper and annoying but ever since sat when she got her shot, shes been acting really calm and depressed. Has this happened with your dogs?

p.s. I already made an appointment with the vet.

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I'm going to be purchasing my first lap top shortly. However, I need help deciding which one to get seeing as how I don't know very much about them. I want to spend around $1,000. What lap top would you say is best in that price range? What is your favorite lap top? Is there one I should stay away from? I mostly use the computer for downloading music, if that means anything. Thanks!

facebook friending

Say you met someone only once, somewhat briefly, and you knew that you'd quite possibly never see them again (since you don't have any mutual friends, etc). You later see that you have a friend request from them. Do you accept or no?

Do you have rules when accepting/rejecting friend requests?

How do some people have like 1,500 "friends"?

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I agreed to meet someone today to take over their cell phone contract at 11:30am. 

My fiance and I were early by 10 minutes so we started to set up our account and then we waited. He got bored and went to wander around and the salesman asked why we were taking over a contract instead of starting a new one. I told him that it seemed like the easiest way and I thought it was a good deal. The salesman offered me a better deal at half the price with a free phone.

As I pondered this the time went by and this person didn't show. I had time to go get my eyebrows done and tea and everything! We finally left after waiting 50 minutes. 

I got an email from the girl saying she missed us by 5 minutes claiming she didn't know her bus times and was wondering when we were free to try again as she already signed up with a new phone and now has two contracts and needs to get out of this one. 

Would you go for the better deal or would you try again? If you would give her a second chance and spend more money what are the reasons?
What would you tell her? 

Even if I think she's sincere about her mixing up her bus times I want to cancel on her and just sign up for the cheaper deal. 

ETA: She's a complete stranger but seemed nice when we arranged things.
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 In a very last minute scramble, I applied for the FAFSA about three weeks ago, because I wasn't planning on going back to school next semester and kind of got thrown into reapplying due to lack of employment. However, I called financial aid at my school and was told by them and our accountant that I likely will be denied student loans through my school because my stepfather makes too much money (about 50K although he owns his own business and a lot of it is channeled into that). 

Should I apply with my stepfather's information anyways or should I consider Sallie Mae loans? Just how dangerous are Sallie Mae loans? From what I can see, it looks like there's very high interest and I'm not sure that's a good idea to apply for them. 
I'm 23 and I cannot see a way to file as independent, so I'm a bit worried because if I don't find loans, I have an apartment down there that I'd have to find a way to pay for, unless I found a subleaser.

ETA: I'm trying to return to Illinois State and I am from Illinois if that helps any. Also, I'm technically a senior but switching majors so I'd be kind of starting over.

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TQC, I'm scheduled to work at 7 AM tomorrow. I don't have a car, and I thought I could take a train to the town I'm meant to be in, and then a bus to the store I'm working at, but the trains don't run until after 7 AM and I wouldn't be able to be at the store until 7:30. I put 8 AM down on my start time on the original availability sheet, but the shifts run 7 AM till 2:30 pm. I hate to ask managers to make exceptions for me, but I just can't physically get there until 7:30. Should I just ask my dad to give me a ride tomorrow morning and then ask my manager to switch me to 7:30? My dad will piss and moan about having to drive me but I don't really have a choice here. :\


Should I pick apart the chicken carcass in my fridge and make my own sandwich, or go to Panera and get a Bacon Turkey Bravo (because I am craving that shit right now)?
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About a year and a half ago, this family I know in MD offered to let me live with them rent-free to help me with my financial situation. Things weren't so bad then, but I'm about to go back to America from Israel soon with only $350 or so to my name. I sent them an email asking if their offer to let me stay with them is still good, and if not, if they have any suggestions. This was about a day and a half ago, and I haven't heard from them yet. Should I assume the answer is no, or should I place a follow-up phone call? If the latter, when should I call?
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I'm sending some mail to crayola_bomb and I noticed that the shipping cost is basically the same if I send 1 lb of stuff vs only sending the tiny little thing I was originally going to send. So now I'm going to send 1 lb of random things.

What kind of things should I send?
non-srs answers are fine, but I might take you seriously.
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When would you wear a short-sleeved sweater? My mom got me one and I can't figure out how to wear it, since if it the weather is cold enough for a sweater I'd assume it'd be too cold for short sleeves...

Do you wear holiday-themed socks or other clothing? If yes, just around the holiday or throughout the year?
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What is your personal style when it comes to time management? Do you need to schedule everything - even a lazy Sunday? Or does making a time frame pretty much freak you out? Do you have a friend that drives you nuts when it comes to always being off schedule - or maybe always having to section everything off into a time box? (Sorry about the ranty question there.)

When you hover over a user icon, do you see the link/ option for "ban everywhere"? (I'm trying to figure this out because apparently, you're supposed to be able to block ever having to see comments from a person by clicking "ban everywhere" but I can't find it or figure it out. And I have worked with LJ FAQ.) Also, fyi, I do have the option to "ban" but not "ban everywhere".

How much cleavage showing is too much?

How much leg showing is too much?


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I have a very small crush on a guy at work. I saw him a few times last year and he flirted with me, but I haven't actually seen him in the building this year. Today he sent an email to the entire school telling them that his band would be playing at a REALLY small club near my house this weekend.

It's totally fucking weird if I go, right?
Is that email totally lame, too?
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I made plans with a guy I know, kind of a casual evening but something I was still looking forward to, and then I came down with this gnarly head cold. My entire face feels like it's stuffed with cotton. I hate hate hate flaking or reneging on plans. Should I text him and ask for a raincheck?

What is your favorite thing about the human body?
What do you get from your usual coffee shop?
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TQC, I'm going to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in 2 weeks. So far Lewis Black is the only guest listed. It will be fun, y/n?

Have you ever been to the taping of a TV show? Which one?

I went to Jeopardy years ago and it was kind of boring.
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NYC craigslist

Are apartment listings on NYC craigslist a decent way to figure out average rent prices? I know they have to pay for NYC listings, so I figure it is not full of scams and inaccuracies. Right?!

I am trying to estimate a budget for when I move there in about a year...
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How long is the longest you've gone without seeing anyone from your immediate family?

I haven't seen my brother since August 2009 and I haven't seen my dad since January 2010.

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Which of these would be the scariest to you? SCUBA diving, sky diving, or caving?

Let's say you are looking for a retail job or food service job, which store would you most like to get a job at? Ex. McDonalds Walmart, The Gap, etc.
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I forgot to add the vanilla extract to my pumpkin muffins D= Noticed RIGHT after I put them in the oven, ugggh. What's the worst that could happen? Are they ruined??

What is your favorite kind of muffin? Will you tell me about times when you thought you failed baking but it turned out ok?

[Edit: Do you put icing/frosting on your muffins? I've never had a muffin with icing before. Is that a common way to eat muffins?]

[Edit2: The muffins are done and taste great! Here's pics and recipe if anyone's interested]

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How do I become friends with my roommate's boyfriend? I don't know him very well, and I always get this vibe that he doesn't really like me. I'll try to start conversations with him but he's always monosyllabic. I just don't want things to be awkward between us when he comes down to visit.

Have you ever had a similar problem? How did you deal with it?

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TQC, should I live with different people next year?

I could stay in this house, except one person wants to leave (but may not/may not find anywhere), it can get noisy, they're friends but can get very irritating, we're all on the same course so I don't feel like i'm leaving work as it were, there's going to be a massive rush on houses next year. There's 6 people.

Or I could live with approximately 8 people, some of whom i'm close friends with, others I don't know so well, have a real laugh with, all on different courses, aren't into house parties so it'd be fairly quiet but haven't approached them about living with them and there's no guarantee of a house. Also it could damage relations with the current people as they'd have to find somewhere else to live/new housemate(s)

dk/dc, how do you make yourself confront someone about their behavior when you know it'd cause an atmosphere, but has to be said?

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What's an absolutely ridiculous dream that you have?

Like someone came up to you right and legitimately said, "Ok, here's a bajillion dollars and I took care of everything. Your life is on hold for a year (work, school, no family emergencies/death) and everything will be the same when you come back. Do what you want and spend as much as you want on my dime for a year and there are no negative consequences."

What would you do?

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I have a seating audition tomorrow. at the same time, my roommate needs to study for a psych exam.
I don't have a practice mute with me, so if I play, it can only be muted so much.
The audition is pretty competitive, and the people in the orchestra have lots of beef with each other.
My gpa depends on this audition.
My roommate had requested for me not to practice.

Should I be a bitch and ignore her, or sympathize and fail my audition?

ETA: It's 8:31 right now, most public recreational sites are closed, c'ept for the library, which is a couple of miles away. she doesnt know how to drive and her books are at home. Also, the house is having a party so she cant go downstairs either.

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I'm trying to clip my cat's nails and she's giving me a hell of a time. I'm barely cutting anything substantial, just trimming a small bit of the tip and I can clearly see that I'm nowhere near hitting the quick so I can't imagine that im hurting her but she jumps as soon a I get a steady hand. She's making me so nervous that I'm sweating after one clip but her nails are pretty long and I'd like to get them trimmed before I put on her new claw caps so she doesn't get ingrowns.

Any tips for keeping her calm? She has a sensitive stomach (and diarrhea right now, ugh) so I'd like to avoid using a lot of food as an incentive.
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TQC, will you list five movies that you love that most people haven't seen?
I am trying to see some stuff I have never seen before.

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DK/DC - If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be? Feel free to get creative!

I would be mango ice cream with coconut flakes and raspberries
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Are you wearing purple tomorrow?

I have dark fuchsia, but not purple. I'm probably going to wear something with purple eyeshadow or something.

If not or you want extra credit, what's your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?
TEEN MOM. The reunion is on in four minutes. Reaction post anyone?
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Are there any themed/quirky bars/restaurants in your area? Will you show us/tell us about them?

I just discovered The Nerdiest Bar On Earth is opening soon in Sydney and I know a lot of people who will wet their pants over this:
Mana Bar
Not to mention the Ice Bar (you get a huge thick winter coat upon entrance).
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Should I see my boyfriend? It's 10pm right now and I have to work at 7am tomorrow. Earlier I was talking to my boyfriend and he said he'd be home around 10:30. I asked if he wanted to hang out and he said sure. My plan was to take a nap earlier then go over there and stay up pretty late. The nap thing didn't happen. So, what should I do?

Poll #1633205 Decide my social life

What should I do?

See him, stay up and be tired tomrrow
See him for like an hour then go to bed
Don't see him and go to bed at a reasonable time
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ugh verizon

Okay so my husband got deployed about 2 months ago and right before he did he cancled the verizon wireless account we had together. They told us we had to pay the last months bill and that was it. They were not going to charge an early termination or anything like that. Fine, I paid that months bill which was only $50. That was back in September. I just got an email from them saying I owe a balance of $453.00.. I havent used the phone since August. And when I tried to call verizon I punch in the phone number I had and it tells me the number is not valid and that I dont have an account with them, (duh). So it wont let me speak to customer service.
Wtf should I do? Just ignore it?? Go to a store and demand some answers??