October 18th, 2010


Calling Irish mobile

I'll be in the UK the weekend after next

As I'm from Ireland I'll be taking my Irish mobile phone with me.

I'd need to be available to take calls from UK numbers for an event I'm organising.

How does someone with a UK phone number call an Irish mobile phone  whilst the Irish phone is in the UK?

Do they dial the same number (00 353 etc) as they would if the Irish mobile was in Ireland?
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When you were a kid, did you ever get growing pains in your legs?
How bad did they suck?

Do you ever get them still, as an adult?
Yahoo answers is telling me I still feel growing pains because I have lupus. Do you have lupus?

Favorite TGIF show?
I loved step-by-step.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 What was the stupidest thing you've said recently? I have a bad habit of picking up the accent and syntax of the person I'm talking to, and right after this really redneck guy came through the store, a cop came in and the first thing that popped out of my mouth was "Hey, 've y'all done caught that guy what stole that minivan and hit them folks?"

Have you ever cut your own hair? As a kid or actually giving yourself a haircut doesn't matter. I took safety scissors to my hair in kindergarten and boy, did I ever get in trouble for that.  I've trimmed my hair a bit before, but never more than a cm or two.

What's the farthest you've ever been away from home? The farthest for me is just outside of Peoria, Il, which is just about 610 miles from where I live.

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Why can't I go more than a page back on entries?

How much does someone have to drink before you consider them to be an alcoholic/ on the path to alcoholism?  How many times a week:?  How many drinks a week/ day?

Do you feel bad for inmates in solitary confinement?

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Hotel Search - Seattle

Howdy Fellow TCQ Inmates -

I am working on a story for a secret Santa exchange and was wondering if anyone knew of like the swankiest hotel in Seattle that would have epic ballrooms and such.  

Trying to place chain of events there and want to be as correct as I can. 

Thanks for the help! :)
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I have a marionette rig.

In about half an hour, I will also have a working puppet hand-made to resemble a certain popular internet celebrity.*

To test the rig, I want to make a video of my puppet dancing or acting out a song.

What song should I use?

*(If you happen to care, it's The Nostalgia Critic.)

Blah blah blah. Terrible questions for a gloomy Monday

The next zombie movie comes out and the walking dead are out there looking for 'brains'. However, it's this kind of 'brains'. Instead of shotguns and chainsaws, the living are using kneepads and hand lotion. Would this be a more enjoyable or less enjoyable movie for you now?

About the same

Your SO says he/she wants to 'fuck you like an animal', as they sing along with NIN's song 'Closer'. What kind of animal will they fuck you like, assuming you're the animal?

3-toed sloth

Since you answered the above question, I can only assume you're into this stuff. So, how long have you and your SO been engaged in bestiality roleplaying?

Years. We do it all the time! Sometimes I'm the animal, sometimes it's my SO, sometimes it's both
Only recently because it's getting boring in the bedroom
Only within the confines of this weird poll
Let me put it this way. Instead of going to strip clubs to get into the mood, we go to petting zoos
I refuse to answer this question as it may incriminate me

When it comes to Mondays, how exciting are they to you?

10. HOLY FUCKING SHIT I LOVE MONDAYS!! I think I just had an orgasm
9. I love it more than anything, including family members
8. It's pretty awesome. I look forward to this day
7. It's pretty good
6. It's kinda decent
5. It's the same as any other day
4. Frankly, Mondays are a little sucky
3. I don't really like Mondays at all
2. I kind of hate Mondays actually

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If you have children, did you take time off to raise them and then later go back to work?

I'm still several years away from having children, but lately I've been so curious as to how people make this work. I feel that I would want to stay home and raise my kids from ages 1-3 and I want about 2. This means that I would be out of the workforce for about 6 years. How on earth would I go back? I'm also in advertising, a really fast-paced industry, so I'm not sure how it would be possible to catch back on...

If you don't have kids yet, but want them, what do you see yourself doing?

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Ahhh, help.

I have an SD Extreme II card for my DLSR camera that I bought about 2 months ago and have been using since. When I went to go use it the other day, my camera wouldn't recognize the card and only wrote pictures to my camera's internal memory (which only holds 13 pictures...) I got a notice after trying to pop the card out and in a few times that the card was corrupted, or had corrupted data on it.

I've been googling how to restore the card and everything I read talks about "I was able to get the pictures off" etc etc... I don't have any pictures on there I care to "get off", I just want to be able to write pictures onto it again. Am I able to do that still or is this card toast? What exactly happens to a corrupted card and is it un-corruptable? I want to know before I go out and buy another $80 card (ugh) and am not able to try the downloaded software people suggest right now.
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(no subject)

1.  You wake up in the morning and want eggs for breakfast.  The first egg you crack has blood in it.  How do you feel about this? 

2.  When there are cars waiting for you while you are crossing the street, do you hustle or just walk regularly/slowly?

3.  What did you last eat?
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(no subject)

how often do you stream videos? how do you do it?

I really want to watch Dexter, but Sidereel is failing me. Megavideo keeps removing the episodes and I've never had this problem.
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(no subject)

if you bought a wedding dress and the place you ordered it from got a size that was WAY too small (and you hadn't gained weight) should you still have to pay for the dress?

if a dry cleaners ruins something of yours, do they have to reimburse you for the item?

do you usually bring your lunch to work or school or do you buy?
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TQC, I am stranded at home with no car and no $. I have the entire internet at my disposal. What should I DO today? srs/non-srs

Edit: Will you pimp your twitter and/or tumblr and/or youtube and/or deviantArt accounts to me? I just recentlyish set up accounts on all that and I need fraans to follow and stuff.
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(no subject)

Do you like plaid in any form? If yes, what forms? If no, why not?

How many people from your LJ are also on your facebook? (Here's the obligatory: For those of you that use facebook.)

ETA: In what ways does ketchup make you weird? Like, people who put ketchup on their corn, on their bloomin onions, on their saltines, etc etc.

(no subject)

what do you think would be a really shitty salary? like numerical figures-wise

edit: sorry, i didn't really clarifuly. like i guess if it was a job you wanted, what would be TOO LOW for your expectations?

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When taking a multiple choice test on a scantron, do you bubble in each answer as you do the question, or do you have some other method?
Recently I've been doing a page and circling all the answers, then going through and bubbling them in at the end of the page.

If you regularly use a sponge to wash your dishes by hand, how often do you replace it with a new one? How many people use it?
I'm not sure how long it's been but our current sponge is gross and I want to figure this out so I can avoid nasty-sponge smell next time.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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I have very, very straight hair, TQC. And I grow bored and weary of it on occasion.

So yesterday, after showering, I tried wrapping my damp hair up in strips of cloth in order to curl them. You know, rocking it old school since I'm flat ass broke and can't afford a curling iron or anything like that.

After my hair dried and I took the strips out, I had pretty nice curls.

But about fifteen minutes later, the curls were basically gone. My hair was just kind of...poofy at that point.

What can I do to help the curls keep their shape? Would just going to town with some hair spray be enough? Or is my super straight hair just destined to stay that way forever?
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(no subject)

So I've been invited to a party this Saturday and the dress code is classy.

Girls: what do you wear to dress classy?


Pro tips please! I'm totally lost !  Hair, shoes, accessories etc.... ???
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(no subject)

Hey, I'm doing a report on sound in movies and I'll be using Rocky Horror Picture Show as my film. Which of the songs in RHPS should I talk about? (We only have to talk about one scene so I'm just picking one song.)

DK/DC: What's the last cartoon you watched? I'm watching Ed, Edd, and Eddy right now.
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Fatty in flight

Have any of you had issues flying due to your weight? I was super excited go visit my best friend in January but now I'm concerned that I'll be forced to buy a second seat on an airplane and I can't afford it :( I'm a pretty big girl but last time I flew (when I was the same size as I am now) I could buckle without an extender and technically put the arm rests down, but they didn't want to stay down. I'm reading articles about which airlines are better or worse for "passengers of size" as they say, but they all have reader comments enabled and the comments are pissing me off. Just wondering if anyone had any personal experience. Thaaaaaanks.

Edit: Is there another bot going around the connects LJ users when they post? Immediately after this post I got an instant message from "642159345" asking if I am a wizard. I did not reply.
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(no subject)

When you are sending e-mail, do you use subject the subject line? Does that change if it's work or school related (eg to a professor) or personal?

What are some of your odd habits? Do you hide them from others?

What are some unusual food combinations that you enjoy?

(no subject)

I've been searching for a children's book that I only have a vague recollection of. (It was a book my grandmother had at her house when I was little.) The main character's name was Sylvia. She had fantasy/fairy-tale-esque adventures involving a golden apple and a tree that took an eternity to climb and other mythology-sounding things. The cover was a black-and-white illustration of a tree. It was set up as a collection of short stories in chapters, not as a single continuous story. I've Googled every phrase I can think of, and can't find a thing. I'd love to track down a copy of this book again.

Thanks for any help you can give me!
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(no subject)

 Anyone else excited about the new NBA Jam coming to the 360 and PS3 soon?

I have a phone interview with a principal soon for a teaching position, anyone here ever had a phone interview? What kinds of things did you do to psych yourself up for it? 

(no subject)

Did anybody else see the Ellen Degeneres show on Friday (10/15)? I need helppp.

There was a singer on the show who was "found" while he was working at Urban Outfitters. He's young, white, had short dark hair, and sang a song titled "Meet Me in the Fall" off his new album. Small problem - nothing at all comes up when I search for his song, his appearance on the show, anything. Google has failed me. Does anybody know the name of the singer? It's driving me INSANE.
MALL-- crash


To all the Spanish speakers out there,

Does this make sense to you?
"Lavar solamente en seco"

It's on my scarf's cleaning instructions label and I was just wondering if it was a bad translation.

Thank you!

I figured it meant dry clean only, but I wasnt sure if that was the correct way to say it. But I guess it is!

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Hey everyone. I need some advice

For those of you who went to college, did you ever transfer? If so, why? From where to where? Any other details?

I'm a freshman in college, I've been here for about 2 months. So far I've made very few good friends.. I don't have much of a close social group, just lots of acquaintances. I don't have a problem finding people to hang out with, study with, or eat with, but I don't feel very comfortable with them. I'm not finding much to do in the area, short of getting high or drunk. I'm also not enjoying my classes as much as I'd hoped, and I've skipped class more times than I'm willing to admit. High school was very easy for me, so I'm confused by how difficult I'm finding college, and how dumb I feel. On top of all this, the tuition here at my school is sky high, and I don't know if I'm getting my money's worth. I like my school, but I feel I could be happier elsewhere and am considering looking into a school close to home (which is an hour and a half from here), but I'm afraid of getting stuck in my hometown/area. Everyone here seems so settled and comfortable already, and I'm just..not. I'm just a bit disappointed by this whole thing because I was so sure this was the right school for me, but now I'm not so sure. Obviously I have to give it more time, and I must make this choice for myself but I'd definitely like to hear others povs.

So, what should I consider before making a decision to transfer?

(no subject)

My aunt has got me into a recipe exchange, it's basically like an email pyramid scheme but with recipes rather than money. I'm supposed to send it to 20 people, any of you want in?

If yes, then post your email address and I'll send the email off to you.
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Robot Sex Dolls

For those of you who have seen AI: Artificial Intelligence, if you could have an android sex doll like Gigolo Joe (hell, one that even looks like Jude Law), would you? Do you find people having sex with robots disgusting or a turn on?


How would you react in the following scenario?

You work in a deli and are helping a customer. After slicing some ham for him, he also asks for turkey. You inquire, "how much?" but the guy cannot hear/comprehend you. You repeat yourself multiple times, trying your best to enunciate. Apparently frustrated, the customer throws his bag of ham at you, tells you to go to hell, and calls you a moron.

Happy Monday!

I'm trying to eat more salads, but the only green I've found that I really like is spinach. What other greens should I try? Mostly I don't like the bitterness I've found in other greens. :T

What are YOUR favorite salads? (brought to you by the salad I had for lunch - spinach, baby bok choy, broccoli sprouts, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes, onion and feta cheese, with homemade honey red wine vinaigrette dressing)

Alternatively, will you tell me something awesome about your day? Something not-so-awesome?
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(no subject)

I got a call today 7:30 saying not to come into work because the place is closed. Forever. As in, I no longer have a job. Fuck. Oh well.

How did your last job end?

(no subject)

how often do you get couples propositioning you for sex?

does it creep you out?

are you part of a couple who propositions random people to join you and your SO in bed?

dk/dc, what do you have on your fridge?

(no subject)

if the road to hell is paved with good intentions, what does that say about heaven?  


what is worse...sex with animals, sex with dead animals, or sex with dead animal babies?  


I'm looking for some examples of really fast paced, energetic, almost agressive modern dance. I don't know what this is called or even what I'm really looking for. I need it to be able to show someone what kind of dance I want for a video. Do you know of any names of performances I could look at online?

(no subject)

Are there any good wines around $30 and under that I can get at a normal grocery store? Preferrably red, but others are fine. I don't want anything bitter, if possible. I like sweet things and things that taste like berries. I've never had wine so sorry for the potentially derpy question.

(no subject)

Isnt there a website that reports on the reactions of medicines when taken with other meds? Or did I just imagine it? My Google-Fu fails me

Docs have me on new ones, and Im just being overly paranoid I guess. I dont wanna take meds that conflict with my old ones.

(no subject)

 Should i take out another credit card to buy a tv from best buy? I already have two that i pay the payments on time every month and always more than the minimum payment. 

I'm just so sick of not having a tv in my dorm. i need distractions
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(no subject)

I'm supposed to know by tomorrow if I get a second interview. Should I call them first thing in the morning or just wait to hear from them?

I'm trying to get myself prepared to be told no. Any suggestions on how to keep myself from getting my hopes up?
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(no subject)

Will you speak only in song lyrics in this post?

ETA: Maybe I hang around here a little more than I should - we both know I got somewhere else to go - but I got something to tell you that I never thought I would, but I believe you really ought to know: I love you. I honestly love you.
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(no subject)

I just made some perfect pan seared scallops. My roommate told me to melt a piece of white american cheese on top of them.
WHO WOULD DO THAT to perfect succulent scallops that are $10 a pound?!

what finer things of life do you like to enjoy?

(no subject)

Based on a sex-robot question posed not far downstream, does the below paraphrasing from a sci-fi book sound familiar at all? I remember reading this in high school and I can't for the life of me remember where it's from. Help me, TQC book nerds!


A technician is in his workshop, and was speaking to the protagonist while working on a sex-robot. He asked, "Do you know what wears out most frequently on these models?" The protagonist makes a face and replies that he doesn't really want to know. "The ears," the technician replies. "People talk to them, and get too close to the instruments, and they burn out. People are lonely, and need someone to talk to."

EDIT: Minor grammar fail fix.

Morph time

Will you go to this website, morph yourself with your S.O. and/or celebrity of your choice and post the picture of the baby it gives you? And if you want, also post a picture of you & the person you morphed with.
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(no subject)

I'm going to a book swap tomorrow and I want to bring something that someone would really like. I am actually nervous about this. Especially considering I don't have much to give. I don't keep books when I'm done with them unless I love them and want to keep them forever.

Which of these do you think I should take?:

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The Odyssey
What is Surrealism?
Anais Nin: A Biography

(no subject)

I got a chili recipe that calls for

1 lb ground beef
1 can regular spaghetti sauce
2 cans bush's chili beans
2 cans kidney beans

Would I be able to add onion and tomatoe to this or would it turn out weird?
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(no subject)

did your high school have block scheduling or an 8 period a day schedule?
if you had block scheduling, did you like it more than you think you would have liked 8 periods a day?

I loved block scheduling. my HS had it and now they're thinking of switching it but I loooved it

what do you do when you're procrastinating on schoolwork?
god bless the world

(no subject)

Regardless of what it is your good at, if you work as a professional in a trade, what is the polite way to deal with friends and family who expect you to work for free?

I got a message from a friend who wants me to do their family portrait, but . . . she didn't say anything about paying me. She was like "You can use the pictures for your website." Which sort of implied to me that she would not be compensating me. Well, the pictures won't be that useful to me and besides, most of my paying clients willingly sign model releases anyway so I don't need portraits for my website. More importantly, I don't really specialize in family portraiture anyway and I'm not marketing to that crowd. Basically, it would be a lot of work for absolutely nothing. I don't want it I want to be like, "Sure, I'll do it. For XXX amount of dollars." But that seems blunt. I've never gotten the hang of this dilemma but it seems like family/friends expect to be able to exploit your services for nothing even when you haven't offered and even when that service would normally cost them thousands of dollars (like wedding photography).

What would you do?