October 17th, 2010


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i have a job and my sister doesn't. but it's not as if i make a lot of money. my savings account is dwindling. tonight i babysat a couple girls we both used to babysit. for a short time, anyway. my sister had been living an hour and a half away for the last four years(she moved back this summer) so i was their babysitter.

anyway, what it boils down to is, i feel bad not offering her the job. she didn't ask for it and i doubt she expected me to and the kids and i have really bonded and they were all excited to see me, so i felt like i had to go. now i'm starting to feel like i should give her my babysitting money. but i need it.

should i really be feeling so bad about this?
what would you do/think/feel?
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 Do you do anything in your sleep that you don't remember later? I answer the phone in my sleep and then don't remember the call at all.  

Has someone recently gotten mad at you for no reason or for something that isn't your fault?

My gramma call me earlier (still Saturday) while I was asleep asking me to look up Willie Nelson ticket prices because she's buying some for my brother. I fell back asleep and didn't remember until my brother just beat on my door yelling that yesterday (Saturday) was the last day they could be purchased. 1) Not my fault my brother didn't look them up before he was at work yesterday. 2) They're still on sale and 3) My grandma doesn't have internet, so how was she going to buy them online for him anyway if there was a deadline? 

My brother is a moron and I am in a very bad mood now.

If you eat McDonald's but don't eat it very often, are you eating it more now for the Monopoly game? We've had it a few times since it started and I've won 2 free medium fries, a free flurry, and 2 3-month Club Pogo subscriptions.

If you do eat McD's, what do you normally get? I get the Filet O Fish or the Chicken Club for supper, and the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McGriddle for breakfast.

ETA: I tried to get my McD's to make me a BIg Mac with McChicken patties instead of hamburger, but they wouldn't :/ How good is yours at substituting things?
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What's the last thing you did that was totally out of your character?

ie. you're a teetotaller and you just got WASTED, you always procrastinate but last night you did 20 pages of homework, you hate law breakers but you just shoplifted, you're usually faithful but you just slept with your husband's dad, idk
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status of job

So,I was told I would know whether I got the job or not either yesterday/Friday or Monday. If I don't receive a call, should I call Tuesday asking about the status of the job/if it's been taken or not?

If so, how should I approach that? Or should I just wait for them to call? I'm super nervous :( even if all the evidence points to me getting it (more than not). Thanks.

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In honor of The Beav's Mom passing away yesterday, who is your fictional dream mother? Which fictional mother would be your worst nightmare? Why?

My dream fictional mother would have to be Lorelai Gilmore from the first couple of seasons of The Gilmore Girls. She was fun, still remembered what it was like to be a child/teen and really loved Rory. My nightmare would be Bree Van de Kamp from Desperate Housewives. She is way too smothering and I couldn't stand the pressure to be perfect all the time.
Muh Life.
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Who's got the whole world

Anyone have any super easy, totally free software to make your own (mp3/4?) ringtones?

P.S. Anyone remember Oish.com? What happened to her?

P. S. S. What (full album) should I add to my playlist?
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I'm wanting to sync my droid incredible to my mac so i can add music and some snes & nes roms, but the software that came with it is only for Windows Vista. Is there anyway around this so that my computer will recognize my phone when i try to plug it in?
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Can anyone point me in the direction of cooking blogs/websites that are similar to the Pioneer Woman(http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/)? (I.e., lots of pictures, step-by-step, etc.).

I'm going paintballing today for the first time ever as a favor to my hubby. Any tips? (I'm a girl, so that could include woman-specific type stuff, like clothing, etc).

What's your favorite kind of soup and/or casserole that freezes well?
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I made the horrible decision to give up coffee + most other caffeine. It has been a day and a half, and I'm ready to kill everyone.

Do you have any tips for me surviving this?

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TQC I'M SO HUNGRY! and i made $40 babysitting last night so i can go down to the store and get a coffee and a pastry without feeling guilty!

what should i get? there's cinnamon rolls, croissants, chocolate croissants, scones, homemade cereal bars, bagels, doughnuts, morning buns...
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Besides Modcloth (because y'all always say modcloth) where can I find a dress similar to this one that doesn't have a giant ass clown bow on the front? (and is preferably cut friendlier to women with hips the size of Kansas)
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in a post a couple of pages back, some of you were talking about "steampunk" i looked it up and it seems really interesting...anyone have any sites or anything about it that i can look at?

DK/DC:are sundays usually lazy days for you?

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We recently came into some furniture, a hutch, dining table, and chairs. They mean a lot to my boyfriend because he grew up with them and his deceased mother picked them out. They are very nice, high quality pieces, but the thing is they are in a heavy 70's style and are pretty masculine looking. I can't refinish them, but my kitchen looks very dark and heavy.

How can I balance them out and make things look a little more modern?
My mother suggested some floral curtains, but I'm really not a fan of flowery prints at all.

I also can't paint here, so that makes things even more difficult.

Also, my uncle left me three signed Escher prints, and I'd like to display them somewhere, but that style really doesn't mesh well with what we have going on here. How can I mesh styles a bit?
I don't really have a specific style going on in the living room, it's pretty generic, I'm just afraid they'd look out of place.

Can you show me pictures of rooms you've put together?
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colors color color color!

TQC, how good do you think you are at discerning colors? I am pretty good (I have to be, because I paint, lol), and my dad is HORRIBLE. Any color from purple to red, he calls "bright red", and he calls all blue and green colors "blue" unless it's greener than grass. I think it is hilarious, but that's probably condescending of me because my eyes are trained for color and his aren't.

Do you know anyone who is colorblind? A while back, I was going to do a painting for a colorblind man and it was SO CONFUSING trying to figure out what colors would be best to use for him and whatnot--oh man. The project ended up not going through, but it was really interesting to try to think about color that way!

If you're really bored, will you take this hue test and tell us your score? All you do is move the colored tiles in order: http://www.xrite.com/custom_page.aspx?PageID=77

My score was 4.

If you're not up for that, then will you tell us what your favorite color is and why?
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Guys, my boyfriend and I are going to be Tetris pieces for Halloween. I'm the big yellow square piece and he's the green S-shaped piece. Where do you think we could get some frickin' huge boxes for this endeavor? Our local liquor store throws boxes out, but they're too small for us to fit in the middles.

Would Lowes sell them? I don't mind paying if they're not outrageously expensive.
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If you are an atheist/agnostic/non-praying person, does it bug you when people ask you to pray for them or their loved ones?

Like, a few friends of mine have just been through pretty shitty labor/deliveries, my uncle has been diagnosed with liver cancer and my husband's uncle has prostate cancer.  I keep getting Facebook messages, texts, emails, phone calls, etc. keeping me updated of their situations and the person I'm talking to (my mom, husband's mom, other friends/family) always end it with "Keep him/her/the baby/whatever in your prayers!"  I hate to sound like an asshole, but I don't pray.  I don't believe in God and I think prayer is kind of a weird concept.  I love these people very much and I absolutely hope for the best outcome for them, but I feel like a fraud saying "Ok, I'll pray!" when I absolutely won't.   It's very awkward.  I'm not annoyed, I just don't know what to say to convey that I want things to be OK without using the "prayer" word or insinuating that I'm going to do something like that.  I also don't want to be all shitty and say "I don't pray!" to people who are keeping me updated about those I care about.  I'm also 2500 miles away from all of them.  Any advice?

ETA: I thought I made it pretty clear that I wasn't mad about it, that it just makes me very uncomfortable.  Also, I just get the impression that a majority of the people I'm talking to want to hear the "prayer" word.  I'm from, erm, "Real America" and these people take these things (like the War on Christmas) pretty seriously.  I usually just say "I'll keep [whoever] in my thoughts", but that's always followed by a weird-ish pause and whoever talking to says "...oooookay" like they're miffed that I didn't say "prayer." They know I'm not religious. 

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The KFC double down burger is going to be available in Canada.
Has anyone tried it?! It sounds terrifying, and I won't try it but I want to hear some opinions ;)

Also, date ideas?
I can never come up with fun things to do with the boy =[
We live in vancouver BC if that makes a difference.

I work pretty much 7 days a week so evenings work better.. He isn't from here so touristy things are okay? Or just some general ideas!
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have you ever moved to a different country?

from where are to where?

how time consuming and difficult was it to get the proper permits and paper work to move?

was there a culture shock? how severe was it? how long did it take you to adapt to a new way of living?

was it worth it to move?
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 Do you wash before going to bed?
I HAVE TO.  It's like washing off the crap I been through that day and keeping it from infecting my little heaven on Earth, also known as my bed.
But I know a lot of people who don't and that freaks me out sometimes. 

Oh, and if you do, do you wash again in the morning?

dk/dc : what's your favorite pie tart?  I just had a delicious walnut and cranberry tart.

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What do you do when someone expresses interest in applying to play a character in your RP, gets accepted, then flat out refuses to interact with anyone else, meeting the only bare minimum activity requirements so as not to get the boot come activity check time?

What do you do when, when you call them on it, they constantly avoid the question, either by changing the subject or flat out not responding?

What do you do when a formal mod warning emailed to them goes unresponded to, even they're online and you know it because you've been in chat with them for four hours?

I'm at my wits end because TECHNICALLY he's active, he's met the requirements, but RPing is about interaction, so I feel he's only adhering to the letter of the rule rather than the spirit. More importantly, he's dragging everyone else down, because a lot of their storylines are tied up with his character, who he is grimly hanging on to, yet refuses to play D:
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What is the worst/weirdest show/whatever you've seen in a while?

I went out last night and there was a strip performance, using "pussy" metaphorically, and had a fluffy toy cat, and that was all fine until they started whipping the toy cat and then drilling it with an power drill D:
Even if that wasn't faux animal abuse, I don't see how anyone would find that sexy O_O
There was also a guy dancing and miming who ejaculated blue paint onto the wall, but that was fine.

Do you go to clubs? What kind? How do you find them?

Why is club music so loud? Would you like it to be quieter?

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Does anyone here have netflix Canada?

We just got it and I'm browsing around and so far they don't have Law and Order, The Last Unicorn, Legend, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Goonies, Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, Mary Poppins, Scrooged, Grounhog Day, Sound of Music, or any awesome disney movies.

Do you netflix users in the US have these shows/better choiceS?

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if i fit into a boys XL USA shirt(which has gotten a little big since i've lost a little weight since June), do you think i'll be able to fit into the shorts that go with it?

i'm going to be Clint Dempsey for Halloween and i have a little extra $$ coming in i wasn't anticipating, so i can afford the shorts! but the store only has youth sizes. and i didn't try them on because when i was in the store i wasn't really considering buy them, just musing over them. and i haven't shaved in like two weeks, lolol.

have people been asking what everyone is being for Halloween this year? i haven't had the internet since July so i haven't been around much.

windows 7 fail

Sooo... I have a netbook with Windows 7. This is my first encounter with Windows 7. I can't connect to secure wireless connections. My own, at my parents' house, friends' houses, etc. Remove the password, it works just fine. Google tells me this is a common Windows 7 problem, but nothing says what to do about it.

TQC, you guys are much more tech savvy than I am. What do I do to get it to connect to secure connections? (You may have to break it down into small words and steps for me if it is complicated.)


Do you have any crazy superstitious habits?

Everytime I take a shower I hang my belt on the door knob. I guess if I don't I think something bad will happen like slipping in the tub.
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When was the last time someone showed up at your house unexpected?

Do you enjoy unexpected visitors?

Some relatives if mine just decided to pop by. I haven't showered, my hair is disgusting, my face is makeupless so there's no way I'm leaving my room til they've left. Which sucks cos I need to piss and I'm starving. I need at least 30 mins notice if someone's coming over so I can make myself not look like a slob.

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How do you, personally, decide whether or not to friend someone on Facebook? 

I really want to friend this guy I dated and was really close to in middle school. We were FB friends and chatted occasionally before I had to delete my old Facebook two years ago, and we haven't spoken since. But I just looked him up and realized that I miss him. Would it be creepy to friend him now, or does the fact that we used to be so close make up for the fact that I haven't talked to him in forever? 

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Does anyone know any good Bollywood dance songs? The energy of the songs make them perfect workout songs, but I don't know the names of any artists or anything so I don't know where I can download the music.
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Let's say you have had your hair cut at the same salon, by the same hair dresser every couple months for a year (so maybe, max 5 or 6 times). You make an appointment and ask for your usual hairdresser but she is totally booked. You really need your hair cut so you ask if anyone else is available and they say yes and schedule your appointment.  You love the way the new girl cuts the hair as much as the usual hair dresser. Do you go back to the usual hair dresser, do you stick with the new one, or do you just ask for whichever is available?  I don't want to make my original hair dresser think I don't like her work, I do, but I also don't want the new hair dresser to think I hated what she did and am trying to avoid her. 

This is a stupid problem I'm sure.

another one of those decide my life for me posts.

i have a class that's causing me a lot of stress. it's required for my intended major, but lately, i'm not even sure if i want to major in this subject. my depression is pretty bad this semester and i am just not motivated at all. it's taught by a new professor, and he's not a particularly great teacher. i find him difficult to follow, etc. the course was going to be offered next semester with a different professor, but it's since been cancelled so i can't take it then. this class is also required before i can take ANOTHER required class for my intended major.

if i drop the class now, i won't be penalized academically, but i won't be able to get a refund either. i'll also feel like a slacker, since i'm only taking 15 credit hours to begin with, but i'm struggling this semester and i don't really want to risk killing my gpa. :/

should i drop it?

what are you majoring in? is it what you originally planned on?
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For college TQCers, have you ever had to take an incomplete in a class before?  How did that work?

My mom died a little over a week ago, I'm just back in town and I can't concentrate on anything.  I'm kind of petrified that I'm not going to be able to finish the semester on time (it's my first semester in my MA program).  If I needed to take an incomplete, how would that work?  I'm sure the exact process is school specific, but if you've ever had to get one, what did you have to do? 
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When you're sort of 'stuck' in a physical relationship with a guy you like, and who you're fairly certain likes you back, how do you get out of being just physical... into more?

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1)Have you listened to a book on tape on an ipod? Was the experience convenient? Should I try it?

2)Are you for or against the use of coral in jewelry?

3)What do you think of This American Life?

*smugly enjoys*

ETA: What's the longest time you'd had a movie from netflix?

2,3 months.

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I just made myself a salad with lettuce I bought earlier today. I got to almost the end of the bowl and found what I thought was a bug with huge antennae. Upon further investigation, I found out it was a bug's CLAW (or pincers, or whatever). I think I may have eaten the rest of the bug ..

My question: Is there anybody I can complain to, or do I just throw the rest of the lettuce away and try to forget about it? If there is somebody to complain to, who would it be and what's the best they're going to be able to do for me?

DK/DC: What's the grossest thing that's ever happened to you?!?!
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What is the definition of 'design' to you?

(I'm trying to collect a range of opinions as part of a research project for my portfolio, any contribution is much appreciated.)
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Has anyone seen the French horror film Martyrs? How was it?

What is the most shocking scene from a movie or television show that you can ever remember seeing? (youtube clips are a plus!)
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Will you tell me about the last time you fell in love? (How did you meet, was it mutual, how long did you wait before telling the object of your affections how strongly you felt?)

How did/is that relationship work/ing out for you?
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Can you raise one eyebrow or one half of your top lip? If so, which one (left or right), or can you do both sides?

I can raise my left eyebrow and left half of my top lip. The right side's go nothin though.

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Is it true that Red Lobster biscuits can be made by mixing Bisquick, garlic and cheese together?

Has anyone ever tried making breadsticks that taste like Olive Garden breadsticks? How did that go?

Also, which restaurant do you think has the best bread?
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Pretend you live in the middle of the city, on the ground floor of a building, no garden.
You go to bed and hear weird noises coming from outside, you check what it is, and there is a big box outside your bedroom window, in it is a homeless person. he snores loudly and every 15 minutes he has a coughing fit.

what do you do?
would you call the police or something? if so, right away or only if it happens more than once?


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Do you think people like lying, or that they would really like to tell the truth, but society discourages it?

I feel that if people had a framework for telling the truth, and it wasn't considered weird, and people weren't likely to react in horrible illogical ways about it, that they would feel much more free.
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So my 8 year old daughter recently saw Poltergeist and has officially fallen in love with scary movies. Can you suggest some more for us to check out with her that aren't overly gruesome? I think she'll love The 6th Sense, and just movies that have a good ghost story.

Thanks all!

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Does your SO ever hang out with their ex's?
Does it bother you, and what do you do to deal with it?

My boyfriend is showing his ex-girlfriend around campus this week because she just transfered to our same college.  I was "meh" about it at first until a friend was like "Oh grrrrrl you better check yo' fella."

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1.for halloween i want to be elaine from seinfeld...but i need a wig! does anyone know of any websites that have a large variety of wigs that would look like her hair? the only one i checked so far was party city.(also if anyone else has any other good ideas for my costume please let me know?)

2.what candy were you always most excited to get as a kid while trick or treating?
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There's a little caramel and white terrier running up and down my street barking and growling like mad. I don't recognise it from the area and don't know if it belongs to anybody around here.
I'm in Sydney, Australia and it's almost 10pm, who can I call about this? I tried animal welfare but just got an answering service.

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Dear TQC, I really need to get a new mattress soon. The whole "sleeping on a metal frame cotton fouton" thing is starting to get to the point where I feel more tired after I wake up than when I went to sleep :(

Depending on how much the commission portion of my paycheque is come the 29th, I may have an extra couple hundred bucks. I want to get a double sized box spring and mattress. Should I

A) Look up "used but clean" mattresses on Kijiji and Craigslist to save some money; or DISREGARD bedbugs and second hand herp are gross

B) Go the whole hog and get a brand-new set?

What size is your bed?

What colour(s) are your bed sheets?
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Quick! Miley Cyrus needs a title for her new album. What is it?

What TV shows do you think are overrated? Underrated?

Finally what types of books do you enjoy reading?

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 My best friend lived across the street from me for 14 years and moved 700+ miles away to her sister's when her father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He outlived the doctor's estimate by almost a year, but he lost his fight tonight and he's gone.

I haven't seen my friend in person since she moved. We've remained in close contact and I... I don't know what to do for her. I can't fly to see her as much as I would absolutely love to. 

My question is, is there anything that might bring you some modicum of comfort in this situation, even if someone was far away? I just want her to know that I love her and I'm thinking of her and I just want there to be more I can do than just tell her that. 
Bonus question- What is you favorite memory of your best friend? 

When my friend and I were little, we buried a time capsule next to my garage to dig up when we were "old." We waited approximately four months to dig it back up. ...we were still incredibly excited. 

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Does anyone else go to the grocery store and come home all, "WTF did I just buy because there is still NOTHING to eat"

We went to the store and spent $70 on groceries, but I still can't find anything to eat.

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For those who wear tights/pantyhose, do you wear your underwear under your tights or over them?

I've always gone underwear then tights but I'm only just finding out that some people put their tights on and then put underwear over them.

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So what's the season where you are? and does it really seem like it?

It's fall here and it's cool in the mornings which feels like fall but the leaves really haven't started to turn yet.