October 16th, 2010


TQC, what would you do with a pizza box-that may or may not have pizza in it- and duct tape outside?

srs/non-srs answers
[brought to you by "working" desk with a friend]
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
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Say you have $5,000 that can be spent on only three things. That is, you could get a pack of gum, a shirt, and a pair of shoes, but you could only buy those three things, and would have to forfeit the rest of the $5,000. The total of the three items can be anywhere between $0 and $5,000. What do you buy?

EDIT: Sorry, I meant you could buy any combination of items on earth (that are on sale, obvs), not just a shirt, gum or shoes.
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I heard a song earlier tonight and I can't for the life of me remember what it was. It's a super familiar song I've heard hundreds of times, 70s classic rock or something like that, a love song. It's not Any Way You Want It, I Want You to Want Me, or Brown-Eyed Girl but it was in that vein. The chorus had the word "girl" in it. This is super vague, I know, but it's killing me trying to remember. Do you know the mystery song, TQC?

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TQC heeeelp

I have a "date" night tomorrow (Saturday) night with the dude I'm crushing hXc on. We're gonna eat Spanish tortillas and steak, and watch Death Proof, and get slightly drunk, and I'm pretty sure there was talk of play-wrestling. He's picking me up tomorrow at my workplace :x

Will you predict how the night is going to go for me? Non-srs and semi-srs, especially predictions on how I'm going to beef up my chance at ~troo luv~.

Tell me how your last date went?

Is it just me, or is the sound of the dishwasher running kind of soothing?
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If you no longer live with your parents, what do you do together when they visit? My mom will most likely want to take me shopping but I want to do something more interesting. She grew up in the city I'm living in so there's nothing I could show her here that she hasn't seen before.

What should we do? My 91-year-old grandma may also be with us.
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tl;dr coworker has teh stupid

 I work in a gas station that has a deli, and the girl running the deli tonight....well, let's just say she's not just a few fries short of a Happy Meal, but short the burger too.

How many of you know that putting metal in the microwave is a bad idea?

She actually asked me if she could put this pan in the microwave! In front of a customer, who had to practically run out so she wouldn't burst out laughing. 

After that she kept asking me what you could and couldn't put in the microwave.

How many of you know what condescending means? I apologized to deli girl because I thought the "Oh no, sweetheart" in the 'were you dropped as a child' tone I gave her might have sounded kinda condescending and then had to explain that.

Who here knows what Big Brother is? If you said the TV show like she did, I'mma smack some bitches. I had to rehash 1984 to her.

She's like 5 years older than I am and works with knives and a deep fryer! I fear for my life now!

Combine this with the recent post about Chernobyl and the 'do penises grow' post, I really fear for humanity.

Will you please recount a time you wanted to smack a bitch for not knowing something incredibly common knowledge?
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Any tricks to putting in those claw hair clip things so they don't slide out? I have fine curly hair and I always find myself constantly readjusting them. Am I doing something wrong, or is my hair just not meant for one? (like this)

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How often are you involved in internet drama?

Have you ever experienced anyone lying about who they are online? (Sending fake pictures, fake name, etc.)

The reason I ask the second question is because I met this girl on a gaming website and she sent me pictures that I later found out were fake. She messages me all the time, I'm not sure what she's trying to do. But I suppose I'll go along with it, she seems like she's legitimately trying to be friends with me.


I just had a huge coughing fit in front of a prospective employer...and it was in a swanky/fancy/designer clothes store.

How much fail is that?

How much of an idiot am I for trying to apply for jobs when I have cold?

My makeup is all smeary.

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Since it's Halloweeny time, let's have some scary stuff!

Someone was in my house last night!  I know because I woke up to beer on my kitchen table (I don't drink beer) and all my lights were off (I sleep with the lights in the front of my house on).  Creepy, right?

Has something super scary ever happened to you?  What was it?
Have any good spooky stories you would care to share?

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what math are you taking right now or have taken in college?
SAT/ACT Scores? Out of?
what's that twig that wraps around your finger if you leave your finger tangent to the branch?
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A couple months ago, I sat next to a girl named Butterfly on an international flight. Seriously. It was on her passport, so it wasn't even a nickname or something.

What's the weirdest name you've ever come across?

(Please do not comment with Orangello and Lemonjello or Vagina ty)
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TQC, I was going to have a BLT sandwich for lunch, but have run out of lettuce and tomato. How can I pretend to myself that the bacon sandwich is healthy without the salad components?

Spring time in Aust, I got sunburnt a day ago while waiting for the fire alarm to stop going off. It's effing cold outside, actually supposed to be snowing today in the higher parts. It's also flooding at my hometown/surrounding areas. What do you think is the reason for the crazy ass weather? srs. non srs :)

I've decided to stay indoors, should I play computer games or watch movies? Or both?

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You are given $10,000.
All your bills are paid. And you already have a substancial amount of money put back in your savings.

***What material things do you buy?
I'm thinking about a tokidoki bag and new boots for starters...

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My cat Jasmine just died. I've had her most of my life and she was pretty old so I knew this day would be coming, but still I'm pretty sad. I'm going to get some Chinese for lunch to try and cheer me up. What foods cheer you up?
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Poll #1632045 Wallace and Gromit

Which is your favorite Wallace and Gromit adventure?

A Close Shave
Cracking Contraptions
The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
A Grand Day Out
A Matter of Loaf and Death
The Wrong Trousers
All of these pale in comparison to Chicken Run
I do not like fun and therefore dislike all of these
I have not seen any of these
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Trying To Find Drake Song

Some guy just drove passed me blasting some song I know Drake was rapping on, but it was all electro-ey and crazy in the background. Possibly a dubstep remix. I know I might be able to find this on my own but i was wondering if any immediate Drake songs come to mind to those of you who know his catalogue better. Any regular Drake songs all crazy and electroey like that? or is it most def a remix, if so, whats a popular one tthat sounds like this?


fuck senioritis

How do you get yourself motivated to do school/other work, TQC? I'm in my senior year of high school and taking mostly AP classes, but every time I have homework to do I just procrastinate and end up hating myself later for not having done it. Plus, I still have college applications, and I just can't seem to work up the energy to work on them.

If you applied to college, how hard was the experience for you? Was it worth it when you got there?


Is it the mark of a bridezilla to pay for a full hair treatment(Cut, trim, colour etc) for my bridesmaids the day before the weddding?
Just So I know all my BM's hair colour and cut is all fresh and nice.

I want to do it for them and so their hair dye looks good(They have blue hair)(No regrowth) and such...but I feel bad for even thinking about it.

I ask people and they say its totally normal to do that before weddings.

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What happens when you find something in your food while you're preparing your food or eating that shouldn't be there? Do you just remove it and proceed? How do you do that?

I was just making pico de gallo and when I cut into the heirloom tomato, I noticed a dark brown spot through the flesh and then I saw a small worm. (I'm feeling faint just typing that.) I had to stop and leave the kitchen. My husband discarded the tomato because he knows I won't eat it.

In fact I can't even eat at this point. :(

Just a few days ago I found a small bug in the cauliflower that I was eating and again, I had to stop and couldn't eat for a while.

No matter what it is, hair, bug, string, WHATEVER is there that's not supposed to be, I immediately lose my appetite. It's really annoying. Because I cook lots of organic veggies and fruits and I know they're grown outside mostly without pesticides and there are insects out there and shit happens.

Why am I such a fucking baby when it comes to shit in my food?

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Do you prefer butter, margarine, or some other spread that's neither one?
Do you prefer real sugar or a sugar substitute?
Do you prefer whole milk, skim milk, half and half, creamer, or something else in your coffee?
Will this inspire another food post?
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A sexual encounter of your preferred type with your preferred sexual encountee-person (?) is under way! Right in the middle of it, you hear a tiny plastic-ish snap (like the clip on your remote control's battery door broke) and your partner's face falls off and tumbles to the floor. You look at their head and see very complex circuitry and dozens of mechanical parts; they're an android/gynoid—fully functional like a human being, but 100% synthetic nonetheless!

1. Assuming this sort of thing doesn't happen to you every day, how surprised are you?!
2. Do things come to an awkward, grinding halt, ending in a trail of screams following you down the hall and out the door? Do you pretend not to notice out of consideration or indifference and keep going? Is this secretly a fetish of yours that makes for the best sex of all time? OF ALL TIME?!

Gotta admit, folks, this scenario sounds pretty sexy so far!

3. Do you think artificial beings, if demonstrated to be fully conscious, sentient, and intelligent like you and I, should have full rights under the law like any human being?

4. What do you think of waffles with syrup or fruit spread inside rather than on top?


So, I already know what I'm going to do, but I thought I'd poll TQC. The situation is this: I moved out of my old apt on Aug 1. My landlord still hasn't repaid my deposit, even though he only had 30 days to do so. He gave us a little less than half of it today, and said he'd have the rest by the end of the month. I know that I could get 2x my deposit in damages if I took him to small claims. My roommates want to give him the time to do it, but would side with me if I filed.

What would you do? Sue or wait?
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Hypothetically, if you were one of those people who didn't go to class/call off sick from work when you weren't really sick, would you be concerned that someone would see you out and about when you were 'sick' if you did go out and do things?

Which is better: Wii Cheer, Just Dance, or DDR?

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So Barbara Billingsley just died. She was 94.

Do you feel sad for old people that die? Like if someone is well over 80 and have had a nice life, what's to be sad about?

Or is death always sad?

Or are people just wanting their treasured folks to remain young and beautiful and alive forever?

It's sad when Heath Ledger dies in his 30s, because he was too young to die, but somehow it's still sad when June Cleaver dies at 94? I don't get it.

(I know people handle deaths of loved ones in different ways. I guess I'm mostly talking about celebrity deaths.)
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the only thing better than eating the pizza and chicken fingers i ordered, is that moment just prior to my first bite. lol what are you looking forward to right NOW?

are you craving anything?
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What are the benefits of colon cleansing? My dad did it before an extremely important doctors appointment (he was close to losing his waiver) and he said he lost a few pounds and he feels like he has more energy. So to those who have tried it, or who know more about it than I do, what are the health benefits? Does it help lose weight? What is the best product or remedy?
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I just saw the first Christmas/Holiday commercial of the season (for Glade products). Are you starting to see holiday commercials/holiday stuff in stores yet?

Have you heard about the alleged Beiber attack? (he allegedly punched a 12 year old kid in the face)

And finally, what are your favorite Pepperidge Farm treats?
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I am lacking in inspiration in my photography, living in this ratty small town. I am thinking about driving tomorrow morning to downtown Los Angeles (it's about a 150 mile drive one way) so I can take pictures of old buildings. I need to do it on a weekend so the traffic is less and I can get the buildings.

Should I make the drive to LA tomorrow? I have a brand new Sony A330 digital SLR that I got for my birthday and I haven't even really played with it yet.
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 This isn’t one of those “funny ha-ha” stories, but it’s one of those “funny make ya think” stories. So here is the deal. Hypothetically we have A and K who have been going out since 2001 and married since 2007, but due to a falling out and K wanting to do whatever she wants with whoever are getting a divorce, and has a new boyfriend (though the papers have not been filed yet). Due to the fact that their lease does not end until the end of November they still have to live together. On Facebook A has removed their relationship, but she has changed her relationship from being married to A  to being together with S. How do you think  A should feel? Do you think it is too early to change that, especially when many of their friends are mutual friends of both A & K? Or is A just being over reactionary?
 *Fixed for errors and readability*

DK/DC ? Favorite Pokémon character?
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What should I buy?

I am going to see the Penguins play against the Coyotes in Phoenix.  I am this as an excuse to buy more Penguins shit. 

Should I buy:

A: A Women's replica jersey w/ Staal's name/number? http://shop.nhl.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4055748&cp=3253875&clickid=body_bestsell_txt

B: A Women's T-shirt w/Geno's name/number? http://shop.nhl.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4365020&cp=3253875&clickid=body_bestsell_txt

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do you know of any sites that provide mostly working promotional codes? i would like to purchase some books from amazon uk and would like to try my luck, hahaha (or perhaps amazon doesn't give promo codes out easily like american eagle does :O)
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I'm trying to decide a movie to watch with my friends tonight. What should we watch? Something on watch instantly on netflix please.

What is your favorite movie snack?

Why am I craving a trillion different food things right now? Like lemon meringue pie and sharp cheddar cheese and sushi and sorbet and popcorn

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I heard a shop I have worked for before was hiring, and the assistant manager told me they were. I went in, and the manager said they had no jobs (and seemed pretty annoyed that I thought/knew they did) but could I bring my CV in later that day. It's a week later and i've not heard anything.

I want to dye my hair purple, the shop may or may not hold this against me. Do I wait to hear from the shop (may not happen for months) or go ahead and dye my hair?
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Do you think it's unreasonable for a veg*n to request that guests not eat meat in their home? I don't see anything wrong with it but I was told it's outrageously rude. If you eat meat, would you insist on being allowed to when visiting veg*n friends? Do you think bringing meat into a veg*n home is disrespectful, especially when you already know how they feel about it?

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who is the artist that does these really simple line illustrations of cutesy scenarios? they used to sell them as prints at urban outfitters. they're usually birds or two kids in love with huge heads. i feel like a lot of people have tattoos of his stuff and i think he's dead. i'm having a brain fart.

if you don't know/don't care... who's your favorite illustrator/show me your favorite drawing