October 15th, 2010


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What's your take on political correctness? How politically correct do you consider yourself to be?
In my head, not at all. Out loud, reasonably. Depends on the people around me.

Do you think people these days (in general) are too quick to jump on the smallest things and cry discrimination? To pull the race card, the size card, the sexuality card?
Very much so. I think the Dr. Phils etc of the world have taught the masses that instead of making calm and rational arguments, it's much easier to blame all your problems on something about yourself you can't change. "You're picking on me because I'm gay." "It's because I'm black, isn't it?" I think people need to grow the hell up sometimes, and definitely grow thicker skins.

Do you think it's ridiculous when people get uptight and butthurt over perceived discrimination that isn't against them? (i.e, starting wank in comments etc like "You shouldn't say that - I mean, I don't care, but someone's going to be pissed that you said that.")
Yes and no, it depends on the level of butthurt. There's something to be said for solidarity and standing up for each other, but when you're jumping on an issue just because you're itching for a fight/feeling self righteous and need an outlet, it shows, and it makes you look ridiculous.

What's the stupidest thing you've ever heard about someone getting up in arms over?
Hard to say. ETA: Or rather remove. A piece of what I said was inflammatory, and took away from the genuine questions I was trying to ask. I wasn't trying to cause wank, and the part I removed made it look like I was, so I apologize.

Edited a couple of times for length and typos, sorry :(

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so i am new here and i apologize if this type of question has been asked before/gets asked a lot but i had a weird dream so i'm curious

1. what is the last strange dream you had?
2. do you think dreams mean anything? if you do..
3. what do you think your dream meant?

Collapse )
ETA: sorry i didn't realize this had been posted earlier today! i read from my friends list and i must have missed it. mods feel free to delete if this isn't allowed, i figure since there have been some responses already i will just leave it up to you.
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So I went out with this girl tonight and I really really like her and we have a ton in common. But we had sex and omg her pussy was soooooo loose. Like I felt sorry for her and honestly didn't think i got it in, but i did. I don't know what to do because right now I'm not really looking for much beyond sex. But she's really nice and we did have fun together. Has anyone run into this before? Do I just hang out with her and keep fucking my ex whose pussy is tight? I am so confused and upset about this and I know she could tell I was disappointed so he may never even contact me again. should i ask for anal next time?

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So after a lot of you guys yelling at me to, I'm finally watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time.

Now can somebody please tell me what the hell the point of this is?
It makes less sense than anything I've ever seen and that's including an elementary school production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
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Please TQC please tell me I ain't getting sick!

I have friends from back home coming to visit this weekend and I have plans to party with them but shit just got real and I just started getting a runny nose (only on my left nostril) and sinus headache. Am I getting sick? If so, how the hell do I fight it!?


Embarrassing childhood clothes?

Do you have clothes you used to wear as a kid that you wish you had never ever worn?

I had two, both Star Wars related. The first was a SUPER BRIGHT RAINBOW TIE-DYED SHIRT with an X-Wing and the Death Star and Luke and a whole bunch of other stuff on it. I thought it was SO COOL.

The other was a shirt with this weird textured bit on the front. It took me months to figure out it was Han Solo as he appeared encased in carbonite. This was well past the time frame in which I thought flaunting my addiction to Star Wars was a good thing, so I was mortified. (I can still tell you why the major capital ships are shaped like they are, though...)
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TQC, how good are you at functioning when you're hungry? I ate like shit today, and as soon as my blood sugar dropped I was pretty much useless for everything except lying in bed crying until my boyfriend force fed me a banana and some juice, at which point I was fine. Is this normal???

Also: I am doing a pole-dancing fitness class, and since next week is the last week they are encouraging us to dress up in a Halloween costume. The only thing is that we have to have our very upper thighs exposed (the chub rub location, because this is where we grip the pole when we are "sitting" on it). What creative things can I go as?

dk/dc: What are your Halloween plans?


Drank absinthe earlier tonight at a bar, apparently it has been legal in the US for three years now.

Doesn't seem that much different from regular alcohol. Anyway, definitely not drunk, but it gave me a nice buzz and lifted my mood in a cool way -- earlier tonight I was super-depressed about leaving the city and breaking up with the girl I had been dating. I live in a small town now, but then I remembered I'm rich for my age and in good health..... no good reason to remain depressed. And a relationship is probably the last thing I need right now.

But here's my question: who else has tried absinthe legally in the US or canada? What were the effects? The bartender said that hallucinations don't actually happen, that that's just BS that has been exaggerated over the years. It's basically just a super-strong liqueur (68% alcohol by volume, although it is typically diluted with chilled water to give it a better taste).

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I'm being Spinelli from Disney's Recess for Halloween. I have everything for the costume (orange toque, red t-shirt dress, black jacket, and boots) except for her red and orange/gold/yellow striped stockings.

Where can I find them?

I'm willing to purchase online if I have to. Anything would work as long as its the proper coloured stripes... whether it be stockings, opaque nylons, thigh highs, leggings, etc.



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TQC hypothetical:

A person talks to/texts you all the time in a flirty & friendly manner. You are pretty sure the attention they've been giving you lately is because they wanna bang you. You have no intentions of banging them. In fact, you are happily banging someone else (but few people know about it, you've both been keeping it on the d/l).

You talk to this guy/girl because you simply like them as a person. They're cool. The flirtyness continues and starts escalating. They keep asking why you turn down one on one hangout time. What do you do?

I mean, it's none of their business who you're fuckin', so do you bother telling them? And you don't want to just straight up say, "hey. I have no intention of sleeping with you. Ever. Sorry about that," because it's kind of rude. halpyouguys
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should I buy these?

OK, so, these boots.

I can't wear these to work (office is business dress, these are way too casual). It snows here a lot in winter, so I can only wear non-snow boots like these from now until mid-December and then possibly from early April to mid-May, when everyone stops wearing boots. So, limited use. They are about half again as expensive as any not-for-work shoes I'd ever buy, and my budget is rather limited right now, and I need to buy the kid two pairs of shoes ASAP. I can't find these anywhere but Zappos, so I'm unable to shop around for a decent deal, and you know how Zappos doesn't have meaningful sales anywhere and even when they do, my size (8.5) is already gone.


Buy them or don't buy them?
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Yes, a Halloween question

I decided to half ass it this Halloween and I'm dressing up as a tourist.  I live in NYC, so people will get the reference and potentially yell at me to get out of the middle of the sidewalk.

For my tourist costume, I plan on wearing an I <3 NY tshirt, my hair in a scrunchie, a fanny pack, jeans, white sneakers, and a backpack. I will also have a camera bag around my neck and a city map.

How else can I make myself look like a tourist?

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Do you think titles such as "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" are important? How would you feel if the person you were seeing insisted on not labeling your relationship? Why?

Have you ever had a Four Loko? If so, tell me about it.


If a 150 bed hostel was being built right next to your apartment building would you expect the value of your place to rise or fall?

EDIT: So if the values were to fall...would I be in my right to ask to pay less rent?

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Retailers of TQC: when does your schedule come out for the next week/two weeks? 'Cause it's Friday and I'm still schedule-less at both of my jobs. And maybe I'm just overly anxious but I'm a touch nervous and worried. I just like to know when I'm working in advance!

For those of you who work two jobs or more: how do you coordinate the schedules and make sure they don't overlap each other? I want to talk to my managers but I don't want to seem like the ~speshul snowflake~ who has to have a special non-changing schedule.
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If somebody's main (or preferred) method of entertainment involves drinking alcohol, does that mean they might have a drinking problem?
Too drunk to type out a response? Will you take a picture of your ass and post it in the comments?
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What kind of smells make you instantly hungry? Are there any scents that relax you or make you sleepy?

What is your favorite scent? Do you seek out perfumes, lotions, soaps or other things in that scent? If you don't, why?

Are you happy it's Friday? Why or why not?

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So I was just talking to my friend and she said she came from dry humping the other night. I can't even come from sex: PIV or otherwise. I can only come through masturbation.

What is wrong with me?
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Ugh. One of the high school students in the city got suspended for wearing a t-shirt that said 'Proud to be a lesbian'. I hate living in the South sometimes.

What do you hate about where you live?

And of course the comments on the news post about it just make me hate people more.

Who's your favorite comedian/enne? Clips encouraged!

I have a hard time choosing, but I like Jon Reep, Bo Burnham, and I don't remember his name, but the Australian comedian someone posted in response to a 'make me laugh' post a few weeks ago. He had a signer in one series of clips I watched and that made it even funnier.

awkward situation...prob tl;dr...

sorry for asking a ~personal~ question, but i know the members of TQC are smart.

Okay so there's this guy i had been talking to for awhile, and one day we like made out, no fooling around or anything. he asked me to have sex with him but i said no just because i get attathed to people to easily, so i dont have sex with people i want to date. so then we became friends, and just hung out and stuff. but then the kid just texted me and asked if i would hook up with him. i said no. we have plans to hang out today possibly, is this going to be extremely awkward? should i cancel the plans?

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For any of you out there who studied computer programming in college, how did you get your first programming job?

My gf studied video game something or other in college and had taken a bunch of programming courses like a CS major would, but her school doesn't have the best reputation (kinda ITT tech-like). She's studying on her own, and applying places, but no one's even asked her for an interview yet. She's currently doing QA.
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What was the last absent minded thing you did?

I bought a sandwich from the deli at school, then went upstairs to find a seat and eat my lunch. Then I realized I left my sandwich downstairs at the deli!

DK/DC are you kinda tired of hearing about the Chilean miners? If they make a movie/book.TV special about it, do you think you'll watch/read it?

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Do you think having parents who earn good money makes a child more likely to succeed in school and as an adult compared to children who have parents who have lower incomes?    

Of course we know that there are many more factors involved than just money alone, but do you think money plays a major role anyway? 

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Make a decision for me. Should I take the bar out of my industrial piercing and just keep a hoop in one of the holes? Or keep the bar?
The other hole (through the back of my ear, kinda where a helix would go) I think never healed right and it gets angry sometimes, but I would so miss the bar. I keep it clean the best I can. :(
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For those of you who go to gyno visits, how did you find your gynecologist?

If the first question doesn't apply to you: What was the last big purchase you made? Was it worth it?
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I have to feed a family of 3 for the next 6 days on $40. Do you have any really good, REALLY cheap recipes you'd like to share? I don't eat beef, but pretty much anything else works.

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 how long is the longest it's ever taken you to clean your room?

i'm about to clean a room that's been used for storage for a few years (it used to be my room) and i feel like it's going to take forEVER. ugh. any tips to make this more pleasant? 

what're you up to tonight?
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I realize this should be an easily Google-able thing, but my Google-fu is weak.

ok, duh, should have thought of that myself. I'm a moron.

But why the hell is custom content not appearing in my game? It was glitching awhile ago so I clicked "run without custom content" to see if that would help (it did not) and ever since then, I can't get any custom content. The box is unchecked now, but shit just doesn't appear. WTF did I do wrong now?
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Ok, so my attention has been drawn to the fact I don't get this "dating" thing at all. My adult life has been spent in a long term monogamous relationship, or in poly dating/relationships, so I am very confused:

I have figured out that there is some period of "dating" multiple people, and then you pick one and you become monogamous, yes?
What happens to the other people?
What level of intimacy is ok when you are just "dating" and not exclusive?
At what point does exclusivity come into it?
What is the person considered before you are exclusive? Are they still a bf/gf?
Do you tell the people you are dating about the other people you are dating?
What are "dating" activities?



1.) I have a visa gift card that has a remaining balance of $2.86 that I want to clear off. I never remember to use it in stores, and it's been sitting in my purse for months. Will you send me links of what I should buy with it?

The rules are:
- the total price of item + shipping can't exceed $2.86 [I'm in the US -- GA if it matters]
- the website must accept visa and I must be able to use a gift card on there

Funny/gross/random suggestions earn you 10 bonus points.

2.) What time did you wake up today?

3.) You get 1 hour in the body of someone else. You will have all of the resources available to them, you are that person (with your mind) for 1 hour, at the end of the hour you will pop back into your body/head with the memories of what you've done. Who's body do you take over? What do you spend that hour doing?

EDIT TO ADD: I have a debit card to my checking account, I've never used it. Since I've never used it I have no idea what the PIN is...how should I find out what it is?
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Guys, help! I don't even know wtf to search for on Google but Collapse ) I was about to go feed my dog and I noticed red, intestine looking substance underneath the ledge of the can. I smelled it to see if it smelled like Pedigree food...and the smell was so disgusting, that I actually gagged.

DGAF: What was the last thing you took a picture of?
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how far away do you live from your family?

when did you first move out?

my family is moving to a different country. although i welcome the independence, i'm so scared of the thought of having them so so far away.

how do i cope tqc?!
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ugh i've spent all day doing basically nothing. how can i get out of my slump? doing nothing all day makes me depressed, which makes me less likely to go out and do stuff.
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What movie does Sean Penn go full retard in? It has a Beatles cover soundtrack.

During the entire movie all i can see is Morton Downey Jr. saying "Don't go full retard..."

YES I could Google it....but whats the fun in that??

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TQC, pretty much everyone who matters in my SO's family (his grandma whom we see every few months, his sister, sister's boyfriend, and mom) is over his place right now and I'm a little sad that I can't be there (I'm at home watching my grandma). What was the last thing to make you a little sad?
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You can have Mexican or Italian food for dinner. There are no alternatives, and you cannot go hungry. You're allowed to make it yourself, dine out or order it in. So what's it gonna be, Mexican or Italian? Which Mexican/Italian dish are you having?
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How do you decide it's time to put a beloved pet to sleep?

Edit: This is a particularly hard situation for me. I just got a call from my mother that my old horse isn't doing well, really since the weather changed coming into fall. She's willing to let me make the call (within reason) to put him down, but I haven't been able to see him in the last couple of years. I just moved cross-country with my daughters, am living mostly off savings, and have no real way to get back there to visit him (or anyone to have watch my girls while I take such a trip).

I hate that I let life get in the way of maintaining a relationship with an animal that was terribly important to me from when I was 8 years old until I went off to college (and even then, he was still at my parents' farm when I went back during breaks and summers). Sadly, time seems to not have a reverse button, and I can't undo the fact that he's 32 now.
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Getty Images/Flickr

Hi there,

So I'm curious about this Getty Images/Flickr partnership. I've read on Flickr what happens if you license your photos to Getty Images, but how much of a % does the photographer get if your photography is purchased, once on Getty as stock? Does this ever happen? Any opinions on the idea in general?

I can see where people would be opposed, but I think it's a cool idea, and especially cool if you actually get paid for your photography (maybe).

Thanks :)

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An ex of mine from a year ago suddenly wants to meet up. I had broken up with him and after that he showed up at my work place with a letter and a rose, my workplace was a good 2 and a half hours from where he lived. We haven't spoken since then. So now he's messaged me asking to meet up tomorrow and grab some food and "catch up."

Why do you guys think he wants to meet up?

What should I do or say?

Gimme silly or serious responses please. :)

PS: We never had sex, so I don't think he just wants a one night stand kind of thing. Or he might. You tell me.
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Would you be willing to have a year added to your life if you knew it would take a year away from a complete stranger?
What if it was someone you knew? (Knew in this case can go from family members/SO to the girl who sits behind you in math class/the guy who sold you your coffee)

What would you be willing to pay for an extra year of life? Assuming you weren't in horrific pain/chronically ill/in a coma for that year.

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Another recommend us a TV series post..

So far we've marathoned Firefly, Stargate, Doctor Who and True Blood. We didn't get into The Wire. I've already watched Heroes (my flatmate didn't like it though) and Breaking Bad (he did like that), and he's watched Supernatural (which I liked also). I'll probably just cancel my membership but is there anything else we Must Watch based on those?

Edit: And Misfits! We loved that too.
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so i went to my psychologist and she said my name was unusual as a girl's name and then i had to explain i was in fact a boy :(


when was the last time you were in a super awkward situation? details please
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Ladies of TQC, how many bras do you own? Do you hand wash them?

I've been considering buying a couple of bras from Victoria's Secret, as I tried a few on the other day and really liked them. Plus, the bras that I bought from Kohl's have torn in half and I'm down to just one. Are they worth the price?

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is there a way to view all your tags on photobucket? like lj style?

the other day i went through and tagged all my gifs in my photobucket for easy access but now i'm uploading more i can't remember the tags and want to look through them.
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What are some badass commands/tricks that I should teach my dog? He knows how to sit, stay, lay, roll over, play dead, shake, high five, back up, jump, and crawl. We're working on bow.

DK/DC: What's your dream job? How was your week?

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If you work in retail, what kind of shoes do you wear? I can't wear "athletic gym shoes" but sneakers that look more professional are okay, I guess. I just would prefer that my feet not be screaming by the end of my shift.

DK/DC: How many times a week do you have an alcoholic drink? I try to keep it to just one beer every few days except for the twice a month or so when I go out to a bar.

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Anyone else here on Methotrexate for PA (or RA etc)?

I've been switched to it for mine and having a dilemma...curious to see how other people benefited/side effects from it.

Anyone switched from oral to injections?

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If you've ever been to Vegas, what hotel do you recommend staying at? My husband and my work is going to pay for it up to a certain amount, so cost is still an issue, but we only plan on going there once in our lives and want to get the real experience!
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When was the last time you contacted a company to leave feedback? Was it good or bad? If you emailed or left a comment card, did they ever get back to you?

Are you more or less likely to leave feedback if you have a good or bad experience?

I rarely bother unless I received very bad service and I want to complain, but today I emailed an Apple store to thank them for being awesome and I feel good about it because those comments help employees get raises =)
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Will you post pictures of people rocking gray/white hair? (I've decided to not cover mine until at least the rest of this year. I may need inspiration!)

Dunno/Dun Care/Haha You're Old: What's coming next in your Netflix DVD queue? (If you don't have Netflix, go forth and hook yourself up. Now. Shoo. What are you waiting for?)