October 14th, 2010

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i am really sick
my throat hurts, i have a supposed quiz tomorrow, i vomited a couple of times.
Pills aren't cutting it for me....
How would I go to sleep?
I had a can of chicken soup, 2 claritins, and a couple herbal drinks ever since 8pm est.
dr tqc help me!
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Make up!

What are your favorite brands?

Favorite YouTube ~*~gurus~*~?

Do you wear make up often?

Favorite color nail polish?

And to keep it festive, what kind of make up should I wear if I'm gonna be a ghost for Halloween? What are your favorite Halloween makeup tutorials? I love all of petriludes.

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 I'm stuck trying to remember a song.

It was popular around the same time as Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl. The singer was a girl, but all I can remember about her is that she was rather tiny, sunny and possibly not white. I never really looked at the clip when it was on. It was a summer-y song.. and I think someone wore something striped. They danced around in a ghetto-ish neighbourhood and on a roof maybe.

Ugh my memory is a sieve and this description is useless ;_; But I'll try anyways because that song made me smile and I'm in need of a smile right now.
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What's keeping you going right now? Besides the obvious like air, food water etc.
Glee and wanting to run a 6-minute mile sometime in the near future. Otherwise nothing.

What do you do while you wait for people to answer your questions that you post here?
I usually post right before I go to bed, school (like today), or do homework. That way i don't get impatient when my question isn't answered as quickly as i would like it to be. :)

Do you make your own icons, e.g. draw or shop them, or do you gank them from other people?
I draw mine on m.s. paint.

How old is your mp3 player and what condition is it in? Do you have more than one? What kind is it?
I have two iPods and they're both mildly broken. They have sucky battery life and they have this problem where if I plug the headphone jack all the way in I only hear the left channel. But if I keep it only plugged in halfway I can hear both channels, but it's kinda echo-y. They were both made in '05.

What do you normally like to eat for breakfast before you have to go to work/class/school?
Nothing, unless I worked out the day before and then it's just a cup of off-brand captain crunch and a bowl of coffee.

What about lunch?
Sandwich (meat-and-cheese, PBJ, jeally-and-cream cheese, nutella samsmich, all kinds.), some sort of sweet, chips or something else salty, and Dr. Pepper. :)

DK;DC: Do you stay on top of internet memes?
I'm usually a couple months behind, unfortunately. :/
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What's the fastest way to make money (I'm talking the $100 to $1000 range)? serious and non-serious answers appreciated.

Do you shop for new clothes continuously or seasonally?

What should I have for breakfast?....Lunch?
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If you received free mailing labels from a cause you disagree with, would you still use them?

*brought to you because yesterday in the mail I received labels from the National Pro-Life Alliance.  The frugal side of me is like FREE LABELS WIN but guhhhhhhhhh.   D:

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I woke up this morning with really fucking flakey skin on my face. What caused this?
Could it have anything to do with the fact I took two HBC pills last night since I missed one?
Why would my face do this to me when I need to go out tonight?
Is there anything else I can do besides moisturise the crap out of it all day and hope for the best?

DK/Don't give a shit about my face: What should you be doing right now?
Self cleaning

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At my job, we are having a Halloween contest next week. Each department is supposed to choose a theme and then decorate and dress accordingly. Last year's winning department chose the theme "Welcome to Duggarville" and they dressed up like the Duggars.

My department is in this little building within the warehouse and there's an staircase on the outside of our little building thing. So we are going to do a Heaven and Hell theme, with a stairway to heaven. Upstairs they are going to dress as angels and then downstairs we are going to be the devils. What are some creative ways of decorating? We have windows on both floors, an outside staircase and access to the outside of the windows on the first floor.

How would you choose to dress if you were going as an angel or devil? (Must be work appropriate)

Does your work or school do anything fun for Halloween?

Do you prefer carbonated beverages or non-carbonated beverages? Hot beverages or cold?

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1. If you were in your early to mid-twenties, felt that you met the love of your life, but then he/she had to move really far away (expensive 12-15 hour flight away) overseas for a year for work, would you try to do the whole long distance thing?

OR would your mindset be more of the following?:

I'm young and should date around. If things are meant to be, maybe we'll be able to get together again in the future.

2. Say that you book your Thanksgiving and Christmas flights home, and then 2 weeks later, you get a full-time job. These flights are non-refundable. I would be missing a total of 8 work days. Do you think my bosses grant me these days off because I booked BEFORE the job? Soooo stressed out about this. I need to talk to them about this soon.

How to comfort emotional ones

My coworker is crying. She's stressed out and emotional and she often cries in my office.
My coworker is pregnant and she is near to her due date, I don't think being all stressed and emotional would do her any good, so...
I feel the urge to comfort her a little bit  but don't know how to, honestly.
I know most of the time when I'm crying I don't want anybody to step in and comfort me at all because I just want to be left alone. So I think maybe I'm gonna wait ''til she's done with crying. Means while I want to do something to comfort her afterward, well, for the sake of making her feel better or bright her day up, etc... Any suggestion?
Excuse me if my sentences don't make sense enough since English is not my first language.
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How annoyed do you get when people volunteer unhelpful information when you're trying to figure something out/get something done? What specifically was the situation and what did they say?

Let it rip. :D
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TQC, are you good at shopping for people?

It's my first "real" Christmas with the inlaws (liek as an official inlaw) and I don't know what to get any of 'em and it's stressing me out! Husband's no help either. =P

Do you have any go-to gifts when you just can't think of what to get someone? And those would be?
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 So, I found a simple recipe that I can do and I want to invite my bf over when I first make it.
The problem is that the recipe require bacon and he's a vegetarian.

What could I substitute the bacon for that would be just as flavorful?

The recipe is Potato Cake with Kale and Apple slices.  The bacon is suppose to be crumbled and added to layers of potato.
I have all the ingredients for it and I'm pretty broke now so I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff. 
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How safe do you feel in your neighborhood?

I just found out a football player at my school was stabbed outside of a bar on Main St. I always knew my neighborhood was sort of crime ridden but man I was walking down main st. the night it happened :/

what's for lunch? or your next meal

did you see last nights south park? what did you think?

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When I go to the grocery store I like to look at the groceries of the people in front of me and try to guess what kind of life they live. You know...'they are about to have a party, they hate to actually cook' etc. It's just fun to imagine how other people live.

Will you post a typical grocery list and we will tell you things we assume or guess about you based on it? Just for fun of course.
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Will you tell us about the yummiest drink you've ever sipped?

Will you describe in as much lavish detail as you care to the most scrumptious food you've ever nibbled?

Pics are a great bonus!
roy ten
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 I recently got Netflix for Wii and I wanted to watch El Crimen Del Padre Amaro but it only comes in the dubbed variety.  I would prefer to watch the Spanish version of it because I hate dubbed films!  I'd rather read subtitles that have mismatched mouths.  Is there a way to change the settings so its not dubbed?  

What was the last foreign movie you watched?
I watched Jeux d'efants last night for the millionth time. [it wasn't dubbed YAY!]
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did you use a super nintendo back in the 90s?

what were your favorite games?

do you still play it?

i want to bring my super nintendo from home (it's not really mine, it was a gift for my brothers, but they don't want it so...) back to school and use it here. i should be able to hook it up to my tv with the right cables, y/n?

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So, why did my morning and thus a large portion of my day have to be ruined by one angry, drama filled e-mail?   Why couldn't somebody else take care of the problem and leave me alone since I'm not even the one who created the problem and can't fix it either? 
Don't Waltz
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Have you heard of a way to tell your personality by how you put cream cheese on a bagel?

My boyfriend said something about it, but I can't find anything. :(

Those of you who play Transformice; Wanna be friends? What room are you normally in?

DK/DC: Why do they call it an XBOX 360?

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Who do you want to fuck/have sex with/make love with but you can't

no celebs please

EDIT: I posted this because I wanna find someone worse then me when it comes to who i want to fuck.
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Why does my heating blanket keep turning itself up to the highest setting?

When was the last time you did laundry?

How can I motivate myself to do laundry?  I have like...no clothes.

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Where can I get some cute, cheap, plus sized business-casual tops?

Can a simple v-neck tshirt (like from Old Navy) be turned business casual with a cami, a cardigan, and some dress slacks?

I got a job at Kohl's and I have no idea what to wear. I don't want to buy a whole new wardrobe.

a bunch of unrelated questions

I really should do some homework tonight but I am tired and I don't wanna, waaaah.
What should I do instead?
ETA: I don't have cable/the computer doesn't play videos, so anything tv related that I can't play on Netflix for the Wii is out.

What do you normally have for breakfast? Be specific.

What genre of books do you read the most? Anything you would like to recommend?
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boring questions

1. Have any of you ever taken 5htp? Someone recommended it to me (for insomnia), and when I was at walmart earlier, I saw some, so I bought it on a whim. WHAT WILL THIS DO TO ME?

2. Audacity question: I am making a song with the lovely greyantlers and we are using Audacity. Thing is, we are NOWHERENEAREACHOTHER, so we have to email files back and forth. I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO DO THIS BECAUSE AUDACITY IS WEIRD. Can we just send the whole project back and forth to each other, and if so, HOW? BECAUSE I TRIED THAT AND IT DIDN'T WORK. I found this thing, but honestly, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT ALL MEANS. CAN ONE OF YOU EXPLAIN THIS TO ME PLEASE?

3. Also, because we are just starting out on our lovely little project, we need ideas for cover songs to do! (We will eventually do original songs, but just for now to get the hang of it, we will do covers.) We both like really sad, depressing songs, and we can both sing, play guitar, and play ocarina. Right now, we are working on a Dolly Parton song (if I can figure out how to send it), but any genre is good, so long as it is REALLY DEPRESSING. Will you suggest a good angsty song for us to cover? TQC, HELP US BE AWESOME TOGETHER.

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i'm working on a paper that's due tonight, and i just asked my bf to pick up a couple of those things you stick your work in. they're see through plastic, with a bar that slides in on the side to hold your paper in place. ugggh, what are they called tqc?!
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I realize this is a really hard one to answer but...the other day I heard a Russian rap song. The guy was rapping about I think...in the beginning, selling daughters into prostitution and then he also rapped about a woman named Luba who only wants or cares about money. I made this sound really stupid...these were the only lyrics I caught as it was really, really loud in the room I was in. :(

Anyone have any clue what I'm talking about?
Mark., Come back to me

Interesting topics

I am an ESL teacher at a private company, and part of my job is to give an hour lecture (in English) on any topic a few times a week. The only rule is that the topics should not be too controversial.

TQC, what are some interesting topics I should lecture about? My students are mostly early 20's and can be difficult to entertain.

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how annoying do you find it when people in your life are passive-aggressive?
have you ever tried to talk to somebody about their general attitude? how did that turn out?

are you currently trying to change or work on anything about yourself? what?
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So, my glasses went mysteriously missing. (And by mysteriously missing I mean I have my strong suspicions as to what happened but the point here being I don't have them.)

I need my glasses to legally drive.

I have a pair of sunglasses that will work during the day, but I called and I can't get a new pair of regular lenses for a week. I need to be able to drive (including during bad weather/after the sun sets). Public transit, in this case, isn't an option (I wish it was).

TQC, help me figure out this conundrum. (Don't drive after dark isn't actually viable for my job and I can't afford to buy glasses anywhere else, as these were insured and will be free.) How can I get around when I need to drive?
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
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I have $30. What item(s) should i buy with it?

I don't have to be into work until 2:30 tomorrow. I'm bored. What should i do between now and then (besides sleep)? It's raining out, so outdoor activities are not an option, and it'd be nice if all suggestions can actually take place in approx. 12-14 hours.

This is kind of a shot-in-the-dark, but i figure why not throw this in with the rest: do any of you fellow TQCers out there suffer from seasonal depression? If so, do any of you have a light box? What brand? Do you like it? I'm ordering one tomorrow or Saturday and i'm pretty settled on which one i want, but why not try for some last minute opinions.

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Hi there! How's your day going?

Do you need advise on anything? Will you tell us about your problem and see if anyone here can help you out/cheer you up?

DK/DC?: My class is really boring and I haven't seen my bff in over 2 days and I live with her. :(
Who do you wish you could just relax and hang out with right now?
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My boyfriends birthday is next week and I've had an idea for a gift. He suffers from agoraphobia so, on occasion he has to go & pick things up from the store which isn't easy for him. I thought about putting together a small 'In case of emergency' kit for him. I'll put in some cigarettes, a miniature bottle of vodka, some chocolate and £10. All just a bit of fun rather than practical. Any suggestions to put in the box?
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I've finally figured out my costume for Halloween. I'm gonna go as a Go-Go dancer and Finally splurge on a pair of go-go boots! I'm very excited. :D

I know there have probably been a ton of these posts lately, but what are you going as for Halloween? Also, is your work or school doing any sort of costume contest? Mine is giving a $25 Visa gift card. :)
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carter arrested

jury duty

have you been summoned for jury duty before? what was it like? did you sit in a room all day, or did you get assigned to a trial? WHAT WAS THE TRIAL LIKE? these are important questions obv

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We usually buy Gentlemen Jack when we're in the mood for whiskey, is Jack Daniel's Single Barrel worth the price difference?

We bought a nipper of it, but it's hard to tell from that little sample.

What do you call single shot mini bottles of liquor?

I've always called them "nippers", but I've heard them called "shotties", "chasers" and "singles" before, too.

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TQC, will you show me your ink? Or just some ink that you love?

Have you had an "OMG I'm going to die!!!!" moment? (From embarrassment, loss of blood, whatevs).

Bonus question: I just had 5 cents fall out of my underwear as I was putting it on, does this mean that I'm going to get lucky??

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So I currently walk about 4 miles total a day to and from the bus stop. I am thinking that I want to start jogging it. I currently use a backpack with just the 1 shoulder strap. It is very comfy for walking, but I would need a bag for holding my work clothes that does not bounce around so much when jogging.

Suggestions? Should I get a normal sized backpack with the waist strap? Or should I get a smaller backpack that I can wear higher up on my back?

Anyone job with a backpack?
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I bought a pair of over-the-knee socks yesterday, and I just put them on and I'm kind of getting the thigh equivalent of muffin top D:. I didn't think I had fat thighs. Does anyone else have this problem? How shall I repair my self-esteem?

What is your favorite kind of pasta?

embarrassing post.

1)Should I change my username? It's very old. But it costs money to change it, and I wouldn't know what to be known by.

2)What embarrassing crap have you been tempted to spend money on?

This. Where would I wear such an embarrassing bag?
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I need help explaining to my friend how irrational her logic is when it comes to her asshole boyfriend. For example, a few weeks ago a group of us were out and about across the border in Ontario, about 30 mins from home.
Aforementioned friend gets a call from her boyfriend asking her to go to their apartment, pick up a video game he forgot, and bring it to him at his brothers house. After explaining to him that she was busy with us, and that it would be wayy out of her way, more so than it would be for him, he got huffy and hung up.

She then went on to say she felt BAD, like she let him down, and considered doing him the favor. This guy is a first class jerkoff. He blows up at her for little things, calls her repeatedly if she doesn't answer the first time, has shoved her around before, and is just a prick in general.

She knows this, but "loves" him. Is there any way to intervene here without risking the friendship? What would you do if this was happening to one of your good friends?

ETA: she's signing another year-long lease with him in a few weeks. dkjfndskfjhksjd

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As a college freshman, what should I be doing now to be able to get a job as a high school English teacher in NY state in 2014?

Alternatively, who was/is your least favorite teacher? Tell me horror stories!
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Do you know anyone that is Deaf?
If you worked at a store or a restaurant, and a Deaf person needed help, would you try and sign to them? Or just get a piece of paper and write it down?
Do you know why Im capitalizing the "D" in Deaf?

I had never met a Deaf person until college, where I am studying ASL and my professors are all Deaf.

Movie Title Question

For some reason, I started thinking of this movie plot today and I can't remember the name of the movie. The lead actresses husband disappears, and she assumes he ran off with his secretary or something. She starts dating again, probably falls in love with someone, blah blah blah. Then months later, her husband is found dead behind their house...he fell in a hole or something or collapsed in a hole, something like that. I think she had one or two daughters in the movie too. Anyone know what movie I am talking about? It's driving me crazy!

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If you knew that an asteroid was going to impact with Earth in 2 weeks and end all life on the planet, what would you do in those final two weeks?

For ease of movement, you're the only person that knows - not the entire world because that would be global chaos.
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My favorite channels are Food Network, Travel Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, and sometimes TLC.
Does anyone else like these channels?
If so, what shows do you watch on them?

This post already covered Food Network, so I'll just answer the other channels.

Travel Channel- Man v Food, Bizarre Foods, No Reservations, any of the shows like Extreme or Chowdown Countdown or whatever
Discovery - Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, Man v Wild, Survivorman, I shouldn't be alive
Animal Planet - Dogs 101, It's me or the dog, weird true and freaky, untamed and uncut, monsters inside me
TLC - mostly any weird medical shows


 Okay, so first a few "chimy is a dumbass" questions. 

My last.fm keeps not showing my new tracks in the recently listened. It's just....not recording them. Which sucks when I am looking for something. How do I fix this? I tried running it in Firefox instead, but that didn't help. 

I have a bunch of artists in my library. Why does it keep playing the same 20 songs? 

What POS technology is currently grating your cheese, tqc?

Alternately, post your last.fm? 
Keep Calm and Drink Hot Chocolate

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What is an appropriate budget for furnishing a studio apartment?
The place I'm considering is semi-furnished (It has a bed frame/box spring, microwave,  refrigerator and stove), so I will just need a futon, end table, TV and stand.

I plan on budgeting out $50 every two weeks for groceries. Since it will just be me, what are some pantry essentials that I need to pick up once I get there? I will be within walking distance of a grocery store. :)

Do you have a DSi or DSi XL? Would you recommend it to someone? I want to trade my DS Lite in for a DSi or DSi XL before I leave. I got a chance to look at a DSi XL @ Dragon*Con, and I really like them. :)

If you give out candy on Halloween, what do you normally give out?
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My hair has been falling out in huge clumps. I think around half of my hair has fallen out in the last year.  I'm a 21 year old female.  What the heck is going on?!?!  Do you know of any hair products that actually work at strengthening your hair and making it healthier?

Edit: been to the doctor, and nothing was wrong.
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Do you think it's disrespectful or even just odd to invite guests over, and then not get dressed/brush teeth and hair/etc? Assume you're not sick or otherwise incapable. I was taught that to not look nice (define as whatever you want), and not do things like put on makeup (if you do every day anyway and not just for special occasions, if you never wear it then it doesn't matter) is rude, as if you don't think your guests are worth putting the effort into. My husband on the other hand thinks the opposite and can't understand why I would want to look nice when people come over. I think that just because I know someone well enough to invite them over, it doesn't mean I'd be comfortable greeting them looking like I just got out of bed. Especially since most of the time, these are his guests and not mine and I barely know them.

What do you think TQC? Do you put any effort into your appearance when you have friends over?

Also do you clean up before having guests over?

cuz me and my friend have been obsessed with ~~forever alone

what are some moments in your life that let you know you'll be forever alone?

i know when i consider buying a pair of USA away shorts to go with my Dempsey shirt just to make it a Halloween costume, then start to seriously consider ways i could wear them on the regular, because i just love the national team/soccer so much. and the most exciting person i've met lately is a girl at work who loves them as much as i do, if not more. not a really cool/cute guy or anything, just someone to fangirl with IRL.

BONUS QUESTION: should i get the shorts?

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Can you come up with a sentance that, prior to this post, has probably never been said before?

P.S. it has to at least be coherent. "Dog twenty four snorkelling Canterbury can formidable point oxygen" doesn't count.

(no subject)

Say you're an early/mid-20-something year old woman and you have one child. You're dating someone that has been snipped and can't have/doesn't want more children. Would this be a dealbreaker or no?

We both like each other a lot and can both see a future together. I didn't want more kids before he came into the picture, but it's still kind of depressing knowing that, at only 24 years old, I can never have more children if we stay together. Like, he's taking my womanhood away from me or something.