October 13th, 2010

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Tell me about a time when you embarrassingly misspoke?

I asked a 11 year old Arabic boy if he needed a "cous" when the word I meant was "cos". Cous means pussy; cos means cup.
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What is that site...

There is a site somewhere on the internet where you basically pitch your small business idea where it's voted upon and various investors will back you to start it. What the hell is it called, it's driving me crazy!

Don't you try to Rick Roll me, I will be checking you. *shifty eyes*

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What would a soldier in BASIC TRAINING like to receive most in their care packages?

I hear toilet paper is a nice send. Lemme know if I should trust your answers are from knowledge or opinion/preference. kthnx
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I'd like to jump on this bandwagon

I've read all the books on my bookshelf. Never thought it would happen, but it has. Help me? What should I read?

-prefer fiction
-HATE vampire lit and YA/Teen lit
-like suspense, mystery, murder
-not necessarily limited to suspense, mystery and murder
-need more substance than the likes of James Patterson and like novels
-last few books I read and liked: The Almost Moon (Alice Sebold), Crazy Ladies (Michael Lee West), The Dead Room (Robert Ellis), The Third Twin (Ken Follet), The Ruins (Scott Smith)
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What's the primary culprit behind the shooting pains & numbness in my right hand & arm?

Farmville (on a laptop)
An untreated injury of unknown severity in my neck, seventeen years ago, which a shiatsu practicioner once said she found no evidence of
Eight years of working data entry (but there's no pain in my left hand)
something else!
I am a vegan
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So I had car issues the other day. It resulted in my boyfriend having a really bad burn from coolant on his arm. This happened Saturday. He's been blistering and I'm just trying to ease the pain and help the healing process anyway I can. We rinsed it and put emergency burn gel on it and we don't know what else to do do ease the pain. It seems like a second degree burn but the skin turned grey, which makes me think it's third. I'm not entirely sure.
We did not go to the ER due to financial/insurance costs. Pictures under a cut. Any advice on what to do to ease the pain and swelling during the healing process?

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How do you feel about text messages or instant messages that tell the sender when they've been read? Do you expect instant responses to your msgs? I'll go ahead and tell everyone that I reserve the right at all times to read something then reply later, for any reason I please, and this particular kind of entitlement infuriates me.

What's the longest you've lived in one residence? Tell me about it, and if applicable tell me about the emotions you experienced when you moved from there.
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I have to make a pitch for an 11-week documentary for my team to do in class this week (university). My original plan may not work out due to permissions (it's a documentary on children in language immersion programs at a very young age).

So QC, what should be the topic of my proposed documentary if that doesn't work out?

Topic is not limited as long as it is not dealing with violence or drugs. Not only as a person and filmmaker, but as a student, I am trying to keep off those topics since they've been done a lot.

FF is going to bed, so she may reply back a little late. Apologies in advance.
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I want to learn how to program (preferably starting with javascript, maybe picking up perl and/or php... some basic css and xml-based stuff like xslt-2 wouldn't hurt either). I'm not a college student and I don't learn well with book based self study. I've tried looking at continuing education at local colleges but all their computer courses are like "Intro to MS Word" and not what I need. Should I apply at a local community college when I have no interest or desire in their degree plans? Are there other non-college and non-"read a book" resources?

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Since we have a few womens studies peeps here..

Does anyone know of any writings (books, journal articles, etc) that delve into the fact that all cultures and traditional religions view women as subordinate (edit: or rather, place women in a subordinate role, even if it's justified in a 'nice' way such as women being sacred)? All the feminism discourse I've read tends to be very culture-specific but I feel like a pretty key issue is being missed in not considering it from a metacultural perspective. I am pretty sure I'm not the first person to think about this but I haven't had much luck finding anything.

Specifically something reasonably academic that has references. I'll read someone's anecdata-driven opinion piece out of interest, but that's not so much what I'm after.

Edit: If you disagree with this claim I am also really, really interested in anything verifiable that contradicts it. This is what I've learnt from my cross-cultural studies at University; the concept is widely expressed in a range of materials I've read and I've to date not found anything to contradict it. I'm studying cross-cultural communication rather than a subject that has a specific gender focus so I'm conscious that it's of limited depth on the matter.

But it can't credibly be denied that this is certainly the case for the vast majority of cultures and religions, even ones that are very different geographically and historically. There's a pattern there that goes beyond the individual cultures and I think that's important.

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1. Would you be annoyed if you saw that your significant other "liked" a photo of someone else other than you in a swimsuit? To be more descriptive, this photo is a full-body "glamour" shot self-portrait taken through their own reflection on a mirror. And then in another photo in the same album, you see a close up shot of the face of the same person, and see that your SO commented: "Outstanding photo. Love the expression in your eyes."

Or would you not give a damn if you knew you were more attractive than this person?

2. Would calling in sick to work on the Friday of Halloween weekend raise skepticism?

Cure me

What are your fav food hangover cures?

I was the first one down last night at a friends memorial gathering and I had way too much rose without eating beforhand and I am feeling pretty sleazy...At the moment I eating plain corn ships and black tea.

Think breakfast.
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TQC, I am sick today. I'm skipping classes in favor of curling up under some blankets and whining.

Aside from whining, should I:
a) Study for my sociology test?
b) Start working on my sociology paper?
c) Start working on my case management paper?
d) Say "fuck it, I'm sick" and play Sims?

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I applied for this health assistance thing through my local hospital, and got a letter in the mail today asking me to send in copies of my 3 most recent months of bank statements. I already proved income with an equal amount of paystubs, as well as two years worth of tax papers. Are they looking at my spending habits or something else? What if I had something super embarrassing on my statement like "****SEXTOYEXTRAVAGANZA.COM ..... $120.00" or something? (I don't, but for arguements sake, let's say I do.)

Kill the boredom

Where do you like to go to have fun?

What were you doing the last time you really had a good laugh?

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

What is your all time favorite comedy movie?

What is your happiest childhood memory?
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Can you give me random objects/emotions/locations/events? I really want to write something but I am drawing a huge blank so I am going to take all the stuff you guys write down and throw it all in a hat. But I need your help! Maybe also colors? Prompts?

If you wanna be even more awesome, do you know any good ways to get rid of writers block? Or do you know of a list of prompts?

How do you get rid of your creative block?

DK/DC: What games do you like to play online?
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Will you tell me about the best people you work with or have in your classes? What about the worst?

Have you ever tried anything just because you'd seen people in TQC talking about how good it was? What did you try and did you like it?
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do you remember the last thing you were searching for online, that you couldn't find?

do you have a favorite Bob Dylan song?

can do you tell me what your current favorite song is?
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Are you a part of any professional organizations?
I've joined the National Association of Educators, Georgia Association of Educators, Professional Association of Georgia Educators, and thinking about joining ASCD.

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Poll #1631085 Question for the ladies and gay fellers

You're on a first date. The guy seems nice and interesting enough and you have a couple things in common. Which of the following things could you overlook and would agree to a second date? Any option you leave blank you see as a 'dealbreaker' that would result in you not wanting to see him again

Receives and texts back 5 times during the meal
Insists on treating, as he picks up the bill. He pays with cash. You notice that he only leaves $2 on a $45 bill. 'More than enough. It isn't like he was performing rocket science'
Brings up his ex 3 times during dinner, each time with an angry tone and punctuates each segue with 'that bitch'
Manages to mention 'Jesus' 18 times during your meal
Farts in front of you as you both exit the car "Oh, that's because I feel comfortable around you, and plus I hate holding them in"
Admits he's vegan, and then tells you that he won't tolerate you ordering any food that 'offends' him
You're not sure but you feel he may have been flirting with the waitress/waiter. You feel it's your imagination but he did seem more animated talking to him/her
Reveals that he has a daughter, age 4. He never mentioned her before because he wasn't sure how you'd feel, but he's all she has in this world
While reaching for the breadsticks, his wrist extends past his coat sleeve. You see what looks like self-inflicted slash marks. He may be a cutter
Has a great accent, one that you find attractive. He mentions during dinner that his Green Card is expiring, then casually asks if you'd ever marry to help keep someone in the country. You both laugh but it makes you wonder
Excuses himself to go to the bathroom and comes back sniffling and seems more hyper. This happens 3 times during the meal
Currently unemployed, but looking
Brings up, out of the blue, that he hasn't gotten laid in 4 years, and then asks you if he seems desperate or needy or anything
Doesn't have a car
Insists on paying for the meal. Tries to pay for meal with food stamps. When the waiter refuses to take them, your date raises his voice and makes a scene. He finally pays the bill and then mentions something about being short on rent now
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 Who would you like to cheerfully slaughter today? I would gladly go back in time and hack up the person who thought repetitive music boxes in children's toys were a good idea.

I'm babysitting a 2-year-old and I just noticed she was eating something small, round, and black and I about had a heart attack because I didn't give her any snacks. Luckily, it was not a rat turd, but raisins she'd apparently hidden in some toys. 

Will you tell me some child rearing horror stories? 

ETA: oh my god you guys. she just pooped so hard and so much it came out of the top of her diaper. it's everywhere. I threw up some. Oh my god this is the worst thing ever.
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halloween cat!

help, im avoiding an important writing project.

which part of speech kicks the MOST ass?

really, none of these kick much ass on their own
omg, it's like Sophie's Choice here, and i am unable to choose one.
i don't speak a language that includes these parts of speech.
oh suzer, idk, but i support the freedom of parts of speech all the way.
thank you for not putting TICKY

if you were going to become one of these punctuation marks/symbols for one day, which would you become?

exclamation point
question mark
oh suzer, all i really want to be is a registered trademark, but for more than one day.

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Two of the 6 people who live in our house drive everyone else to uni most days. We've just started asking for 50p each (which is way cheaper than the bus and barely covers petrol and parking) to cover costs. Our only male housemate (who is generally thoughtless and lazy) continually expects lifts and will sulk if he doesn't get one, is angry about having to contribute and constantly makes us late.
This morning he wasn't even up at the time that we usually leave and took 10 minutes just to put clothes on. He then got angry when I told him it was rude not to be on time, and insisted we would be there anyway. I said that was not the point, I had asked him to be ready by 8:30. When we got to uni he stormed off.

Tl;dr, my housemate who is lazy anyway keeps making us late for uni, doesn't like to contribute to petrol and expects to be given a lift.

Should I just leave this morning's situation and get over it or point out that I won't be giving him lifts any more if this continues?
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yesterday I threw a pack of chicken thighs in the freezer, one day after the use or freeze by date. they should be okay to eat when I defrost them, right? I did it in the AM of the day after the use by date, if it matters.

have you ever taken a winter session course? they're like a month long. I am thinking of taking one from Dec 27-Jan 7, it's an online course for a history gen ed I am taking, it's at a local community college. think this will be super easy? or surprisingly difficult/frustrating?

what is going on with you today?

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I'm cleaning my house, and it is taking much longer than I expected. I need new music to keep me entertained before I give up and go to sleep somewhere.

What is your favourite song to listen to right now? I realise this question (and variations of it) has been asked a million times before, but I'm bored of all the music I have so I'm in dire need of some new tracks.

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On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being "I live on Sesame Street" and 10 being "I'm afraid to step outside my door after dark", how dangerous is your city? And not just murders, but non-violent crime too. 

I passed the scene what I can only guess is a murder (like three police cars and four ambulances, and hysterical people outside) on the way home from school today. It would be the fourth reported homicide this month. Just last night someone on the news read a comment from the TV station's website, saying that they are "scared to live here anymore". All of this is really starting to freak me out. 

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I just opened a tampon and there was no string! Has this ever happened to you? It was pretty confusing. And irritating.
What's something confusing/irritating that's happened to you recently?




Clem & Joely

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Do you have any existing stereotypes about people with unnaturally-colored-dyed hair? What are they? What sort of stereotypes have you dealt with in terms of your appearance?

I'm just wondering about this in terms of very general discussion on stereotypes and image. I have orange hair and am sometimes surprised at how some people respond to it. Some people assume I do it for attention (a lot of people cannot fathom any other reasons for having dyed hair) some people think it means that I'm dangerous or something (it seems to honestly scare some people, and I'm astounded at the idea of these peoples' mind sets). But then there's some people (usually middle-age to older people) that love the orange and are really enthusiastic about it.

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if a company/organization takes down a job listing, does that typically mean that they've already hired someone or that they've stopped accepting applications and will start contacting people for interviews?
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Dear TQC,

I am interested in finding a second job. I have pink hair and a facial piercing, and finding a second job is not so important that I am interested in changing my hair or taking out my piercing. What do you guys think would be the best course of action?

A.) Find out place's dress codes prior to applying, and only apply at places whose dress codes do not mention unnatural hair/piercings, or explicitly say it's OK.

C.) Not research dress codes, and just alert the people hiring at the time of the "Would you please come in for an interview" phone call that I have unnatural hair, and ask if that goes against their dress code (and if so, say "thanks but no thanks.")

B.) Apply everywhere I'm interested and not research dress codes, and assume the associates/receptionists taking my application will note my hair. And in cases where resumes are e-mailed/faxed/mailed, just show up to interviews without any warning.
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TQC I'm stuck in the Stop & SHop parking lot. I think my car is officially done. MY dad is coming to get me but he won't be here for at least an hour. What should I do for the next hour?

Will you tell me about the last time you had car troubles?
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Have you ever started a relationship with someone you met online?
What website did you meet them on?
Besides online dating, what would you recommend for someone who wants to meet people but is also a black hole of awkward continually collapsing in on herself?

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My boyfriends dad rescued 3 cats from a trailer park that were either feral or their previous owners left them behind when they moved. The plan was to trap,spay/neuter & then release them back into the trailer park or to find the more social ones good homes. We think one of the cats is pregnant. Her tummy seems swollen and the nipples seems larger than normal and when you touch her stomach it just feels like something is in there. Shes the most social of the bunch and the one that me and my boyfriend have fallen in love with. We want to keep her but we've never had a cat before let alone kittens. What the hell do we do? The other cats have an appointment on Friday at aspca to get spayed/neutered should we bring her along as well and see what they have to say? We love this little cat and I just want to make sure that we do everything we can to make sure her and her kittens are healthy.

dk/dc- What was your first pet?

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Does it annoy you when somebody randomly adds you as a friend on LJ and you have no idea who they are?

How often does this happen and what do you do?

I just got added by somebody who's journal is in Russian.   Who now? 

Was it one of you being clever or are the Russians spying on us via our journals?   No offense to the Russian people out there, but apparently the cold war isn't over.   ; )
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I am going to Boston on Friday to visit my boyfriend for a long weekend. What fun things could we do? I haven't been to Boston since a decade ago and I've seen most of the historical things, but I'm open to pretty much anything. Any good bars, parks, etc. to recommend to me?

(no subject)

The bff and I are spending a day/night in Montreal this weekend. Our plan is to get drunk as soon as we get there and stay drunk until we leave.

Where should we drink? Best bars in the city? What should we do beside drink? Does everyone there speak English as well or are we fucked?

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Poll #1631159 Sarah Conner?

You're at a club. You happen to be sitting at a table, alone, when a large musclebound guy in a trenchcoat walks over to you. As you look up at him, he pulls out a gun and the laser targeting dot appars on your forehead. It looks like it's the end. Suddenly, before he can pull the trigger, some blonde guy in a trenchcoat unloads on him several times with a shotgun. The large fellow lies in a pile of broken glass. People are running and screaming. The blonde man quickly hops over to you. He kind of stinks like a homeless person. He says "Come with me if you want to live". Do you go with him?


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Hey everyone, I had a quick question....
I don't want to blog on livejournal anymore, I purchased a website and have wordpress installed.
is there any way i can protect the blog so it's not completely public.
I was thinking maybe a sign in, or members only login?
just something so not EVERYONE and ANYONE can look at it..
thanks! :)

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my roommate danced in somebody's amateur rap video when she was drunk at my birthday party back in august. the video is really hilarious, but also could be damaging to her career if too many people see it. how can i creatively tease her about it without sending it to everybody i know? i am already working on memorizing the rap so i can quote it to her all the time.

have you ever been in an amateur rap video?
would you ever be in an amateur rap video?
BN - Michael's 'fuck me'
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My computer's trashed to the point my system restores don't work so I have to rebuild it.
How much of my iTunes do you think I'll lose this time?
What program should I be sure to install once it's rebuilt?

Windows...I know, haters.

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a friend of mine changed his status to 'married' with his girlfriend of 6 months, not because they're actually married, but just because... i don't know.

is this stupid?

what reason would they have to change it?

background: they also started saying they were ~in love~ after a few weeks. also he was thinking of getting a licence plate for his car with their initials and the date of their anniversary on it. (i know). in the meantime, she is still in high school and her parents don't even know they are dating.

edit: i think i am just super cynical =(

girls who like boys

How would you react in the following scenario?

Your boyfriend is trying to figure out what to get you for your birthday. His mom suggests jewelry, flowers, stuffed animals, and chocolate. Your boyfriend tells her you probably wouldn't like those. (Assume you're not overtly fond of any of them.) His mom responds with, "what kind of girl is she?"

(no subject)

What do I want for my birthday, TQC? Right now all I have is "money", "gift cards" and "a hot dude jumping out of a cake."

What do you want for your birthday (or Christmas)?

How many glasses of water do you drink in a day? And I mean actual glasses, water from milk/juice/pop or food doesn't count.
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 For those of you who care, they just brought up Miner 30. The families of the last three must be experiencing the absolute worst kind of Christmas morning wait right now.

Are you watching it? How long have you been watching? I've been watching almost non-stop since around 11pm last night.

What are you waiting for that's got you feeling that Christmas morning wait?

Currently for me, Jackass 3D. I'm so mad they aren't having a midnight premier because I have to work all night Friday and don't get off until after the last showing starts.
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Twice this week, I have had people come into my place of workness, ask if we were hiring and when I said no, ask if they could have my name so they could tell the unemployment office who they had asked. Today, the woman was much more straight forward - she said she knew we weren't hiring but needed to tell the unemployment office she had been looking for a job, so could she please have my name and the phone number of the place I worked.

Is this shady? I know times is rough and tough like leather, but are they really so tough you can't actually get an application at a place that's actually hiring? Why does this make me feel so paranoid?!
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(no subject)

Was it worth it, seeing Requiem For A Dream, if you have? All of my friends that have seen it say that it put them in a funk that lasted at least over a day's time. I know not to watch it by myself. I've heard so many times not to. :o

(no subject)

I would like to find someone to look over my face and suggest the best course of action to keep it looking young and healthy. Somewhat of a skin care expert.
A dermatologist is too medicine-y. I don't really have any skin problems besides combination skin and some small breakouts.
A nutritionist is nice, but I want the whole package, and not just a generic answer given to all.

Is there such thing this person I have in my head?
peggy hill, king of the hill

(no subject)

Sorry if this is long. I need some college advice!

I just moved to college 2 months ago as a freshman and I have been having trouble adjusting.
The worst is this huge fear I've developed of eating alone in public. I even have trouble ordering food and taking it back to my room if I am alone. I have been skipping meals every now and then because my roommate isn't available and I'm too scared to go to the dining hall alone. I realize how stupid of a fear it is, but I am actually scared of people judging what I choose to eat or the fact that I am alone and I'm not sure how to break this fear.

Is this normal for new college students? Or is this some kind of social phobia developing?
Do you have any advice or should I just face my fears and force myself to go alone?

(no subject)

tqc, I feel like a stupid 8-year-old writing this but I had a really scary dream last night. like, it's still bugging me, I'm still thinking about it. I'm worried I won't be able to sleep tonight. do you have any magic advice for forgetting scary dreams or getting your mind off them so you're not scared?
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(no subject)

Do you think it's more acceptable for a guy to try to win a girl back than a girl to win a guy back? Like in movies when a guy will go chase after a girl in another country to try to get her back with him or something and it's all romantic or whatever. But if a girl does that she's considered creepy and stalkerish and just can't get over him.  Do you think this is true in real life too, or just in movies?

(no subject)

I'm at my college library and I want to read something, but I'm not sure about what.
I want to try something new and read something completely random, qc, could you please recommend a book, any genre, author, date so I can see if I can find it and read it?

(no subject)

What band would you go on tour with? Let's just say you had a good bit of money, and you wouldn't be preforming with them and you wouldn't be working for them. You'd just be hanging on on their bus and what not.

(no subject)

my roommate is cranky cranky cranky tonight and he's been this way all day...I offered him sex, he turned it down. I offered him a blow-job and he turned that down. So and a last ditch effort I bought him a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey in hopes that, that will make himm happy if only for a short time.

What else can I do to make him less bitchy?

what do you do when your rooommate/bestie/SO is irritable?
Dr Horrible

Question about comms

Where would I be most likely to find a definitive CORRECT answer about a question regarding obscure anatomy facts?
DK/DC: Where would I put sensor pads on my head for maximum signal output from my ear wiggling muscles?
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

Did you grow up speaking any language besides English at home?
If yes, what langauge?
If no, what was the last generation in your family to speak another language?
If no, do you wish you had?

On my mom's side, my sister and I are the first to speak only English (Mom's family spoke Polish and Yiddish at home). On my dad's side, my great-grandparents were the last (Italian). I wish I had been raised bilingual.

(no subject)

Today I woke up to find that I have absolutely no cable channels anymore and I need a box to watch anything.

My mom pays at least $200 a month on cable/phone/internet.

Is this fucking insane?
Is this happening to anyone else?
(Did someone already ask this?)

I'm so sad that I can't watch TV in my room anymore
Kill Bill - Elle
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Where in the world can you buy a leather-bound journal? I'm looking for one of the traditional kind with the long strap that wraps around. I'd rather not buy online, and live in a HUGE city (Houston, not whatever my profile says)

How often do you buy gifts for people outside of holidays or birthdays? Which gifts do you enjoy giving the most?

What's your sign?

(no subject)

how can i get rid of this christmas feeling?
i've been looking up holiday carols and buying christmas-themed fragrances
Is anyone else going through a less sever phase?
Wonder Woman

(no subject)

Let's pretend that some friendly aliens found the Voyager spacecraft and listened to the Golden Record inside.  It turns out that these aliens really like Johnny B. Goode, so they send a message back to Earth asking for more music.   It's your job to choose music that best represents the human experience.

What songs (or artists) would you send them?  Why? 
francois lick it

(no subject)

Do you like your birthday?
Do you like birthdays in general?

Do you like talking on the telephone?
Do you like talking on the telephone when it's your birthday?

Is it rude if it's your birthday and you don't pick up the phone when people call you to congratulate you/say happy birthday to you?
miss a, min

(no subject)

 Inspired by the montage of Disney songs that my MP3 player has decided to play for me:
What is your favorite Disney movie? Song?  Tied between Beauty and the Beast and Mulan. Song: Reflection
Who is your favorite Disney protagonist? Villain? Mulan and Frollo respectively. 

(no subject)

I've searched a ways back and I've seen a post asking for the meanest insults - what about the funniest, wittiest insults you've ever heard/come up with?

I'm talking about genuinely insulting someone though, and making your friends laugh. Not joking with someone and just trash talking them because you're friends and you two get each other. (I play a bitchy but intelligent and witty cheerleader in an RP and need fresh material for when she taunts the losers!)
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(no subject)

A retailer offers women's clothing from size XS to size XXXL (or size 0 to size 24, for pants). The shop prices all of their shirts and pants the same for sizes XS-L and 0-12 at the same amount, but tacks on an extra $3 for XL, $5 for XXL, et cetera. The retailer justifies this policy by explaining that they incur a higher cost for manufacturing the larger sizes because the clothing uses more material and the demand for larger sizes is less, therefore making larger sizes harder to sell.

Is the retailer's policy discriminatory towards consumers who wear larger sizes?