October 12th, 2010


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  What size penis do you prefer?  Would you ever date an female to male transsexual?  Why or why not? 

  What size breasts do you prefer?  Would you ever date a male to female transsexual?  Why or why not?  



So I'm nearly 20, right, and I have pretty much no idea about makeup. I'm going to a friend's 18th this Thursday and we're all going out. Now I'm not really into the whole getting-all-dressed-up-and-going-to-night-clubs-to-get-shitfaced thing but I need advice on what I should do with my face and stuff.

My everday face consists of foundation, a subtle lip tint and lip balm. My going out face consists of foundation, concealer, subtle-ish lip stain and lip balm. This has worked out fine for me so far but I feel like I need to do more.

I don't want to do what I normally do because I'm scared of looking...plain. So I'd like to put some shit on my eyes and stuff but I just have no idea. I feel like I should've started this a few years ago so I wouldn't be so damn clueless now.

I also have no clue what to wear. What do people wear to nightclubs and such? The whole 5-inch-heels-and-extremely-short-extremely-tight-dress thing seems to be a popular look but I'm just not a fan. It's too trashy for my liking. But yeah, I'm stressing about looking too plain and not as pretty as everyone else. Which is silly, I know. I'm also stressing about actually putting effort into my appearance and having people think I look ridiculous. Which is also silly.

So, TQC, could you please give me makeup advice (instructions, tips, products, anything) and clothing advice please? I'll love you forever.

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TQC, how would you go about seducing a person of your preferred gender and physical+personality traits?

Describe to us in as much detail as you can, and please try to be at least 50% srs.

Is trying to figure out what to dress up as for Halloween a hassle for you too, or does it come with ease? Or are you not bothering this year?

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I heard from different sources that after you give birth you'll fit into the clothes you wore from when you were 4-5 months pregnant. I'm almost 27 weeks now (so almost 7 months?) and I'm still wearing my prepregnancy pants. I am just now needing bigger shirts. Does this mean I'll get back to my prepregnancy size without much of a problem?

(xposted to pregnant)

DK/DC - Why are you awake?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Have you ever been to a wedding? Yet another friend of mine got married, invited a tonne of our friends, but didn't invite me.

Do you know how to drive a manual transmission?
I don't, but I'm going to try and get my little brother to teach me in his truck. It's a good skill to have.

What age did you learn to read? I learned to read at about 3 and a half, around the same time I learned to read music.

A two-year-old should know her ABCs, right? My friend's 2 and 4 year old don't (seem) to know them. They're kinda stubborn and often answer 'I don't know' to things that I know they know, so I don't know if they're just playing dumb.

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1.what is the most eventful thing you'll be doing within the next 7 days?

2.what new food have you recently tried for the first time?
(and/or) what is the most interesting thing you plan to eat today?

3.how do you feel right now?

*bonus points: answer with photos*
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I was moved to a new department at work a few weeks ago and am still very much in the learning process. Yesterday I made a mistake that ended up taking a coworker more than half her day to fix. TQC, will you tell me about a time you messed up at work?
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have you ever converted from one belief system to another? belief system here encompasses all vaguely religious movements and atheism and agnosticism. i'm not saying atheism and agnosticism are religious, just so you know.

what prompted you to make the change?

what did you convert from and to?

are you considering making a change in your beliefs now?
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Kid shows

What were your favorite children's TV shows you watched while growing up?

And don't you wish today's kids' shows were more like that instead of the crap they show these days?
Take a Look

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Have you gotten any legitimate job offers from job-hunting sites (Monster/Careerbuiler, not Craigslist)

Apparently someone from a Big Insurance Company that stars a duck is hiring...except their email address doesn't match the email conventions on the site. How do I know it's legit?
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I'm pretty sure people at school think I'm gay and I'm not.

I understand why they think I am, I dress kind of tomboy, I don't have a boyfriend, I once told everyone I think guys suck (which I really think they do, no offense), I kinda walk like a guy, and when they asked if I had a boyfriend, I told them it was none of their business (I was kind of embarrassed and put on the spot).

Now, there is a girl who I think is trying to get me to confirm I'm gay, and I'm not.
I'm not a homophobe, it doesn't completely gross me out that people think that, it's just that it's not true.

How do I subtly let everyone know that I'm straight, without screaming it in the hallway?
Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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Does anyone have the HTC Evo 4G with Sprint? If so, how do you like it? What are its pros/cons? Any noteworthy apps/features?

I am thisclose to switching to Sprint and buying it this weekend.

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One of your eyebrows is gone!

1. How do you imagine such a thing could have happened?!

2. What fanciful story are you going to make up to tell others when they inevitably ask about it?

3. What are you going to do about it until it grows back?
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What is something the drama of LJ/the web has made you just shut up about?

Has anyone ever actually changed your mind about a subject when they have a debate with you?

What was the subject of the worst drama/fight that you have been apart of on the web? You don't have to say what side you were on, though it would be interesting.

On the flip, are you one of the people who starts the drama? As in, you see a post about breast feeding or being child free or misogyny or religion and you have to comment on it instead of just letting them have their opinion?
Do you only do it if someone else has said something?

DK/DC Care to share some funny/interesting/heartfelt/whatever .gifs/vids?

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What are you excited about?

I've really been hating my uni course, (English lit) so they're letting me do a module of Celtic Studies! In the UK you generally only take one subject. I'm so excited!
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I just got a wrong number from a girl at a base exchange in port hueneme asking for a price check on some coasters.
tqc, what is the weirdest wrong number you've gotten recently?

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TQC, I got absolutely schwasted last night.  Hammered.  Schnookered.  I apparently decided it would be a good idea to text my former "flame" and current "boss" and get him to right his wrongs.  I also told him to "check [him]self before [he] wreck[s] [his]self."

What should I say now that I'm sober to bring some levity to the situation and tell him I don't usually get that aggressive when I'm drunk?

I have a massive hangover.  What should I do?

(P.S. I posted yesterday about the death of a friend of mine.  I ended up going out with another friend who talked to me about it, let me cry on him, and drove me home when I got drunk.  I felt a lot better.)


I'm going to the local café and I'm buying everyone the coffee/espresso beverage of your choice! What would you like? The snobbier and more complicated the better!
brought to you by the dude currently in my office to install our shiny new Keurig brewer)

What's your favorite cocktail?
>> for blue skies
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Where would you get a tattoo if you still wanted to look professional at work?
Where would you get a tattoo if you wanted to be able to read it? (i.e, not the back of your neck or somewhere!)

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omg i'm soooo bored!

what do you do when you're bored?
can/will you entertain me so I don't die of boredom?
has anyone ever actually died of boredom?

yesterday I was bored and all I did was sleep all day. I really don't want to do that again today


So Gap recently unveiled a new logo. And everyone hated it. So today it's been announced that they're scrapping the new one and reverting back to the old one. (You can read all about it here. Riveting.)

Do you think this was all for publicity?
Is that annoying? Or a smart business strategy?

Do you have any companies you can think of where you liked the old logo better?

Do you shop at Gap? Do you say The Gap? Or just Gap?
What is your favorite Gap commercial?

Years ago I was buying something there and I was paying by check. I filled in the 'Pay to the order of' space on my check with simply, Gap and the cashier asked me to add "the". I asked why. She said, because you have to, that's the name of our store. That she couldn't take it otherwise. I looked all around her and everything said GAP, not The Gap. She was getting really annoyed with me and I felt like I was on another planet. I wrote "the" finally because I really wanted those jeans.

Do you ever have silly arguments with retail staff?

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What the hell just happened to my entry?  

Since when does un-breaking a rule cause you to delete your entry insted of fix the problem?     That was no my intention!!

keep calm and run

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All right, my crappy laptop bag is on its last legs, and I seriously need a new one. I'm looking for durable, able to hold a 15.4" laptop, and if at all possible, suitable for wearing while riding a bike (likely messenger or backpack style). Also decently priced; I am pretty broke. I've been drooling over a Chrome or Timbuk2 bag for awhile, but I fear they might be out of my price range. Any suggestions?

Also awhile back I asked for shoe recs because I started working at a haunted house. I was told black skate shoes from WalMart and Payless, ended up with Cross Trekkers brand from the latter, and they've been amazing. Thank you TQC. <3

Home on the strange

Say you were looking to buy a house. All these homes are up for sale in your area. Each house is about the same price, same quality, same number of bathrooms and bedrooms. Which of these would you strongly consider?

Former church, converted into a home in 1997. Somewhat resembles a church from the outside
Normal house, but in the large back yard, there are 3 tombstones of the house's first tenants (1920s)
One block away from a strip club, one block away from a popular bar.There happens to be a lot of parking on your street
Across the street from a dog rescue. It's never really truly bark-free
Within a mile of the railroad tracks. Beautiful home otherwise
Former mortuary, converted into a home in 2001
Once owned by Tom Cruise and used as a Scientology holding area for resistant/unruly members
Many years ago, a horrible murder was committed on the sidewalk in front of the home. It remains unsolved to this day and continues to mystify the public. Haunted bus tours go past the block daily, slowing down in front of the house
House is bordering on the forest. Sightings of deer, raccoons, and mountain lions have been reported in these woods
Normal house with no unusual back history, except that in the last 40 years, 20 people have died in the house. Each death is unrelated and all ruled accidental
Once owned by Gene Simmons. He'd use this house when he was in town for parties and orgies
Located in the middle of the block. However, on one corner is a Jewish synagoue; on the other, an Islamic mosque. You're smack in the middle
Unlike the other houses, this one is 50k cheaper. You see, there's a certain breed of rare spider found on premises that's federally protected. You're not allowed to kill it
Across the street from a high school
I wouldn't purchase any of these homes TYVM

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In 1993, Shelly Shannon shot George Tiller in both arms while he was in his car. I know he'd worn bulletproof vests later in his life (like when Scott Roeder assassinated him), but was he wearing one during this shooting? It seems weird that she hit his arms but missed his torso, and every article I can find doesn't mention a vest. Was it just chance that that happened or was he in fact wearing some kind of protection?


Growing up my Nanny had a big influence on me when it came down to spirituality and holistic issues. My Nanny loved all of these things listed below and she said it gave her a lot of insights and taught her to be open to anything. She is the reason I traveled India on a spiritual and mental journey. For our birthday (we share the same day) I thought we should try something like this out together.

I like to experience different things even if they seem strange or silly as experimenting opens a lot of doors.

Are you open to the thought of seeing someone for any of these readings? Have you ever had one done (which one)? What was it like?

Why or why not would you go? 

Tarot Reading
Psychic Reading
Flame Reading
Sand Reading
Wax Reading
Crystal Ball
Past Life Reading
Spirit Guide Reading

Shamanic Healing
Healing Attunement
Raindrop Therapy
Soul Retrieval

I'm looking for a bit more than "I don't believe in it" answers if you wouldn't consider this so if that's all you have to say just skip this one.

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What should I ask for for my birthday dessert?

Basically everyone in my family was born in the fall, so we're kind of sick of regular cake at this point.

ETA: It needs to be something my mom can either make or buy in the freezer aisle, she isn't a professional baker you guys

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You're walking along the street late at night when you pass a homeless man walking in the opposite direction. As he passes you, you suddenly hear him gasp and then hit the floor. You glance back and he doesn't appear to be breathing. What do you do?

Race over and start to give him CPR, breathing into his mouth and massaging his heart
Call 911
Run over and...stomp on his chest a few times. I don't want to have to actually touch him
Shout/scream at the top of my lungs for help
Keep on walking. It's not my business
Write on his forehead with a Sharpie. He'll be the laughing stock once he wakes up
Put him in my car and drive him over to the ER
Go through his pockets, looking for loose change
Take his picture to put on Facebook later
Make a tweet (Twitter) about this

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I'm in a sad, weird mood (I'm due for my monthly flood soon, which is why). I'm thinking of taking myself down to my local coffee shop for a while, reading, and then taking myself to dinner. This will work out because my SO is going to be out with his friends later on tonight in the same area so we can meet up. My question, TQC: I'm going to a wine bar for dinner. I like pinot noir, zinfandel and sauvignon blanc. Recommend me a yummy wine to try (preferably Spanish since it's a tapas bar)?

DK/DC/I hate wine: What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?

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I have a massive headache and my nipples are chafing.  WTF is wrong with me?

When will my roommate leave so I can be unbothered by her presence?  This is the second year I've lived with her and now she's just getting on my nerves because she's mean all the time and I just arrrrggghhh.

What is your favorite type of cake?  I just made a chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting.

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Does anyone know a good website or community for inspiring pictures of men's hair?

My bf desperately wants a big hairstyle change and I've been trying to come up with ideas for him, but all the sites and communities I can find are either rubbish or full of pics of women's hair :/

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Poll #1630755 What is wrong with me?

The symptoms are a massive headache and chafed nipples. What is wrong with me?

Nipple AIDS
Swine Flu
Nipple Gout
Something else that will be named in comments
Edit: I never thought there could be so many things wrong with my nipples. :(
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How much minced garlic should I use in place of one large clove of garlic? The internet is telling me anything from 1 to 2 1/2 teaspoons and that's too wide of a range for my liking.

breaking up iz hard.


which of these breakups is more upsetting to you?

xtina and her baby daddy
monica from friends and her baby daddy
i can't choose, since the tears in my eyes have blinded me
oh, silly america celebrity marriages!
i refuse to take your word for it that these lovely couples have split.
oh suzer, idk, but i look forward to your next poll which will undoubtedly have more substance.

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Dear TQC family counselors:

You're hanging out with your aunt and cousins and someone brings up the fact that it'll be dinner time soon. Cousin 1 says, "How about KFC?" Your aunt says "Sure!" Cousin 2 agrees that's a great idea.

You cringe, because your aunt has been in and out of the hospital all year and was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure and probably should not be eating fried chicken.

Are you a debbie downer if you bring this fact up and suggest going to a salad bar someplace?
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If a company offers a temporary position, is it really just temporary or is it where they test you out then offer you something more permanent?

When they ask me how much I want to make, how do I find that out if I don't exactly know the job title, but I kind of know what I will be doing...? What's a good way to ask that back to them?

and I don't mean Alicia Silverstone or Brendan Fraser

Will you tell me about the last blast from the past you experienced?

My best friend from elementary school, who I haven't seen or heard from her since we were 12 (10/11 years ago), FBed me this morning (I'd looked for her before but never found her). We were kids the last time we spoke and now she's in the army, married, and has a babby. I'm a little weirded out and I'm not quite sure why, haha.
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Can anyone identify these things on my fingers? Noticed the ones on my pointer last Thursday, and the ones on my middle finger the next day, and they do not hurt or itch. Sorry for the crappy quality, I've lost the memory card for my actual camera. Don't worry, it's not that bad.

Collapse )

People IRL who have seen them suggest bed bugs, or fleas, but these are the only bites I have on me. Google images shows bed bug and flea bites as much more gross looking bites than these things. I've checked for bed bugs in the middle of the night and found none. I do have a cat, but he doesn't go outside and has never had fleas, and shows no sign of them.

dk/dc: what are you most afraid of?
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On a scale of 1-10, how much do you enjoy questions that ask you to put your answer on a scale of 1-10?
10 = I love them, 1 = I can't stand them. Show your work.

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I met a really cute, talented boy today, and I think I already have a crush on him. I'm really nervous about talking to him, though, because he's blind and I'm terrified that I might offend him. Can you give me any pointers on how to approach him, and things not to say or do (besides the obvious)? I'm trying my hardest to think of him as any other boy, but I've never initiated a conversation with someone who couldn't see me and it's a bit of an intimidating thought. 

ETA: My problem isn't really talking to him, it's approaching him. I don't want to startle him or anything. 
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yard sale ideas

What's the best way to display/put out clothes for a yard sale? All of my hangers are full but there are TONS more clothes that need to be put out. 

Do you have any other tips for putting together a yard sale?

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What should I have for dinner?
My main options are Panera, Chinese, or Nathan's.
Just ordered my Chinese. Cold sesame noodles and pork chow fun, I'm a little too excited.

Don't care, what color is your underwear?
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poll time

Poll #1630802 What do you think of this poll?

What do you think of this poll?

it's awesome
it's double awesome
it's double awesome with ice cream and a cherry on top
meh, i've seen better
polls aren't my thing
i normally don't like polls but this one is nice!
a poll robbed and killed my parents and now i'm the batman
i heard this poll does commercials in japan
once this poll was in my dream... it was AWESOME
yeah well this is just, like, your poll, man
this poll sucks
this poll sucks and i needed to click two boxes to say it
this poll sucks but i'll take the ice cream you mentioned earlier
i want ice cream, the delicious man in your icon, and something to click
the capital of zimbabwe is harare

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I have recently gotten into a slump and decided that I am not happy with my current weight. I'd like to lose 15-20 lbs. What rate of weight loss is healthy? I always read a pound a week, but is that still the normal, healthy rate? 

What are the best exercises for this? What foods (snacks, full meals, anything) are filling AND healthy? 
If I wanted to run or walk, how much should I do a day? Should I work out every day, or do I need to give my body a break and only do it every other day? Help me please :( I have no motivation and I think learning some tips would be good for me.

Related: what is your favorite healthy snack for on-the-go?

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Dear TQC,

How much time do your pets spend by themselves a day?

Do you ever leave the tv/radio on for them?

Is there anything special your pets have that they definately do not need?

How many pets do you have? Pictures!?!

How many pets is TOO many?

I'm watching Reality TV again.

On a scale of 1-10, how do you feel about little girl beauty pageants?

1 being they are deplorable and 10 being they are the reason you're breathing.

Part of me thinks it would be so much fun up until she's old enough to be aware of it. So... maybe the very very young ones, the 0-2 years. What do you think?

I just learned what a "flipper" is.

Short Term Energy

You finish a full day of work (8 hours) and you're kinda worn down. Work was very busy and physically demanding too. But you've got things that need doing that evening and you need a clear head for them, not the semi-tired state you're in. Due to the physical nature of your job that day, you really don't want to exercise.

In that situation, what do you do to get 4-5 hours of energy and clearheadedness?

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 So exams finally end tomorrow, and my friend invited a few of us to her place on Thursday. The thing is, I don't really feel like going- I just want to stay home and slack the day off, but she knows I'm free that day and I don't have the guts to outright tell her I don't want to go.

Guys, what do I do?


Okay, so I am a poor college student. This dorm has SO MUCH dust that anything dark like my iHome or my speakers need to be dusted several times per day. However, my computers are really taking a hit, especially the one that is running 24/7. I just noticed that there is so much dust that it literally occupies the entire volume of all my USB and other ports and my computers are getting dangerously hot. The fans especially are getting really loud and I know it's only a matter of time before this becomes a problem.

I can't be expected to clean the computer out every week. I need a good solution for this because it's going to be really bad if it continues to build up dust. I would prefer a way to keep dust out of the air without a $500 air purifier.

What can I do to keep dust out of my room?!


What is your opinion on Nutella?
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Can you help me find this song?

The lyrics are something about sailing the seven seas and traveling and being free. It is NOT sweet dreams by eurhythmics. It's sung by a woman in a high pitch and a kind of stringy voice. I think it's from the seventies. There might be a long instrumental beginning/breaks.
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I am invited to a "secret" Finger Eleven concert by my childhood best friend who I've parted ways from on Thursday. I am quite anti-social IRL and always ditch my friends at the last minute because I suck and would rather be at home. I'm not a big fan of Finger Eleven either, which makes this worse. What do I do to make myself get the hell out on Thursday or in general and socialize more? Anyone else like this?
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Vegans, if you give head, do you allow your partner to ejaculate into your mouth/allow their sex fluids into your mouth? Cause that is not very vegan-like.

Do vegetarians/vegans really taste better?
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My family and I want to start collecting post cards. Will you guys send us some? If you want to, just comment and I'll give you my address. Thanks!

Edit: Or better yet, can we turn this into a postcard exchange? Just leave your address if you want postcards.

I didn't realize screening was against the rules so I'm unscreening. Sorry everyone! :-/

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Will you recommend a series for me to start reading? Or an author? Or even just a book?

I have one book left in Pretty Little Liars.
I don't like vampire books.
I typically only read YA/Teen Fiction.
I really like Ellen Hopkins and the Pretty Little Liars was okay.
The Uglies series was amazing (Minus Extras... he was just trying TOO hard then).
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Dear TQC,

My 21st birthday is coming up in early November. Last year sucked, so I want to do something special this time around: gather a bunch of friends and make art all night. Maybe do a little hookah and some drinks, too. Problem is, my apartment is not fit for such a party. I could do it, but wouldn't be able to fit more about 5 people before it started feeling really crowded.

Where can I have my party, TQC? I'm thinking maybe a hotel room (if I have the money), but I'm worried about that possibly being sketchy.

What did you do for your 21st birthday? If you're under 21, what did you do for your last birthday?
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Your favourite celebrities have fallen on hard times. Who would you like to see do in-character porn (as what character)?

You can pay one of these celebrities for an hour or two of their time. Do you spend it having sex, or talking, make them act out your favourite scenes, or other?

You get pregnant to a celebrity of your choice (I don't care if you don't have a functioning uterus, it happens!). You still have whatever SOs you have now. Do you cause a big media scandal, or try and get money off them, other?

(no subject)

Do you like your signature?

Would you consider it to be neat and tidy, or messy and scrawled?

Have you ever had someone say your signatures didn't match? If so, what happened?

Bonus questions: What was the last movie you watched, and what would you rate it out of ten?

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Dear TQC;

The dude I have a crush on [the new friend/FWB] removed his "Single" relationship status on Facebook, and hasn't changed it to anything else yet. Also he calls me "homie" on Facebook chat sometimes.

I fucked this up somehow, right?

What should I do to console myself? A large troupe of hookers and chocolate ice cream has already been ordered. Non-srs only, obvs.

Do you still get zits?
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I'm cooking some pastizzi in the oven and I've just noticed there's a smell of cleaning solution coming from it.
I'm not sure if my housemate was cleaning it earlier and he isn't around to ask, it certainly doesn't looking any cleaner, but if he did and didn't rinse or wipe off the solution properly would it be contaminating the food?
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Does your city/state/province/whatever have any... quirky things its known for?

People, stories, monuments, tourist attractions, what-have-you?

I'm in Ontario and the quirkiest thing that comes to my mind is the "Big Nickel" in Sudbury. Why does the world need a giant nickel? Why?

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Imagine yourself in the throes of passion, sweat dripping down your forehead as the two of you are in a solid embrace, your limbs entwined around each other as you roll about the bed, the sheets and blankets tossing around wildly with the thrashing of your bodies. As you lay on your back gasping deeply, their tongue gently rides along your calf midway below the knee, and then it slowly edges its way up, more and more intensely gratifying you as it makes its way further up along the inside of your thigh. Your body begins to buckle, your breathing turns to shuddering, as the sensation of their tongue intensifies your pleasure, as they begin to use the entirety of their tongue and now their lips. And just millimeters away from the crease of your thigh and pelvis they lock their mouth in place, circling their tongue around in swirls of ecstasy. You can barely contain yourself as it takes all your might and self-control to ask...

TQC, should I use plain white or whole wheat sandwich rolls with my burgers tonight?
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Okay three part question.

1) Theres an animated movie from the 90's about a girl and a pair of magical ballet slippers where she can't dance but the shoes make her dance amazing so she steals them but then bad things happen. What is this movie called?

2) Theres a comm for these kinds of question? Because I for the life of me can't remember.

3) Theres also a comm for music/song related questions like this, what is it called???

DK/DC: Do you have a hobby? What is it and how did you start?
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My SO and I are having a date night in for our year and a half anniversary (lol yes, silly, but it's a landmark for now) - what should I cook?
Nothing with pasta and marinara sauce - we've eaten a lot of that stuff lately. He wants something with chile peppers, but I'm not all that keen on the idea unless it's not TOO spicey. Also, I don't have a working oven.
ETA: I don't have much time to cook, since I'll be coming home after school, doing shopping, and cooking before he comes over.

DK/DC: What did you cook last?

What are you watching?
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Hi tqc

I have a MacBook, and am trying to download a program. It's about 5 gb, and I currently have 13.9 GB of harddrive space available. The downloading is canceling partway through due to my "startup disk" being almost full. How is that possible/how do I fix this?? TY

awake too long

In the past week there have been 4 deaths and 3 births to happen in the lives of my facebook friends/family. There have been no other births for a month, the last death 2 months ago.
Does anyone else find this odd?

What are you currently reading?

I've had a week of no books, and I have a stack of 7 that I need to get through, and none are yelling "READ ME." They are:
Please Stop Laughing at Me...
Promise Not to Tell
Passing for Normal
An Unquiet Mind
The Water Giver
The Bitch in the House
You Better Not Cry

If you've read any of these, can you give me an opinion?

Which should I read to get back on the ball?

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what is going on with me? just the hint of having to commit to something makes me crazy. i'm tired of meeting my friend every single Wednesday at 10:30, i don't want to be tied down to one group or person for an entire day, i don't want to be responsible for putting something together, even something i want to see or have happen.

why have i suddenly become a 14 year old??