October 11th, 2010

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you know how some people say they can get rid of bad energy in your body by touching it with their hand (i don't know if there is a word for it). do you believe in things like that?

do you believe some/all people have supernatural powers? (for example seeing dead people, telekinesis, seeing the future)

Or do you believe some people are just more sensitive to things than others, or do you think it's all fake?
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I was working today and this Hispanic man came in. He was pretty dark skinned, but as you got down to his wrists, his skin started mottling really, really pale white and his hands were almost complete white. What might be the culprit of such a thing? Is it the same type of thing MJ had?

I tried a strawberry mento for the first time today. What's one of your recent firsts?

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So I was being stupid and ended up pissing off one of my apartment-mates. How should I react when I see her in the morning? I'm worried that even if I apologize, she'll still be angry and ignore me. What should I do, TQC? IDK how to handle these kinds of situations.


So I spent the last few hours playing the awesome Unicorn Robot Attack game on adultswim and now I want to make a magically awesome playlist of other unicornish and rainbowy songs of pure...I dunno, awesomeness.

The song playing in the game is "Always" by Erasure. Collapse ) So far on my playlist I've also got "You Spin Me Right Round" by Dead or Alive and "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode.

What else should go on my unicorn playlist? I'm hopin' for late 80's - 90's goodness, but anything really good will do.
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I have to take Cipro every 12 hours. It was at 8 but last night I was out with some friends and I didn't take it until 11. Should I wait until 11 today to take it, or take it at 8 like normal?

If you RP, how do you find partners?

DK/DC: Post some funny gifs for me, plz?

Outlet fire?

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TQC,  why did our kitchen outlet turn itself off yesteday and why was there soot on it but no other evidence of a fire?  Was there a fire?

To be safe we are no longer using that outlet and my mother said that she would e-mail the electrician and ask him about it too.     


There's this new medical breakthrough that allows fat to be siphoned from one person to another, at 20lbs transference per session. The results are better than lipo, and the recipient of the fat bears no strain on their health (beyond the burden the extra weight brings). Rich people the world over are now looking for donors for their fat. You're approached by a rich, obese man who asks you to be a fat recipient. Here are his terms by session). Will you agree to accept hand-me-down blubber?

$7,000 for 20 lbs
$40,000 for 40 lbs
$120,000 for 60 lbs
$350,000 for 80 lbs
$1,000,000 for 100 lbs
$10,000,000 for 200 lbs
I wouldn't accept one pound for any money
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if you have eaten tapas out at a restaurant or at a party... how many little dishes do you eat in a night, as a normal dinner. I am thinking of having a tapas party but idk how many different varieties to make

do you like throwing parties?

is it really tacky to throw your own birthday party? I saw a thread discussing this on tqc and I never thought of it that way so I'm curious
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When my husband and I have the money, we'd love to re-do our master bathroom. We currently have a big tub with jets in it, but we almost never use it. Water collects in the jets and they just get all gross. It's not worth the hassle.

We'd love to have a giant shower, one that takes up half the bathroom, rather than a tub that's never used.

What do you think, TQC?

If you have both a tub and shower in your bathroom, how often do you actually use your tub?

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What can you do with a degree in international communication? The program is actually international communication and translating, but i'm trying to decide if i should consider a degree that does both, or just translating.

EDIT: All of these sound good. Thanks!
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Dear chiropractic tqc,

I must have sleep in a horrible position last night because now I can't tilt my head to the left because it hurts all down my shoulder area. Do you know any stretches I can to to fix this?
I don't usually hurt myself in my sleep, but I guess I was exhausted last night.

Are you in any pain right now? Do tell.

In what ways have you been injured during your sleep?
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At what point in my Hebrew language classes am I allowed to say that I speak Hebrew?

Also, does anybody have any experience teaching english in south korea? how did that go? the benefits seem pretty great.
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 Let's say three friends go on a short road trip to a destination that's 4 hours away. Friend #1 doesn't want to put the miles and wear and tear on her car and Friend #2 has a car from 1993 with 200,000 miles on it, so Friend #3 volunteers her car, which has a manual transmission. Friends #1 and #2 don't know how to use a stick shift so Friend #3 ends up driving all 8 hours. Gas ends up costing $60.  How much do you think each person should pay?

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Anyone ever use Synthetic urine for a drug test?

Boyfriend just used it for a 5 marker pre-employment drug test.

I believe he was able to keep the temp. at 98-100 degrees.....

Still worried...ugh
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Will you tell me about your favorite Halloween (or autumn) themed treat to make/bake? Pictures and recipes encouraged.

What is your costume going to be this Halloween?
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I am looking for that word that describes how the human mind can be conscious or aware that they are sleeping/dreaming while sleeping. Anyone?

Sometimes I feel myself sleeping but I am not fully awake and I am trying to pull myself out of sleep which seems like an eternity of struggle. Then I finally do pull myself out of sleep, but with shortness of breath. What the shits, right? Does this happen to anyone every once in awhile?

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I have this really bad habit of peeling and picking the skin off my lips, usually until there's blood, and, as ridiculous as it sounds, it has begun to affect my quality of life. Do any of you have this problem and have you figured out a way of breaking the habit?
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Tl;dr I'm busy and overstretched; I'm slipping in two of my classes because they don't require constant attention. When I actually have downtime I just want to laze around. How do you manage your time effectively? What would you recommend I try in an attempt to tidy up my priorities? How fucking busy are you?

And because this entire post sounds ridiculous: What's your favorite letter? A word that starts with it?

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Is there a way to have miscellaneous uploaded pictures go directly into a "Wall Photos" album on facebook, or do I create a "wall photos" album? I noticed that some people have this album, and so I was wondering if it's a facebook feature.
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TQC, the fate of the world is in your hands:

1. Aliens come to earth, unnoticed by the general public, and demand national governments to give up 10% of the world's population of children to be handed over to them, or else they will destroy the human race.  While you know that the governments are secretly complying, you and a team of scientists are trying to figure out a way to stop these aliens.  You realize that an audio signal can be used to kill them.  
However, it requires that one child act as the focal point for the transmission, likely killing him or her.  The only child immediately available to you is your grandson.  What do you do?  Use your grandson to save millions, or forget about the millions because you couldn't do that to your family?

2. Daleks Aliens are taking over the world and plan on exterminating all the humans unworthy to serve them as slaves.  You are given a key that activates a series of nuclear war-heads placed at strategic points beneath the Earth's crust.  It is given to you because it is meant to be used only when humanity is suffering unbearably and no hope or help is ever to come.  That time is now and it is up to you to decide if you want to use this key to save humanity from any more suffering.  Do you use it?

TL;DR/DK/DC:  If they were able to sustain human life, which planet would you live on?

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I am home sick from work today and will probably stay home tomorrow too. I'm just about to head to the dr but i've spent the last 3 hours watching documentary's on the holocaust and fred phelps. I never have time to just sit down and watch a movie so i was browsing netflix for something light and cute. I obviously failed and now i can't figure out what to watch.

Do you have a suggestion for me?

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So on our walk back from the park today, we decided to stop at our neighborhood toy store. It's a sweet little shop filled to the BRIM with awesome toys and books. There is a whole little gazebo indoors that has a fully decked out Thomas railway and also a large area with a medieval castle and all its accoutrements for kids to sit and play with while parents shop.

My older son picked out a little ladybug music box and we picked up a small pteranodon interactive figure for my littler guy. Our total was 38 bucks. Not cheap.

I went home and looked up both items on amazon. Total, 27.50.

I knew the brick and mortar would be more expensive, I would just surprised it was that much more.

Would you return the items to the store and order them from amazon? (We belong to Prime, so shipping charges are not an issue.)

I like to patronize small independent shops when/if I can, because that's how I would like our neighborhood to be, small cute, shops with personalized service. But where do I draw the line?

Do you ever have this battle? Finding something you want/need in a small shop, but know that you can get it online for substantially cheaper.

What do YOU do in this situation?
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I have a big red rash on my face D= Would covering it up with makeup be a bad idea?

Anyone know if liquid latex contains anything besides latex that would do this?? Or is this a latex allergy and I'm a screwed?

Anyone know how common it is for hospitals to stock Neoprene gloves? (I'm already horribly allergic to nitrile D=)

Paging Dr. TQC...

1. Have you ever taken Trazodone?  If so, did you experience any annoying or particularly bad side effects?

2. For those of you who suffer from menstrual cramps: how do you deal with them?  I take Pamprin and use a heat pad and feel terribly sorry for myself for about a day. 

3. Have you ever gone to a nutritionist?  Was it helpful to you in any way?

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Do you know any site out there where a group of people can share photos without the need to create an account? With just one big group account?
You know, something that doesn't need each user that wants to share pictures to create an account for it.

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I just found out one of my friends committed suicide last week.  Everyone who wasn't super super close to him or his family found out today.  We all were friends with him and knew him pretty well so we're all really taken aback, shocked, and sad.

What do I do to make myself feel better?

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Let's say you got the ability to see into your future and can find out about EVERYTHING about your future (like if/when you'll get married/have kids, what job, if you'll be rich, if you'll be happy, where you'll travel to, what you'll do, who you'll meet, when/how you'll die, everything)

What would you NOT want to know about the future? And why?

I wouldn't want to know when I'll die. That's just weird.
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Inspired by a post on my friend's list.

So let's say you've been dating someone for a while and you genuinely like this person. At one point, they invite you back to their apartment. Upon entering, you notice that they have shelves and shelves filled with books. Upon closer inspection, they're all either romance novels, volumes of love poetry, or relationship self-help books.

Would you find this romantic, concerning, or something else?

What if the person you're dating then offered to wash your hair in rainwater? Romantic, concerning, or something else?

If you find this concerning, what would you do next?


I am angry, either at myself or just in general, I am not sure.

Who wants to throw things at me?
What would you throw?

Who wants to throw things WITH me?
What would you throw with me?

No...I am not ok.

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Am I the only one who is completely untouched by the Marilyn Monroe obsession? I mean, I literally deflated a bit when I saw her on the cover of my Vanity Fair. She bores me.

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Why hasn't Columbus Day been abolished yet?

If Columbus Day was abolished, would you be in favor of it being remade into a holiday that honors Native Americans instead? (You know, the people who ACTUALLY discovered America?)

What are some other injustices/inaccuracies in history books that upset/annoy you?

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This may be a silly question but I'm really weird about these things.

I'm driving home from school this Friday, and I'm giving a ride to 3 of my friends. It's about a 3 hour drive, and I'm going to have to drive about an extra half hour to get them somewhere where their parents/girlfriends/whatevers can pick them up. Is it ok for me to accept gas money if they offer? One of them already mentioned that she'd help pay.

I always feel awkward taking it, especially if it's somewhere I'm going anyway, but I'm really broke and it's a long drive ):
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Why do some people have a blog and a livejournal? I get that there are blogs that actually document interests and are followed...or some are for family purposes. But I am talking about the people who journal on a blog but have a livejournal that they also journal on...what's the point? I'm not criticizing, just curious. 

Would you like some hot baked, spiced apples with creamy vanilla ice cream?
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decide my schedule, TQC

I will be taking three 300-level English classes next semester. I am an English major, the last history class I took was a 200-level, and I got an A in it.

Is it wise to add two 100-level history courses and a 300-level history course to my schedule, or will it be too much to handle? The 100-levels are Western Civ, if that makes a difference.

EDIT: If this is relevant... I don't have a job or a social life, so there's no worries about anything really cutting into my time.

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If you really enjoyed how you looked with dyed/lightened hair but couldn't afford to get it touched up often enough (let's pretend you HAVE to go to a semi-pricey salon for touch-ups) would you just dye your hair back to your natural hair color or let yourself get ~classy~ roots until you could pay for it the next time?

Let's say you could only afford the hair appointments every 2-4 months.

Can you please tell me your favorite metal bands? I'm not looking for ~specific metal genres like black or anything.
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Where is the most gorgeous place on earth?
And show a pic if you have one.

And where is the most ugly place on earth?
And pic if you have one.

And only large areas/landscapes/cityscapes/etc only, not like, your room, or inside the toilet, or whatever.
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1. How often do you talk to most of your friends?
2. If a friendship starts to wear down, do you try to rekindle it, or just let it be and concentrate on making new friends?
3. If you knew you were permanently moving away from the area in 6 months or so, would that change your answer for part 2?
4. How old are you?
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My husband is deploying in a matter of days. I won't see him for a year to 15 months, because he's choosing to skip his R&R.

He is staying at a friends' house tonight to drink and watch football. Normally I wouldn't care, but he's leaving in just a few days. I want to spend time with him.

Do I have any right to be as pissed as I am? I don't think so. I feel like I'm being a special snowflake. But that doesn't stop me from thinking he should be here.

Ugh...TQC, would you be angry if your SO spent the night somewhere else instead of with you right before they left for an extended period of time?

Alternately, I suddenly have a free evening. What should I do? I may try to mangle some more yarn with my poor knitting skills. I already baked a cake.

EDIT: I just wanted to say thanks! I wasn't looking at it like that, like he would need to see his friends too. I had tunnel vision and hurt feelings. So I feel much better now. I'm sure we'll do something before he goes, we always do. And he does need to just have some guy time.

Thanks for giving me a different perspective.

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Just saw this facebook status at the top of my feed:
"Just in case somebody doesn't already know this, go put your poptart in a toaster. It's great."

I cannot for the life of me figure out if this is sarcastic or not. If she's not being sarcastic, could you give me a fucking break?

What's your preferred pop-tart flavor/eating method?

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1)What is your opinion of 3d tv and movies?

Don't like it.

2)What sort of junk are you tempted to waste your money on?

Candy! Comic books!

3)What would you use a dildo bazooka for?

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How would you feel about a friend if they admitted to you that because times are tough and finances are tight they'd resorted to selling a little bit of marijuana on the side to just a handful of friends?
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What is the ballsiest thing someone has said to you lately?

This guy whose service was turned off for not paying his bill said he'd turn it back on himself and then asked me how to do it. lol no.

whine whine whine

tqc, at my res hall the RAs have an open mail room. How come everyone gets care packages/mail but me? Will you mail me something cool? I'll mail you something back! What do you want? Srs/nonsrs

How do you feel about postcards? One of my co-RAs got a post card today and said "ughhh these are sooo dumb" -- is she being ungrateful? y/y?

How was your day?

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Are you a fan of artificial lighting? 
What part of your body can you crack that you think is odd? 
Where do you work, if employed? 

I have three lamps in my very small room and I just love them. I also add a lot of lamps to my sim's houses. 
I can crack my chest, which shouldn't happen. But it does anyway. 
I work at Game Stop - yay me?
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How would a person go about getting an appraisal on a painting? I am thinking either an art gallery or the art department at the University here. I can't find anything online about this artist. Does it cost a lot for an appraisal? The artist's name is Kovacs and it was purchased in Germany in the 1970s. There are way too many places online that I can contact but it's too much info and I wouldn't know who to trust.

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Ughhhhhhhh, why is my roommates cute friend who I may have a crush on always sitting in my living room when I come downstairs? Especially just now since I'm looking like a bag of slop after trying to write a paper for the last 3 hours?!?! ALWAYS. AT ALL HOURS. BUT DAMN IS HE CUTE.

Does he think I hate him because I said hi and then quickly scurried away in the opposite direction because I'm in pj's with no make up and ugly all over my face? I am disgustingly shy and self conscious so none of that helped. :(

Will you tell me about a time when someone who you had a crush on saw you in an unflattering situation?
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01.I'm in an argument with my friend over his definition of "real" games. He seems to think console games aren't real if you can't prove you're the best at them to other people, and don't require much skill. What would you consider "real" games?

02.Same friend thinks because i'm female i don't have the skill level to play MMO's and would buckle under pressure. He also insists i'm at the bottom of the gaming pyramind. What do you say to someone that makes comments like this? (for the record i've been playing video games since i was 9 years old)

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what are your favorite stores and websites to buy things?

if you had to suggest a product to me, what would it be?

anyone has one of those magic bullet blenders?
i'm thinking of getting one, if it does ice well.