October 10th, 2010

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Why are want ads so vague? Is there some reason why they rarely give the name of the business, or even the location?

[Edit: Is there anything weird about an ad for a waitress requiring photos? That doesn't seem right to me idk]
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So today my best friend's dog jumped out the car window while we were going about 35mph. He then proceeded to cross the street while cars were still coming.

She pulled over right away and I ran out after him and he's fine, just some scrapes (the cars all stopped), but holy crap that was terrifying. What was the last thing that scared the shit out of you?


So I'm watching TV and I've noticed that there are some dumbass things for sale via infomercials.

Meet CupOnk

Are you kidding me? Somebody please agree with me that this is a goddamn 7-11 cup with a couple of ping-pong balls.

Would you buy this?

What if you were high?

What about this thing?

I'll admit that it looks cool but I'm still not buying it.

Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial? Was it good or a complete waste of money?
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How come things always sound so much cooler in a foreign language then they do your own? For example I am looking at a can of turtle food. They are called Reptile Sticks. Doesn't sound too tasty but Spiderpig's vet says most of her diet has to be turtle food. It looks much cooler printed in Spanish "Bastones para Repitiles" on the can. Now that sounds like a food Spiderpig would enjoy.

BONUS: For our ESL people, anything sound cooler in English then it does in your original language?

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i'm bored.

would you like me to give you a digital makeover? this most likely means dumb makeup and a new hair color. all i need from you is a picture where i can see your face. and if you want to request hair color or anything, you can do that too.

Absent Sadness

If anyone remembers this post.

Bit of an update and a question. I raised $210 AU at a local event to donate to a foundation that help with mood disorders and Suicides. Made a big card and everything where people can say their goodbyes.

Everybody is crying thier hearts out and I am hardly crying, I feel in shock an denial but no where as sad as these others,

I have known her i think the longest of everyone and I dont know...I feel broken. I know not everyone grieves the same but I feel like there is something really wrong with me.
Why can I not cry for her? just wtf!?
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OMG you guys, I think I got bit by something. I noticed this dry patch of skin on my leg a few days ago and just now I took a good look at it, and it looks like a bite. Am I going to die?

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What was the last thing you freaked out over?

ETA: Omg you guys, I just realised the same leg that's been hurting the whole night is the same one bitten. My calf muscle has been hurting like I over worked it last night, but I was bitten up on my knee.
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Do you ever know something and then refrain from answering because you are afraid of seeming like a know-it-all or a bore or like you're showing off?

OPTIONAL EXAMPLE: I can remember one of my roommates last year talking about a Rihanna song all like "Why is it about a rude boy, why isn't it 'c'mon nice boy boy'? lol" and I kept myself from saying "Actually, it's, like, a subculture" because I didn't want to look socially backwards or make her feel stupid or something.

What is 'pretentious' to you? What does a person have to do to be pretentious?

I never think other people are pretentious, but I hear people throw this word around a lot. I'm honestly not sure how to use it.
Muh Life.
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You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you

Students: Where do you study? What do you listen to while doing it?

Prior-Students: Where did you study? How many hours a week do you surmise that you studied for exams? [edit:] What did you obtain a degree in? [/edit]

Non-Students/I laugh in the general direction of your questions: Will you post your three most favorite lines from your current favorite song?
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what shapes are your silly bandz in?
how do you feel about silly bandz?

should i work out right now or do homework? i will be busy-ish the rest of the day.


i have a unicorn silly band... idk. i think they're dumb but someone gave this to me and i do think that unicorns are the silliest!
boy and girl in love



I'm fighting off a panic attack right now. I can feel it in my chest. I suspect I also have undiagnosed depression. My problem: I don't have health insurance, I owe my school money from last semester(so I'm not enrolled right now), I don't qualify for social services(my parents claim me on my taxes and "make too much). What the HELL can I do? I cannot go on like this.

Thank you for any advice you may have for me, I'm so lost.

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On my bed I have one body pillow, three normal pillows, a comforter, a quilt, a wool blanket, and a double fleece. At the moment, the bed is not made. My dog is has currently made a home and is laying in the middle of the pillows with all the blankets comfortably on top of him. 

Should I take him for a walk, or let him be? 

What are your current pets doing?
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Have you ever had an annoying kid in your class who says/does stupid things? Will you tell me about them, including the imaginary punishments you'd dole out for them?
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Are you or have you ever been seriouslyactually obsessed with something? Can anyone be obsessed with something and be happy with it? I think I've dealt with obsessive feelings about three or four things in my life (one that was particularly drastic), but with that level of emotion, it was stressful and often times depressing for me to deal with. If you're comfortable, can you share what you've been obsessed with? Anonymously, if you prefer. Nevermind the anon. Sorry. D:
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So, my mum and her friend are entering an aerobics competition, and they need a team name. They're both early forties, very cool ladies, and their routine is to a Kelly Clarkson song, if that's relevant. What should they call themselves, TQC?

DK/DC: When was the last time you got really angry at someone on the internet?

ETA: Song is a mash-up of I Do Not Hook Up and My Life Would Suck Without You, if that's important :)
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TQC, what restaurant should I choose for my birthday dinner tonight?

Things to keep in mind...
-I live in the US, so that narrows down choices
-I'm a vegetarian, so a steakhouse probably won't work out well
-My dad's paying for pretty much everyone, so nothing ~too~ expensive

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i'm a senior in a pre-med biology degree program and i'm starting to think that medicine may not be what i want to do. i mean, i love it and i think it's really interesting but it's soooo much school for something i'm not sure i want to do for the rest of my life. a little voice has been telling me to change my major to computer science because i love computers but i'm not sure i want to do THAT for the rest of my life either!! I'M HAVING A CRISIS WHAT DO I DO?!?!

Talk Talk

  1. How are your people skills?
  2. Can you make small talk?
  3. Do you care if strangers talk to you when you are waiting in a line,for a bus,for a subway,etc,etc,?
  4. If you live with someone,how much do you hang out together and just talk?
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My mom bought a new wallet. There's credit card slots, a change zipper, and a pocket for bills, but there's also four extra pockets we can't figure out. They look like extra credit card slots, but they aren't wide enough for credit cards (and if we turn the cards the other direction the pockets are TOO wide and the cards fall out), and business cards don't fit either.

What are these mystery pockets for?

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1)What do you think about blogs cataloging things such as reviews of candy, reviews of moleskine like notebooks?

I love that sort of obsessiveness.

2)Do you like cartoons or comic books more? Why?

Comic books. I just like the medium- they can put a bit more into it.

Baseball, hotdog, apple pie and Chevrolet

Who will advance?


Who will advance?


Who will advance?


World Series will be between the _____ .....


....and the ______?


Winner will be the _____?


What should I drink tonight when my team gets eliminated?

Something else (go shopping)
Don't drink at all
Silly. Your team is going to win
Drano. Eff you for making a baseball poll
My love juices

Out of proportion!

1. When's the last time that someone did or said something small to you, and it caused you to cry or yell and seemingly blow it out of proportion?

2. Are you often told you're an "over-reactor"?

3. I know most (all??) high schools have reunions, but have you ever went to an Elementary School's anniversary or reunion type deal?

4. Since I live in the US, the last question was pretty US centric I guess, do high schools in other places have reunions?

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Oh hay thar


What can I do to take my mind off of all the food cooking in my house right now? Thanksgiving isn't until 4 and it is 3 now, and things have been cooking since 6am. SO HUNGRY

Validate me. Last night all of our guy friends were over for the hockey game when one of them said he had no Thanksgiving dinner to go to and was going to stay at home and eat lasagna by himself. Now IDK if it's because they are men or because of the beer but they all LAUGHED AT HIM and thought he was joking. He looked sad. So after almost everyone left and it was just me and him, I invited him over for Thanksgiving today telling him he was more than welcome to come and have a turkey dinner with us. HE GOT DEFENSIVE AND MAD AT ME. Should I have not done that?

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i'm going to be running my first ever 5k race on thanksgiving!!

i can easily run the distance so i just want to focus on improving my speed so i don't make a complete fool outta myself when i'm the last one to finish. any tips?
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What are some of your favorite food combinations?

I think pepperoncinis and cream cheese go together SO WELL, and sushi + beer is SO SO GREAT. My dad like to eat eggs & hot dogs together, and my mom LOVES rice cakes + peanut butter.

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TQC, I just got myself a month of delicious free trial netflix so I could watch Survival of the Dead. Now I don't know what else I should watch.

I usually don't movie a lot, and I haven't seen a lot of films that people are always telling me are fundamental to existing. Like, I've never watched The Shining. I only recently watched the Toxic Avenger for the first time ever. I want to catch up a little bit here.

What are some movies you feel are must-sees?

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Should I go out tonight? I have no idea whether or not I should so I need strangers to decide for me.

Things to factor in:
I already went out Friday and Saturday night so I'm pretty tired and feeling not very bothered.
Saying that, I wouldn't mind getting boozed up again.
Somebody I quite like and don't get to see all that often might possibly be there.
I'm feeling a bit blah about my clothes lately and not really in the mood for getting dressed at all.
If I go out, I will miss Offspring. However, I can watch it online.
People I quite like talking to will be there and are sort of expecting me to be there as well.
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cats or dogs?


wolves or deer?


tigers or lions?


elephants or whales?


sharks or bears?


seals or sea otters?

sea otters

polar bears or penguins?

polar bears

dinosaurs or dodos?


rate this poll on a scale of 1 to 10? thank you

Mean: 6.28 Median: 6 Std. Dev 2.60

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Have you ever had anyone read the lines on the palm of your hand? If so, were these readings accurate on any level?

Have you ever been to a tarot card reading? If so, was the reading accurate on any level?

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*What was the last thing someone did nice for you?

Me and the boy got into a fight about something dumb. He comes home with a 58 pack of fruit roll-ups from sams club (costco) as a peace offering.
What a randomly high number of fruit roll-ups! why fruit roll-ups!? no one knows.i couldn't help but laugh <3

*What are you putting on your christmas list this year?
I'm trying to make mine.

*Should I take up violin/fiddle? :D
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I went to an estate sale today and bought a sewing box with a bunch of thread & other odds and ends. In it was this thing...

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Well that was easier than I was expecting.

At this estate sale, they were also selling an oak chest of drawers for $150. If it's still there tomorrow, it'll (hopefully) be $70. (The woman said that tomorrow, everything would be half off since they apparently really need to get rid of this stuff)

Should I go and see if it's still there?

The pros:
• it's a max $150 for a solid oak chest of drawers
• it's in really good condition
• when I move, I'll need a chest of drawers (I gave my cheap Ikea thing to a friend)
• It'll match the rest of our furniture

The cons:
• I'd have to rent a truck to move it
• I'll be home alone tomorrow until 1, so I'll have no one to help me move it
• It's still $70-$150
• Space is kind of cramped here
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Have you ever ordered from jaccofashion.com?

How was it? I want to order this cape jacket, but my google skills are failing to find reviews of the site.

Also, I've never ordered anything from Asia, but I know their clothes are cut smaller than American styles. I'm 5' tall and wear a US size S/4P, do you think this will fit me if it's one size?

Will you show me a picture of something pretty you recently bought?


If you run for exercise, how long do you keep running? How far do you run? How fast do you run?
Do you run on a treadmill? an elliptical? outside? other?
Do you wear running shoes or just sneakers/other?
Do you have an opinion on treadmills vs elliptical machines?

If you do not run, what DO you do?


Will you tell me about your last amazing shopping deals/finds?

I found a huge framed print of The Garden of Earthly Delights and a Starry Night Over the Rhone to add to my walls at a thrift store today. I was so thrilled. 
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How early is just too damn early to go to bed?

Americans: Southern accents are hot y/n?
Non-Americans: Can you even tell what a Southern accent sounds like? Shit.
cubs hat
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I feel like this is an odd question, but I'm going to ask it anyway.

When a friend found out she was pregnant, I knit up a hat and mittens set. It was a really quick knit, and I set it aside to give as part of a gift as a baby shower gift.

Then she lost the baby.

I know I'm not going to give her the set, but I don't know what to do with it. But I also don't want to give it to anyone else. I know it sounds silly, but I almost feel like they have bad juju around them. Just throw them away? I don't know.

What would you do with them, TQC?

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How long do you take to read 30 pages (text book length)?

I have a midterm next Wednesday and I have yet to finish 200+ pages of reading for it. I also have 2 quizzes, several homework assignments, and a lab report due the same week, in addition to my job and research participation. Am I fucked?

When's the last time you were stressed out?

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1. How often do you change your facebook profile picture?

2. People seem to either love or hate cilantro, there's never really an in-between. Which category do you fall under?I LOVE cilantro.
Georgie - Smiles

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Is there a page where you can see which of your flist has paid accounts? I swear there is one somewhere... A while back LJ gave out these coupons so that you could give like 5 of your friends $ off a paid account, and there was a page where you could see who didn't have a paid account so you could see who might want one. Does that page still exist?


Who do you have pictures of in your bedroom?

I've got pictures of my family, Merlin/Arthur fanart, Merlin and Arthur pictures, Bradley james and Colin Morgan pictures, a poster of James McAvoy, fanart of Benedict Cumberbatch, a poster of David Tennant as the Doctor, a picture of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as the Doctor and Amy, and some pictures of original characters that me and my friends drew.

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Hey, TQC!

Would you imagine, for me, that you worked in a store that sold velcro? Would you also image that, in the middle of an otherwise lovely day, that a customer comes up to you with a giant tangled ball* of said velcro, hand it to you, tell you 'My son got into your velcro.', and then leave?

What would you say and/or do?

How likely do you think you'd get fired for your reaction?


*Like, three feet around.


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Who is the most clueless person you know?

My only male flatmate has obviously been very mollycoddled all his life, but i've just found out he has NEVER cracked an egg before! I feel it's cruel of his parents to let him out in the world like that.
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what are some delicious fall recipes that would be fun to cook with a few people?
I'm visiting friends next weekend and they wanna cook stuff and I can't think of anything.

do you like the show undercover boss? what was the most interesting one you've seen?

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Any ideas of a rough estimate of how much it would cost to get a stray cat checked out for all the various things that would need to be checked out/shots and such for if you wanted to bring her into your home?

I have a lot of stray cats in my neighborhood and there is this one I've fallen in love with. She looks REAL rough though. Lots of scars, a recent huge chunk of behind bitten recently that is just a pink wound now, and a bumpy hairless nose. And a cough.

Any ideas of national organizations that could assist with doing this cheaply?
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10:30 pm is a perfectly fine time to bake a cake, right? for an idea of time, it's from a mix, but I only have one cake pan so I'll have to bake one layer then the next.

Will you please post dessert pictures in the comments?

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Say you're getting on a bus and the bus is completely empty. Where do you sit? 

How do you feel about beards? facial hair in general? Do you wish facial hair was more in vogue? less in vogue? 

What is your favorite animal to see at the zoo?

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1)Why will you be having nightmares tonight?

Read too much Hunger Games lately.

2)What plot device in general do you hate the most?

3)What character type do you dislike?

I dislike the pure and cute girl character that heals everyone's hearts with a smile. Ironic, I know.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Do you work out?
At home, in a gym, or both? Or do you just go walk/run outside?
If you go to a gym, is it at your apartment complex/neighborhood or a big gym?
What's your favorite thing to do at a gym?
How long/often do you work out?

What form of exercise do you honestly not understand the appeal of?

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My friends and I are driving down to New Orleans on Wednesday (staying till Sunday), and Google is only listing boring stuff, mostly. Do you guys have any suggestions on creepy, Halloween-or autumn-related, or just offbeat things we can do there?

I'll take any suggestions from cheesy little Halloween-themed ghost tours, to things that are actually borderline-dangerous... "legit" voodoo? Bonfires? Classy performances of Poe stories? Hayrides? Art festivals? Anything?

We're going to see a Star Fucking Hipsters show and going to check out the amazing TreeHouse on Esplanade, if this gives you any idea of the types of things we enjoy....

If you don't care:
What would you rather be asked? Hah.