October 9th, 2010


Relationships and age differences

Dear TQC,

how odd would you find a couple with a 19 year age difference? let's say girl is 24 and guy 43.

what's the biggest age difference you've ever had between you and a partner?

do you know anyone in a relationship with a big age difference that worked out? any horror stories?
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Which TV shows do you hate/dislike? The ones that make you scramble for the remote to change the channel?

Neighbours, Underbelly, M*A*S*H (I cannot stand the theme song), Masterchef (although Junior Masterchef is rather compelling).

Reporting videos on Facebook

One member on my flist has been posting videos but there's no option to report the video in the post.

One of videos was a linked YouTube video of a woman (persumably a family member of his) giving birth, the video thumbnail was of the woman's genitals with the baby's head sticking out. I DID NOT need to see that on my news feed and the video is against FB policy as videos and pictures depicting human genitalia (including breasts showing the nipples) are not permitted.

Does anyone know how to go about reporting these videos?

On the subject of unpleasant subject matter in your newsfeed, what's the worst that you've seen on your newsfeed?


A good friend of mine just took her own life thursday night in australia...

What do I do...?

(please...I this is still raw, no snark or smart answers please. I just dont know what to do)

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Let's say that your neurological health is deteriorating. You've spoken with a neurologist and gone to the emergence room twice. Your entire face and the back of your had has lost sensation. You feel like your tounge is numb. Your breathing is shallow. You can barely walk straight. You find out through an X-ray of your neck that it looks like you've got whiplash( after you've seen a neurologist who does an MRI of your head and tells you everythings fine.) Now you've got a strong suspicion that you've got a herniated cervical disc. You ask to go to the emergency room but everyone keeps telling you to wait until you see your chiropractor. What would you do in this position?
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Did you know that Great Value was Walmarts' brand?

When did you figure this out?

My roommate never knew about Great Value. She also just told me she doesn't know about Häagen-Dazs. We pretty much only shop at Walmart, so this is kind of incredulous to me. 

EDIT: She says she didn't know what Häagen-Dazs was at all. Like, she didn't know it was ice cream. 
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I'm dogsitting for a week, and upon my arrival i discovered that the lil'bastard beagle pulled down the plastic container of jujubes that my friends left especially for me, tore the top off and helped himself :(
Strangely enough for this dog, there isn't any slobber leftover or evidence that he licked any of the remaining jujubes in the tub. It doesn't even smell like dog slobber. He only took about half of the top layer, more than 3/4ths of the precious precious jujubes remain....to mock me...

Now normally anything a dog/cat/pet has had their face n mouth in is something i won't be eating (Pics of people sharing ice cream with their dogs make me gag), but i fucking love jujubes. I want these jujubes TQC, but i don't know what to do here.
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How the hell did I hurt my tailbone? It's all sore. You'd think with an ass as big as mine, it'd be suitably padded.

Holy crap it's almost 5am. What time is it where you are?

Do you walk around the house naked when no one else is home or do you still get dressed? My family will be out of the house later and I won't have to get dressed to run to the loo! Yeah, that excites me. I'm weird.

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this might sound like a stupid question but...
We have a lot of foreign exchange students from Europe this year at my school, and all the boys wear very nice/expensive looking watches. Is this like a trend where they live? Or are they just for while they're in America to keep track of time? (sorry if this is stupid, but none of the boys at my school wear watches normally, so i wondered if it was a European thing)

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Do you know anyone that would actually vote for Donald Trump for president?

We don't get many trick or treaters in my neighborhood, what candybars should I buy for any that we might get?

(no subject)

TQC, I need to get the fuck out of my dorm today.

What kind of adventure should i embark on?

edit have you ever been super annoyed by some tqc-ers recently? am i just in a super bitchy mood?

(no subject)

do you ever notice facebook chat gets you out doing more things? whenever i keep it offline there is no one and nothing to do but when its online i got a bunch of people hitting me up to chill? o__O
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How many countries can you name? It's harder than you think.

I've practiced a few times and my record is 184 out of 195. I could get them all if I could see which ones I'd done: I can get them all if I write them all down.

(warning: that website may end up eating the rest of your day, and tomorrow. I'm totally addicted)

edit Or try the Super Iron Man Challenge: name all countries and their capitals. I can barely scrape 50, but I wasn't trying that hard.

(no subject)

Does your pet ever wear clothes?

If you knit, sew, etc., have you ever made clothes for your pet?

Unrelated: What are some cynical songs about romantic relationships?
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I'm spending the weekend studying for a test next week, what are your best study tips?
The test has four essay questions and we have 45 minutes for each question, it's on ancient Greece and Rome.
What are some good study snacks?
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When's the last time you accidentally offended someone? What did you do?

Last weekend I was working an event and I was telling one of the authors that I was impressed with her book because she found information that even the university historian didn't know. And she got pretty upset with me and went on a tirade about how she wrote the book and blah blah blah. I think I looked like this: O_O

If you don't care about that, what's the best album you've heard in awhile? I'm really digging the new Arcade Fire.
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So I came home on my lunch hour and want to sit in my room alone and chill, but my mom decided she would come in here and just lay on my bed, she's making no effort to leave. How do I get her to leave? I don't want to hurt her feelings.
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Okay, here's one for us older people. Who knows what is significant about today? Here's a hint.

My goodness, I would be willing to believe it was an honest error on the poster's part and the large photo was NOT posted with any malice intended. I already apologized. I was in a hurry and didn't check first. I certainly wasn't trying to be obnoxious. Would it be possible for some of you to perhaps lighten up a bit?

You know guys, if you don't like John Lennon, or what he stood for, or have never heard of him, or just put on your cranky pants this morning, then that's fine. But considering some of the comments to my post I say we definitely need more people like him these days. Peace.

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I had the urge to make something in the crock pot today, I added beef, potatoes, onion, garlic and a can of cream of celery. I'm not very good at coming up with recopies on the spot so what else should I add to make this more delicious?

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Horrible week. The house is a mess. I'm a mess.
I'd really like to clean today and re-collect my sanity.

Should I call in work sick?

EDIT: Called in and spoke to the head manager. He said I was the 4th person to call in and there was no way I could stay home. Now i HAVE to go to work all night. Which ofcourse makes the week even worse :(

I don't like validation posts, but...

My brother came over yesterday to announce that he and my sister-in-law are getting a divorce. My mother, in the midst of her reaction, was worried that I didn't seem to react enough. I didn't cry, I wasn't angry, my parents and my brother were calm.

This also wasn't really unexpected -- my folks and I have been noticing the signs for the past 6 months to a year. My brother and his wife will remain friends, and they have no kids. I love them both, but they're grownups, and this isn't the end of the world.

So was sitting there quietly okay, TQC? Or was my mother right?


Let's say that starting tomorrow, every time you had an orgasm, a kitten would die. With every orgasm, one less meow is heard from, so multiple orgasms = multiple dead cats. How many felines would you personally be responsible for assassinating within the next year?

Just a handful
A few hundred
Over 500
Let's just say that there's going to be a serious rat overpopulation problem in my state
Not one. All kitties live

Let's say you had prior knowledge of what your genitals would do to the cat population. How would this affect your sex/masturbation life?

I wouldn't get off at all
I would get off a lot less
My sex/masturbation life wouldn't change that much. Sorry kitties but I need this
I'd get off a lot more. I really don't like cats

Let's say it wasn't cats that died but terrorists. Whenever you got off, a terrorist somewhere in the world would explode violently into confetti. How would this affect your sex/masturbation life?

I wouldn't get off at all. I want no one to die from my horniness
I would get off a lot less. I couldn't with the thought of killing anyone with my orgasms
My sex/masturbation life wouldn't change that much. Sorry terrorists but I need this
I'd get off a lot more. EFF YOU, TERRORISTS!
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A pair of speakers just flew into my nose :(

It really hurts... but it's not bleeding. I can't tell if it's swollen but it's hard to breathe out of.

I have ice on it, but what else can I do so that it stops hurting?

How are you, TQC?
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Surprise or No Surprise?

Ladies, Gentlemen & Aliens of TCQ:

My parents are taking me out to lunch today for my b-day and my mother's last comment to me before I got off the phone with her was, "Look beautiful!"

That leaves me to wonder....  should I be scared that they are planning some surprise party for me since I am hitting one of those "milestone" age marks today? 
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God help me I love these retarded polls

Poll #1629671 Poll for the ladies

Your last name is Butte. Your fiance's last name is Hoal. What will your married surname be?


Same scenario as above, except your last name is Stew. Your fiance's last name is Pitt. What will your married surname be?


Same scenario as above, except your last name is Hitt. Your fiance's last name is Lurr. What will your married surname be?


Same scenario as above, except your last name is Bigg. Your fiance's last name is Mac. What will your married surname be?


Same scenario as above, except your last name is George. Your fiance's last name is Bush. What will your married surname be?


Same scenario as above, except your last name is Beaver. Your fiance's last name is Phister. What will your married surname be?


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Do you know any recipes by heart?

I only know a couple of recipes from memory- ramen (not the instant kind, lol) and various pasta sauces. They're all super easy though.

DK/DC: What are some good songs to listen to with this playing in the background? Feel free to post youtube videos!

(no subject)

Which celeb is more attractive... RDJ or Tom Hardy?
- I'm having a debate with my friend, I choose tom and she chooses RDJ.

What are you doing tonight?
-hide from all my family members at this awkward party.

(no subject)

What is something you've tried to force yourself to like? How did that turn out?

Sashimi. Every time I eat it I like it a bit better.

Team sports. Utter failure. It's always stressful, and I hardly ever did anything productive for a team. If a ball is flying at me I instinctually cower from it every time.


(no subject)

1. I want to make a dessert tonight.  I don't want to bake a pie, but I'm willing to consider anything else.  What should I make?  Do you have a recipe you'd be willing to share?  

2. Have you ever had preserved lemons?  Did you preserve them yourself or did you buy them somewhere?  
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(no subject)

today i was at the bookstore and saw they had 3g ipod shuffles for sale for $30. i had a 2g that i loved (but i stepped on it and it broke), so i decided to buy it. i don't care about fancy features, but i wrongfully assumed it would at least have a play button, but it does not. i can pay $20 for this adapter to make it usable, or i can just consider myself out $30.

what would you do? i really do want something so i can listen to music while exercising, but i hate to put more money into this piece of junk.
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Hey you guuuyyys. So my brother came home with two Intellvisions and an Atari. It came with a coax box thingy that hooks up to an antenna.

None of the tvs in the house can hook up to this damn thing. I need some sort of converter, but I can't seem to find one online. A website said I need a coaxial Male to Female Phono, but when I try to search for that, I can't seem to find anything that actually turns out to be coaxial Male to Female Phono. Should I just go to walmart and browse?

We're going on a hunt for more Atari games. We've got Ms. PacMan, PacMan, and Donkey Kong. Besides Frogger, what games should we look for?

(no subject)

1)Will you nominate 5 songs for best song ever?

Satellite by Aimee Mann
Tom's Song by Griffth House
Intervention by Arcade Fire
Come Down Now- soundtrack, Passing Strange
Nowhere Man by the Beatles

2)When I finish the first season of Mad Men, should I 'order' the second or take a break?

(no subject)

How am I ever going to get my homework done with The Shining on TV?!

(I am very excited as I have read the book but never got to see the movie. Next up is Cujo, Sleepwalkers and Pet Sematary. More I've read but never seen)

EDIT: Problem solved. My husband came home and put on football :(

(no subject)

How much sky can you see from your bedroom window? Bonus points for pics.

I bought a bag of bulgur wheat today and have no idea what to do with it. I had it with a lovely tomato salsa at a festival recently. Any suggestions?
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Yesterday a cat just showed up at my apartment. He hungout all day on my pourch, and when I opened the door to go outside he ran in and made himself at home. I've tried kicking him out, but he just keeps coming back and running in anytime I open the door. He's getting along just fine with my other cat.

I've done these things to find his owner:

Walked to all the apartments nearby (20-ish) and asked if he belonged to them
Took him to the pound to get his microchip checked (but it wasn't registered and came back registered to the pound he was picked up at so they are supposed to call me on Monday and see if they can locate the owners)
Let him out several times to see if he'd just run home

I feel bad just leaving him outside. He has no food/water out there. He's someones cat because he's pretty clean and well behaved. He also has a collar (but no tags).

Where do I go from here? Just keep up what I'm doing until they call Monday (I'm making some flyers right now to post around the complex)? I love him. He's so cuddly and cute and loving. I know someone else loves him and misses him, too.

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You live in the "country" (very rural)
Fire service is almost non-existant.
There is one truck that will only come if you pay a yearly "subscription fee" of $75USD.
You accidently catch your double wide trailer on fire and the fire spreads to your neighbor's property. The neighbor has paid the subscription fee. The fire truck puts out the fire in his property but lets your house burn down.
What do you think about that TQC??

PS...true story bro

(no subject)

What was the last small amazing thing to happen to you? Nothing too special, but made you happier than before.

I found $3 at the bottom of the pool. Of course I kept it. I went all the way to the bottom for it and no one said they lost it. Then I spent it on a salted caramel hot chocolate which translated into even more happiness.

(no subject)

So this isn't at all vague...The other day I heard a song on the radio—an older song, not a recent one—and I can't really remember anything about it except:

1) it was a male singer,
2) he was singing really fast—like, really fast—and
3) the theme was "songs having to do with radio" so radio would've been mentioned in there. I think it might've been in the chorus.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? Because I sure don't.

NEVER MIND. I just spoke to my dad who has a knack for knowing what I'm talking about even when I don't. With only the "singing really fast" part of the description, he was able to tell me that the song is "Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)".

And since I guess I gotta keep a question in here...
Do you have a song stuck in your head right now?

(no subject)

TQC, I have bad skin and have tried for years to find a really good product that will help clear my skin up, but I have yet to succeed. Do you have any product suggestions, home rememdies or old school things?
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(no subject)

Any tips for zombie makeup? All I have to work with is eyeshadow but I have many colors including several shades of grey, brown, and green.

Is your city doing a zombie thing tomorrow (10/10/10)? If yes are you attending? Pittsburgh is having a Zombie Fest and idk if this zombie day thing is national or only going on here.
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Let's say you're at work, and somehow you get a couple of your teeth knocked out. You'd want to take the rest of the day off, right?

Have you ever had any teeth knocked out? did it hurt like a mother?

DK/DC what was the last gift you gave or received?

(no subject)

I am trying to find a good pair of winter boots and so far I am very interested in Tretorn or Hunter boots. They're rubber which means they'll be less prone to stains but in winter they can also crack. Another thing I'm concerned about is that I don't want anything excessively bulky.
Would you get these boots tqc? http://www.zappos.com/tretorn-skerry-vinter-w-black
If not, do you have any good winter boot suggestions?
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(no subject)

Can you recommend an RPG for the 360 for me, along the lines of Fable (but isn't Fable or the sequels)? Please?

ETA: and to be even more picky, not Oblivion or Fallout either (already played 'em)

and no uncontrollable random encounter shit, please!
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(no subject)

What would you wear for an interview for a really casual job?
Think something totally outdoor-oriented.

Last time I tried I dressed for a normal/casual interview (like dress pants and nice top) and the guy interviewing me was like... uh?
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(no subject)

I've had the Northern Exposure theme song stuck in my head all day. Will you tell me some of your favorite TV show theme songs? (posting a youtube video is good!)

Isn't it sad that there are so few TV shows with theme songs anymore? Which current TV shows do you think could use a fantastic theme song?
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(no subject)

so I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes and now I think I want to get a book of techniques and just... learning how food works together and all that and how to prepare certain things.
any recommendations on the best books? I wouldn't say I am a clueless beginner but I don't know if I could say I am an intermediate cook.

what is your favorite hobby?
You think they'll save you.

(no subject)

If you could remake any movie or turn any book into an awesome movie, what would you do? (And if you'd remake a movie, what is it that you'd do differently? Assuming you're, for some reason, unhappy with the existing movie.)
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We stopped at a combination gas station / convenience store / trailer park today and they had jars of foods I've heard of but never actually seen in person. They had a jar of pickled eggs, a jar of pickled pigs feet, and a jar of pickled pig knuckles, along with a tongs so you could serve yourself. Have you ever had any of these things? What are they like?


(no subject)

They played Live's "All Over You" on the radio earlier and I got soso excited.

Will you post a video of a song you forgot about, and then were excited to rediscover?
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(no subject)

So tomorrow is my first session with a behavioral therapist (for my social anxiety) and I'm a little bit nervous. Can anyone here tell me what to expect on my first visit?

Has anyone here ever had to do behavioral therapy? How did that go for you? Do you think it helped / was it worth the time & money?

(no subject)

do you always get the tickets you win on stubhub.com? i bought 2 yesterday off there it said my credit card wasnt charged yet till the seller confirms and they havnt yet im getting worried.

(no subject)

I have three roommates and we are having a party in the next couple of weeks.  I am the only one of these three who enjoys alcohol and enjoys the act of drinking, not just getting drunk.  The other three are content just to get drunk and our friends are basically the same way (either they just want to get drunk or they don't know enough about alcohol to appreciate top-shelf/premium booze.)

Is it a dick move if I pitch my portion to buy whatever, and hide the bottles I've spent $20 to $40 on?  I just don't want things like my bottles of Belvedere ending up in jello shots and my Frangelico or 1800 getting mixed with whatever is around only to be left in a half full cup for me to clean up.

DK/DC:  What was the last movie you saw?