October 8th, 2010

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I just started doing the couch to 5k running plan. So far I'm at week 1 day 2 (although my running periods have been a bit longer than 60 seconds at a time). I'm super duper sore. For people who run regularly, does this achy/sore feeling ever go away or stop?

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Do your pets bother you while you're on your computer? (bother as in walk across your keyboard, jump all over you, etc.) 
Tell me about it. Or tell me about annoying things your pets do in general. 

My cat jumps all over my keyboard and plays peek-a-boo behind the screen if I'm sitting at a table. :| He also jumps all over my lap and blocks my view of the screen pretty often. 

And a totally non-related question about relationships after the cut, if you're interested.

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Do you watch Glee?

Have you ever cried during Glee?
I cry almost every episode, and idk if it means I should get my meds adjusted or if I'm being a normal person.

Have you ever cried during a tv show?  If so, which show?
(Seriously, Futurama gets me sometimes.)
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Ugh, how do I keep from picking at scabs? Are you a scab picker or a pimple popper? One of my bosses use to go around the room trying to pop people's pimples. It was creepy and gross.

What's the funniest thing your pet's done recently? My dog tried leaping about 6 feet in the air chasing a cricket.
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are you going to vote?

who should be elected president in 2012? you can pick whoever you want.

sorry this is US only :\

if you don't live in the US, discuss the political environment in your home country

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Our neighbor is reporting my roommate for hitting his car, because he recently found his car scratched and her car also has scratches on it (and had scratches on it BEFORE she bought it used from a friend).

These are the same neighbors who complained to our landlord that we were "stomping" even though they claimed to hear that same stomping as I was speaking to my landlord about it in my doorway, rooted to one spot.

I don't know how we can prove my roommate didn't do it but is there a good chance she will still get charged for it?

These neighbors are really pissing me off.
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I got my dad a carry on from Marshall's for his birthday. I took off the price tag because he would have said I spent ~too much~ I still have the price tag, and there are two other tags on it that I did not remove. I just bought it yesterday and have my receipt. I have read the returns section on their website. I shouldn't have any trouble returning it, right?

Why does my dad hate every present I've ever given him? I try so hard =[
Self cleaning

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My research skills are failing me. Do you know where a person would find the laws regarding body piercing in their state? I specifically want to find out if dermal punches are legal in Arkansas. I don't want to make those phone calls during the day at work, otherwise I'd just call a professional shop and ask them.

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

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Hi TQC, give me some advice!

I live in a tiny apartment building with a parking lot out behind it in an alleyway (the building is 6 apartments, so this is ok for 6 cars). We share this alleyway with several other houses in the area, all with their own garages/no blockages. Despite the fact that only one car can really go through this alleyway at one time, ive never had an issue in the three years ive lived here.

Lately, a van has been parking along the alleyway close to the exit. My car is rather small, so i have been able to squeeze by him, but this morning he was over so far that when i tried to exit, i knocked over a houses large garbage can with my side mirror (keeping the garbage can in the location it was in is mandatory in my city-and i did clean it up). It was not an unreasonable place for a garbage can, either, its just along the side of a persons house.

I am pretty peeved this dude is suddenly parking this car here, but hes not located on my apartment buildings property so im not really sure what i can do if it continues.


TL;DR-Can you recommend a good documentary to me?

medical studies

Have you ever participated in a medical study?
If yes, what did you have to do and what was your compensation?
If not, would you?
For either, where would you draw the line for what you wouldn't do, regardless of compensation?

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I am in charge of a large medical group at work - 248 locations. I've been in charge of this group for 2 1/2 years. I have a coworker who has been told literally hundreds of times that this group is mine.

Why does she insist on changing things, adding locations, etc. when she knows she's not supposed to touch it?

Have you ever had a coworker sabotage your hard work? Tell me about it?

I'm glad she's not here today, or I might get fired for trying to strangle a fellow employee.
greetings from KANSAS

six years on 10.10.10

which do you prefer? just simmer down and pick one.

peanut butter M&Ms
reese's pieces
no way man, i can't do peanut butter
both are gross
OMG THIS IS LIKE SOPHIE'S CHOICE...i can't be expected to choose between such delicasies
sugar is poison.
the Man is trying to control us through candies.
lol, you said "nut"
i only like nutty things with real nuts.
oh suzer, idk, but happy anniversary this weekend. chuck is a lucky bastard.

if you were driving to work in the morning and the driver of the car in front of you tossed a cigarette butt out the window...which of these thoughts is the most likely to run through your head?

fuck man, that's littering!
sweet! there is still like TWO drags on that thing left!
i pity the fool.
i am going to be late for work because i have to beat that driver senseless for that act of treason.
i wonder what Keith Richards is doing RIGHT NOW AT THIS VERY MOMENT.
that poor bastard should get the patch.
i sure could use a drink.
mmmmmmm, donuts.
shit, i forgot to throw good money away on a pack of death sticks yesterday.
mmmmm, nicotine and poison!
wow, steve inskeep is super funny.
oh suzer, idk, but i listen to NPR in the morning, too!

hot dog? only one per customer, plz. look, it's free, so say thanks and stfu.

fancy variety of mustard
sweet relish
some sort of cheese substance
raw onions
sauteed onions
sauteed peppers
whatever crap they pile on a chicago dog
i will only eat this weiner if it's vegetarian
look, thx but imma pass on this offer, generous as it is.
i only eat plain weiners.
oh suzer, lol you said "weiner."
Agents are Go!

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Why is it only 2:30 on the East Coast? D:

(More seriously)

Imagine you have a job.

It's Friday, 2:30PM, you just finished the task you had been working on that week.

Do you start a new task? Or do you just wait the 2.5 hours.

Does your answer change if the new task will definitely take more than 2.5 hours, and there is no alternative smaller task?

DK/DC/Funemployed: What is your most played song in your music player of choice? What is your favorite song at the moment? Are the answers to those two questions the same? Why do you think that is?

Sex Bob-omb - Threshold
Journey - Faithfully
Threshold is a minute and a half long, so I can listen to it a lot more, I guess.
Arts - Larry

Science kits for kids?

Children of the 80's and 90's!

Can you remember the names of any science-related kits you played with (or wanted to play with) as kids?

Do you or your own kids know of any you like to play with NOW?

Feel free to interpret "science" as broadly as possible. Some kinds of art kits may apply as well. Basically anything you could get in a box that taught you how to brew, build, alter, or bake anything.

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I'm entering a writing contest. My subjects of the 3 essays are:

1) My personal experience of cultural adjustment after moving to the US (wow this sounds like Borat)
2) Academic paper about beauty
3) Academic paper about why philosophy is not mystical, it's rather very practical in today's world

which topic sounds the most interesting to you? (none of them is not an optional answer!) ;)

thanks :)
cabaret voltaire

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what was the last thing you did that went better than expected?

also, why doesn't the volume on my laptop work? it's not on mute and when i try to play something on itunes there's no sound, but the song is playing and the itunes isn't on mute either. what is wrong? why am i so technologically challenged?


she's a lady

What do you think are the least biased/partisan sources for political news/data?

Where do you get the majority of your political information?

How much independent research you do on the information you receive?

Why is Tom Jones so hilarious?

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Hey TQC! Will you recommend to me some awesome bands to listen to? I'm getting kind of bored of my current music library.

Here's my last.fm page, so you can get an idea of the kind of stuff I like.

If you want, you can post your last.fm page here too, so I/other people can recommend stuff!

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Pretend you're a 16 year old high school student. You have a job, but it does not pay nearly enough for you to support yourself financially. You share a car with your mother, who frequently smokes marijuana. You do not smoke at all, nor do you drink alcohol. While the car is parked in the school parking lot, the school has drug sniffing dogs come in, and they hit on the car. When it is searched, they find traces of marijuana (ashes, a few pieces of marijuana, and part of a rolling paper). You know there is absolutely no way it is yours. They ask if you share a car with anyone, and if so, do they smoke. What do you do? Do you claim it as your own and face the consequences, or do you tell them it must be your mother's, and risk your mother getting into trouble?

And before anyone asks, this isn't about me, lol. It truly is a hypothetical situation. 

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maybe its kind of a joke, but 10.10.10 (this sunday) as in binary is 42 in decimal, and 42 is the Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything!
are you planning something special for the Sunday? like drinking 42% alcohol or whatever
Isaac - MySpace Angled

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Do you prefer audio tours, guided tours, or no tours (aka just walking around)? Why?

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? Do you prefer cones, cups, bowls, etc? Why?

What should I buy for my bff?
She's in Seattle and I'm in Phoenix and we exchange gifts when we visit each other. Previous gifts have included: a necklace with breakfast sandwich and coffee cup charms, fake mustaches, suckers with scorpions inside, pasta shaped like the Space Needle, inflatable flamingo, road bumps, etc. Basically anything goes, as long as it fits in a suitcase.
Normally I'll find things and just pick them up/collect them until next visit but nothing has come up this time and I have no ideas.
mtn, girl

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what are things you feel are possible, yet majority views as a ridiculous impossibility?

I have watched shows about people who swear that they are time travelers, or that they are a vampire, or that they have witnessed spontaneous combustion. What are things that, whether they are explanatory or not, you believe in? what makes you believe or not believe?
Oh hay thar

Please help.


How does one become sexy? I know ~sexy is on the inside~ but I want to look sexy. I have 0 fashion sense. I frequently just wear a nice shirt with dressy pants or dresses. Long dresses. To my feet most times. I have good hair but I don't do anything with it ever. I only wear mascara and don't know how to work eyeliner but I've tried and look stupid. My husband who I have been with 9 years always just says I am cute. NEVER sexy. How do I remedy this?

This is my face, I'd appreciate comments about make-up and hair, or maybe ideas for flattering clothes (I am 5'10, 150lbs if that sways opinion of clothes??)

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If two kids came to your door and asked you for money so they could go to the skating rink because they're bored, would you give them any?

If a little girl came to your door asking for a donation to her mother's medical treatment fund (some form of cancer), would you give her one?

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Abel is two months old and loves watching TV. I put him in his bouncer in the morning while I watch the news, and he will turn himself around to see it.

Am I a horrible parent for letting him watch TV so soon?

I play with him and cuddle him and talk to him too, that's not his only stimulation.

Also, what's a craft that I can learn to do to possibly make some money on ETSY?
I hate crocheting, and I've been thinking of trying needle felting.

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I'm looking for a portable external hard drive. I bought a Western Digital one and it will either only work on Macs or only on PC's making me want to throw it against the wall. I need one that works on both. What do you recommend? What one do you have?
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should I have
1. grilled chicken with pesto and red pepper pasta with a salad
2. I have grilled chicken with broccoli and macaroni and cheese and a salad?

what's the last show you watched on TV?

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TQC, I just found out that I have job training in NYC on Sunday from 10 am till 6 pm. I'm scheduled to work an overnight at my second job at 7 pm that night. Would it be okay to call my manager at the second job and ask her if I could come in late? Because I'm an hour away from the city, so I don't think I could make it from the store location to Grand Central to my hometown to the second store in an hour flat. How bad does it make me look that I have to come in late, for an overnight? It'll be only my second shift, and I feel really bad, but I don't think it's physically possible for me to come into the second job on time.

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If you have/use a dishwasher, how do you load your silverware?
Handle side down in the basket/holder, or vice versa?

Is there a reason why you do it one way and not the other?

When you unload your clean dishes, if an item isn't clean, do you handwash it or simply put it back in the dishwasher for the next run?


Do you like milkshakes?

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Is there something you thought was common knowledge, but then turned out it wasn't?

I know that's terribly worded - e.g. I grew up in an Irish family, so assumed everyone knew all the Irish songs I did, and when I said I wanted some 'tarama' from the supermarket, my housemate had no idea I was talking about 'taramasalata'. My mum's always called it that.

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What are some simple and good vegetarian recipes? 1 serving recipes?

What's your favorite web browser?

Another question: I have an interview for an undergrad research position with a post-grad student. What do I wear (I'm a girl)?
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 Work is over for the day.  Time to go home.

When your shift is about to end, do you start preparing to go before your shifts ends or after it ends?

At some of the places I worked, it didn't matter if it was 5 mins before your shift ended, you still couldn't start preparing to leave.

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What's the most awkward situation to get gas in?
Personally, I think it's incredibly awkward to get gas at the gym, because with your body doing so much movement it's pretty damn hard to hold it.

Also, do you think it's okay to use different brands of acne/facial products like, say, Clearasil Face Wash, Oxy Spot Treatment and Neutrogena face moisturizer?

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What are your latest obsessions? Talk about them if you wish!

(Inspired by the fact that I, like a decade or so late, have been doing nothing in my free time except watching seasons 2 and 3 of Buffy for the past three days. Some of you might recall a previous question I posted asking if it gets better after season 1...AND OMG.)

Where are your pets' favorite places to sleep?

My cat is practically having a love affair with my bathrobe.
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How stupid do you think it is to get a small L tattoo'd on my left wrist and a small R on my right?

Do you have any tattoos that came from a joke? Do you regret getting it?
Do you have a wrist tattoo? Do you regret it?

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Have you ever read Oedipus the King? Did you find it as boring as I am think it is? 

What was the last thing you totally procrastinated on? 

In my defense, I've been too sick the past few days to get much reading done. So it's not genuine procrastination. 

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What are some sites that you have bookmarked?

What's your favorite dessert to make?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is on tonight and I've never seen it. Should I watch it? I like scary movies.

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Can we have a music post? Will you post a letter and TQC will list artists/bands that begins with that letter? Letters such as A/An/The/Das/etc. do not count. For example, if you posted The Arcade Fire, that would go under "A". Please do not cheat by using google/wiki.

[edit]If you are listing a solo artist, go by the first letter of their first name (e.g., Till Lindemann [were he a solo artist] would go under T).

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Hey all, I'm going to a zombie walk for hunger tomorrow and I'm dressing as a hippie zombie. Can you give me some good pictures of hippies that I can use as costume references?

DK/DC What was the last charitable thing you did?
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My friend keeps talking with my crush?

Ok so I'm kinda shy when it comes to talking with my crush..so I told my friend that I like "him" and so she's like I can't stand him he's so dumb and all this stuff but then she said we have to talk to him and so I didn't want to so now she talks with him and they gave eachother their numbers!! And she's all telling me that they talked and texted and they shared food and that he's not so bad afterall and she don't even talk to him about me? But she tells me that she don't like him? But she keeps going up to him and talking about diff stuff...I'm so upset and angry and jealous tbqh! And idk what to tell her? Cu it is my fault for not talking with him (well I've spoken to him but not ALOT).. So what should I tell her? Should I say stop talking with him I don't want her help? Or find someone else and NOT TELL her? Please help!

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I live 4 hours away from my parents and I'm planning on going home next weekend. I have 2 options: drive my own car or take the bus provided by the school.

Both cost the same amount of money.
I obviously could sleep/do homework on the bus, while I'm driving not so much.
I can leave on Thursday afternoon if I drive myself; the bus leaves on Friday afternoon and doesn't get in til about 9pm. Essentially I get an extra day home if I drive.
If I drive I will probably take my cat home so my roommate can do w/e she wants. My cat is annoying in the car.

Which should I do?

dk/dc did you watch the season premiere of degrassi tonight?

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I just got a Palm Pixi in the mail and was trying to activate it. However, it will not turn on. I got it from Sprint. The Sprint people acted like I didn't know what a power button was. Any advice on how to get my phone on?

Have you had issues like this? 
I <3 TLV

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Do you shout when you talk on the phone? Does it annoy you when other people do? (Especially when they're in the same room as you, not on the other end of the line) Seems like most of the people I know are always yelling when they talk on the phone, even if the room they're in is quiet.

Does it bother you to use the "wrong" utensil or dish when eating? Do foods/drinks taste better when you use the "right" one? (ie, chopsticks vs a fork for Chinese food or a champagne glass vs a paper cup for champagne).