October 7th, 2010

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Have you ever tried learning a musical instrument on your own?

I want to learn the piano, but rates are $100/45 minutes (around $80USD) and I don't think I can afford it. I wanted to learn since I was 12 and it was never affordable. I'm 21 now, and I still really want to learn :O
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I'm looking for a website I saw a few years ago (a blog-ish sort of personal site, I recall it being very red) that listed hilarious screencaps and commentary on a English-to-Russian-to-English translation of the 2005 film adaptation of War of the Worlds (the Tom Cruise one), similar to Backstroke of the West. I fondly remember a mangled translation where the dad, Ray, says to his son, Justin, in the subtitle translation "play with me or else I will kill you" and something else about elephants wanting to play. Note: he never actually says any of this in the film.

 But I can't find this magical site anymore. Does anyone know what site I am talking about? 

If not, oh well, enjoy the Backstroke link if you haven't seen it, and Godspeed.

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A question I pose to all/both genders: what are your feelings towards gender roles and in what ways do you deviate from them? In what ways do you uphold them? Based on your culture's social norms, are you more feminine or masculine (both can be applied to all genders)?
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Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend?

A couple of days ago, I was reading about moissanite and how it's a better alternative to a diamond. Moissanite's less expensive and just as beautiful as a diamond but it can be synthetically produced in a laboratory instead of risking the possibility of purchasing a war diamond.
Has anyone else ever heard of moissanite and can they verify the claims on this website? If you do own a piece of moissanite jewelry, what are your good/bad experiences with it?
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what's the last crappy thing that happened to you?

mine was i got pulled over and ticketed for making a left hand turn on a street that you're not supposed to make a left hand turn on between 7am and 9am and again from 4pm to 7pm. i'm typically not even up this early, let alone driving, so i forgot about it completely. i always remember the evening times.

i'm so damn mad. i've never gotten a ticket before. and to get a ticket for something as dumb as that sucks.
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How do you perk yourself up when you feel like crap and absolutely don't want to get out of the house, but you have to?
I'm in a LOT of excruciating pain right now, but the foreign language department at my school says there's no such thing as excused absences, even with doctor's notes, so I have to go in for French class today, two hours away. I can't seem to make myself feel better or motivated in the slightest.

How long does it take you to get to work or school?
Two hours via two trains and a bus.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Depending on the day, anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours.

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When you buy cosmetics and bathroom products, are dangerous chemicals and carcinogens present a factor in which ones you select?

Are you under the delusion that your average supermarket brands aren't full of dangerous shit? If so, why?

Will you tell me about something really common that is really dangerous?

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So I wore the most stupid shoes in the world yesterday, and now have huge blisters on the ball of my foot. It hurts so much. Popping them is not an option as theyre really deep.
What can I do to get rid of them/stop them hurting?

Cloud based word processors?

This year I am taking part in National Novel Writing Month. I'd prefer to use a web based word processor because I'll be using a lot of different computers during November. Google Docs was my first choice but it has been getting the thumbs down due to issues such as not importing very well into MS Word.

Any recommendations out there? Services that don't involve downloading software to computers gain extra points ;)

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my husband has had sneezing fits, red eyes, and a stuffy nose for the last 2 weeks. it gets worse when he's on the main floor of our house and it's not so bad on the 2nd floor and it's better yet when he's outside.

What is he allergic to? I am a major clean freak and i just dont get it!

? for the boys....about bathroom habits

Through random conversation w/ my man I learned that when he pees, whether it be in public or not, he unzips his pants, lowers them a bit (along w/ this boxers, and pulls out...his pennis along w/ his testicles.

What I am getting at, I thought that this was a little odd. Do most guys do this. What do you do...just pull down the zipper and take out as little as possible?

Would you be freaked out if you somehow managed to catch a glimpse of a man w/ his tesyicles pulled out at the urinal?

Personally, if I was man, I'd just pull out what was necessary and nothing more. I thought that's what the opening in guys underwear was for.
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TQC I have been at work since 6:30 this morning and I am starving.

Will you look at this menu and suggest what I should get for lunch?
There are no restrictions, I will eat pretty much anything and everything they have is amazing.

DK/DC - What's the last thing you said out loud? To who?
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For those of you lucky enough to have a job right now-
How did you find your job? (Internet? Word of mouth? etc?)

As for internet job banks, which ones have you had good luck on, and which ones you haven't? (Monster, careerbuilder, craigslist, etc)

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I f*cked up my chemistry lab today and I'm afraid it'll cost me my grade. I also have 2 quizzes tomorrow and a 6-hour work shift in a few minutes. This is a crappy-ass day for me. Can we make this a cheer up post?

...if not, what's your favorite type of shoe?

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Do Softpaws actually work?

My kitten is now almost two (so, not a kitten at all!) and she is still a fking savage and I'm sick of wrestling her to clip her nails only to have her somehow sharpen the bloody things again, and I look like a junkie with all these scratches and puncture wounds up and down my arms.

DK/DC: What did you have for lunch today? My lunch is three hours away and I wish to live vicariously through your tummies.


 I am going to DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity. My husband and I are making a long weekend of it to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary.    What are some fun things to do in DC for two political science and history nerds?  What do you like to do in DC?
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How long do you have to be dating someone before you'd consider ______?

Poll #1628879 How long do you have to be dating someone before you'd consider _______? Let's assume it's a normal, healthy relationship

Anal sex?

First month
Two-three months
Six months
Better be a ring on my finger

Light bondage/discipline and S/M stuff? Like fuzzy handcuffs and spanking

First month
Two-three months
Six months
Better be a ring on my finger

Heavy bondage/discipline and S/M stuff? Like riding crops and nipple clamps and being handcuffed in a kneeling position

First month
Two-three months
Six months
Better be a ring on my finger


First month
Two-three months
Six months
Better be a ring on my finger


First month
Two-three months
Six months
Better be a ring on my finger

Attending a furry convention in full costume with your SO, which appears to be his/her closet fetish?

First month
Two-three months
Six months
Better be a ring on my finger
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When I was a kid my dad got me this odd driving simulator from Kmart. It was probably around ‘92-‘93, and it used video tapes with a steering wheel attached to the TV to simulate driving on a road. I messed with it for a couple of weeks and I had him return it. Does anyone remember what that might have been called? I am interested in looking into it again, for craps and giggles.

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I've been working 6 days a week for a year now while going to school full time. It's quite stressfull because on my day off I have to make everyone's doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, laundry day, etc.
Which i am told not to complain about never having enough time because i CHOSE to go to school when I didn't have to. and all this is my fault,etc. :(

Whats the best way to restore and maintain some personal happiness?

What do you do for yourself to be happy?
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What play or musical (that is currently running in NYC) should I take my dad to see?

He loved Young Frankenstein, liked Spamalot, thought Altar Boyz was okay, and did not care for The 39 Steps.

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I need some ideas for breakfasty stuff that I can make at home at night so that my boyfriend (and I, if I go back) can take it to work the next day, heat it up if needed and scarf it down.

I have done egg baked with cheese and vegetables, quiches, and breakfast sandwiches.

Any ideas?

ETA: Also!
Does Home Depot sell single bricks?
Would it be totally weird to go buy just two bricks?

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My cat wants to go outside for a walk. He's sitting by the door meowing (he acts like a freaking dog), but I have a migraine and it's hot (ok, it's like 70 something but when I have a migraine anything more than 50 is WAY TOO HOT) and bright out there. Am I a bad pet owner because I won't take him out? (He doesn't need to pee/poop he does that in his litterbox. He just wants to go outside. The window in the bedroom is open so he can sunbathe). There are some pictures of him under the cut. Share yours, too!
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DK/DC: What's your favorite candy?

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There's a politician out there meeting and greeting and shaking hands, and afterwards a news camera catches him using hand sanitizer. Would that make you any more or less inclined to vote for him?


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I know i'm less than 10 questions away from my last, but it's pretty quiet.

If you go swimming, what do you do to make it interesting?
I find myself getting really bored and not staying that long.
swimming in a pink dress


Would you favor government rules forbidding cell phone use while driving?  Explain.
What about text messaging, grooming, eating, and so on?  Explain.
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Hey guys,

I'm rather upset. I've been at home this week and during that time Mum's broken two of my favourite glasses/mugs. The first was my glass that had the AMAZING FLASH! on it. It was from a Nutella campaign. The second one just happened a moment ago.

The second one is a largish mug. The handle's been broken into a few pieces, do you think I can glue it back together? Will it hold? D':
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I'm making Thanksgiving dinner for the first time ever on Monday and I am really nervous about it. I got the turkey, stuffing, veggies, potatoes down, and I'm going to bake some pies but is that all I should do? My great-grandmother decided she can't do it anymore, my grandma is not interested, my mom has no room and now I am left all o___O.

What can I do to make it sound/look less boring than that? Any interesting resipes you guys have?

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Josh is 10.
Jason is 14.
They are brothers.

They start arguing about Josh's skateboard. Josh let Jason borrow the board when Jason started screwing with the trucks/ wheels. When Josh asked Jason to stop, he wouldn't and so Josh attempted to take his skateboard back. They start fighting and after a struggle, Josh gets his skateboard back. Jason taunts Josh constantly and today is no different. He teases and baits his little brother and then runs to his room and locks the door, continuing to taunt Josh from the other side of the door. Infuriated, Josh gets objects and starts throwing them at the door, damaging the door with holes and dents, etc. Jason opens the door at one point and sprays Josh in the face with RAID bug spray, which burns Josh's eyes and he falls to the ground in pain.

What do you think of this story/ these two brothers?

Would you punish them? How would you punish them?

ETA: This behavior isn't ...rare....for these two. This is a very bad day, granted. But they often fight, cuss - be it at each others, teachers, school bus drivers, etc. Josh has been busted vandalizing a church. for instance. They both do, however, make good grades.


Also, what should I clean my earrings with? (They are all silver - I want to shine them up and clean them as well.)

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You know that gunk that you get with vampire costume teeth that comes in two little packets and you mix it together and put it in the teeth then stick it over your teeth and it makes a rubber mold type thing so you have custom vampire teeth you can take on and off?

1. What the hell is that called?
2. Where can I buy that? They have to have some other uses for it besides costume teeth, so I'm hoping I can get it cheap.

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Will you help me figure out dishes to serve with what I have picked out? I'm trying to meal plan.

MEAL ONE: Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

MEAL TWO: Ground Beef Tacos

MEAL THREE: Balsamic Potato and Green Bean Salad
I need an entree for this one.

MEAL FOUR: Bacon, Ranch, and Chicken Mac and Cheese
I'm thinking some sort of veggie - but what?

MEAL FIVE: Spring Pea-Sto with Pasta
A vegetable for this too. But obviously not peas.

THANKS! This always helps.

DK/DC - What'd you do today?
What's your favorite drink from Starbucks?
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Get ready for the most original question you've ever seen.

Will you use this post to complain about your period? Include traumatizing or hilarious stories if possible.
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the happy post

Will you use this post to say/post happy things and make everyone feel better?

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edit: I see you all hate joy. May you choke on a hot dog and when you tilt your head back to breathe, may a pigeon poop in your mouth.
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Inspired by a recent post:

Will you post your favourite toilet humor joke or story? Poops, farts, accidentally peeing on yourself, throwing up on the baby while changing the diaper.

I remember this blog where this guy ate a bunch of natural stuff and cataloged his poop with pictures. Does anyone know where I can find that?

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What is sanity?

What kind of evidence would it take for you to believe your opinions wrong? Often times, I've noticed, when people are presented with evidence which conflicts with their beliefs, the disregard it or say they don't care/it doesn't change their mind because *insert grasping defense*.

Do you believe intentions matter?

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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I made the mistake of giving this guy i used to go to school with my number, he won't leave me alone now.
Instead of letting the conversation just die down, he tries to come up with more things to ask me to continue the conversation.

How do you deal with obsessive texters?
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When choosing what to wash your hands with, which do you prefer?

Liquid Soap with an added antibacterial agent
Liquid soap without an added antibacterial agent
Bar Soap with an added antibacterial agent
Bar soap without an added antibacterial agent
Plain water
Other (Explained in comments)
I don't wash my hands

When you wash your hands, what temperature water do you prefer?

Scalding hot
I don't wash my hands

When you wash your hands, do you use proper hand washing techniques/practices?

Most of the time
About half of the time

Pick a number from 1-10

Mean: 6.15 Median: 7 Std. Dev 2.22
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Which tea would you have right now?

Strawberry Shortcake
Pecan Tart
Bourbon Street Vanilla
Mercedes Apple Spice
Tuscany Pear
Ruby Slipper

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If you had to choose* would you consider yourself more liberal or conservative? Why?

*I wrote that as "school" about 8 times. Apparently my subconscious really wants to ask you about your education.
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When was the last time you had something happen to you that should have been bad, but was actually good?

For a brief, unfortunate period i lost my itouch, i left it in the breakroom at work. My mom was upset, but i really was actually kind of happy about it because it has a few bugs that make it downright frustrating to use at times, and i was looking for an excuse to get a Zune or something. Unfortunately like, 45 minutes later work called back and told me they had found it and it was just sitting in a locked manager's office. Hate to sound ungrateful, but i was actually kind of sad.

I wanted to post this question to TQC earlier but unfortunately i couldn't get the internet on my phone to work, so even though this is waaay to late: Pretend i'm standing in front of a couple vending machines and i can't decide what drink to get. Should i get: orange juice, cherry cola, mountain dew, or iced tea (possibly peach flavor, i couldn't tell)?

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This is for everyone but especially people who have been involved with online dating:

Do random people from your past just randomly pop into your life to check on you?

Not even people who you had a really serious relationship, just someone who you may have talked to...or maybe it IS someone you dated but you ended it and enough times has passed that you don't even think of them?

In the last three months:

Two ex boyfriends have contacted me to apologize for their shitty behavior
Three guys who I talked to online at least a full YEAR ago have IMed me to talk
*One of these guys (I'm talking to him now) just APOLOGIZED for being a jerk (I don't remember what he did)

What the hell is going on?
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based on this will you stop eating processed meats (if you eat them now)?

what have you eaten today?
I had cap'n crunch and skim milk for breakfast with a coconut water. some chicken and veggie stir fry with rice, apple and granola bar with lunch. and then some vegetarian chili with sour cream and sharp cheddar cheese. and now I may have some oreos and milk.
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What songs do you have on your music player of choice that start with numbers?
What are your top 5 most played songs?
Throw that puppy on shuffle. What 5 songs pop up?

I'll answer in the comments.

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Guys, my netbook's hard drive is corrupt in the boot sector (so the computer won't start beyond the first "Acer" screen). I'm going to try and recover the files from the hard drive by installing Ubuntu on a memory stick, but can this be repaired? The netbook is almost two years old, so would it be worth it to ship it to the manufacturer's, or should I just get a new netbook?
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What did you forget to get at the store? I meant to get a pack of cinnamon mentos and forgot and now I'm sad :(

What's your favourite type of mento or if you don't like mentos, what's your favourite flavour or type of mint?

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Does anyone here play neopets? What are you favourite things to do? How do you make your neopoints?

I've been extremely bored recently and mostly housebound, so I logged into my 10year old neopets account for entertainment purposes. I do feel like a bit of a loser being 23 and playing neopets though.

Last Meal

If you were being put to death, what would your last meal request be?

Also, just for fun, what crime did you commit to be sentenced to the death penalty? Be as creative and specific as you like :)

Assume we all live in a world where the death penalty can be imposed for whatever crime you decide to come up with.

And just b/c I'm curious: Is the death penalty legal in your state/country? Do you know for what crimes, generally?

ETA: my answers in the comments

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1)What is the difference between YA and regular adult novels?

The only difference I seem to see is that they often have teenage protagnists

2)When eating at Benihanas, are you supposed to wait til your whole meal is cooked to eat or just eat as they serve it?

3)Would you laugh if someone thought filet mignon was fish?

Yes ;_;
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should i order food first then study? i study in the library because it's easier for me to focus there so i'd need to hang out in my room if i want food

no food, study now
study in a dorm lounge or something

have you ever studied symbolic interactionism? what did you think of it?

omg the coolest thing ever
stupid and boring
what is that

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Dear TQC:
I recently visited Amsterdam to get laid. Didn't happen.
I recently visited Rotterdam to get laid. Didn't happen.
I recently visited London to get laid. Didn't happen.

What's wrong with me?????

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So when I walked out to my car after church today I looked across the street and saw two little girls, maybe age 3 or 4, playing with a tiny puppy. I don't think they meant it any harm, but this puppy had to have been in pain. They were picking it up by its front legs, tossing it onto their shoulders like it was a doll, swinging it around, and when they went inside just as I got in my car, one girl picked it up beneath the front legs and sort of dragged it up the front steps. 

What would you have done in this situation? Is it no one's business but their own, or would you have intervened? I feel really guilty about not doing something, but I just didn't feel like it was my place, and the girls probably didn't know any better. 

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 This guy and I have been quietly flirting on the bus we take to school for a week. I don't want to make the first move. But should I anyway? 
How do you quickly rid of annoying chin pimples? x( 
How long should I wait to replace my nose stud after I get it pierced with a new one?
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In your opinion, what sport is the most boring?
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"If we continue letting the government telling us everything we can put into our mouths we will end up a Zombie state." - Ron Paul

What is your opinion on this statement?

ETA: unrelated, but -- if you have very short hair (like, 1") is it necessary to use conditioner if you use a moisturizing shampoo?
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Inspired by me re-watching Six Feet Under for the millionth time, how would you feel if someone waited until after you were married to disclose their mental illness to you?

Does it depend on the severity or would that be a complete deal breaker?

Would you have a hard time trusting them from now on?

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If one of your Facebook friends (who happens to be Christian) made a post in support of National Coming Out Day and one of their friends responded with anti-gay propaganda cited as the word of the lord, would you say anything or just let it go/let your friend take care of it?

Does your answer change if your friend is one of those people who avoids conflict at all cost and is likely to leave the comment unaddressed?

What if other people were commenting about the guy being way out of line, would you join in?

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My roommate is listening to "Jersey Shore" on television. It seems really uninteresting.

What is Jersey Shore?
What is so interesting about it?

*as to why I can't watch it myself. I have no television.
*roommate is blind.

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How long would you be willing to wait to see a sports trophy (e.g., the Stanley Cup or the World Cup)? If it depends on the trophy, which one would you be willing to wait longest for? Does it depend on who the current title holder is?

I just stood in line for two hours to see the World Cup only to discover after turning a corner that the line continued for at least another two hours, probably three. Three hours total would probably be my limit for any trophy. I'm really sad though, it would have been awesome to see.
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I just noticed that I have a song for every one second increment from 0:03 all the way up to 6:09, except for a disturbing gap at 4:51. So, for the sake of my compulsiveness, what's a good song that's four minutes and fifty-one seconds long?

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TQC, one of my closest guy friends just told me never to speak to him again. It's a really long story that involves him freaking out at me and jumping to conclusions about something, and I really don't want to talk about it. But I just want to know, when was the last time you lost a friend over an argument, if ever? Was it stupid, or justified? 
I <3 TLV

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Facebook has stuck a big box at the top of my newsfeed prompting me to remove the special character from my name. Is there a way I can get the box to go away without removing the character? There's no option on it except a "click to update name" and I don't want to change it.

If you like oatmeal, what's your favorite fruit to mix in it?
Vote Greens!

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I have received a pamphlet in the mail from my local conservative party with their propaganda. The front of their pamphlet reads:
"Together we can ... local solutions to local issues"

Now, given the sentence case and spacing, I am taking that ellipsis to indicate some removed words. Will you suggest what might be missing?

Will you tell me about your local government?
My local member in another electorate had her husband and the husband of another candidate make up fake fundamentalist Islamic pamphlets and slip them into letter boxes to get the racist vote. Classy.
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So there's an argument going on over my Facebook about birth control and whether or not it causes breast cancer.

Here's what someone has posted:

"Anyone can do a simple Google search to find research to back their opinion. And empirical science isn't needed to show that the use of oral contraceptives demoralizes a woman and kills her self-respect. Just to be clear, are you supporting the use of OC's because you support recreational sex?"

I'm so fuming mad I can't think of a witty, yet intelligent response. What would you write back, or should I just ignore them?