October 6th, 2010


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For those of you who have a smart phone, what are your favorite apps, and what do they do?

If you don't have a smart phone/don't care...

Do you keep any sort of weapon in your home for self defense? What is it?
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Will you post your favourite scary gifs or clips? I want to sneak them in between some videos on a playlist for a Halloween party to scare people. Stuff like scenery pics with a screamer coming at you'd be cool too. Creepy and not necessarily scary stuff is also welcome.

Do you like being scared? I do, but I'm kinda a chicken about it. I really want to watch Paranormal Activity, and even though I know it's supposed to be really lame, I'm still kinda weary wary about watching it myself.
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a slew of job questions

Do you hate your job?

If so, why? Is it boring? Are the hours too long/short? Do your co-workers and/or customers give you hives? And how do you know you hate your job? Do you dread getting out of bed in the morning? Do you find yourself thinking "goddamn, I hate my job" at random moments throughout the day?

Do you feel a bit bad hating your job at a time when so many people can't find work? If people come into your place of employment asking about job openings, do you want to tell them to run away?
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Folks that have been to college or are currently in college: How do you organize your stuff for each class?
One of my classmates and I were studying for our media test yesterday and she has EVERYTHING in one big notebook and stuffs all her papers in the pocket on the cover and then sticks the whole notebook in her purse.
Another person yesterday told me I was crazy because I have six folders (one for each class and another for the campus radio station) in a 2" binder with loose leaf paper in it. Apparently, that's a lot to carry around? IDK, I just stick it in my bag.

What are you having for breakfast?
I think I'll have a cup of coffee and a 100 Calorie Pack. Probably chocolate covered pretzels.

What's pissing you off?
My room mate and his girlfriend are in the bathroom together taking FOREVER when I need to be out the door in 30 minutes and have to pee (I HAVE A KIDNEY INFECTION RN) and wash my face/brush my teeth. She needs to GTFO of my house, for real.
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any of you with a blackberry:
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has this happened to anyone? can i fix it? can someone fix it?
i'll probably get on some bb forums or something, but i figured i'd ask here, too.

everyone else:
what do you have horrible luck with? i, obviously, have horrible luck with phones.


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Hey, TQC.

My CAD professor published his own textbook for our class. EVERY PAGE IS IN CAPSLOCK. ALL OF THEM.

Why is professor yelling at us?

Would this be enough to prompt you to drop the class?


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For those of you who don't follow football hardly at all:

How many football players can you name?

Just curious as to how "famous" certain football players are to people who don't know football at all.

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1.i have a cold, and stayed home from school yesterday and today. I am going to work later on though. My best friend's band is playing a concert tomorrow night...should i go even if i feel sick?

2.do you usually do things if you're sick, or do you stay in bed?

3.what do you do to make yourself feel better when you're sick?
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These breakfast and morning questions made me wonder... Do you like to eat breakfast right away when you wake up in the morning? Or do you need to be awake for a while before you are ready to eat? How long?

Where you live, does your tap water taste different at different times of the year? Where do you live?

If you have grey hair, how do you deal with it? Do you color it, pluck it, just go with it?

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My brother is getting married this winter and because his bride is originally from India, part of the festivities is getting our hands and arms all henna-ed up. The inside of my left arm/wrist however is completely marked up with old, yet still very prominent, self-injury scars. I'm feeling really nervous about having to sit down and expose it to my new sister-in-laws family, but I also don't want to be rude and turn down the henna all together. Should I suck it up and put my scars out there, or bail? And if I do do it and someone goes "oh, what is that?" and points to my arm, how should I handle it?

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My family made some tye-dyed shirts and I have been given the duty of washing them. The only problem is that the directions say to wash on the hottest setting but we have no hot water hooked up to our washer. What will happen if I wash them in cold water?

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If you have a full-time job (or a part-time job with benefits), do you participate in your company's 401K program? How old are you?

But more importantly, BROWNIES: edge or middle? Do you make them from a box or from scratch? What are your favorite add-ins?
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are you currently frustrated about anything? what are you frustrated about?
i'm frustrated by a few things.

disneyland, in my opinion, has the best blueberry muffins. will you please suggest to me places that have very good blueberry muffins?
i can't be going to disneyland every time i want a blueberry muffin. and i get sad when i have a not-to-par blueberry muffin.

YA vs. Normal Fiction

What makes a book YA? Other than featuring teen-aged characters, which seems to be the one staple. Everyone is always going on about how great the genre is but I don't understand what distinguishes YA from normal contemporary fiction, and what is so great about it.
i say, old bean

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why do so many people take photos of them appearing scared?
you know - the doey-eyed deer-in-the-headlights look. i swear it's worse than that pouty-faced crap.
do they not realize how pathetic they look?

will you tell me about the last thing you did, that made you laugh?
zombie baby cede! :D

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Do you keep a traditional hand-written journal? 

I have a brown leather journal I keep notes in (grocery lists, songs I want to download later, directions to somewhere) and my co-workers think it's the oddest thing in the world.
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How many external doors does your place have?

Who do you think would make a good couple?

A lot of people name their iPods/laptops/phones, but do you name your cameras/USBs/External HDs/Cars/other things? What are they called?

What are your favourite films with an ensemble cast? Define that as you will.


Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

Camera - Jamie, USBs - Llamrei and Hengroen, External - Excalibur

The History Boys, Love Actually, Lord of the Rings
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as i'm going to have to give school a break for a while, i just applied for many jobs, how long until the calls for interviews just start POURING into my cell phone?

what's the last job you applied for?
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My husband is going as Buddy Christ for Halloween. I can either a) choose something unrelated or b) think of something to make it a couple-thing. What would you suggest as a good costume for me if we wanted to go as a team?
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do you (or anyone you know) work in HR? what kind of educational background do you/they have? do they like it?

when did you figure out what you wanted to do with 'the rest of your life'?

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1.what are some of your favorite recipes? No nuts please! My family only likes boring desserts, nothing to fancy haha. chocolate is always good!

2.instead of always asking TQC about my baking needs, do you guys know of any baking communities I could ask questions in?

also: 3.what are some of your favorite fall activities
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So. What would you say or do in this situation, TQC?

dk/dc/tl;dr: Do you ever dilute your juice? I mix about 1/3 cranberry juice with 2/3 water, and everyone seems to think I'm odd, but I could drink a carton a day if I didn't dilute it and stretch the bottle out.
jumping bear


How much do you think the girls on 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom make per episode?

Lets say you're a pregnant teen (or knocked up a pregnant teen, or whatever), and MTV wants you on the show. How much would you personally have to be paid to broadcast all your dirty laundry and personal moments on television?
[SC] David & Patrick

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My Biology professor this year seems to be very inefficient. She doesn't respond to emails, she always posts graphs we need for our lab write-ups the night before it's due, or posts important announcements 2 hours before a homework assignment is due or before the quizzes. People on the discussion boards have lost their patience and are pretty rude with her now. Do you think she deserves this treatment?
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my cat is walking around with a bottle cap in his mouth and meowing. why?
it costs like five dollars to wash and dry two loads of laundry. why?
no one has yet invented the vacuum that sucks everything off the floor and puts it where it's supposed to be. WHY?

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Let's say your friend just went through a breakup and had to move out of the place she was living in with her SO. Her SO was taking care of all of the bills so she is flat broke.

She crashes with you while looking for a job and another living situation. She has one other friend in your town she can crash with as well. How long would you let her stay with you? Would you charge her for anything (rent, utilities) once she found a job?

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I'm trying to bake lemon bars and have just enough eggs in my fridge to do so. However, they're past the "best by" date and when I did the float test, they rested on the smaller end with the bigger end towards the surface. Supposedly this means the eggs are still good - will they hold up well in baking, or are these eggs a lost cause?

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have you ever called a company before applying for a job to find out the name of the person you are writing your cover letter to?
why do i feel so nervous doing this? what if they refuse to tell me?
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An uncle you didn't know you had up and dies and leaves you a specific inheritance: a sweatshop in China. Along with the inheritance, you get the first month's profits, which tally up at $7,500. Along with the envelope of money, there's a letter from the factory foreman who says, in bad English, that next month's profits will be more prosperous, as their scouts have recently 'acquired' 17 more 'workers' and that you shouldn't worry, the extra expense of 'hiring' that many workers will not cost that much more gruel or water and they can double up in the beds. The foreman asks you for feedback. What is your response?

I write back, telling him he's doing a good job. I let the sweatshop make me money. I can use it
I start proceedings to close down the sweatshop. It's immoral
$7,500??? Who are you trying to rip off? Have those kids working an extra hour a day or else they don't get any gruel. Lousy ingrates should be happy to have a job
I can't deal with this. I sell the sweatshop to the first buyer
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Being an adult, would you attempt to break up a fight between two high school kids? Two middle school kids? What if they were toddlers?

Like serious fighting. None of that girl stuff.
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I want to make grilled cheese sandwhiches for dinner, but I want to make them a little bit fancier. I was thinking of adding jalapenos or maybe turkey... But I want more ideas.

How do you fancy up your grilled cheese sandwhiches?
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unusual pets

hey tqc, does anyone have an unusual or "exotic" pet?

unusual meaning:
not a dog
not a cat
not a hamster/gerbil/rabbit/guinea pig/mouse
not fish
not caged birds

And if so, what's it like having that as a pet? Pros/Cons? Pics?

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I gave up on a friend about a year ago, as she kept dumping me for her boyfriend and generally wasn't a great friend. In a surprising (and drunk) turn of events, she's now coming to visit in a few weeks.
Whats the best way to minimise any awkward?

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A few months ago I applied to volunteer at a nearby humane society. Since it was so long, I had completely forgotten about it. I just got an email from them saying I can come in to train this weekend and now I can't wait to go play with all the dogs and cats and puppies and kittens and all the other random creatures that they end up with.

What's the last thing that you forgot about only to have a pleasant surprise waiting for you later?

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I just moved to Westchester, NY.  I'm super lonesome, and shy. I'm having a hard time making friends :/ Does anyone around the NYC/Westchester area want to be my friends? Seriously, haha. I'm really nice, I promise.

DK/DC how do you make friends if you move to a new town?

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We dreamed a dream - woke up and lived it
We had the music in our hands
The drops of rain - became a river
And now it's time to end this dance
- So thank you

If a band had these lyrics as part of one latest songs, what would you think they meant?

Just say this band had broke up and got back together to write this song,
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Do you think pedophilia will ever become a "societal norm," or at least socially acceptable the way homosexuality and inter-racial coupling is still becoming/eventually became?

Do you think pedophilia is even comparable to something like a consensual homosexual relationship? Will it ever be?

All the nudes that's fit to print

Of which of these games would you play a 'strip' version (like strip poker)?

Chutes and Ladders
Dodge ball
Trivial Pursuit
Dungeons and Dragons
Magic: the Gathering
Thumb wrestling

People you'd play a strip game with?

Significant other
Best friend
Other friends, opposite gender
Other friends, same gender
Attractive strangers
Strangers of average looks
Downright creepy looking strangers
TQC members
Your ex
Your best friend's significant other
Your boss
Your teacher
Your cousin

How far would you strip? Let's assume you're sober

Shirt only
Shirt and pants (wearing underwear)
Shirt, pants and bra
I'd take off everything
Not a damn thing. I refuse to undress in any way
the boys from queens

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This past summer, I got my first cavity (having it filled tomorrow and I'm so scared D:) and broke my first bone. Is this just my body falling apart because I'm getting older?

What was your first broken bone and how old were you?

How bad is getting a cavity filled? I have a bottle of xanax to swallow before they put anything in my mouth, but I am SO terrified of needles and things happening in my mouth.

What did you do today?

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My SO's mother somehow sent her teenage daughter's closet door through her bedroom window when she was trying to open the closet door (the window is on the opposite side of the room from the closet). Obviously this is a sign that she should stay out of her teenage daughter's closet: y/n?

What was the last thing to make you irrationally annoyed, and how did you get out of the annoyed mood? I'm thinking that working on my food-writing article (which requires me to drink beer) is a good idea.
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I made vegan chili for dinner and it is just okay. Do you think it would be better if I put it on a baked potato? Or on spaghetti? Is there anything else I could try to make it better?

It's been cooking all day and there is quite a bit so I don't want to throw it out.

Do you like chili? How do you like to eat it/what do you like to eat it with?
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When I was a kid I would sit on top of a bar at the playground, hook my legs around it and spin. Did anyone else do that? Does it have a name? I want to say it's something like Drop the Cradle but Google failed me.
Dragonfly on book

Modern Japanese

What are the average expectations of a young adult Japanese girl living in present-day Japan? I think I read somewhere that they generally aim to finish school and university, get a job, and advance in their careers and around age 30 start thinking about marriage and children. I'm not trying to generalize. Obviously there are all types of goals in there, but in every culture there are always general expectations based on ones gender and age. Do they tend to differ between those who live in rural areas and those who live in larger cities or the tropics?

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I am treating myself to Domino's for my birthday dinner. This is always a really difficult process because everything always sounds really good and I can't make any decisions for myself which is why I have you guys. What should I order?

If you don't like Domino's I'm sorry but I don't have a different question for you.

ETA: I decided on hawaiian pizza and lava cakes. What did you do on your last birthday, if anything?

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Inked TQCers, will you post photos of your tattoos?

If you have no tattoos, will you post a photo of one you really like?

What are you doing right now? I'm waiting for this hair dye to set and eating a PB&J sandwich.

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I'll probably get flack for this but...

My dad has been letting this young homeless guy come over to take showers. My dad washes the kids clothes and has been giving him a few dollars for random things (new backpack, some clothes, tube for his bike, etc.)

My dad was telling me a story and then mentioned that the kid smokes.
Cigarettes are at least $10 a pack here.

I know it's the little things in life but...what do you think about it?
(part of me feels like maybe it's the only thing the kid has to make him happy and then another part thinks it's just too frivolous)

Will you tell me about your weird family?

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When you're purchasing something, does the sales assistant ever ask you what you're planning on using your purchases for?
If so, does it annoy you?

It always happens at this one place I shop. I don't like feeling as if I need to explain myself, you know? But I can't think of a polite way to say "none of your damn business, just shush and take my money please."
Mischievous Weir

Pet Toys

To all the feline owned humans out here -

Does your cat have a favorite toy?  Is it actually a pet toy? 

Or, does your cat/do your cats like non-pet intended toys?

I adopted two new cats in July - Jack & Daniel and Daniel is the brat of the two.  He's the one that thinks this belt to a lingerie robe is the perfect toy for him.  He came trotting out from the back of the apartment the other day carrying it in his mouth like he'd made this big kill and wanted to show it off.  But, anything really for him to chase is fair game.

His other game is to go chasing after the cardboard tubes for toilet paper when I take them off the spindle.  (I'm not allowed to go to the bathroom alone usually - they come dashing into the bathroom anytime they see me headed in there. :-p)
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Do you think I could transport the frame of a papasan chair on the bus with me? Not the cushion or the little stand part, or the ottoman, just the big bowl frame? What if I didn't go during rush hour? Have you ever taken really big things with you on the bus? How about the subway?

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therapeute wants me to do her nails. What design should I do?

So far I've done: flowers, tuxedos, stripes, polka dots, cheetah spots, zebra stripes, cupcakes, strawberries, watermelon, hearts, lace, and bees. I wouldn't mind doing one again, we just can't decide!

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I asked you guys about one of my ~best~ friends who turned me down multiple times and then basically stopped making any form of contact me with. He's done it before, so I just said fuck it and stopped trying.

He called me on Friday after two solid months of not speaking to me and talked like nothing happened.
His birthday is tomorrow.

Do you think there's a connection?
I'm going to say happy birthday but should I buy him a gift?

What's your favorite kind of cold cereal?
Ice cream flavor?

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1. if you slept for 4 hours and had nothing to do would you try going back to sleep?

2. how much should i put aside each month to save up to buy a car? Things to consider: My grandpa said he would pay half, I have a car I can use to get to and from work for now, I make about ~$500 a month and have no expenses except gas and food if i get hungry after work and any extra stuff i want.

3. do you like soup? does it weird you out if you have to chew soup a little?

4. do you want a hand-made post card or short handwritten letter?

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I want to get more mail so I'm thinking of getting some magazine subscriptions. What magazines do you think are the most entertaining? I want fun/vapid ones that are full of fluff and/or cute things. So far on my list are Cat Fancy and Cosmo. (I already have subscriptions to Harper's and Martha Stewart's magazine)

Do you subscribe to any magazines? If yes which one(s)?

Could someone Halloweenize my icon? Or provide some ideas? I have Photoshop but I'm feeling uninspired.
Gravity's Rainbow

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What's one piece of historical memorabilia you would like to own for display inside your home or locked away inside a vault?

If you were a bum, what would your sign say?

A champagne bottle from the Titanic, on ice, if possible.

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What causes headphones to die?

I bought some skull candy headphones about a month ago and the right earphone is already going out. The only possible reason I can think of is because of my iPod bouncing due to having it in my pocket whenever i'm walking to the bus stop every morning, which really doesn't even seem to be that likely a reason for a new pair of headphones to start dying so quickly.

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Are there any child stars from when you were a kid that you sometimes think to yourself "I wonder what happened to them?..."?
(You're asking yourself this, of course, before you check on wikipedia)
spiral, flight rising, dragon

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Should I just eat my pizza and go to bed, completely ignoring my half-finished math and history homework or should I at least finish my math while I eat my pizza? I can do my history in the classes previous to it. :)
For time constraints I want to be in bed no later than 11:45 pm b/c I need to be up by 5:45 and right now it's 10:30.

Will you tell me a joke?
Bonus points if it involves a two-door car and a Tudor. :)
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Are any of you all having problems uploading videos to Facebook? I can upload to Youtube and Dropbox just fine, and I can upload pictures to Facebook, but every time I try to upload a video it just keeps giving me unreasonable amounts of upload time. Currently it says, "0.01 MB of 170.61 MB (0.02 KB/sec) -- 2426 hours, 22 minutes remaining." And it just stays that way forever. Just wanted to see if I was alone or not here.

Ad about disability on the ttc

I remember seeing an ad on the subway about a person in a wheelchair not being able to even seek employment because of the inaccessibility to get inside the place of employment. there was something about discrimination before being able to make it to the interview or something like that. does anyone know where i can find this ad or what to google it under? cuz i'm having trouble finding the organization /ad..

if you can think of any other links related to this topic of disabilities it would be greatly appreciated :)
Bug-eyed Earl

It's snowing! ..eww that's not snow

Do you have dandruff or scalp psoriasis? How do you treat it?

I've tried the T-Gel coal tar shampoo and Head and Shoulders, everything else has the same ingredients. I have to wash my hair every other day because it gets so oily and itchy. Could a dermatologist help?

Edit: I also have flyaways like crazy. I don't do much to damage it, I just brush it a little (when it's dry) and don't towel dry it much. WTF?