October 5th, 2010

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How young is too young for a couple to be moving in together?

Would your answer change if the cohabitation was for a limited amount of time only (for example, for the duration of a semester or in between leases or something like that)? 

dc - What is the last sporting event you went attended? Did the team you were rooting for win? 


When my boyfriend and I get our own place, we are VERY interested in getting a ferret (or two).
He has had them before but I haven't. I will continue to read up on them and ferret-proof anything in my house before getting them.

Any tips for a future ferret owner?

Also please talk about ferret experiences and post pictures of yours :D

Also if I still happen to have my hamsters when I get ferrets, I am going to make sure the hamster cages are always in a closed room away from the ferrets, but what other precautions should I take? Potentially some kind of extra sort of "lock" on the cage doors? Have you ever had caged pets with ferrets, if so, did your ferrets harass them?

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I'm getting my 2nd tattoo tomorrow morning, TQC. Will you tell me all the things that could make it go utterly, horribly wrong? Non-srs obvs.

Why does my roommate only stay awake to get drunk and be a loudmouth ass when I have stuff to do in the morning?

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Will you tell me about your day? I'm bored and just want to listen to other people's stories right now.
Anything you wanna talk about?

What's a physical feature you love on the sex(es) you're attracted to?
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What are your favourite add-ons for Firefox? I hadn't used it in months since I fell in love with Google Chrome, but recently switched back to Firefox for the safety capabilities. What are your favourite ways to customize it?

DK/DC/Fuck Firefox: If you were to eat something that was in your house right now, what would it be? I'm strongly pondering a midnight snack.
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What should I do

I am applying for a job but I have one problem. I cannot write cover letter sanymore. I have no issue selling myself in person but I just cannot sell my self on papaer. Should I admit this to the employer and say my spiel in front of them or go through another anxiety attack while trying to type up a cover letter?
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 Do you like prunes? I am in love with Sunsweet Ones and I accidentally half a can.

How long am I going to be on the toilet later?

Why are cats with their tongues stuck out so freaking cute? Mine always forgets to put the tip of his back in his mouth and he just stares at me while I giggle.

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I need to make a playlist for when I am furious to further encourage my anger, which sounds like a terrible idea but is better than drinking every time I am mad.

What are some good songs for my anger playlist?  I like most everything save for death metal and screamo.

DK/DC: What is your favorite alcoholic drink?  Mine is an almond joy pina colada.
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Retail question

If a store is offering a free item when you spend a certain amount of money there, can you spend it and get the free item, and then exchange it later for something of equal value? Or will they not allow it/hate you? (The free item in question is worth $17 but I don't want it. I would love to have $17 of store credit though).
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 Do you have any unusual body stuff? Double jointed, weird marks, unusual hair growths?

I have a weird hair. Every couple of months, I notice a super long, curly, black hair on my arm just below my shoulder. I never notice it until it's more than an inch long, and it's always in the same general area and never more than one lone hair. All my other arm hair is super light brown, almost blonde.

My pinky toes also lay on their sides so that the toenails rub against the sides of shoes. The nails also regularly come off.

My tongue is also apparently too big for my mouth because it rubs against my teeth and I end up with cuts all over it.

Pictures of your potentially gross weird body stuff is encouraged!

Will you post a picture of you in a Halloween costume? 
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musical STFU

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How much would you, as an adult, pay to learn how to play saxophone? (Not hypothetical - I'd be the teacher in this scenario; serious answers needed, non-serious welcome.)

DK/DC/LOL band nerd: What have you accomplished today so far? What do you hope to do?
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What are some reasons someone from the city would be driving by and photographing a house?

I was just about to pull onto my street but there was a city vehicle blocking most of the road and the guy inside was taking pictures of a neighbors house.

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I need some recommendations.

I just joined Netflix (yes, I'm behind the times, I know). My queue is crazy long, but I need some stuff I can watch on my laptop. What are your favorite movies/TV shows that you can watch instantly?
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I've been on sparkpeople for a few days now - this is my 5th day. I've noticed that I almost always have trouble getting all of my needed carbohydrates and fat. What are some healthier carbs and fats I can add to my diet, TQC?
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Do you recycle? Does the place where you live require you to rinse out bottles/cans before you can recycle them? If yes, do you think this really seems like that much of an extra effort?

If you lived with a bunch of people, like if you were all renting a house together, and everyone bought most of their own food but it was agreed that people would just take turns buying things that go bad, like milk, but somehow three milk jugs ended up in the fridge (each one holding one gallon) would you use all of the milk in the jug that was open first before opening the next one? Would you be annoyed if all three were open at the same time? How do you not notice there are already two gallons before buying the third? Why would you open the third one before the other two were used?

If there is a dishwasher in the house where you live, why would you just pile up your dirty dishes in the sink?

Have you ever lived with people where you felt like a mom because you were constantly cleaning up after them?

Why do people seem to lack so much common sense? Or is what I see as what should be common sense, not really common sense?
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Would you be offended if someone wore a white dress or pants suit to your wedding? (Why/ why not?)

Would you be upset if someone you invited to your wedding attended but did not bring/give a gift? (Why/ why not?)

Do you think you could live well if you made 120K/ year?

boys are confusing....part 2

dear tqc men,

how often do you wash your bed sheets?

dear tqc women,

does your boy wash his sheets on a regular basis? or at least after sex?
does it bother you if he doesn't wash them?

I don't think my roommate has washed his sheets since the beginging of Sept. and that's only cuz I washed them for him...
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It seems like there have been a lot of stories about bullying in schools lately. Do you think it's more common now or that it's just being reported more now? Were you bullied in school or did you know someone who was bullied? Did it affect you/them long term? Or were you on the opposite side? If you were a bully when you were younger, why?

Do you like soup in a regular bowl or a bread bowl? If you order a bread bowl, do you eat all of the bread, or just the part that's soaked up soem of the soup?

What is your favorite kind of soup? Least favorite kind? If you like making it from scratch, what's your favorite recipe?
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Hey guys,
It's my week off from uni. I got here last Tuesday and I was planning to go back this Thursday. I just got a text from a friend saying that she wanted to meet up, but she was only free on the weekend. I was going to go back early so that I could do my assignment that's due on the 14th. Should I just try and start my assignment now, stay and go back on Sunday? I'm just a bit reluctant to go back so late.

Dim Sims with soy sauce or a salad bun for lunch?

What are you watching at the moment?


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What do you use in your hair?

Deep conditioning treatments
Moisture masks
Styling gel
Hair spray
Leave-in conditioner
Baking soda
Apple cider vinegar
Baby powder
Dry shampoo

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What can you tell about a person by the way they drive?

A guy who pulled up next to me at a traffic light stopped in the middle of the crosswalk. That told me he had no respect for rules. Then we came to a part of the road where the left lane was closed for repair, and he sped to get past and ahead of me, though I was already driving slightly over the speed limit, and there were no other cars with us on that stretch of road. That told me he had some dire need to be ahead of other people. Then, further down the road, he tailgated a car in front of him. That told me he was pushy, and perhaps controlling.

Now what about when you’re in someone’s passenger seat and they’re driving in a manner which they know makes you uncomfortable? Say, they tailgate, and they slam on the brakes a lot, even though you’re obviously not liking it? Can you think of other situations in which you can assume personality traits by the way someone drives?

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my friend works for a company that hires all of its employees as independent contractors so that they can pay them less than minimum wage.... is this legal? it's just regular old jobs like office assistant, payroll, etc.
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So this is interesting...

I got this message in my Facebook inbox:

"Remember the game last year about what color bra you were wearing at the moment? The purpose was to increase awareness of October Breast Cancer Awareness month. It was a tremendous success and we had men wondering for days what was with the colors and it made it to the news. This year's game has to do with your handbag/purse, where we put our handbag the moment we get home for example "I like it on the couch", "I like it on the kitchen counter", "I like it on the dresser" well u get the idea. Just put your answer as your status with nothing more than that and cut n paste this message and forward to all your FB female friends to their inbox. The bra game made it to the news. Let's see how powerful we women really are!!! REMEMBER - DO NOT PUT YOUR ANSWER AS A REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE- PUT IT IN YOUR STATUS!!! PASS THIS TO ALL THE WOMAN YOU KNOW."

Does anyone else think this is kind of stupid? I mean, I'm all for awareness, but what the hell does the location of my purse and sexual innuendo have to do with breast cancer? Better yet, why not spread awareness in a more direct way? Or am I over-thinking this too much and should just enjoy the "game"?

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How much control do you want the government to have over your life?

How much control are you willing to allow them in exchange for services, goods, and/or money?

Bad example: if they said you couldn't eat any more of your favorite foods, BUT they would provide you with enough food to keep you alive, would you be ok with that? What if they just said you couldn't eat your favorite foods anymore, made them illegal, but you receiced nothing in return?

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Some dick hit my car in the parking lot and didn't leave their info/even a "I'm so sorry for ruining your life." It's not THAT bad (see picture), but I have NO idea what to do. I don't want to turn it into insurance because they will jack my rates plus my deductible is like $1,000 which I don't think it will cost THAT much to fix it. Google tells me I can go to the closest Chevy dealer (since it is a chevy car) and they will be able to match the pain and sell me a touchup paid stick thing. Would that keep it from rusting or should I shell out the ~$500 and take it to an auto body shop. It's a fairly new car (I mean.. really new, 2008) and it WAS in almost perfect condition before this. I'm sad.

Collapse ) DK/DC: Do you believe that speed traps happen more in the beginning/ending of the month to make quotas?

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hello guise,

what kind of resources do you use to write our academic papers? i'm writing a term essay on project runway and i have tried all the resources i usually use but haven't found any paper that focuses on this tv show(if there is any). so if you know of any resources/journals please let me know? :) TYVM!
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i have a closet in my room that i keep my cat's litter box in. i keep the door just slightly propped so she can get in and out. i clean it every day, but it still makes my whole room smell. is it because the closet is not vented? any tips for keeping it odor-free?

i used to just keep it on the floor in my old room and never had a problem, but i think because i don't use any HVAC that the air isn't circulating as much. opening windows helps a little but it's getting way too cold to do that.

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How do you study when your teacher sucks and you have no source material to use?

The internet helped me a lot, but I'm stuck on the damn essay questions which are really broad and cover a huge time span. My history teacher bullshits his way through his lectures, which are all based on information the book doesn't cover, and that is what were being tested on. His powerpoints suck majorly too. It's just bulleted information in which were supposed to fill out with his lectures, but all he does is rant about Twilight and talk how he got super drunk last weekend. Uggghh *headdesk from 5 hours of cramming*

Basically just commiserate with me and tell me your words of wisdom for getting a decent grade in a shitty class.


Have you ever, for whatever reason, cut a major food group of of your diet (red meat, fish, etc.) and then managed to successfully start eating it again after a lengthy period of time?

I can't even remember why but I stopped eating all forms of seafood when I was 5-6 years old and haven't touched it since. I tried to eat a piece of sushi recently and couldn't even chew it without starting to gag/feel like I was gonna throw up. My body just seems to reject it all now.

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Do you own any bumper stickers? Want to own one? What does it say?

I have one that's all flowery and says "Peace" and another that says "Slow, zombie crossing." I want to get more though.
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Have you ever wanted to write a book? Fiction or non? Have you ever started, or finished, writing one?

I want to write a non-fiction book, but it involves a ton of research and travel that I can't afford, so I can't. I've started a few fiction books as well but I suck at middles so I fail at fiction.

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Last week on the ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich I met 2 nice Austrailian girls from Melbourne. We talked about bogans and Bear Ghrylls....were either two of them one of YOU TQC??

DK/DC what do you think about Bear Ghrylls?? Bogans? The Dutch? England?

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For those of you who work retail, have you ever worked an overnight? What's it like? What should I bring with me (apart from a metric shit-ton of caffeine)?

Have you ever had a friend who has bipolar disorder? How did you deal with the ups and downs?

DK/DC: What should I put in/on the burgers I'm making for dinner tonight?

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1)What would be the worst corporate retreat activity you could think of?

Making people stand in a circle throwing tennis balls to each other until everyone catches all the balls.

2)What do you think about sequins?


3)Does fall get your nose running?


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What would you do if you lived with someone and they TOLD you that you had to get rid of something you owned? Not put it away, but get rid of it.

You own something that has a lot of negative memories attached to it. You decide you don't want it anymore and want to throw it away or donate it. Your live-in partner decides they want to keep it, regardless of it being a constant reminder of something from your past. Do they have the right to keep it against your wishes? Get mad when you say no?

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I want to make a cute mix for my boyfriend.
His favorite bands are Linkin Park and Gorillaz.

I don't really listen to either, so I'm not sure what sort of songs to put on a quirky mix.

What are some songs that would be good for a sweet little mix?

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How long would you wait in a doctor's exam room before you went to ask what was taking so long? I waited an hour and twenty minutes without saying anything, and I kind of wish I had said something. There was no one in the waiting room when I got there, and I could hear the doctor across the hall on the phone for most of the time I was waiting in the back room. 

What's the longest time you remember waiting at a doctor's office? Three hours. And that was just in the waiting room

What kind of street do you live on? Ex, ____ Road, _____ Avenue, etc. I live on a Court. 
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Tomorrow I am having a meeting with my manager and a coworker. Said coworker and I have had some problems with each other and are having a meeting to try and resolve the issues and get back to a comfortable place with each other. I'm not always great with confrontations. Would it be acceptable if I wrote some key notes down and brought them into the meeting with me so I remembered everything I wanted to say? This is my first job and no one else here has ever brought notes into a meeting like this.
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For you new and not so new TQC members, who are some of the members you like?
What type of question do you never want to hear again?
When is the last time you posted a TQC question to your journal?
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Has there been anything that you've loved so much that you needed to purposefully distance yourself from because of the degree it affected you? I'm thinking things besides relationships, and along the line of things that are almost (or actually are) addictive to you personally, things besides drugs, alcohol, etc. Not that kind of addiction.

For me, there's a band that I'm needing to distance myself from because I get WAY TOO into the music (or the music is just that amazing and I can't imagine not getting so into it) and it can take over my life or just really have too strong an impact on me, emotionally. It's hard to resist the music. I still listen to it, but I do limit myself.

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What was the last thing that made you go OH MY FUCKING GOD HOLY SHIT?

My mom came home and would not go in the garage, and then she starts slamming the horn. So I'm all like wtf and I go outside and she tells me to...go away. And honking some more. I turn around and OH MY FUCKING GOD HOLY SHIT THERE WAS THIS GIANT ASS TURKEY VULTURE ON THE ROOF, and when I turned to look at it IT DECIDED TO EXPAND IT'S WINGS AND SCREECH AT ME DUDE THEY WERE LIKE 6' ACROSS.

That was scary as shit. All these neighborhood kids walked by with an older adult and they just stood in awe in front of my house...and then they ran suddenly.

Why the fuck are there turkey vultures in the Philly area!?
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if you could travel anywhere outside of your own country (or the country you're living in right now anyway, whichever is appropriate) - a specific city, not just a country or a general region - RIGHT NOW, where would you go and why?
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quick! someone with art knowledge or better google skills than me..
what's it called when there's a painting annnd....it has solid blocks of colors up close and far away it makes a picture? there's one where it has lil baby pictures too but together make somethin totes diff.
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"i once was a girl from nantucket...."

You discover that you're going to die in the next minute and a half (sorry). You have to write something original, witty, and imaginative before you finally pass, but you can only write ten words because that's all the ink you have left in your pen (plus the whole death thing).

What is your ten word legacy?

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I know everyone is sick of hearing about the breast cancer thing, but I just want a second opinion. Would it be douchey of me to post this Facebook status? 

[You know what you could actually do to help breast cancer awareness? Marked packages of Dannon yogurt have a code on the inside that you can enter online to donate 10¢ to the NCBF. It's not much, but it's more than using a silly sexual reference to make Breast Cancer Awareness Month all about yourself.]

I know a lot of people might feel like donating to fight breast cancer is time consuming or something, and I just wanted to get across that there was an easy way to make a difference. But I don't want to anger my friends who have "likes it on the bathroom counter" as their status. Does it sound too mean? What should I say? 

Edit: I'm posting it. But I'm waiting until tomorrow, since it's like midnight here and no one is on. Thanks for the encouragement. 
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I am going to NYC Oct 15-17. I'll be staying in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. My SO and I are going and I'm meeting a friend there (and some TQCers!)

what are some things I should definitely do?
the cheaper, the better

when is your next trip?
what do you plan on doing there?