October 4th, 2010

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anti depressant meds, has anyone else felt this way on them?

ive been on a ton of different kinds of anti depressants and anti anxiety pills for years. ive been on a high dose of zoloft for over a year. 2 weeks ago though i just said fuck it and stopped taking the zoloft. since then i feel like the world is more interesting. on the meds i felt like life was so bland i was so easily bored with almost everything, also i never had any energy or motivation to get anything done since ive been off it my anxiety has increased but i feel like actually doing something with my life, well i guess i feel more ALIVE.
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Say you have this guy or girl that you have been seeing for a while now but have not gone to calling each other boyfriend or girlfriend. What do you address them as in conversations? (aside from their name) Do you just say they're your friend? Or something else?

Did you have a nice day today? My day was very uneventful.

End of the World!

1) The world is going to end in a week. How?

2) You have been placed in charge of ensuring the survival of humanity. What is your title, oh great leader? (president, king, queen, god?)

3) You must choose 7 people to save that will be placed safely in a bunker deep under the Earth's surface*. Who do you save? (specify by age, sex, profession, name, whatever you think is important).

4) Also, would you include yourself in that 7?

*if your answer to question 1 conflicts with this safe bunker, then put them in a spaceship to start a new life on Mars. And pretend they can survive there.

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Aside from birth control and some antibiotics in the past, I've never been on any prescription medications. I was put on lamotrigine this week, and tonight is the third night I've taken it, and I took it about two hours ago. How likely is it that I feel nauseous right now because of this pill rather than maybe something I ate?

Help me feel better I don't want to throw up :(
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 Is there anything better than toasty, fresh from the dryer, clean bedclothes? Besides homemade naner pudding?

Have you ever had naner pudding?

What's your favourite supper? Like something you had growing up that still makes you feel all happy inside. One of mine is ham 'n bean 'soup', fried ham, fried taters, and sweet cornbread on a cold day. I came home from work to that and an empty sink because apparently my gramma made my parents feel guilty for being jerks when I've been sick lately. Grammas are awesome.

I've been researching some after someone suggested mumps might be why I'm sick, and I've discovered it's not my lymph node in my neck that's swollen, it's the parotid gland, which is just below my ear and runs a little bit below my jaw. Since it's probably just mumps (which causes the parotid to swell), and there isn't anything a doctor can do, should I still try to see someone for this? There are a few other causes of such swelling, but it's never lupus.
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Hey, have any of my fellow Canadians out there in TQC land used Koodo for their cell phone?

My contract is up in December with Rogers and I'm tired of paying $40 a month for the 5 minutes a month I actually use my phone. I've heard horror stories about Virgin, so I'm not going to go with them. And the new ones like Wynd and whatever aren't available in my city.

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At what point does a friendship become too much work?

Do you work harder on your relationship with your SO or your friends?

If a friend wronged you, would you be more or less forgiving than if they were your SO? If your answer is situational based, could you please provide examples?

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Mah Tabs are Wonky!

I had tree style tabs in Firefox. I accidentally dragged a tab out of the tree this morning, and now all my tabs are going across the top. I've tried uninstalling the addon and reinstalling it, but it didn't work.


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When you look at your home on Google maps satellite, how much has changed since they took the picture? Can you tell when the picture was taken?

My parents' house still has the car i drove in high school parked out front, and we've since gotten rid of it. in the picture of my apartment, the restaurant below us has a different name now, and the store next door has since closed down.
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For the ladies, or any others that may be fussy about their hair... When you go to get your hair cut and are planning a somewhat drastic change, do you get nervous, excited, something else?

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Anything exciting on the schedule for this week?

What was the last pair of shoes you bought? (Pictures if you have them, please)
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this August I moved into a new house. it's an older house (I think it was built in 1923 or something) and has single pane glass windows. It has been like 45-50 F the past few days and is about 56-57 F in my house. I don't want to turn the gas on yet because I haven't done anything to the windows.

What should I do to help insulate the windows/have it as warm in here as possible without blasting the heat?

when putting up drapery rods do you put them into the wall or into the molding around the window? the molding around our windows is pretty thing but idk if you're supposed to drill things into it.

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TQC, today I need to productive. I have 5 hours before I need to do anything. How do I get myself up and out of bed and doing things?
Any tips for reading boring books without falling asleep? I feel I should go to a cafe but then I think i'd feel guilty and distracted.

How do you stay/get productive?
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 Craziest thing you could do at work and get away with?

When I was the night manager of an outlet clothes store I would get on the intercom and sing along with the top-40 crap music because I was so bored sitting in the office counting down drawers and doing the nightly paperwork. I was such a top-40 hag back then.

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Is your body trained well? 
For instance, today halfway through my class, I got super nauseous and knew I was going to have to throw up sooner or later, so I left afterward, sped the 20 minutes home, and my body threw up on cue the minute I got out of my car. I was surprised I didn't throw up on myself on the way home. D:

Related: why did I throw up? My body has been raging lately. I'm on antibiotics and I just took Diflucan last night as well. I ate some yogurt this morning, which is what I threw up (not pleasant).

If you want to share some tmi, when is the last time you threw up?

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I'm about to make a batch of pumpkin muffins based on the Alton Brown recipe found here.

In order to ensure extra yummy goodness, I want to add some pumpkin liquor into the recipe.

How would I go about doing this? I originally thought that I'd just substitute some liquor instead of milk/water/another liquid in the recipe, but there aren't many wet ingredients at all. Only eggs and oil. How much liquor should I add in? I've never baked with alcohol before and I don't want to ruin the consistency.

What was the last thing you baked?

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I have a plantain that I want to fry (it's yellow, not green). All the recipes I see say I have to fry the slices in like a quart of oil. Not quite deep fry but way more than pan fry. I was hoping to just pan fry them with a generous amount of oil. TQC plantain eaters, how do you fry them?

For people other than the two of you who know the answer to this question, what is your favorite savory fall dish?
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(This may be a dumb/silly question :/)

As a female, it a bad idea to get a body piercing when I am on the first day of my period? Or, is it at least a better idea to wait?

I ask because I read one shouldn't get their lags waxed the week before their period because the pain tolerance is lower, or something similar to that.

Thanks in advance :) :/ <3

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Do you ever do weird food experiments, and they turn out really well? Or recreate food/drink at restaurants?
What are some of your invented or innovative recipes?
Like, I just found out you cane make scones with diet soda, liquid cream and self rising flour. WTF!

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My roommate is literally screwed as her assignments are snowballing on her. To make things worse, she's skipping class and still not getting things done. Why is procrastination such a bitch?

srs/non-srs answers welcome :D

ETA: I love you all lololol

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Is it just me or is TQC a little dead today?      Somebody needs to step it up and give us a really provocative question!    I would if I could, but no good questions are coming to mind. 

Edit:  I may actually be one question too late....we shall see!

the daily breakdown

On AVERAGE, how:

much money do you spend per day? include EVERYTHING. breakdown of rent/mortgage/groceries/bills/etc

how many hours (or minutes) do you work per day? (this means if you work 40 hrs/week, you work an average of 5.7 hrs/day)

how much time do you spend outside per day?

how many hours do you sleep each night?


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The NFL is auctioning all sorts of sweet, signed items from past and current football players. My mom's a big Raiders fan and I want to grab one of these items for her for Christmas. Should I get her the Jim Otto signed helmet, the Willie Brown signed helmet, or the Nnamdi Asomugha signed football? Which one would you be more proud to own?

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I've done all of this weeks reading. (I'm doing English lit)
Do I start on next weeks reading, or read the book for the essay question I want to do?
We don't study the essay question book till week 8, and the essay is due in week 7, so I may change my mind.
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Has anyone here ever gone to UNC-CH?
Has anyone here ever gone to college after an extended period out of school? (8 years since I graduated HS)
Should I try and go for a degree in Library Sciences or Archaeology?
Should I just give up and be a cashier for the rest of my life?
Fucking college, how does it work?

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How would you store Used hair dye, I know you are supposed to get rid of it but I did not expect to have at least half left and I am way too broke and it seems like a shame to get rid of it all.

So far I have closed up the top and I am thinking of freezing it,

Stupid idea or totally do able?
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If you suddenly wake up during a dream, are you able to fall back asleep and continue the dream where you left off?

Which candle should I light first, Pumpkin Pie, Candy Apple or Maple Syrup?

I can see TONS of ambulances surrounding Niagara Falls right now, what do you think is going on? :/

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What do you make with ground turkey (besides chili) to make it delicious? For some reason we have two packages of it... and I have NO idea what to do with it.

edit Since I can do anything with ground turkey, do I need to do anything special when I make it since it's so lean?

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Let's say you've started a new job or volunteer position and you're introduced to a coworker. Then you realize, you met them 10-15 years ago at summer camp/church/some sort of extracurricular.

They don't seem to recognize you. Would you say "Hey, I remember you from ___" or would you let it go?
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My dad's birthday is this friday and I'm making red velvet cupcakes for him to bring to work. I want to decorate them for Halloween because I've bought some really cute Halloween cupcake things recently. He says that it's ~too early~ for Halloween cupcakes. Is this friday too early for Halloween cupcakes?

This will probably be the last time I make cupcakes before Halloween so if I don't use the stuff now it will sit in my cabinet for a long time.
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 Favorite TV show?

Mine is Eastbound and Down.

Favorite quote from your show?

Mine is  "Listen here you beautiful b*tch, I'm about to f*ck you up with some truth."


What were your favorite things to get while Trick or Treating as a kid?

Least favorite?

Tell me about a memorable costume you've either worn or seen?
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How do I get my boss to leave at her scheduled time?

My boss works the 9am-5pm shift, but for the last two months she has been staying over time frequently. She sometimes leaves at 7:30, or 8 pm, but last week she left at 9:15pm! And they don't pay her that over time she just stays to browse, and watch youtube videos.

I work the night shift which is 3-10pm, and before she started doing that I had time to do homework and things like that.

The reason why I don't do that anymore is because she gets really upset when someone does homework during working hours, yet when I got the job she said she didn't mind. So I don't do homework when she is around and I really need that time she stays to get caught up on my homework.

So, do any of you have any ideas on how to make her go home at 5 pm? Anything I could say or do?

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I need to collect urine samples for cytology, which is to check for cancer in the urinary tract/bladder, I guess.

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DK/DC/Don't wanna talk about pee:

1. Are my Canadian friends excited for Thanksgiving? I'm going to eat pumpkin pie until I PUKE.

2. What is your favourite kind of pie? And you can't say you prefer CAKE because this is a question about PIES.
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I just watched a bird die while I was trying to find an animal clinic :( It kept on spitting blood :(

It wouldn't have died if the first clinic I went to allowed wild animals. Does anyone know why these animal clinics couldn't take wild animals? The local humane society said they couldn't either :(
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I'm looking for rainboots that will fit my legs. I'm pretty chubby, and my calves are probably 18 inches around at the widest point. I usually wear a 9.5 or 10 shoe. Where would you suggest I start looking for inexpensive rainboots that will fit me?

dk/dc: what was the last thing you did all by yourself that you felt really proud of?
I finally figured out this ridiculously evil calculus problem on my homework after trying to get the right answer for about half an hour.

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I'm bored so time for a (not so) hypothetical situation.

A friend of your SO's has offered to host a dinner party to celebrate your SO's birthday. You live with your SO and you have been in a relationship with them for a number of years. You are also a vegetarian/vegan/have another dietry requirement and Friend is aware of this. However, Friend was going to make you something suited to your requirements and seemed happy to do so. Three days before the party Friend asks "Are you still OK to bring a dietry requirement meal?"

Would you feel annoyed by this?
O RLY???

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Do you speak Spanish?

If you do, will you tell me whether this makes any sense?

Por favor no toque nada en esta área. Muchas gracias.

I'm trying to make a sign to instruct the housekeeper my parents hired not to mess with my set and film equipment, which is all behind the bar in my parents' basement. Is that correct Spanish to ask someone to leave that place alone? This woman speaks literally I think three words of English so this is my only option for communicating with her.

If you don't speak Spanish... do you know a way to get a cat box to smell less BESIDES using scent-absorbing litter? My cat has asthma so we have to use special litter that isn't as ~magically scent-absorbing~ as I guess other brands might be, but my video set like five feet from the cat box and it's not exactly pleasant.

And no, moving the cat box is not an option (there's really nowhere else to put it) and no, I am not going to take the fucking thing outside and bleach it every single time I come down here to do some work. And no, I can't buy one of those self-cleaning catboxes. I can't afford it and the cat is scared of them. Any other ideas? :\

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Do you knit? If the first stitch of a row is a slip stitch, should I pull it tight?

I have a habit of pulling the first stitch each row tight so the edge is neat, but I can't tell if it matters for a slip stitch or if it will fuck it up somehow.

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How much do you weigh?

Do you appear to weigh significantly more in photographs?

Seriously, I'm no lightweight, but I am no where even near the 200+ lbs I swear I resemble in pictures. I wish the camera only added 10 lbs.

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Do you think welfare/food stamps programs are effective and have a positive impact on society?

If public welfare/food stamp programs were done away with and a private organization stepped in to help those people get on their feet (and fed), would you donate time/money to the cause?

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I &lt;3 TLV

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Hi-tops or lo-tops?

Do you like coloring books?

If you're going to the Stewart/Colbert rallies, are you going to simultaneously celebrate Halloween and wear a costume? Or are you going to be a zombie? (There's a facebook group for people dressing up at zombies)

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Five things you need off the top of your head?

1)I need to empty my stomach
2)I need a Coke
3)I need a shower
4)I need to study
5)I need a napkin

ETA:It's the minutia that makes this post more enjoyable
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So say your beloved relative dies, and you are in charge of all of the planning. You have $500 to spend on the gravestone. You order the gravestone, pay in advance, and ask that they write "he was a good soldier" in script on the stone and instead you get this.

The stonecutter realizes his mistake and offers you this stone for free (which means you now have $500), or he can make a new one for slightly cheaper as an apology. Keep in mind beloved relative is dead and presumably won't know the difference... what would you do? Make him change it or keep the $500 and sorry, Relative?

edit: You don't owe another $500, it just means that instead of $500 plus the incorrect gravestone, you will have a correct one.
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It's that time of year again...well, almost. Inspired/reminded to me by this post,

Poll #1627685 You're a good man, Charlie Brown.

Which of these is your favorite?

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
A Charlie Brown Christmas
I have not seen any of these
I dislike all of these
I am offended by your exclusion of A Charlie Brown Valentine

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Sooo, TQC I am a broke college student who is desperately trying to get a job. I've applied for literally over 100 work study jobs for my college and applied to a good amount of retail jobs as well and just about everything I could find on Craigslist. About two months into this search and I have yet to find a place that will hire me. I've gone to about ten or 11 interviews by now and yet I can not get hired anywhere. As a nice little present, I recieved two job emails today rejecting me. I don't think I'm that creepy and I'm always super professional at interviews. I have tons of retail experiance! SO WHAT IS IT. I feel like I have a giant "do not hire" sign on my forehead.

Tl;Dr: I can't get a job.

SO to make this as a question and not just me ranting
Why wont anyone hire me? srs and nonsrs .
and give me some ideas of where else I can apply? I live in Philly if that helps.
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Today I discovered that while I can run well on a treadmill, I suck at running outside. Mainly, because it's a lot harder.

Any advice to help me improve? Besides just running outside more since that is obvious.
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do people realize they're actually not raising awareness for breast cancer by posting their "bra colors" or "where they put their purse" on facebook?

wouldn't it be nice if people actually did something useful to promote awareness? or at least click this?
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My dog is officially 5 years old. How old is/are your pet(s)?

Don't have a pet: I have a paper to write and I have been putting it off. Will you spam this post so that when I come back after writing my paper I'll have a million comments to greet me?

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When maintaining a community on Livejournal, is it possible to keep one post on top of every other post? Kind of like a sticky post or something?

I tried the "Date Out of Order" thing, and it apparently works for personal journals, but not communities...

Any help is appreciated.

Also, not sure if it matters but my journal style is Smooth Sailing.

DK;DC what was the latest videogame that you enjoyed?

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For my school loan, I have to do "entrance counseling" online before they will give me money, which consists of reading and answering questions on a quiz. Has anyone else had to do this? I've never heard of it before.
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Is it always a bad idea to wear a dress to a job interview? I don't have a decent business suit on hand and my other options are a black skirt that's a bit too short, a grey tweed-like skirt and a black skirt just below knee-length with a few wrinkles I've been trying to get out via the dryer. The dress I am thinking of wearing is a grey and black dress just below knee-length.

Don't know or care, what's going on with you?

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 What movie/tv show do you want but have searched the internet for and cannot find? Or what movie do you wish Netflix would offer?

I'd have to buy Fellini's Cassanova if I want to watch it and I'm not sure it would be compatible with my DVD player argh. 
LB - Ugh.
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Will you post a TV show/movie/book series and then people can comment as to which TQCers would fill the roles?

good. now start matching names with characters.
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Dear TQC,

Starting next month, four Mormon friends of mine are getting married before the year ends.  And no, not to each other. ;)
I've never been to an LDS wedding reception before, what should I expect of their wedding receptions?

non-srs welcomed.
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Just curious to see who knows them;

1. If I say "Killing Joke" what do you think of?

2. If you said "band," do you like them?

If you don't care;

3. What new show this fall did you start watching but have already given up because it was just that bad?
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 What movies are you looking forward to seeing?

I can't wait to see the new Jackass movie. I also kinda wanna see Life as we Know It and It's a Funny Story. I also kinda wanna see Paranormal Activity 2 even though it'll probably suck. Due Date looks promising.

What was the last movie you saw in theatres? I saw The Last Exorcism when it first came out.
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TQC, when it comes up in causal conversation, is is more awkward to point out the fact you've never had sex if someone assumes that you have or to just sort of let it go? My co-workers spend a lot of time talking about hooking up and relationships and dick and I feel like a 40 Year Old Virgin moment is becoming inevitable.
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Well, it was 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit all day today, and after a long, extremely hot summer and being whiny Southerners, I heard a lot of awesome similes today. 'Cold as a witch's tit', 'cold as a flying fuck' and various others that made no goddamn sense.

What is your favorite weather simile? Or, hell, just your favorite, nonsensical similes that you have heard? They amuse me so much.

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I think I might have some form of health-related OCD? For the most part I function okay but every few months I'll have a really bad flare-up about some illness or another and then it's basically all I can think about -- I think about it constantly and am always "checking" to see if I have it and concentrating on the symptoms and generally freaking myself out. Like it's been blindness, rabies, etc. But recently (about a week and a half ago) it has become schizophrenia!

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For those of you with anxiety problems, what usually helps you cope with them when they're really bad?


Has anybody ever tried taking GABA, and has it helped?
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