October 3rd, 2010

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1. What if it turns out we are the only ones out there in this universe? Not because we are God's chosen ones or anything like that but because the planet is a fluke of nature. We are the very exception to the rule.

How do you feel about that?

2. Forget the good looking factor, who is your favorite actor for sheer talent alone? Like you follow this actor because he/she is so compelling to watch.

I just watched Ben Foster in The Messenger. Man, that kid can act. First time I misted up during a movie in a dog's age.

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Ughh so the shower drain is backed up, which is definitely an issue since there's no strainer or anything so whatever mess is way down there. I just moved into this apartment a couple of weeks ago and have no idea what to do, does one just call a plumber for this type of thing or are there easy fixes?

I looked around online but I'm really not sure. I don't think we have a flashlight and I have no idea if there's a drain trap, but I'm definitely not scraping everyone's nasty hair out of the drain. Is trying to plunge til something comes up/it becomes completely unblocked a good idea or not?

How much does a plumber visit usually cost for this kind of thing? (I'm in SoCal)

Basically, what should I do? xD;

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Is knitting an extreme sport????

I think it should be.

I have a great NEED to bake something with pumpkin, but the canned pumpkin wont be out for another two weeks. Help me satisfy this urge! I have canned yams, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. What should I do with these things?

Could someone make my Borg icon more Halloweeny?

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Do you have 'friends" who seem to think it's ok to put you down? Do you think they realise just how much of an arsehole they're being?

Brought to you by my friend letting me know that the course I'm doing is a complete waste of time and how it's not going to get me anywhere in life and I should just go to uni. "Oh no, wait, you can't go to uni cos you didn't even finish high school." Urgh. There was more but it's making me too cross.

Bonus question! How does one get rid of a friend like this?
We have tickets booked for shows and such all the way til March next year. So I can't exactly avoid her. And she regularly calls me/IMs me/emails me/pops into my work to visit. And I have to go to a ball with her next weekend and I've been looking forward to it for months and I feel she's just going to ruin it for me :(

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What are your favorite looks from the 90s, assuming you're not of the opinion all those styles and the memories of them should be burned?

I personally love the makeup from back than. Matte, lip liner, all that goodness.
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chlorine in pools

I've started swimming again for exercise. I'm worried about the effects of the chlorine, specifically on my hair. I paid a lot of money for a nice cut and a perm and my hair looks the best it ever has, and I'd like to keep it that way. I've been swimming with a swim cap, but the tip of my pony tail under the cap still gets wet, though not soaking wet. Should I wash my hair after swimming to get the chlorine out, or should I just let it dry and go to bed and wash it the next day? I wash my hair every morning no matter what. Which is worse - chlorine or more frequent washings?

I also worry about how it could affect my jewelry. I own very little jewelry because of skin allergies and I am paranoid locking my wedding/engagement rings in my locker (though to be fair I have no concrete reasons to think they would be stolen), so I've been wearing them in the pool. But is the chlorine bad for them too?

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Have any of you noticed a trend lately with people wearing rosary beads as necklaces?

For some reason people in my area are doing this a lot, and while flipping through postsecret, I noticed someone wearing them as well.

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Dear TQC men,

Do you hold your penis while you sleep?

Dear TQC women,

Have you ever noticed your man holding thier penis while they sleep?

if so, have you ever wondered WHY they do this?

my husband used to hold his cock while he slept or whenever he felt the need and yesterday I noticed my roommate holding his penis while he slept too.
I <3 TLV

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Will you post something weird you think/do so other people can tell you if they share that weirdness?

I live in an apartment building and I can't STAND being able to hear my downstairs neighbor's music, even though it's always lovely classical stuff (and often it's the tenant playing a flute). On the other hand, I enjoy hearing my upstairs neighbor's footsteps and my neighbor to the left's tv because they make me feel less alone when I'm home by myself. I think it's weird that I don't feel the same way about all of the noises. Can anyone relate?

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What are your plans for today?

If you enjoy reading, do you read series from the same author or different books from different authors?

Are all your friends pretty similar to you or do you have  friends with all sorts of people with different beliefs,religions,ethnic background then you?

What are some of your favorite cartoons?

Is there any part of your life were you are in a rut?
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I saw a video, but I don't remember when (last year?) of a small group of people in a public place (Paris?) who had a boombox and all started dancing, and then more and more random people joined in the dance until they had this big mob of dancers and then they all broke off at the same time.

And now I can't find it! Because 'dancing in Paris' doesn't really help in Google and I'm not sure how to search for it.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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You find yourself in a rock/indie/post punk band. What instrument do you want to play? Or would you rather be the lead? And if you want to be a guitarist, do you know what type of guitar you want to play? What is it?

Who are your influences?

And just out of curiosity, what's your gender?

Oh, and one last thing, who is your favorite woman rocker? Not pop. Not adult contemporary. Not electro. But rock and roll.

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My friend looked up the phone number of the writers of her favorite tv show and left a message expressing how much she loved their work and how inspiring to her they were.

Is she a creeper or just an enthusiastic fan?

Have you or anyone you know ever tried to contact "famous" people you/they admire?

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My grandmother died last week, and she wanted Ave Maria played at her funeral. She liked a version that the little girl on America's Got Talent did, I found a Youtube video of it, but I need to be able to put it on a disc, and I need it without the BS at the beginning and the end of the video.

How can I do this?
venus as a boy fucking freakout

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October is here, meaning it's time to start drinking copious amounts of hot cider and rum. And what goes best with such a drink? Donuts. Hot, fresh cinnamony donuts.

What is your favorite kind of donut/breakfast pastry? Pictures are more than welcome.

Do you spell out the word as "donut" or "doughnut"?

Pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie?

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Did you think something was normal and an everyday thing until you learned otherwise?

When I was 10, I thought it was normal that EVERYONE shaved their arms - but apparently not. 

Do other families way of doing things around the house make you feel... off? 

I found it weird when people would vacuum past 7pm at my friends houses, because we NEVER did and it was more of "down time" instead of cleaning time. Or going out past 7 was weird too. My parents always went to bed super early. 

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 Do you ever feel bad for your significant others' exs?

My boyfriend left another girl for me, and I feel so guilty... especially since I'm not really happy in the relationship anymore and want to leave.. maybe they'd have been happier if I was never in the picture.
Joker Heath

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If you have ADD or ADHD, do you use medication?

I'm considering whether or not I want to use medication. I feel it might be necessary at least while I'm in college, in order to do better in classes. But I'm afraid of it altering the way my mind works. Does it affect how one experiences emotions? Does it affect energy? I feel like I have learned to view and experience my emotions and energy in a way that I really like, and I'm not sure if medication will alter any of that. What's it like for you?
Oh hay thar

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I have been sick since Monday with mono and just got out of bed at 2pm and am feeling OK today. I was thinking about baking a couple fall treats for my kids before I die out again. Right now I have a butterscotch/pears type dessert in the oven. What else should I bake?


i just made some peanut butter cookies. I want to put chocolate filling in the middle. how do i make chocolate filling?should i just melt chocolate and put it on, or use actual icing? or something else?

eaters: which filling would you like best in a peanut butter cookie: jelly, chocolate, or honey?
do you like peanut butter cookies?

I made this but i feel like the taste of peanut butter is too overwhelming -_-

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I feel like I have been losing time a lot lately. As in, I'll be doing something, and when I look at the time, it is always far later than what I expect it to be. Does anyone else get this?

Is there something you want right now, but can't have?

Do you still own any toys from your childhood?
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Inspired by jubber's post about your favorite Batman/Catwoman/Joker/Robin...

Do you think that Heath Ledger would have won the Academy Award for his role as the Joker if he had not passed away?

Does anyone else have horrible troubles spelling the word posthumously without spell check?

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Poll #1627241 Fictional Worlds

You have to stay in one of these fictional worlds. Which do you choose?

Wizarding World/Hogwarts
Pokeworld/Kanto, Johto, etc.
Star Wars Universe
Star Trek Universe

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A theater on my campus is screening Gasland tonight and the film-maker is coming to speak afterwards...I'm an environmental major, but none of my friends are interested in seeing an environmental movie.

How lame would it be to go to the movies alone? Have you ever gone alone? Did it feel weird? I feel like it would feel weird. ):

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What is your opinion on herbal/ natural remedies or supplements? I was just "strongly suggested" (she got angry when I said I was just planning on buying Robitussin...) to buy this product by one of my grandmother's friends, and was wondering what people's experiences are with similar things.

The label says this may contain remnants of bee pollen in it... I'm allergic to pollen when it's in the air, should I be concerned about ingesting trace amounts of it?

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Money is tight this week, so it needs to be a cheap eats week until Friday.

What are 4 cheap dinners that I can pick up at the store, that can feed two people and have leftovers for lunches the next day?

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Do you prefer your clothes hung on open racks or do you prefer your clothes all in the cupboard,closed?

i prefer my staple clothes out in an open rack and the clothes i rarely wear in the cupboard

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When things are going well for you, do you wait for things to fall apart, or do you just sit back and enjoy it?

I've got like three job interviews this week (after months of no interviews at all) and one part time job already and I'm like, "Uh... okay, roof? I'm getting ready for you to fall. What's gonna happen?"
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will you post pictures of yourself or other people in a mermaid costume?

do you like parks and recreation? if not WHY NOT WATCH IT RIGHT NOW netflix instant watch :D
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I am borrowing my boyfriend's XBOX while he lives in a tent, so now I get to explore the fabulous world of Netflix.

What technological advances have you recently become acquainted with?
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When is the last time you got in trouble and why?

My SO just came home with his friends and they told me that they went to Fausto's, bought a soda, and stole a bunch of their condiments for the fish tacos they're making tonight. The manager was apparently not pleased.
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Hey guys, can I get some recommendations for novels about journalists? Sort of like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. A friend of mine is trying to get into reading, and he's liking that one so far, but I'm blanking on suggestions for similar books.
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Would it bother you if your spouse or life partner were making a lot more or less money than you? Assuming you both worked a similar number of hours, would you expect the one making much less money to offer any other sort of contribution?

Do you think your sex influences your feelings on the matter?


What perfume or cologne do you wear? Do you have a signature perfume/cologne?

Do you change it for the seasons?

I wear Burberry Brit Sheer and have since it came out. I've had men comment on how when they've hugged other women wearing it it reminds them of me. I wear Chanel Chance in the winter but it's not my normal fragrance.

I also get turned on by guys who wear Tommy because my first love in high school wore it. It's completely irrational but just the smell brings back good memories.

What about you?
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TQC, how many sexual partners have you had in your 'career'? Also, how old are you?

Inspired by me casually chatting with my ex who slutted up  (slept with many people hurting both them, himself, and me) half of Japan. And two for me at nearly 25. [edit] Very sorry for the poor wording guys, no problem with casual sex whatsoever, having a very bitter night and want reassurance since it's okay not to have had much experience!
I <3 TLV

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Which of the following music listening devices have you used?

Record player
8-track player
Boom box
Stereo/home theater
Minidisc player
Mp3 player
Car stereo
Portable radio

Which is your preferred device?

Record player
8-track player
Boom box
Stereo/home theater
Minidisc player
Mp3 player
Car stereo
Portable radio

How do you prefer to listen to ti?



This may be totally inappropriate and I totally apologize, but Im really trying to help my cousin out by posting her link online :)

She is auditioning to become host of a travelling show! with the hopes of winning land and money!!

She is in third place, so if you could take the time to vote for her that would be incredible!!
(dont worry, you dont have to create an account)

Coffee cups

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What is your favorite type of Halloween candy? Check all that apply

Candy corn
Mini chocolate bars
Anything you find on the street on November 1
Regular-sized candy bars
Candy apples
Those mini boxes of regular candy (Nerds etc)
Whatever you can take from small children
I don't care, so long as it's free
Anything covered in white powder
I'm too good for candy
Other (see comments)
i ain't into that!

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What was the weather like today?

Where do you study or work best?

Can you recommend a nonfiction book to me? 

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being borderline-Hoarders, how messy is your living space right now?

Do you have anything planned for this week that you're looking forward to? 

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My boyfriend and I are thinking about getting our first dog. I have never owned a dog. We would adopt a young adult dog from a local rescue.

Do you have any advice for a first time dog owner? Are there any good forums, websites, or books that you would recommend? Any good training resources?

Or you could just post a picture of your dog.

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Is it possible to go around the world in one day if all you have escorting you is a balloon?

I'm currently in an Astronomy class. It's so much harder than I expected. What's one class you picked which you thought would be either really easy or really hard and ended up being the opposite?

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Have you ever bought someone a paid account for any length of time?
Have you ever been gifted a paid account? 

I just bought someone on my f-list one because I was bored and they complained about ads. It was something to do! :p

What are you tomorrow day plans? How about your tomorrow evening plans?
How are you feeling right now? 

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Television Memories

Hey TQC!  Is there any moment from tv that really sticks out in your mind?  I'm not talking about the news, just sitcoms or dramas or whatever.

my answer: david cross as donny on just shoot me singing "chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot pie!"

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My physics professor isn't responding to my emails.
I think he's having sex since he's kind of young,but...
What should I write to catch his attention?
non-srs pls, i need a good laugh

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what are some foods that I should try that I may never have had before?

and can you give me a brief discription of the food ?

like i've *never* had Nutella before or vegimite or gooey duck....things like that

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Since June I've gained 20 pounds. Boyfriend says he can't notice, but I noticed NONE OF MY CLOTHES FIT!!! I'm really, really unhappy about this. I didn't change my eating habits or exercising habits (I don't drink soda, eat a lot of veggies, lean meat... and I wokr out 2 times a week or so (mostly running/jogging because that's what i love)). I'm 21 so I don't think my metabolism should have just stopped. I did, however, start/change medications (10 mg Ambian CR, Seasonique, 20 mg lexapro, 100 mg Imatrex (as needed)). I've googled all of them and none of them say weight gain is normal/expected/whatever (except like 5% of people who would have gained weight anyway). I'm not pregnant to my knowledge (I've taken like 3 pregnancy tests because with the BC i only have a period every 3 months and it freaks me out). I've felt like general shit for awhile. I'm anxious and moody and hate my body and more depressed than before (I told the doctor so she boosted me from 10 mg lexapro to 20 mg) I've had a lot of sore throats and ear aches and side pains and general aches.

Do you think this warrants a VERY EXPENSIVE trip to the dr? Am I destined to just keep gaining weight until I weight like 500 pounds? Can I just cry for the next million years and hope that that makes me stop being so effing fat? Gaaawd... I feel like a preteen who gained 2 pounds and is freaking out.

< /whinewhinewhinewhine>
cabaret voltaire

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i have an assignment due tomorrow morning, but i am seriously dead exhausted and don't want to be awake anymore. should i go to sleep now and then get up early to finish it, or should i do it now and go to bed afterwards?

i have to write a reflection on a spanish test i took and got an a on. what am i supposed to reflect on??

does the second question count as a homework question? :(
tommy boy

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So I ended up mere feet from Patrick Dempsey's bicycle-short encased bum while he was bent over this morning. I mean...you could see the definition in his butt cheeks and everything. O_O.  I kept reasoning to myself that he's just a regular guy trying to go about his life and therefore it was rude to stare, but let's be honest, I'd be staring at a guy's bum as tight as that no matter who they were.

You guys know all about what's ethical and what isn't...was it rude to stare?

Is it ever NOT rude to stare?

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Is there a website/community where I can post a picture of a cut or mark and people can tell me what they think it's from/what's wrong?

Dunno if that's a weird/gross question, but I'm a little freaked out and the clinic is closed. :O


edit: posted in comments.

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Anyone know of a dailyplate type site where you can keep track of the foods you eat, BUT it lets you see the vitamin content of each thing you add on? I am trying to keep track of the nutrients that I am getting from the foods I eat in an easy way, but i would like it for free, and DailyPlate charges extra for that.

Anyone know if this is available on the internetz?

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I'll be using a crock pot for the first time tomorrow (so excited!) and these are the ingredients I plan to toss in for a vegetable stew:

bay leaves
corn starch
vegetable stock
black pepper

What kind of beans would you recommend? (I'm kind of leaning towards cannellini but idk beans.) Would rosemary be overkill? Can you think of anything else I should toss in there?

dk/dc: Favorite crock pot recipe?

(no subject)

Inspired by the other food question, I bought two massive packs of cheese because they were buy one get one free. I've decided I don't like it. Aside from macaroni cheese, what recipes are there that use up loads of cheddar cheese?

ETA: I'm in rural UK, so things such as nacho's are less easy to come by, and I haven't heard of half of the suggestions but would love recipes/explanations!

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If you knew you were taking what might be the last math class of your life, would that motivate you to try harder and finish strong, or would you slack off? I'm slacking off...

When you wash your face in the sink, do you prefer cold or hot water? Is it different when you wash your face in the shower? I use cold water in the shower, but hot in the sink. I just realized this. I don't know why. 
carter arrested

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appears i'm invited to a wedding. and the bridal shower, and the bachelorette party. this is all happening next month. as this is my first time attending a wedding as a full-fledged grownup, what the hell do i buy for gifts? there's a registry, but i'm supposed to bring stuff to the wedding AND the shower, right? what about the bachelorette party?
Take a Look

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Anyone know where (online) I can get sewing help? Or can you help me, TQC?

I have this little guy that I made out of two pieces of fabric. I want to put little soles on his feet, but I'm not sure how I should sew this additional piece of fabric on the already sewn together bits. Right now his legs are tubes with holes at the end.
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Does anyone know of a good book I could order off of http://www.blurb.com/bookstore ? I'm going to order one and its one price for shipping on 1-3 books so I may as well consider something else.
Im open to anything on there and like pretty much all kinds of art/photography/architecture (assuming they're good works of art, of course)
If its a cookbook, I should note that i'm a vegetarian.