October 2nd, 2010


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Do you prefer cookies warm, room temperature, or cold? How about brownies? I think my dad is weird.. He only will eat cookies, brownies and other baked goods if they've been in the fridge for a while. Who doesn't like cookies and brownies straight out of the oven?

Is thequestionclub your favorite lj community? If not, what is?
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 Poll #xxxx

What color is your hair naturally?

Light blonde
Dark blonde
Light brown
Dark brown
Light red
Dark red
Something else

Does it go well with you, or do you dye it?

I love my natural hair color, never touched it
I used to not like it but I've come to embrace it after some dye sessions
I don't care much either way, but I've never dyed it
I dislike my hair color, but I don't dye it
I don't care much either way, but I have dyed it before
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For such a supposedly brilliant movie, why is Amadeus so BORING?
Imagine you work in a place where tips are shared equally amongst all coworkers. You handle a difficult customer with grace and poise, and she gives you a $10 bill, telling you explicitly that it is for you alone. If you're caught keeping it you could get an official reprimand, not to mention the disdain and resentment of your coworkers. Do you put it in the pool with the rest of the tips? What if it's $20, or $50?
I have to buy some cold cereal tomorrow. Will you choose two varieties for me? One must be ultra boring, healthy, and fibrous - I usually get Grape Nuts, but I'm looking to venture out. The other is anything anything, but it can't be chocolate.

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If you could could have any prehistoric creature as a domesticated pet, which would you choose?

Do you have any odd favorites? (like, idk, a favorite toe or shower pouf or something) Why is it your favorite?
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Age Difference

TQC:  Have you ever been a significantly different age than the majority of the people you socialize with?  Did you find that you could form lasting friendships with them, was it just a short term thing?  If it was awkward, do you think it was more awkward for you or them?

Inspired by the fact that I have recently returned to college and all the other students were 12 when I graduated high school.  I know it's not a huge difference, but I feel awkward around them.

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My housemate has started smoking properly after being a social smoker for a while, and told another housemate that she couldn't tell her why, and that she wouldn't be able to guess, and that it wasn't addiction.

Given that she knows it's bad for her/expensive etc, why did she make the decision to start smoking?
Non-srs, but i'd be intrigued as to people's srs ideas seeing as it's 'impossible' to guess.

ETA: She's pretty immature and a dramallama, so it won't be anything logical.

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Skirt wearers of TQC, do you wear really long skirts (i.e., floor length)? If so, how do you wear one without looking like you stepped from the set of Big Love?

Don't know or care, what was the last food you made that turned out horribly?

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On rare occasions (like, once every few weeks) I wake up in the middle of the night with intense sugar cravings, and it's impossible for me to get back to sleep until I have something. Because it happens when I'm sleepy I wind up doing stupid shit like mixing up an entire sachet of powdered drink mix and sculling it in one go.

This just seems to be a fairly random blood-sugar thing, it happened back when I ate a lot of refined sugar and is happening at much the same rates now I've largely cut out refined sugar from my diet. It's also, as I say, only occasional.

Does anyone have any suggestions on something I can keep handy, that's reasonably non-perishable, that will hit the spot in these occasions so I don't go on marathon sugar binges? It doesn't have to be drink-based, I just don't keep junkfood in the house and the drink mix was all I could dig up in my cupboard at 3am.
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Will you share a time that you were amused by somebody misunderstanding something?

My sister called me the other day and said, "My boyfriend told me I'm like a bowl in a china shop. What does that mean?"
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I've had full body muscle aches for 5 days now and am not exhibiting any other pains other than a sore throat, but it has really knocked me on my ass as evidenced from how dirty my house has become.

Does this really warrant a trip to the walk-in clinic to get something? I don't like to be those people who go to the doctor everytime they sneeze. I've missed two afternoons from work so far.
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Hey, TQC, what are your favorite perfumey/body spray type scents? Not, like particular brands or anything, but like the smells...I like flowery scents, vanillas, and slightly musky things.
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do you have a picture phone?
what was the last picture you took with it?

for anyone who has worked in a grocery store - how did you like that?

are you really close with your extended family?
i feel like i don't know any of mine.
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 Are you picky about food? I wouldn't call myself picky because I do eat a lot of stuff and I like to try new things, but there are certain foods that I avoid.  I would say I'm nit-picky about certain things though. For example, if I have a roast beef sandwich from a leftover pot roast, I have to have it with cool ranch doritos. If there aren't any, I will not touch the sandwich.
I won't eat meatloaf unless there's  mashed potatoes and peas.

Based on my examples of nit-picky, would you say you're nit-picky about food? What are some things you're very particular about?

I woke up today and my right lymph node in my neck is so swollen, my neck doesn't curve under my jaw anymore. The other side is tender and starting to swell a bit, but it isn't as bad as the right one yet. It also hurts to swallow. Aside from going to the doctor (because they can't move me up from Nov 10th),  is there anything I can do to try and reduce the swelling and pain?

I'm pretty sure it's probably strep throat because I usually get it around this time of year but unless I can get my parents to help me with a hospital visit, I'm going to have to wait until next month.
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Happy Saturday, T-Quack

TQC! :)

How are you?
Today is exciting because I have the whole day to do whatever I want!! This is rare! WHAT SHOULD I DO? 
What blu-ray  DVD player should I purchase? 
What was the last thing/experience that moved you?

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My husband loves the name Pepper Marie for our daughter, due in January. I am in love with the name Madison Shea. Which should we name her?

Madison Shea
Pepper Marie
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Dear TQC;

I've gone on "dates" with the same guy every weekend for the past 3 weeks. Is this turning into a Thing?

We're going to watch cartoons at his place tonight. What kind of beer should I bring over?

On a non-related note: how do you get armpit stank out of a t-shirt? Short of washing it several times in a row or just buying a new one :(

Tide Coldwater sucks ass. What kind of laundry soap do you use?

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Does sending a message saying that you're going to use a voodoo doll against someone count as a reportable threat? 

What did I do to her? I thought I was the nice one. (This is a rhetorical question). 

How did you sleep last night? Very badly. My back hurts. 

Potluck food ideas!

I'm going to a potluck tonight. What should I make?

I am a decent cook and like a challenge, but we're just chilling out and watching football so I don't really need to bust out anything too crazy. Just link me to any tasty looking recipes or food pictures that would be appropriate for a group setting (appetizers, hors d'œuvres, that kinda stuff).

Also, I like pretty food.
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Do you ever use your computer while on the toilet?

Can you guess where I am right now?

What would a guy wear if he were going to an event known only as "80s night"? Assume this guy did not live in the 80s and thus knows little about what was "in" during that era (i.e. "80s stuff" is not a helpful answer).

Would you trust fashion advice given by random people on the internet?
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I saw James and Ed Harcourt last night and it was AMAZING!!! Tim Booth actually touched me! :)

my question - isn't it some sort of faux pas to wear the tees hirt of the band you're seeing?

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TQC, I really want to make a smoothie but our fridge is looking pretty bare. The only fruits we have are bananas and apples. I was thinking of attempting something with peanut butter, but I have no culinary talent and there are too many recipes online for me to judge what might or might not be good. 

Do you have any good smoothie recipes that involve any of these three things? I also have stuff like ice cream, vanilla, etc., but as far as main ingredients go that's pretty much it. 

Edit. I wound up making a peanut butter smoothie from this recipe, only I substituted honey in place of jelly and added some ice. It turned out pretty good. Not cold or thick enough. But still tasty. 
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I got a parking ticket last night but they got my license plate wrong by one letter (CB4---- instead of CD4----). Should I pay it or ignore it? I'm in Houston, if it makes a difference (pretty nonsrs question though).

Your last legal goof-up? What were the repercussions, if any?
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Women of TQC:

Do you have sex whilst on your period? Would your answer change depending on whether it was a serious boyfriend or not?

Men of TQC:
Would you have sex with a woman whilst she was on her period?

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If antibiotics were going to make me nauseous, how long would it take the nausea to kick in?

Also. I wanted to put in my contacts but I apparently have no left eye contacts and three right ones. They are different strengths (though not by much; the lefts are -4.75 and the rights are -5.00) Would it make me sick or give me a headache to wear two right ones for the evening?
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Bored and lazy day

I have done little to nothing today but lounge about and read books or stories at experienceproject.com...what have you done today?

If you could have done anything at all today...what would you have done?

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Dear TQC,

If a new friend of yours lied about something that wouldn't affect your friendship, but was still a lie regardless, how much would that effect the course of your friendship? 
Edit: Have you ever caught a friend in a really stupid lie?

Basically, a kid in one of my classes lied about having been in a band. I know he's lying because I looked up the band of Facebook, Myspace, Wiki, etc. and he isn't associated with the band in any way. I'm not sure what to do now. I haven't said anything to him about it, but it was such a stupid thing to lie about, I'm not sure if I want to continue our friendship. 

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What temperature is your thermostat set at when it's cold out (like 40F/4C)?

My landlord set a max temperature on our thermostat, even though we pay for the gas, at 68F (20C) and I have been having to wear my heavy sweatshirts, wool socks and flannel pants just to keep from shivering. He said he would change it, but he is never in the area to do so. Since there is this thing called the internet, I read the owners manual and changed it myself. Now I don't have to have 5 blankets on my bed just to fall asleep at night. 73F (23C) is what I set it at and it's glorious.

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So, my mother just said to my father, "Between you and me, I don't like our daughter." She was speaking of me. Really? I mean... I don't like her either, but I typically don't say it when she's around.

What's the stupidest/most rude thing a family member/stranger has said to you?
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What should I name my fantasy hockey team?

Interesting facts about me:

I am a female in my late twenties.
I grew up in Pittsburgh.
I currently live in Tucson, AZ.
I am a HUGE Penguins fan.

ETA: 20 character limit

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I have been interested in World War 2 for quite a long time. In November my mother and I are taking a trip to Poland and I would like to visit Auschwitz when I am there. A few people I have mentioned it to have recoiled in horror and assume I have ghoulish reasons for going. Which I don't. I just can't put into words why I want to visit it.

Would you visit it?

Is there anywhere you have visited (or would like to visit) that a lot of people would tend to avoid?

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Best tasting cheap ass wine? I am including box of wine in my requests, for both reds and whites.

I would however like to avoid ones that are titled Chablis or Burgundy. We are poor but there are some things I cannot do.

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What's the last movie you watched that you liked?

I want to watch a movie tonight but I'm grumpy and can't make my mind up on what to watch! 
Will you recommend a movie to me? Any Genre. No gangster themes/music.

What are your plans for tomorrow? 

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So guys I have to write a script. I have these things to choose from. Which one will be less bad to write?

 - A middle-aged woman is obsessed with youth and beauty to the point of losing herself over it.
 - The state fair is the one thing to look forward to in this small town, but it holds a terrible secret.

Whatcha doin' tonight?
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My local PBS affiliate is showing the 1989 Batman film tonight. This reminded me of how fucking awesome the soundtrack for said movie is.

What are your favorite film/tv soundtracks?

What is your favorite Batman film, if you have one? I will accept Batman & Robin if you enjoy watching it really drunk.

DK/DC: Have you ever made a rainbow cake?

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 What is something you don't think you could do, even if your life depended on it?

Get a PHD in Mathematics. 

What is something you think you could only do if it there was the threat of imminent death hanging over your head?

I don't know but it would probably involve a lot of physical pain.
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Tomorrow I have an optional field trip for my herpetology (reptiles & amphibians) class. It requires me to get up at 8am and do field work out in the cold. Should I go? (We're going to identify/count species.)
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What are some cute/funny/clever little phrases you've heard?

ex1: You're dumber in the head than a hog is in the butt.
ex2: You look as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
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What's the strangest dream you've had recently?

A few nights ago, I had a dream that I was being attacked by my bedside lamp. I woke up flailing and punched it, knocking everything off of my nightstand in the process.

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going to an oktoberfest party thing tomorrow afternoon. aside from a german outfit, what should i wear?

also, i may or may not be trying to attract someone's eye. does this change what i should be wearing?