October 1st, 2010

Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 Have you read Night of the Living Trekkies? I just got it today and could not put it down. I just finished it and it was amazing. 

What was the first sci-fi book you ever read (or remember reading)? The first I remember was Invasion by Robin Cook when I was 9, and is still one of my favourites.

Same question but for horror books? Misery by Stephen King also when I was 9. My teacher was horrified especially after I decorated a colouring book cake with a dismembered thumb.

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TQC, I bought a $31 pair of HP headphones for school and was making sure to keep them protected. Today my friend accidentally knocked out the power to my computer while vacuuming. My headphones have not worked since. I've messed with all the volume settings, tried restarting the computer and nothing works.

Did she ruin my headphones?
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Why do people think Mahi Mahi is dolphin are called dolphin/dolphin fish? Have YOU ever seen a mahi mahi?

edited to be closer to what i meant to say, cause im getting a lot of "well they are called dolphin/dolphin fish" im curious as to why..

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How "green" are you, on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 being "I leave all the lights on in my house when I'm not home", and 10 being "I go out of my way not to step on grass if possible" (like my dad). 

Do you hate the term "green"? 

What do you wish people would stop talking about? 
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So do you like Disney's movie Hocus Pocus?

Do you watch crappy old movies and shows from your childhood to feel like a kid again? I've been watching Are You Afraid of the Dark a lot lately.
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Any Survivor fans here? I never even gave it a chance in the first few seasons, but once my husband made me start watching it I got hooked. One of the things I enjoyed most was the primal human drama of watching grimy people starving, sleeping in the mud and at each other's throats. There was a survival aspect, even if it was only simulated and no one was in any real danger. I don't know if there was some kind of lawsuit a couple years ago, or what, but suddenly they all started winning or being provided food early and steadily, and winning comfort items is no longer a factor in any way. It takes something out of it for me. Discuss?

ON a heavier note, when was the last time you had persistent faith something good you were hoping for would fall into place despite difficulty after stumbling block after hangup? Help me keep my irrational hope alive!

edit: Yeah, I just saw the entry three or so down. Post here too! Why not?!

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1. We recently got a new AC for our apartment and it came with a nifty remote. In the remotes plastic packaging was this metal strip and a nail:
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What is it for? The instruction manual doesn't show or mention it.

2. Do you think you would have enjoyed going to this party

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I can't sleep because I have sharp chest pains whenever I breathe. This started a few days ago in what felt like my esophagus...like I had swallowed something whole and it was caught..but I didn't, and the pain has gotten worse. Not unbearable but I definitely cannot lie down.

Should I wait it out til the morning or wake up my roommate to take me to the ER?

Has anyone ever felt this type of pain before? Is it probably something small? It honestly just feels like I swallowed a boulder and it is slowly working its way down.
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so now my country is gonna be led by (far) right-winged populist crazy people.

So i need to emigrate. what's the best country for me to move to (that is not run by right-winged populist crazy people)?

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You finally get off you shift at work at 6am. You drive home and crawl into bed with your SO to go to sleep, only to find they have fallen asleep while looking at porn on their iPod. How do you react?
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Anyone seen A League of Their Own? You know, the one about Women's Baseball with a bunch of people, including Madonna?  Did you like it?

Also, at the very end of the movie, Dottie (Geena Davis) is catching and gets the ball in time to tag out her sister (Kit) as she runs to home.  Kit plows into her and there's this dramatic moment of the ball falling out of Dottie's hand.

So the question is, did Dottie drop it on purpose to let her sister win?  Or did it really just knock out of her hand?

Have you ever let someone win something when you could have?  How'd it turn out?

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Has anyone seen those sort of informational commercials where someone says they've cured themselves of diabetes and weaned themselves off insulin and other meds? (And for the low price of $19.99 you too can have their miracle cure...)?

Did you believe it was true, at all? I keep hearing this sort of thing with diabetes and other conditions and it always makes me feel torn.
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What does it mean when a dog is passive aggressive?  How can a dog be passive aggressive?

Is the weather horrible where you are?  What's it like?

If you live/work somewhere that doesn't recycle, do you feel guilty when you throw away bottles? Do you sometimes take them with you to recycle elsewhere?
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TV Recommendations

I'm out of TV shows to watch. Can you recommend something few to me and tell me a little about it?

I really prefer non-medical/non-crime dramas. I just finished the entire series of Lost and loved it. I also enjoy Desperate Housewives a lot. I liked Heroes too but got a little lost after the first couple seasons.

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In a recipe for pumpkin muffins, they state 1c of applesauce (which I believe replaces oil).

I am allergic to apples.

Can I use more pumpkin and a little bit of oil?

Should I put pumpkin seeds on top of them?
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Awhile back a co-worker gave me a ride to an appointment after work and after dropping me off she received a $250 speeding ticket for speeding in a school zone- she was just at traffic court or whatever for it this morning. Should I offer to pay for some of it, or do I have no obligation?

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I have a bunch of hip, unused clothing in my closet. Should I sell them on eBay, Etsy, or other?
(oh, Etsy is only for vintage clothing...)

TGIF! What awesome things do you have planned for the weekend?
Self cleaning

Forgive and Forget?

Are you the type of person who can forgive and forget? Do you believe you can truly forgive someone if you can't forget that they wronged you? Or does it mean you are still carrying a grudge?

What's your biggest character flaw?

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1. Justin Timberlake makes my insides tingle. Like, really, REALLY tingle. Isn't this a sign that he and I are meant to be?

2. How can I convince JT that he and I are soulmates? Or at least that we should be banging buddies?

3. Does Sarah Timberlake have a nice ring to it?

4. Do you think JT will want a casual or fancy wedding?
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when was the last time you let out a Big No (NOOOOOOOO!) either in type or with your mouth?

last night i realized dexter season 3 was not on instant watch. i let out a Big No on twitter. thanks a lot netflix, now i have to wait for dvds!

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Have you seen anyone do this sort of asshattery to your favorite sports team?

What sort of behavior (if any) would make you report something at a large public event to the authorities?

DK/DC: Nap or shop during an hour break?

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Can you list all the movies you've seen or heard of that are about crazy people? Preferably where they're actually in a mental hospital, but it doesn't necessarily matter.

Like Girl, Interrupted and what not.

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This is annoying and strange, but last night I actually slept well, but today I am dragging and all I want to do is go to sleep now.   Other nights this week (when I was unable to sleep) I felt fine and fully awake the next day.

Why am I so tired and sleepy?
Does this happen to anybody else?  

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My room mate just called the house to let me know that she just got fired. Apparently, her company was looking to replace her while she was on vacation so they could pay someone less money. She'd been working for them for a long time, but they gave her severance, so it's not the worst situation in the world, but it still sucks. I'm going to tell her to chill the fuck out, sleep, relax for today and start thinking on Monday, and probably fix her a drink when she comes home.
I feel so horrible for her, and I know how it feels to suddenly lose your job like that. Ugh.
Is there anything you think I could do to help her or make her feel better?

DK/DC/Extra Credit: What's the fucking weather where you are?
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 Do you have anything that you don't use by yourself but got it for other people's enjoyment?

I have a Rock Band drum set, Guitar Hero guitar, and 2 mics that I don't use.  They're for PS2 so they were very cheap.  I have to wash the dust off them every time I have company over.
Also, I'm about to buy a coffee maker even though I don't drink coffee.  Why? Because, so far, 5 people told me to buy one so they can have  something to drink whenever they visit me.
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I don't own a cell phone. This tidbit gets strange looks when I tell people. But, honestly, I don't need one. I really don't want people to be able to bother me 24/7.

So, TQC, is there anyone out there who doesn't own a cell? Why not?

Help validate me that I am not secretly Amish because I don't own one.

Those who own phones, what percentage of your calls would you say is taken up by talking about mundane stuff? Not the errand friendly, "I'm at the store, what was it that you needed?" But more like everyday, "So, I told Mickey that blah, blah, blah. And he said, blah, blah, blah."

EDIT: This includes texting.
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Does anyone have Photoshop and a spare 10 minutes?

I need a new Halloween Garfield because I think this one is terrible, but I'm bad at editing icons.

Do you have a Halloween-themed icon?
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boring Mac help

I'm using my boyfriend's MacBook to type up something in Word, but there's no option in Tools for 'Spelling and Grammar' like there should be. I can pull up the dictionary to check specific words, but my misspelled words and bad grammar don't show up with red squiggles and the option to correct.

Where the hell is 'Spelling and Grammar' hiding on this MacBook?

Desktop weather/news/etc. thingie

When I had Vista, there was that nice thing on my desktop which said what the weather was going to be, and news headlines, and stuff. It was like the only thing which made Vista any good (even though it usually broke)! Now I have Windows 7, and it's gone.

Has anyone got anything like that? What should I download to replace it?

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I asked my boyfriend to go get me some cookies n cream ice cream from the gas station on his way home. He robbed the station and got arrested and I'm really worried I will get arrested since I told him to stop there. Do I need to get a lawyer?

Ok, enough of that.

Do you like to argue/debate?

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If you have an ebook reader (Kindle, Nook, whatever Sony calls theirs), how do you decide what books to buy as an e-book and what to buy as a regular book?

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 If you were a manager at Lenscrafters, would you consider hiring someone to work on the sales floor who does not need glasses (and therefore can't wear any unless they were fake)? Could a person like that conceivably be qualified for the job given they don't know anything about the decision-making process in buying glasses, except what looks hawt or not? 

Should I even bother applying?

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So I'm getting a long awaited tattoo on Wednesday. It's estimated to cost about $250.00

How much do you usually tip the artist? 

This isn't my first tattoo, I have three others (two large ones) but this is the first tattoo that I've paid for myself.
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My coworker found a baby kitten last night (during TORRENTIAL flooding) but, thought it was a dead rat. Did nothing. It was still there today so, we discovered it's a kitten that is alive. It still has its umbilical cord attached!
I am keeping it for a few hours, to keep it warm and feed it. My dog was sniffing around the kitten..can my dog catch any diseases or anything from the kitten? :/ I was trying to make sure they didn't interact/touch but..I just want to know in case!


shopping while hungry is usually a bad idea

I am going to Wegmans in about ten minutes for groceries.  Would you recommend something yummy to add to my grocery list?  No alcohol or meat products, please!

ETA: I'm getting goat cheese, cream cheese, and possibly pretzel M&M's.  Thanks, TQC  :)

So...what was the best thing about your day?  

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This is random and oddly specific but

does anyone get blisters on their feet really often?
Unless I'm wearing flip flops, any pair of shoes I wear DESTROY my feet.

I have an open cut on the side of my foot now that looks like someone tried to skin me. :(

What the hell can I doooo?
Do you have any weird medical issues or random body stuff?

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The girl is being charged with vehicular manslaughter, which would be the case no matter what caused the accident, so long as she was at fault. It is illegal to text and drive in our state.

Do you think that a death caused by a car accident where the driver was texting should have more severe consequences than if the accident was caused by other means?

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i'm applying for a volunteer position and i'm making my resume. should i include a "volunteer work" section on it? i would put down the 2 benefit concerts that i put together and directed for non-profit organizations, and one activity i participated in with the organization i'm applying to volunteer at permanently which is not non-profit. directing concerts is not related to the position i'm applying for but it shows leadership qualities and if i didn't put them in their own section, I would lump them all into my "activities" section. which way would be better?

also, what should I title the section:

volunteer work
volunteer experience
community work
community service
charity work
something else?


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What should my next ringtone be?
I've had the same ringtone for too many years and I want a change, but I can't decide.

What's your favorite recipe involving meatballs?
Mine's swedish meatballs. But made specifically using the recipe my mom and I use.

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Let's say you ask a friend how his/her weekend was, and the response is "oh it sucked I got a DUI!" Do you respond with the supportive "I'm so sorry to hear that, that sucks!" or the angry "WTF were you thinking you're lucky no one died!" sort of thing?

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Have you ever been in love?

If yes, how many times, and how did you know?

If no, do you think you will ever fall in love, and just haven't met the right person yet?

Does anyone think they are incapable of love, and if so, why?

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So I got this picture of this
Collapse ) from tumblr and it looks so delicious! I'm trying to find out what it is/a recipe for it, can anybody help me out? I'll make some and send it to whoever can help me out :P

EDIT: Thankyou everyone! I hope it's not peanut butter based I hate peanuts :( I thought it looked like cookie dough on top of brownie haha
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i have some white wine i opened almost a week ago (been in the fridge with a cork) that i'm guessing isn't going to taste so good anymore. i was planning to cook with it but now i want to drink it. how could i make it palatable? would blending it with frozen peaches be a bad idea?

alternatively, what else besides drinking (fyi the wine is all i've got atm) can i do to make me fall asleep? i have to wake up early tomorrow for a trip, but i slept in late this morning, so if i wait until i'm naturally tired, i won't fall asleep in time to get enough sleep. i'm pretty wired :C

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Say a friend wants to borrow money because he has a wedding coming up soon, but he's stupid enough to buy a brand new BMW. Would you loan him the money or not?

I voted no and was on the receiving end of a bitch fit! Any examples of friends and money not mixing?


P.P.S. Also, can you say Congrats to me TQC, please? :) I will be able to pick up my lovely kitty cat next Tuesday and I'M SO EXCITE
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Poll #1626286 Whaaat?

What would you do if a boomer was outside your window? It's not attacking, he's just standing there making nasty burping sounds.

Squeal and hide under the bed
Go outside and poke him repeatedly
Go outside screaming your head off and start throwing random crap at him until he explodes
Make him your smelly pet and call him Fluffy
Run outside with a shotgun and proceed to paint your window with boomer
What the hell is a boomer?
The crazy inspired by three hours of playing L4D :D
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Which is it to you?

Other (what?)

How about for these?

Green onions
Spring onion
Salad onion
Onion sticks
Green shallots
Other (what?)
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i went to dinner with my mom and two of her/my dad's friends tonight. i was speaking to one of the friends about how i just finished season 2 of dexter. he said he couldn't watch it because "it's teaching people to become psychopathic serial killers".

do you think there's any validity to his statement?
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What is the last cover of a song that you absolutely loved?

For me it's the cover of Creep they use in the Facebook movie trailer.

It's actually a Belgian girl's choir singing it called Scala & Kolacny Brothers.

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I've had an account with HSBC bank for about five years.
I really, really don't like them and after a recent issue with my parents' account, I'd REALLY like a bank that has awesome customer service.

Do you have any recommendations? Should I start banking with a credit union instead?