September 30th, 2010


Education Articles

I need to write some articles/blog posts about things to do with Education, preferably things that don't need too much research. It's for a blog for teachers. I'm not some huge expert either, since I'm just a student teacher so far. Opinion pieces would probably be fine.
What should I write about? They can be big or little things.

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So tqc, I am having a backyard zombie prom for my birthday this weekend and I need creative ideas. We're already having prom queen and king, zombie pong, and best costume awards but I wanna make some cool food/play games. What should I bake/play?
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Would a woman wearing this sexy sailor costume look better with a blue or white sailor costumed date?

What are you dressing as?
Any fun parties or parades?

I'm dressing as a sailor, because I tried making my Wilma costume and it looks lame. My SO's going to go as one and we're going to get cool temp tattoos and drink and curse lol.
We're going to the parade in the Village and to my room mate's production company's party. Should be awesome.


Yo TQC. Do you drink milk? (I don't mean a latte or anything, just straight up milk.)

I didn't like it that much until I tried organic whole milk. Soooo good. Except one cup has 25% daily recommended amount of saturated fat. Hooooo. (or moo? i dunno. im tired.)

Would you ever drink your straight up milk with ice?

I used to think this was weird. What if it watered down? Ew. But lately, as a barista making iced lattes and whatnot, it doesn't seem as weird anymore. Maybe.
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Which fits you best?


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I'm in a new city, new (skeetchy) hotel room and I can't sleep.
What do you do to fall asleep???

I thought the damn Tube was supposed to stop running at midnight...its 1AM and runs right past my window...
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TQC, how can I make my back feel better? I went to pick up a book last night and I think I threw it out. Luckily it's not horrible. I can still move and all that, it's just really sore and uncomfortable. I have a job that requires me to sit down then stand a lot, so I'm worried about doing some more damage today.

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What the hell is with the song "Love The Way You Lie"?

In particular, who in Rhianna's management thought it was a good idea for her to sing on a track that perpetuates the myth people stay because they like the abuse?

And why is the radio playing a song of this nature, and why are people happy to listen to it?

What are some other horrible abuse songs?
In before "Every Move You Make".

EDIT: Oh god! I just watched the film clip, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT. Domestic abuse is sexy, yo, and abusing your partner really just turns them on. Yup.
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Do you get annoyed when people complain about being bored?

How often do you find yourself feeling bored with nothing to do?

What kind of activities do you do to occupy your time?

I have enough hobbies where I can't find the time to do everything I want to do. I couldn't imagine sitting there having nothing to do, and I'm also having a hard time understanding how a new mother could be bored. There are multiple people (most of them new mothers) on my Facebook that are always updating about how bored they are. Is motherhood that boring? Jeez. I always thought you'd be thankful for the time when baby was napping so you could get things done.

Thank You!

Have you ever sent a 'thank you' letter/card after a job interview?

This is my first time sending one. Should I just type up a letter, put it in an envelope, and hand it to the receptionist at the company to give to my interviewers?

What is your experience, either as a job seeker or hiring person, with thank you letters?
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Have you ever read any books about "surviving suicide" or know anyone that has, and found the book helpful? My family has a friend who has been suicidal, he's homeless right now, we don't know where he is exactly, and he has no cell phone. In an unfortunate confrontation last weekend, we did find him, and someone else we were with called the police to inform them that he was no longer a missing person. Of course, the police had to come check him out, and ultimately the medical response people ended up taking him with them to see what condition he was in, mentally. Well, because we cannot just contact him any time to offer him help, I thought it might be helpful to give him a book if I find him anywhere. I'm not sure he would read it or not, or maybe the idea is really not that helpful? But I don't know what else to do. =c

Brochure Designing

Good Day Lords, Ladies & minions of TQC:

I am finding myself in a small quandary here - I have a nicely designed 3 fold, 2 sided 8.5x11 brochure for the salon I work at and it's got a really nice balance between text and photos and really no huge glaring areas of dead space on it.  (I had too much computer training to really let it go when I said to hell with the corporate world & went back to school for massage therapy, hence why I'm the one who's designing the brochures and not the owner.  :-p)

Now however, we may be getting an esthetician (someone who does the facials, make-up and body wraps) to join our staff and I am trying to figure out how to redesign the brochure to cover her services and prices. 

Should I make it an insert to put inside the existing brochure, or should I somehow try to make a legal sized version of the brochure in order to fit it in and how would I fold it?

Any ideas? 
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Jobs, jobs, jobs

I'm currently looking for a job. I have 2 places interested in me. I interviewed with one last Monday and they said they'd make a decision in about 2 weeks. We'll call them Job A. I want this job more then the other.

Job B. is very interested me and wants to hire me. They said I wouldn't be able to start until the end of October. I also have several more rounds of interviews before they can officially give me an offer with set numbers. This is a great job but it means another month without money.

Should I email my contact at Job A? If yes, should I tell them another position has shown serious interest in me but since I like them/the got me first I want to give them the benefit of the doubt? Should I ask them if I'm a candidate? In the interview they made it seem like I was the top of the pile. Or should I wait to hear from Job A and email if I don't on Monday?

TL:DR I interviewed with 2 companies. Like the first one better but the second one has made an unofficial offer. Should I call/email the first to find out if they want me?

Anyone know good Job/Hiring Advice sites?

(no subject)

When you google something out of curiosity, and you have one wikipedia site and one non-wiki site that both look like they could have your answer, which one do you normally choose?

Do you know what a WikiSpace is? 

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start?

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It's your birthday in a few weeks. Yay! What are you going to ask for?

Do you have a Wishlist on Amazon? What do you want the most from said Wishlist?

Also, my house is a mess. How do you motivate yourself to clean? Any tips?
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Are you a citizen of the country in which you are currently residing? 

If yes, did you become a citizen through something that you did (applying for citizenship through a naturalization process) or through something that you did not do (being born in your country)? Are you happy to have citizenship or kind of ambivalent? Are you considering becoming a citizen or permanent resident somewhere else at some point?

If you're not a citizen, are you trying to become one? Does the process seem challenging or intimidating to you? Does it seem "worth it"?

My best friend isn't a citizen, so she's going through the naturalization process here in the U.S. It's worth it for her because she wants to vote and to spend her life here, but she's had to wait a number of years and to jump through a few administrative hoops in order to do so. 

Also inspired by the fact that I work at a law firm that does some work in asylum law. Those cases make me really grateful that I don't ever have to worry about applying for asylum anywhere because I was lucky enough to have been born in a country where I am safe, (relatively) free, and able to work and vote. 
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On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being loathing, 10 being your favorite activity), how much do you like rating things on a scale of 1-10.

Do you know anyone who makes up their own words when using the phonetic alphabet. (For example, instead of November India Lima as the beginning of a word, my coworker said Nancy Idiot etc) What are some of the funniest or strangest things you've heard substituted for the standard?

I have a toothache. How should I rememdy this? If you suggest yanking it out, how would you suggest I do so at home, using nothing but things ordinarily found around the house?

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Why does Facebook keep showing pictures of my ex as 'recommended photos'?
Every single one is a picture of him.

ETA: What should I do today? It's kind of grey, already 12pm, I have very little money and didn't get much sleep but I feel the need to get out the house. I live by the sea.
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What's something you know that very seldom comes up in conversation/has any use whatsoever?
What sort of situation would you have to be in for that information to be REALLY useful?

I can name the first 12 people in line to the British throne. I live in hope that one day I will be at a Trivia night or something and it will FINALLY be useful. :P
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Every year my school has a Gala in November. It's semi-formal (girls in party dresses, guys in suits) as opposed to formal-formal (ball gowns and tuxedos). This year's theme is "Fire & Ice". Themes for the past 2 years have been "Masquerade" and "Old Hollywood Glamour".

Soooo, any suggestions for dresses/accessories that fit into the "Fire & Ice" theme? I'm more of an "ice" if that helps. Feel free to post links/pics :)
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Your opinion on reasonable salary/wage...

This is a complicated question, but I'm coming here to get opinions because I figure it'll come best from people with different backgrounds, experiences, and am hoping it'll help direct me to make the right decision.

Overview: I am an entrepreneur and have started my own independent business. I have been running it on my own for the past two years, and am in the works of bringing a friend of mine onto my team for the first time. My question pertains to how much I should offer in terms of salary/wage...

Collapse )
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Will you fill in the blanks?

I think you should have your license completely revoked for the rest of your life if you ______________.

I think the worst kind of friend is one who _____________.

I think I am wrong about ______________.

I probably should apologize to ______________ for _______________.

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Have you ever been forced to live with someone you hated?

My whole life my parents were really strict christians, even at nineteen they still asked me to leave the door of my room open when my boyfriend would come over and wanted him to leave the house at 11 pm which he always did. I'm almost twenty-one now and my sister is eighteen. Six months ago her pot head, useless boyfriend got kicked out of his grandparent house and my parents let him move in since he was going to be homeless. After six really annoying months where he had no job, no car and didn't leave this fucking house ONCE because he has no life, so we had absolutely no privacy, he finally "moved out" tuesday and I came home to find him here yesterday and he was "sleeping over". WTF. Do I have the right to be upset here? why is he ALWAYS FUCKING HERE?! Any family outing hes there, every morning/afternoon/night HE'S THERE. My parents don't confront them about ANYTHING because they don't want to embarrass him or something? even after his disrespectful ass was sneaking into my sisters room every single night and sleeping in her room and they found out. I'm in the fucking twilight zone.
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Inspired by my social anxiety + people in my media class heckling me because I participate and comment and have enthusiasm for the class:

What do you think of people in your classes who participate a lot?
Are you the person that participates a lot or shuts up and keeps to themselves?
Do you ever make fun of people for actively participating in class discussion?
Why do you think people do that?
How should I deal with it?

It's not like I'm a know-it-all, I just have a passion for being there, and I don't think anybody else does. OH WELL LOL I was one of THREE PEOPLE in my class of 30ish students to get an A on a paper we turned in. I think people are showing off to their friends, but it's very distracting. I know I can file a formal complaint if it continues, though. IDK.


1. How do you want your remains to be disposed of after you die?
2. Have you made any provisions for this plan of yours? Will you?
3. Have you made a will? Do you plan to?

Vegans of TQC

I've been ovo-lacto vegetarian for over four years now and I'm ready to embrace the vegan lifestyle.

What are some vegan lifestyle tips or unknown facts? What are some common mistakes people make while transitioning into veganism?
Does anyone know of a simple vegan cookbook to buy? I know there are a lot out there but any favorites? 
I'm going to pick one up tonight.
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I've decided to do a term paper for one of my classes on The Lion King, and it occurs to me that I don't own a copy on DVD. I can get it used for about $17, or brand new for $24. This is probably my favorite movie ever and I grew up on it, so I love it tremendously and would want it for my future children. Is that enough of a reason to buy it new, or should I just buy a used one that's in good condition?
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Do you understand Scottish accents?

Because I don't. I'm trying to understand what this guy is talking about, but really the only words I can pick up on are, "Fuck, whiskey, and chardonnay."
Grammar love!

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I'm doing a short presentation about epidemics and outbreaks for my biology class in a couple weeks. What would be a good game or class activity that can demonstrate how pathogens spread and cause epidemics?

It has to be no more than 5 minutes.

I was thinking something along making one person "the disease" and they hand out an M&M to every student, and the different colors mean different things...but I'm sure there's a better idea out there.

This is for a college bio class, it's one of the projects we have to do.
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Do you ever dream about TQC? Will you share those dreams?

Last night I dreamt that another member and I posted comments at the exact same time, and somehow our usernames got switched on them. And so it looked like I had written their comment, which was extremely offensive and mean. The dream continued on as a nightmare as I tried figure out wtf was going on while I got hundreds of hateful comments in response to it. At the end of the dream, the person who actually wrote it fessed up. I feel like that was possibly one of the dumbest dreams ever, haha. But when I woke up I had to check to make sure it hadn't actually happened!


An old leg injury as flared up again but I really need to go to the gym...

Should I ignore it and go or wait til tomorrow for my planned/booked in personal trainer session?
I plan on going twice tomorrow and again on sat...

How many times a week do you go to the gym?

(no subject)

There are three shows I want to see in November, and I can't afford them all!


Ben Kweller & Julia Nunes - I love Julia a lot, but I've seen/met her before, and I don't actually know Ben Kweller very well

Matt & Kim - I adore them, but it's on a Tuesday at 7pm, and it's about a 40 minute drive to Burlington. I'm not sure if the ferry will still be running late enough for me to get back.


Hanson & Jarrod Gorbel - It's fucking Hanson. That is good enough justification. Also, Jarrod Gorbel is amazing. But tickets are 10 dollars more than they are for the above two.


(no subject)

Sometimes I have dreams in which I make people cry. Sometimes it's someone I dislike (ie, a passive aggressive boss or bitchy classmate,) and sometimes it's someone I don't know at all (ie, William Shatner or Fergie - Pea, not duchess)
What could this mean, TQC?

Do you think I'll get a call back from the place I turned in a resume today? I'm being intensely neurotic and insecure about it an analyzing every word that was said. The owner asked me more questions than she asked the previous applicant, and called me by name a few times. But then again, I'm sure eight billion other people in this town are trying to get the job.
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I don't watch Tosh 2.0 anymore. I used to with my girlfriend but I stopped after she broke up with me because it was our show.

You may now proceed to pity me.

However, I do catch commercials for it every so often which leads to the following question.

Would you ever cornhole yourself?
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My holidays are here. but Im not going home (home is hell).

But Im going crazy here. Im all alone and abt 80% have gone back home so its more like a ghost town and Im cracking my head I really dont know what to do. My depression is also making me think really awful stuff.. I should do something to make myself more happy..

What should I do? My budget is limited. I cant think of anything to do by myself..
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(no subject)

It's 90 degrees and now raining. I woke up with a hangover, had to take an exam, have both slammed and zippered my fingers, and have now just finally returned home feeling feverish and sick to my stomach.
Will you invent a word to describe my day?
What was your high and low for the day?
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(no subject)

has anyone ever annoyed the everloving shit out of you for a weird reason?

what does it take to make you lose all your respect for someone with no real hope of getting it back?

(no subject)

Inspired by the other going home post, if you went away for college/uni, how often did you go home?

I've been at uni for 2 weeks now, but my course only starts next week. I'm missing my family, but am not homesick, and would like to have a trip home planned. My stepdad is visiting me for a few hours on sunday. I feel a bit like I should hold out as long as I can so I appreciate home all the more. It takes 3 hours to get home, and costs about £40, which is quite a lot for me.
Should I go home next weekend (9th) the one after, or wait longer? 
Worst Blind Date

(no subject)

I saw a job posting for a position that was posted through a recruiter that I applied for the same day. The recruiter got with me the next day to set up an interview at his office - went to the interview and he thought I was a great candidate and said he would get back with me shortly to meet with the client. Several days passed with no response so I followed up with him and he gave me some b.s. answer that the client has filled the position. I think he is lying - should I contact this company anyway?

Has anyone else experienced any other recruiter horror stories?
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Fall fashion

Do you like to layer? Will you share pics of well coordinated layered outfits? (Your own or from catalogues or whatever)

What is your favorite fall fashion trend this year?

Will you share a photo of your favorite piece of clothing this season? Something you own or something you want to own.

(no subject)

How often do you go on nights out where heavy drinking is involved?
Should I go out tonight?

Considerations - Pro's: it's freshers week, my really good friend is coming out and I haven't seen her for ages, this is the last chance in a while for me to go to the club I really like, I have nothing to do tomorrow

Cons: I have been out twice this week already, I feel a bit ill, not all of my housemates have moved in yet, we may not go to the club I like.
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(no subject)

What's the most recent ringtone you added to your phone?

I made an mp3 today for text messages of Carl from ATHF saying, "Shove it just right back up your ass. I'll, uh, see you never."


TQC, i'm at a loss. i know i want to be a high school english teacher but i'm not sure what the best route would be.

should i...
a) get my bachelor's degree in english then go on to grad school for education? i really despise my upper level english classes, the ones that wouldn't be mandatory for choice b.

b) get my bachelor's in education/teaching certificate through undergrad? i'd like the classes a lot better/get classroom experience, BUT i'd have to pay for an extra year of school.

any suggestions would be marvelous.

I'm a bad guy because she lost her phone...

So, I went shopping with my "best friend" today at the mall. We went to a total of 4 stores (Old Navy, Rue 21, Ben's Pretzles, and Target (only to get a drink)). She lost her phone and sunglasses in that time. She didn't realize it until we were out to my car. She starts freaking out and throws a fit until I go in and look for her phone. I went to every place, asked them if they'd seen it and looked for them myself. I go back to the car and tell her nope can't find it. She starts freaking out and leaves the car to go find her boyfriend?

It's now somehow my fault she lost her phone, and I caused BS by being annoyed by having to be the one to look for HER phone/sunglesses. She didn't even HELP me look for it. She just sat in my car throwing a fit.

Apparently she didn't find them so mommy bought her a new iPhone 4. Wow.

Am I valid in being pissed off by somehow being the badguy in this situation?

Edit: The only reason I went in and looked for it is because she was guilting me all, "OMG IF IT WAS YOU I WOULD GO IN FOR YOU." Even though when we worked together when I'd be legit sick and ask her to work for me she would refuse because she didn't want to.
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(no subject)

My siblings and I are harassing each other, online, with Arrested Development "gifts." I've sent my sister an mp3 (via iTunes) of Afternoon Delight, and my brother a video of the chicken dances. What other delightful things can I send?

Do you have any Arrested Development gifs you'd like to donate to the cause?

Has it been long enough since the last Arrested Development appreciation post? Should we just make it an AD party up in here?

(no subject)

Good evening TQC (or whatever)

So, I've decided I'm going to be getting a cat (kitten) and I'm prepared for the responsibility and the vet bills and whatever else will come along with it :)

BUT, I'm not sure if I'm missing out on what to do to prepare for it. I have never had a pet beyond a hamster before... so could anyone enlighten me on pretty much everything I need to do? Involving worming, vaccinations etc.? I've done a little bit of research but am still a bit clueless.

Very much appreciated!

ETA: THANKS EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR INPUT SO FAR. This is actually a lot more informative than my google searches :)
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(no subject)

If you work, how busy does your job keep you?

1 - I'm on TQC/LJ all day and nobody notices to 10 - I barely get a break, even the ones they may be obligated to give me.
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(no subject)

Is there a term for when a writer acknowledges a plot hole in their literature within the text?

I've heard several terms that relate in film but I'm curious if there's a book specific term.

if that's too boring, how do you predict your tomorrow will be? I think mine will be sleepy and tormented by my search for this elusive literary term.