September 29th, 2010


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if you hit a deer with your car and it stumbled off and died a few minutes in a nearby yard, would you leave it there or would you try to figure out who to call to move it? you know that people live there because they came out and said they called 911 for you. if you owned the yard the deer died in, what would you want the driver of the car to do?

if you have a piggy bank, how often do you empty it out? what do you do with the contents?
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Has your appearance changed a lot over the past year? Past few years? Do you see it as better or worse now?

I'm kind of horrified by how I looked 1-2 years ago, I had such a bad haircut... I think I look a lot better now that it's grown out.


Your first dating anniversary is coming up for you and your SO.

What do you get them?

*Something heartfelt as opposed to DVDs or standard generic gifts (those have already been purchased for this occasion).

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i have a large collection of pictures i've saved from the internet of outfits that i think are cute for whatever reason. what i need is a way to organize these with tags, so i can look up, for example, all the outfits that use tights, or maybe all the outfits that use a pencil skirt, or heels boots, or whatever. it would be way more convenient if i could download a program to do this, so i don't have to upload hundreds of pictures, and i also don't really want it all public. any thoughts?

have you ever ordered anything from what did you get? what colors?

will you tell me your favorite of something? favorite drink, favorite movie, favorite pair of shoes, whatever.

what would you pair with hot pinks shoes? i have one pair of midheel pumps, and one pair of hot pink plaid flats with black straps and buckles across the toe.

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What are red flags/deal breakers for you when you go on a date or meet someone new you're interested in?

I went on a first date the other night with a guy I met online. When he began to discuss the time in his life when he was seriously considering suicide, I knew there wouldn't be a second date.

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I've been in and out of sleep for a few hours. A little while ago I heard something that made me jump. I'm not sure if I fell asleep again but then I heard a yell, which I REALLY thought woke me up. I then heard talking right outside of my window (I live in a suburban neighborhood, not a city street or anything- it's 2:30am).

I got up to look outside but no one is anywhere to be found but there's a helicopter circling.

Rocky Horror Batman Show

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I tried to spend some time with my mom today while my dad was out, but even after watching me use my inhaler and commenting on my wheezing, she still wouldn't stop smoking, even for an hour.

I went to the doctor, but they actually won't see me until about mid November. Other than trying to stay away from known allergens, how can I keep my asthma in check when the inhaler only works for a little while?

I'm going to try staying out of the house as much as possible and only come home to sleep if I can, because this is ridiculous, and I really don't want to go back to the hospital.

I just watched the new episode of Family Guy and found it hilarious. If you've seen it, how funny did you find it? I usually just chuckle once or twice during a normal episode, but I laughed most of the time with this one.

Who do you hate more, Guidos or Hipsters?

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I have been writing poetry for quite some time. I am a bit anxious about sharing it because most of it is quite dark and quirky. So...
Has anyone ever done a poetry reading?
What was it like?
How does it feel?
Where did you find it?
What age range was present?

Thank you TQC. :)

Drivers license question

I have a driver's license from NJ. It has my old address on it. I need to switch it to a NY driver's license with my new address. To do that I need my social security card which I do not have. I was told at the DMV that it takes 2 weeks for you to get your card(I assume two weeks from the day you apply). So what I want to know is, if my car is registered in NY, but since my license is NJ will I be ticketed/fined/thrown in jail for driving with my NJ license with my old address until I have my NY license?

Its very important that I be able to make a few coming appointments, health related, and I need to be able to drive to them. I was told at the DMV to ask the police about it, but I'm assuming I can't just call a random police station. Looking online hasn't helped. I can not find information specific to this issue and the sites offering advice have waiting periods unless I want to pay a lot of money for this one question.

If an answer to my first question is unknown, does anyone know where I can call to find this information out?

Thanks much!


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my daughter has decided to wear a brown shirt for her school photo tomorrow. which color would you choose as a background? blue, red, green, grey, purple, or bronze.

whats your favorite smell for a scented candle?
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Do you like oatmeal? What's your favorite kind? What are your favorite additions to your oatmeal?

What's the last thing that made you smile?

What are some good websites to get ideas on what types of hair cuts work with different types of hair?


What is the proper term for someone who leaves just enough toilet paper on the roll that it looks like there's some there -- when in reality the next person who poops will be stranded on the bowl without sufficient means to perform the necessary post-evacuation hygiene?

Or, if you are not sure of the proper term, what do you personally call such a person (either audibly or within the confines of your own psyche) at that precise moment when you discover that such a person was, in fact, the last person before you to use the particular commode upon which you now find yourself so stranded?

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I am about to make some ringtones for my phone. which songs should I use?

if you had to write a paper about an advertisement (describing how they're selling it to customers/the details of the ad and how they relate to sexuality etc.), what kind of ad would you use?

if you watch Dexter and have finished season 4... OMFG right?! I am scared to watch the first episode of the new season, I just finished season 4 last night
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Oh, my god, you guys.  I JUST OPENED THE KRAFT MAC AND CHEESE BOX BY PUSHING ON THE FLAP WHERE IT SAYS TO PUSH. This has never happened to me before!

What's the last thing that made you excited?
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1. let's say you've got some time to kill, you're alone (and have to stay that way), and you don't feel like doing anything productive. what do you do?

2. if your answer to the above is internet or tv/movies, what would you do if you didn't have access to those things?

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hey, tmi: I haven't pooped in a week. I feel fine but I know that I should for my health. What are some foods I can buy that will help me? And I don't want to get laxatives.

Also, on an unrelated note: should I watch the x-files? I remember my parents watching it when i was young but I don't think I've ever seen an episode myself. I'm stuck in bed for the week so I need something to occupy my time!
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who is more annoying: someone who is dumb as a door knob who reads more tabloids than books (like non young-adult books) who you can't have an interesting conversation with, or someone who beats you over the head with intellectualism and takes everything way too literally and seriously?

super stupid person
super smart person
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Inspired by this article...

Do you have or have you known someone with food allergies? Were they severe allergies, mild intolerances? What were they allergic to?

If you are the one with the allergies, how has it changed things for you to find out what you were allergic to? If it's someone you know, has it affected your life? Inconvenienced you?

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do you think it's mean to not let your pet into one of the rooms in your house/apartment?

ETA: i'm glad so many people are saying no. i've never owned a pet before, and my roommate and i just got a cat 2 days ago. i wasn't sure of the protocol and the cat keeps looking at me like i'm a terrible person whenever i lock it out.

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How do you define being "in love" with a person?

Do you come across people that say they are in love but do things that are contradictory to such a proclamation?

What was the name of the first person you were truly in love with? How old were you?

How many people have you been in love with?

Currently, are you on your first love or your last love?

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I failed my first two French assignments of the semester. I am having a hard time understanding it at all, and of course, because of my anxiety, I'm thinking the world is over. What is the likelihood that, if I go to class, study hard, get a tutor, and do my assignments, that I can bring my average up to at least a B? I'm only in the third week of my first semester! Really, I just need a pep talk or something.
Do you have any foreign language study tips?

What was the worst thing to happen to you today?
The best?

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When's the last time you felt like a horrible person?

I was being really loud in my apartment with music and washing dishes and everything. Then I heard my roommates alarm go off and apparently she was sleeping. I read the wrong day on her schedule and she doesn't have class till 2:30. (it's 1:00 pm) I feel like such a bitch if I kept her from sleeping well all morning.

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Has anybody ever taken Prednisone before?   I am taking it because I had a fight with a cold and my asthma this past weekend and I lost.   Now I feel kind of shitty and I wonder if anybody who took it got headaches or if their face got hot feeling and a little red?  These are not listed side effects on the bottle, but I know they could be anyway.

What was your experience like with taking this medication? 

Edit:   Wow!  The few answers I am getting a making complete sense!    This actually helps!
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The girl that sits next to me in one of my classes is ridiculously rude. But if I start sitting somewhere else I give up the seat next to the air conditioner. And 150 kids in a small room that just came in from 105 degree weather = I have the best seat.

What would you do? Give up your awesome seat and comfort or just put on your big girl panties and deal with it?
Note: her rudeness doesn't bother my learning but sometimes when she texts the buttons on her phone are audible and she always leaves early (which disrupts the whole class) etc.

DK/DC: if you could travel through space and time, but only for three minutes, when/where would you go?
Apparently you guys are really into dinosaurs. Am I the only person that would go into the future?

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I brought tuna, triscuits, a plum, a cheese stick and a mediterranean calzone to work. I also have a free pizza credit (from when they messed up my order a couple of weeks ago), a coupon for free cheese bread, and kind of want buffalo wings (the total with tip should be about $10). Should I order out or just et what I brought? I'm here for another 5 1/2 hours if that makes a difference.

Dk/dc, what did you last eat?

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Car seat covers

I'm in the market for new car seat covers. I live in Alaska, and, in case you didn't know, leather seats are awful at 20* below. I'm trying to figure out if I really want to spring for sheep skin, or if there is something out there that will work equally well.

What car seats do you use/recommend?

DK/DC: What is your favorite writing utensil?

I have a thing for blue ball point pens.

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A couple weeks ago, someone at work gave me a starter for Amish friendship bread that involves a sourdough starter, which I'm pretty sure is just flour, sugar and milk that kinda breeds a yeasty type magic that makes amazing bread.

Anyway, due to a series of events, I still have all four of my bread starters. They are all "fed" and alive and making this lovely beer-ish scent all over my kitchen counter, and I can't find anyone that wants to take them from me. Not even intimidation has worked in getting people to take them.

My question: Can I freeze the starters to make myself awesome bread at a later date? Will the starter live, I mean?

Alternatively, is there anyone in the Southington, Ct area that would like a starter and recipe for this incredibly great cinnamon bread?

I seriously ate two pieces while it was still hot in the pan before it was even out of the oven 10 minutes.
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How long does it generally take you to respond to an e-mail?

You're in a car as a passenger. The driver gets a text and whilst driving reaches into the console and pulls out their phone, reads the text, laughs, then starts typing out a response. Are you likely to react at all to this?

Celebrity Deathmatch

Poll #1625626 Who would win in a fistfight?

KISS (the band) vs. U2


Katy Perry and Russel Brand vs. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Perry and Brand
Cruise and Holmes

The cast of Glee vs. Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson


The cast of True Blood vs. the cast of Twilight/New Moon?

True Blood

Tyra Banks and Janice Dickenson vs. Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn


The Gyllenhaals (Jake and Maggie) vs. the Kardashians (Kim, Khloe,Kourtney)


Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck vs. Anderson Cooper and Bill Maher

Limbaugh and Beck
Cooper and Maher

Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton vs. Condaleeza Rice and New Gingritch

Obama and Clinton
Rice and Gingritch

The Jonas Brothers vs. Rob Zombie


Andy Dick vs. Betty White


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I started my new job as a replacement high school teacher today.
The kids made fun of me and all around didn't listen to just about anything I said.

Can you please cheer me up?
Has your job ever made you cry?
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When was the last time you almost DIED??

I was just crossing an uncontrolled intersection and had gotten past the turn lane, the right lane, was waiting patiently on the yellow lines and I was about to continue crossing when this friggin idiot loser pulled out of the parking lot behind me at about 40 mph and nearly hit me with his mirror. He had his window down ( he looked like could have just gotten his license) so I yelled a few choice expletives at him. It made me feel better. :)
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I'm getting on great with my housemates, but due to whatever reasons (mostly not living without parents before) they aren't taking a lot of responsibility for general house tasks, like the bins, cleaning, bills etc.

How can I politely point out that they need to take a role in household chores too?

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i feel like i just bombed a huge math test.
tqc, what should i do to cheer myself up?

after you feel like you epically failed a test, do you have minor freak outs until you get your test back?

what color are your bedsheets?

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my dad is going to be 64 in December and i want to get one of those cards where you record a greeting and record the chorus to "When I'm 64".

but he's divorced and not with anyone. would it be ~~insensitive?

i thought it'd be cute because he knows i'm obsessed with The Beatles(him and my sister got me The Beatles Anthology on DVD for my 18th birthday) and has always been a big fan of their later stuff, so i thought it'd be a good idea but i overthink everything.
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What is the last article/book/movie that made you really want to become an activist or do something about an issue?

For me, its a book called Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. It focuses on how the treatment of women in developing nations is a key component for improving life, economic health, and stability in many areas around the world. I've already given a couple loans out on to women entrepreneurs around the world, but I've decided that I want my entire Christmas gift to just be a donation and money that I can put into Kiva to help out with microloans.

If you'd like to read it, here is the site. It is seriously one of the most moving and inspiring books I have ever read.
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I had to come home early from work today due to a migraine that has been unrelentingly horrid last night, causing nausea that won't go away. Now I can't sleep no matter how hard I try, my stomach is trying to tell me I'm hungry because it's empty, but every time I even drink some water I feel like I'm going to get sick.

So. What do you lovely kitties and puppies do to make yourselves comfortable so you can start feeling better? Do you have any little tricks that help with nausea or pain?

Help me feel better. :(
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I have really bad back pain, and I was just prescribed some muscle relaxants. I just picked them up from Rite Aid - 10 mg tablets of the generic of Flexeril. How much are they gonna fuck me up?
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You move into a new house/flat/apartment that has been and always will be a rental property.

How long do you "return to sender" mail from old tenants before you start chucking it out?

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My dad's been bitching at me about me not playing my violin anymore. He'll say things like, "After all the time and money your mother and I spent on violins, repairs, running you to and from rehearsals, you should play more." Like I have to "pay back" the time and money they spent. I played violin for twelve years, most of the time pretty intensely (like an hour of practice a day plus extra rehearsals and private lessons once a week). My interests have just changed; it's not that I don't want to play anymore, it's that I have no one to play with and I don't feel my skills are up to a level where I could audition for an adult group and be accepted. When he was telling one of my friends about this last night, the friend really wanted to challenge him and argue, but I told him not to. Should I let him argue with him in the future? What do you think about musical education, TQC? Does a person have to play his/her instrument a certain number of times before the time and money spent on it will be "paid back"?

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Our pantry is over flowing, so for the next few weeks I'm trying to drain the supplies a bit.

Can you think of any way to doctor up canned spinach to taste a little better than canned spinach?
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You are my morality TQC

You are a college student. You sit down to have dinner at the on-campus cafe and right on the table is...a water bottle! A very nice water bottle, complete with case. You, coincidentally, lost your water bottle just last week during a drunken adventure on campus!

What do you do?

Take it.
Give it to the campus lost-and-found.
Leave it there. Maybe they'll come back?

Isn't it time to go home yet?

You'd be more inclined to give to a charity called ______?

Toys for Tots (distributing toys to underprivilleged kids)
Toys for Twats (distributing sex toys to underprivilleged women)

You'd be more inclined to give to a charity that wants more people to ______?

Deck the Halls (celebrate a traditional Christmas)
Dick the Haals (Gyllenhaals)

What is 'vagabond?'

A drifter
Adhesive for female genitalia
The powerful connection between the states of Virginia and Georgia, going back to the Civil War

'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush' means what exactly?

It is better to accept or be content with what one has than to try to get more and risk losing everything
Foreplay negotiation

A titmouse has _____?

A nipple
Cable, rollerball and right and left click buttons
Rugby Beard

Love her or hate her...

What has Rachel Ray taught you?

I use a garbage bowl when I am peeling/chopping vegetables. Very convenient since the garbage can is on the opposite side of the counter from where I do all my prep-work when cooking.
I just used a potato masher to mash up my ground beef, and the texture was much better than when I just use a spatula.
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Is there anything I can do with this situation?

I legally (as in, there is a written contract) rent my room. It just so happens that it is in my mothers house. However, my mother doesn't own the house, my grandma does, which is who the contract is written with. I pay rent (to grandma), she does not.

She, without warning and without permission, enters my room and refuses to leave. She goes through my garbage, and keeps stuff out of it (she's a pack rat), and she does this thing where she will physically take things out of my, or my boyfriends, hands.

Legally? I am going to be getting a lock for my room, but that only takes care of one problem.

Also, as far as legally, my grandma threatens that we need to find a new place to live, provided I don't help get rid of my mothers things. Again, I pay rent, and mom does not. Can she do that? I mean, there's a contract with an indefinite amount of time.

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What is the most creative impromptu solution to a problem you have come up with recently?

I had to use bodywash to condition my hair because apparently none of the FOUR people living at my SOs house believe in conditioner, and I the one I keep there had run out.

If you don't live with your SO how long have you been together and what stuff do you keep at their house?

What do you think of people in medium to long-term relationships who don't live together?

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You and your SO own a motorcycle with a passenger seat. It's in both of your names, but SO makes the payments, and rides it alone 50% of the time.

Your SO trades in the bike for a nicer, single seater, without telling you. They do not plan to get a double seat. This will leave you out of a lot of activities with your friends.

Are you upset?
Should they have discussed this first?

*This is not me in this situation*

Also, would you eat something made with breastmilk?

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1)What are you trying to not buy right now?

The 2nd book in the Hunger Games, a lot of manga.

2)My whiteboard keeps falling off the wall. I'm using the adhesive things that came with it. How can I fix this? BTW: I need my whiteboard on the wall.

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If you're driving in the left lane, considerably faster than those in the right lane, and some asshole comes up behind you and, after two seconds of tailgating you, flashes his brights at you, are you really more likely to get out of the person's way??

What are your biggest driving pet peeves?

What about pet peeves in general?

Alternatively, when you're craving something sweet, what is it specifically that YOU want?
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How do you feel if someone gets into your purse without asking?
One of my coworkers was returning my lighter today and just opened my purse and put it in. I know it's not a big thing, but it was annoying. Plus, it's That Time of the Month, so it was a little embarrassing, too.
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I just looked down and noticed that there's a big cut (about an inch long) on my thigh and it's bleeding everywhere.

How did I get this cut? non-srs, obv

DK/DC: How many languages do you speak? How many languages would you LIKE to speak?

DK/DC part 2: If you could live anywhere in the universe, where would you live and why?
Terms and Conditions: Fictional places okay. You have to live there, and only there, for the rest of your life.

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Kill Bill - Elle
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How old are you? How old do most people guess you to be?
The color of your hair is?
What are you using to be online (laptop, cellphone, iTouch, etc.) right now?
Baro Bitch Stare
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I want to buy a rice cooker, any suggestions or brands I should avoid?

Do you own a rice cooker (What kind is it, how much did it cost, how often do you use it)?

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

What appliance in your kitchen never gets used?
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I'm going on a date tomorrow with this cute waiter I met at a restaurant and there is a HUGE zit on my face!! D: D: D:

Should I pop it? And I don't mean the bad way of popping it, but the right way. Has anyone ever popped a pimple this way? Did it work? PLEASE TELL ME IT WORKED.

Or should I just try to hide it under some make up? I already tried that today and it kind of...totally failed.


Edit: Pic of me in the comments :(

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Hey guys, I've got a huuuuuge list of horror movies to watch and I plan on scratching one off the list tonight.
Here's the three I've narrowed down for tonight. Which one should I pick?

EDIT: Movie has been picked! Thanks guys!

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what do you think about over the knee boots? would they make a shorter person look really short? I'm 5'4

what is something you really want to buy right now?
I want a couple new pairs of boots and winter coats :(
Muh Life.
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Russell Brand in New York City... ?

I just mastered the HDMI thing on my S.O.'s laptop and can now stream Netflix onto my living room TV instead of watching it on my 15" screen. And NOW... I can stream Netflix AND surf TQC! YAY!!!11!1

What's the last thing you accomplished?
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Is there just one polygraph expert who goes from reality show to reality show? I swear I've seen the same guy on two or three different shows.
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I'm planning on making chicken tikka masala tomorrow for dinner. the recipe calls for the chicken to be broiled. my oven is broken. what other cooking method would have close to the same effect?

can you believe it's only wednesday? ugh

what kind of muffin is your favorite? donut?
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Do you have anything you'd like to say to another member of TQC?

Say it here, but don't tell us who you're talking about unless you want to. I'll just pretend all the best ones are about me anyway. <3
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it seems to be conventional wisdom that men prefer women to have long hair... but exactly how big of a turn-off is short hair (i.e., pixie cuts) to them? (anyone who finds women aesthetically, romantically and/or sexually attractive, feel free to add your $0.02)

eta: this is inspired by a conversation i had tonight with a guy who said that he was really into a girl, but then she cut off all her hair and he found his attraction completely go away. it made me feel paranoid about the way people perceive me.
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Why do so many girls and or women over the age of five years old want to have a fill in the blank slutty costume for Halloween?

Where have the scary NOT SEXY costume ideas gone?

For the record, my 10 year old daughter wants to be a butterfly for Halloween. Unfortunately, she wears an adult size 16, so finding a costume that isn't "slutty" is going to be next to impossible.
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