September 28th, 2010

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So it's midnight and I'm about to go to the grocery store because I WANT SOME FREAKING RICE, DAMMIT and we don't have any in the house. And the people that work at my favourite Chinese restaurant are probably sleeping, and would not appreciate me calling their homes and asking for some. :(

WHAT ELSE do I obviously need to get while at the store?
Bonus points for anything that will make my rice more tasty and delicious.
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are there any concepts you never really understood in school and just memorized for tests?

i'm reading wiki pages on special relativity because i don't get it. WHY DOES TIME MOVE SLOWER ON A JET UGH
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what's the most amount of food you've eaten in one sitting?

what tv shows are you watching this fall?

how awesome is it that the bears beat the packers tonight? (WOO CHICAGO!)

what's the most amount of questions ever asked in TQC at one time?

what do you wanna talk about?

why are you still up?
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if you have a lot of shoes, how do you store them? i have probably twenty pairs of flats and maybe fifteen pairs of heels, and the flats are currently in a pile on the floor and the heels are stuffed in one of those over-the-door things. this is NOT working because i can never see what i have and end up wearing the same shoes over and over again. almost all of my heels are at least four inches, so a lot of solutions i see in stores don't always fit the shoes i have.

do you have pieces in your closet that you love but never wear? post pictures or descriptions, and other tqcers can tell you what to wear with them!
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Has LiveJournal been loading very slowly for you today?

I don't get it. All the other websites I've tried have loaded quickly, but LJ is just damned sluggish no matter what.

EDIT: Reason behind LJ's clunkiness is in the comments.
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TQC, how early is too early to buy cheap wine at walmart? It is 8:30am. I'll be buying some other things too.

Do you feel self-conscious about your purchases? What types of purchases? Because I always feel self-conscious when I buy booze or fiber stuff, lol.

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For those of you who are vegetarians, what kind of benefits do you think you have from not eating meat? Sorry if that doesn't really make sense, haha. Do you have more energy? Have you lost weight?
Also, what kind of things do you eat instead of meat?

I'm trying to become a vegetarian, and it's been like... a week and a half. So far so good, but I'm kind of sick of tofurky!

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Would you rather write your new teacher a letter about yourself, or have everyone in your class pick from a bowl of questions and answer them in front of the class?

What was your most embarrassing moment in school?

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I'm learning about the the history and geography of Israel.

Anybody know any good documentaries? Websites?

I'm specifically interested in; historical ownership of the land, religion in Israel, and tension in modern times between Israelis and Palestinians.
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This is kind of a weird question, but I can't think of a better community to ask.
I'm looking for which store(s?) - I am assuming a department store, but could be wrong of course - sell VINI brand clothing. They make broomstick skirts that are fabulously gorgeous.. I found one at a thrift shop and want a million more. Googling has been useless for me, and eBay only has one listing which is not my size, so I'm hoping somebody here is familiar with the brand. Anybody know?

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Something is eating my pot of sunflowers alive. (not the pot, the sunflowers)
What is it, and how can I smash it into tiny bits? Something fairly cheap preferably.
I live in Florida and it is summer atm, if that makes any difference.

Anyone ever tried growing something with absolutely NO EXPERIENCE whatsoever?
And, if so, any tips?


all the previous sex talk got me thinking about my bed.

i'm in dire need of a new bedding set but there is nothing i really like. i've looked at bed bath & beyond, target, kohls and urban outfitters amongst others.

i think my main problem is that i'm kind of stuck in between getting "adult" bedding and stuff that i could have gotten away with having in college. i've seriously considered just getting the roxy set at bed bath and beyond, which is fine when i was in high school, but that was a good 8 years ago.

so TQC, what does your bedding look like?
where did you get it?
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TQC, will you respond to this post with one of your icons that you really like that doesn't get much use? I love my War Horse one, but I barely ever use any icon other than the bantha one, because I am afraid people won't recognize me.

OH! SECOND QUESTION! Will you let other TQCers know whether or not you recognize them, even though they are using unfamiliar icons?
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this again

I have new clothes I want to donate to my local SPCA thrift store. Their website says you have to make an appointment to donate. I have called the number at least 10 times over the past week and it does not work. I've called the main number and asked to be connected to the thrift shop and it still doesn't work. It doesn't ring at all, there is a click and then nothing.

Should I just go there with my stuff and hope they take it? Or should I do something else?

I've always been unsure about those donation bins so I'd really like to be able to give them directly to the SPCA.
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What fast food will you willingly eat?

Burger King
Five Guys
Captain D's
Church's chicken
Carls Jr.


Del Taco
Jack in the Box
Jimmy Johns
Pizza Hut
Panda Express
Tim Horton's


White Castle
Red Robin
Red Rooster

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it's only midday and i'm bored. tqc, what would you do? keep in mind the following:

-I got "dismissed" from my job last night after only working 6 days because they hired too many people.
-I have no bank card cause some ass tried to use it to sign up for netflix when we can't even get it in this country and even then i only have around $25 to my name.
-I have around 50km worth of petrol left in my car.

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say you and your SO had been talking for a long time about moving, but hadn't quite figured out where to.

say your SO applied for a job in a far, far away place that you'd be fine with moving to.

say your SO didn't mention this to you until after they submitted the application, how would you feel?

how would you feel when you found out your SO was one of the finalists for the job?
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My mom doesn't have breast cancer. I didn't think the possibility of cancer had me so upset... once I hung up from her telling me the good news, I burst into tears.

What's the best news you've received lately?
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So this restaurant where my dad works as a part of the band is hiring servers right now. It says on the craigslist ad to "come in person to apply between 2pm and 4pm, and be prepared for a brief interview."

I figured I should bring my resume, but do you think that's it? Should I bring a list of references? I probably don't need a cover letter, do I?

And a magenta, short sleeved, button down shirt with a black skirt and black flats sounds good for an outfit, right? I'm also going to wear my hair up, maybe some earrings and my lucky nautilus shell necklace (the pendant is no bigger than a quarter).

Thanks, TQC.

A colleague conundrum

My work colleague, who is a very good friend has just asked to borrow a lot of money.

We are responsible for claiming our own work expenses, then, once we get refunded this money, we in turn pay for our own corporate credit card. Company expectations are that we do an expense claim at least once per month. My friend has not done one since June, and now, her credit card bill is huge. She keeps on procrastinating on doing her expenses and has been approached by the credit card company and work, both of them asking 'Please pay the bill in full asap'. It's an amex, so there is no interest charged, we have to pay the bill in full each month.

She is panicking and has asked me for $3500, she promises to repay me as soon as she gets reimbursed - which would be on 7th October, providing she does the expenses. She has just resigned, and has been so lazy about everything work related. I'm 99% sure she'll do her expenses like she has promised me. But...whaat if she doesn't? I mean, she's leaving, after all. The thing is, she is a really good friend and I feel like I really should help her out.

Should I lend her the money?

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Its my last night in Amsterdam.
I want to seduce the cute Mexican/Dutch bar lass where I am staying.
What can I do to succeed???

Srs/non-srs and down right whacko answers plz....
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You have a choice this year for the holidays. 

Choice 1 - You can take a trip to Austria/ Germany for the holidays. (If you haven't heard - you'll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful place than those over Christmas. They shut down the town and have festivus and Christmas lights and hot cider and the whole movie-esque shabang. It's fantastical.) 

Choice 2 - You can spend several days with a group of good friends and neighbors making lots and lots of food and wrapping gifts and take it by hand to the homeless in your city (or a nearby city).

Which do you chose and why?
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To Call or Not to Call

Dear TQC Members -

I am in the middle of trying to sell off my old car and almost a month ago (I requested it on the Friday before Labor Day), I called Mazda in order to get another copy of my lien release paperwork for the vehicle so I can hand it over to the people who want to buy it. 

Well, here we are going on four weeks later and I still don't have it.  Last Thursday, I called Mazda to find out the status, they didn't have a date in the system to tell me when it went out in the mail, only that it had. 

So, should I call Mazda again and order another copy of the paperwork and tell them that it should be comped since it's lost in the mail somewhere, should I just hand over another $17.50 to them since I still haven't gotten it, or should I continue to wait and hope it shows up this weekend? (I will be seeing the people this weekend - the wife is the convention chair at which I will be doing massage work at.)
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Citizens of the world, I have a serious mission for which I need your help. During a drunken larking about, a flatmate and myself determined that a third flatmate, who has a hyphenated surname, needs to rename his Facebook account so that his surname is Herp-Derp.

To this end we will be constructing a Facebook group and encouraging such legions to join that he will have no choice. Either that or get so annoyed that he forgets to log himself out of his Facebook account one day.

In aid of this, I need the most epic herp-derp pictures you can give me! Will you give me epic herp-derp pictures?

gaaaah stop itttt

Do you find it annoying when people whistle their S's?  For example, if they were to say 'Mississippi', it would sound more like Mi-WHISTLE-i-WHISTLE-ippi.

How do you keep yourself from becoming irrationally angry from stupid things like that?  I am sitting near this woman who is whistling her S's and her T's, and all I want to do is knock her teeth out of her mouth. 
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I have the chance to win a scholarship if I write an essay about what I want to do with my life/career/whatever. It's due on October 8th. Problem is, I don't know exactly what I want to do. My major is graphic design, and I know I'd like to go to MassArt after I get my AS. but I don't really know what I want to do. I have a couple ideas, like designing my own coloring books, but I don't know how to write a whole essay about that.

Should I go with writing about those kinda random ideas I have? Or make something up completely? I kinda need a scholarship, I'm just sort of lost on what I want to do...I want to try everything :( but they don't want to hear that. They want ~specifics.~

If you had to breed two celebrities, who would you breed to make the cutest/smartest/coolest/whateverest baby?
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Should I get over my social anxiety and try out a local cribbage club tonight?

I've been on disability for my bipolar since the last week in July and I'm becoming a bit of an agoraphobe but I think it will be good for me to meet new people, but as it gets closer to the time to get ready and go, my anxiety level is increasing with each look at the clock. Am I being insane? Should I just take an Ativan and force myself to go?

ETA: I'll go get in the shower and go. Thanks for all of the encouragement.

Update in tqc_updates!
Blue Manhattan Group

The Bangover

You got drunk and had a one-night stand. You wake up the next morning, alone, hung over with sore genitalia and start inspecting your room. Which of the following discoveries would be the MOST alarming thing to find?

A toupee. You find it under the pillow. You've never seen it before
A syringe, a bent spoon, an empty baggie, a makeshift tourniquet and a dirty lighter sitting on the floor
4 gerbils (in a box) and a receipt for 5 gerbils. Try as you might, you can't find the last one
A thank you letter pinned to the mirror regarding last night. It's signed Ralph and Murphy; very grateful twins
Taped to the front door is a note that looks like your ex's handwriting, saying "I'll call you later. I'm so glad we decided to get back together last night"
Your fridge and pantry are empty. Completely bare. Even the condiments have been emptied. And every plate is in the sink, dirty
Giant clown shoes under the bed, white clown greasepaint all over the pillow
A photograph of you (looking completely wasted) and someone in a wolf fursuit. You're standing in the doorway of your bedroom with a Polaroid. Obviously a third person was involved
A fine layer of baby powder all over the floor...and in the powder, what looks at least 4 different sets of footprints, including someone with a pegleg
Business card on the nightstand from one Debbie Diamond: discreet, erotic masseuse'. On the back it says 'call me again, cutie'
Box of condoms on the nightstand. It's a box of three rubbers and while the box has been opened, all 3 condoms are still in their wrappers
Several used enemas, and an enormous mountain of poop in the toilet...and on the toilet seat
A video camera set up on a tripod, aimed at the bed. There's no tape/memory card in the recorder
Underwear. It's of the same gender as you, except it's not yours
Messages on your answering machine from your neighbors (and landlord if it applies), telling you to keep the volume down...and asking why it sounds like there's a donkey at your place
Space Cadet
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Cooking With Gas

I need to buy a really basic, 30-36 inch, gas cooking range for a rental unit I own. I want to pay between $400 and $500 dollars (US). I have some questions:

1) Is my price range too low?

2) Is there a particular model range that you recommend?

3) Is there anything I should look for in a range?

4) I've checked out Amazon and for customer reviews. Neither gave me any good recommendations. Is there another review site that you could recommend?
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Do you know anyone who keeps their TV on ALL the time? From the minute they wake up in the morning until they go to sleep, it's always on, even if they're not watching it. How fucking annoying is that?

Approximately how much of your time every day do you spend online? What about watching TV?

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I've done tutoring "under the table" for the past 3 years. I got students through Craigslist and by word of mouth.

I am applying for a job, and I am unsure what to put on my resume.

I don't want to look bad by saying I've been working under the table, but won't they see that I did not file taxes when looking at my employment history?

What exactly do they find when looking up employment history anyway? There not like, an employment database. So what dort of information can they dig up if I put Self Employed on my resume?

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DSW Shoes just called me to do a group interview on Friday. I missed their call. I will be out of the state tomorrow - Saturday for family stuff. Should I call and tell them that and see if I can set up another one or would it not be worth it?

Anyone ever worked at DSW?
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How do you get a kitten to stop trying to nurse the mother? He's 6 months old, eating solid food and still trying to nurse. The mother doesn't have any milk left, either, and keeps batting him away when he tries.

So, how can I make him stop annoying her like that?

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When you were pubertizing, which came first for you: pubic hair or armpit hair?

pubes, frickin 4 years before armpit

ETA: huh pubes first is definitely ahead. I had no idea it was so common. 
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Oh no, TQC!

So last night I posted about texting a cute waiter I met at a restaurant.

I texted him last night, haven't heard a response yet.

Now my parents and I are going there to have dinner. And I know he's going to be there because he told me his schedule.

Is this going to be awkward? Should I mention anything about the text? Will it look like I got impatient and decided to go see him at the restaurant? Because that's not the case at all! It's really hot out and my parents want to go there instead of make dinner and I can either go with them and have the best macaroni and cheese in the world or sit at home and eat leftovers.

EDIT: I ended up going. Read all about it at tqc_updates!

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You know when certain products say, "Do not use if tamper-resistant packaging is missing or broken"?
Do you heed this warning?
Have you ever purchased a product, gotten it home and realized that the seal was broken or missing?

What was it?

Does it make a difference if it's a true ingestible item? (Like say, mouthwash vs. aspirin.)

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How do you study for math tests? I have a MAT test tomorrow morning and I've been reworking problems over and looking over my notes for the past like 5ish hours, but is there like a foolproof math test study method? I really would like to do well because tests are 50% of my grade.

*edit: also, when I take tests I have problems breathing and panic a little bit, what can I do to prevent that whenever I take a test/quiz?

DK/DC/I suck at math: Whats the hardest test you've ever taken?
I <3 TLV

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I just finished up the last of my chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. What should I bake next?

Apple cinnamon toastie
Double chocolate chip cookies
Sugarplum cookies
Lemon-poppy teacake

What's your favorite kind of cupcake? Do you like cupcakes with stuff in the middle? (Like Hostess cupcakes)
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I am totally grumpy and my leg hurts.  I haven't worked out since Saturday. It's 7:30 pm here. Should I:

Should I ...

Work out (probably a run.)
Go to bed (might involve taking a sleeping pill.)
Thanks Squeaktastic

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Ok guys, I have to analyze an ad from the Army using Burke's Dramatic pentad and I CAN'T FIND THE AD. 

I wanna use one where the kid is nagging the parent to talk about it...but how do you type that into google.

I decided to turn to the most comprehensive wealth of knowledge there is. You fine people.

Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
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Do you have a crazy amount of stinkbugs where you live? Wouldn't you think (or hope) after killing enough, they'd just stop showing up?

What are you doing/did you do tonight, TQC?

Have you been sleeping well lately?

As i've been doing lately, another driving question: Do you have any crazy/funny/aggravating/stupid/whatever learning-to-drive stories? I got my permit today.

4-Day Weekend

I have a four-day weekend coming up in a few weeks (I get every other Friday off, and we get Monday Oct 11 off for Columbus Day). I was planning to go see my husband but it turns out he is going to be super busy and it would not be a good time for a visit. What should I do instead? I am not super rich, so nothing crazy expensive. West coast activities are preferable (I live in NM)
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A very good friend of mine is ill with something he calls dagu. He's from Dilli (Delhi), India, where he's been for the last 6 weeks and from where he contracted the illness. He has no idea what we call dagu in English, but he *thinks* it's "like" or is malaria.

Do you know what dagu is? It's very possible he spelled it incorrectly, so something close to "dagu" or "dangu" is what I'm looking for -- a mutual friend of ours says it's causing his platelets and white blood count to drop significantly. Google keeps telling me it's some sort of mouse-like rodent.

ETA: Okay, it's definitely dengue fever -- thank you guys! Does anyone know if you can fly back to the U.S. -- as a permanent resident -- while infected, if you intend to be treated here and/or what the prognosis is?

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So I walk to and from the bus stop everyday, and it's about 4 miles total.
I am a female. And I am harassed every single day.
I get the honks, and the hollas, and guys trying to pick me up, and commenting on my ass, and the straight up blatant stares.
These things piss me off, but not as much as these little punk teenagers that hang out on the side of a house of a neighborhood street I walk down. Every. single. day. they make comments to me. "Damn girl I like those shorts. Sup girl? Heeey, sup!? What, you can't even wave to me?" etc, etc.
I try to just not engage them, but I am starting to rage a bit. A different route is not a possibility. I feel as though I might snap and start slapping the shit out of a little boy.
It's so disrespectful, and I'm just SICK of it. Sick of taking it.

Any suggestions? I don't really want a criminal record here people. These kids appear to be little high schoolers and underage. I wish I had a phone number so I could call the parents of whoever lives there, but if they just laugh it off then I enjoy more harassment.
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If you drink alcohol, do you have a few early enough in the night that you're pretty much sober by bedtime, or do you keep drinking until right before you go to bed?
oh mr. tea


Have you ever been able to stop a compulsive bad habit? How did you do it?

(I'm specifically looking for anecdata about anyone who's been able to stop OCD-esque picking at their face/lips etc -- -- because I have had this issue for as long as I can remember, and I want to stop, and I just can' lips are a horror all the time) But, you know, any stories about overcoming bad habits = cool.

(no subject)

When you see someone that you think is very attractive, do you say anything out-loud? Or do you just make a random audible sound? (Not to them necessarily, but just as a response to seeing them.)

Does it matter if you are alone or with someone?

I just realized that when I see a cute person, I whisper "wow" out-loud. Which led me to recalling that growing up my dad used to go, "Mmmmmm" when he used to see some hot lady on the TV or in real life. It skeeved me out then, and just thinking about it now makes me cringe. :/

Old Fashioned
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TQC, do you deal better with heat or cold? It was 22*C here today and I was dying of heat, but it can get down to -20 or -30 and I barely even care.

Do you eat enough vegetables? What are your favourites?
I <3 TLV

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Would a flavor extract (mint, coffee, etc) be added to a recipe instead of vanilla extract (if it calls for it), or in addition to it?

How long can you go without washing your hair before it looks or feels dirty?

What is currently your favorite fashion accessory? Do you have any accessories you love so much you wear every day (or very often) even if they don't always match your outfit?
Pez&Ziv colour

Religious Knowledge Test

Pew did a survey of religious knowledge of Americans

take an abridged version here

which religious demographic do you fit into of those that this list? if other, please specify.

What was your score?

Which ones did you get wrong?

Of those that you got wrong, how likely is it for someone of your demographic to get it right?
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I've been asked to hang out one-on-one by my best friend's old roommate. I'm not looking to be any more than friends with him. What activities would you suggest?

We both like going to the pub to play pool, listening to live bands, etc. but this time around, I'd like to try something new.
batman, bruce wayne

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 So my mom is reading my sister's saved conversations with a friend of hers from Messenger right now while my sister is sleeping, why is she doing this?!?!
They've been going through some stuff for the last year, and I'm pretty certain that this will only add fuel to the fire, what should I do:
try to stop my mom? warn my sister? HELP, I'm worried :(

shit you guys, I was too late..I just heard my mom scream and slap my sister..I went to stop her and she shoved me back and slapped me too. FUCK THIS, WHAT DO I DO NOW? :(
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

An inchworm just appeared on my keyboard! Where did he come from?? Could there be more hiding out in my apartment? I think inchworms are cuties so it's not a big deal, but I'm so confused, I've never found one inside before.
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I am ill. My head is congested and my throat is so sore I periodically feel as if I'm going to vomit.

Any at-home tips to help ease this horrendous feeling?

(no subject)

Will you tell me about your last moment of sheer frustration? :(

I have a kinda-crush on my roommate's friend but I'm certain he has no interest in being anything more than friends with me. Ugh he's cute and I need a rebound so badly but I'm a prude unless I'm in a relationship and I'm socially awkward.