September 27th, 2010

Kill Bill - Elle

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You are to watch a video on indigenous Eskimos and their traditions. How do you get excited?

What kind of planner or notebook do you use?


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Hey guys, look, it's another "I'm stupid tell me what to do with my hair" question!

So I know I'm going to get my hair cut, but I'm not sure how. I've got two main questions:

1. Should I get bangs? (And if yes, what kind?)

2. Should I just have a couple inches trimmed off or should I chop it off to shoulder length?

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[Barry] Maybe this is all I'm good at.

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Do you think before you act? Does your emotions get in the way of things?

I make a mental note to think before I act, and I usually do. But if I'm feeling a strong emotion, I find myself doing incredibly stupid things I tend to regret later on.

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have you ever jokingly told someone to do something and then they actually did it?

one time my friend texted me about how this kid was being a douche and talking shit, and i replied "lol so hit him", and he texted me back a few minutes later to say he actually had hit him. : /
macaroni murder lady

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Disc or disk?

Isn't it fun when you ask a question here and you get mostly related anecdotes or tangents instead of just the bare answer to the specific question you asked?

Is this meta?

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how many keychains are on your keyring? how many keys?

when was the last time you got locked out of somewhere because you forgot your keys? what did you do?

me: i have two normal keychains, one that lights up, and one bottle opener. i have three little barcode keytag things and 7 keys.
oh, and last time i got locked out, what should have been a 2 hour date turned into a 6 hour date. whoops.

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Is anyone else ridiculously excited about the airing of Dexter season 5 in a couple of hours (7 hours, I believe, unless I suck at time zones)?
Care to share any theories of what's going to happen this season?

I'm extremely excited. I've been waiting for this since...well, the season 4 finale 9 and a half months ago. I don't watch much tv so I overcompensate when it comes to my enthusiasm for Dexter.

For those who don't care/don't like Dexter: How could you not like Dexter?

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My friend recently developed a thyroid condition that made one of her eyes bulge. She was feeling really ugly and upset about it, so I sent her a card. Being that I've had wonky eyes since birth, I told her that she was beautiful and we could have wonky eyes together. She has a great sense of humor.

I haven't heard from her about the card.
I have this horrible feeling that I hurt her feelings- Should I send an email to make sure she's not upset?
(Am I overthinking this?)

What's stressing you out right now?
LB - Elle glasses

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Do you prefer baths or showers?
Regular TV or cable?

ETA: If you use something like Netflix instant or online TV viewing, do you watch more shows that appear on regular TV or on cable?
zombie baby cede! :D

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If you were to repaint your living room and bedroom, what colors would you pick? 
Have any hex numbers or paint chips to share?

ETA: would it differ if it was in a 160(ish?) year old farm house?


One thing we all pretty much have in common is we carry keys, don't know anyone that just has a single key. Most of us keep them on a ring of some sort.

How many keys do you have on you most of the time?
Do you know, offhand, whatthey all goto?
Are there any keys amongst those that don't goto something you still have/use?
Why would you keep an inactive key?
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How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun and/or interesting?

Are you waiting on anything to come in the mail? What?

If you use Outlook or any similar e-mail program, how do you have your inbox organized? Is it by received date, by sender, something else?

Do you like pumpkin flavored things? What is your favorite pumpkin flavored treat?


Okay so I need a better product to clean my glasses. The one I use leaves streaks on the lenses and it's fucking with my eyes. What's a good product, or even home remedy, that I can use to clean my glasses without leaving streaks or this weird blurry film that doesn't clean off?
Yellow Flowers

A Fake Bake Incident

I'm super pale, but I want to be tan. I brought some sunless lotion promising to turn a real nice olive-y colour, not orange. And no streaking. Well, I've not really got streaking but am definitely patchy and yeah... It's good in some places and TERRIBLE in others.

So... Do I hide indoors and be thankful for the cold weather so I can bundle up, or apply another layer and gamble for a quick fix?

For 25k would you....?

Poll #1624523 For $25,000, would you...?

...forgo using any pronouns for a full years? Utter one 'I' or 'you' and the 25k goes away

68(49.6%) willing to be known as a famous celebrity homewrecker? John Travolta steps onto the curb near where you are and asks what time it is. You reply but the paparazzi takes the picture of the exchange and this happens the same day his wife leaves him. The tabloids go nuts, assuming the two of you are having an affair and your picture is plastered on every cover as a homewrecking slut. Not until 2 months later does the truth come out


..get a boob job, upgrading your cup size to an E? You have to have the new humungous tits for 2 months at least (though you can have them forever if you want) and you can't tell anyone about the money otherwise you don't get it. You'll have to lie and give another answer why you suddenly felt like getting massive cans

91(66.9%) nothing but McDonalds' big macs for a full month? Whenever you're hungry, you have to eat at the Golden Arches and you must get a Big Mac. No eating outside the clown's house.and no other menu items


...get a forearm tattoo that has realistic-looking poop in it? The tattoo is of a pretty accurate looking turd, 7" high, and says 'No shit, Sherlock'. You must have the tattoo for at least 4 months


...ignore your pet's cries for affection for 2 months? Whenver your cat/dog jumps into your lap, you have to push it off. Whenever it wants to be petted, you have to ignore it. It can't come onto your bed and as a matter of fact you can't touch your pet for any reason or give it any attention. It'll have to think you no longer love it for the next 60 days


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I should call the pharmacist, but I figure someone here might have experienced the same since it's just a question about birth control pills. I threw away the leaflet that comes with the pack, and I can't find it online.

I'm currently on the pill (Sprintec 28 Day) and a new week for me starts on Sunday. Saturday night I took my Sunday pill instead of my Saturday pill my mistake. I did not take the Sunday pill last night. Do I take the Monday and Saturday tonight, or should I just skip the Saturday pill all together?

Not interested in this first question:
Anyone here indulging in the silly bands craze?

How much fruit do you eat on a daily basis?

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I just got a minor surgery near my lady parts. It hurts and somehow I've psychologically convinced myself that it'll hurt when I pee, so now I need to pee and CAN'T. How the hell do I get my body to relax and PEE?

What's up today?
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Level of Tacky

I received a letter for an organization soliciting for a donation.

It was signed.

Jon Smith, B.A., M.Ed.

I understand if one has really done well in their life and received a special honour, or a special designation for work:

Q.C./K.C. (Commonwealth Countries use it as a distinction for important Lawyers)
C.M. (Order of Canada)
IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers)(electricians)
AMP (Accredited Mortgage Professionals)(mortgage brokers)
A.C.L.S. (Association of Canadian Land Surveyors)

How tacky do you think it is to include a Bachelors of Arts or even a Masters after one's name on an official letter?
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Due to a store fuck up I had to drop a bridesmaid, She is totally understanding and cool with it. But I still want her to be a aprt of the wedding. What other roles are there in a bridal party that I can give her?

Also my other questions. I have a 11 year old brother that will be the only kid there and I really want him to a part of it, he is too young to be a groomsmen and I dont need/want a ringbearer, what other roles are there for kids?

Also what other walk up songs have been used for weddings? I DON'T want "Here comes the bride" or whatever it is but I would no idea what other people have used.

Thank you for your help, I have used google but I have no found anything as such and I dont know what roles are actually still useful. Also I am pretty wedding stupid...So I have no idea of things are meant to be done.

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Is caffeine a bad idea when you're sick? I usually have a cup of coffee in the morning, but I wasn't craving it at all today. I had to fight falling asleep during class, napped after I got home, and now I'm just feeling exhausted and a bit ill. I feel like a little caffeine might help perk me up, since my body is used to having some every day, but idk if I should. My housemate was sick with something that made him extremely tired over the weekend.

What would tqc do?

What's for lunch today? My housemate pities me and is making me an omelet.

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Let's say that you're single and have started to use a dating site. You screen through the batches of undesirables and the person who really catches your attention is this one attractive individual, age 31. No kids, never married, has an interesting job that's demanding (movie editor) and just doesn't get needed to meet people the normal way. You exchange emails and chat online/text/whatever and this person is very funny, very clever, and seems very intelligent. You finally agree to meet this person face-to-face (he/she isn't super computer savvy and isn't familiar with skype at all). Your date will be wearing a blue shirt, black pants and biker boots (private joke you two share). You show up at the restaurant, but feel the need to use caution. You look through the window and you see someone matching that description sitting at a table. Something about this person isn't as advertised. Which of the following would be the biggest disappointment if it weren't accurate?

They seemed older than 31 (at least 40). You're guessing it was an old picture you were sent
Didn't seem to be have the interesting job they said they did (the shirt says 'Jay's Auto' with a name tag and fresh oil stains)
Person was a lot fatter than the picture indicated
Person isn't even that attractive. You suspect some photoshop and some 'MySpace angles' went into the picture you saw. From some angles this person looks really creepy
You question your date's sense of humor, as the blue shirt is a t-shirt with 'Two and a Half Men' on it, and you see him flipping through a joke book, as if memorizing jokes to tell you when you arrive
The fact they showed up gets him/her a lot of points. I can't be disappointed with anything.

Let's say you figured out that your date isn't attractive, is older than stated, doesn't have a cool job, isn't that attractive and may not be funny at all. You get this from seeing him inside the window. What do you do now?

Continue on with the date. I may be wrong about my first impressions
Stand him/her up. I don't want to go in and show my face
Go in like it was a date, but have it set up that my friend calls me 10 minutes into it and tells me there's an emergency and I have to leave right away
Meet him/her as planned. I'm sure I regarding everything about me

Say you do go in with the date. Which of the following would be real deal breakers if it was discovered were not true?

Your date has been married before. Twice. Is divorced though and has been single for a year and a half
Date has a daughter, age 9. Currently with a babysitter
Date doesn't have an interesting job that's demanding. Instead, works double shifts stocking shelves at a supermarket just to make ends meet
Date isn't intelligent. Didn't even graduate high school (barely earned a GED a couple years later) and dislikes reading
Date isn't attractive. Is just average looking at best. The picture he/she sent you was of their sibling who looks a lot like them, except with way better face and body
Honestly, I wouldn't judge. I'm no catch myself. We'll just start over from square one and see where it goes from there

Edit: Q3, option 4: "I'm sure I embellished many things about me"

I'm not fully awake yet and writing complete sentences is more difficult than it should be right now

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This morning I did Bikram yoga for the first time. I pretty much hated it and barely survived. Getting to finally leave that room after 90 minutes made me feel infinitely better, but now I'm left wondering if I should keep at it or just chalk it up to something that is not right for me.

When you try something for the first time and intensely dislike it, do you try again?
What is something that you gave up with after the first time?
What is something that you stuck with and ended up enjoying?

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What would you do in my situation?

I went in for an interview last week at a company I would love to work for, got a call back earlier today saying that they'd offer me a temp to permanent position if all goes well. About an hour later, I get a call from another company in the same industry that I'd also love to work for asking me to come in for an interview.

Would you take the offer from company A and then also interview for company B? Obviously I wouldn't tell company A that I'm interviewing with company B...


Poll #1624588 Odd questions

You win a free annual flight pass with a nudist airline. You can travel anywhere the airline goes (which is to every major country) anytime you want as often as you want. However, no clothes are allowed inside the plane. There's plastic sheeting on every seat. How often would you travel using this annual pass?

All the time!
Few times a year
Once in a long while when I could stand being naked in front of strangers for so long
I'd never use it

You're in California when an earthquake happens. Feels kind of strong. What do you do?

Stop, drop and roll
Duck under a table or desk
Stand in a doorway
Crouch adjacent to a table (so as to enable the 'triangle of life" to occur should the roof collapse)
Stand next to the window so that I can easily jump out should the doorway get blocked
Run out of the building into the middle of the street
Get on knees and start praying loudly
Go back to sleep. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen and you can't change fate
Immedately call 911
Close and open my eyes and attempt to disbelieve. Surely it's my imagination or some kind of mental illusion due to having consumed too much caffeine or something
Bang on the walls of the neighbor's apartment and yell at them to turn the stereo down. It's vibrating the floor and walls
Turn the volume of the tv up to drown out the sounds of rumbling

You're driving through the desert to get to Las Vegas. It's pouring rain. A real deluge. You've got the wipers on at max speed and it still can't move fast enough to catch all the drops. It's effin MISERABLE out there. There's almost no other cars out there. Just you. It's about 3pm when you see a figure on the side of the road, jacket hoisted over his/her head, trying to protect themself from the weather. When this person sees you he/she raises their thumb. They look pathetic and so unhappy with their situation. Which of the following hitchhikers would you consider giving rides to?

Man, 20something. Cowboy hat
Middle aged lady. Fairly chubby. Hair in bandana
Middle aged man. Fairly chubby. Has beard
Woman, 20something. Tall and athletic looking
Woman, 40something. Morbidly obese
Man, 40something. Dwarf or midget
Man, 30something. Heavily muscular but leaning on a crutch. Foot in cast
Woman, 30something. Emaciated. Kind of resembles a drug addict from this distance
I wouldn't pick up any of them
cabaret voltaire

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how do you all feel about pulpit freedom sunday? (it already happeneded, just so you know)

do you think the irs should take action and remove the tax exempt status from churches with pastors that endorse political candidates or donate large sums of money for political causes?

how will you feel if they do/don't revoke these churches' tax exempt status?
James Franco joint

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 So me and 3 friends are going to New Orleans in a few weeks. We're looking for a cheap hotel near the French Quarter that isn't super fancy, but also isn't a crackhouse. I was just wondering if you had any personal recommendations outside of what Expedia or Priceline can tell me? Have you stayed there before? Where? In a hostel?

Also, what should we make sure we do when we're there? One of my friends has been before, but it's our first time for the rest of us. Thanks!!
benson and stabler

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It's 2 PM on a Monday and I'm still hungover. I haven't eaten all day and can't keep water down. Should I try some soup, or just wait it out until the water stays down?

How long do your hangovers typically last, if you get them?

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My grandmother died a week and a half ago and it's her birthday today. My mother and two of my aunts are going out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant to celebrate.

Should I go with them?

- get to celebrate my grandmother's birthday
- get to spend time with family
- get some time away from my crazy father/my house
- food will be tasty

- I have an issue with eating too much at restaurants and I'm trying to watch my diet
- Chinese food around here is very heavy/rich/bad for you
- I am starting to get a cold
- I have homework which I may or may not do if I stay home
{wow} sin'dorei pride

hair products

My hair is becoming thinner and I'm getting a bald spot on the right side of my head. I changed hair products about three times this year (I started with herbal essences, then moved to panteene, then to Avon) and I'm really not satisfied with how my hair is turning out because I'm losing a lot of hair, and having dandruff problems.

What shampoo do you guys recommend for kinky/curly/dry hair? I heard panteene was a bad choice so I got rid of that, but I'm just trying to look around. Thanks!
Peggy Blink

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I'm watching Signs and it's scaring the crap out of me. D:
When was the last time you were scared over something silly?
When was the last time you were scared over something genuinely frightening?
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Have you ever had a doctor "break up" with you? why?

How would you feel/what would you do if you received a break up letter from your dentist that included the following line "your enthusiasm for good dental care seems to stop short when it comes to the appointed hour for treatment"?

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I know there are a lot of cat owners here, so hopefully someone will have an answer...

I start a new job in a week where I'll be traveling away from home (California) for two months. I have a cat and a dog and recently flew my dog to my mother's house (Ohio) and stayed home for two weeks for a little vacation before work. I just got a call from my two roommates, who are watching my cat and are going to continue watching him for the two months I'm gone, telling me that he cries from 5AM to late into the night and wont stop. They say he meows, "talks", and just generally pesters everyone nonstop. I doubt its nonstop, but I can see him being a pest. However, He is NOT the kind of annoying they claim he is when I'm there, so when they demanded an answer on what to do, I really couldn't give them one.

My question is... what the heck is going on? How do I make this stop? Why is he so upset? I mean, I guess I'm just looking for kitty-smart people to give me an insight into why my cat might turn into another critter once I leave. I assume its separation anxiety. I've had him for 5 years, and this is a first... I've left him while away on work before. What can I do to stop this, or help this?

(thanks so much :) I'm going to try stringing up play toys all over my room and giving him toys that will hopefully be entertaining enough to keep him happy.)

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How good are you at studying? How long do/did you usually have to study to do well on a big test? 

I'm an obsessive and meticulous studier, but I get distracted easily and have to take frequent breaks. Today was my first history test since May 2008, and between Friday and Sunday I put in a total of 20 hours. My brain feels numb. 

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Do you make fun of people for not having the same brands that you do? For instance, are you a PC user who mocks Mac users? What about a Canon fan who belittles people who like Nikon?

What do you think about people who do this?

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Ladies, are your PMS symptoms the same every month, or do they change?

Mine are usually pretty much the same, except way long ago I used to get murderous cramps and now they're pretty tolerable, but sweet Jesus do my boobies ever hurt.
Potassium perversion

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Poll #1624625 Hitchhiking poll 2

You're driving through the desert. It's a very hot day (110 degrees), around noon, and you're about 100 miles from the Vegas and you've seen no other car for about an hour. It's flat desert with no shade, but it's nice and cool in your car. You pass an overheated car on the side of the road. About 100 feet past the car there's a hitchhiker, carrying a sign. Which of the following people would you pick up?

Big, rugged man in flannel shirt with a chainsaw. Sign says NEED RIDE TO LUMBERJACK CONVENTION
Tall man, bald, with eyepatch and a scar on his cheek. Sign says NEED RIDE TO TREASURE ISLAND HOTEL. PART OF PIRATE SHOW
Man in full clown costume and makeup, including bright red hair and giant shoes. Sign says CAR BROKE DOWN. NEED RIDE TO KID'S PARTY
Thin, very good looking man with Buddy Holly glasses. Sign says NEED RIDE TO TEA PARTY RALLY
Middle aged man in coveralls with bright red liquid stains all over the front and on his gloves. Sign says HOUSEPAINTER PAINTING RED BARN. RAN TO HOME DEPOT TO BUY MORE PAINT WHEN CAR BROKE DOWN
Young woman. Thin. Wearing gothy trenchcoat. Sign says ANYWHERE BUT HERE
Man with burned face, red & green striped pullover and a fedora. Sign says NEED RIDE TO BURN CLINIC. PLEASE HELP
Woman in a g-string and pasties. Sign says NEED RIDE TO STRIP CLUB. FIRST DAY ON JOB
Young man. Very attractive. Great body. Wearing speedos only. Sign says PORN STAR. NEED RIDE TO SHOOT. CAR BROKE DOWN
Eff them all. I'm not stopping

Edit: in this kind of heat, without shade or access to water and dozens of miles from a big city AND with no other cars passing them, they may very well expire out there
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my cat put a few tiny holes in the curtains in my apartment :C

are they gonna take like hundreds of dollars out of my deposit?

eta: they are fancy curtains custom fit to the windows
HIMYM: I get awesome

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I did a volunteer job as a photographer for a non-profit event. I just finished editing the pictures and I think I did a pretty good job!

Since I am not getting paid for this, how should I go about rewarding myself for a job well done?
The Furious Little Cinnamon Bun

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Straight ladies and gay non-ladies, my question is this:

On men, I most prefer:

No body hair at all
A little body hair
A lot of body hair
Robin Williams

I prefer it if men shave their:

Back, sac and crack
Pubic area

I know there's no "I don't care" option: I doubt it's a major issue for many people, and I'd like to see how people answer if forced to choose one thing.
Rugby Beard

A few random Qs

1. TQCers, especially American TQCers, have you heard about all the Commonwealth Games drama happening in India?

2. Did anyone watch last night's episode of Brothers & Sisters? thoughts?

3. And finally, since we learned about contraception today, what kind of contraception do you use? Does it surprise you that out of medicine, nursing, midwifery and pharmacy, pharmacy students get the most lecture hours regarding contraception? (14 hours vs about 2 hours, at my school anyway)

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I'm kind of an eccentric person and like making crazy things in my spare time. A while ago I saw the washington post's annual peep contest ( , so I'm going to do that, and I also did a creative cups thing for breast cancer. Are there any wacky creative type contests that you're aware of that I could look into? I'm trying to fill up my calendar and be single and busy for a year.
garden state flower

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Did you get any mail today?

What book(s) are you reading right now?

Should I go see Easy A at 7:20 or 8:40? I'm EST.

Edit: Do you know of any craft tumblrs? I couldn't find any (that I liked) in the recommendations.
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

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What was the last thing that frustrated you, TQC?

I'm starting to seriously look at universities in Germany to apply for, and i had always read that in addition to my diploma, i needed a 1300 on the SAT. I got a 1930, so i thought i was more than fine and didn't have take it more than the one time. But i just found out yesterday that i need a 1300 with the writing section excluded. So what is my score without that? 1280. Aggghhh!!!!

(no subject)

My relationship of seven years with my high school sweetheart just ended today. We both have been unhappy with the relationship for quite a while. This was going to happen sooner or later but still, my heart is broken

What are some things I could do to help ease this pain until time can mend it?
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Agents are Go!

Dinner time!

So, I'm making dinner. I was about to make some green beans (frozen, cause i'm lazy) and I saw that there were small white spots on them. Is this bad? Or just the result of them being in the freezer for a month or so?

DK/DC: Which tqc-er would you invite to dinner? What would you serve? What would you do afterward *wink wink*

(no subject)

Anyone here play Warhammer? What army/armies do you play? Got a favorite model?
I play Kraken 'Nids and I love Zoanthropes! :D

DK/DC: What's your favorite ice cream treat? I'm a caramel malt girl myself.
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if you have tattoos, will you describe to me in detail what it feels like/how much pain you experienced?

im booking in to get a tat on my foot this week and you know, i just wanna know what im getting myself into. im pretty much a wimp when it comes to pain D:

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 When you use the stall at a public restroom, do you use it like you normally would your home toilet? Do you cover the seat with tp/seat covers? Do you sit on the edge of it to minimize contact? Do you hover? Do you pee all over the seat and then have explosive diarrhea all over the walls?

(no subject)

Tomorrow I have to make a "How-To" speech and I've chosen to do mine on how to make a toga. Are there any important points I should make sure to touch upon?

DK/DC: What sorts of things do you do before you speak in public to make yourself less nervous?
Pamela Dare


What are you guys doing tonight?
What are you procrastinating?

I am d/ling a k-drama that I am super excited about and watching Dancing With the Stars. I am procrastinating making these potato and zucchini pancakes that I need to make for dinner.

DK/DC - What kind of socks do you wear? The super low kind, the 1/4 kind or the long kind?

EDIT: Don't the socks fall down around your heels when you walk? Am I the only person this happens to? I hate socks.

(no subject)

Do you know where I can find a cheap corset? Preferably $25 or less.

I'm in the ensemble for a production of Rocky Horror and we're costuming ourselves - the only guidelines we have are that it has to be red/black.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 Why are you feeling pretty awesome?
I was at the cafe today and this girl I knew like ten years ago recognised me and we started chatting and exchanged emails. She worked at the library where I got dropped off everyday and she was my only friend for a couple of years until she went to college. It was really awesome and I can't believe she recognised me. One of the reasons I was even at the cafe was because she took me to go get my first mocha one day when I was at the library and now I have a habit.

Now I'm sad because I just got an email saying that xmarks is shutting down. : /

Are there any similar extensions for Chrome that are free and saves passwords?

Is there anything that's making your awesome kinda dull?

I'm also kinda bummed because I went to the clinic today and while I only have to pay 10% (YAY!), I won't get seen until mid November, which is going to do me a fat lot of good if I can't breathe now. I do not want to go back to the hospital.

(no subject)

How do I explain to someone that I don't want to meet up at bars without having to say the real reason why? I need something that will last. So she won't just suggest a bar next week or next month or whatever.

ETA: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I should have mentioned she owns (her husband owns really) the bar she wants to go to and I kind of met her at the bar and used to go to it occasionally. I feel weird saying I hate bars.

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Super frustrated right now.
All of the girls in my house are taking showers around the same time that i'm taking mine.
My shower must be punctual, since I have to apply my acne cream at a certain time.
how do i convince these girls to gtfo?

(no subject)

For this assignment will you please post a picture of something, anything, and tell me how the person/place/thing is symbolic to you?
If it isn't, just make something uppppp. The deeper and more metaphorical, the better.
Gravity's Rainbow

(no subject)

Do you have one group friends where everyone knows each other, or do you have several groups of friends that pretty much don't interact with one another? And if you have more than one group, do you ever feel like introducing them to each other?

poetry terminology

Is there a term for when a period breaks up the middle of a line in a poem?

I know enjambment, which is when a logical/grammatical sense is carried over to the next line, but I'm not sure if there's a term for a period in the middle of a line and I'm having trouble looking it up. My brains. They are tired.

Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

dk/dc can you write me a haiku about your day?

ETA: you guys are all brilliant haiku writers and you're providing me with an EXCELLENT distraction from my paper! :)

(no subject)

I'm trying to install a font I downloaded from a website. I'm on the newest macbook, but when I go to the fonts book, it has the font I downloaded listed under "users" instead of "downloaded". How do I change this?
Bug-eyed Earl

Teh pics

What's a good photo upload site that I can use to post to random_pictures that won't delete my NSFW pictures and ban me? I used to post all the time but then ImageShack banned me (I'm not posting tons of hardcore pr0n or anything) and screw Photobucket, and I've been throwing random crap in a folder for months and it's going to burst.
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I have a jumpsuit (no it's not fashion fail, it's a costume) in two sizes. The XS fits perfectly everywhere, except the torso is too short. The S is too big everywhere. I know absolutely nothing about altering clothes - which size should I keep to get altered? Can too small clothes be made bigger? Or is that just impossible? I'm worried that if I alter the S the design will get distorted since it needs so many adjustments.
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My essay is finished, and it is due tomorrow, but I can't decide on a title.  The essay is about a Sherlock Holmes story and how their appearance based judgments (or lack thereof) are used to criticize class bias.  So what should my title be?

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What should the title of my essay be?

Great Divide
Look at You
These Walls
Your Illusion
Other (as stated in comments)