September 26th, 2010

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is there organic, low fat, pesticide free health-food for pets?

because honestly....they should suffer like we do

Edit-o-matic: remember your pet considers you a food group...think about it

Edit-o-matic pt2; because i remember a pet rescue show where a crazy lady fed he 24 cats a VEGAN diet....because it was "good for them"..they were starving....rotting rice in bowls everywhere....
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 So I mentioned yesterday I'm awfully queasy. Today, along with the nausea, I started feeling dizzy and my brain is currently trying to jackhammer it's  its way out my forehead.  The dizziness is so severe that everything spins when I move my eyes.  I ate a little today, had to use my inhaler twice, and for those of you who were concerned yesterday, yeah, I pooped today.

I've finally got enough check stubs to go to the Good Samaritan clinic on Monday, so I'm going to go see a doctor (hopefully they won't make me count my parents, because they each make 400$ a week on unemployment), but what the hell might be wrong?

What's your favourite soda? Mine is Green Apple Jones' Soda. A&W Root beer is a close second.

Did you know that Cat Cora is a lesbian (or at least bi but with a female life partner  no, nevermind, she's gay)? Her and her partner were both pregnant at the same time. I didn't really like her all that much, but after learning that, I find myself liking her more. For some reason, I adore the idea of two life partners pregnant at the same time.

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Ugh. I went to refill my water pitcher and set it down by the sinks since I needed to use the restroom. People from my floor were all walking around (and a bunch of guys (our floor is all girls)) and taking near the entrances and one of them stole my water pitcher. I set it down to go pee and when I came out of the stall it was gone. 

Was I stupid to leave it sitting there by itself? YES

Should I talk to my RA or just go out to Target and buy myself a new one?

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A couple of months ago, I found out my last boyfriend cheated on me. With another guy. Today, I found out he cheated on me with two guys. At different times during our relationship. We didn't have sex, so I'm not worried about STDs or anything. But it still makes me really mad. 

What was the last thing that made you mad? How mad were you? 

How easily do you lose your temper? How do you usually get it off your chest? 
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Uncommon Phobias

Do you have any uncommon phobias?

My answer: I don't know that it's uncommon, but I have a fear of looking in the mirror (Eisoptrophobia) ESPECIALLY when the room is somewhat dark. I probably watched Candyman too often when I was young, though this did start before the movie came out..

PS. Sorry if this has been asked recently, I do pay attention to TQC and I've gone back several entries, but I'm sure I miss plenty while I'm asleep... if it has, just ignore this post. :)

Wht would u do if some1 was lying 2 win a contest that u have workd ur ASS off 2 win?

so lets say you work for a job where they have a contest that says, whoever sells the most blenders* in the next 2 months gets a free blender.

*this is a 300 blender that you had already anticipated buying,this contest is fantastic bc if you win you can use that xmas money youve put away for a new laptop for school, or a trip to visit home for the first time in 3 years...

during this contest you work your ass off selling 7 in a month in a month and a half (that normally sells 1 or 2 a month), and youre pumped bc the closest competitor sold 2.  BUT once a fellow crew member (who you used to view as a close friend ) finds out youre going to win, they starts lying and telling everyone they've sold 7 as well and "cant even imagine anyone else winning." everyone knows this is a lie, so much so that a manager takes you aside and says (paraphrased) WTF?! Collapse )

What would you do if someone was lying in order to win a contest that you have worked your ASS off to win?

realizing illogical dreams after the fact

Tell me about a time where you had a dream that, during the dream, seemed perfectly logical, but when you woke up you realized something was off kilter.

For example I woke up this morning at the end of a dream, and in this dream Denzel Washington was trying to convince me to go in with him for the cost of a piano. We would leave it at his house but whenever I wanted to play it, we could move it to mine. He was explaining that it shouldn't be more than $1600 a person for the buy in. I was on the fence until the sales lady came out and told us it was only $950 total. But i looked closely at the "piano" (it was actually a dining room set) and could see why it was so cheap.  It was made of stainless steel and glass topped like a patio table. She ensured us it was good construction and came with 34 chairs. 34! We talked about how that meant we could play for a crowd and make beautiful music. So we bought the "piano" and talked excitedly about getting sheet music and practicing complex pieces.

Only after I woke up did I say "wtf, that wasn't a piano but a dining room table".

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Have you ever been to Greece? How about Italy? Will you tell me about it (like how you got around, good experiences/bad experiences etc.)? Im going to both those places in 2 years :D

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TQC, what the hell do I do here?

It's nine thirty in the morning and my dad wants to clean out my mom's bedroom (I've cleaned out some of it, but I haven't touched the material things in her closet). He also wants to do yardwork and laundry; I offered to help with the laundry and the cleaning out. I thought that he'd be over his boyfriend's house today, but he said that he has too much to do and can only see him for an hour. Then he went on about how he's tired of "all the shit [he] has to do" and how "[he's] tired of life." I offered to organize our mail today, which is in sore need of organization (seriously, it's all over every available surface and is the biggest issue with the house in my opinion) but he was like, "No, I'll do it, I'll do it, I just need time." The man works 60 hours a week and I'm unemployed (but job searching). Any advice on how to get him to loosen control a bit and let me help him out?

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Have any of you tried oil pulling? Does it do anything or is it a load of shit?

I tried to do it this morning but I could only keep the oil in my mouth for 10 mins and for that entire time, I was trying not to puke. It was a generally unpleasant experience and I can't imagine doing that every single morning.

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I mean is it REALLY That bad to pop a blister? I have two gigantic blisters from a steam burn I got Friday night. They are driving me INSANE but everyone is like OMG NEVER pop a blister, and I ALWAYS pop them.

Are burn blisters different or something?

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 Recently, there's been a department store ad on tv advertising a woman's military greatcoat. Does anyone know what store that is? I've looked at JC Penny's and Kohl's already.

Where could I find a nice wool greatcoat in plus sizes? I've looked on Igigi, Catherine's, Lane Bryant, and Fashion Bug.

Caramel or candied apples? What do you like on them? I prefer caramel apples with peanuts, but sometimes I want one of those fancy ones from Walmart that are covered with nuts, chocolate, caramel, and coconut.

ETA: I just bit into my caramel apple and it was rotten inside! Now I'm sad and grossed out. : /

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It's my freshman year in high school (Yes, I know I'm a ~baby. Everyone here says that.) and in social study I must do 5 hours of community service per semester. I have applied for the library but there have already been 50+ applicants so if that doesn't work out;

What do you recommend for me to do?

I can't go back to my middle school and help out there because it is benefiting the teachers, apparently.

It's Clear and It Has No Taste

Do you get your household water from a commercial or municipal water company, rainwater, a well or some other source I haven't thought of?

If you get it from a commercial or municipal source, do they get the water from a river, a well, a lake, a reservoir or something else that I haven't thought of?

Is there a song about water that you like? Embeds, links or lyrics please.

Photos of water in its various forms are also welcome in the comments.
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I've never gone out before with the intention of drinking heavily. I'm planning to do that tonight with three of my girlfriends. We've never gone out drinking together before. We didn't really establish who's gonna be the sober one but my boyfriend said he'll pick us up if we need him to (He's 30 minutes away, at least).

tqc, what, if anything, should i do in order to be prepared for this night?

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How should I deal with the very stressful fact that I have no choice but to live with my parents for another 10 or so months until I finally finish college? I can't work, drive, or drink.
Am I fated to just go crazier?

DK/DC about my life: Would you eat less chocolate if you knew that child slaves harvested the cocoa beans?
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Lucky day for me!!

I just found an old wallet with $400 cash in it!!!

What should I go spend it on? Or should I be responsible or whatever and put it towards my future or something?

Edit: The wallet is mine from middle school that I found in the back of my closet. In my $$$$ excitement I left that out, sorry.

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If you've ever had your credit card information/debit information stolen, how much money was taken/spent? What kind of whacky purchases did the thief make? How did you find out about the theft? Apply these questions to anyone you know who this has happened to if it never has happened to you.

Last month, ~$80 was spent using my debit account. Most of it was spent on gas. $25 was spent at a Chicken Shack in Detroit (which is 40 or so minutes from my house). My bank called and said they'd placed a hold on my account due to suspect fraud. I was really surprised and impressed, because they caught it within 2 days and it wasn't very much money. I've heard stories where people have lost thousands and banks haven't believed it wasn't them.

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For those of you with credit cards, how do you not go insane and buy everything? I've never had a credit card before and suddenly the idea that I have roughly $6,000 at my disposal is a little crazy (I'm on a joint account with my dad, which is how my credit line is so high). Do you have a set amount that you try to keep to every month? Or a certain number of purchases? For those of you with Discover card, are there any cool rewards programs you're a part of?
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If you walked into a stall of a corporate bathroom and saw a big brown smear on the front of the seat, would you assume the person who left it wiped their ass with the tip of the seat?
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I have a really vague cartoon question.. Does anyone know the name of that cartoon that had a character in a tank? It was like a pink squid looking thing. It just really bugging me that I can't remember the name. Thanks!
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My elderly neighbors have one of these dogs that never shuts up, while they make no effort to stop it. Today I have an unrelenting urge to lure the thing onto my patio and put a shock collar on it.

What uncharacteristic desires do you manifest when under undue stress/annoyance?

How often do you stop and think "omg I'm a bad person"? Tell me I'm not the only one!
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Do you like football?

I don't really care for it. Should I continue to watch the Raiders/Cardinals game in hopes that my cousin will play or should I jist give up and watch something I WANT to watch?

If I should watch somethig else, what should I watch?

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Say you date someone for 4-5 months and realize that you're madly in love with him/her. But before you started dating, they had made the decision to move overseas, really far away (in my case, Australia) and can't cancel it because he/she signed a 1-2 year contract for work.

If you didn't have any commitments at home (like a job or such), would you drop everything and move to be with him/her? Or alternatively, would you just live with the mindset that things are the way they are for a reason and just go on with life?

EDIT: OK, BUT what if I had a solid job lead here in the States but no job leads in Australia? If I'm gonna be there for a year or two, I'd need to do something to support myself (but something more than just waitress, etc).

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 Are you a know all?

Do you find the need to correct other peoples grammar?

What is something you hate when people get wrong?

Someone posted on my Facebook "just did my first 12km marathon and didn't come last or walk any of it!" and it's KILLING me not to tell her that 12km is not a marathon, which is actually 42.2km. But I don't want to spoil her moment *eye twitch*.
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have you ever had rain boots stuck on your legs? or any type of boot? or anything....?

when i was younger i had rain boots on and had been splashing around in a creek. a bunch of water got into my boots but i didn't worry much about it. well when i got home i couldn't get them off! i have pretty big calves so they were on pretty tight already. the water created some sort of suction or something. i had friends pull on them while i sat on a bed, but they wouldn't budge for a really long time and it hurt really bad. but they eventually came off.

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1. You are doing a Bank Job. Your part in the crime is the getaway driver. (Don't worry, you have a souped-up muscle car to drive.) But like all getaway drivers, you need a getaway song to drive to for when the cops are chasing you down I-95 at a 120 miles an hour.

So, what's your getaway song? (If you can provide a youtube video, please, do so.)

2. What's your favorite cops/bank robbers/gangsters/whatever crime thriller movie and/or book?

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When is the last time someone surprised you or did something sweet for you?

My best friend moved to Chicago a few weeks ago and the past few days has been talking about moving back...well he made the decision to yesterday and we agreed to keep it a secret to everyone else. He was supposed to be coming back tomorrow but just knocked on my door! He left at 1 am just to surprise me :D
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Who's in your guilt-free three? We're pretending you're in a monogamous relationship.
(the three people your SO has to allow you to bone should the opportunity ever arise regardless of their gender or the circumstances at the time. We're also pretending for the sake of this post that they will bone you regardless of their own sexual preference).

Post pictures please.

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What's the last thing to have really made your heart sing?

My answer: Today is the first day where it has really felt like Spring to me, and I threw open my front door to get some sun and my kitty has been sunbaking in the doorway for hours, purring really loudly. She's an indoors-only kitty so i try to get her sun through the windows (too cold to open the doors in winter) but this is much better, she loves it.

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For those of you who use Tumblr...

Howcome when I post a .gif on Tumblr, it shows up on my Dashboard like this?

Collapse )

I post the .gifs by creating a text post and inserting the image, because whenever I post .gifs under an image post, it just gives me a still of the .gif

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When you wear rain boots to someplace, do you take them off and change shoes once you are inside, or do you keep your rain boots on? Does your answer change if the rain boots have a cute pattern of style?

Do you like rainy weather? Why/why not

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When learning a new language, what methods did you learn to memorize vocab?

I'm taking German and loving it, such a fun language. I just have problems remembering words sometimes, and not sure if theres other things I can be doing to learn.

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Which other ugly duckling turns into fierce chick / coolest kid on the block chick flicks are there besides the obvious Cinderella Story?

Or: Why is my neighbour obsessed with being on the phone shouting/laughing night and day?

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I'm attempting to declutter a little. In doing so I found the scrapbook I used to keep all the little notes that my ex-fiance gave me while we were still seeing eachother.

Shall I keep it or destroy it?

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Do any of you have any anxiety problems? How do you deal with your anxiety? Is there anything specific that you worry about?

I worry about lots of stuff (irrationally), but mostly my health(really really irrationally). I don't wanna use the word "hypochondriac" buuuuuuuut........


Do you vote?
Do you vote in small, local elections?
Why/why not?
How do you decide who to vote for? (always w/ the same party, research on candidates, read the papers etc -- I'm looking for specific answers if you don't mind sharing!)

Also, feel free to share any voting related stories you may have. When you first registered, why you voted for a certain candidate, if you ever contributed to getting a candidate elected, why you hate voting and think it's stupid and pointless, anything goes.
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Dinner with friends

A friend invites you to dinner. It's a pasta bake/lasagna type dish.

As you are eating, you find a hair. It is clearly the host's hair.

Do you say anything? If so, what would you say?

Would you continue to eat your meal?

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I'm about...90% sure that I'm going to be starting a new job.
I think I'd feel a little better if I bought myself at least one full complete outfit (shoes included).

How much money should I give myself to spend?

What's new in your life? What have you been wanting to talk about?
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Do you kiss your pets?

Do you treat them like 'furbabies' or do you draw a line somewhere with them being an animal?
What is something ridiculous you've seen a pet owner do with/for their animal?

How did your football team do today?
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I'm looking to buy a truck.   Nothing too expensive or fancy, just your basic full size truck with a decent towing capacity.  (Think Ford F150, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, etc.).  

I've looked up studies and comparisons online, but I'm still undecided and would like some personal recommendations as well.  So, if you were looking to buy a truck, what make and model would you buy?  Are there any you would avoid?  

And FYI:  The only truck that is considered "off-limits" is the Nissan Titan.  Anything else is fair game. 

Thanks in advance!

Edit:  The Titan is off-limits because we know four people who own black Titans, including his hyper-competitive brother, my hyper-competitive brother,  and our "keeping up with the Joneses" neighbor.  My husband would just rather avoid the drama and politics (for lack of a better word) that would be sure to follow if we bought a Titan.


OK! So, I've always been pretty bleh with hair questions and I feel a bit ashamed for asking but here goes...

TQC, my hair has been FRAZZLED this past year. It's been bleached to the point of being pretty blonde, numerous hair dyes on it and now I'm swimming 3-4 times a week. So now I need quite a bit of it chopped off D:

Can anyone recommend me a shortish-medium style that would suit me? (Pic under cut)

Collapse )

Excuse the dead eyes.. Thanks :)
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I am going to dye my hair. I have 2 boxes of dye, one is dark brown (approximately my natural colour) and the other is dark red (the same colour I've been dying my hair for a few months). I bought both boxes for $5.99 each.

Should I use my last box of red dye even though I really want to go back to brown, or should I just say fuck it and use the brown dye and use the red dye some other time?

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Have you ever tried one of those KFC double down sandwiches? Are they as disgusting as they look?

If you smoke pot, do you get the munchies? If not, how the fuck do you do it?!?! What do you like to watch/do when you're stoned?

What's the funniest movie you've ever seen?

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Should I stay in college or drop out?

-This would be the third time I had to leave school.
-I would be leaving for medical reasons
- I'm bipolar and I think my medications are wrong
- My current doctor isn't listening to me
- I feel as if I'm at risk for suicide
-This if the first time I've gone away from home
-I really don't want to give up
-I'm afraid of what everyone is going to say
- I left my last school mid semester to apply to schools on time and would be kind of embarrassed
-At this point I don't know what I'm doing with my life and what would make me happy but it feels like this isn't it

I think it comes down to: should I try to get through this, or go home and seek medical help?
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dear experienced holiday travelers,
i need to fly from la to boston after christmas, probably about dec 27th. we were discussing staying until new year's, but i've never been in an airport over new year's and don't know what to expect. will flying be a pain in the ass on new year's eve/day? is there a specific day, like jan 2nd, that won't be as bad?

edit; we will be traveling with a 2 year old if that explains any need to avoid as much insanity as possible.

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Would it be better if our government adapted more towards UK's?
I'm falling in love with UK politics, and i'm finding it more reasonable than that of the US.
Any governments out there that you like?

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TQC, I want to do something with the chocolate donut on my counter (it's an Entemann's chocolate devil's food donut with chocolate frosting) but I don't have any ice cream to mix it with. What should I do with it to make it super amazing?

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HELP! I'm trying to think of the name of a sea creature, and my google searches are failing me. It's a tube thing open at one end with teeth around the circumference of its opening. I think it begins with the letter L. Can you think of it?

ETA: You guys are so smart! It's a lamprey!
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Should I watch an episode of Farscape or Supernatural?
Which episode? I have all the Farscape DVDs and seasons 1-4 of Supernatural.
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my last post makes me wonder:

what do you need to do in order to not carry baggage from one relationship to the next?

what do you do to make sure you are completely emotionally healed?

when do you know its time to enter a new relationship?

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Does anyone know how to remove the frame of the Mac Pro Palette (15 holder), so that I can fit more eyeshadows into it? I'm trying, but it seems like i'm going to rip up the magnet from underneath. I looked on youtube, and I couldn't find a video.
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What's your favorite way to eat cheese (like alone, in a dish, what dish, etc)? What kind(s) do you like?

When there's a good bit of snow on the ground (for TQCers who live in areas where this happens often enough), what do you like to do? Go out and play? Sit inside with a cup of hot cocoa? Grumble about the roads? Something else?
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Will you suggest some comic books/series for me to start reading? I get overwhelmed in comic book stores if I don't know what I'm looking for.

What I've read so far:
Ender's Game/Shadow: Battle School and Command School
Serenity: Those Left Behind, Beter Days and Float Out (and soon The Shepherds Tale)
The Sandman
Scott Pilgram

Any and everything is alright by me.
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Do you think there is a minimum amount of time one should spend in one job before looking for another? Do future employers judge how long you've been in your current job?

I graduated college in 2009 and I work full time for a low wage and want a better job, but I kind of feel bad looking already when I only started in April.

DK/DC: how long have you been in your job? do you enjoy it?

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Who do you think the intended audience for Golden Girls was?

I feel like it was aimed at older women because of the characters, but I'm 22 and find the show really funny.

Also, why is the episode I'm watching freezing halfway through?!
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Hey guys,

Stoneweek is coming up on the calendar (music festival + week of celebration of the founding of my uni). All the different uni residences design a shirt for themselves (boys and girls are different designs) but they're all based on a theme. This year's theme is 'turn up the heat'. I'm not sure if I should get one or not, I think the final design was "Arscott girls turn up the heat, so come on boys show us your meat" with a half naked chick in a fireman's hat holding a hose or something.

Should I get the shirt? :/

What are you up to at the moment?

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Do you have any oddball neighbors?
I've got some neighbors across the street that blast their tv & radio loud enough that I can hear it half the time. They aren't hard of hearing (yet). They also have people coming and going all hours of night. There's also a chihuahua breeder down the street. Oh god the yapping.
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Have any of you had photo books made? What website did you use? How much did it cost?

I was thinking of taking all of my mom's pictures and making her some books for Christmas.

I'm going to my former teacher's house tomorrow.
Have you ever been to your teacher's house? Why?

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Have you or anyone you known that ever went to grad school and majored in something drastically different from their bachelor's? Or chosen to work something completely different from their bachelor's? How well did they do?

I knew someone that knew someone that had a bachelor's in philosophy and went to grad school for organic chemistry. I guess the most work he did was pacing back and forth and pretended to be thinking deeply. I personally also knew someone that had a bachelor's in environmental engineering and ended up working at a restaurant to cook, which he's happier with.

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What was the last really stupid thing you did?

I was at my aunt's nice warm house watching TV with her, and randomly decided I wanted to come out and find my housemates. They of course are at a houseparty I don't know where, and aren't going into town for ages. So now i'm home cold and alone, and think I was left my aunts a bit abruptly.

Inspired by my recent purchase

 What are your favorite Disney movies? 

What Disney movie do you think is totally overrated? (to beat some of you to the punch: all of them lolololol)

What fairytale would you like to see turned into a Disney movie? Assuming it would be done reasonably well.

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Do you have any phobias which scare you rigid, but you're fascinated by?

I'm severely emetophobic, but someone just told me about ipecac (makes you throw up, like, a lot) and looked up videos of it on youtube. Of course, I couldn't watch it. But why did I look up videos?

What are you phobias?
Scott - good luck

i can't feel my face

On a scale of 1-10, where 1-definitely and 10-impossible, how likely do you think it is that after the end of the first leg of the Amazing Race, they sent the woman who got hit in the face with a watermelon to the hospital?

How surprised are you that they didn't take her out of the race to be checked out right then?

If you don't know what I'm referring to, it's here.
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How do you like you steak?
Usually rare or medium-rare

If you could only listen to one musician or band for the rest of your life, who would it be?

BTW it's my birthday today Woot :P

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For the sake of the story, pretend you're a female in a relationship with a male.

Your boyfriend claims to have found a nude picture on you online and is quite upset, as he assumes you posted the picture. The picture is of a girl's nude torso with a bit of her hair showing and a piece of paper with today's date on it. Upon seeing the picture for yourself, you realize it isn't you, and actually doesn't look anything like you. There are several key things missing from the photo (specifically in my case, a medium sized tattoo, nail polish [I alllways have my nails painted], naval jewelry), and your boobs are a completely different size than those pictured. 

On a scale from 1 to 10, how mad are you? How hurt are you? How ______ are you?

Has a significant other ever found a picture they thought was you and confronted you about it? Have they ever found a picture that really was you and confronted you about it? Has it happened in reverse? (ie you found them). Am I just being stupid?

I'm at like a 7 for anger, but a 10 for hurt. I don't know why he automatically assumed it was me, especially because if he had taken even a second to actually LOOK at the picture, he would have realized it couldn't be me. It's bothersome that he apparently doesn't really know what I look like, either. I'm also kind of upset because he was like, "Her boobs look remarkably like yours" when they're much smaller than mine and sag more. :/ 

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I'm looking for a certain vision testing book. It only has 2 pages, and on the pages are various O's. Some of the O's seem to pop out at you while others do not, I believe it's a test of visual perception. Does anyone know the name of it?

It is NOT the Ishihara book, that tests for colorblindness.