September 25th, 2010

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Someone is seriously arguing with me over this...
If a heterosexual, cisgendered woman begins to have feelings for a person who was born a woman, but fully transitioned in to a man, does that make the cisgendered woman a bisexual?
I say "NO DUH" because the person she is attracted to is a man, end of story. Also that it doesn't matter. Love is love is love.

If you're really not in the mood right now, what was the last movie you saw that you really just could not get in to?
I'm watching The Road, but I can't get in to it. I really wanted to, too.

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Just bought a new HP wireless printer, the C4700 to be exact. I'm in the middle of the loading process, where it has to find your network to start processing the wireless part...but for some reason, it's stuck in loading. Or that's what I assume, since it still hasn't moved on for the past 12 minutes. Am I doing something wrong?
I <3 TLV


I'm going to a Renaissance Festival tomorrow and I don't know what to wear. I don't have any costumes or period clothing - the closet that comes even remotely close is my classic lolita outfits.

What can I wear, made out of stuff i already own, that will look cool at a ren fair?

I want to look cool!

What should I wear?

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Dear TQC,

My cat walked across my laptop and now I have a cursor that blinks in my browser window. Now whenever I try to scroll down with my arrow key it goes straight to the bottom!

What has he done?
How can I fix it?

Also, he almost died this week. He's still not 100% better. Have you ever dealt with a sick pet? I really don't want him to die. He's a good cat. Except for these laptop-walking shenanigans. lol
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I believe there are some men who look better scruffy than clean shaven and then there are some men who will never, ever look good with any facial hair.

So, I ask you, who looks better with facial hair but also looks weird clean shaven and who looks better clean shaven but should never attempt even a mustache?

And last but not least, who has the best sideburns?
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 Despite the fact that I told her six or seven times, and despite the fact that my car was in the driveway, my mom thought I worked today and got dinner for everyone but myself. And they didn't even offer me the leftovers; they gave them to the dog. Now she's pissed off at me because I got upset about it. 

What have they done recently that's made you mad at your parents?

I'm tired of posting whiny posts, but usually y'all's stories make me feel better.

Will you share some stories about things you thought were normal but you found out it was just your family being weird? For example, we call Rice Krispy treats 'stickies' and Chex Mix 'scratch' and I always thought that was normal.

I'm watching Little Miss Sunshine and beauty queens are fucking creepy, amirite?

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Would it be worth my money to buy the sims 3?

What about the expansion packs? Do any of them suck?

Do you make yourself a sim or anyone you know or is it just random?

Dk/dk: have you ever had one of those days where you just can't stand children? I usually am cool with kids but if there are kids in public acting an ass, my tubes practically tie themselves. Like today, I was at the salon getting my hair done and these random kids were dicking off and we didn't know who they belonged to and they were running around and knocked over one of those dryer chairs. One wouldn't sit still for his haircut and the girl almost cut herself multiple times and the other one stunk like dirty hair. They were old enough to know better too, like 5 at the absolute youngest.

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So, as of tonight I've discovered im in another really noisy house, and my room is right above the kitchen. This was a complete nightmare last year.
Other than using super high protection earplugs, is there anything I can do to combat the sound?
In my experience asking them to be quiet doesn't work.

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when in a relationship where the man wants to introduce another female into the equation, why is it that he feels it's the females responsiblity to find said new female????

also, where in the hell would I find another female???? anyone know any creditable websites???
carter arrested

this is the stuff horror films are made of

thequestionclub, we are in the middle of a massive corn maze. we have no idea which direction is the way out, and dark is approaching. (international tqcers, let me google that for you.)

1. which member of tqc do you nominate to lead us out?
2. which member do you think is most likely to snap, disappear and come charging back to kill us all in a serial killer-like fashion?
3. which member is most likely to get us lost?
4. do we make it out alive, or do we go in circles and eventually starve to death after someone eats the last candy bar?

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I work 12+ hours today and I'm kind of excited, really. 
What are you doing today? 
Do you function normally off of a little amount of sleep?
Does anyone make you feel like you are living a teenage dream? 

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TQC, I require validation.

I was let go from my chocolate shop job today because I apparently am not detailed oriented enough for their tastes. I worked there for a week, and I knew what I had to improve. I went to bed thinking about the little things I was messing up on last night, and this morning in the shower I went over them in my head again. I feel like if they'd let me work another day, they would have been much happier with me. I was also given no indication that I was thisclose to being fired; I even talked scheduling over with my co-worker last night while the owner was standing right there. Is this normal, TQC? Do I have the right to be as angry and blind-sided as I feel? How can I get the motivation to pick back up and send out resumes and cover letters to jobs again? I'm just feeling so depressed and upset.

/whiny self-pitying rant.

DK/DC: What's your idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon?
World in my Hands

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I currently work at Ikea and I have since April. I love all the people I work with but I'm getting pretty tired of the job already and I think I may start looking for another job. Or should I stick it out so it looks better for other employers that I stayed for an extended period of time?

How long does it generally take you to get tired of a job?

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One of my friend's little sisters just posted on Facebook that she's going to a


Is it safe to assume that "tubawar" is actually some bastardization of "tupperware" or do you think this kid is actually going to a party that celebrates some kind of tuba war?

What are some common (and not-so-common) misspellings/misinterpretations of words that make you go "what?"
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My work is located right next to the head quarters of some Republican douchebag. A big group of his supporters are standing in front of our doors, talking really loudly. I work at a spa, and it is a busy Saturday -- this is really annoying. Do I have a right to go outside and ask them to move?

Also, how should I do it? non srs answers encouraged.

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I went shopping at Target today, but when I got home, two items (dish soap and concealer) were not in my bags. I checked my car in case they fell out, but they're not in there either.

Where did my stuff go?
If I go to Target with my receipt will they just assume I'm lying and want free stuff?

I called Target, and apparently my stuff was turned in, so I can come pick it up any time.

So. Target, Wal-Mart or other?

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Hey TQC. My mum's mp3 player has finally bitten the dust after 4 years. Can you recommend a new one for her to get? It only needs to be about 4GB, just small and lightweight. She was thinking about getting an iPod shuffle but doesn't really want to download iTunes to use it.
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You're going out and have gone to some effort as far as your outfit and such. Once out and about you get complimented by what appears to be everyone but your partner. Would you be bothered by this?
If they told you that you looked nice that night a week after the fact how would you respond?
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Be it a musician, actor, writer or someone personal, who was the last person to disappoint you due to his or her drug use?

What did they do that disappointed you?

(I used to be heavily into The Mighty Boosh and everything Noel Fielding. But his drug use has killed his creativity level and now I can't bare to watch him any more. It's so freakin' heartbreaking.)

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How do you feel about this sentence?

"Being a kid it was still fun riding but for the older guys it was a hardship at times."

(Should there be a comma after being a kid?)

ETA: to add 'riding' after fun.
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I am looking for a rainbow sweatband. Kind of like these, but for your head instead of your wrists. I've tried Gay Pride websites, sportswear websites, Amazon, and just plain Googling, but I can't seem to find it. I've also looked in all of the local sporting goods stores, Target, Walmart, and Hot Topic. Does anyone know of a specific website or store that might carry them?

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So i've just signed up to do Body Shop (cosmetics, don't know if it exists in the US) parties.

Have you ever done anything similar? (You organise parties, go into peoples homes and take orders for the products)

Any tips?
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What is the sweetest/cutest family tradition in your family?

Mine, I would have to say, was writing me notes when I lost my teeth from Mary the Tooth Fairy, and she would occasionally go on vacation and her brother Larry would write me the notes.

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If you were attending a bohemian masquerade ball, what would you wear?

Inspired by me starting to have doubts about my outfit.
ETA: Here's a description of my planned outfit. Sorry I only have photos of bits of it. This mask, a rose pink 1920s corset with an equally old off-white camisole underneath, the skirt portion of a 1910 girls' dress (it's an off white colour, has lace and pintucks, comes down to about 3/4 of my thigh), and a pair of brown knee high, lace up boots (also as old as everything else I'm wearing), haven't decided on hosiery yet.
And for jewelry, I have this necklace and some random rings.
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My room mate graciously let me sleep in her room with the big comfortable bed, TV, and air conditioning while she was out of town and I was horribly ill this week. Other than cleaning her room super nicely (which I've done), what nice little thing can I get/do for her to say thanks?

Do you have homework this weekend?
I do - a small English paper that's automatically an A and an extra credit paper for health. Blahhhhh papers!

What are your plans for the rest of the day?
I'm going to clean the rest of my house, make myself a nice Lean Cuisine for dinner, take a shower, and get ready to go out with my room mate for the night.
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Anyone just watch the Grand Final? WTF is with no overtime? I am amazed at how stupid this situation is.
Who do you barack for?

DK/DC/Don't know anything about Aussie rules?
Hmmm, if you could do anything just once, without any negative repercussions for anyone*, what would you do?

*pretend a magical genie gives you the opportunity to do anything*- even something that might normally be dangerous or stupid- and the magic is afterwards things go back to the way they were, so that classic 70's movie style, high speed car chase through the hilly streets of San Francisco doesn't hurt or scare anyone (*except non consensual stuff).

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I was checking my bank account online this evening and saw two charges from that I did NOT make. I have never purchased anything from Chanel, I don't have an account on their site, and I don't get emails from them. Nothing. They are pretty big charges--one for $260 and another for $89. They are still pending, so they were done recently.

I've been really careful with my info. I only use my card on reputable sites that I've used in the past, and I use paypal for other things like Ebay. My card has been in my wallet at all times and not away from me, even for just a second. TQC, how did this happen? :(

I already tried calling my banks 1-800 number, but I need a telephone verification PIN and I can only create one from my home phone, which I do not have, so I have to wait until Monday to talk to my bank. Chanel's customer service closed at 5 and I unfortunately didn't see this until after 5. I will have to wait to talk to them tomorrow. What are the chances of getting things sorted out? 

Has something similar ever happened to you?
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My roommates and I found a little mouse on the way home. She's sick and not doin' so well. We named her Chex. She probably won't last much longer, but we figured at least we could make her more comfortable before she did die.

Have you ever "rescued" a wild animal? What happened?

I've rescued a couple of mice, a bird, and a baby squirrel.

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TQCers with iPods, where do you get your cases (assuming you use one)? We just 'inherited' a 30gig iPod classic and it's pretty dinged up and in need of a case.

The nerdier, the better!
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What was the last important thing you lost?

My TV remote has gone missing, and is nowhere to be found in my tiny tiny room. There's no way of changing the channel without it. I also lost my pills. I'm on a real losing spree at the moment.

Is there any way I can program some other remote to work with it? My stereo remote seems to half work, and I can turn the volume down (except now it's stuck down) and change to channel 5 or 6.

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I adopted a new cat about two months ago.  She's a sweetheart and I'm glad I got her, but she has some bizarre habits (or, bizarre compared to my other cat).  Every morning when I'm getting dressed she'll sit on the edge of the bed and meow insistently.  After I'm dressed I'll come over to her and she'll leap into my arms, put all her legs around me, and lick my neck.  Only my neck and she'll do it until I get sick of it and pull her off.  If I don't let her do this in the mornings, she gets all distraught and usually destroys something when I'm gone.  As long as I let her do it, she's fine. 

What is she getting out of this?  It seems odd for separation anxiety since she's totally fine when I leave as long as I let her do this for a few minutes.  It's adorable and all, but the vigor she has for it is a little bizarre. 

What bizarre things do your pets do? 
Same cat loves to sit in the bathtub and have the leaking water from the faucet drip on her. 

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1)What should I do tonight? I can watch Mad Men, clean up, fool with clay, think about work, or play civilization 5 some more.

2)Are your hobbies cool and hip?

No. I like reading manga, playing board games,etc.

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I just bought my first hot chocolate of the season at Starbucks. I love fall it's so good for cuddling without sweating to death, sleeping with the windows open, being able to snuggle under a soft blanket, good smelling crunchy leaves, and HALLOWEEN!!!!

What is your favorite part of fall?

What is your favorite season?
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When do you know its time to toss your extended wear contacts??

I just want them to last ONE more time....

OT: What was the last food you craved??

I just ate some cheese and sausages that are sooooooo bad for me...if i die in the next 15 minutes....remember TQC I looove yo...

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So I have to go out tonight on a triple date with 2 of my bf's friends and their respective girlfriends. None of the girlfriends have ever met the other friends, let alone the other girlfriends. It'll probably be the boys talking about their stuff the whole time, and the girls talking about ...........?????

I'm kind of awkward and kind of nervous, lol. :T Can you give me some good ~conversation starters~? Srs/non srs :)
Juuuuuust kidding. Apparently none of the other girlfriends are going, which means I am not going. Hah.

Alternatively, what are your plans tonight?
I <3 TLV

Breakfast post

1. How toasty do you like your toast? Do you prefer it with butter/margarine or jam? Or something else?

2. Do you like frozen pancakes?

3. Do you ever eat vegetables for breakfast?

4. Do you own a waffle iron? Do you use it?

5. Do you prefer hot or cold cereal?

Porcelain hell

Need some help here. Serious answers only please.

My toilet. I clean it thoroughly. Every surface except the inside of the tank. I clean the area around it. Done this a few times. BUT for some reason it starts to smell bad a day later. Why the hell is it doing this? Never had this problem anywhere else I've lived.


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It is 9:29 pm it too late to call my dentist with a dental problem?
Or should I just wait until tomorrow?
ETA:  I have his home number that he gives out to his patients in case of emergencies.
Collapse )ETA2:
I'll just call him in the morning and hopefully get a hold of him.  If not, I'll call my orthodontist.

What's your best injury and how did you get it?
I broke my teeth playing roller derby, it sucked but was also awesome.  My glasses also hit my face and made me bleed.  Then, I fell on my skate and bruised my lady bits.  All at the same time, shazam.

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Have you ever caught the bouquet (or garter) at a wedding?

Were you the next to get married? Or did your partner freak out?

Feel free to apply this to people you know.

ETA: For those who haven't been to a wedding - would you like me to throw you the bouquet/garter?

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Depending on who you are, I'm either asking about this really late or really early. ANYWHO... HALLOWEEN!

Aren't you excited it's coming up soon?

Will you tell me about your Halloween costume?

Do you have any clever ideas for costumes that you would like to share with those of us who are struggling?

I'm flip flopping between being Lindsay Lohan a la an orange jumpsuit and looking like a cokehead or a gothic Snow White, but I'm up for some inspiration.

dumb question is dumb

I bought a hat at Claire's. It does not fit properly* and it cost too much fucking money to justify keeping. I already took the tag off, but I still have the tag and it is not even ripped or anything, just the plastic thing is gone. Will they let me return it?

Unrelated: Does it bother you when you are typing and the last line only has one word? It bothers me, especially when that word is a small word like "it".

*It fits physically on my head, but it's supposed to be beret-like and it just won't wear properly.

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So I posted earlier tonight about ~$400 being charged to me from Chanel when I had never purchased anything from there and hadn't lost my debit card or been stupid with it.

I did some investigating and it turns out my mom ordered it. She clearly sneaked into my room while I was sleeping, got my purse, opened my wallet, and stole my debit card to use. I took screenshots of everything for proof (because I know she'll deny it) and I'm thinking about pressing charges. This isn't the first time my mom has done shitty things and quite frankly, I'm sick of it.

So, TQC. Can I press charges on my mom for something like this and actually have something done about it? 
I'm in Texas, if it matters. I'm not sure about the laws.
She's currently on 6 years of probation (till 2012)--will pressing charges affect her probation? 
What are the chances I'll get my money back now, since the stuff was ordered in my name at my address?