September 24th, 2010

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I want to make a lasagna on Saturday for my best friend and her family. I thought I might make it with ground chicken/turkey (not sure which), and perhaps make it a white lasagna with lots of veggies. Would you use ground chicken or ground turkey, and what else would you put in it? Would you use tomato sauce or make it a white lasagna?

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can you help me find professional but fashionable and comfortable shoes that would go well with a red shirt and khaki pants or a skirt? right now i tend to wear leopard print flats or plain brown flats, but i'm probably ging to be promoted soon, so i feel like i need something more professional looking.

and since everyone will tell me just to look at my managers' feet, they all wear sneakers or shoes that i feel are too mature for me.
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What's a good store for cute long-sleeved shirts? Or, where's your favorite place to buy them? I just realized I only have two and the stores I usually go to seem to mostly only have t-shirts and/or nothing I like.


I'm writing a cover letter and for the first time in my life I have an actual person I'm writing to as opposed to "To Whom it May Concern".

I have a first and last name. Do I go "Dear First Name", or "Dear Ms. Last Name" or something else?

It's for a super high-class private school if that makes a difference...

EDIT: Wanna read my letter and nitpick at it?

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i need to stop talking to friends about what i just heard from others.

seems like they always "confront" the person directly involved. sigh.

does this happen to u a lot?

on the other hand,
do you believe in office romance?

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i'm going to a party on saturday and i want to bring a little personal bottle of liquor.
what kind of booze should i bring?

when was the last time you were extremely drunk?
did you do anything stupid?

last time i was really drunk was several weeks ago when my friend was doing a dj set at a bar. i stupidly tried to bike home, and fell over while stopped at a red light.

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Do you ever think, while masturbating, on the toilet or whatever, that you could have a brain aneurysm and die instantly and that's how they'd find you?

ETA:If you did die suddenly do you ever worry who will tell LJ that you're gone?


My 12 year old son would like a hamster for his birthday.  I'm considering it, because he has shown he is capable of caring for a pet through helping to take care of our farm animals, and I think he would really enjoy having a small animal pet in his room to care for.

What do you look for when buying a hamster?  I Googled this, and I found articles on private breeding, etc. and to make sure the animal has clear eyes, isn't sneezing, doesn't have open wounds on its body, etc (common sense stuff) and links to books to purchase on the subject, but nothing really like what I'm wanting to know. 

For example, should I get a dwarf hamster or a standard size?  Do they do better in pairs, and if so, do males fight each other?  Does the age of the animal make a huge difference?   And I must say, every hamster I've ever known in person has bitten people.  Granted, that's only been two hamsters, but surely they all don't bite that much or they wouldn't still be such popular small pets, right? 

Any other advice regarding hamsters as a small pet?

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Guys flying blind panic and google fails me. Can anyone help me find a Canadian Power of Attorney form I can print and get down to the hospital ASAP? Massively appreciated,.
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 I've been feeling queasy since breakfast yesterday. I had a couple over easy eggs, a waffle, couple pieces of bacon, and scattered, covered, smothered, and capped hashbrowns. With all the egg recalls, I thought maybe food poisoning, but I haven't thrown up or anything.

Is it the eggs or the fact that I ate at Waffle House?

Do you like Waffle House? What do you normally get?
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I just found out that when you google "define:kaster" (without the quotations) something funny or horrifying happens.

Are there any other google-related stuff like this?
I know about blueberry waffle + I'm Feeling Lucky.
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A friend gets free gift cards to a restaurant and takes you out to dinner. While the server is placing your leftovers into a box, she drops about 1/4th of it on the table. She brings you an additional full portion of each item dropped to take home along with the 3/4 of food that was not dropped on the floor (so example, she drops 1 of your 4 leftover shrimp on the table and brings back the full portion of 8 shrimp, meaning you now have 11).

Who gets the extra food? You because it was your leftovers she dropped, or your friend, because they took you out to din din? Sharing is not an option.

When humans become pandas

As hard as they try, the guy can't get his girlfriend pregnant. What should they do to get babby?

She should bang someone with more aggressive swimmers
He should bang someone more fertile
Stop having so much anal. The girl has another hole, you know
Just accept that God doesn't want them to have kids, and they should take the money they were saving on a nursery and spend it on a wide screen tv instead
In vitro fertilization
They should just have more sex. They're bound to get lucky
Flush out her vagina with a garden hose to dislodge any obstruction in the baby chute and then it's pipe-laying time!
Drunken sex in the back seat of a car. That's how many teenagers get knocked up
Become mormon. God, they can pump out the kids like it's no one's business
Put out a Craig's List ad asking for babby, offering an Xbox and a gift card to Home Depot for the exchange

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why do I almost always have headaches? I am not dehydrated, it isn't a migraine, I am not overly stressed, I feel rested... but I feel like I always feel like I have a headache. :(

what are your plans for the weekend?

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I think someone asked this before but I don't remember the answers. Is there a PC term for an "indian giver", i.e. someone who gives you a something like a gift and then takes it back? Apologies if this post is totally offensive. I am ignorant in PC phrasology.

If you can't think of anything, tell me about the last time you stuck your foot in your mouth.

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Dear Dr TQC:

I am a chunky chick. I have low blood pressure, which was 90/73 at the doctors today, and it was increased a little. My doctor is putting me on a med that can potentially drop my blood pressure even more. She suggested I eat more salt when I voiced a concern.

Has anyone upped their low blood pressure before? What should I do to try and up my blood pressure a little? I eat too much salt anyways and don't want to up my intake. My doctor wasn't very helpful and I'm interested in seeing if anyone had personal experiences to share.
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if you went for a job interview, and they called you the next day to tell you to get a physical, would this be a good sign they want to hire you?(assuming you pass the physical and stuff).

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Whenever I talk to my co-workers on break they are always playing with their phones.
Is it now commonplace to bring out your phone and fiddle with it when talking to another person?
How is this not rude?

Let’s say you’re tired, have come home from work late and pull into your driveway to find a baby bird and it’s mother wandering around in the path you want to drive through. Would you wait for the birdies to pass or continue on your path without any thought?

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In the event they couldn't get Roberty Downey Jr. to play Sherlock Holmes (the brilliant sleuth) in the sequel, who would be the next best substitute?

Michael Cera
Ashton Kutcher
Keanu Reeves
Mel Gibson
Johua Jackson
Will Smith
Channing Tatum
Russel Brand
Zachary Quinto
Zac Efron
Matt Leblanc
Ben Affleck
Alan Cumming
Tom Cruise
Jude Law (they cast someone else to play Watson)

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So I work at a coffee shop and there is a paramedic who comes in sometimes. Fucking... I want to mac it to him soooo good. A friend suggested I slip him my number on the sleeve for his coffee. But I want to strike up a little conversation first... Just while I get his coffee ready... then maybe after a few conversations I could slip him my number. I'm just not good with small talk. What's good small talk that's a little beyond the normal "How are you?" Is "So, see any neat home repair accidents lately?" an inappropriate conversation starter? Ha.

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At the moment I have finished full time education and there's no sign of me getting a full time any time soon. My current workplace can only offer me seven hours a week. I do some volunteering but that is not a regular occurrence; I just get called in when needed.

What can I do to avoid spending my days on the Interwebs or watching cack telly?

EDIT: Should add that I've applied for a job working evenings and have got an interview next week. All I need is ideas to keep the boredom away during the day :)
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Hey, I'm looking for somewhere that sells thick, woollen men's jumpers. My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and he's constantly bemoaning how thin junmpers have got recently. Ideally, I'd like a sort of cable-knit one, with a pattern on, but no shops over here seem to sell them.

Any ideas on where I could find one?

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TQC, I am dealing with the most brutal PMS cramps of my life. I have done all the tricks: medication, chocolate, exercise, masturbation, heating pad and more, but it still hurts.

Should I just perform an amateur at home hysterectomy or what?
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Were you ever taught lattice multiplication in school?

Do you have any fun tips for learning multiplication tables?

EDITED FOR CLARIFICATION: The multiplication problem is written along the top and right side of the lattice. In this example, they are taking 216 times 32. Each cell represents the total when the two numbers that converge in a cell are multiplied. The top of the cell is the tenths place and the bottom is the ones, separated by a dotted line. When each cell is filled in, you add diagonally with the answer being written along the left and bottom. So 216 times 32 is 6912.
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You're housesitting for your best/closest friend. The cable went down so you look through his/her dvds and tapes when you find, hidden in the back, an old VHS whose label says it's a sex tape between your friend and his/her SO (if they don't have one then their ex). Do you watch it?

Yes. This I HAVE to see
No. I either respect my friend's privacy or I just don't want to see them naked or their ex
Just a little. My curiosity would get the best of me but I don't expect to watch a few minutes' worth
I watch it with expectations to fap

Same situation, but this time it's this new person you're dating. You've only been out on a couple dates and have only kissed thus far. Neither of you is dating anyone else but you haven't had that 'exclusive' talk yet. You find the sex video with his/her ex. Do you watch it?

Yes. My crippling curiosity and encroaching jealousy demands that I view it
No. I respect his/her privacy too much. Plus, it's not my business what my new SO did in the past
I watch it with expectations to fap
I watch it just to get an idea if they're good in bed. If they suck now would be a good time to break it off. So, it's like research
No. I find it horribly creepy that he/she would have such a thing
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Our neighbors finished their basement and made it into a bar/theater room with 7 speakers, two subwoofers and a 130" screen. Awesomesauce. Their "bar opening" party is tomorrow night and they've asked everyone to bring a bottle to stock the bar. Each person is supposed to bring the bottle of their choice, but the name of the liquor has to start with the same letters as the initials in your own name. I'm not a drinker, so I have no idea what to buy.

My S.O. is bringing a bottle of Patron Silver. My initials are VLB- What [nice bottle of liquor] should I bring that's $50 or less? [edit for clarification: that is my budget, not one they set!]
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I have a concert coming up that I need to order tickets online for and I do not have a card that can do so, and I have no one that is willing to order for me with their cards.

What should I do? It's probably going to be a semi-large amount, nearing 200$. I could buy a type of gift card if it will hold that much.

So please suggest what I should buy/do!!! (Specific brands of gift cards if that's the best idea would be nice too~)

DK/DC What is your next concert and/or your most recent?
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ebay question

I'm new to buying stuff off ebay, especially with paypal, I only made a paypal account because that's the only form of payment the seller accepts.
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I thought by making an account with paypal, the information needed would go through automatically. I guess not? How do I go about contacting the seller and exactly what am I supposed to tell him?
edit: solved, I think. Thanks! ^_~
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I'm meant to be meeting up with this guy at Labour conference next week. We exchanged quite a few texts over it. I texted him a question the other day, and a comment yesterday, and he hasn't answered to either yet, or to a tweet I sent him (he's been tweeting). Please suggest explanations for the lack of reply? And my next course of action?


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For any of you Doctor Whooligans out there—

Can I just jump in from where the Eleventh Doctor takes over? Or will I be terribly confused?

I have seen maybe five episodes total of the show and they were all with the Ninth Doctor, so I have a basic idea of the premise but there is a pretty large gap there. Do major plot points carry over from one doctor to the next or will I get the gist of what's going on?

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TQC, I'm on my feet all day (well, from 10 until 5) every day. By the end of the day, my feet hurt so badly that I get chills. I have to wear nicer shoes (think loafers or nice leather slipons). I tried Dr. Scholl's gel inserts today and they only helped a tiny bit. Any shoe recommendations or things I could do to make my feet hurt less at the end of the day?

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Is there anyway to block a user that posts in the communities that you belong to? There has been a rash of spam lately in a few of the communicates that I read. I adblock the images and report the spam but is there way to just block the user from showing up on my friend's page?
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I'm making a list! What movies are essential viewing for anyone over the age of 10? So far I've got Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Batman, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, & Back to the Future, but I know there are a million more.

Now that the fall tv season premieres are allllllmost all in, which one (so far) has been most satisfying? Which one has let you down the most?

a bit tmi

 Is it normal to go out to your backyard to pee? Assuming you aren't locked out, and the inside bathroom is free to use.

I just went over to my parents house and my dad was home alone, doing just that, on the grass next to the patio lol.
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What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

What should I go as? I'm 23 and female. And fat, which makes a lot of costumes look stupid on me. Like, I was going to go as Hedwig from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but I realized I'd just look like a fat version thereof and I'd like to avoid that. I have sewing/crafting skills, but not a whole lot of money. I don't want something that's annoying/uncomfortable to wear or especially slutty.
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Do you ever get SUPER CRANKY when you really just don't want to do something (like go out for the night)?

My SO wants to go to the city to meet up with a friend he hasn't seen in years for his birthday, but I have slept on and off all day long, and I just feel like crap. I have no energy to take a shower, and I look like crap and I want to bite off his head because I don't want to fucking go out right now. I know, though, that if he were to say "Fine, I'll go without you, see you later", I'd be pissed off and begrudgingly leave with him. I'm basically throwing a temper tantrum, and I don't know how to get out of it. I've acted like this before, when I didn't feel pretty enough to go out and nothing was going right that night, so I'm wondering if it has to do with my social anxiety at all.

What are you doing tonight?


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I got held up late at work because a coworker didn't show up, which meant I got home after nine. The Supernatural premiere started at nine, but I was okay since I knew I had set it up to record.

I get home, and someone canceled the recording.

Now I am really pissed off, and missing something I waited months to see. All I want to do is cry right now -- between getting rear-ended this morning, being denied a raise I deserved so we could get a new blender for the cafe, missing the show, and my father being an asshole from the moment I walked in the door, I am in a horrible place. Plus, my boyfriend is at a party that I can't go to because I have to work in the morning.

TQC, what do you do when you've had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day?
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 Ugh. I just woke up, got up to use the bathroom, and immediately my brother ran out of his room to try and spoil me about Supernatural. What tools should I use to disembowel him?

Does anyone you know do this? How badly does it piss you off?

What's on your perfect burger?

Cheddar, bleu cheese, caramelized onions, baby spinach, bacon, and avocado.
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Dear Dr. LJ,

You also take pet questions, right?

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Should we take her to the vet? I don't want to pay lots of money, only to be told that she'll be fine. We have a wait and see sort of approach, but I'm second guessing myself. What would you do?

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Is it possible to sneeze with your eyes open? If you do somehow manage to sneeze  with them open, think it's true they'll pop out?

Do you have a pair of those sketchers toning shoes, or a something similar to them? Are you satisfied with them?

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Tonight I started reteaching myself the piano after almost nine years. It's a lot harder than I remember. 

What instruments do you play/have you played, if any? 

I used to play the piano, the violin, and the alto sax, but I haven't touched them in years. 
I <3 TLV

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Do you use oil in your hair? Is there anything else in your kitchen you like to put in your hair?

If you could change one thing about where you live (your dwelling, not the area), what would it be?

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My grandmother is in the hospital. The doctors are saying that these are her final days, and I've decided to make copies of her favorite movies and play them for her to listen to.

Her three favorites are Brigadoon, Gigi, and 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. I was thinking of downloading The Wizard of Oz, too.

I am not an old movie buff, and she's no longer cognizant enough to tell me, but if these are her favorites, what others might be good too?

Think musicals, 50's and 60's and on the happier side.
She knows what's happening, and I just want to make this less scary for her.
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1. When did you notice the post frequency guideline changed in the rules?
2. What would you suppose the default ratio for rum/cola would be?
3a. What is your favorite Disney animated movie?
3b. which is your favorite Disney animated princess? if discrepancy please discuss