September 23rd, 2010


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I'm starting to feel sick (runny nose, face feels warm), but I didn't bring any medicine from home. What should I do to get better ASAP? School starts tomorrow.

When's the last time you were sick?

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My friend's husband and brother were talking about shit they did to each other when they were young. The brother said he pissed in a bottle and convinced the husband to drink it. My siblings and I never did anything crazy like that but we used to tease each other bad and make one another cry all the time. What did you do shitty to your siblings?
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 I'm writing a story that takes place in a city that was made to be "nuke proof" .

What should I name it?

My ideas so far are:
La Ciudad Viva
Victus Villa

And I don't know. Help!

DK/DC: Favorite scifi/fantasy book/story?

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a friend of a friend keeps on flirting with me and even after nicely telling him to bugger off he gets more annoying questioning why i hold no interest in him...

is there any solution other than finding a boyfriend, or telling him i'm a lesbian so that this fellow would leave me alone?
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TQC, I have been sleeping a regular amount, but every time I wake up I don't feel rested or prepared for the next day. How do you get a restful sleep? 

If you were to run away and start a new life somewhere else, where would you go? 

pretty necklace for a prettttty lady

Makeup-wearers of TQC, what are your favorite cosmetic products?

What makeup do you wear on a daily basis?

I look like a gross 12-yr-old boy without mascara, and my favorite is Maybelline Full n' Soft in brownish black. I also need to have lip balm on my lips at all times - it's always either Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment or Palmer's cocoa butter stick (it looks like a glue stick hahaha).

I wear mascara, tinted moisturizer (Cover Girl Aqua Smooth in Fair-Light), foundation as concealer (Revlon Colorstay in Ivory), blush (MAC Blushbaby) and loose powder (Sonia Kashuk colorless loose powder) every day.

English Language Arts help

What is the paraphrased meaning of "the ceremonial / cats possessing the streets" in Margaret Atwood's poem 'The Animals in That Country'?

The other animals mentioned are easy to figure out (fox/British, bull/Spanish, wolf/American, animals with the faces of animals/Canada) but I can't for the life of me figure out this line, and my Google-fu is turning up nothing...

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

So it would seem, after doing some more research, that the animals in "that" country is actually referring to Europe, so now I have to figure out both cat and wolf, as fox is still Britain and bull is still Spain. At least this narrows it down, so I should be good to go now. Thanks for those that have tried to help so far, I appreciate it.

Edit 2:
I feel like a moron, but I guess that means I'm learning. The cat symbolizes Europe's general superstition towards cats, and the wolf is how they were actively hunted until the last quarter century when they were given protection, though their numbers are still severely declined.

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You're at a bar when some guy in his 40s whistles loudly and says he's buying everybody a drink. "I'm celebrating the fact that I was acquitted for killing my wife and kid. Aw, man, I thought it was going to be a long stay in prison, but my lawyer, God bless his soul, managed to get all the evidence thrown out and I walked! Eff the justice system, man, I can do whatever I want!" He takes a table in the corner by you with a plate of buffalo wings. You pass by his table coming back from the restroom and you notice him choking on a chicken bone. He's going to die unless someone helps him. What do you do?

Call out to the bartender and anyone within earshot that the man's choking. Let them help him
Call 911
Personally give him the heimlich
Nothing. I walk on by. I don't help murderers who go unpunished
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if your supervisor keeps making fun of you, saying that you're cute that's why your manager likes you, never gave you any hard time during the time you held this job, blahblah.

and it's to the extend that he has been telling EVERYONE about in the office about it.

it's making you look like you're cute that's why you got the job. but in reality, you don't deserve this job at all.

what would you do? obviously confronting him is the last choice, he holds grudges. :(

i forgot to mention also, there's a 2 year contract on this job which i signed. and i'm only 6 months into it. leaving the job would mean i have to pay for the remaining time in my contract. i love the job, love what i'm doing and learning but this is making it very hard for me.
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What are some ways to get rid of sticker residue from plastic?

I bought a cheap pair of sunglasses yesterday and when I took the plastic sticker off the frames it left a huge amount of sticker residue. I tried using some Goo-Gone on it but that did nothing. I tried just using my hands/nails to peel/scrape it off but the still nothing. I actually broke a nail on it and the residue didn't even budge. After that I tried Windex and various oils around my house, still nothing. Is there another way to get it off, or am I stuck with a giant block of ugly on my sunglasses?

Scary Stuff

Who was scared by the nightmare fuel post last night?
Any trouble sleeping?
If not, what was the last thing to scare you?

(I'm in class now trying to stay awake b/c those stories kept me up for awhile. I have a great imagination, I kept picturing the murderer standing outside, but it was really his reflection and all that shit. Gives me chills just thinking about it.)

ETA: Here's the link if you're interested and missed it
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i really need a coat for rainy-cold(but not too cold)-fall-ness, i can never find any i like. do you have a coat for this weather, if so; what does it look like? and if there's one you want, what does that look like? pictures are a plus. all i have are winter coats and i don't want something huge.

dk/dc: what's your favorite things to wear in fall. i get all excited about being able to wear warm things again but i don't really have nice warm things.

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Are there any words you particularly love? Do you make up words and then get hooked on saying them? For instance, I love "sanguine" because of its meaning(s), and I've made up the phrases "hobo-bobo" which really doesn't have any real meaning but is a joking insult that I use. Of course, every time I say hobo-bobo I inevitably add "mooooojo jojo!" So maybe it means an evil monkey?

Okay, next question - Will you help me decide what hobo-bobo means?

What room are you in and what do you notice in it when you first look around?

Edit: I'm out of pamprin or motrin or whatever else I could use for my cramps. Any advice on how to make my uterus stop hurting?

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So now that my cd burner has officially crapped out on me, I'm thinking about getting my first mp3 player. It doesn't need a lot of bells and whistles--just a playlist feature and a way to interface with my car. I'm hoping I can get something sans touch screen because I hates the touching. Larger display screens/sizes are a plus in my mind.

so TQC what kind of MP3 players do you have? What are your favorite features? What do you hate? Am I alone in my touch-screen, tiny device hating ways?
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Hey you!

They say the longer you live, or the more you travel, the greater the liklihood you'll run into yourself eventually. However, they never say it will happen at the same age for both of yourself.

As you grow older do you ever look in the mirror and see yourself and think you've seen that face somewhere before when you were much younger?
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Not realizing it's a big NO NO, I just put notes in two neighbors' mailboxes advising them to be extra careful because we had someone get into our cars and steal stuff. These neighbors kind of hate us, but still, I meant well and was only trying to be a good neighbor.

Am I going to prison?
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How do I go about being friends with people who are romantically/sexually interested with me without leading them on? What (obvious or not) things should I not do?

I am single and attractive, and I've been meeting more people lately and all the guys are like after me like a male dog after a bitch in heat. I'm not sure how to behave where I can still talk to and be friends with people, without giving them even a glimmer of hope. I am not good at this and am SUPER flirtatious, so I often times accidentally seem interested. What are things I should definitely not do or say?
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Dear TQC:

A couple of weeks ago, I asked about student loans. Now I come to you to ask: where are the best places online to get used college text books at cheap/reasonable prices? My roommate and I need a combined total 21 books, yikes!

DK/DC: What's the weather like where you are? It's typical NW OR weather here: cool/cold, rainy, sporadically sunny, totally awesome.

Edit: Thanks, guys! I appreciate all your help mucho.

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For those of you who know of or do NaNoWriMo, do you think an author who writes a story without plotting it out is more respectable as a writer if they write a serious novel and don't introduce breaking the fourth wall or random events or are they just as respectable if they have random flying space cat ninjas attacking when they run out of ideas and need to pad their story, especially if this was a serious novel before?

I'm debating just winging it for the first time this year, and I have a feeling that I'll probably do a bit of the second, although hopefully not too much, and I'm interested to know if you think this is something that you would look down on.
I <3 TLV

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I just bought a jumpsuit that's a little short in the torso and it's giving me a wedgie. BUT it fits perfectly everywhere else. Is there something I can wear under it to prevent a wedgie (some kind of shorts?) or will I need to get a bigger size and just have it be loose elsewhere?
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Have you ever made a cheesecake from scratch? If you have a tried and true recipe for home made cheesecake, will you share it?

What are your thoughts on cheesecake?

What is your ideal kind of cake?

Finally, cake or pie?

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My cat seems to think I'm playing a game with him when I throw (pull him off and set him down) him off the computer desk. I've done this so may times I can't count, and each time a few minutes later he jumps back up and cowers down.

What can I do to stop him from doing this? I don't want him on the desk, he knocks everything down and chews on the wires. Any help?

For those of you have pets, what do they do that bothers you?

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If you've ever told someone you liked them (as more than a friend), how have you done it? Where and when? What did you say? Did it go well or were you rejected? Did it go better or worse than you imagined it would?

Inspired by the fact that I am going to tell the girl I really really like how I feel (she is kind of taken but I just need to get it off my chest).

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TQC I get paid today AND I'm driving to Chicago this weekend. Should I put all of my moneys into the bank and use my debit card all weekend, or take it all as cash? Or do halfsies?


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You are on The Price Is Right and bid $1500 on a shiny new thing-a-ma-jig and the next guy bids $1501. If he wins should you legally be allowed to punch him in the junk? Also would a 10 day dead Bob Barker still be a better host than Drew Carey? I am saying YES to both.

dk/dc What game shows do you like?

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The cashier at the grocery store let out a huge sigh and threw her hands down when my mom asked the woman to check the price of something.

What's your response to stuff like this?
Want to share your bad customer service experiences?

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Does anyone know what kind of flowers these are? They are a much richer red-orange irl
(I tried to make the image small enough to not warrant an lj cut but if it's that obnoxious let me know and I will oblige)


What is your favorite type of flower?

What's that game

So years ago I was at an arcade in Houston and they had this awesome Japanese puzzle game. Basically the way it worked was you and your opponent start at opposite ends of a board made of colored tiles. When it is your turn, you pick a tile, and it changes all connected tiles the same color. The point of the game is to get the majority of the board your color. It had a whole case of anime-esque characters with different special powers but I couldn't really follow any of it cause it was in Japanese. I really really want to find this game again, or something similar, but no one seems to know what I am talking about. Anyone ever heard of it?

DK/DC - What's your favorite puzzle game?

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TQC! I've missed you! I've been gone about a month...yeah..

So...what's new? What have I missed? How are you????

I'm bored and I have an hour left in my work day. So yeah....please to be entertaining me.

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You're living in a houseflat share (if you're not roll with me on this one). It's washing up time. Do you:

Wash only the specific things that you've used


Wash anything that needs it?

If the other person (people) you live with do the opposite do you move to their way of thinking or carry on and hope they move to yours?

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Facebook refuses to load for me. My Internet connection is fine, but that one site won't even come up. Is anyone else having this problem? 

What all have you done today so far? What are you going to do next? I had school from 9:30 to 12:15, then I took a nap. I'm about to head to a play rehearsal
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I have never had bangs in my life but since I have a fivehead I was thinking about getting bangs at my haircut tomorrow. In addition to my hair being so use to a part, I have a cowlick at my bangs on my hairline. Is this a bad idea to get bangs? It's not a bad cowlick. Also how hard is it to train bangs to stay down? I don't really want sideswept bangs, I was thinking about blunt bangs


I'm in Chicago right now. On this trip, I really wanted to meet my half-sister for the first time. I told her that I arrived and tried to make plans, but she just tells me that she'll let me know if she has time or whatever, as if meeting me isn't that important. This is kind of bothering me, because when we first started talking to each other she seemed kind of crazy about getting to know her brother. Now, I'm starting to feel that i'm almost an afterthought in her life. So much that if she ends up not meeting me in favor of some other plans i'm thinking about giving up the relationship I have with her altogether. Here's why I don't think I could though: I really loathed being an only child and was quite overjoyed when I found out I have a half-sister. If I cut her off though, i'll be all alone again. I really don't think I could handle that kind of feeling again, i'm not even close with any of my cousins.

If you were in my shoes, how would you handle this?

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Do you think 20 is old enough to get a tattoo, without being lectured by older family members about how they look trashy/are permanent/you're too young?

Assuming I have designed it myself, it has meaning to me and will be somewhere discreet.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo? Do you regret it?
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If I am walking on the street in a major city, and i see a woman wearing a tight, reavealing outfit, with her ample breasts heaving in/out of she "advertising" something or am I just a pig for staring?

it was a blue/white flowery bra under a tan top...and a skirt that was a mere suggestion...

i need a cold shower

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If you found your perfect mate, and s/he was a virgin, how would you feel about it? Good, bad, weird, awkward, suspicious? If you're still a teenager, let's say you meet this person years from now, when s/he is plenty old enough to have had opportunities.

If s/he felt strongly about waiting until marriage, would you be game to wait as well?

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Uh, I'm confused.

"You are currently using 135MB (1%) of your 7501MB."

The other day, I had something like 9% used up. Is this a Gmail glitch? I didn't delete anything. I have over 10,000 emails, mostly LJ comments.
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What silly/funny/wacky things did you believe in when you were a kid?

When I was really young I used to believe that there were monsters under my bed at night, and they wouldn't be able to get me if I hid completely under the covers. I even went so far as to create a little air pocket under the covers so I could breathe without exposing my head. Did any of you ever do something similar when you were a kid?

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i tend to be attracted to nerdy guys with glasses and odd details like having nice feet. my dad is a nerdy guy with glasses who has perfect toes.

they say that every man looks for a woman who is like his mother and same goes for girls and fathers. do you think that's true on some subconscious level? is this there something you find attractive in people that your parent possess? also do think this has to do with personality or just looks?

Assuming you had to eat a granola bar

Poll #1622945 Criteria for a granola bar

How do you prefer your granola bars?

Hard and crunchy
Soft and chewy

How sweet do you like them?

As little sugar as possible. I want it to be organic with its own inherent flavors
Lightly sugared
Noticably sweet
I prefer my granola bars dipped in chocolate or yogurt
Dipped in chocolate and then covered with sprinkles or marshmellow

The kind of granola bars you like _____?

Are high in fiber
Fulfills several RDA demands
Can drop a diabetic if they get downwind of my sugary treat
Drown out all external sound when you're eating them because they're so loud and crunchy
Can be found at whole food/health food stores
Are often sold alongside Pop Tarts and have been mistaken for them
Usually share with a friend
Would like to share with a friend but all your friends hate your hippie kibble
You hide so your friends and family won't nab your 'candy bars'
Contain a lot of oats
Sometimes come in 'S'mores' flavor

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Dear TQC, I'm hosting a BYOB monster movie night this Saturday, and I'm semi-freaking out about what to make for us to eat. Right now I have (ETA and I can't buy more groceries until I get paid next week, so this is what I have to work with):

- A box of honey garlic chicken kabobs
- A 1 lb bag of frozen peas
- Some Kraft Tex Mex cheese (cheddar, moz, monty jack)
- Half a stick of butter (~1 c.)
- A carton of Half & Half
- Various spices and herbs
- And a 3lb sack of potatoes from my mom's garden

What I really want to do is try my hand at making Spanish tortillas (I don't have eggs right now, but I can borrow some from a friend), and then broil the kabobs in the oven and make peas with butter/salt/pepper as a side. ETA II And I only have to make enough food for 3-4 people including me. Two of the others just bailed on me ;-;

Should I go with this? Do you have any other suggestions given the above ingredients?

Will you use this post to share and swap your favourite easy recipes?

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when taking a shower, in movies men always seem to face towards the shower and women away from it with their back facing the stream. is this really how people shower in real life?
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Do you have any hilarious macros/images related to being drunk?

It's my brother's 22nd birthday, I got him a bottle of Jack, and I need a great image to put on the card.

I've been doing a lot of searching, and here are Collapse )
Extra points for anything whiskey related!
Friendship is the best (Coupling)

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I'm going to MCM Expo at the end of October - it's my first time! Who else is going? What should I look out for? Any hints and tips to get the best out of the weekend?

I'm also trading there - my first time as a trader! Same again - any helpful advice for dealing at conventions? What should I do? What shouldn't I do?

DK/DC: What's your personal opinion on conventions? If you've never been, why not? If you have, what's your favourite convention moment?
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Do you know of any poets who write about technology?
(I'm looking to recommend poets to a student I'm sort of tutoring, but I can't think of anyone. Maybe that's a sign I should just stick to what I know?)

Failing that, what is your favorite poem?

waaaahh wahh big babies

What do you want to vent about?

my ex and I are working things out kind of (taking it day by day) and it is awesome but man oh man it is draining and so hard sometimes... I am so glad we are doing this but the instability of it kills sometimes. Like, right now she is upset and I know she isn't upset with me but with herself but I feel responsible and I am just upset a bit now, too... ugh.
Plus my financials are taking a bit of a shit and I am so over college. I want a job again, but I know if I get another job I will die from the lack of sleep and overload of stress.

Plus, my tummy aches...

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Student A walked into her math class to discover that she had a test today. Since the class's start two weeks ago, she has done 0% of the homework and studied a total of 0 hours. Of the 6 hours and 10 minutes of class she has attended, she has paid attention approximately 25% of the time. She also has basically no idea what they are currently learning about in that class.

How well did Student A do on the test?

Show your work.

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Would you wear an emergency respiration mask bra

How concerned are you about disaster preparedness? My next-door neighbors have an entire room stocked with canned food, sleeping bags, flares, those little paper respiration masks, etc. They have plans for everything. It's kind of crazy. 
Bra-wearing TQC members, what color is the bra you have on now? Or, if you aren't wearing one, what color is the last one you wore? 
Georgie - Smiles

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Do you have certain people or characters who appear often in your dreams? Is there anyone who seems to appear more than you would expect based on your relationship/like/dislike of that person/character? Tell me about them. :)

One of my friends pops up in my dreams a lot but I had a crush on him for ages so that's not unexpected. But in the past couple of months Castiel from Supernatural has popped up in my dreams multiple times a week and idk why - he isn't even my favourite character.

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Today my cellphone went off in the middle of class and I was soooo embarrassed. it was so loud, and now our school has this SUPER strict cellphone policy. When was the last time you were super embarrassed?

What were you doing like 20 minutes ago?
I was crying at the video I'll post in the comments. GDI PERIOD

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does the state where you live have a bottle deposit? do you like it or not?
inspired by me returning a few weeks of party bottles and only paid $2 for 2 strip steaks :D

how do you like your steak? what kind of marinade or sauce do you like with it?
francois lick it

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1. what is the difference between an orc, an ogre, and a goblin?
1b. and then what the hell is a hobgoblin?

2. what is the difference between a gnome, a dwarf, a midget, and a leprechaun?

3. what it the difference between a fairy, a pixie, and an elf?

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Do any of you like making jewelry? (or know anyone who does?)

My mom just got into jewelry making and I want to buy her some supplies or a book for her birthday in a week. Any suggestions for brands, stores, gift ideas?

dk/dc: What was the highlight of your day?

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I got a fish today! His name is Joan.

Collapse )

How old were you when you got your first pet? What kind was it?

Do you have any pets now? What kind?

If you could have any animal for a pet - realistic and unrealistic - what would you choose?
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Please serious answers only.

My 5 mo old kitten, Lacey, was licking up some spaghetti sauce and I realized too late that there was a smallish cooked bay leaf in the sauce and she ate that too.  It was small and cooked.  Lacey is a little over 4 lbs and in good health.  Is this a serious problem? What should I do?

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Ok, I like to drink a melon ball or two with my dinner a couple nights a week.

So, my mom is joking with me and calling me an alcoholic.  I know she's only looking out for me, and I appreciate it, but I know my limit and don't drink any more than I can handle...which is not that much.  I can drink a few and then I have to stop.

What would you consider being an alcoholic?  Like how many drinks/how often would the person have to drink to fit that description?  Do you or anyone you know have a drinking problem?  Also, what is your favorite drink?

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Sorry if this was asked 23454453576 times today,
What are your thoughts on ahmadinejad now?
Enlightened thinking has been around for over 200 years, yet religion is still possessing the extremists, and marking them as "irrational", according to locke

ETA: link news big uhoh

family on bed

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My friend uploaded Photoshop for mac onto megaupload for me, which I downloaded. Upon opening (I also installed something called Rosetta?) it comes up with two error messages.

The first is; "One or more files in the Adobe Application Support folder, necessary for running Photoshop, are missing. Please run the Photoshop installer and reinstall Photoshop."
The second is; "Your Adobe Photoshop user name, organization, or serial number is missing or invalid. The application cannot continue and must now exit."

Am I just going to have to suck it up and buy it or is there a way to fix this?

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Cat owners of TQC, help me out here.

My cat goes inside and outside. I like him to stay inside at night, partly because then I can give him attention/play with him, and partly because I just like knowing where he is at night. About a week ago, we went on vacation and I'm pretty sure the caretaker let him be outside 24/7. He's recently developed the habit of staying on my kitchen table all night and meowing in this "I'm so pathetic please come see me" way. He has food, water, and I always give him pets. Does my cat just want to be outside? Should I give in and let him go outside at night? If not, how can I make him be quiet?
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So I got moved to a new department at work today. I no longer have to deal with assholes on the phone, and I have Saturday's off again! TQC, what was the last really good thing that happened to you?

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Do you have commercials that tell you to be prepared for an emergency where you live?
Where are you?
Do you have some kind of ~emergency plan~ or kit?

I keep seeing these NYC commercials about making a plan, having a kit, and I can't help but wonder if they're tryin' to tell me something.
I <3 TLV

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How many cookies is too many? Eating, not just having around. Because you can never have too many cookies in your cupboard.

What's your favorite drink to dip cookies into? Does it depend on the cookie?
I love ginger snaps in cinnamon chai and chocolate chip cookies in almond tea.
Kill Bill - Elle

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I always prop my head up in my hand by cupping my ear and putting my thumb under my nose. Up until recently did I begin to realize this might be weird. How do you prop your head up?

What are you drinking right now or the last thing you drank?
Your favorite word? Your least favorite?
ab fab lush


what's the most stupid status or comment you've seen on your facebook today?

mine was a comment to a picture a friend posted. she posted a picture of a canadian kit kat bar (we're american) and her dad comments "does anyone know why it's written in french and english?" and i was like omg, really dude? pull your head out of your ass. so i answered him snarkily.