September 22nd, 2010

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 What is the worst day of the week for you?

-For me it's Wednesday's because I have a good 3 and a half our lecture and don't get home till 11pm. Tomorrow is Wednesday and I have to get up at 6am.

UGH why am I awake?

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TQC, the friend-of-a-friend I was set up with for a "date" on Saturday friended me on FB. Obviously he wants me, y/y?

(Machete was awesome, btw)

What kind of foodstuffs do you think my mom will give me to take back home tomorrow? Last time she gave me a whole box of chicken kabobs and Marie Calendar's chicken pot pies, and last week she got her carrots/lettuce/beans/potatoes all in from the garden.

Should I shave my legs tomorrow, or continue to wear tights and long socks in public?

DK/DC: who is the last person you stalked on facebook? And don't lie, we all know you creep on people's profiles too.
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Does the United States, as a country, have an obligation to all individuals who immigrate here to grant them citizenship status simply because they entered the country

Does the U.S. have an obligation to grant citizenship status to an individual who illegally enters this country, is ordered by a court to return to his/her own country, and then chooses to stay an additional 10 years by avoiding things such as employment or taxes to prevent INS from discovering s/he violated his/her court order?
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So after I took a couple of Tylenol, I noticed the bottle was from Lot #666. Should I be worried about demons harvesting my soul?

dk/dc What's your favorite classic rock song?

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Do you know that you just lost the game?

What's the weather like right now in your part of the world?

It was somewhere around 90 degrees in Ohio, I think. Maybe it was in the high 80's... whatever the case, it's September and I want cool weather now. :\
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What do I dooooo?

It's 6am and I'm sleepy. I have too options:

1. Go to sleep now and end up sleeping in til 5pm or later.
2. Stay awake and be painfully tired all day.

There really is no in between option. Which is the better? I don't have to be anywhere tomorrow, but I need to do homework and I wanted to do some baking.
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Who are some of your favorite (living) public figures? Anyone from any profession, as long as they are well-known. Feel free to gush about why you like them so much.

I like Stephen Fry, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, Dr. Drew, Bjork and Andrew WK.
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i'm sick of the new (alright i don't know how "new" it is, to be honest i haven't used it in a while) image search on google, is there a way i can go back to the "old" google image search?
boring question is boring, my apologies.

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If you had to see any five bands/solo musicians in concert before you die, who would it be? It doesn't matter if the band is broken up or if a member is dead.

Who would win in an epic piano showdown between Mozart and Beethoven?

If you hate music or don't care, please move on to another post.
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hey tqcers who lack insurance and money, what do you do when you feel really sick?
do you suck it up and find a doctor willing to help you, or do you just ignore it and hope it goes away?

tqc, what can i do with my headache? i've had this for 3 days now.

what's on your clipboard?

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Have you ever had to call 911 (or your country's equivalent emergency line)? What for/what happened?

I called yesterday on my way home from work... about 100 yards ahead of me on the interstate, the grass on the shoulder burst into flame? It was strange. :T

walking and granola

When you are walking about do you say "hi!" or "good morning!" to people that pass you on the sidewalk?

Are you good at giving lost folks directions? You're walking around your town/city and someone in a car pulls up next to you because they need help finding a place...are you good at that? Or do you get all tripped up? Do you ponder your instructions once you send them on their way?

Do you like and eat granola?
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When you cook something and have leftovers, do you prefer to finish the leftovers before cooking something new?

What's your favorite chocolately baked good? I want to bake something today and I'm in the mood for chocolate.

Can you help me with a math problem? My cookbook says that 3/4 cup of agave nectar can be substituted for 1 cup of evaporated cane juice. The recipe I'm looking at calls for 1 and 1/4 cups evaporated cane juice. How much agave nectar would I need? Would it be one cup? I'm reminded of problems with fractions stacked on top of each other that need to be multiplied and ahh I can't tell if it's more or less complicated than I'm thinking it is.

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My position at work was a term position and it ended a month ago. 
I agreed for this month to lose hours and fill in where needed as they told me they had made a permanent position for me and I after I filled in for people on vacation for September they could afford to put me in it starting October. 

Well we got our October schedules and I anticipated a full time position, instead I have no shifts for two weeks and then I have two weeks at the end of October. November doesn't list me at all so I can only assume there are no positions to fill. 

I really can't afford to lose the hours and I was looking forward to having Halloween off (which I would have had if they set up my promised schedule). I've already agreed to host a party on Halloween.

I think I have to quit now and my friends company is hiring but I'd need to apply and commit asap. Should I apply and quit my job without giving them an explanation? I know they can't afford to lose me and would probably try to keep me somehow if they knew about my thoughts on leaving. Or should I wait to get a conversation about these concerns trying to remedy the problem and possibly miss this job opportunity? 
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I was just reading about the latest on the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law regarding gays serving openly in the military and I was wondering how other countries deal with this issue?

Do you think the the law should be repealed? I think it should and that gays should be allowed to serve openly in the military but, then again, I have never been in the military so I cannot speak first hand about the issues of troop morale, etc.

Added: Does anyone know of the law on this in other countries?

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Do you know of a brand of clothing that sells good-quality flannel shirts for women, without the ruffles and pleats and all that crap?

What do you like to wear in the fall?

Is it getting cooler where you live yet?

It's 98 degrees today, arrgh.

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What is your favorite kind of soup? If you have the recipe,will you share it?

Do you have "wear only if I am not going out of the house" clothes?

Do you enjoy going to weddings?

Favorite board game?
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I have this fly hanging around my head and it's really annoying. I don't have a fly-swatter in my room, how should I take care of it?

Have there been reports of bedbugs where you are?

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Oh shit, you guys. I started to make rice but now I realize I don't have enough time to eat it before class. It's about half cooked. Can I just keep it in the pot (without heat, of course) to finish cooking&eat after class? It'll be like 3 hours. I really don't want to waste it. what do I dooo?

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For college, I have to portray a dramatic part of the Greek goddess Aphrodite's life. Thing is I don't know any :(

Anyone know dramatic parts in her life?

Note: Yes I've tried Google
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I'll be in Charleston, West Virginia today and tomorrow. Is there anything fun to do there? I have some free time tomorrow morning (whenever I wake up until 1:30).

Also, I'm surprising my mom by flying to Vegas on Sunday to see her. I haven't been to Vegas since I was like 10. If you only had ~36 hours there, what would you do?

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I'm rocking up to a flat warming on Saturday where I will know literally not a soul - it's some of the local d&b crowd and I want to go meet people, make friends, etc. I have been invited through a local forum, so I'm not the gate-crashing weirdo who was eavesdropping on some chicks at the bus stop or anything.

I wanna bring something along that will get a good reception/have people remember me favourably/give me an excuse to mingle without looking all, 'uuh who the fuck is that and what's with the giant inflatable penis?' about it. Something casual, easy, that will go down well. I was thinking of grabbing a big-ass economy bag of candy because I'll be turning up a bit later once people have been drinking and shit, what drunk people are going to say no to someone turning up with munchies?

I dunno, would you find that weird at your party? Are there things you think would make a good impression?

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 For the last 2 years my therapist and I have been talking as if I were straight. Should I tell her I'm not?

It might help things, but I've never told a doctor or anyone that. Not even my family knows.

Edit: Ok tonight I'm going to. 

Old word processing program?

You know those old programs from way back when where it had the bright green or blue background? Are there any still like that for download or at least a modern word processor that lets you switch to that kind of classic mode?

EDIT: Found one. Thanks, guys!

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TQC, something died either in my attic or my chimney. 

It all started over the weekend, when we kept hearing thumps up in the attic. It sounded like something quite a big larger than a squirrel. Then, early Sunday morning, we heard something quite abruptly fall down our chimney, but nothing was in the fireplace when we looked. Tuesday evening these huge green flies started appearing in our house, the kind that buzz around dead things. We tracked them to the fireplace. 

And then today, the smell hit. It's all over the place, but mainly the living room, where the fireplace is. We don't know what to do about it. There was nothing in the fireplace when we looked before, and plus we don't want more flies to get into the house by opening the fireplace or the attic. 

My question: is there a service that deals with this? My grandmother suggested an exterminator, but I wasn't sure if they dealt with dead things too. We don't want to ask a neighbor or relative for help, because it's kind of gross, but my mom and grandmother and I are all pretty squeamish. Any advice? Have you dealt with this before? 

tl;dr - There's something dead somewhere in my house. We can smell it, but we don't know where it is. What do we do? Who can we call for help? 
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have you ever had to wait for a rebate from sears? how long did it take? I am worried because they are sending me a mastercard gift card to count as the rebate and I am scared it will be taken from my box. they don't update the rebate status with mailed or anything do they?

how often do you find yourself in a "funk"? how do you usually feel during this time? anyway to fix it?
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Guys I'm flipping my shit right now. My 90 year old grandmother just got sent to the hospital. I'm at work for another hour and a half with no way to get into town, and will only get back home 3 hours from now.

Someone, anyone, please calm me down? I can't talk without crying and obviously can't do my job correctly at this point!
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My sister is moving to another state halfway across the country. She leaves tomorrow and is saying goodbyes today. My mom is taking it especially hard. Can you think of anything I can do with my parents this evening to help keep them, well, distracted? Looking for some creative ideas. :D
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Does anyone know what's up with the pumpkins this year? I asked a guy at Whole Foods about canned pumpkin and he said they wouldn't be getting any until mid October, because of some problem with the harvest. Does anyone know any details about that? Do I really have to wait an entire month to make my pumpkin muffins??

Will you share a story about buyer's remorse?
My new Nano arrived today, and although it's exactly what I want/need I can't help thinking I should have gotten a 6th gen instead of a 5th gen because it's ~new and different~. Even though I like buttons and have never tried using a 6th gen. AND they don't come in purple, which is a major draw back. Help me get this ridiculous idea out of my head so I can just enjoy it!

A thunderstorm is beginning here! If you have cats or dogs, are they afraid of thunder? Do they hide, or go to you for comfort if they are? (My girls are very concerned and hovering around me)

OH AND ALSO when did the graphics for the LJ icons at the top of entries change? For edit/watch/add to memories/etc. I just noticed they're different.
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what are things you think you not be taught in school?
what are things you think should be taught? [other than the typical vital elements]

eta: inspired by the book "the center of everything". it is based in the 80s and the girl's school is having a huge debate about the science teacher teaching evolution. I am not asking for opinions on that particular debate, it just got me thinking about other things that may cause problems or be beneficial if added.

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How late is to late to show up to class? I ask because i'm likely going to be v. late because of public transportation issues. :(

[edit] I ended up emailing my professor and explaining the circumstanes. By the time I would have gotten to the metro station for my university, ridden the shuttle to campus, and walked across campus to the place where we were supposed to meet for class, I would have been nearly 45 minutes late. Plus there's a guest lecturer and it would have been doubly rude to show up late.
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i'm ignorant in this so TQC, please tell me.

how bad is it when you get terminated and banned in the financial industry sectors.
what sort of jobs are a big no-no anymore?

a friend just told me about his circumstance but i'm not sure how i should respond! please help!

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Guys! I keep losing really important stuff.
I put it somewhere and think "This is important, so I will put it HERE" and then ...I forget where "here" was.

Does anyone else do this?

Why am I forgetting everything lately?
Do you have any tricks for remembering where you put stuff?

I lost my flash drive with a lifetime of lesson plans on it....UGH
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some friends and i are going out tonight to a bar that we frequent a lot. it's generally a good time, but THIS time there is going to be a magician (sorry, an illusionist haha) in the house. i called the bar and they said he does table magic, like, walks around and does tricks for people, etc. have you ever experienced this? is it worth a six dollar cover?

dk/dc: who's the funniest comedian/comedienne?

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does anyone owe you money?

anyone you're mad about?

how long will you stay mad at a friend or family member because they said they'd pay you back, but haven't? what about a non-friend, like an employer who owes you for work?
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What were you legit afraid of when you were a kid?
ETA: What are you afraid of now?

If you go to the gym...
Resistance training is kicking my butt, so what can I do to feel more energized?
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I'm baking banana bread and I think I added too much batter to my pan, as it's higher than it should be and still goo in the center. Will it be fine if I just bake it for longer?

If the dough doesn't taste very good raw, does that say bad things about the final product? I usually end up eating a lot of the dough when I bake, but this stuff had a very unpleasant after taste. However I followed the recipe exactly and I've tasted this bread in the bakery the recipe is from and it's delicious so I'm hoping it's not a reflection on the bread...
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Sometimes, my friends will ask me what I'm doing on a particular day before inviting me out. This annoys me a little because I often feel like I'm being set up (lol).

Does it annoy you when people ask what you're doing on certain days before inviting you to do who knows what, or is it just me?

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when is a good time to call back an almost professional phone call?

i sent in my resume to this lady to have a look at like a week ago. i saw that she sent me an email 2 days ago asking me to give her a call. is it okay if i call her now? (7pm my time) or wait until the morning? what if she has some opportunity in mind, i don't wanna miss out because i called her 2 days late.

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I am working at PetCo. I've been there about a month. Everyone who works there is kind of shady and they don't really take very good care of the animals. I'm not so sure about the job.

Blockbuster just called me for an interview on Monday. I agreed to it. Problem... no idea if I work Monday night at Petco or not.

If I do work Monday, what should I do?

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My friend's daughter is turning one in a few weeks. I'm invited to the party. What in the world do I get? I am never, ever around babies so I don't know what they need or what toys are..good. I asked my friend and she just said whatever I wanted to get was fine, lol.

Do you think it would be a nice gesture to buy my friend a gift card to somewhere, too, as a treat for her? Like Bath and Body Works, or a spa place, or somewhere else that is similar.

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What's the last book you read?
I'm about to spend the night with Russia and the Soviet Union: An Historical Introduction from the Kievan State to the Present :/

Do you use the poke feature on Facebook?
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1)What bad things have you learned about yourself while working?

I have a very strong fear of being bitten, and very bad knees.

2)What do you think about Civilization 5?

Civilization 4 is better, but...I'm still playing.

3)What tv show are you behind on?

I'm still on season 1 of Mad Men
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This is the first year I have a little one at home who is old enough to notice decorations around the house.
I bought the window 'stickers' though there isn't adhesive, it just clings.
I put halloween ones in various places, some being on the oven door.

I don't recall it getting that hot, but am I going to regret putting them there because the heat will make them permanently stick?

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 There is a rather large dead whale that is drifting ashore in Bulli right now, and I was thinking of going down there in the morning to take a look (it is 8pm now), It is sad, but I have never seen a whale (outside of sea world).

Is this disrespectful to the whale, I know if it was a person I would not even contemplate going?

Will it be too sad?

Would you go and have a look?

Have you ever seen a whale in the ocean before?

ETA: Any idea on how it died? I am hoping old age...

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What happened to that post about people who look like animals? I totally had an answer but when I hit "post comment" it said it had been bahleeted.

Also, is there anything playing in theaters worth seeing?

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What's the longest amount of time you've ever been sick?
What was wrong with you?
If it was a really long time, how did you keep yourself going?

I've been sick for 5 weeks, doctors don't know what's wrong yet, and I'm starting to lose hope over here. Why does Dr. House have to be all the way in New Jersey?
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Assuming you were the type of person to get a vanity license plate and you could get whatever you wanted, what would you get?

If even hypothetical you is anti-vanity plate, what are some ones you've seen??

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Have you ever owned, or know someone who has owned a German Shepherd puppy? My moms pup is about 8 months old now, and has developed a pretty noticeable limp. She has heard that this could be normal due to how fast they grow, but is afraid that it could be more serious since it has persisted about a month now. Would you be concerned? She is still playing and eating, but holds the leg up when she doesn't have to use it. (She's making a vet appointment soon, I'm just curious about other people's input)

How much money have your pets cost you in vet bills?

Can I see a picture of your most "expensive" pet?

Collapse )
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How much would you say, on a scale of 1-10, do you like reading? (Reading things of your choice.) (10 being, you're reading every possible moment you can spareyoulovebookssomuchtheyareyourlife. 1 being you don't read at all for personal pleasure.)

How much would you say, on a scale of 1-10, do you like writing? (10 being that you're very passionate about writing, and probably desiring a career in writing.)

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 Do any queer people (or allies) here ever get really depressed about the marriage thing?  Like it'll never happen, and I'll be illegal forever. :(

If no, what are some of the cutest/best things you have seen at weddings?

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So I really really really want a cat but for various reasons it would be impractical for me to have one right now.

What should I do to get over my "I need a cat" obsession?
If you don't know, will you post a picture of a cute cat?
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What is your opinion of chiropractors? Have you ever been to one? Was it beneficial?

I used to think they were real doctors that just dealt with back pain until recently when one told me that both my Narcolepsy and hypoglycemia were caused by bad posture and would go away if I would only sit up straight. (And they can help me fix it, too! For several hundred dollars.) Now it just seems like a huge scam and I'm confused because I know I've heard of people going to them for back injuries and receiving legit care.
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Which do you think is better, a short interview or a long one? I had one this morning and it was only about ten minutes long. I don't know if this means she really likes me and figured it out right away or if she took one look at me and just asked questions to be nice. ETA: I did have a phone interview with her yesterday, if that changes your thoughts.

She said to email her on Monday morning, so that pretty much means that I didn't get it. She'd call me if she decides on me, right?

One of my friends just had her baby and I'm going to go visit in the hospital. I already got stuff for the baby (I made a dress, bib, and washcloth), but should I take anything to the new mommy in the hospital? I imagine she'll have oodles of flowers, so I wouldn't want to take those.

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Have you had your wisdom teeth out? Was it just teeth or did they take bone too? How long did it take before you weren't in much pain and could start eating normally?

Mine were impacted and removed on Friday along with some bone. Today is day 5 and I'm still feeling crappy and eating baby/mush food. (I know everyone heals differently..)

If this doesn't apply to you, what is your favourite comfort food?

To me, nothing beats a good shepherds pie or lasagna when I need something comforting!

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So I'm pregnant. I'm not sure I can financially support a baby. My family wants me to consider adoption not only because of the money but they're not sure I can handle the stress and other things. But every time I mention adoption to anyone not related to me, they tell me I'm a horrible person.

Is adoption really that bad? I want whats best for the baby.

*Edit*- If I was thinking of getting an abortion I wouldn't have made this post. I would appreciate it if people would stop recommending it. This situation is stressful enough without people telling me I should just kill my baby.

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 How does this sound for a first date?

We meet at a cafe and get coffee to go. Then we walk to the museum, and check out the new dinosaur exhibit. After that we walk along the river for 45 minutes to the city gardens and have a look around, maybe getting another coffee at the cafe. Then walk back along the river.

I chose the museum and he chose the gardens ^^. We both like coffee and arty things so I think it sounds good. Might be quite a long date though? Or should it be? I have actually never really been on one and I'm 20!