September 21st, 2010


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I've seen it suggested that baby powder can be put on greasy bangs and then combed out for clean-looking bangs. However I am skeptical. Does this really work? Will there be white spots left if your hair is dark?
[Edit: I just tried baking soda and it worked! Yay! TY. I put baking powder in first though. Shouldn't hurt it though, right?]
[Edit2: My scalp started to get very itchy so I washed it out. Oh well, that works too.]

I'm thinking of doing a Halloween party this year. What fun Halloweeny things should it include? It would be a small, quiet party. All I have in mind now are the decorations and all the food I could make!

If you've ever been to a REALLY AMAZING Halloween party, what made it so great?

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Today in a mobile phone shop, I discovered someone had left a phone logged into their facebook.
What havoc could/should I have wreaked?
ETA: This is non-srs, obviously. I just logged him out

Anyway I can find that person again without having to remember their profile picture and searching through the 500 plus people who have that name?
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Let's say a person dies a natural death on your property. If there wasn't any foul play and you didn't report the death, what would happen? Could legal charges be pressed? If so, what would the charge be? Negligence with a corpse?

I'm writing a story and would really like to know if my main character could be charged for failing to report her husband dying in his sleep in front of the tv.

EDIT: Apparently in my state (Colorado) it's only a class 2 misdemeanor if someone fails to report a corpse. It's a minimum 3 months in prison or a $250 fine. I appreciate the responses!
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I have a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow. (I work on real people weekends)

I am going to Disneyland on Wednesday, and to the Belly Up Tavern for the JJ Grey & Mofro concert on Thursday. What serious and/or non serious things should I do with the rest of my weekend?
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should there be an unofficial opposite day?


would a real opposite day be fun or needlessly complicated and stupid?

complicated and stupid
a combination of the two

if you answered "other" for anything i request that you comment with your answer. show your tits, i don't care. it's late now.
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Has anyone here ever had a breast reduction?
What was the procedure like?
How much did it cost?
Did you get the results you wanted?
How did you choose a surgeon?
Was it covered by your insurance at all?
Did they make you try something else first? (like losing weight)
Any other information?
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 I just found an open bag of marshmallows in the cabinet from about five months ago. They're still soft and there's no expiration date on them. Am I going to die if I eat them?

If  you like eating Kraft Dinner, do you add anything to it? I like adding some garlic powder. some canned tuna, and a handful of peas. I also like 'pizza' mac with a couple spoonfuls of pizza sauce, mushrooms, and black olives.

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I am up waaaay too early, therefore I am watching morning news.

TQC, if you were a news anchor, what would be your sign-off line?

edit: you can be wanting to keep this job as an anchor, or trying to get fired.


If you say you love someone, do you mean you love them right that minute, or is it a declaration of a fairly permanent state?

Do you tell your friends you love them? Often?

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Do you prefer to be pale or tan?

Are you scared of any kind of insect?

What would you say are the best and worst parts of your personality?

What game show or reality show would you jump at the chance to be on?
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how do you deal with the death of a pet?
My dog is still alive, but he was shaking and crying and panting all morning, and has been for days. My family barely has enough money to send US to the doctors, so I know there's little to no chance my dog will get to go to the vet :/
EDIT: yeah you're right I guess I shouldn't get another pet I thought rabbit would be easier :/
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I am excited! What are you excited about? (and yes, this is a shameless brag post)

The phone interview I just had yielded an in-person interview tomorrow! I was nervous, but she was unprepared because I was the first one this morning and so it worked out pretty good. She was kinda funny and I think that she liked that I have a sense of humor.  I have a really good feeling about this. I so hope I get it because I hate standing on my feet all day and dealing with customers face-to-face. Plus it's a nice 8-5 jobbie.

I've been up all night but because I need to be at my absolute bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow, I should try to stay up all day and sleep tonight, right? Or should I go to sleep like normal and then have a crap tonne of coffee tomorrow?
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Did anyone watch any of the new shows that premiered last night? Thoughts?

I watched Lonestar, because the link on Hulu's front page took me there instead of where it was suppose to, and it was decent. I thought the casting was excellent, everyone really fit the part.

now I'm going to watch The Event.
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I don't know of a way to word this question eloquently but whatever.

What words do you most frequently use when referring to people? Like, when saying, "I went to the store with that one person," or, "That person over there is really attractive."

For example, I use guy, chick, dude and lady. One of my friends always uses the words male or female, which I think is kind of weird (IDK why I think it's weird though), and my mom uses gal a LOT.

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TQC help me!

I'm trying to start a new word document but it's doing Collapse )

I checked and the margins are all set to normal (1" all around) and the layout is set to portrait.
Why is Word being evil? Does anyone know how to fix this?

yay it's fixed! thanks guys!

Your opinion

I feel like writing a Lord of the Rings parody and use the characters from a popular sitcom as the characters. It'll either be Friends or Gilligan's Island. So far, I just have the names. I'm only going to write one parody. Based on the strength of the names, which sounds more amusing?

Gilligan's Island
Gilligan - either Gimligan or Gilligandalf
Skipper - Skippergorn
Professor - Profrodo
Mary Ann - Mary Arwen
Ginger - Gingerael
Mr. Howell - Howron (Sauron)
Mrs. Howell - Howellman (Saruman)

Chandler - Saurondler
Ross - Legoross
Joey - Joli or Gimli Tribiani
Rachel - Galadrachel
Phoebe - Frobe or Phoedo Baggins
Monica - Sarumonica
Gunter - Aragunter

The Gilligan's Island version would have the Skipper doing amazing feats of heroics, and Gimli somehow fucking everything up time and again which makes the Skipper bap him with his battle helmet, and Sauron as this snooty villain throwing money at everything. The Friends' version would have Chandler trying to take over Middle Earth (Could there BE any more orcs?) while secretly being nagged by Sarumonica about not making the takeover too messy, while a whiny Legolas, idiotic Gimli and creepy weirdo Aragorn try to stop him. At some point, Galadrachel chases out Aragunter, who's rifling through her elven panty drawer. Both versions are more than a little silly but I'm the mayor of silly

Which is better?

Gilligan's Island
They both suck
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What are some things you find frivolous?
Domino's Pizza keeps sending me e-mails about their new mobile website and how I can, "Order Domino's anywhere now using your mobile phone." Umm, I could already do that with a call...

What was your last frivolous purchase?
I bought a life-size cut out of the TARDIS.

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What do you do to motivate yourself to do something that you really don't want to do, either because it's an unpleasant task or just boring? I personally think the boring tasks are worse than the unpleasant ones. What do you think?

Brought to you by me having to do the world's most annoying graduation requirement ever. It's not even a class, it's just these four forms I need to fill out about "cultural events" I've been to. I know I should just get them done but fnargh.

Animal lovers, come talk to me.

Why do people say if you can't afford a vet, then don't even get the animal?

To my understanding, there are a lot of animals in shelters that no one wants, and will be put to death if they aren't adopted. Isn't a home w/out a vet still better than death?

Maybe I'm missing something here, so por favor fill me in.

What pets do you have? What are their names?
Did you get them from a shelter?

I have a dog (black lab/german shephard mix) named Bruno from a shelter.
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At work, I was recently moved to a larger desk in a different department since I needed more space. This desk had been empty for a couple of months, so the people in this department got in the habit of using it as a catch-all. Anything that comes off the copier that isn't theirs gets put on my desk, as well as just anything around that they don't know what to do with. What's the best way to break them of this habit? The more creative, the better!

Are you an organized person? Does it differ for you at work versus at home?

Assuming you had the resources, the time, and everything else necessarily to properly care for it, what is one pet you would love to have?

What are some yummy things to make for lunch? I go home for lunch since I live so close and have an hour, so there aren't many restrictions. However, I would like to avoid spending most of that hour prepping my lunch.

How's your week going? Are you looking forward to the coming weekned for any particular reason?

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I'm 21 today, TQC! :D

I'm not big on drinking (I always pass at a get-together) but I want to get a drink tonight! Which one should I get from here?
Click on Casa Cantina to find the drinks.

What should I eat too, while we're at it?

my poll skillz are rusty. but here ya go.

what's the BEST/your FAVORITE style of barbecue?

Kansas City
i don't know enough to say what's best
i am from PETA, and i just slashed your tires.
i am a vegan/vegetarian
i've not had each of these styles
the best barbecue is whatever we make in the back yard. yum.
whatever is on sale in a jar, man. that's how i roll.
this is like SOPHIE'S CHOICE...i can't choose just one!!!
all of them are equally scrumptious.
idk, but now i am on a mission to figure it out, PDQ.
i am not from the STATES and don't understand you yanks and your foodz.
oh suzer, i am just going to say Kansas City, because YOU know so much about it, being that you live in the barbecue capital of the world.

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TQC will you "yada yada" something?

example: "I met this lawyer, we went out to dinner, I had the lobster bisque, we went back to my place, yada yada yada, I never heard from him again."

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I want to make brownies this morning. I'm aiming for a thick and fudgy brownie as opposed to a cake square. I've googled a whole bunch of recipes, but I'm wondering if anyone here has a tried and true recipe. Do you?!?!?

What makes a brownie perfect?
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Will you tell us three things about yourself that you don't usually use to introduce yourself?
Not necessarily things you keep secret, but not your basic name/age/where you live/what you do (unless you don't often tell people those things).

(no subject)

If you've taken the GRE, how long did you study/prepare for it before taking it?

Were you happy with your score?

How is the math section, because it's the section I'm most worried about?

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What's the name of that website where I can plug in where I am and plug in where I'm going and it tells me how to get there within the New York City Metro area by public transport?

Alternatively, New Yorkers, I'm rusty here, it's been a few years. What's the best way to get my aunt* from LaGuardia to New Haven (or Grand Central to pick up MTA to New Haven)?

ETA: *I specify that it's my aunt because she's completely unfamiliar with NYC public transport.
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: /

So um... on Saturday a friend and I made out and then I ate his frank and beans went down on him. This morning I woke up with a slight sore throat. Should I be worried? This ever happen to you? It's been a hot minute since I've gotten some lovin' so I'm totes freaking.
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For those of you in school/college, does it bother you when you hear classmates or other people complaining that they have to take certain classes because they "aren't going to need it for their job/career/life"?

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My roommate and I caught an epic spider last night that was by our front door. We've googled and we maaaaybe think it's a wolf spider, but I've never seen wolf spiders this big!

TQC, can you try to guess what this spider is?

Collapse )
Spelling Contest

For 100k would you...?

Poll #1621736 For $100,000, would you...? a marshmellow Peep that's as big as your head in 4 hours? If it takes longer you forfeit the money. You also can't throw up during this period to 'make room' in your stomach


...remove one of your front teeth with a pair of pliers WITHOUT anesthetic?


...act as a rodeo clown for 1 minute? There's an angry, psychotic bull going after a cowboy and YOU have to run over and distract it and make it chase you


....go down on a homeless man? You have to swallow his 'hobo jam'. He's also not allowed to bathe before the deed


...wear the shortest skirt you can find (like an inch below the crotch) and, without underwear, ride the escalators up and down at your local mall for 2 hours


...attend a Tea Party rally carrying a big sign that says 'GLEN BECK LIKES PENIS AND ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS HIM ALSO LIKES IT UP THE ASS. GO HOME, HOMOS'. You have to walk around the location for 2 hours. You'll just have to ride out those 2 hours and whatever may happen


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Do you own a chinchilla? Can you post any photos of them? If you own a chinchilla, do you have any tips for someone that is considering buying one?

My boyfriend and I are considering adding a chinchilla to our family. We already own a goldfish and a bird. We've done some research and think a chinchilla would suit us due to their nocturnal tendencies.
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Would you be willing to rent an apartment if you found out the previous tenant had passed away in the apartment? Would the circumstances of their death matter? How would you react if you moved into an apartment only to find out the previous tenant had died in the apartment?

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The neighbor above me is LOUD. They basically stomp around, drop stuff, move furniture, dribble a basketball(?), run around, and scream from 7 AM until 11 PM.

We've called the front office. They said there was nothing they could do, but they would talk to them about it. It hasn't stopped (it's been like this for 2 months). Worth calling the cops over? Worth going up there and bitch slapping her?

IDK/IDC: What's you're favorite kind of sandwich?

Arnold thins with provolone, turkey, ham, and ranch on it... mmmm
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TQC, my period is 2 weeks late and I was showing some early signs of being pregnant. I went in for a test today and it came back negative. What else could be wrong with me? I am going to schedule a doctor's appointment, but I can't do it until next week.

Should I go to my grandfathers 80th?

 My family is all travelling out of town on Saturday morning and not coming back until Sunday afternoon. We're staying in a hotel. I will be sharing a small room with my 50 year old uncle who snores very loudly. None of my cousins are going except one 12 year old.

We are eating out 4 times, I am the only vegetarian and I always end up arguing and having to justify it when we eat out. The restaurant we are having his birthday dinner only has one vegan/vegetarian option and it is something I hate. I have been invited to three parties that night, one of which is a friends leaving party before they go to Canada.

I work out everyday, the hotel has no gym facilities. I'm meant to have a personal training session on Saturday, which I won't be able to go to. I am also on a diet, which makes things difficult.

My family and I don't get along that great.. Ok so most of my reasons are totally selfish, but I really don't want to go. When my sister gets back from France we are going to celebrate it again so can't I just go to that instead?

Either that, or drive my own car there so I can arrive in time for dinner then leave the next morning.

Mom is making me feel guilty starting the whole "he might die soon" stuff. I told my grandparents I was going, but now I'm having major second thoughts. Yes, I am selfish.

Safe and Sound!!

My co-worker who was sent to Afghanistan just walked in to our office after nearly 10 months of being gone!  I wasn't expecting him until November, although he is still on active duty until then, but still, what a wonderful surprise and relief it was to see him!  

Has anything exciting and unexpected happened to you lately?  
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Oh noes! I ran out of laundry detergent! I need to clean my underwearz! Is there any acceptable substitute I can use until I can get to the store tomorrow?

What was your last Oh Noes! moment?

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Would this recipe for bread be considered vegan?
* 2 cups warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C)
* 2/3 cup white sugar
* 1 1/2 tablespoons active dry yeast
* 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
* 1/4 cup vegetable oil
* 6 cups bread flour

Obviously there's no animal products in there, but I know sometimes there are non-animal based products that vegans don't eat, too.

ALSO! What was the last high stress situation you were in?

These two questions are 100% not related.
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If someone calls you and asks, "Who is this??" do you tell them your name? If not, what do you usually say?

If you miss a call from a number you don't recognize, do you call back and ask as rudely as possible, "Who is this???" If not, what do you say? I say my name and that I received a call from that number. Which makes more sense than being all, "Who the fuck is this???" But maybe that's just me.

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I send out our little office e-newsletter each day and at the bottom I include a funny picture.

What are your favorite sites to find cute and funny cartoons and pictures (preferably work-appropriate!)?

Will you post some funny images?
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i have an interview tomorrow that i got at the last minute. i don't really have any interview clothes. i plan on wearing a white button-up blouse and nice cardigan on top, but my only options for bottoms are a denim pencil skirt (denim buttons up the front, nice detailing, very dark, hidden zipper, no pockets, would wear with tights) and black denim pants (completely black including stitching and details, boot cut). i know you're not supposed to wear jeans to an interview, but i don't have the time or money to buy something new.

which should i choose? will it be acceptable? normally i'd be fine with it because usually i'm applying for design jobs at informal places, where looking hip and put together is enough. but this is a clerical position.
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There's this guy that lives down a block from the main street of my neighborhood. On the corner of the block, there's a police and fire station.

He owns this bulldog and every time I go up this block (I don't that often), I always see his dog sitting up by the door, or just roaming around in the grass...I feel so bad for her. She also has lots of dirty eye booger stuck under her eyes...and creases of her wrinkles. The apartment building where he resides doesn't have an awning or any kind of shade for the dog whatsoever. To my knowledge, I know dogs...with smushed in faces don't do well in the heat because of their breathing.

I've rang his doorbell once to tell him his dog was down the block just roaming around...all he did was just bring her back in and shut the door in my face. He seemed mentally challenged. (This was before I realized that he lets his dog sit out in the sun so often.)

If I go to the police, they can't help me right? It's not like I see the owner treating his dog fact, the only time I've ever seen him was that one time I rang his doorbell. But who would you contact if you were me and you wanted to help the dog?
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I want to be a plague doctor for Halloween, and I'm working on getting my costume together early.

Does anyone know where I could find a convincing plague doctor mask?

Would the "creepiness" of the costume be taken away if I chose to wear a venetian mask and get creative on the lower half of my face (such as with make-up)?

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What do you think of when you hear 'hobo jam'?

Music medley that's popular among the homeless
Low-grade jelly that's very cheap and commonly found in vagabond travel kits
It's how hobo babby is formed
Like KY jelly except thicker

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I'm on a Roller Derby team, and I'm trying to decorate my helmet.  My skate name is Malibu Harpy, so I was thinking of putting harpy wings on it until I remembered another girl on the team already has wings painted on hers.
I don't want to steal her thunder, so to speak, so tell me TQC...What would fit with "Malibu Harpy" that would be badass to paint on my helmet?
Have you ever seen a RD bout?  If not, you should!

Camping in the Backyard

I wanted to go camping this holidays but it's not happening. My boyfriend just suggested that we camp in the back yard for fun. We'll have a fire, sleep in a tent, star gaze etc.

But we also have the benefit of a toilet and shower. :p

What should we do on our backyard holiday? I've thought of marshmallows, damper, baked potatoes, star gazing, sleeping outside, going for 'hikes'... lol.

What else?  Be creative!
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If I wear wrist/ankle weights on cardio machines, do I input their weight+my weight, or just use my weight? I know those things aren't really accurate, but whatever.

DK/DC: What is your favorite gym activity?

I like pretty much all classes except spinning and hanging out in the cardio movie theater on the elliptical.

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Does anyone have any anecdata on what happens if you weight train without getting enough calories? I know that if you're in starvation mode th body stores fat rather than burns it etc etc that's not an issue, but if you're actually working the muscles will the body still try to burn those instead, and if so, do I risk doing damage to myself?

I'm crook and not able to keep down my usual amount of food, so I've really cut back on my gym routine until I'm better, but I'm still doing weights three times a week but I don't want to do myself damage. :/ I'm still on lighter weights from my injury, so I'm not trying to do my usual load on empty, but I'm still getting a pretty hard workout.

All Google is telling me is that it's not an effective way to lose weight and I don't caaaaare, I just want to know I'm not going to blow out a muscle or something.

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Are you a nerd? If so, what flavor of nerd are you? Are your friends nerds? 


I'm an otaku/craft nerd. My friends are a mix of otaku, literary, crafting, and gamer nerds.

EDIT: Locally, at least, 'nerd' means 'less social, more obsessive geek'. If that's not the definition you follow feel free to just sub 'geek' for 'nerd'.

DK/DC: What is your favorite natural/artificial flavoring?


one hunnid dolla

If you had $100 to spend frivolously** right now, what would you buy? LINKS PLZ

Brought to you by the $100 Visa debit card on its way to me from right now... I'd buy a mini coffee maker (suggestions??) and clothes.

(**Read: FUN. Not on bills, or rent, or other life necessities - FUN!!!)
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This morning, I woke up with the right side of my ribcage feeling bruised. I checked and there are no marks. It hurts when I press on the spot and even when I raise my arms.

How could I have possibly hurt myself in my sleep? What do you guys think this is?
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So a friend has a concert at a formal hall as a soloist (Alice Tully)
He's complaining to me that a tux is too formal, and wants to stick out.
I pointed out that a white prom suit would "stick out"
He's having thoughts about it.

What could he wear that's not a plain black tuxedo?

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TQC I feel rubbish, I've had tonsillitis a few days and now I also have a cold.

What are your coping strategies when you're ill? Do you find anything in particular helps the 'common cold'?

(no subject)

Do you think it's possible to press each page of a book so that no matter which page you turn to, it'll stay there?

If you dropped such a book and it fell open, which page would it open to?

(no subject)

I emailed a contact at a company to inquire about possible job opportunities. I got a response within an hour saying that there was a position open in the area I'm interested in. She then asked if I would be interested in coming in to meet the head of the position I'd be applying for.

Because she said 'meet,' I'm not sure whether to cram (meeting is scheduled for Thursday morning) for this like an interview or just be expecting a casual conversation to get to know me (to see if they like me enough to schedule a formal interview later...)

What do you think?

(no subject)

In a couple weeks my dad and I are taking a weekend trip to Massachusetts. We'll be flying into Providence, and then driving up past Boston to Salem, which is our main destination.

For those of you who've been there before, can you recommend any places we should stop by in Salem or on the way there?

And we might have a little extra time in Providence, so do you know any cool places there in which to waste a couple hours?

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I'm 20 and want a tattoo. I've had the idea for a while, but dont know where I'd want it.
I want it while I'm still young, should I bite the bullet and get it done in the next 6 months?
Or is 'young' a fallacy and I should wait until I'm sure?

If you have a tattoo, how old were you when you got your first, and did you ever regret it?
Any arguments for not getting a tattoo young?

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When the class average for a test is just over 50%, is this a sign that

a) the students are all dumbfucks?

b) the professor doesn't know how to write a goddamn test?


This is a third year early Canadian Literature Class and the test was on Modernist theory, of which the professor spent 3 days teaching.
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I'm sorry about all of my homework questions on here :O Does this sentence make any sense? My father insists that my great-grandmother is in a liminal stage – one in which she wades in between the two worlds.

dk/dc: would you rather write a short research paper or have an exam?

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Do you know any major hoarders?

Inspired by me watching hoarders right now and omg so grosssss!

ETA: and ew the lady just picked some pumpkin seeds out of a rotten pumpkin that a guy was throwing away

Long time no see

It's been a long long time eh? Anyway, onto my question:

I'm in the mood for a good horror movie. I've seen most of the popular films (The Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.), so anything out of the ordinary is best. I have a soft spot for zombies and insane asylums but really I'm up for anything. So what horror movies do you suggest?
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do you prefer to shower at night, in the morning, or at another time?

how close are you to your parent(s) and/or sibling(s) (ETA: close in terms of relationships, not distance)?

what is your take on the tea party?
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Gravity's Rainbow

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If TCQ was going to start a commune somewhere deep in the mountains, away from the rest of society, what would your job be? A butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker? Does anyone know how to make beer?

I'll bring along my manual typewriter in case we need to write any long, rambling manifestos against society. Also, I can be arrogant, if that's required. Maybe some light gardening, in the afternoon, if it's not too wet or too hot. And if you could stand me a Dyson, I could hoover all day long. We are having laminate floors, correct? And I can have all of you fluent in Cockney Rhyming Slang within a week. Me ol' china. Lord, love a duck.
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Are you a morning, afternoon or evening shower-er? Why?

I'll start us off... I love showering in the evening because then, when I'm just recently just been warmed by the water, I love slipping into my cozy pjs and relaxing after a long day (and posting questions to TQC)...

*edit: Sorry guys, I haven't exactly looked at the main page for a while... since I'm getting a wee bit o flack because I can't seem to read... I'll make it a wee bit different... Do you have a routine when you shower? like 1st you shampoo your hair, rinse that out, then condition your hair. then wash your body, shave then rinse out the conditioner (that's my routine...) or do you just do whatever you feel like needs to be done?
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Gilmore Girls

music video

Once again I come to the beloved TQC to answer my questions about a song. There's a video with a black guy (who may be Kid Cudi?) with an over-sized head (similar to the current Converse song, which alludes to it being Kid Cudi) & a white guy with him, also in an over-sized head. "Kid Cudi" is doing most of the rapping with the white guy chiming in on the chorus. The white guy plays a mini-keyboard & the drums, I believe. Part of it is on the playground, swinging on the swings. Parts of it are on the street, at one point they're in a gym. It's a really cool video & I cannot remember the title of the song nor the actual artists. If anyone could help, it'd be much appreciated! Thank you ♥
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My grandma is having surgery on her knee tomorrow. My mom and I are going to the hospital, of course, to visit her, but during her surgery: to support my grandpa, who will be a nervous wreck, I guarantee. He can be paranoid sometimes, and I mean that in the most clinically way possible. He'll probably be going nuts.

So, I thought it would be nice to bring some sort of baked good/treat. Can you recommend a good recipe or idea? Nothing that needs a plate or a fork or is too messy, I think are the only guidelines.

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I share an apartment with a bunch of women, I have no close relationship with anyone of them. I mostly just stay in my room and use the common areas only when needed.

There's this girl. I don't really know which one, that cries almost every night. First she talks with her family for hours and then she cries. Today she is crying full out, wailing and shit. I don't really know her, I don't fucking care why she is crying about, but I need to go out to use the common area and she is just there, soaking the place in her misery.

Should I go out, proceed to do my stuff and ignore the fuck out of her or go out and try to find out what the hell is happening, then do my stuff?

ETA:  For those who care. I'm going to talk to this girl as soon as she calms down a little. I have no idea how to approach someone in her state and frankly, I don't really have an idea of how to approach someone that is upset about something, but since she is my roommate and having a good or somewhat passable relationship with her is important, I'm going to try. I'm not saying it will make a huge difference, as some people has said I am kind of an asshole, and to top it all I suck at offering advise or a shoulder to cry (it makes me feel kind of icky) but I'm going to try.
So thanks everyone!
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TQC, what is your opinion of the band Muse?

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Or, if you don't care about any of that, will you please describe to me, in great detail, what you wore today?? EVERYTHING.

EDIT: New question! WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO THIS MUSE THINGER? I don't really have a lot of fancy stuff, so would, like, black jeans and a nice sweater be ok? Or should I go for a pencil skirt and heels? I HAVEN'T BEEN TO A SHOW IN LIKE FOUR YEARS WTF DO I WEAR? TQC HALP ME OUT PLS.