September 20th, 2010

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My roommate just met my friend and is interested in him, so asked me to describe the friend.

If your friends were asked this about you, what do you think they'd say to sum you up in a few sentences?
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Do you consider being a drunken bicyclist more irresponsible than being a drunken pedestrian?

Which do you consider more irresponsible between being a drunken bicyclist versus being a drunken car/taxi passenger?

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If you've experience sleep paralysis, can you tell me about the first time it happened, and how long it took you to find out the term for it?

I was sleeping, obviously, and I couldn't move or speak or open my eyes. I felt something moving around in my room, and I thought it was my mom. Then I felt this heavy weight on my back, and there was a gargoyle-like demon [I could see him in my mind from an out-of-body view] hissing and laughing in my ear as I tried as hard as I could to speak. Eventually I just drifted back to sleep. I googled it as soon as I woke up, because it freaked me the hell out.
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Does anyone in this lovely community have any suggestion on how I can turn my brain off so I can get some sleep? It's almost 1:00 a.m. and I need to get up at 7:00 I just can't seem to shut off all the stuff going on in my head. I even have a mild prescription sleep medication that I took. I'm a world-class worrier and I don't know how to stop.
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I napped far too long today, so now I can't sleep. I have to wake up in 4.5 hours to get out the door on time. If I go to sleep, I may not wake up for my alarm (this happened last week), and I'm fairly good at staying up with little to no sleep in my system with the help of copious amounts of nicotine and caffeine, but I'll probably get cranky later on in the day. I DO have a two hour commute to school during which I can nap most of the time.
What's the shortest amount of sleep you can exist on?
Should I sleep or stay up?

Who is your new favorite musician/band?
Florence + the Machine. I saw the performance on the VMAs and was blown away. I don't like mainstream music for the most part, so I was awestruck by it.
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I'm really in the mood for a movie that has a super twist to it, and/or has some sort of event happen that's emotionally involving, but complicated/contradicting and makes one debate which view they take on the situation. (Is that too specific?) Any recommendations come to mind? :D
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Poop post

When was the last time you sharted? I tried curry for the first time on Thursday, and early Friday morning, I had gas then mass.

What's your funniest poop story? 

A girl I worked with had digestion issues and got really backed up one week. She started chowing down on laxatives and one day she came back from lunch in a panic to tell our boss she had to go home and change because she'd pooped her pants and because she was wearing a thong, it was running down her pants.

The best thing was bossman backing away slowly.

Do you enjoy toilet humour? No matter my mood, just hearing the word fart or poot or the sounds will make me laugh.

What would be the worst time to shart? I'm thinking during sex. Farting is embarrassing enough, but accidentally pooping...yikes.
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So, TQC, this summer, my legs got bitten up something fierce by mosquitoes and such. My legs look gross, and I scar really easily and it takes me forever to heal. :(

What would be the best thing to sort of help this along, and get my legs to look not-as-gross as quickly as possible? Like, is there any special lotion? Or, like, neosporin? Or just straight-up Vitamin E? WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND?


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attention people who have used travelocity....

i just bought plane tickets last night. I've never used travelocity before until yesterday (used expedia in the past). They didn't give me anything to print! They did send me an email with online check-in codes. Do i do that from home before i leave for the airport? do i use the airport's website? am i getting real tickets mailed to me? what the hell is the process??
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We're moving to Herefordshire in the UK about halfway through November, and we'll be living there for at least a couple of years.

Force of habit insists I start up a vegie patch in the new place. The seasons will be backwards - we're currently in south-western Australia - but I'm a foodie and I like sourcing my own vegies when I can, so I suppose I'm going to have to.

Someone who know the climate and conditions...what does well in the area?

I'm only guessing, but if I prep the ground over December...February would be the best time to start planting, over the end of winter? What should I put in first?
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You're hungry but it's really time that you should be in bed asleep. Are you more likely to grab something to eat or go to bed hungry?
If you fulfil your hunger wants, what are you likely eat?

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What was the last thing to leave you totally unimpressed?

I didn't get to sleep till really late last night, and now at 8:30 my step-aunt who is staying has the radio full blast in the kitchen (beneath my room) and is letting her dog bark and bark, which has set off all the local dogs.

Celebrities and randomness

(If you have a significant other) What famous person(s) does your SO find attractive/have a crush on? Do you think this person(s) is attractive?

Have you ever considered changing your diet? For example, if you are a meat eater, becoming vegetarian. If you are vegetarian, becoming vegan. For vegans, going raw vegan, etc.

If you have ever worked retail, what do you think the best thing is? The worst?

When coming home from work/school/being out all day, do you change clothes? Or just change when it's time to sleep/shower?

Edit: My answers in the comments.
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What foreign languages do you speak?

I'm learning Hebrew right now - it's useful to know while I'm in Israel, but in two months, I'll probably never speak it again.
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TQC, I've got a bunch of shit I've never worn. It does not fit me now, and it didn't fit when I bought it like 2 years ago. It could fit in a few months. I would donate the stuff to my local SPCA's thrift shop. I have 10 cardigans, one peacoat, and 2 pairs of pants I want to donate. 11 out of the 13 items still have tags on them.

Should I donate them, or keep them a while longer in hopes that they will fit me one day? Or should I do something entirely different with them?
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In your own words, what is the difference between these:

Hypothetical: If you are stopped in the middle of a moving highway and someone doesn't see you in time and smashes into your car; if that their fault or yours for stopping in the middle of a fast moving road?

(Disclaimer: 1. OP's opinion is not expressed. 2. I had to fight really hard to not make a wanky reference to get in some Monday morning TQC humor.)

What was the best part of your weekend? 

What was the weather like where you are? (Where are you?)


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If you've been in a Masters/PHD program for 5 years and while going to school you taught labs and work in the labratory, and got paid for it like a real job, would you put that down on your CV as work experience or keep it all under school stuff?
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inspired by a previous question.

will you say what are some major highways/freeways/interstates around where you live so we can guess where you currently live?

also list some highways/freeways/interstates around where you're from so we can guess where you're from?
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what do you think about a course where you can fail if you exceed a certain number of absences? you could have gotten great grades on all the assignments and participated well when you attended class, but if you miss too many classes you fail.

what did you eat for breakfast today?
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With weird power comes weird responsibility, 4C-style

You can have the power of flight and mindreading, but the powers only work if you're 50lbs heavier than you are now. In short, you'd have to gain 50lbs to get super powers. Would you gain the weight and the power?


You can have the power of invulnerable skin (bulletproof/knifeproof) and super strength, but the powers only work if you have no hair on your body. Would you shave your head and eyebrows and everywhere else to get superpowers?


If you have the power to travel back in time for up to 10 minutes (good for correcting mistakes or stopping awful things from happening) and the power to see up to 10 minutes into the future. All you have to do to activate this power is to make out with a complete stranger immediately. The longer you suck face with them, the longer you can see/alter time, up to 10 minutes. The longer you wait to activate the power, you may miss the particular minute you wish to travel to so expediency is definitely in your interest and maybe giving no explanation for your sudden affections toward the stranger may be deemed most efficient. How often would you use this power?

All the time! Sweet power!
Whenever I needed to, like if I was late for work or needed to see who the winner of a horserace was
Rarely. Emergencies only
I'd never use this power. The activation cost is too gross

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I'm visiting Korea for the first time and consequently meeting my Korean family for the first time as well. I've already gotten gifts for most everyone, but I'm stuck on what to get a female cousin in her late 20s. Does anyone have any ideas? She isn't married and doesn't have any children. I also need to get something for my grandmother who is in her late 80s. I've asked my mom for suggestions (it's her family) but she's been extremely unhelpful, basically just telling me to "get what I think is best."

ETA I would like to keep the gifts around $20.

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Have you ever taken a math class where you were expected to write, in words, what you were doing next to what you were doing?

Like, if you were factoring, you would write "factoring" next to it?

I am, and it sucks. I got an 80% on a quiz, but I have to re-take it because I didn't state at the top of the page that I was going to solve a quadratic equation using the quadratic equation even though those were the instructions and that's what I did.


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If you get by on very little sleep, how do you do it? How many hours of sleep do you get? How do you get through the day on little sleep? Do you still stay very busy and get a lot done?

How busy are you? How do you stay motivated and on top of everything, and not waste time?

Basically, teach me your time management methods! I want to get a lot more done in the day than I do, and not need as much sleep. I feel like I waste so much time!

Does anyone owe you a lot of money? How much? How long have they owed you it?
(My friend and roommate owes me $110 - 80$ of it since the beginning of August - and I'm trying to be understanding because she's my friend and she's broke and she's really trying, but I also want the money back.)
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you know in the US version of "the office" pam has that weird colorful thing on her reception desk? what is that thing?

it looks like thin metal rods sticking up with colored plastic bits on the top. what is that thing??

i looked it up on google but couldn't find a picture. i didn't really look that hard, to be honest.
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What should I do with the 50+ antique hat pins I have?

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I already had them out in porcelain holders, but my cat broke the holders :/ They're really pretty, so I don't want to just box them up and forget about them. Any ideas?
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Where I work, I have one week of paid vacation left. My original plan was to take it in the week of exams where I would be booking off most of the week anyway, so I could at least get a little bit of money before Christmas. Turns out I'm only going to have two exams, both for my lower-level courses. I'm thinking that the chances of them falling within a couple of days of each other are fairly slim. My two other courses both have 20-page term papers instead of exams. I'm also moving in October, when I have a reading week.

So, here's the question: should I change my vacation week (if they let me, of course)? I could still take it during my exam period and maybe get a couple of days off after my last exam to relax and prepare for Christmas. Or I could take it during my reading week and have plenty of time to move/unpack and work on school things without worrying about work. Or I could take it before my big papers are due so I have lots of time to work on those.

What would you do, TQC?

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Dear TQC,

My friend just went to the dentist and she said they gave her laughing gas. For a cleaning. According to her, it "helps takes the edge off" and "they give it to anyone who wants it". Um, what?!

Have you ever heard such a thing? Does your dentist do this? 

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what is your honest opinion of:

1. the women on "i didn't know i was pregnant"?
2. the situation (mike from jersey shore)
3. the abundance of little people tv shows (little people, big world, the little couble, little chocolatetiers, pit boss... etc)?

Afternoon mixer

  1. Do you have a specific day you do errands? 
  2. What is the worst paper cut you have even got?
  3. What treat can you not resist?
  4. What was your last big expense?
  5. Do you say 15 till or quarter till when it is 45 minutes past the hour?
  6. Do you know how to work all the tecnology in your house?
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Today, while at my volunteer job, I walked past one of my supervisors. She was sniffling and rubbing her eyes, and I thought she was just having allergy issues. Her boss was talking to her, asking if she "needed a ride," and my supervisor replied that her sister was going to come pick her up.

I thought that was kind of a weird exchange, and then I later found out that something "really bad" happened to her, but I don't know what. I'm going to assume a relative or close friend of hers is either very sick or passed away.

Do you think it would be bad or inappropriate if I sent her an e-mail asking if she's OK and telling her that if she needed me to cover anything for her at work, I'd be more than happy to do it? If it's OK, how would I start that e-mail? Saying something like, "Hey, I heard something bad happened to you," doesn't sound right at all.

I have a really good relationship with her, I think she thinks me more of like a coworker than a subordinate. But...I dunno, at the same time, I feel like I'm being really...intrusive.

I don't know, I just suck at trying to be helpful when my friends are feeling really upset. How well do you handle situations like that?

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Have you ever had a cystoscopy done?

I went to see a urologist today and apparently I was supposed to have one done but now they're just going to make me pee in a cup. Did I dodge a bullet on this one?

Speaking of medical imaging devices stuck in the nether regions...

Have you ever had a transvaginal ultrasound?

How about a colonoscopy?

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Is a black dress appropriate for a wedding, or is my family being far too traditional here?

Apparantly my choice of conservative black dress is offensive, but my family is ~crazy~.

EDIT: Could have worded that better. I mean wearing a conservative, nice, black dress to someone else's wedding.
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Can you give us your best attempt at a sext, written in poorly structured teenage "txt speak"?

Ex: U r soo hot baby n I wanna rub my beef stick all over ur face n make it all hot n drippy 4 u mm
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(no subject)

Boring question is boring, sorry.
Do you have any recommendations for movies or tv shows that can be watched on Hulu or Netflix Instant? I'm up for anything.

Alternatively, do you have any less boring questions you want me to ask with this post?
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Will you tell me a word you enjoy saying?

I really like the word "nomenclature". It has a nice feel to it and flows off the tongue well.

Also, what's for dinner?

We're going to a fish restaurant. Blech.

(no subject)

I just made enough money for a year subscription for upgrading to a paid level account. (minus other expenses)
I think I also might have enough for a friend, and even though she defriended me, i'd feel oblivious to leave her in the dark...
should i upgrade her as well?
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Anyone here use Petfinder and is willing to help me?

I would like to know the guidelines for uploading a video to my foster dog's page, but do not have access to it. The lady that maintains the page basically told me to email her the video and she THOUGHT it needed to be AVI or MOV format. I expect this is as much info I'm going to get from her. I tried a few google searches and can't find anything :(
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(no subject)

What are your feelings about people who make Facebook (or other social networking) pages for their kids? Like grade schoolers and toddlers who don't really have writing or computer skills yet.

What about pets?
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I have a pork chop to eat for dinner. I can only pan fry it, my oven is broken. How should I prepare it?

What are you having for dinner? What show can you not wait to see the new season of?
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To those TQC members who are job hunting, where do you look? What kind of jobs are you looking for? Let's commiserate about the terrible economy and how hard it is to find jobs right now...

I have mostly been looking on Idealist and my university's career page, mostly for project assistant/administrative assistant/research type jobs, particularly for anything or any company relating to Asia. And oh god not even getting interviews, it's driving me crazy!
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Do you like haunted houses? Do you plan on going to one this year?

I want to go here.

[Edit: As of now I haven't yet found anyone to go with BUT I only have 5 hours left to buy a 1/2-off ticket. Should I just buy my own ticket now and hope I find someone?? I don't want to go alone but I don't want to pass up a good deal...]
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Emotionally unhealthy advice sought.

TQC, let's say that you have someone in your family who you do not particularly love who emotionally abuses you every time they get the slightest bit upset (everything they do to hurt you is really your fault, flat-out lying about terrible things they've done, etc), and for several very involved and complicated reasons, you must deal with this person a very regular (almost daily) basis. They refuse to acknowledge that they do these awful things and accuse you of being "too sensitive" to the way they behave.  Cutting them out or interacting with them less is not an option.

How do you make the crazy, awful things they say and do not bother you anymore without confronting them?

(no subject)

TQC, will you please give me topic suggestions for an oral presentation that is worth 15% of my final grade?

Things to consider:
-The name of the class I am doing this for is called "Business Communication & Procedures"
-My topic does not necessarily need to be related to office related work, it is pretty wide open, but does need to be of appropriate nature (nothing to do with religion, politics, or anything along the lines of abortion, etc.)
-I am in a group of 4 people, and we need to present between 15-25 minutes
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Settle an argument for me, TQC:

Last weekend, I was at my parent's house and forgot my sunglasses there. I didn't have time during the week to go there and get them, and knew I would be back this past Saturday and would pick them up.

After leaving my parent's house, my mom called me to tell me I left my sunglasses there. She specifically asked me if I left them for my sister to have/use. I said no.

I got there Saturday, and after saying hello and all that, I ask for my sunglasses. My sis said that they broke when she was wearing them the day before. According to my sister, mom never told her not to wear them.

I want my sister (who is 27, by the way, not a child) to replace them. She said that it was an accident that they broke and she shouldn't need to.

1. Should I be mad at her?
2. Should she replace them?


Have you ever continued to take a medication because you really liked the side effects even if you really didn't need it anymore? Like weight loss, boob growth/shrinkage, increasing sex drive, etc.?

What medication and what did it do for you?

If you haven't, what do you think of the people who do?

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This one time, like fucking half an hour ago, I had pictures on my memory stick from my camera. I put the memory stick in the little drive my laptop has and I saw the 5 pictures I took. I uploaded 2 of the 5 directly from the memory stick drive, closed all the folders and took the card out to put it back in the camera. I took it back out from the camera and put it back into the PC because I forgot to drag the pictures to my pictures folder. The end result...was...
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The DAIM and MIQA folders shouldn't be there, neither should that random file under the MIQA folder. My MISC folder randomly went missing too. Can anyone explain this? Google hasn't shown me anything useful yet.

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How would you describe a stereotypical tea drinker?

How would you describe a stereotypical coffee drinker?

Which do you prefer?

I don't drink coffee at all, but I adore tea

eta: Wow, you guys just aren't playing, really are you?
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I am going to be taking the GRE in a few months. You cannot use a calculator. Without a calculator, I am at a fourth grade level in math. How much do you think getting a spectacularly poor grade on the math portion of the test will affect my chances of getting into a decent grad school?

What are you nervous about right now?

What are you worst at?

EDIT: I am going to grad school for art history. I wanted to be an astronaut, but you have to be able to add and stuff so I was like 'oh okay museums i guess'.

My baby takes the morning train...

How long is your commute to work?

How long is TOO long to commute to work?

I have a job interview tomorrow and if it goes well, it would take me close to an hour each way. The money is decent enough and I'm sort of desperate. At my last job it took me around half an hour to get from door to door on a good day, and close to an hour with rush hour.
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Anyone here know where I can find a cheaper bow like this one? I've been looking online and so far no luck. I need it to be just as big (it's for a Halloween costume). I tried making one myself based off of online tutorials I found but it looks like absolute shit.
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(no subject)

It's about 8:20 pm. I have a headache and feel sorta bleh. How early is too early to go to bed? I don't want to wake up at 8 am bright-eyed and ready to take on the world because I don't have class til 2 so that shit is dumb.

St Louis area?

Is anywhere here from Ballwin/Manchester/Ellisville/Des Peres, MO? Or really West County St Louis at all?

Can you reccomend somewhere to get a haircut around there? I've googled but it has only come up with expensive priced places

I'm new to the area and want some ideas on what to do/Places to eat/ Somewhere to make some freaking friends. I've done the tourist-y things (Arch, zoo, Grant's Farm, so on so forth).
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(no subject)

TQC, what is your favorite thing? I would like you to describe it in great detail, please. Feel free to nerd the fuck out on your favorite thing and why it is so great to you.


Does Walmart sell sparklers this time of year? If no, what store would (besides fireworks stores)?

What do you think is the best way to attach sparklers to a hula hoop? I'm trying to think of something easier than a bunch of tape.
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(no subject)

Would you trust a pregnancy test you bought for $1?

Edit: I'm currently 2 weeks late and almost positive I'm pregnant, but both the tests came back negative so now I don't know what to think. What would you do in my place?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know what the "Left on Spitbrook...Right on Daniel Webster" is in reference to in this McDonald's coffee commercial?

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I know it has to be a reference to the intersection in Nashua, NH. But other than that I'm stumped. What does it have to do with anything? I mean, it doesn't seem to be anything as recognizable as the other stuff they list off.
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(no subject)

What do you think of a mother who refuses to say the words, "I love you," to her children? Despite the fact that it is hurting them, she won't say it, but defends herself by saying she shows it in her own way.

(no subject)

What kind of shampoo/conditioner should I use? I have really long, thinnish hair and I've been using Suave Professionals Volume and it gives my hair the body I want, but is there something that will give my hair MORE body? I'd like it to be under 5 USD/bottle ($10 for both shampoo and conditioner together).

Do you use shampoo/conditioner?
What brand?
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(no subject)

 What bad eating habits do you have?

Unless I'm eating with someone, I tend to view eating as just another chore I have to take care of, so I stuff my face in three minutes or less and usually end up choking myself because I don't chew properly. Then about ten or twenty minutes later, I can feel it hitting my stomach and making that plop/splash sound like a log splashing in the toilet. It's very disconcerting.

Are you excited that it's premier week? 

Can you give me some tips for a good phone interview? I have one tomorrow for a phone customer service job. I've had a phone job before and I'm amazing, but the fact that this is an interview is going to have me nervous and probably rambling.

(no subject)

What are some activities you like that are outside of the "norm" for your gender?

my mom tried to pull some shit on me because I like to crochet little creatures. Which is bullshit because her friend's dad (who is like 80) crochets all the time.
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edited to put some pics of something i crocheted.

(no subject)

Browsing my local Kijiji job ads, I came across this:

Seniors need help.
Looking for someone to come into our home and cut our toe nails once every 7 weeks.
My husband and I are seniors and need help with our toe nails.
Please e-mail me back with your rates and experience.
Thank you

Obviously I should apply, right?

What's the weirdest online classifieds ad you've seen?
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(no subject)

what are some inexpensive, thoughtful, gifts for someone you have a crush on? something homemade would be even better. nothing too mushy.

recipient is 25, female, likes alternative music, tattoos, animals (specifically beluga whales), motorcycles, and the color lime green.

dk/dc: what are the best names for a male cat?

(no subject)

I bought a two packs of Puritan brand boxer briefs and a pack of Hanes ComfortSoft boxer briefs and realized I really hate the Puritan ones. The Hanes are fitted around the thigh while the Puritan ones are not and stretch really badly after being worn for a short amount of time. I want to buy some more Hanes but I feel bad about having only worn the Puritan a few times. Am I justified in buying more Hanes ComfortSoft? What should I do with the Puritan ones? I only wore them a few times.

Dear TQC,

A few nights ago, I had a really bothersome dream. It wasn't quite a nightmare, it just seemed so amazingly surreal.
In this dream, my recently deceased aunt was still alive and came to visit me and my family. Her and my grandma were also very close with each other and got along very well.
It doesn't sound that weird, but it is when you consider these details:
1. Something really bad happened between my grandma and this aunt of mine many years ago and they didn't get along at all until the day she died. Even after her death my grandma still has yet to let go of that contempt.
2. It's odd that I would have a dream about this aunt in the first place because I wasn't even really close with her nor did her death have much of an emotional effect on me. I hadn't even seen her in 8 years and I went through the 5 stages of grief in an hour. I really don't understand why I would have a dream about her seeing that I never even had dreams about my grandpa after he died(which took a far bigger emotional toll on me). '
3. When I woke up after having this dream.......her daughter calls.

I really can't shake off this feeling that something significant is going to happen in my family soon because of this dream. What do you think this could mean?

Also, care to elaborate on odd dreams you've had? Did they end up having a relation to something that happened in your life later on?

(no subject)

1. Would you get an older, well established couple that is going into both of their second marriages a wedding gift? The groom is close family.

2. If you would, what would you get this guy (because you know little about her)?

He likes things very simple, and high end. He doesn't eat out often, but when he does it's only one or two restaurants at the other end of the state, so a gift card would be difficult and time consuming. He is retired and wealthy, so you won't really be able to get him something he can't get himself. He is religious, Catholic (both of them are heavily involved in the church). She is not going to change her last name, so you'd need to avoid something monogrammed, and you don't know how she has her home decorated, so some type of knick nack is out as well.

I normally don't ask gifty questions, but we're very stuck here. :/

ETA: They also do not drink. And if any of you know where I can purchase a personality, lemme know :p
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To pierce, or not to pierce?

Pierced TQCers,

I have always wanted a side lip piercing. I've refrained from getting one because I'm afraid of gum/tooth damage.

My birthday is coming up in a couple months and I want to treat myself...but I want to make sure I'm not going to have regrets. I have TMJ (bruxism, teeth grinding, etc) and wear a mouthguard at night.

So, lip piercing + TMJ = horrible idea? Or should I not let it stop me? Obviously I plan on taking good care of it, as I do all of my piercings. I'm just not sure if TMJ would possibly slow the healing process?

And yes, I will ask a piercer about all of this if I do decide to go through with it. I just like hearing what TQC has to say.

Will you post pictures of your tattoos and/or piercings?
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What kind of vitamins and supplements do you take, if any? Why or why not? If there's a specific brand you have loyalty to, feel free to share it. If you're wary of vitamins in general (in pill form, that is), tell us!

My answer: I take Wegman's Children's chewable vitamins with iron. I'm only getting about 50--83% of most of the vitamins I need in pill form, but it's the only vitamin with iron that doesn't make me feel sick to my stomach, so I stick with it. Plus, I eat a pretty balanced diet, so I figure it's better than not taking anything. I also occasionally take GABA for anxiety.

I hope this is coherent?

Cell phone companies, I heavily assume, have upkeep and maintenance costs associated with their network. Does each individual phone call I make cost my cell company money to provide? Or do they only give me x number of minutes for my money so that I don't put too much of a strain on the system or something?

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