September 19th, 2010

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probably no easy answer

So my brother's wife is having their first kid now. The problem brother is an asshole. Always has been, probably always will be. That's not to say I hate him and he's never done anything good in his life, but them's the facts. He's in jail right now (although he was released to visit the hospital to be there when the kid is born) for...well...that's a long story. The point is, I've been trying to cut ties with him because I have enough bullshit in my life without adding more. My sister is doing the same. It's...been a difficult process, to say the least--especially since my parents are giving him so much support.

Anyway, my question is: how do I wish him & his wife congratulations appropriately? I don't want to be a dick, but I have a lot of issues with him & his wife and I don't really want this to become a "oh hey we can reconnect now!" thing. The other problem is, I'm at a point in my life where no one close to me has ever had a kid before and I just generally don't know what is/isn't expected. I did give my mom some money to pitch in for shower gifts' when they had it, but other than that all I've done so far is text my mom to say congratulations since I don't have the wife's phone number, and my bro doesn't have a phone at the moment.

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How a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you love Disney songs? (1 being unconditional hate, 10 being unconditional love)

Disney being songs from the Lion King, Little Mermaid, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, etc...

I'm at about a 12 right now.
I <3 TLV

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What do you think of jewelry with words/phrases on them spelled out in colored beads? (I have syn and my letters are colored, so words can be written with color) I just thought of making these for myself, but I wonder if I could also sell them on etsy. I'd be the only person able to actually read them, but I bet there are people out there who would like it just ~knowing~ that's what it says. Like stuff with random kanji on it.

Dumb idea? Something that has potential? Would you buy one? Either way I still plan on making some for me.
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Fear my sleepy ramblings!

So, I just got woken up by a friend on my dorm floor who asked me to change her facebook password so she wouldn't go on it. She's aiming for two weeks without facebooking. She already looks kind of twitchy.

Are you addicted to Facebook? I only really use mine to randomly contact my siblings/friends at home when I'm out of credit.

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Should I keep/change it? Do you think I'm being petty? Did you need a picture? Am I making any sense?

Apologies for the link, but I fail at livejournal :/
space, fire

Holy Incompetence Batman

OKAY so for the second time in TWO WEEKS my key card stopped working and I couldn't get into my apartment. Only this time, it was 12 AM and the leasing office was closed and my phone was not on me. So I borrowed a RANDOM STRANGER's phone to call the on-call cardshit issues person on call and the process is that you leave a message explaining the issue and there is a 5-10 min response time. i left a message. Then I sat there and waited for an HOUR at which point my ROOMIE showed up, b/c thank god her bf is staying here tonight and not the other way around (and who ever thought I'd be saying that?), and as far as I know  I might have been sitting in the hall all night otherwise.

When I go to the leasing off to get my key card fixed tomorrow, what should I say to them?
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for those of you who shop online...

when shopping at a site do you ever spend a little more knowing somethings wont fit and you'll return one or two pieces anyway? like buying 5 shirts and assuming 3 will fit well and look great, and the other two you can just return.

i need new clothes and im about to spend $200ish .. i really only wanted to spend 150, but i know everytime i order online 30% of the clothes fit wrong.

dont shop online? choose one of the following to answer.

are you randy right now?  (yes)

do you think red heads have been a lot hotter this year than previous? (i do)

what would you do if you brought a piece of cheesecake home (bc cheesecake is amazing, if you think otherwise plese sub in a yummy snack) only to find after dinner that your S.O. had EATEN THE GRAHAM CRACKER CRUST OF THE PIECE?!  (im about to hid the TP so the morning poo doesnt go so well)

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Are there any ideas you had when you were a kid that you still think are great ideas?

In elementary school I thought every school bus should have food and drink dispensers on the backs of the seats. I still think this is brilliant.

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Which one do you understand better and sounds better?  "The fool to feel sorry for" or "The fool that gives grief"

This is basically about a guy who is almost everything you ever wanted but you go out with because you feel sorry for him. It's the type of guy that is very sweet and nice but you feel sorry for him because people take advantage of him because he's too reliable and very kind. The type of guy that probably was picked on in school. He doesn't get in trouble, has good manners, is timid and avoids confrontations. He's kind of the complete opposite of a bad boy.
i say, old bean

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hey TQC, am i off-base? can I not do this?

my sister is slowly, but surely (thank the fucking lords) dropping her ex. the other night, they had a huge argument and he ended up hitting her. then yesterday, via txt, told her if she wanted to come by, he'd show her what it felt like to really be hit.

am i out of place to tell him how i feel on this matter and to back the heck off?
even if it doesn't make a difference.

when shit hits the fan, do you go bonkers for your family?
cubs hat

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Unfortunately, for me, it's time to start thinking about the holiday gift season. Back when my husband and I got married, we bought for both of his brothers. We had a set amount to spend on each. Then they each got married. Now it's a bit of a stretch to buy for them + wives. Both couples are young and don't have much money, either.

I want to suggest that we do something besides buy for everyone. A grab bag sort of thing, or pull names from a hat. Or, if we do buy for everyone, to set a $10 limit.

Does your family do any of the above things? If it started recently, how did people bring it up? My husband doesn't want me to suggest anything because it will make us look cheap.

just workin' on my fitness

I'm looking for poppy hip-hop type stuff, à la Taio Cruz (idk if you'd call that "poppy hip-hop," but whatever hah), to listen to at the gym. Songs with a good beat, good melody and catchy. Got any recommendations for me?

Alternatively, will you share YOUR gym/workout playlist?

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Are you FRUGAL or just CHEAP? Can you give me an example?

Coming from the guy who's at a campground in Amsterdam and eating oatmeal he got for free from the dining hall at work...

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Do you have any secrets for getting over a really bad cold without seeing a doctor?

Death seems to be knocking on my door and I'm not enjoying it.

Should I buy my friend a book that I know she wants or try to pick out a cool piece of jewelry?


What are you up to? Is there anything you feel like talking about?
I'm bored!

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I have one of those L'Oreal hair dying kits and I want to use it today. I am doing the allergy test but I just started it yesterday and the instructions say to wait 48 hours. That seems like a lot to me and I don't understand why - if I have no bad reactions in 24 can I assume that I'm okay? Have you ever done this? I've never dyed my hair in my life!

What was the last drastic and/or permanent change you made on your appearance? Tattoos, piercings, cutting off all your hair, glasses, losing lots of weight, etc. Did you like the results? (I got a short pixie haircut in August and loved it.)

i'm dumb.

I'm trying to upload a gif icon to lj, but I keep getting this message:
You cannot upload large images from URLs. 117719 > 40960.

WHAT'S GOING ON? I've seriously looked every where. Could someone at least direct me to the right place?

OR, how could I lower the file size (if that's what the problem is)?

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What is something that a lot of people do that you just don't understand?

I don't understand people who drink those super light beers. A beer with 55 calories is going to have about half as much alcohol in it as a regular light beer, so you'd need to drink like ten of them to get the same effect as a sixer of regular light beer. Therefore, you're not saving any calories and you're actually consuming more carbohydrates. Plus you look kind of lame drinking it.
[Barry] Maybe this is all I'm good at.

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Four of my friends are getting married at the end of this year because they're all pregnant. Over the summer my bff babysat for another friend who got married last year (and apparently she's not happy with the marriage because her husband is a douchebag and they're both still in school). Am I stupid/ignorant/a prude for thinking that all these friends are ruining their own lives with all these sudden pregnancies and marriages? Or does this happen quite often and I shouldn't be surprised by it?


I want to make furry leggings for a Satyr outfit for Halloween, but I don't have a sewing machine or a whole lot of skill with making clothes.

My solution was to somehow attach furry fabric that I bought to a pair of leggings (which would get around creating an actual waist, needing a pattern, etc).

My question then is, what would the best way to connect the two materials? ALSO, when attaching them, should I stretch the leggings out somehow (with a cardboard insert, say) to compensate for my legs?

Any other ideas about how to tackle this would be greatly appreciated!
Peggy Blink

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There are guys in my house replacing my tub/shower and the walls around it because a tile fell off and we found black mold behind it. Good thing, right? YEAH EXCEPT it's going to take two days, which means I can't get in a shower before school tomorrow. Also I keep having to bug them if I need to go to the bathroom so they can turn the water back on so I can flush the toilet. /whining

Should I go to my boyfriend's house two hours away by train, but close to my school, super duper early in the morning or just wash myself up and wash my hair in the kitchen sink?
Should I keep asking them if I can use the bathroom and stay at home comfortably, or leave the house and go to a coffee shop with WiFi until they leave for the night?

What's the last home improvement project you had done in your house?

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Tattoo ideas post, TQC.

Which of these do you think would make the better tattoo?

"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win."

"They live inside us, and sometimes they win."

Lol, I'm only semi-seriously considering either of these for realz. I <3 TQC's blunt honesty.

DK/DC: how many minutes long is your typical shower?

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Smoothies, or milkshakes? What kind? 

I prefer smoothies, and my favorite flavor is this mixed berry one that my mom makes with frozen blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. It turns out different every time, though, since we don't have a recipe. 

Do you own any tie-dyed clothing? Did you dye it yourself?

Right now I'm wearing a shirt my friend tie-dyed. It makes me feel like a little kid.  
the boys from queens

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What is a style you wish you could wear, but you can't?
What's a style you can pull off, but other people can't?

I want to wear maxi dresses so bad, but even the petite ones seem to be as tall as I am :(

I look really cute in rompers! All of my tall friends complain that they can't wear them, and I'm like OH THAT SUCKS THAT THERE'S ONE STYLE IN THE WORLD THAT DOESN'T LOOK GOOD ON YOU!
Evil Me

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Dear TQC, would you like to help me help a girl dying of cancer?

I'm going to make a video montage of people holding up signs that say things like "we love you!" and "hang in there!" or whatever silly/fun/inspirational things they can come up with, and I need lots of people! Can you take a picture of yourself holding a sign and post it here for me to include?

I will include more details on it in a comment if you're interested.
Isaac - MySpace Angled

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I'm trying really hard to avoid doing my homework right now. What are some ways I can continue to avoid it?

I have a Spanish test tomorrow. Will I fail miserably or pass with flying colors?

Non-srs to both above, obv

DK/DC: Have you seen shows like "Parking Wars" or "Airline"? Do you like them?
I like them a lot because it's like watching customers_suck come to life.

DK/DC Part B: If you have seen those shows, do you know of any other shows like them?

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 Forgot to ask this this morning, sorry!

In your opinion, what are the best cold/wet weather shoes or boots?

I've just moved to Massachusetts and the winters are BRUTAL with lots of snow. Also, I'm a college student and I'm POOR. shoes for best price is preferable...I really wanted Doc Martens but they're not exactly cheap :(

Thanks all :)

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have you had any bad roommate experiences?

if you've never had a roommate, are you procrastinating on something right now?

if you're not procrastinating, when's the last time you spent too much money on something?

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Eek! There is a spider in your livingroom! What do you do?!?

You live in a 3 bedroom house. Of the two other bedrooms, one is very small (used as an office) and one is humungus. You and your partner's parents are coming to visit. Whose parents get the small room and who gets the big room?

Same situation as above. Only problem is you only have one bed. You also have an airbed laying around somewhere. What do you do? Buy another airmattress and make the late 50s, early 60s people sleep on the floor? Or do you drop 400 bucks and buy a 2nd bed so you can move "real" beds into the other two bedrooms and you and your partner can sleep on the airbed?

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Why would you use 'had' when you can use another past-tense verb?

For example, "She had cleaned his roome" versus "She cleaned his room." Why wouldn't you just use the latter?

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Who is your favourite artist (visual art) ? What is/are your favourite work/s ?

Do you have a replica or poster of a painting/drawing in your room/appartment/house ?

Do you have an image (photo/drawing/digital art/anything) you like looking at (in a certain mood) ? Will you post it and tell us why ?

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Pretend you're rich and famous and want to start your own line of something (in the grand tradition of otherwise worthless celebs like Paris Hilton who make perfume). What would you start a line of?

I think I'd want to start a line of awesome pet collars and harnesses.
Pamela Dare

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What are you guys doing?
I am at an audition that will be going for like 3 more hours, I am sooooo bored and so hungry.

Will you tell me what you've eaten today?

DK/DC - What's the last song you listened to?

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-how much money do you spend on food per month? (assuming you live alone, if not please indicate how many others live with you if they eat from the same account)
-how often do you do your grocery shopping?
-what's the minimun amount that you think you could live on?

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If you were a little half-goat, half-human demon with seven eyes and seven horns that I was babysitting, and you knew it was time for your bath and didn't want to take one so you ran away, where in hell would you hide?

Time is of the essence, TQC! Satan's going to be home in half an hour, and I need a good reference from this job!
Puzzled Eric

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Okay this is really bugging me: I'm driving home on a two-lane road, in the right lane, holding the speed limit or maybe a few miles above (35 mph). Car behind me is very very close behind me. While traffic is fairly busy, it's no busier than usual and there's plenty of room to pass on the left. Car proceeds to tailgate me for five miles.

Whyyyyyy? What is the motivation for this? I know from my last question about tailgating that some of you like to follow really close behind cars you think are too slow, but whyyyy would you do this when you could pass on the left? idgi

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What are your favourite ways to make an otherwise bland and uninspiring meal better?

Inspired by my throwing some chili powder and peas 'n' carrrots into beef "ramen," which turned out to be surprisingly tasty.

I burnt my finger on the stove element, will you kiss it better? :c


based on one of the wedding dress questions i just saw...

1.does anyone here want (or if you're already married, have you had) a nontraditional wedding dress? I want to see pics of what you guys like! I'm only 18 but always like looking at pictures of dresses haha and don't really like traditional looking wedding dresses.

2.if you don't want to get married, how come?

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I would like to make a caribbean meal for ten friends. What kind of things do you think I should cook?

I'm thinking of making jerk chicken and rice & peas. What other things do you think I should include? I want to do appetisers and side dishes as well as a main course, and I need to have a vegetarian option.

I've never cooked caribbean food before, so I don't want to try anything too ambitious! Links to recipe websites would be great.


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When were you last a victim of a crime?

Someone stole both of my car's licence plates overnight. Honestly, who does that?! I only bought my car in July and apparently it's plates were stolen before I bought it too. Wtf?!
Ellis mount!

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How would one go about getting a readership for her modest blogging project without coming off as that attention seeking weirdo who just posts links to her blog everywhere? Are there any good directories or something like that?
anontang DA

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Which is worse, packing or unpacking? Why?
Imagine that you are not tired/pissed/whatever you feel when doing either of these things, if it factors into your answer. Now which is worse?
Inspired by the packed bag that's been sitting on my floor for eight hours or so that needs unpacking.

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So as previously mentioned, I got bangs on Friday. They were adorable at first, but now they're super oily and separated and I'm at a loss. I didn't put conditioner on them, so that's not the problem. I've been keeping my hands off them. My forehead is not oily. 

TQCers with bangs, what do you do to keep this from happening? Is there a product you can recommend? 
Natalie - demure

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Have you ever considered trying to break a world record?

Have you ever been browsing a Guinness book and thought, "Hey, that wouldn't be too hard, I could do that!" ?

Is there anything that you're super-awesome at and could probably make a new record for?

Inspired by: Matty and Bobby, who are trying to break the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous kiss. The record is somewhere around 33 hours, and they're an hour and ten minutes away from breaking it!
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Do you think mainstream online dating sites like OKCupid have a stigma attached to them? Do you think it is a viable approach for finding someone to have a serious relationship with? Why or why not?

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Story time, TQC.

My dad doesn't deal with stress well (I've posted about him before). But apparently this applies to random errands, too. I just asked to go to the store because I mentioned wanting meat loaf, but when we went to the store the other day, they were fresh out of anything approaching a reasonable size for two people. Fine, he said, we'd come back on Sunday because he wanted meat loaf for his birthday (which is tomorrow). I just mentioned it to him, like, "Hey, it's six thirty, we should make a food store run if you want meat loaf tomorrow." He dropped his head to his chest, made whimpering sounds and said, "But I wanted to watch Sixty Minutes... and it's night... Just make pork chops." I can't drive by myself right now; otherwise I'd drive myself (and I'm working on getting my license). He's sixty-three (almost) and wasn't this whiny even a few years ago. Did your parents become fuddy-duddies after they hit a certain age? How did you deal with it, if you had to live with them?
frome Titanic

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TQC, I want to know -- has anyone had success with okcupid? For friends, relationships, anything. 
Negative experiences are also welcomed.
I just made an account and I'm not sure how I feel about this yet lol. I mean, it looks ok, but seems to have a good share of creepers.

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Have you ever had one of the store brand flavored waters that just WILL NOT stop fizzing/foaming/cascading over the top of the bottle?

What are you currently miffed about?



what camera do you have? can you point me in the direction of really good cameras? probably no price higher than 600-700 dollars and preferably at LEAST 10 megapixels.

also:do you think i should wait to buy a good camera for 600 or less, or wait until i can afford a good digital slr?

also post cool pictures you have taken? (and say what camera you used to take them!)

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Is Robitussin DM (and the generic forms) non-drowsy or no? I'm getting mixed results online and the bottle doesn't say anything about which one it is.

Do you like pancakes? Where are your favorite pancakes from?
If not, or you just want to answer, what are your favorite breakfast  foods?

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i keep putting off studying. i was going to go read the stupid book but then i decided to sit down and change all my guitar strings instead, clean out my closet, cook dinner, clean the i'm on lj. why do i do this to myself?
new england

interview etiquette

So, it's good etiquette to send a little email after an interview to your interviewer, to say, you know, It was a pleasure to meet you, I really think your job sounds great and that I'd be a good fit, please hire me...
Is there a general rule for if you don't have an email address for the person?  She gave me her business card and it just has the company website (and it's a moderately sized nationwide company, no directory of personnel on the site) and her office phone number, which she doesn't seem to answer (and rarely checks email on).  She gave me her cell phone number in case I had any questions but it seems a little odd to call her cell phone for something like this.  I mean, I don't really want to talk to her in person, right, that seems weird...

1) mail? really?  It seems like that would take a long time.  First and second interviews were only two days apart from each other.
2) I agree that calling the cell phone seems weird, at least for something like this, though it seems like it's her preferred method of being reached for actual questions, she gave it to me three different times.  I guess my real question is, should I leave her a voicemail on her work number vs. do nothing? 
humanity overcome

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Where did this bruise under my chin come from, TQC? It doesn't hurt, looks more like bleeding under the skin than a bruise-bruise, and is a nice dark blood red color. All I've done today is tan in the backyard and watch football.

Cheeseburger-flavored Doritos: why?

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i noticed that lately my face has been super shiny. of course i wash it and its not just the makeup because right now im not wearing any and its still all shiny. do you have a shiny face issue? if you have a shiny face issue what do you do that helps de-shine your face?

Free booze!

I know it's far away, but in March my husband and I are going on a cruise to Mexico for our anniversary. We went on this same cruise for our honeymoon and I was too chicken to order any drinks at the open bars, because I'm not a huge fan of the taste of alcohol and I knew the drinks would all probably taste like pure tequila. My husband did order a couple drinks that were way too strong for me, but he had a mai tai that was delicious. Do you guys have any recommendations for other tropical fruity drinks that I might like? Generally I drink pina coladas, mixed drinks made with midori, etc. You guys are the experts on getting drunk it seems, so I thought you could inspire me. Thanks!
tralfamadore ampersand

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In your opinion, what is the absolute longest stretch of time a person can reasonably hold a check you have written them without it getting ridiculous?

My rent is due on the first of each month, and this month was the first time I have had to pay it. My landlord received the check on September 1st, but only cashed it this past Friday, the 17th. Personally I think that's a little ridiculous.

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WIll you tell us about the first crush you remember having? 

Mine was Davis, when I was four. We said we were going to get married. I haven't talked to him since we graduated preschool, but he's like a star soccer player now, and he had one of his fingers amputated for some reason. He's really hot. 
drunk buffy

(no subject)

Are you the type to have one or two drinks after a day at work, or on a lazy weekend afternoon, or are you more the type to save it for one or two nights a week of drunken debauchery? Or both?

What is your drink of choice?

dk/dc: who would you least like to see standing at the end of your bed when you wake up during the night?
Gravity&#39;s Rainbow

(no subject)

If you could only fly between two cities for the rest of your life, which would they be?

Do you have more civic pride, state pride, or national pride?

Do the street names in your neighborhood have a theme?
Peggy Blink

(no subject)

Did anyone see Boardwalk Empire? Is it worth watching? I love Buscemi, but I don't have HBO, so I would need to d/l it or watch it on MegaVideo.

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?
Watching Mad Men and taking notes because WHOA would that last scene with Peggy at the bar make a good topic for discussion in my Mass Media with a focus in Women's Studies course.

(no subject)

How can I pursuade my housemates that it is a fun and rewarding challenge to save energy/not be wasteful? We haven't had a bill yet so saving money isn't at the forefront of their minds.

Would I be unreasonable asking for a slightly reduced portion of bill payment if I use a clearly lower amount of energy than them? Eta: so the general consensus is that this is unreasonable, I agree. I'm glad I'm not my dads housemate if this is his idea of fair!

How much does energy saving/not being wasteful concern you?
roy ten

(no subject)

 I finally gave in and signed up for Netflix.

What movies do I absolutely have to put on my queue?  
To give y'all a small sample of my taste, my #1 (tied) favorite movies are The Royal Tenenbaums and Amelie. :)

(no subject)

I have found a wonderful chef who blogs online. Problem is, he uses ounces. While I have always known this is a better way of exacting things like baking, I have never had to run with this problem. The holidays are coming, and I desperately want to try his holiday treats.

What is something I can use to measure the weight of my materials? Is there anything cheap out there? I don't even know where to look. I am limited on money. I have all the things at home already, I like to cook so I always make sure to keep things around, but something to measure the weight of food I just do not have. Links would be amazing.