September 18th, 2010

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Below the cut is my specific possum.


Picture of what I am dealing with, not a photographic representation of it.

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hello!!! :)

Ok Im not sure about what someone means by burning out(in dating terms I think)

I was chatting with this awesome guy and he said he's already attracted to me :)

He said I was sticky, and I was like, what ya mean? and he told me "i known u for a few hrs and i want to be around u already, im stuck on u"
And then he said I really hope we dont burn out coz Im losing control. Before he told me "Im asking you out on a date but im gonna take it slow cos i dont wanna burn out (u are one in a million, its gonna take me a while to come across another girl like u ))

What does he mean by 'burn out'?

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What do you do to push through the day when you're really sick but can't miss work?
I have a (bacterial) respiratory infection so I'm stuffed up, coughing constantly, exhausted, etc. My doctor told me that I really shouldn't be working. I just started antibiotics but they haven't done much yet, and my manager told me that a doctor's note isn't applicable for part time positions :\ I have to stay awake enough to drive an hour each way and do at least two 3-hour visits. How do I keep myself from feeling completely shitty/exhausted all day when all I feel like I can do is sleep? :(

What was your favorite class in high school or college so far?
Modern European History

What have you been obsessing over lately?
For me, it's been Halo: Reach. I haven't put it down since I got it on Wednesday.

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I ordered a hard plastic case for my Macbook on ebay. They said it would be in perfect condition but I got it last night and there are some pretty significant scratches on it. The seller said he would give me $5 back and I could keep the case. I spent $14 total (case + shipping).

What should I do?
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So my period is about 2 weeks late. When I told my boyfriend he said he was half expecting it because there was a recent close call. The thing is though, until about 4 months ago, my period was NEVER regular. It jumped all over the place. But starting in May, it's been regular as clockwork. TQC, is my body just fucking up again, or am I pregnant?

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Hey, I know birthday posts are pretty much the most boring TQC topics, but I need help, preferrably drawing on your own personal birthdays that were full of suckage.

Today is my husband's sister's birthday - she's turning 19 and she had plans with her friends tonight, but they fell through. :( So my FIL is spending the day with her working on her car (which she enjoys) and then my FIL/MIL and the grandmas are planning to take her out to eat later, but nothing else special planned. I had my fair share of sucky birthdays so this makes me sad and I want to make her have a great birthday.

My husband and I are planning on driving up there to spend the evening with her - he lives in a pretty small town so there isn't much to take her to go to, excitement wise. So I was looking for ideas of how we can make the day special, besides taking her out to eat. She's not a wild and crazy 19-year-old, so keep that in mind. Do you have any ideas?

What was your worst birthday? What would've made it better?
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You're home alone in your apartment. (you have 2 roommates but they're both in another city until Sunday evening so nobody with a key besides the landlord is in town). You need to pee. Do you pee with the door open or shut?

Does your answer change if you have to poop instead?

Bitchfest post, hoy!

What wonderful things have happened to you today, TQC?

I came into work this morning to discover that I'm scheduled for 90 hours in October. 90 hours. For the whole fucking month. Coming off 150+ hours this month, because I was told I would be full-time. I only asked for 3 specific dates off in October, it was awfully nice of her to give me a shitload of extra days off just for the hell of it. [/sarcasm]

Will you post a complaint about something, so the rest of us can commiserate with you?

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Where do you eat the healthiest? (Home, work, school, parent's house, dorm room, etc)
Do you make healthier eating choices when you're alone or with people? Does it matter who those people are?
If you can only pick two toppings for your pizza, what are they?

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those of you who have/had on-off relationships, when determining how long you've been together do/did you count all the the time since you first got together or just the most recent "on" phase?

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Is there a number that you see everywhere or a time you frequently happen to see on the clock? I seem to very frequently check the time when it's 4:24 and I see this number all the time - it was my locker number in several different schools and it just see it everywhere. So weird.

Is there any law or rule that seems to apply to you more than anyone else? For example, I feel like gravity affects me more than anyone - it's like gravity is this person that follows me around and looks for opportunities to push things off tables and knock things out of my hands.

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So here's the situation:
I was picking up a friend from her apartment complex a week ago, and accidentally tapped a car in the parking lot. It didn't look like the damage was too bad, just a minor scratch, but I left a note with my phone number just in case. The woman called me back and told me that she got a few estimates from car repair places and it was going to cost $350 to fix because the car was brand new. She gave me her name and address so I could write a check and mail it to her since I don't live nearby and I was driving a borrowed car. $350 is a lot of money to me, so I asked her to email me a copy of the receipt from the auto repair place when she gets it fixed. At this point in the phone conversation, her end of the line mysteriously went dead before she could respond... She hasn't called me back since then. My roommate thinks she might be trying to scam me out of more money, and that I shouldn't have to call her back since she's the one who needs something from me.

Should I call this lady back, or wait for her to say something? I don't want to send money unless I have some proof that this is the actual cost of the damage. Am I being unreasonable?

ETA: Ok, I called her, she didn't answer, so I left a message saying that the line went dead and that I wasn't going to send money until I got a copy of the estimate or a repair receipt. Thanks guys!

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fellow jews of tqc, are you good at remembering when the holidays are? or do you just wait for your grandparents to tell you?

inspired by yom kippur and last week's phone call of:
-well, you probably don't care, but have a happy and a healthy new year.
-what? is it -- no! i mean happy new year to you, too!
lol, saved that one!

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I'm attending a 90s party tonight. For my attire so far, I have a pink sweatshirt (no hood) with a bischon dog graphic and then in bright red airbrush lettering, it says TIFFANY.

What else needs to be paired with this sweatshirt? It needs to be something cheap that I could potentially pick up after work. THINK 90s!

dk/dc: What's irritating you right now? There's a woman sitting behind me (I'm at work) who has been texting for 10 minutes straight, but has her key tone volume up all the way, so it's been BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP for 10 minutes.
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If you were to write "The Ultimate Guide to Trolling" or "Trolling for Dummies" what would your table of contents be?

Brought to you by some hilariously trollicious secrets on fandomsecrets.

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My shoulders and chest are really, really sunburned. A loose tshirt still hurts. WTF do I wear? Topless is not an option because I live with my parents. :(

How long does it take for a sunburn to stop hurting?

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What is something your phone does that annoys the shit out of you?

My standby button sometimes doesn't wanna work anymore and I have to do a battery pull. (but I have a convenient app that acts like a battery pull without having to take the case off and shit)

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Dearest TQC, tonight I have a "date": with one of my best gal pals, and her guy friend with whom she wants to set me up. We're gonna go see Machete at the mall theatre, and maaaaybe get drinks afterwards.

The real question is: what should I wear? I was thinking flats + skinnies + cardigan + cleave-tastic t-shirt. But a skirt and cute heels might be nice too.

What would you wear on the casualest of casual dates?

If you have a cellphone, who is your carrier?
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My parents are switching insurance in December, meaning i have to switch doctors in January, moving from Kaiser to Aetna. If I have several refills on a prescription when we leave Kaiser (I get them picked up at a drug store and not Kaiser itself), will they still be valid until they run out, or will I not be able to pick them up once I lose Kaiser insurance?

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I just had to turn down free tickets to HFStival: Lit, Flogging Molly, Presidents of the United States of America, Marcy Playground, Fuel, Billy Idol, Third Eye Blind, Everclear, and Ed Kowalcysk. Because I'm sick.

What was the last thing that really pissed you off?
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If you're in school, what is your homework for this week?

- Research paper
- 2 huge essay tests I haven't started studying for...fuck.
- Read Last Days of Socrates

How do you keep yourself motivated in school? I just can't concentrate right now no matter how hard I try. Gahhhh :/
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What's the longest you've been on hold? At what point do you just give up?

I've been on hold with PP for over 50 minutes uggggh [Edit: While I was on hold, they closed. But the message didn't change. ARGH!]

Jews! Did you go to services today? I live in a very Jewish neighborhood with several synagogues, and seeing the streets crowded with everyone walking to/from services is making me want to go too even though I've never gone before. But idk.
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So I'm applying to this math tutoring job and they're asking me to name my own hourly wage.

I'd be tutoring K-11th graders from basic math to Algebra 2, every Saturday, from 12 to 4pm. I'd be tutoring small groups of students.

I also live in San Francisco.

I have no. Freaking. Idea. How much I should ask for. I have another tutoring job (in theory, but that's a whole 'nother story), and they pay me $27/hr. When I tutored college students, I'd get paid $16.50/hr when I taught small groups.

I kind of want to say $16.50/hr. Do you think that would be too much?

Guuuh, I don't know!! How much would you put?
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How long does it take for you to be comfortable with farting, picking your nose, and generally being disgusting in front of your SO or your best friends?

It took me a year with my bff. Now we're always trying to see how quickly we can gross each other out.


I'm in London for the next few months, woo! So Londoners, will you please give me your awesome recommendations?

1. Awesome restaurants.
2. Awesome places to see.
3. Anything generally awesome that doesn't fit into those categories.

Thanks, tqc.

DK/DC: Will you tell me something unique about yourself?
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I think I'm going to be Carrie for Halloween. I want to put fake blood on my hair, but I'm afraid that it will actually stain my hair (I have light blonde hair). Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what I could use as fake blood that won't stain my hair? Or am I better off just buying a wig and using the fake blood on that?

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You have a bad headache. But you have to poop. You know that pooping will make your headache worse.


(edit!) It will make your headache worse because you will most likely have to do some pushing. Which will make your head hurt worse.

Alternate question: why do my neighbors not have indoor voices? I knew about my neighbor's party a week before it happened because she yells into the phone, and then I listened to it all last night :/

My fridge is so uncool

Yesterday while I had my fridge door open I heard this snap-y/thud-y sound and then my fridge went really quiet so whatever happened made the fan not go anymore. Any ideas on what happened?

don't know, don't care - Do you think that it's silly that I'm scared being in my basement? Are you scared of basements?

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What are your favorite things to cook/bake/put together to eat?

Brought to you by the pizza I'm making for dinner... ricotta, olive oil, salt, pepper & basil sauce with thinly sliced elephant garlic, fresh grated mozzarella, sliced white onions, green peppers and tomatoes, on a whole wheat flatbread crust. MMMMM

uhhhh maybe I should look at the main page before I post questions. :T let's try this again!

What TV show's return are you most excited about? I can't wait for Castle, 30 Rock and Modern Family.

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If your SO told you that they were less physically attracted to you because you'd put weight on over summer (say from being chubby to being rather chunky), would you appreciate their honesty or be pissed?

What websites have you got open now?

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What do you do about unreasonable housemates?

Mine keeps using the tumble dryer needlessly, and turning the heating up full blast all day wearing only a vest top. If I turn the heating down or suggest she use the washing line I get told to stop fucking with things. We're students.

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What brand are your favorite jeans?

I'm looking for a really nice pair of jeans for the fall/winter. I'd prefer not to spend more than $200, but if they're REALLY amazing and will hold up for years...then maybe up to $300.

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Okay, I'm really awkward when it comes to girls. Anyways, a girl told me I was cute and gave me her number. I'm definitely not going to call her now, but how long is too long? And when I finally do give her a call(or text, my preferred method), what should I say?

I'm new to this relationship thing, how did you pop your relationship-cherry?

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popular music in the past persisted of classical instruments, and a classical style of music.

currently, we're basking in a time of synthetic music, i.e. rapping+auto tune

How will the music evolve in the future, in your opinions?

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Guise, I'm in the mood for a good cry, but I don't really feel like watching any of my standby tear-jerkers (Pan's Labyrinth, Big Fish, My Girl and Love Actually - they turn me into a giant crybaby every time I watch any of them). What are your favorite tearjerker movies??

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Do you ever randomly have an area of your skin feel extra sensitive? Sometimes it happens on my inside wrists.

What do you think about real person slash/shipping/whatever it's called? Would it freak you out if you were one the people being shipped?
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community userpics question

i run several communities and am wondering if it is possible for community moderators to use the community's assigned icons (as you can see in the user info) for moderator posts. for example, the icon i'm using with this post is what i like to post in my icon community with, but i would like to somehow not have to save this icon in MY userpics but in the COMMUNITY's userpics and still use it for posts in the community.

i know it's a long shot anyone can help me here but alternatively, if you know of an LJ community that could help me answer this question, please let me know! thanks :D
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OMG I am going to see James weekend after next in Detroit!!! I am SO EXCITED. The last concert I went to was 14 years ago when I went to see Live! :)
Do you know who James is?
What's the last concert you went to?
What concert would you really like to see? I want to see Mumford and Sons, hoping they come back to the US soon.

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In fashion terms, what is sportswear?

According to the five second clip of Project Runway I saw last week, the always gorgeous Jackie Kennedy is an icon and prime example of classic American sportswear, but when I hear sportswear I think track pants and windbreakers, which Jackie O is definitely not.

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1. What was the last thing you forgot to buy?

Today was grocery shopping day and I forgot to get cookies and now I have nothing to dip in my tea =(

2. For anyone who has long curly hair and likes to flatiron it - How do you do it?? Is there some trick to doing the back of your head without missing any and/or burning your neck?
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Do you ever get really excited when a movie that you own is on TV and watch it?

I just got crazy excited when I saw Ever After is on... until I realized I have it and can watch it anytime I want to. Without commercials.

Obviously, I'm watching it on TV anyway.

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Hey TQC. I just got an email from my school's registrar saying that they didn't get approval and didn't get a transcript for my summer school hours, so now my graduation date is in December. I wasn't aware that I had to send a transcript for my summer hours directly to my registrar; I just thought that it was sent automatically like the rest of my transcripts. Has anyone ever been in this position? I'm calling the school on Monday morning but I just have never heard of this before and am looking for sympathy/anecdotal "that happened to me" stories.

*edited for unclear sentences, lol.
you think you're heart would learn.

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i witnessed by ex calling his new gf " the cutest girl in the world" on fb.

im curled up in a ball on my bed. my heart hurts.

its been 6 months.

when will this end?!!
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Dear TQC,
Help me. I want to learn the style of art this person does. What’s it called? Post modern? Something else? I’m stupid about this stuff. If I were to look for a class, or classes to teach me this style, where would I look? Would Jr. College art classes cover this style? Forgive me for sounding scattered and lame... I’m wonky from vicodin.

What’s your favorite art style?
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What would be the easiest way to repair a cigarette burn in an item of clothing? I do this often but on the ride back to my apartment tonight I threw a cigarette butt out the window and it snuck back in and burned a small hole in the back of a new cardigan :(

For those of you who smoke, how often do things like this happen to you?
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War Eagle?

I'm chunky - 14 or 16 (US sizing). If I dress up as Snooki for Halloween, will it be hilarious, or will my hideous fat rolls be too disgusting to be allowed?

Four Lokos: what's up with that?
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do you have good posture and/or sit and stand up straight?
if not, do you attempt to change? do you succeed or fail?

no, yes, usually fail... i hate it and wish i had better posture i feel like quasimodo sometimes :|


Will you help me to make a mixed CD? Two songs each.
One that has a strong personal meaning that is very sad.
One that is: Oh bloody christ, that's up beat and catchy!

I'll start

"Hometown" -Adele
"Everything's Fun!" -Strawberry Zots

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To those who exfoliate, how aggressively do you do so?
Any particular methods?

I use a really good scrubber glove, but feel like there's still dead skin to come off. The only time i've ever felt truly 'new' was after a Moroccan hammam.