September 17th, 2010

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I don't want to study so I'm going to ponder a question that I probably won't need to answer for at least another five years.

I was born in Mexico. My whole family lives in Mexico. I've lived in the US most of my life and chances are I will marry an American, whose family will probably live in the US. WHERE would the wedding be then? What does one do in this situation?? Do you know anyone who's been married to someone who was from far far away? What did they do?

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If you have an iPod or other mp3 player, how many songs do you have on it? How much of it do you actually listen to?

What kind of iPod/other player do you have, if you have one?

I have an iPod Touch and I just put my 1348th song on it. I skip over about 60% of it in shuffle, though; I've been meaning to clean it off for months. 

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Someone, please, who are they and what anime are they from?

Don't know?

What color do you look the best in? How come?
Did you decide this on your own?
Or from somewhere else, like a magazine, or your mother :p
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so i posted earlier about making a graphic design portfolio (i'm not really a graphic designer but i'm hoping to get a part-time job doing it). i asked for events and somebody needed a poster for a charity event so i thought i'd design a poster for that. WELL, i designed two posters for it and they are better than some other stuff i have in my portfolio and only took about two hours to design, so i'm thinking i might want to bump one of my other projects for another new design.

basically, what should i put in there? i have all the required stuff at this point for the job i'm applying for, so something fun and creative would be good! i'm better at text and layout than drawing things digitally, but some of that would probably be good to include.

what would be awesome to have a poster of? something without photos.

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if you have ever been to montreal, what are your favourite things to do there (preferably on the cheaper side, as i am a broke student)?

dk/dc, what's your favourite travel destination out of the places you've been to thus far?

favourite place to live?

not even remotely based on real life events.

Let's take a trip to hypothetical land!

If you were, let's say, driving by a local restaurant and noticed that they were installing 28 surveillance cameras, but did not have permits to do all of the electrical work install them, who would the appropriate person be to call and report them to? I'm thinking it's the fire marshal, but I'm not sure whose number to dial on my hypothetical phone.

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if i'm allergic to morphine, do you think i would be able to eat poppy seed bagels? obviously i should just go to wegmans and buy some bagels and eat them, but i don't think they still have fresh bagels at 2am.

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For the girls who have mohawks(or dont), how do you wear your hair when you just dont feel like/ not enough time to stand in front oft he mirror and wax your hair up till it looks like a mohawk?

And how do you wear your hair when dressing up girlie?

do you like your mohawk?/do you like girls with a mohawk?

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Its 4am and I should sleep :)

A continuation to my previous post.

I have a mohawk, and I actually have never been to a salon till this year. Usually my mum cuts my hair or my aunt does. So I dont really know much about hair haha.

about the mohawk, what kind of gel/wax do you use for it? (brands I mean)
I use this wax the hair stylist recommended, its called M&P Star wax. But it does not make my hair stand and i really get annoyed. My mohawk just flops after a few hours.

Is gatsby a good option? Will it damage my hair?

DK/Dc: Do you like your hair style now?

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Does anyone know how much weight your average network cable can hold? We don't have rope and were thinking of just making do with these, but we'll be hanging quite a bit of weight from them (I guess 70 odd kg, a bit less?) and we're worried they'll snap.
come onnnn, thanks for the icon, like rly

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HALLOWEEN. What to be? I don't know. Have you decided on your costume? Do you guys have any plans for Halloween? I might go to Moog Fest!

Okay, apparently this is ILLEGAL here. I jut really like the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack. That is all.
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i know there are a lot of hair posts but i've never made one. now i'm going to make one.

for a long time now, i've thought about dying my hair blonde. either highlights or peroxide blonde. i used to dye it when i was younger, but it usually looked bad (i went for red, brassy colors). it's been natural light mousy brown for about five years now and i'm scarred to do it! i can't afford to do it at a salon. soooo i'm thinking of using 40 vol peroxide or try tints of nature (more natural, which i like, plus animal friendly) in extra light blonde (if it's not peroxide blonde i don't really care).

is this a bad idea? should i do it? i keep my hair short (asymmetrical and curly) so it's not like it will take forever to grow out.

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Follow up to my last post, everything's cool, I'm getting off early.

So, what's a spur camping trip? Like...spur of the moment? :/

DK/DC/That question gets answered fast: What do you do on Halloween? Party? Trick or Treat? Communicate with spirits?

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My good friend M* is a wonderful girl. She is in her final year at university, she is passionate and interested in her job which is quickly becoming a career in fitness, she has a very wonderful and stable relationship with a great man, and oh ya, she's gosh darn gorgeous, funny and smart. Now, being a 22 year old girl like that, she also likes to have fun drinking and smoking pot.

First and foremost, let me say this: I would never in a million years look at her and be concerned with her lifestyle. I have had friends with substance issues and I am very aware of what is worrying and what isn't. HOWEVER, her mom just sent me a super long facebook message talking about how concerned she is about her daughter and hopes that I will try to be a good influence to stop her from crumbling. My friend in the past did have some serious issues with food and self esteem (who didn't in high school?) and her mom thinks the pot is a coping mechanism for stress and life and old self-defeating habits. She also asked me not to talk to my friend about what she said.

... ok, so I totally think her mom is a dear and is sweet for being concerned, but she's being a little ridiculous. My only question is: should I talk to my friend about this? Her mom asked for secrecy, but A) I didn't ask her to tell me all this stuff; B) my loyalty goes to my friend, not her mom; and C) I would definitely want my friend to talk to me if my mom did that.

What do you think TQC?
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So being home is making me restless. Should I practice my dancing, play video games or see what people are up to and try to get out of the house? Or do something of your suggestion?
How fast does your hair grow?
What makes you feel sexy?

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Have you ever tried to make a living as an actor and/or musician? (Or other form of performer)

Have you ever tried to make a living as a visual artist?

How successful were/are you doing so?
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Do you cook frozen meals in the microwave or the oven?
When you microwave something, do you get really impatient and take it out like, 20 seconds or less before it's finished? I do all the time.

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Do you get words stuck in your head?

I get them a lot. For a few days now I've had "milkfat" stuck in my head. It's starting to fade away now.

I accidentally crushed a snail. Is it going to haunt me?
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This is a weird question.
I am catsitting for a coworker and one of the cats requires medication through an IV. This hasn't been a problem except for one thing. I have to change the needle before doing it again, and the old needle is currently stuck on the end of the IV tube. I've tried pulling, twisting, and all sorts of things but it is STUCK. I don't want to ruin the IV tubing by yanking it off with pliers, but I don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any experience with this/possible suggestions?
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Have you read any books that you love and adore and are convinced that they are for just about anyone, just because they're that good? Titles, plz? :D

Me: The Dead Zone. Is. Amazing. Because it was written by Stephen King, I think people expect it to be a horror novel, and I'm sure that keeps it from getting the proper recognition that it deserves. But I want to make everyone read this book. <3

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So my husband-to-be got this letter in the mail today from his insanely religious, trainwreck of an aunt that has clearly went off the tracks. He's going to write back.

anywho... what should we include in the reply?

Dear ____,

Since receiving your invitation to your wedding reception, I have had many thoughts go thru my mind.  I remember being with your mom during her labor with you.  I remember holding you 8 days later during your circumcision, Trying to give you reassurance that you would be fine.  Then you were welcomed into the Catholic Church at Baptism - a child of God.  After all, God and your mom & dad made you.  What a precious little boy.  At these moments, one prays that you will grow up following your Catholic faith and that you will grow so close to Our Lord who made you.  That you would want to be with them forever.  The Catholic faith is a gift you were given to be treasured, practiced and always striving to learn more about your faith.  We have an obligation to put forth the effort to learn the truth of our fauth - not to believe things about the faith that aren't true.  God gave us free will.  He loves us so much H says we can choose Him or the devil.  Our choice.  Who do you know that would suffer and die for you & me as Christ did so we could get to heaven?  We will reap the consequences of our choices for eternity, which is a very long time.  We have to choose God above all other human beings or anything else.  Our reward will be better than we can ever imagine.

I'm hoping and praying that you will decide to get married in the church.  Starting off on the right food is very important.  God needs to be the center of your household.

I love you so much and I am concerned for your soul.  My love will always be there for you.

If you choose to marry outside the church I can't come to your reception and celebrate what hurts Our Lord.  He, too, wants to celebrate with you.

Think about it my dear nephew.  It can still be a private wedding, if you choose, but in the Catholic Church with a priest, 2 witnesses, the bride & groom.

I've told my children this, too.  When you really love someone you only want the best for them.

Now you are too big for me to hold and try to give you reassurance that everything will be fine. ---But I hold you in my heart and pray you make the right decision in your life.  I love you.

God bless you,

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I ask this too much. But it helps me decide on things to have on my grocery list.

You're in the grocery store and get to buy one thing out of the frozen section. What do you get?

dk/dc - What's the last thing you bought but didn't need?
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I'm planning an end-of-the-year road trip. I live in MD and haven't visited many other states besides those I've lived in (which would just be here and IL). Can you recommend places to me and tell me what you like about them?

mp3 file issues

i have a rumor touch phone and a scandisk memory card for it.
i put a bunch of music on the memory card and stuck it in the phone to see theres a double for every single file on there. when i plug the memory card back into the computer and see the files it shows theres only one file for each song. to make sure doubles werent sitting somewhere else i searched the device for some songs and it only found one of them so im sure there are no doubles on the memory card.
also theres no option on the phone to delete song by song or anything.

so what do i do to fix it? i dont have time to do it today but ill come back to this and try tomorrow.

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If you have a desk at home, will you please tell me how tall it is? I might buy one from someone on craigslist but I can't tell if 30" tall is normal. When I stand next to my tape measure that seems short, when I sat in my chair and measured it seemed normal...
Edit: Okay, I'm going with "normal", but feel free to tell me how tall your desk is anyway.

If you don't have a desk or a tape measure or think I'm crazy, what is your favorite way to eat tofu?

What is the last thing you bought?
Sam outside

I need clothing help too!

My grandma passed away and I have nothing to wear to a memorial service. I don't want to wear black, I'd rather wear blue because that was her favorite color. Also, my dad keeps telling everyone that it's a "celebration of life" service if that's necessary for you to know. 

So, my question is, is this dress appropriate to wear? Is it even cute? Keep in mind that I live in Phoenix so it's HOT.

Do you have a better suggestion? Links would be cool. 

And what was the last clothing purchase you made?

EDIT: aw thanks everyone for your condolences, you're all so sweet!
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There is chance that I will be getting fired this afternoon. Will you share some stories about being fired? (I was once fired from a gym for being "too social", idek)

If you haven't ever been fired, congratulations.

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TQC, I'm about to go get bangs. I'm terrified, but I know I'm not going to stop thinking about them until I know whether or not they look good on me. I've been kind of obsessed with the idea for months. 

What's the last big decision you made? 

What's the last thing you changed about your appearance? Ex: haircut, hair color, piercing, etc. 
Now I&#39;m HERE

Thanks in advance :)

Does a spade have anything to do with Vietnam POWs or solders MIA?

I was watching OCC and they're building a MIA/POW motorcycle and it features a spade emblem on it along with the more familiar insignias.

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 Here's the situation. I currently don't have a "real" job. I'm responsible for paying the internet, tv, and power bill in the home I share with my fiance. So I've been babysitting my best friend's kids. I'm making about 2 dollars an hour, (not enough to cover my gas and bills because they have activities to be driven to.) but sometimes less because they're frequently late. Recently I've been getting upset because I'm barely being paid and they haven't paid all that they've promised this month, yet they've bought a whole bunch of expensive things lately. On the flip side of all this stress, I love being with the kids (although one of them has a behavioral disorder which makes things rough.)

I feel like this might be jeopardizing our friendship. Am I being taken advantage of? What would you do?

Would you rather live in a world of free will, or in a controlled utopia? 

ETA:  Thanks for all your responses. I guess I just needed confirmation because I was sort of feeling like a bad friend. I just put an ad on craigslist advertising babysitting services, so hopefully I'll find something more suitable. Thanks!

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TQC people;

I am losing my grip on the English language. If someone were to say “I think I know how you feel”, that generally means that person felt the same way as the other one, right?
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Will you share your stories of hard ass professors/teachers?

I had a professor threaten to fail a woman when she came late to an exam, but the woman had been in a car accident on the drive over. The prof only backed down when the woman said she'd bring in the police report since the professor didn't believe her.

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My school's junior/senior banquet is october 30th, and I need a dress! The theme is Masquerade, and its going to be cold, but I have no clue where to find a nice dress that isnt really expensive. Any store ideas or tips?

DK/DC: My best friend's mom told her she cant go to the banquet unless she gets a date.not even to have fun with all  her friends! this is unreasonable yes?

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I have a cat that is a year old, her and I are very close since she has lived with me since she was a baby. She is very comfortable in the house and freely moves from room to room. Last night out of nowhere she was very afraid to leave my room, she was at the doorway looking up at the hallway ceiling. I looked up there thinking there was a bug or something but I found nothing. Then she did the same thing in the living room, and finally she ran to the front door. I let her out for a little while and had a very hard time getting her to come back in. Now she is very nervous going from room to room and mostly looking up at the ceilings. Her whole demeanor has changed, I have never known her to act like this. She started to walk into my daughters room and then looked like she saw something really horrible, hunched down, then turned around and ran in the other direction. She is currently hiding under my bed. Is there any reasonable explanation for this? I have not noticed any strange occurrences in the house at all.

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I am a terrible daughter and just realized that my dad's birthday is tomorrow. I, in my guilt, volunteered to make him birthday dinner and cake at my house.

What is inexpensive and super yummy that I can make for 6 people?

He is diabetic, so I'm trying to stay away from high sugar, super processed stuff.
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Anyone else here love Florence & The Machine?
Does anyone have any pictures of her performance during the VMA Awards? I searched through Google, but didn't find full-body pictures. I love the style gown that she wore and am considering it as a possible choice for a wedding gown.
Were you ever a fan of a band before they became mainstream?

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How do you feel about declawing cats?

I feel like I want to have it done to my cat because he's basically destroying my house and he attacks me every time I try to play with him, but the procedure seems pretty traumatizing. Most of the websites I've looked at say that he'll be fully healed with no pain within two weeks, sometimes less than that, but I'm still doubtful.

Did any of you cat owners get your cats declawed?

Were those two weeks of pain worth the lifetime of being able to play with your cat without getting scratched up?

I clearly got my answer, haha. My cat will not be getting declawed. More answers are pretty unnecessary unless you want to share your personal experiences with declawed cats with me. Thanks for all your input :)
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TQC, why don't I eat anymore? I'm barely consuming 500 calories a day and I feel full all the time. :| :| This can't be healthy.

Bonus question: You won $500 million! Would you ever work again?
Bonus bonus! Who is going to the Stewart/Colbert rally in DC?

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For those of you who take prescription sleep aides (such as Ambien), do you have have problems with getting sick?

I've taken generic ambien for over 4 months, but within the last 2 weeks, I'll become violently ill if I take them with/after dinner time. If I try taking them before dinner, the food tastes burnt, ashy, and sticky.

Either way, by the end of the evening I have my head down the toilet, unable to stop throwing up.

Does anyone else experience this? Ive no idea as to what must have changed to cause this :( I want my sleep plz, and my dinners.
I &lt;3 TLV

5th gen vs 6th gen

Does anyone have the new 6th generation iPod Nano? Do you like it? Prefer it to earlier models? I was planning on getting a 16gb 5th gen because I liked my 8gb 4th gen just fine, but I've never even seen a 6th gen in person so idk! I feel like it's so small I would lose it immediately.

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Do you know of any active communities similar to ask_a_nurse and womenhealth? 

I got a pretty bad sunburn today--is there any way to make it "heal" quicker? 

How is your sleeping schedule right now? I'm trying to stay up to get mine back on track and I'm struggling. :(

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How does this make you feel?


What do you have planned tomorrow? (IN DEPTH IS BETTER.)

6:30 AM: Wake up and eat breakfast
6:45 AM: Check my emails
6:55 AM: Get dressed
7:30 - 7:45 AM: Leave for my high school so we could get ready for the parade
8:00 - ?? AM: Get in uniform and practice before parade
10:00 AM: Arrive at parade route and start parade, 6th in line
11:00 AM: Walk back to high school and have lunch
11:15-11:30 AM??: Leave high school with friend and have BUBBLE TEA!
After that I have no idea.
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boredom is a sign of laziness

what should I do tonight? I started watching "the butterfly effect" and like 20 mins in there's a D: D: D: moment, and I was like ahhhhh oh shit, and turned it off (I'm not a giant wimp, but i am like a medium sized wimp i guess).  I could watch something on netflix instant. But what? Should I read? I could do my second assignment for my python programming course which is semi-exciting on a friday night because I am a giant nerd. WHAT TO DO, TQC? I need to reward myself for cleaning someone else' s smelly, crusty dishes. 

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Should I get a Lomo camera or Polaroid? 

(EDIT) Or do you think the Polaroid add-on to the Diana Lomo is a good idea?

If you use either one - what do you feel about using them?  Pros, cons etc.