September 16th, 2010

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We haven't done this in awhile, sooo...

Will you go to this site, put in a phrase, set it to the max amount of translations, and post the results?

Or, to put it another way:
"Most can not communicate?"

EDIT: Will you tell us what you originally put in, too?
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tl;dr - I offered to take notes for another person in my class in exchange for $75 at the end of the semester but I've noticed that all this person does in class is texts/sleeps and it's frustrating me. Should I tell them that I changed my mind and they should find someone else to take their notes or just suck it up?

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How do YOU find fulfillment in life?

How do you think you're living your life right now? It is exactly how you wanted it to be? What would you improve it?

What do you do to find some peace of mind?

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It's no secret, TQC, that the Moon is made of cheese. All my life I have dreamed of reaching into the heavens to partake of that cheese. Therein lies a problem, however, and I am a mere 65 inches tall, and the Moon a quarter million miles away. This has haunted me up through my adult life... up until now.

You see, TQC, I think we can work together: you are many, and I am fearless to a fault. If each one of you can bring me something—anything upon which I can climb to lessen the distance between me and that great, shining sphere—I think just maybe, maybe, I can reach out and grab some. Not just some for myself, either, but some for every one of you as well! Together, The Question Club shall partake of the Moon!

Now, I need to know what all you folks have that I can pile and/or tie together. Ladders, tables, books... perhaps even a trampoline to put on top to reach the last few feet. What can you bring me, TQC?

How much Moon cheese would you like?

Will you catch me if I fall?

If I fall from too great a height and burn up in the atmosphere, will you take a picture of the meteor and post it to tqc_updates? Feel free to add the word "FAIL" in bold letters.
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How would you get back at someone for eating the meatless pizza you made for yourself while leaving the meat one you made for them?

My brother and his friends ate the last cheese pizza that I'd made and let the hamburger one burn in the oven after I put it in there for them and specifically said the cheese was mine because I don't like meat.

I want to watch a movie but don't know what to watch. I'm in the mood for either a gut busting comedy or a gut bursting horror film. What do you recommend?

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I really, really hated high school. Like, a lot. I just got the invitation to my 5 year reunion.

Pro: Free liquor and food!

Con: I REALLY REALLY hated high school.

Should I go?
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so a job in sales /marketing at a luxury car service isn't such a bad start yes?

im not doomed to be stuck in a job i hate for ever yea?

how can i possibly turn this into a good career move?

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Have you ever lived and worked abroad without being a permanent resident or citizen of that country?

Was it relatively easy to find work (other than waiting tables and such) or was it a huge hassle?

If you've taken both the GRE and GMAT, which one did you find "easier"?

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Does anyone here work for Disneyland? I applied there four months ago and wasn’t holding out much hope since they’re starting to let their summer temps go, but I just got something from them in my email, an “initial online timed interview” that will get me to the next stage of the interview process if I pass it.

Has anyone here done this online interview? Can you tell me what kinds of questions I might expect?

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 I missed all of my three classes yesterday due to have a cold/sleeping a lot. At least two of them focus on some sort of attendance. 

Should I e-mail my professors saying I was sick and wanted to know what we discussed in class and what was due for the next class?

I did this in high school but as a college freshmen i have no clue what to do. Help. 

EDIT: I'm a grown up now right? I see 2/3 of the them tomorrow and I know people in all my classes to get notes from. Thanks for all the lovely advice. I don't skip class and this helped me realized who to talk to when I do. 

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Has anyone ever done something really nice for you with good intentions, but got it a bit wrong?

I just had a surprise delivery of groceries, ordered and paid for by my dad. I'm extremely thankful, but going by how many meat products were delivered, I think I need to remind him that I'm vegetarian!

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How can I persuade my housemates not to use the tumble dryer?

Or should I just let them use it all they want and point out it's the reason why we have a huge electricity bill when it comes through?

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I know that Coke has different manufacturers and distributors all over the world, and different countries have different preferences, taste-wise, s does Coke from different countries taste different?

Also, if you drink soda, how do you prefer it, from a fountain? Can? Glass bottle?
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How can I reach Google tech help? Like a person or an email, not the "is this your problem? check yes or no" help pages they have up.

Apparently I forgot to log out of my gmail account on my mother's computer, she got confused and changed it somehow so her email address, not mine, for my mail. And I can't fix it because of course she has no idea what her password is, "it does it for me."

I DON'T KNOW WHAT SHE DID. All I know is suddenly I can't get to my account, Gmail says my account doesn't even exist...except when I try to make a new account. Then suddenly it does. My fucking email address is Limbo.

Would google help with that or go "lol too bad n00b"?

great okay so I'm fucked. go me for being a fucking idiot

How's your life going, TQC?
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Does anybody know where to buy cheaper/discounted UGG boots in Canada? Specifically in and around Vancouver, BC.

Edit: I mean authentic "UGG" brand boots. Not knock-offs.
One Of Those Days.
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Oh hai!

I have fruitflies living in my house plants (wtf?). How does one get rid of these little buggers? (Excluding getting rid of/killing the plants with poison)

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 Today I am helping my best friend move into her dorm. The place she is staying is currently 85F with 97% humidity. What the hell do I wear that will remain comfortable throughout the day? I hate hot, muggy weather. 

Are you a math and science person, or do you like social sciences and English? 
World in my Hands

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You need a place to live and you've finally found a place that you can afford and your new roommate is your kind of person. Everything about the situation is great BUT she is allergic to cats and you have a cat. Your ex is willing to keep the cat and tells you that you can come see her whenever you want.

Do you let your ex keep your cat (until July 2011) or do you look for a different place to live?
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If you had a large check to deposit, would you use a nearby atm or would you drive all the way to the bank, wait in line, fill out the form, and deposit it that way because this new atm deposit with pictured check receipt business is scary?
The Receptionist Classic

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Suppose you're going to be taking a trip by way of an airplane.
Does what you wear for travel depend on the length of the flight?
What do you prefer to wear on flights?

Is an underwire bra going to cause me grief at the TSA checkpoint?

What's the longest flight you've had the pleasure (or not) of taking?

What do you like to do on flights?

Can you sleep on planes?
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I was reading about old books, like from the 17th and 18th centuries, and I noticed that their titles were very, um...creative?

Some Memories of the Life of Job, the Son of the Solomon High Priest of Boonda in Africa; Who was a Slave about two Years in Maryland; and afterwards being brought to England, was set free, and sent to his native Land in the Year 1734.

So, TQC, will you take some famous books and movies from our time and give them more descriptive titles?

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I am eating some yogurt and I'm not digin' it right now, but I don't want to be hungry later so I feel like I need to finish it.  

What was the last thing you finished eating despite not really enjoying it? 

dk/dc:  How tall are you? 

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Will you guys help me with my meal plan? What should I serve along with the dishes I already have picked out? I'm only good at half meal planning, not at figuring out the side dish.

So, what should I serve with these?

Meal One: Bacon Tomato Capellini
I'm thinking a vegetable dish of some sort.

Meal Two: Cauliflower Fry Flavored with Ginger
Opposite this time. I need a main dish.

Meal Three: Tater Tot Bake
I'm going to make this with soy crumbles instead of ground beef. What should I serve on the side?

Meal Four: Spiced Fried Potatoes
My boyfriend's super nerdy and requested these. He wants some sort of beef with them.

Meal Five: BBQ Pork Chops
I don't know what.

dk/dc - how many hours a night do you sleep?

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Do you ever buy warranties at places like Best Buy when they offer? I always resist, but it's tempting (designed to be). With my luck, whatever I bought won't crap out until the warranty ends anyway.

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What are things that happen to you that aren't really rare, but you're still surprised by them?

I'm always weirded out whenever someone comments on my tqc posts that haven't been on the front page for at least a day. It's like, "Uh, party's over, man."
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 I decided to stop watching the news.
The Ignorance = FACT! stories and the responses to stories of murder and/or rape by people of high opinion are really upsetting me.
I'll only watch it when it interrupts my programs because of a special bulletin or something.

Is this a good idea?
Would you do the same? Why or Why not?

edit to fix a typo

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i touched the pan and now got this white bubble on the tip of my finger. i've just been keeping my finger in cold water but after a while out of the water it starts to string again.

how do u deal with kitchen burns?

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This came up on a parenting forum I post at. I was curious to see what TQC thought of it.

Does it make you a "bad parent" to drop your kid off at daycare when you don't have to work or go to school?

EDIT: This is part of one of the responses I got-
"And as far as the people who work in daycare that get irritated by parents just dropping their kids off it is because a lot of the time they are just taking advantage of the people who work there. At the daycare that I worked at if the classroom counts were low then the teachers in those rooms would have the option of going home to spend time with their families and such"

Am I confused or isn't this their job?

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Should there be commas after 'closest friend' and 'dog' in this sentence?

Next she called her closest friend Michael to arrange for him to watch her dog George.

e.g. "Next she called her closet friend, Michael, to arrange for him to watch her dog, George."

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My SO recently got a recording of his mother screaming at him, his sister and I. He played it for his therapist as a "this is what my mother is like" explanation. The therapist said that he could hear borderline personality disorder "in her voice." The therapist is full of shit: y/n? Do you think it's possible to diagnose someone by the tenor of their voice (and obviously what's being said and how it's being said) alone?
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Q; What are some really trivial &/or silly things that drive you bananas?

A; Socks with seams around the toe area. I can't stand it!
If my socks have that seam I have to wear them inside out, otherwise I find myself pushing my toes against the seam and I feel all claustrophobic like I can't move my toes enough to avoid it and I get really anxious.

DK;DC Has anyone here read Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising" series? Did you like it?
(I'm reading the whole series again, it's an old favourite of mine. I also reckon TDiR would make a great film if it were done properly, unlike the half arsed attempt from a few years ago. What do you think?)
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When was the last time you did or didn't do something that made you super insanely proud of yourself?
I went to the dentist yesterday to get a couple of fillings and it's the first time I can remember not crying and freaking out because of the nasty nasty needle. :D

When was the last time you screwed up but not in a way that was horrible?
A couple of days ago I was doing my English homework and I blanked about a paper I had to write. So I stayed up until two in the morning to write it. Turned out, I didn't have to write a paper. I just had to finish a worksheet.  Ugh. :head desk repeatedly:

What is some new music you discovered or were referred to recently?
Wilco, Broken Bells, Porcupine Tree, and Meshuggah. I haven't listened to all of them yet b/c I just heard about these bands to day in my guitar class. I can't wait though. :)

DK;DC: What are you eating right now?
Campbell's bean and bacon soup and a glass of Dr. Pepper. I intend on scarfing down some ice cream later as well. :)
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If you pay a pet deposit ($500 :|), is it acceptable to have more than one animal or do you have to make deposits for each individual animal?

I want to foster kittens (aka short term, 4 weeks at the max) but I'd really rather not be evicted. I have 1 cat already, who is completely legal but yeah.
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I'm in the process of moving. One of the things in a box (a cardboard one, not my...never mind) is my copy of "How It All Vegan."

I know I have all the ingredients to make the curry. I just don't remember the specific amounts. Could somebody let me know how much coconut milk, cumin and curry I'm supposed to put in?

attacking is so much awesome sauce.

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How do I make $31 last until the 30th, TQC?

My bills are already paid, I already have my bus pass for the month, rent's not due until Oct 1st, I get paid on Sep 30th (I think/hope). I have a cinema gift cert with $14 so I can go see Machete on Saturday. I bought some groceries today (spaghetti, butter, half & half, bread, carrots, apples) that should last me at least a week if I don't pig out. I can probably get a buddy to pay for my cover or buy me a beer if I want to go out once next week. I'll be okay, right?

Should I have a nap, have a shower, or do laundry before I make myself something to eat?
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Should I apply to work for the Board of Elections on Election Day? My dumbass is unemployed, so it's not as if I have anything better to do.

It's a relatively easy $100, but it's a 16hr day.

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Pretend you are in your early twenties and several people have told you today that you look at least 4/5 years younger. Do you feel insulted ?

If yes/no, why/why not ?

Do people generally think you are older/younger than you look ? Does it bother you ?
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 This is going to be a weird question. My parents are having a party and they want to play music videos on their projector screen that's hooked up to the laptop. But they don't want the playlist showing up on the projector; they want it on the actual laptop screen so the 'v/dj' can edit it. Is there a media player that allows for separate playback and playlist windows?  EDIT: VLC is the answer, of course.

And random question that more people can answer if they want to:  I'm sitting at the coffee shop and this MILF and two teenage boys just came in and got a slice of cake to share. Am I witnessing a mother with two of her sons or is this some 'lure the kids into my web with sweets' ploy?

ETA: Are all of Gaga's videos as 'movie' like as Telephone? I used that to show on the projector and my parents want all the Gaga videos, but only if they're just music.
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If you have to put up with terrible co-workers, boss, or just a shitty job in general, how do you keep it from affecting your life after work hours?

I am this close from just quitting all together.
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How often do you not have your ID on you?

I've encountered three people in the last week who have been driving, or have their wallet, and didn't have their ID. My ID never leaves my wallet, unless I'm taking it out to bring with me when I don't want to take my wallet.

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TQC, I feel like an idiot because I can't make a playlist on my ipod. I went to file, new playlist and called it Long Drive. Then, I tried dragging the files from both the music folder in my Library and the music from my Ipod directly and neither will work. What am I doing wrong? Oh... got it....

When you struggle with technology, how frustrated do you actually get? :(

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 What are some interesting nonfiction audiobooks I could buy off of iTunes? I have quite a bit of driving ahead of me, and I'm kind of tired of just listening to podcasts.

Need work, being picky?

Backstory: I applied as a seasonal temp at a local retail place.

I went on a group interview with eight other people. They told us that there would be another interview session and they'd choose only two of us.

I thought I didn't do very well at the interview. When a recruitment company called, I jumped at the chance and signed up.

However, local retail place called me today and left a message to call them back.

I'm not sure I still want the job. On the downside it's only 24 hours a week, requires ugly uniforms (ugh), and the pay is barely above minimum wage. On the positive side, I really like the store and it's walking distance from my place.

If they offer me another interview, should I...

1. Decline the interview (based on the above reasons) and try for another job.
2. Go to the interview and try for the job anyway. (I need money.)

Edit: Thanks TQC. I'll go for the interview. If it sucks, I'll leave. :)
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Uwe Boll

What's your Favorite Uwe Boll Movie

Blood Rayne
Alone in the Dark
House of the Dead
In the Name of the King
Blood Rayne: Deliverance
I didn't give a 'none of the above' option as I'm feeling rather evil today. 

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A 14 year old girl is suspended from school for her nose piercing. She claims that the piercing is part of her religious beliefs, as she is a member of the Church of Body Modification. The school's dress code is said to allow exemptions on religious grounds, but continuously suspends this student.

Do you think the school should recognize this girl's beliefs and let her wear her nose ring?
What do you think of school dress codes in general?
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I just caught my eight year old son outside, on his bike, without a helmet. I made him come in and put the helmet on. I reminded him that he is not to get on that bike without it. He flipped out saying, "I'm one of the cool kids now! We don't wear helmets! Everyone will make fun of me thanks to you!" It is true that none of the other children in the neighborhood wear helmets.

Am I being a mean mom? I feel bad, but I also don't feel like compromising on this issue. Like at all. Were your parents this cruel when it came to your safety?

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1. You just got splashed with nuclear waste! What body mutations do you hope occur?

2. If you had to smell like one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

3. Have you ever spun around until you vomited? How old were you last time you did? How closely did the vomit resemble what you remembered recently eating?

4. Imagine you were equipped with invisibly small nanobots that periodically crawl out onto the surface of your body and clean it, rendering showers unnecessary. Would you stop showering altogether, or still take them occasionally for their therapeutic qualities?

Questions tangentially related, perhaps!
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dear tqc,

i'm putting together a graphic design portfolio for a job, and they require an event poster. none of the ones i've done are quite up to my standards since i haven't done a lot of them. do you have an event you would like me to make a pretty poster for? i would prefer to do a new one than to redo an old one, because then if they ask me about it i'll have to lie (since all the events are passed). i will do it for free!


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tqc, I need your heeeeelp. would you like to make me up a scenario relating to children/young people in which they'd be at risk of harm? like in a school setting or something.
srs and non-srs answers are both welcomed

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So I've been working out my uni timetable for next year, and it's actually looking good for once (no 9am lectures every morning!). But I have a decision to make!

I can either take 4 papers in my first tri, then 2 in the second, or I can do an even 3/3 split. Which should I go for? On the one hand I would really like a lazy second tri, and if I do it that way I get to do a more interesting sounding English lit paper. On the other hand, this year when I did 4 papers I got a bit stressed.

What should I do? What would you do?

P.S. Who do you think has the funniest voice ever? I was just thinking about Brak and I started laughing just thinking about his voice. He's my fave.

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does anyone here have psoriasis? how bad is it/how did you deal with it? i have weird spots and my parents think its that so now i'm freaking out and im afraid they're going to be all over my body.

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you guys, I just got a pretty major part in my school's play! How should I celebrate? Hookers and blow are en route.

What's happened in your life recently that calls for some celebration?

also, how the eff am I supposed to memorize all these lines??

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What percentage of the clothes in your wardrobe actually belong to other people?

Does your friendship group have a slight air of a 'revolving wardrobe' where people turn up to parties etc. in other people's outfits?


Does anyone know of any organizations that are dedicated to raising awareness about prevention of violence against women, poverty, or refugee issues? I know about LiNK for North Korean refugees ( but I'm interested in learning about others.

Also does anyone know of any good movies involving these issues?

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"To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license agreement. Nobody actually reads it, they just scroll to the bottom and click 'I agree.'"

Just found this on I chuckled.

What do you think? Good for any laughs? Or kind of offensive? Think it applies to other religions, too? Or more notably to Christianity?

On a similar note, what religious texts have you actually read? (maybe not cover to cover, but which ones are you familiar with?) Care to share any fun facts you've learned from that experience?

I'm only familiar with the children's version of the Bible. I liked the pictures. :)

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So I turn 21 in 45 days.

But! I graduate from school 13 days after my birthday.

So! I'm thinking about throwing a halloween birthday/graduation party.

What should I go as?
What should I ask for? (besides hookers)

Whats the last thing that made you laugh?
Isaac - MySpace Angled

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Why is it so unbelievable that I'm a straight girl and love reading Maxim magazine? I don't date and I don't have sex with anyone, so 80% of mags like Cosmo is a waste of money for me (and the other 20% is out of my price range or full of advice that I swear they're printing as a joke). Maxim has drink recipes, delicious food, interviews/features that are actually interesting and a heaping helping of snark. And still I can't read Maxim around family without them calling my mom and asking if I'm a lesbian or read in public without people giving me odd looks. I DON'T NEED 101 TIPS ABOUT BLOWING ANYBODY. Why is this so ~unbelievable? (For the record, I also have a Cosmo subscription because it was 2 years for $15 and I had a 25% off code and their "advice" columns really make me laugh)
That was worded badly because I was freshly annoyed. Basically my question is this: why do the people I know act like jerks about meaningless shit like a magazine subscription?

DK/DC: Do you have any magazine subscriptions? Which ones?

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Have you experienced another's doppelgänger? Have you ever wondered if you have a doppelgänger? Have you or anyone you know of... experienced your doppelgänger? Do you lend any credibility to such accounts, or believe such things even exist?

(no subject)

  My friends and I are trying to plan a trip to Europe (we haven't pegged down specific countries yet) next summer. Any tips on traveling with friends? Anything you'd recommend we see and do?
Peggy Blink

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There was a tornado in my neighborhood tonight! The hospital by my house had the second floor fall in, and there are a bunch of trees down on my street. Eep!
What's the scariest weather event you've been through?
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Overly concerned Dentist?

I went to an endodontist  twice for root canal work. Long story short, he's older, married, acted flirty - whatever. He called me after both appts to make sure I was OK and mentioned both times "never to hesitate to call his office at any time -.and that I could even call him at his home (stated where he lived) and said he is in the phonebook". 

Weird or am I paranoid?  TIA!
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why am i always the babysitter when my friends break up with their boyfriend?

and why can't these people just be single for 10 minutes?

the minute they're on their own they act like we've entered a new ice age or something. they whine and go on and on about how hard being lonely is and i just sit there because i've been single my whole life, so one: i have very little sympathy and two: it's not that bad. in fact, most of times i rather enjoy it.
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How do you pronounce Babar?

If you have a car, have you decorated it in any way? (bumper stickers, toys on the dash, etc)
If your car is not decorated as such, would you ever be inclined to?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever been broken up with by someone you were still in love with? If so, how did you finally get over it and how long did it take to start forgetting about him?

2. Have you ever been broken up with someone for awhile, but then got back together after awhile (and by awhile, I mean like 6 months after the initial breakup or longer)?
Mr. Pants Says

Paging Dr. TQC!!

I am having an apopalyctic headache on the back right side of my head that radiates along the side of my head and ends right above my ear. IT HURTS TO BLINK, FFS!!

Is it a tumor? Am I gonna die?

oooooowwwwww it hurts so fucking hard!

Non-serious answers appreciated.
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sorry for the tl;dr

so last night around 11 pm i was sitting in my dorm room - my window faces greek row - when one of frats congregated outside. about 50 or 60 guys. they got in their big manly circle and started doing their brotherly chants... except they were the most vulgar, disgusting things i've ever heard. they sang a song about raping a girl ("if she says stop put your dick in her mouth, your dick in her mouth, your dick in her mouth" and "put your hand on her twat til she says you've hit the spot") and then another song about "letting a sorority girl rot and then fucking her corpse." and like five other songs of similar nature.

THEN they had their freshmen i assume line up and race to the other end of the parking lot. the older guys grabbed the guy who came in last place and ripped ALL of his clothes off and hoisted him up in the air and carried him around like that.

i was and still am seriously offended. i really don't think i should've had to have been subjected to that. (even turning the tv on i could still hear them.) am i being overly sensitive? the rape song got to me the most, tbh. i feel like emailing someone but maybe this is just one of those things ~frat boys do.

what would you do in my position?

What Would You Do?

1) You've been at a job for 4 1/2 years. It is a small business where the only full time employees are you and your boss. Your boss - the business' owner - is very nice to you and is pleased with the work you do. You are thinking about going back to college, which would involving leaving the job for good and your boss will have to find a replacement for you. When you decide for certain you will go to college how much advanced notice do think is appropriate?

2) You haven't spoken to your father in 5 years. Your parents have been divorced for 20 years. Your father quickly remarried. You didn't like his new wife and he made a poor effort to keep involved in your life. He has since moved several states away. Your elderly grandmother (your father's mother, who is now 90 years old and probably in poor physical and mental health) lives with your father and you haven't been in contact with her as a result. Your father's wife tells you that you're not welcome to visit, refuses to let you speak with your father or grandmother, and in the past listened to your phone calls with them. Since you last spoke to your grandmother, your mother has died and you don't know if your grandmother is aware of this. You're getting married in a year. Is it worth it trying again to contact your grandmother - possibly showing up at the front door one day - to let her know about the wedding and invite her to come if she can somehow make it? Or would you write that whole part of your family off as a total loss?
movie - is it a dream?
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Congratulations, you managed to commit the perfect murder (but you can only do it once). You may have had a very good reason, maybe not. But, it will never be traced back to you and go down as an unsolved mystery.

How do you think this knowledge will affect the rest of your life?
If one day, an innocent were to be convicted of your crime, would you say anything then or let them take the fall?