September 15th, 2010


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oo1. what is one of your own best personality traits?
oo2. what is one of the most delicious meals you have ever had from a restaurant/eatery that is not a chain?
oo3. what is one band or musician whose music makes you feel instantly happy?
oo4. do you own any books/publications whose visible name would make you embarrassed if people saw it? if so, what is one of the titles?
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I'm trying to book a one-night "posh" hotel stay for my boyfriend and I during our school's fall break in October as the final part of his birthday present. The nicest hotel near here (minus the $300 a night Ritz, fuck that) is $86 for one night, king bed nonsmoking yadda yadda. Same exact room, but also with a jacuzzi in it, is $115. 

Do I spring for the jacuzzi room, or stick with the king bed? I'm not made of money, but I can afford either if I budget properly.

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how do you tell how good your own singing voice is? i think im pretty good but i wanted to make sure cuz im not really sure you know, so i recorded myself but i still cant tell :/

can you tell me how bad or how good i am?

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Anyone ever use an electric razor (for legs, bikini, etc)?

How did that turn out?

Would you recommend one?

Is it just me or does Nair suck? I do everything the instructions say but I may as well just be using plain old body lotion. Ps, veet sucks too.

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HELP! My hamster's wheel just split in two and hes really really upset, I can't get one until the morning, what can I do for him?! He has tunnels and chew sticks but the wheel is not fixable and hes climbing the cage and chewing the bars and falling on his back and oh I'm so sad for him :( Is this stress going to induce wet tail? I just woke up twenty mins ago and its broken :(
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TQC, I am in the mood for junk food. WHAT IS THE BEST JUNK FOOD? I want something REALLY junky. I have no dietary restrictions, and I have, like $20. WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST?

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I saw a cartoon online somewhere of evil distorted video game characters lining up for a mug shot or something. Mario, Zelda, pikachu... Anyone know where I saw it or what I'm talking about?

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TQC, It's my 18th birthday today. What should my first legal alcoholic drink be?
What are some yummy drinks and cocktail mixes I should make tonight?

If you don't feel like answering those, what will/did you do for your 18th birthday?
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tqc loud crashing glass outside my window last night woke me up in a terror at 4am, and then i watched the anne of green gables mini-series, and now it's almost 8am and i don't know what to do. i only got like 3 hours of sleep :/

i want to sleep for 2 more hours but idk how. what should i do? how can i fall asleep?

boring choir question

I auditioned for this choir on Monday. They responded positively to me from the start and it wasn't really any surprise when they e-mailed me to tell me I'd been accepted. The catch, however, is that in the e-mail they told me that members of this choir are expected to pay dues--$5 per rehearsal and performance, which is probably going to end up being around $60 until the concert in December. I'm pretty upset that they didn't let me know about this BEFORE I auditioned and met everybody and got really excited about singing with them, but now I don't know what to do. Another catch is that I''m at least 10 years younger than everybody else in this choir, and since this is new york and they are all middle-aged professionals, they are all pretty well-off in terms of money. I told them I was a recent graduate and that I am working in a restaurant until I find a career, so they're aware that my situation is different. They included this paragraph in my acceptance letter:

"We understand that you are recently out of school and don't want to be a financial burden - please know that if there is any problem for you with meeting the financial part of membership that we are more than willing to waive the requirement. The financial component is never a factor in our decision to bring someone on board."

Should I ask them to waive the fee, or do you think it might get weird down the line if everybody else is paying and I'm not? Or should I try to gracefully bow out? While I wouldn't be destitute if I paid to be in this choir, it doesn't really seem like a worthwhile expense when there are other groups in the city that would let me sing for free.

And while I'm on the subject, anybody else here sing in a choir? What part do you sing? What style music?
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Where do you keep your pens/pencils?

If you keep them in a mug/pencil cup (or were to do so), would you store them tip side up or tip side down?
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Inspired by the plethora of food in our office today...

What is your favorite dish to bring to a potluck?
What has been the best dish someone else brought to a potluck?
Is there anything you just dread seeing?

How is your week going?

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Here's the story: I'm 26, had one shitty job after another, and am finally going back to school to get a degree in emergency medical science (basically so I can be a paramedic). Now, frankly, I'd much rather work with animals and have considered switching over to be a vet tech with hopes that I would eventually one day go to veterinary school. This whole process would take about 8ish years. Am I crazy for thinking this? Should I do this? I feel like I would excel at either, but with my paramedic license I don't know how I could move up with it. I'm just really sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck. A little help?

tldr: Should I go to school to be a vet even though I won't get out until I'm in my mid-thirties, or should I just stick with this two year degree and be happy with that?
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How does my 6 pound dog snore louder than most people?

Are you lazy this morning? I am, I can't bring myself to get out of bed. I just want to sit here with my dog and watch Say Yes to the Dress. Should I do this or actually be productive?
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Hi guys!

I'm gonna do a (playstation) karaoke party for my birthday. We'll be like 50 people (all good friends of mine and of my housemate, who has a birthday the same day I do, so we're celebrating together).

Do you have any good karaoke tips or anecdotes for me?

ETA: I'll bake a rainbow cake!

And OT: For those of you who read my 1st date post anxiety post, I wrote the guy a message saying I was trying to be careful with him but that I liked him. He wrote back saying I didnt need to be careful because he loves the contact with me quite a lot and that when he's back from a trip this week, he's gonna make time to see me before I fly to Istanbul (yes!).

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Who are your favorite blonde actresses between the ages of 18 and mid-twenties?


And they don't necessarily have to be in that age range now, but have to have been in the age rage when they were doing recognized work.
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what's a skill you have that is somewhat uncommon, yet you find very useful?

feel free to be as self-congratulatory as you like. no 'i have no special skills' in this post, i'm sure you can do something cool and useful!

example: i am good at graphic design. i can whip up a flyer, brochure, poster, resume, letterhead, logo, etc. very quickly. i don't do it professionally, but i've managed to do a little freelance work, and it's always cool to be able to put together nice marketing for events, and to make anything i need to advertise look ~professional~.
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Have you ever gone back (either romantically or sexually) to people you were previously connected or sexual with a good time later?
How did it work out?
Why did you go back to them?

DK/DC: What's agitating you lately?
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what cut of jeans do you usually wear?

what is the weirdest dream you've had in the last week? last night I dreamed that my old roommate and I made up- we both hate one another. it was so realistic too! weird...

if you eat cereal in the morning for breakfast, does one bowl fill you up? I always eat two, I am so hungry in the morning
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What is the longest period of time that you have felt bad/ down/ negative/ depressed/ angry/ etc.?

When you are looking through a magazine, what kind of articles pique your interest?

When is the last time you had mashed potatoes? (Not boxed, but fresh/ real) Who made them?

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Does anybody have the Canon PowerShot SX20 IS? If so, would you mind posting unedited pictures that you've taken? Also, can the lens be switched out with another? And what is your general opinion on it? Pros/cons?

dk/dc?: What is your favorite time period in history? Why?
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What was the last thing that made you go, "...what the fuck?!"

My mom brought home a watermelon, and I was like, "OMG YAY I love watermelon!" So I sliced it open and it was bright yellow inside. Like, seriously, it was the color of pee. Apparently, yellow watermelons exist. Ya learn a new thing every day!
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Why is everyone down? Does anyone know if there is a like a statistic that says lots of people get sad at this time of year or some shit? Is there anything I can do to make you feel better given that this is just the stupid internet? 

I ask the following question pretty regularly but I do love reading the answers:

what is some media you would recommend (books/movies/comics/games/etc)? Particularly your favorite-est stuff.

life in 10 years..

when you were 10, what did you imagine your life would be like when you were 20? was it close to what you originally thought?

when you were 20 what did you imagine your life would be like when you were 30? was it close to the original thought?

30 to 40 and so on if it applies.

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To all females(or maybe even some males if you like this sort of thing)...

Do you get an inexplicable pleasure out of looking at wedding dresses? I do not know what is wrong with me, I already have my favorite wedding designers picked out and before I posted this I was pondering making a portfolio of 'reference pictures'.

If you do, do you have a favorite designer or dress already picked out? Who and show me a picture!
I love Lazaro and Jim Hjlem. :)
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Not Another Zombie Poll

The ZOMBIE INVASION has come!! Where will you hole up while the walking dead pervade the land? In this weird situation, let's assume that most of the cities are abandoned, but the electricity still works

My home. I'll reinforce the doors and windows but it should be good to go
The local tavern. It's got big doors, beer on tap and crisps
Supermarket. It's got loads of food and heavy metal doors
Hot air balloon
A tent in the middle of the desert. Ain't no zombies in the middle of nowhere and I can see them coming
Home Depot. All the supplies I need to reinforce the place properly, plus potential weapons and metal doors
Abandoned mansion. Tall gates will keep out the undead riffraff
Bill Murray's mansion
Boat. If I'm asea no zombie can ever catch me
Disneyland. Happiest place on earth now has the shortest lines!
Best Buy/Target. Lots of electronics. I won't get bored, and the place has metal doors
Cemetery. When the dead rose outta the ground, they went off in search for the living and they wouldn't think to look in the place they just left
Varies. I'd keep going location to location, always on the move
Bank. That place is designed to keep people out. Undead people too

What will your behavior be like during this epic time?

Staying put as much as possible in my fortress of safety, venturing out only for supplies
I'd lock myself up most of the time, but I'd also go out to search for survivors
I'd lock myself up most of the time, but I'd also go out on zombie killing missions
Wearing zombie makeup, I'd walk amongst them without them knowing
I'd probably be dead. I couldn't survive in a zombie apocalypse

While out foraging one day, you see an attractive person in dirty clothes digging through some rubble. This person seems to be unharmed and moving with normal speed. However, they're 100 feet away. What do you do?

Call out to this person or try to get his/her attention with my gun aimed on them. If they come running towards me I shoot. If they raise their hands, they're human and I make friends
BANG! Zombie or not, you can't take chances
Keep on moving. I'm only looking out for #1

Since the world's largely abandoned, where will you go? You can select your answer for Q#1 in your new digs

I stay in my current city. I know it well
Someplace warmer with better weather, like California, or whatever city suits my climate tastes
Someplace less populated. Smaller populations mean smaller ranks for the zombies to draw their numbers
The largest, most metropolitan city I can get to. Better chance for supplies, survivors, high skyrises to hide out
Go on a sightseeing tour. Visit every place I've always wanted to see but never could because of timing or finances

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It's my brother's birthday tomorrow, and he's mentioned that he wouldn't mind a gift card for the Guitar Center.

What do you think's an appropriate amount to put on the gift card? I'm so bad at gift-giving.
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Does it make me a drama whore if I sometimes find myself wishing something super dramatic would happen in tqc because I'm either bored or wanting to escape whatever task I'm supposed to be doing?

Do you ever troll? Just a little bit? Because it's dead in here?

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Will you poorly describe a movie for us and see if we can guess it?

Ex: Beauty and the Beast- this pretty chick is forced to live with this really ugly guy and some whacked out appliances, but she falls for him and he turns out to be not so ugly

Also, I just binged out on some asparagus. Is my pee going to be green/smelly?

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What was the last book you read for pleasure? I'm rereading My SIster's Keeper right now. 

What was the last book you read that wasn't by choice? I just finished Their Eyes Were Watching God for school. 

When you're reading something that's required, do you like to read a pleasure book on the side at the same time? I always do, and no one seems to understand that it doesn't distract me from my school book - I just end up reading twice as much. 

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Do any of you have a Flexible Spending Account available with your healthcare benefits? Do you use it? What's been your personal experience with it as far as the benefits, drawbacks, etc.?

Are there any little things that make you stupidly happy? What are they?

Do you get irritated when people misspell your name consistently?

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What are your experiences with twins? Do you have a twin? Do you have an easy or a hard time telling twins apart, do you find them creepy, and so on.

I'm an identical twin myself, and I live in an area documented for its uncommon number of twins.

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Aside from myself, how many of you don't want to tell everybody your name?    What would it take to make you tell us your name?  

As for me, I can't figure out what circumstances will make me feel like sharing.   
Only one TQC person knows my name. 

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The school that I'm working at suggests that parents send their kids to school with healthy lunches/snacks.
I've noticed that the teachers make the kids eat the healthy stuff first (which I agree with)
However, I've also noticed that if a kid wants cookies, the teacher will make them eat five other things first.

What are your thoughts on this?

I feel like the kids are eating an extra meal's worth of calories so that they can eat cookies, when it might be better for them to just eat the cookies.

ex: A kid wanted his potato chips, the teacher made him eat his bag of pretzels first.
Another kid wanted his cookies, the teacher made him eat his chocolate pudding (?) first.

What did you bring for lunch when you were in elementary school?

Inspired by the kids who bring in hummus, hamburgers, and spinach ravioli :)
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what wii games should i get/rent?

i'd get zelda and okami for sure. i don't like super mario or those dumbass games with "wii" in the title. apparently i'm the only person who bothered with the wii so my family's giving it to me.
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Poll #1619192 Randoms

How come you can kill a deer and put it up on your wall. but it's illegal to keep one as a pet?

What type of animal is Snuffaluffagus?

Why do they call him Donkey Kong if he is not a donkey?

Why doesn't McDonald's sell hotdogs?

Why is there a disclaimer on the Allstate Auto Insurance commericals that says "Not available in all states"?

Where does the toetag go on a dead person if they don't have toes?

What's the difference between normal ketchup and fancy ketchup?

Do you yawn in your sleep?

How come all of the planets are spherical?

Where do people in Hell tell other people to go?

darkplace buddies.
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inspired by recent events

i know we've done this a few times, but i'm feeling pretty lame and suckered over here, so if you don't mind, indulge me.

what was the worst/strangest way you've ever been broken up with?

for me, i was dumped last week by a dude... in a kroger parking lot. we were waiting to get his prescription filled. he said he was going to go to the bathroom and that he'd be right back - and i haven't heard from him since. this was last tuesday.
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I went to grab something from my deep freeze today, and I noticed my roommate had put a walmart bag into it containing 3 picture frames, a shower curtain, and bus ticket from 2009. She is currently in her room with the door closed.

1) What do you think she's up to?

2) Should I knock on her door and ask her about it, in case she mixed up bags and now has a bag of freezables on the floor of her room? Or just assume she knows what she's doing and let it be?

DK/DC: What's your favourite kind of cake?
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A bit ago I was driving home and I pulled onto a small, dead end side street to just fiddle with my gps and get my bearings. I was pulled in front of someone's house. Just as I'm about to go on my way, I see a big jeep down at the end of the street, coming towards me. I turn 90 degrees so I'm facing the right side of the street, and stop so he can keep going ahead of me. He just stops there, so I'm like WTF and after a minute, I back up and go in front of him and stop at the stop sign right there. While I'm stopped, I realize he's got his iphone held up (he's right in back of me) and he's I think taking a picture, I assumed of my license plate.

WTF is going on, TQC??? Did I break some terrible law? I honestly got freaked and drove away, but I considered going back to ask him wtf but I didn't.
I kill the bus driver.

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If you have an eyebrow stud/ring, is it at all in your line of vision? I really want to get an eyebrow piercing but the thought of being able to see it really annoys me, even though I know I would get used to it.

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So TQC, my birthday is this coming Tuesday, the 21st. What restaurants or other places have ~birthday clubs~ or something similar that I can sign up with? I think the only one I am signed up with currently is Chili's, and they just sent me a coupon for a free brownie sundae.

Do you sign up to get free stuff for your birthday?
How about just free stuff in general?
What's the best thing you've gotten?
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TQC, will you pls halp me because I meatfail? I was a vegetarian for a really long time, but I just started eating meat again, (like, barely last week), so I am really clueless when it comes to cooking animal bits. I don't want to make anyone sick! :(

I want to make a quiche that has bacon pieces in it. Do I need to cook the bacon separately before I put it in the quiche, or do I put it in uncooked and let it cook in the oven (the quiche will be in the oven for about 45-50 minutes)?

Will you tell me about your dumb cookingfails so that I will feel better about mine? My sister once put a paper plate in the oven.

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Should I go home this weekend for a few days?

I've nothing to do here, and it would be a few days of free food. I'm feeling a little homesick though, and don't want to make it worse/undo any good work i've already done.
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Will you tell me about some laundry disasters you've had?

I left wet laundry in the washing machine for too long and it started to smell mildewy. I managed to get the mildew smell out with vinegar but now it smells like weed. How did this happen? How can I get rid of the mysterious weed smell? I've washed and dried it twice since washing with the vinegar. I tried using a bunch of fabric softener but that doesn't seem to help.

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What do you feel about the following quote:

"If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were."

And do you think overseas long distance relationships can ever work out?
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If you had/have step siblings, would you call each other 'sis' or 'bro'? Would your answer change if you'd had 'relations' with them?

I'm thinking it's weird. But then, I think it's weird for anyone to call their siblings 'sis/sissy' or 'bro'.

(it was my bitch cousin, and her parent and his parent weren't married at the time, but dating)
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What kind of tape will stick to stucco walls?
My new apartment has stucco and my paper and plastic fall decorations keep falling off the walls when I use masking, painters, or duct tape.

Have you started decorating for fall or Halloween yet?
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Is anyone else having trouble with their gmail account? Google (and all my mail clients) are saying my email address doesn't exist. I can't even file a report with Google because it keeps giving me the error that my account doesn't exist. What the hell??

I know I haven't made any typos or mistyped anything because I have tried multiple times.
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Do you feel stupid going to the doctor when you know it's probably nothing? I have a small (tiny) firm lump on my back (under the skin). I don't really remember when I got it but it's been there at least a year and it hasn't really changed. I am 99.999% sure it's nothing, but boyfriend creature is over-protective and wants me to get it checked out. I don't really want to because I feel like I'm wasting the doctor's time AND my time. I'm Canadian, so medical bills aren't an issue, but hour+ wait times are.

DK/DC: When was the last time you saw a doctor? What was it for?

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Why is rhetorical analysis so much different than literary analysis?

I need a topic for a rhetorical analysis on a topic related to Harry Potter and it's surprisingly more difficult than you'd think :[

What's your major? How do you English/writing majors do it, I hate my life when I write papers.

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I went to the doctor yesterday for my cough I have had for over a month. I got a chest x-ray (to rule out pneumonia and the like, I suppose) and the doctor told me I had bronchitis and a sinus infection. I do have the bronchitis-like cough, but I'm not coughing up anything. Should I be? I got a cough medicine that is supposed to help with that, but it hasn't done anything yet. What can I do to help break up all the gross mucus?

Are you sick? With what?
When was the last time you were sick?
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Dr tqc, i need your help!

I got sent home sick from work today. Now, I have to have a drink of water literally every 2 minutes otherwise I get a headache, my head feels fuzzy, I feel sick etc. I got sick over the weekend and I think this after effect is probably mild dehydration, but I can't get a doctor's appointment til next week. As long as I drink a lot, I'm fine, but I work in a lab and we're not allowed to drink whilst working, only on breaks obvs. I doubt I'll feel a whole lot better in the next 12 hours, but I feel bad about calling out of work again because I'm on a late shift, we're already short staffed and I don't know if they can find someone else to cover at short notice. Also I don't know how long this will go on for and I don't want to call out of work in an indefinite basis just because I'm "always thirsty" D:

What shall I do?! help please.
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Is there anyone in TQC you admire or look up to?

If you're too cool for that crap, could you tell me why one of the women's bathrooms at my job has a doctor's scale with the sliding weights and everything? Taking calls requires very little physical fitness.