September 14th, 2010

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Will you help me make a playlist for my road tripping/eloping weekend, coming up in a few weeks?

We're taking a trip from NY to get married in VT, and right now we're feeling really gushy and loving 90s ballads, but also love both newer and older love songs.

Meatloaf- Anything For Love
Brian Adams - I Do It For You
Journey (or Mariah Carey) - Open Arms

Paulson - Window Frames
Paulson - Calling On You
The Postal Service - Brand New Colony

non-srs extremely welcome...two of "our" songs are Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up and Eddie Murphy- Party All The Time

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The previous post about women's Studies/Defense reminded me for some reason of something that happened maybe 11-12 years ago. A back story to set it up:

For the majority of the 90s, I hung out on IRC a lot. All the damn time. In one of my regular channels there was this girl who, as I recall, called herself Krystyne. Anyway, Krystyne came off as someone who lied constantly and about everything. She had an LDR boyfriend who frequented the channel as well and would go off and start screaming at/flaming anyone who ever called her a liar, so it was hard to question her to see if she actually was lying. Um, anyway... one day, she came into the channel and said she was "kind of raped." Of course, the question was immediately posed: "What the hell is a 'kind of rape'?" Her story went as such: Some guy tried to rape her, and in the middle of it she said she decided it was okay to rape her. Then he went and did what he had planned to do anyway. She says this makes it "not rape" and giving him permission completely negated any sort of negative psychological effects it might have otherwise had.

She was completely full of shit, wasn't she? Do you think suddenly saying, "Oh, this is fine!" in the middle of it would actually change anything? I can't imagine it would, but I figured I'd ask here. Personally, I think she made the entire story up to try to get attention in the chat room. Saying that, though, got me flamed to hell and back by her boyfriend. They were banned from the channel a few days after that, just for the record. (The entire thing from her first showing up to being banned was only about a week and a half.)

Wow, that's long.
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 So, how do you perk yourself up when you feel like taking a handful of pills? I'm watching a funny animal clip show on ANimal Planet and it isn't working.

Videos, gifs, and funny sites welcome.
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What are your favorite healthy brands/flavors of oatmeal? I have a Whole Foods, Trader Joes and regular supermarket close to my house, so anything that can be found in those places would be great.

What do you like to put in your oatmeal?

For non oatmeal lovers, what is your favorite breakfast food?

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I started dating a guy 6 months ago knowing very well that he was moving overseas come September (yes, he's leaving soon :(). Throughout all of those 6 months, he, on at least 10-15 occasions (including one or two just yesterday), would make jokes about me moving there too. Every time he made these jokes/hints, I just sort of laughed them off.

When I brought up a serious conversation last night about me moving there, he did a 180 and started listing reasons as to why it'd be more rational for me to stay in the States to start my career (I currently don't have a job yet). It almost felt as though he was contradicting all of those jokes and didn't want me to move there with him.

Based on the info above, does he really not want me there despite all of his jokes, or, as my best friend thinks, is he just taken aback by my actually considering it when before I would just laugh it off and/or suddenly cognizant of how major this would be?
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from de feets to here

About 2 years back I asked how you folks washed your feet. A surprising number of you said you didn't so much wash them directly as you assumed they got clean just from being in the bathwater or from standing in the shower.

With that in mind, what would you say is the part of yourself you wash the least?
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If you were to take up baking as a hobby, what are some things you'd be sure to have in your kitchen? (Utensils, ingredients, cookbooks, whatever)

My son has a doctor's appointment about 45 minutes away from here by our nearest Whole Foods. I've never been there before, is it worth the extra money?
I've heard that it can be prohibitively expensive.

Tax cuts?

As I understand it,  the Republican party wants to keep the Bush tax cuts for the rich people in the US.   
The Democrats (or Obama specifically) say that we can't afford to continue not to tax them at the pre-Bush rates.     Understanding why we pay taxes (for many reasons, including upkeep of the interstate highways and medicare...etc.).   

What do you think really is best for the US? 

If you don't live in the US, what do you think even though you probably don't really care what happens?

Personally, I think that keeping the tax cuts is a kind of a bad idea.   The rich don't need extra money to buy more stuff; they're rich, they can probably afford, at very least, what they need.   The middle class and lower class people, in my view, need the help much more than the rich (do they really even need help?).   

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 A guy and girl have been dating for 10 months. This is guys first serious relationship. A week ago he freaks out and says he needs to date other people to realize how good of a relationship he has with girl. Guy says he still loves girl, he just needs to make sure he can't fall in love with any other girl. 

You dump his sorry ass and find someone else, right?

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How would you react if your roommates mother told you to clean your room? What if she took said roommate out to dinner and yelled at you when they returned, when she noticed you did not clean because you're studying and it's not even dirty?
Razor Blade Smile

Morbid moral hypothetical

While at a bar one night, this loud, weepy drunk starts blabbering his life story to you. You feign interest until it gets really weird. He says that he's a paramedic and part of this inner circle of organ thieves. One of them has a friend with the DMV who informs them who's an organ donor. The group preys on people between 18-21 whose organs are in the pink of health. They then sneak into their homes, murder them in the most benign way as to not endanger the organs and make it look like natural causes. When the body's brought to the hospital, they take the organs and divy them up to various people on the organ waiting list. One young person thus saves the lives of between 5-8 people. The group takes no monetary profit and does this for the greater good as they see it. He stands behind his group's agenda, but alcohol makes him feel guilty, he says. He's just blathering on, not caring who hears him. You see the hospital emblem on his shirt. What do you do?

Call the police and expose this murder ring.
I do nothing. The ends justify the means. 1 death saves the lives of several others. It's a necessary evil

Edit: he also says that they've probably killed like 30 people already, but the organs reaped from their bodies have gone on to save close to 180 people. They've saved all kinds of people, from mothers to children, their only reward is seeing the looks on the faces of the dozens of families who were given hope

Edit2: say you believe him. He manages to prove what he's saying and now you feel that you're involved now just by knowing
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Do you ask your roommate for permission before you have someone over? What if they are spending the night?

Is it reasonable for me to just tell my roommate I'm having someone over rather than having to ask her permission?
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Have you ever had someone close to you die?
I just found out a close friend of mine from childhood who I lost touch with died last year and I've never really dealt with this before.
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Did you wish anyone happy birthday on Facebook today?

Have you ever had to make a blog for a class, or had a class blog the teacher posted on? How did it work and did you like it?
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I had the worst flight experiences of my life this weekend. I flew to Greenville, SC from Vancouver, BC which required 2 layovers each way and almost every single flight had something go wrong. The worst ones were: I was stuck in Atlanta for 3 hours waiting for the plane that would take us the last half hour into Greenville to be fixed. We got switched to another plane instead after running back and forth between gates. And on the way home, our second flight was delayed so much that we would have missed our connection so we had to get rerouted. If she hadn't found that other route, we would have had to stay overnight.

I think I've been spoiled by all my other destinations being direct flights so I've only had one delay experience. My boyfriend said that flight delays for maintenance are very common - is this true?

If it is, it was still a very bad first impression and I don't plan on taking Delta Airlines again if I can help it. What's the worst airline you've had to deal with?

Share your horrible flight stories with me? I'm sure mine probably pale in comparison to some of yours.

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I'm tidying my room and I've found all my old school work. I've just finished university, so I'm not going to look at it for academic purposes ever again. I want to clear it out because it takes up space but I'm really proud of some of it and the rest just reminds me of the fun I had in school.

Tell me, TQC, what have you done with your school stuff? How much have you kept? What should I do with mine?

DK/DC: I just paid out for a conference all about fun interesting things like lego and cake and James Bond and 'sleepcatching'. What was the last thing you were excited to pay for/buy?

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And now for a tamer question.

If you could only eat one kind of fruit for the rest of your life, what kind of fruit would it be?  

For me, since this is what I am eating right now, it would be Honey Crisp apples.

Additionally, if you could be one of those Fruit of The Loom fruits (you know, the dudes in costumes), which one would you be?    Care to add a new fruit to the mix? 

I would add in a mango and be that.

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1. how often do you clean your fridge?
2. What's your exact mailing address?
3. What's your Paypal password?
4. How many libraries have you eaten grape jelly in?
5. how many pennies can a frog swallow and still be able to swim?
6. how long is your man sausage?
7. have you ever been in a room with completely tiled floors and ceilings and walls, where each tile was accidentally and severely cracked and each crack occurred on a separate day?
8. Was it a European swallow or an African?
9. when/if prompted to enter the name of the protagonist of the video game you are playing, do you leave it on default or change it? to what?
10. What were the dimensions of the last poop you took?
11. How often do you suppose John McCain trims his nose hair?
12. what was before the big bang?
13. What would you do if I was spying on you through your window at this very moment?
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1. I'm at my max number of icons, and I'm not buying any more. Which one should I cycle out if I find a new one I love? all

2. I'm getting off work quite early tonight. What should I do with my time, without involving booze, hookers, or blow? Be creative; show your work.

3. I've got a contract/bundle/bullcrap with my cable company that locks me into a certain package for another year or so. Was this a stupid decision? (it was my husband's decision and I hate it) Further, if I were to move into an apartment complex that provided free cable or internets, how would you imagine that would affect my cable bill, if at all?
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This year I am going to different universities to tour their grad programs/meet with different professors. I need a good pair of shoes to wear to this- BUT, I also need these shoes to be practical in microbiology/biochemistry labs with strict dress codes, and I am too fashion impaired to find anything for myself. TQC, can you help me find a pair of shoes that:

-Are formal enough to go under dress pants
-Have NO heel and have a sturdy (preferably rubber) sole
-Cover the entire foot (no ballet flats)
-Are cute

BONUS: -Are affordable and available in Canadian stores????
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Sushi dilemma

Help! I just put too much wasabi in my soy sauce and every bite is either a massive adventure in tingling-face land, or kinda boring (if I don't dip). I don't have more soy sauce (I only got packets, since it was a take out order), and I already ate my ginger (yum). What should I do to lower the wasabiness of my sauce (short of going out and buying more soy sauce)?

DK/DC/Don't eat sushi: You have suddenly come to own a black light (fluorescent kind, i.e. a long tube). What do you do with it? (i.e. where would you put it? Or would you give it away? Or what?)
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Big Brothers / Big Sisters

Have any of you had any experience with a Big Brothers or Big Sisters organization? Either volunteering, or being the "little" as they call it on their website.

I am thinking of volunteering with my local organization and was just curious as to what to expect the experience to be like.

Family age differences.

Do any of you have an aunt or uncle that's unusually close in age (say, 10 years or less) to you?

Do you have a niece or nephew that was born while you were still pretty young?

If so, what kind of relationship did/do you have? Did the smaller age gap affect it?

I'm just curious because there are a few cases like this in my family. I also know of at least one family where someone has an uncle younger than them.
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who should i pick for a psychiatrist..

male or female, and is there anyway i should pick someone named Mahboob? No joke, this is one of the names on the list, Mahboob, md.

edited to add that some of you need a psychiatrist or psychologist more than i do if you cant handle a little irony. Clearly a few of you need a sense of humor. Would there be as big of a deal if it were someone with a name like Slacker or Crook? Yes it was a juvenile little joke but dang. I apologize for offending anyone.

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To the women in the community who go to an ob/gyn: Would you rather it be a man or a woman? I'm curious about this because my ex-wife always went to a man because, in her words, "I'm not a lesbian and I don't want a woman looking at my pussy." However, one of my friends said today on Twitter they canceled a ob/gyn appointment because a man was filling in for her normally female doctor and she said the thought of a man doing the appointment was "creepy as hell" to her.

So, what are your opinions on this, TQC? Man or woman? I know I'll probably get both answers, but I'm curious if it'll be mostly one sided or a 50/50 split or what. (In otherwords, the stat geek in me is coming out.)

And since I'm leaving all the men out with this question, here's a random question for anyone: Have you ever had curry? How do you like it? I've never had it but am thinking about trying it soon... but I always sort of imagined it'd be really similar to chilli, just without beans. Am I completely wrong here?

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With everyone going green for the planet, what do you think is the biggest thing that has been overlooked and you believe that it would be good for the planet if it was changed?

Phone books. They can die a firey death. I think there's plenty of ways to get a number without the use of a book and I don't need coupons from the book that bad.

Post from mobile portal

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Okay, I have a housing dilemma. Here are the choices:

What would YOU do?

1. Own my own home, though it needs lots of work (insulation, siding, garage, fence all need work). Payments would be around $350-400/mo, but I've been living there for 19 months, so I know all the problems.

2. Own my own home, but a different property. I've only seen it on google maps, but it's in a better neighborhood, costs a little bit more, and is a little further from work (like 4 miles).

3. Go ahead and take the $300/mo + I pay all utilities apartment I've already found and be happy I don't have to mow the lawn.

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durrrrr how long is a carton of milk good for?

how much does a 1-litre carton cost where you live? it cost me $2.60 wtf. i'm thinking about buying/freezing bags like an old person because then i can get a gallon for $4.

eta: WOW SO CANADIAN MILK IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY. how much is cheese and meat in the states? it's $4-$5 here for a pound of ground beef and $6+ for those bags of grated cheese, or $9 for a block. i know our produce is the same or cheaper tho.

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I was thinking of making banana cupcakes for my nephew's birthday since he loves them so much.
How pissed would you be if your options for dessert were cake (probably strawberry/cannoli filling) or banana cupcakes?

also: cream cheese frosting or just plain ol' vanilla?

Do you take naps? How long are they usually?
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What are you gonna be for Halloween?

Should I do Wilma Flintstone or Joan Holloway?
My SO might be Fred, so I thought Wilma would be cute, but finding a dress that's not expensive that I can alter is proving to be difficult. The costumes I'm finding suck.
Joan would be easiest, since I just bought a dress that looks like something she'd wear, but I'm not sure if many people would get it.

Failing that, I'm thinking Lady Gaga with the Diet Coke cans in her hair.

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Poll #1618806 Snack time!

For a snack, do you generally prefer something:

sweet and chewy
sweet and crunchy
salty and chewy
salty and crunchy
chocolate and chewy
chocolate and crunchy

Would you rather eat:


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SO has requested a roast beef dinner for a special day that we have next week, but I know nothing about picking a cut for a roast beef, and God knows he's never made one before in his life.

When I go to the grocery store, what specific cut am I looking for? I'm lost.

Also, would it be worth it to get this at the butcher?
I'd be a 20 minute ride each way, but if it's really much better I'll do it.

the consequence of omniscience

When you sit on your self-righteous throne and make judgments against the creator of the universe for not doing what you think it should do, do you ever consider what it may actually be like to experience every pain experienced by every being in existence?
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If you ever make your pets wear clothes, do you think they like it?

My dog seems to love wearing clothes, but I never take him out in public that way. I bought a santa hat for my cat one year and he would not move after I put it on, so I never did it again.
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When there's someone on the internet whose gender you don't know, what do you refer to them as in the third person? Zie/hir, or they/their?

EDIT: Or anything else, i guess

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So I was eating yummy salted fish fried rice and wondered what kind of fish is specifically used. When I looked it up on google, there were all these things about salted fish causing cancer and shit.

What has the internet ruined for you?

Airline Carry On Liquids

I'm packing. I leave for Europe tomorrow from Newark airport. I'm only taking a carry on bag, so I have to deal with that 3 ounces of liquid packaging rule, and they all have to fit in a quart size ziplock bag. I'm sorting through all the things I think might be liquids in order to maximize space in that tiny little quart sized bag by not having anything that doesn't need to be in there, well, in there.

Toothpaste, concealer, cream blush, deodorant, and lip gloss all don't say fl. oz. (fluid ounces) on the packagins. Does this mean that the airport doesn't consider them liquid? Or does it not matter, and they're still liquid?

My mascara, for reference, says fl. oz. on the package and so I am considering it a liquid no matter what.

I just have shampoo, conditioner, face wash, face lotion, allergy medicine, and nail polish that MUST go in the clear bag and there's not much space left...

Can I not put these items in the clear plastic bag? Are they going to confiscate them anyway? Any other tips on how to get these items on the plane with me?


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Anyone heard of Vector Marketing? If so, what do you think about it?

For the others that don't: It's a job that sells knives and such. I go to people's houses that have called and sparked an interest in the product and demonstrate it. I either make 15.25 a demonstration or if the customer decides to buy, I get a percentage off of how much they buy. Seeing as I was offered a part time job, I would do about 20 demonstrations a week. So I get a minimum of 305 dollars a week if nobody buys or I get the percentage (which on average is between 750 to a thousand dollars). 

Would you take this job? 

ETA: I'm not going to take it :) No worries. 

Laptop keyboard weirdness.

I bought a new laptop recently to play games on and everything on it runs fine, except for one detail:

One of the games I like to play relies on the F-keys for certain commands, but my laptop has pre-assigned things to my F-keys such as volume control and dvd player commands. Is there anything I can do to get rid of those? D:

(running on windows 7, if it matters)
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I just started what I'm going to call a per diem (it may only last for the one is really telling me) teacher's assistant job. I'm licensed to teacher 7th-12th grade but I've been with 2, 3 and 4 year olds for the last three days. I've never so much as babysat a child in my life.

Today I had to help a little girl go to the bathroom.
My total fear is vomit. I feel like with the way things are going, vomit is going to be next on the list.

WTF DO I DO? Can I run away?

When was the last time you were totally lost with your job?
Have you ever had a job where you were doing everything BUT the job that you applied for?

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Let's pretend you're a ferret.

Your person is letting you ride on its shoulder while it makes pee and messes with its fur. It starts walking, closes the wall, then puts you down. You run off.

Less than two minutes later you are in the box spring.

How did you get in the box spring?

Bonus points:

1. Prior to this moment, you had no idea the box spring was even a cave.
2. The box spring is flat on the floor, not a frame
3. The only hole in the box spring is the hole your person made in the bottom part to get you out.

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TQC members, who have given birth: what were you doing when your water broke? 

What's the worst thing you can think of to be doing when your water breaks? My 12th grade English teacher's water broke while she was teaching class - twice. 

Inspired by my watching Glee right now, and thinking how awful it would have been if Quinn's water had broken like two minutes earlier. 
[Barry] Maybe this is all I'm good at.

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We know racism, stereotypes, and/or negative and generally biased POV etc. is bad. But if so many of us know it's bad, and we call others out for it, why hasn't it gone away? It still sparks up heated arguments and debate. Do people firmly believe in their actions, or are they just doing it for the sake of being PC?
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 I've never eaten Indian food before. What's something easy that I can make here at home?

What about Greek? 

What's your favourite ethnic food? I like Mexican a lot, but Oriental food is probably my favourite. I can't choose between Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese though, so I have to lump them under 'Oriental'.

Is Oriental still an okay term to refer to food? I was going to call it Asian, but that includes Russian, Indian, and Thai, and I haven't had the first two, and I'm not a fan of Thai. But Thai is probably considered 'Oriental', so I'm screwed either way, eh?


I feel the need to go shopping for books to read and to the movies, as it's almost 10pm here that's not going to happen tonight. However I do have tomorrow and Thursday free.

Should I satisfy this need on one of my free days or save my money for something else?

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have you ever used the crest 3D toothpaste/mouthwash? will my teeth be beautiful and white in 2 weeks?

is it lame that I'm bummed I can't go see jason mraz for free tomorrow at my school? haha

when you eat fast food, what kind do you prefer?

(no subject)

What is your favourite flavour of Jelly?

How about jam?

Are there any sayings your parents used to say when giving you certain foods? (wibble wobble wibble wobble jelly on the plate)
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My mom was @ the dentist's today and she said there was a poster of a bunch of people like Lana Turner, Van Halen, Freud, and Ulysses S. Grant. (she doesn't remember the rest) At the bottom it said, "What do these people have in common?"

Apparently it was dental related. What do these people have in common???

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Should I buy these?

Collapse )

$10 US. Free shipping. eBay. 27573 feedback; 99.6%. I've only ever bought one other thing from eBay.

Is there anything big/small you're debating buying?

Edit: I should have said "from this seller, as I'm still a bit iffy about eBay 'cause I'm silly." I personally like the style, and know a lot of people probs think I look like an idiot for wanting to look like Bob Dylan. P:
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Do you think it's possible to alter someone's memories without changing the fundamental essence of who that person is, or do our experiences shape us in such a way that removing all traces of those experiences will remove all effects of that shaping?

(Inspired by this episode of Stargate.)
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I have a job interview on Thursday for the position of a part-time French teacher at a learning center for 3-5 year olds. I've worked with this age group several times and have taught French to first graders but never to children this young. For the interview, I have to teach a 30-minute session to the 3-year-olds.

I still have my lesson plans from a couple of years ago, but they are for older children (although most is still useable just at a slower pace). I emailed the center's director and asked what they are currently learning so that I can possibly try to sync up the lesson to that.

Does anyone have any advice/tips?

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Without looking it up, will you please tell me what you think a golem is and how it works?

I'm trying to figure out what the general knowledge of these things is so I know how much explanation I need to give for my website.

TY, lovelies.

If you don't know what a golem is without looking it up, will you tell me about your favourite mythical/legendary/fairytale creature, character, species, or race?

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Will you tell me about any ~run-ins you've had with the law? Because I just got the cops called on me for trespassing because I was sitting in the street in front of a stranger's house then I moved to standing in my aunt and uncle's driveway. Well, no, mister police officer, it is not my house but I'm sure that that woman who just came out the front door and gave me a hug would not mind me being here.

Also, I've had one speeding ticket and a ticket for following too closely.

If you are just too good and sweet for words, than what're you reading now?

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1. Just out of curiosity;

Kelly, Stacy, Kim and Tracy. In your opinion are these girls' names, boys' names or both?

2. I have a theory that states that all you need to make a good Old West cowboy name are the two first names, "Frank James" plus an Irish Surname. Or Frank James + Irish surname = Perfect Cowboy Name.

Every Irish surname I have tried works for this theory. But maybe I am missing one that doesn't. So, do you think this theory is true or is there an Irish surname that would never make a good cowboy name?

And what would be your cowboy/girl name, if you suddenly found yourself in the Old West?

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Is it strange that I like hitting on women not in hopes of having sex but because it amuses me to come up with strange pick up lines? I've done that since I was about 19 or so. Only recently the thought popped into my head that most people don't do it for that reason.

I try not to hit on the females here, but it's tempting. I think I'm just way too amused by my own actions sometimes.

So, in conclusion: I'm weird as hell, aren't I?