September 13th, 2010

zombie baby cede! :D

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Today at work I really really burned the pad of my thumb, I think I burned off all the nerve endings as I can no longer feel it. How much longer til the feeling comes back? 
How fucked am I? Is it going to fall off!?!?

Have you ever done something really dumb/stupid at class or work?
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ye old tqc validation post

sorry to post again so soon, but i need to be validated for being sad about this.

i was talking on aim with one of my friends who i don't get to see very often and she said when she finished napping and working she'd text so i could come over and hang out. well right now i am with my other friends and she's on the phone with one of my other friends. he asked her to come over but she said she's going out with some other people soon. i don't know if she had these plans in place first, or if she just forgot to text me. do i have a right to feel jilted?
kitty, Erica


Can you think of any tv shows or movies where people eat tacos? Specifically US/UK tv shows or Asian dramas, and US movies?

One of my friends from Israel had never even SEEN a taco before I made her eat one today.

What's one really "common" food you've never had?

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Has anyone ever applied to Wal-Mart and been rejected? What position did you apply for? If you were rejected, do you know why?

I applied for 2 manager positions since I have a 4 year degree, and the minimum requirement without any experience as a manager is a 2 year associate degree + this 70 question test I had to pass (and did).

This was my last resort :( I can barely take being rejected from elsewhere, but if I get rejected from Wal-Mart...I don't even know. I'm about to get majorly fucked by my loans coming out of forbearance and they won't let me re-apply. I spent a nice chunk of time after I graduated from college inpatient/at long term residential with an eating disorder (ALL FOR NOTHING BTW), so I couldn't work. The only options I have are a) letting my credit get fucked until I get a job to pay them off or b) suicide. So much for having a B.S. in neuroscience. I don't know what else to do. Leaning very much toward option b right now.
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What's that site people use to start those TQC chats the mods don't like to be blatantly advertised here in posts with no other content very often anymore? Is there another place people post about chats being open or has everyone just been really busy the last few nights? I just started doing that like a week ago and then everyone stopped and I miss them. :( Because I don't want to make the mods mad at me (or anyone else), can we make a place to announce open chats or make a rule that you're allowed to do it here once every 24 hours or something? Just a thought...
This is apparently tqchat.

dk/dc: What's the last thing that really messed with the fabric of reality when you saw/heard it?

If you can't remember anything, my answer is: Here's a video of Adam Green (ex-Mouldy Peaches band member, guy who co-wrote the soundtrack to the movie Juno) singing "Kokomo" with... Macaulay fucking Culkin. No shit. The fucking Home Alone kid. There is not enough "whut??" in the WORLD for this.
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 If you were strapped for cash, would you sell your used, unwashed panties online?

How much would someone have to give you to masturbate in some underwear and send it to them?

Do you like Italian Sodas? With or without cream? What's your favourite flavour?
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Scenario! You have a free evening with a buddy who likes to go to bars. The next day you have to drive for 5 hours, but not until 6pm.

The question: How much do you drink? When do you start, when do you make yourself stop?

Important questions to be answered before tomorrow night. I'm uncertain how to correctly time this with the correct quantities of alcohol to be both appropriately drunk at night and capable of driving a long distance the next day. I'm a wee one and it takes very little to knock me out, so the actually time to get drunk could potentially be less than 10 minutes. But my buddy will want to stay longer.

Help me insure avoided headaches and unhindered driving!



"God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference"

Is there a non religious quote very similar to this? If not, maybe buddhist?

EDIT: I am thinking getting this as a tattoo but I am in no way religious and even if I dropped the word "God" its would still have the undertone. Also...this has nothing do to with alcohol, I have had anxiety disorder for so long and I am consantly stressed and wound up tight. Once I beat my disorders/problems I am looking at getting something done to signify that. I LOVE this quote, but te idea of of getting something religious on my skin makes my, well skin crawl.

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With my birthday approaching, and having a history of birthday fails, I'd resigned this year to try not to care about what I may or may not receive for my birthday.

However, my boyfriend drunkenly slipped last night is that part of my birthday present which he has put the most thought into is that he is going to allow me to wear my comfortable pajamas that night. (meaning instead of the usual of my obliging his fashion request for the evening leading up to sexytimes.)

I'm trying to suppress the urge to castrate him for thinking that "permission to wear comfortable pajamas" during the evening/foreplay/sex is a once-yearly status gift instead of something that should be included in my free will during the other 364 days of the year and not even included on the realm of gift at all.

How should I handle this? Any words of wisdom to help talk me down? To help me appreciate his gesture in some way that I can not yet manage to conjure up? Something about humility, idk?

I want to believe the half of my brain that says that a birthday gift is not a reflection of how much someone loves me but the other part of me just wants to spiral.

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Dear Canadians -

So I've grown up in BFE, USA surrounded by people who don't take kindly to homosexuals, (notoriously) mexicans...or probably anyone or anything awesome, to be honest.

Now I know Canada allows gay marriage. And is responsible for Tegan and Sara. Really, my knowledge of Canada doesn't go much further than that and bagged milk. NEVERTHELESS, in my mind, it is a utopia of kindness and happiness and I WANT TO GO TO THERE.

So will you please tell me the catch? What is not so happy and shiny about Canada or what I should expect if I were to actually go to there?

Or you can just tell me more awesome things about it, that's cool too.


The next ep of mad man jsut finished downloading,

I could,
watch the episode
or go to bed,

The show has already hooked me after one episode
I cannot sleep
I have had fairly strong coffee toda so I am quite buzzed

But its 3.45 in the morning.

What should I do?
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 Do you use QWERTY or Dvorak?

If you learned QWERTY and then switched, do you still retain your speed if you switch back?

I am craving peanut butter so much lately. I want milkshakes, brownies, cereal, candy, sandwiches, and just spoonfuls of peanut butter. My gramma says that when I crave something, my body is saying that something in it is something I need. So what in PB do I need so much?

What's your favourite way to eat peanut butter?
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My first day of college is today omg!
What was your first day of college like?

As discussed in the post below, why do you think there is such a stigma against going to community college?

Bonus points: what are you wearing today? Pictures are encouraged!
Collapse )
Ellis mount!

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I'm putting together a Rosie the Riveter costume to wear to a roller derby bout in two weeks. I have pretty much everything I need, but I thought it would be neat to make it look as if my clothes have oil stains on them, to add to the look of being a girl who works on an assembly line, making airplane parts. But the idea of actually dabbing oil on my clothes seems like it would be a bad one, if for no other reason than that I would smell like oil all evening.

What would be a good way to simulate oil stains on clothes?

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We're having the spooky tree in our front yard cut down this morning. It is a threat to the house and we're tired of neighbors complaining and calling my boyfriend at work about it (it's that ugly).

Does the fact that I'm super sad about it make me a tree hugging hippy?

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My grandmother is in the hospital. She's got "a touch of the leukemia" and she's come down with pneumonia. Prognosis is not good. One of the medications she is on gives her an incredible appetite, and she likes sweets. High calorie, decadent sweets, which is nice because she's down to about 90lbs.

If I were to stop at a bakery to bring her some things, what should I bring her?

This has all been hospital approved.
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I just spilled half a bottle of vegetable oil all over my linoleum floor. I soaked up the most of it with paper towels, and then mopped with hot water, dish soap, and vinegar. Does TQC have any clean up secrets? My kitchen is currently as slick as an ice skating rink, and none of my roommates are by any means graceful.

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Dear TQC:

A long long time ago, my AOL screenname was (like my lj handle) Noachoc. When I got rid of AOL (years and years ago), I had to make a new screenname for AIM. Now I find that my OLD AOL screenname is spamming my buddy list (I discovered this when my boyfriend left his email open and I noticed he was getting spam from Someone obviously hacked my old account, which pisses me off royally. I've spent an hour on the AIM website trying to find a way either to permanently delete my old account, or to notify AOL that someone's wrested control of it, but I can't figure out how. The "Notify AOL" button only seems to care about copyright infringement and none of the FAQ's answer my question. The live chat with AOL rep is only available to paid members.

Help? How do I either delete an old screenname permanently or report this abuse of my old handle to AOL? At this point, I'd like to get rid of my current one too, since I hardly ever use it.

Thanks, my dears.

Tell me something related to technology that has annoyed you recently?
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I am in a VIEW(large format) camera class and I am looking for USED film holders since new ones are expensive as shit (25+ dollars for just one). Looking for used ones is harder than I thought it was going to be. I have looked at b&h and keh websites and random websites that I googled that hs not really helped me. So far, my best bet is ebay, but

I was wondering if any of you guys know of any photography websites that could help a sista out????

I am in need of packs of used film holders(at least 8) for a fair price.


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I was given an awesome bracelet for my 18th birthday (a couple of years ago but so what), with weather symbols on. Something happened to it at my party that night and I've not seen it since. It's pissing me off, and I know there's nothing I can do about it.

Make me feel better, TQC: what things will always bug you when you remember them?

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should i buy a new ukulele or a bare escentuals starter kit to replace all my old BE make up stuff?
or, should i accept the fact that i am a poor college student and not buy anything?

do you recognize TQCers by their user name or user pic?
do you call it a userpic, icon, or something else?

eta i already know how to play the ukulele but i dont own one anymore. for make up, i just wanted to have new brushes but i've also not been wearing a lot of make up recently.
FFXII, Chain, Negalmuur, Pwn


 Giants of TQC, 

A very good friend of mine was over this weekend, crashing in our apartment because he's leaving soon for Africa and visiting people. After he had left Saturday evening, I received Collapse )

TL;DR: Says thanks, then he apologizes for being a douche for part of our friendship but says he doesn't regret it because of it making him who he is today. 

What would your reaction be?
What would you say or do?  
Am I taking this too seriously considering we've been friends for 4+ years, even through his 'douchey-ness' and friend ditching?
Or is this the kind of straw that breaks it?

I'm finding his apologizing a little more aggravating than any of the ditching he's done over the years, honestly. I am not going to say that of course, for multiple reasons.

mermaid and the ship

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Has anyone here refinanced their student loans? Good/bad idea? I'm considering it but don't know anyone who's actually done it. My interest rates are pretty low on all except for one, but it would be nice to deal with 1 payment instead of 6.

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If you have a dream where people you know and like are being uncharacteristically mean towards you, are you likely to wake up the next day and be a bit annoyed with them?
If you continuously have dreams like this, would you start to doubt the relationship?
pam & jim

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Let's say you've been working somewhere for a few years and you like it, but it's not exactly your dream job.

One day you see an ad for a job that would be perfect for you - you interview and they offer you a job! So you put in your 2 weeks notice at your current job. Then job #2 calls you and said there has been a mistake, and they cannot actually offer you a position.

What would you do? Beg for job #1 back or find something else?

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Have you ever given yourself the Heimlich maneuver? If you have to, do you think you would be successful? Or have you ever given it to someone else?

Are you going to get the new Professor Layton game???
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Anyone here work as a secretary/receptionist/front desk person, like in an office or a clinic? Did you go to some type of community college or technical school to learn how? Do you like your job?

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My best friend's dad died unexpectedly yesterday. I called him once yesterday right after I found out (no answer, left a message) and figured that's enough. He'll call me if he needs to.

However, I'm getting crap from my mother for this who is saying I should (apparently) be calling him multiple times a day. I think that'd annoy him more than anything else. When my father died, I wanted people to just not call, honestly. But I tend to get anti social and other people may not agree.

So, TQC, what do you think I should do? Call him again or not? He's not online at all (IM, Facebook, Twitter, etc) so I'm not going to be talking to him there.
iz ded/vamp

pain in my toes...

I woke up this morning with an odd pain in the last 3 toes on my left foot. It's kind of an aching feeling. I thought I had just slept funny and it would go away, but I've been up for over 10 hours now and it's still there. Rubbing them relieves it while I'm rubbing, but it comes back; ice made it feel worse; I took 800 mg motrin and it didn't do anything either.
There is no bruising, insect stings/bites, trauma or anything to the area, I didn't do anything to it yesterday, and I have no idea what is going on.

Any ideas?

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a book that gave you serious mind catastrophes?
The author juxtaposes an ideology.
You're committing vacillation

"YES! That's true, but...."
"No... it's not true anymore"
Isaac - MySpace Angled

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Do you avoid taking pills/vitamins because you hate the taste?
When you DO take a pill, how do you take it (hold on top of tongue then wash down with liquid, dry swallow and chase with liquid, etc)?

I have never tasted a pill because when I take them, I put the pill BENEATH my tongue and then use a liquid to wash it down. I never taste them and they can stay under my tongue for a while before I swallow them. My mom gets freaked out when I put a pill in my mouth and then hold it there while I go get a cup, fill it up and then finally swallow the damn pill.

DK/DC: Do you like mushrooms?

I love them! I'm eating a bowl of mushrooms right now. Yum.

radio and balls

Have you ever won anything via a radio contest/give-away?
What was it?

Is there a trick to getting through, because DAMMIT, I can NEVER get through?!

Totally unrelated:

Do you like turkey meatballs?

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How much do you love garlic?

Because I love cooking with it, and I like the smell of it, and I like the taste it imparts on foods it's cooked with, but I HAAAAAAAAAAATE how the smell/taste lingers on me for DAYS afterwards. I can brush my teeth and tongue eighty million times, and use mouthwash every twenty minutes, but I can't get that GARLICDEATH smell off me for DAYS after I eat it. So I avoid it because of that. :(

What other stinky foods do you like?

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Can you do the houdini bra trick where you pull your arms inside your shirt, unhook your bra and pull it out one of the sleeves?

Do you enjoy reading the paper?

How is your vision?
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How do people who are really good at weird things like ice sculpture realize they have a talent for it?

Do you ever wonder if you have some natural amazing talent for something that you never realized?

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I just fell asleep and took a 15 minute nap. I had a dream I was answering TQC questions. This is completely healthy, right?

Also, have you ever read in a dream? I've heard it's not possible, but I definitely have in multiple dreams.

Is there any chance I'm still dreaming and don't realize it?
Peggy Blink

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So, I'm taking The History of the Nazi Holocaust this semester, and my professor already handed out a list of prompts to write our end-of-the-semester thesis on. It's only supposed to be 5-7 pages long, so I'm just doing a lot of research and pre-writing now while I have the free time.
I've narrowed it down to two prompts: one titled "What was a Vernichtungslager (extermination camp) and how was it organized?" and another, "The fate of the Gays during the period of Nazi rule in Germany".
Which one would you write about?

What did y'all do today?

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I got a call yesterday to start a job at a private school today.
It's set up more like a camp to me and I basically didn't get an actual position. I was sort of just the classroom floater for different age groups and errand bitch.

I asked the woman how many days I would be working and she said: "Well, honestly, I don't have a position for you but I'll probably need you for a few days"

WTF would this mean to you?
How was your Monday?


I believe I have become addicted to reading Harry Potter and am determined to get the last three books to read before Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 1 comes out in November.

Are you addicted to reading certain books or genres?
If so which ones?

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TQC, I want to get more into metal bands (I especially like doom metal)... any recommendations?

ETA: Thanks everyone :)
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My Microsoft Word is doing this annoying thing where when I go to type over something I wrote (to correct it), it starts to delete everything in front of it as I type.  How do I get rid of this?  (I have no idea what I would type into Google, sorry.)

DK/DC, what was the last thing that pissed you off?
MLP - pinkie chicken

Wandering Eyes

You're reading a book, either for fun or school, whatever. Do you ever flip to the back of the book to see what sort of things happen at the end? Do you skim-read ahead to the end of the page? Or do you stick strictly to the line you're reading at the time?
the boys from queens

nerd post

Do you watch Disney Channel movies? What's your favorite?

They're totally my biggest guilty pleasure ever. My favorites are a toss up between Model Behavior and Smart House.


1. Are you a safe driver?

2. Do you speed? If so, how much over the speed limit?

3. Do you ever tailgate?

4. How would you describe your driving style?

ETA: If everyone around you is speeding, do you try to keep up with traffic or do you stick to the speed limit?

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You are having a theme movie night with your friends, TQC. You must pick one 'theme' (director, actor, writer, setting, era, etc.), and 3 movies that adhere to that theme. What do you choose?

I want to have a movie night with some friends at the end of the month, Collapse )

What should we go with? We all dig horror/gore, bad b-movies and shouting stuff at the screen a-la MST3K. And we will be drunk (hence I'm leaning less toward more cerebral stuff like movie based on Philip K Dick, and more towards goretastic 70s/80s banned films)

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For those of your who have kids... how old were you when you became a parent? Was that a good age? Did you feel "ready"?

Do you ever wish you'd waited a little longer? Or maybe started earlier?

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Why do you have to be the perfect thing to distract me from my studies, TQC? 
Every time I go to read my textbook I decide to hit refresh on my browser instead to see if there have been any new questions.

Coincidentally, can we make this an anything post so I can procrastinate the proper way?
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TQCers in a relationship: How gross do you get with your SO? Do you guys go the bathroom in front of each other? Do you tell them about the gross stuff going on with your body? Anecdotes encouraged!

To single TQCers: When you go out to bars, are you on the look out for a hook up? Or do seek mates in calmer situations?

EDIT: I've decided you all need to pee in front of your SOs more.
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I'm trying to win tickets to the Broncos vs 49er's game in London and have what I feel is a decent chance. Only problem is, I don't have a passport yet and the game is on Halloween. They're not going to announce the winner until the middle of next month. TQC, would you rush to get a passport with the slim chance you'd win? And also, do you know if there's any way to expedite a passport?

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I'm going to cut all sweets out of my diet until Halloween in an attempt to get my chunky-monkey butt back on a healthy track. Should I have a final night of candy bliss, or just go cold turkey?

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What kinds of things should I get to make my house smell nice? I don't have any pets and no smokers live here, so it's not like there are any bad odors or anything, it's just really neutral-smelling and I want it to smell nice. Should I just bake pies every day or something? lol I am going to the 24-hour food4less tonight, so yeah. I guess I could go to walmart or target, but I'd have to wait until tomorrow because neither of them are 24-hours. :/

What does your house smell like?

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What is your opinion on phone sex? Have you ever had it? Do you want to have it? If you have had it, how did you like it? Boring, awesome, something else?

Have you noticed I decided to do nothing but ask questions in the entry?
macaroni murder lady

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Should I play Lord of the Rings Online? I'm probably a 7.1 out of 10 Tolkien nerd.

Is there a song you associate with a particular fictional character, or vice versa? Unrelated song, obv (not movie soundtracks & such)

Do you think it's funny or clever to "fuck with" drive-through staff when ordering? If so, what are some examples of your best material? I promise I will not HUNT YOU DOWN LIKE A PREY ITEM.
the boys from queens

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TQC, I was just looking over a project I'm about to send in (which I NEVER actually do, btw) and i noticed that on two slides I wrote vagina instead of Virginia. THANK GOD I CAUGHT THAT OMG.

What potentially awful embarrassing things have you very narrowly missed?

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So there's like a 95% chance that I'll end up being an intern in Washington D.C. next semester.

First of all, has anyone ever done this? Where did you do it? What was it like? 

Second of all, I'm thinking of starting a blog about my experiences when the time comes. I want it to be actual blog, not just one on Livejournal. should I go about doing that? Would anyone even read a blog about the life of a D.C. intern (I'd try to be funny, I swear)? How can I find the people who potentially would?

What are your favorite blogs, guys, so that I can learn from the pros?

dk/dc: When are your parents' birthdays?


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So about two months ago I sustained a fairly serious elbow injury. At the same time, I started waking up earlier every day - generally between 4am and 6am. Normally I'll start naturally dozing awake around 7, get up at 8 if it's a late start day. When the injury first happened they gave me some codeine, and I assumed it was that, because opiates mess with my sleep. But I stopped taking those a good three weeks ago and it's still happening.

What's weird is that, as far as I can tell, it's not affecting my performance. When I wake up early I feel well rested and mentally alert. I don't find myself lagging physically. My grades would indicate my mental capacity isn't suffering. I don't even find myself getting tired earlier in the night - I generally go to bed around 11-12, although occasionally I'll go a bit earlier, sometime after ten.

Did the black-belt who fucked my elbow have secret powers? Have I joined the ranks of lame superpowers?

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I've been asked to set up a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account for one of my mother's friends. He's got a business he's trying to advertise. The thing is, I've never done this before, so I have absolutely NO idea how much to charge him.

I have his website, but I have to do all the research and gathering of images, contact info, etc. myself. I'm not at all familiar with LinkedIn so I'd have to familiarize myself with that as well. I won't charge him for the time that I do that, but I want to charge him for the time it takes me to gather all the info and put everything together.

But how much? What's the going rate for something like this?

Don't know/don't care: I just used my crock pot for the first time. I made cheesy chicken soup. It's delicious. I need more recipes now. What's your favorite thing to make in a crock pot?

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Hey TQC, will you help me with a budget and/or give me tips on how to save money once I move out of my house?

My boyfriend and I will be living together hopefully by the end of the year. We'll probably have a combined income of ~$1700 or so. We'll be renting a house, more than likely at about $700 a month. How much of the rest should I be saving, using for groceries, etc? 

How much money a month do you use for you/fun stuff?
homo yay

U.S Armed Forces Advice?

Where would I go to get good, practical advice from people who've been there on joining the United States Airforce or Navy? The websites don't impart much actual information, and as DADT doesn't seem to be getting repealed any time soon I need to talk to some dudes who aren't official recruiters.

Thanks for any help, TQC!