September 12th, 2010

Self cleaning

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I work with a girl who is pregnant. I got an invite to her baby shower at the beginning of October. Will you help me decide if I should go? The reasons I don't want to go are that I'm very unfamiliar with the area she lives in and might get lost. Also, due to me changing to a salaried position at work, I'll be a little tight on money since after next week, I won't get paid again until the 30th. After that, I'll be ok and be able to afford a nice gift. We are also throwing her a shower at work in the middle of October.

Should I skip the shower with her family and friends and just get her something really nice at our work shower?

How's your weekend going? Do you have any big plans for Sunday? How about the upcoming week?

What's on your mind?
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Astounding Stupidity Of Optimism

1) I'm just trying to get this damn mix CD to be over 1 hour, and I need one more song, but I can't find anything else that fits in my library. Can you help out by suggesting your top few favorite energetic and/or super content, floaty type of happy songs?

2) Do you name your mix CD's? How do you name them? (Me: I tend to try to name them with a relevant name, either my inspiration for the mix, or I look up quotes that have to do with a feeling or idea that inspires the mix, then name it after a good quote I find. The subject title of this entry is what I'm naming this mix. :D)

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My boyfriend works as a bouncer at a bar and he just sent me a text message that says, "Big shooting here four or 5 dead they cant find the shooters".

How worried should I be?

What was the last thing you were worrying about?

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there's a really gross moth in my room right now.
i don't reel like killing it.
it's sitting there and im getting ocd from looking at it.
i hate how moths fly.
so spontaneous.
and scary.
do you like black moths?

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I was going to look up a song on Wikipedia to figure out the original artist.

What was the song?

What songs have you had too look up for some reason or another? Or do you not look songs up, ever?

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Today I installed Skype for the first time. Am I the last person on the Internet to do so? I was asking around to some of my friends and every single one of them has been using it for at least 8 months to a year, some a lot longer than that. But I also tend to run with geeks, exactly the kind that'd adopt this sort of technology earlier than the general populace. So my sample may be biased.

Anyway, it seems sort of pointless because I installed specifically to talk to one person who (I'm guessing) passed out due to staying up for about 30 hours or so. I doubt she'll be awake before tomorrow morning.

So yeah... am I the last person to try Skype?
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Do you like watching Tosh.0?

It is seriously one of my favorite shows. (which is ironic, since it's about the internet and I play on the internet several hours/day. I guess I'm just waiting for him to mention TQC.)
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My boyfriend and I were invited to a barbecue at a not very close friend's house today.

Should I make and brink home made from scratch chocolate chip cookies?

We were not asked to bring anything.

What is one thing that you cook or bake the best?

Good morning!

Hi TQC. Why are you awake so early?

Do you take your clothes to get dry cleaned?
Which articles of clothing usually?
How much does it cost you?



I want to get some stuff dry cleaned simply because I am afraid to machine-wash it. Sweaters and dresses, mostly. (ETA: I don't think any of it actually says dry clean only? I am just paranoid about certain things shrinking and/or getting destroyed.)
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Do you laugh at things that could be considered offensive?

And TQC, my bookmark toolbar now only shows up when I'm on my homepage instead of being there permanently. I use Google Chrome. Is anyone else having that problem, and were you able to fix it?

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So. I'm a girl, I was at a bar, I chatted up this cute guy and gave him my number. Got a phone number in return, as well.

Being that I initiated the conversation and the number swap, do I have to call him now?

How long am I supposed to wait? Should I see if he calls me first, or just get it over with?

Why did I think this was a good idea? ;_; *stress* Oh, right, he was really cute. Now I remember.

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Let's say you haven't trimmed your pubic region in a little bit, and it's really bushy. Someone who just ate messy bbq ribs and a plate of very syrupy pancakes, all without wiping his/her mouth, is going down on you. On a scale of 1 to 10, what's the ewww factor on this situation?


Edit: 1. Is it more or less disgusting if instead of ribs and syrup they were chewing a big wad of gum when they went down on you?
Oh Snap!

Star Wars query

I've vaguely known of the Yuuzhan Vong, Star Wars species from a a galaxy even further away, for awhile. In an RP on Twitter, don't ask, a new idea was put upon me that I don't quite get.

That simply calling these things 'Vong' is insulting. That only those that hate the Yuuzhan Vong would refer to them as just the last part.

Folks that got in my 'face' about this were fairly obsessed. Still...

Does anyone know what they're talking about? Is there anything to calling Yuuzhan Vong just 'Vong' a bad thing?

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1. I can't find my license! Last seen: in pants pocket or between my two front seats, by my debit card. Places it is not: in pants pocket or between my two front seats, by my debit card. WHERE IS IT?

2. What are you favorite songs to drive to?

3. What is your absolute WORST memory about middle school?

4. Do you think your life will be pretty much the same one year from now? How will it/might it change?
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What's something you would say about an inanimate object you own (car, gaming system, kitchen appliance, whatever) that - if taken out of context- sounds like you're talking about your fuck buddy?
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Are any of you old enough to remember Kodak Picture Disk cameras?

The camera, instead of using regular film, had a film disk inside of it that sort of looked like a View Master reel. The camera was phased out after just a year or two, and I never got 4 of my disks developed. I’ve had them for almost 20 years.

How long does undeveloped film last? Do you think I could find someone to develop the photos I have on those disks, or would it be far too late? The reason I want them developed is there are photos on a couple of those disks of a friend who died 20 years ago. I’m thinking of making a FB group in his memory for all of his friends who still miss him dearly, and I want those photos to post.

Bonus Question: Have you begun decorating for Halloween yet?

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Are you afraid of spiders? 

The biggest spider I have ever seen in my entire life just crawled out of my bathroom. It was as big as my palm, no joke. I did the sensible thing - scream, run, and jump onto a chair. I am terrified of spiders. Always have been. 
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Is there a website you're surprised doesn't exist? I just went to and... nope.

DK/DC: What is the most caffeine you have ever had at one time? Why were you so caffeinated? I just drank 2 grande black eyes at sbux to make myself concentrate. It didn't work.

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I am trying to fill my mp3 player with podcasts so I don't have to talk to my coworkers. So far I every episode of This American Life, the Savage Love Podcast, Wiretap, Radiolab, Planet Money, Doug Loves Movie, WTF with Marc Maron, AV Talk and 60 minutes. So you have any podcasts along these lines that you can recommend?

I am also down with decent audiobooks. Basically, I like listening to people talk about stuff if it is interesting.
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Wanna play Corrupt a Wish?

(You make a comment saying something you wish, like "I wish I was a size 0," and then people can comment on your thread and say the bad shit that will come of it, like, "You're now a size 0, but you can't afford new clothes so you look trashy and nobody wants to be seen with you).

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You are showing your apartment to someone to possibly take over your lease. You are leaving because of the upstairs neighbors stomping. How do you go about hiding the noise they create?

*I wish I didn't have to stick some person here to deal with it, but if I don't move I will get more sick from the lack of sleep which is causing my lack of motivation and I have been losing weight from being to stressed to eat.*

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I met this girl at a house on Thursday when we both showed up to look at some rooms for rent.  We got to talking and hit it off while we were filling out forms for background checks ETC.  We didn't think there'd be a reason why we both wouldn't get the rooms we wanted, but found out today I got a room and she didn't.  Since I figured I'd be her roommate,  i didn't bother getting her number then and there.  

Would it be weird if I asked my new landlord for her number, or asked the landlord to give her mine?

dk/dc:  What's the weirdest way you've been asked out or the weirdest date you've ever been on?

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I slept with a friend last week. I have no attachment to him. In fact he's kind of a dirtbag and I knew that going into it. He hit on another girl in front of me the day after and I didn't really care. But last night my best friend of 15 years visited (her school is 3 hours away) and he was hitting on her like CRAZY and trying to get her to go to his bedroom, about a foot away from me. Eventually I got sick of it and I said, "If you're going to hit on my best friend, can you do it over there?" and then pushed him in the direction I was pointing to. He looked absolutely shocked like he had no idea why I was angry, and some of my friends were trying to calm me down in a way that made me think they didn't understand why I was angry either. I don't like him at all. I haven't been clingy at all. I just don't want to watch him hit on my best friend all night.

Am I crazy? Do I have justification for being angry? I tend to be irrational in this type of situation so I can't really trust my own judgment. ):

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If you have kids or are planning on it:

What will you buy your teenager and what will you make them pay for themselves?

Once they are old enough to work, would you want them to get a job to pay for things or would you want them to concentrate on school only?
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What have you accomplished this weekend?

I donated books to the library, picked up my stuff from ceramics class, cleaned the toilet, and took out the trash. It's not much but it's more than I usually do.
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TQC, what is Collapse )?

I know it's one of those silly bandz things, but I can't figure out what shape it's supposed to be! I've been staring at it for over a week.

EDIT: tqc, if this sillyband was a Rorschach test, what do you see? other TQCers can tellyou what emotional toil and trouble you are dealing with!

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Poll #1618017 Horrible oral sex poll, part 2

You're going down on someone. The music is turned up and your partner is really getting into it as they're lying on the bed. They're getting close to the big O when you feel an overwhelming sneeze build up and you're powerless to hold it back. You end up sneezing into your partner's crotch, getting some snot over their pubic region. Because of the music and the obvious tactic thrill of oral sex, your partner didn't notice that you snotted into their genitals. But your partner shouts out "DON'T STOP! MORE! OH GOD, I'M ALMOST THERE!!!'. You look down and their junk has a tinge of snot on it. What do you do?

Using my hands and the sheets, wipe off my nasal discharge and continue taking my lover to Happytown
"Um....I can't. See, I sneezed into your cooch/schlong and it's got snot over it and I just can't complete this. Sorry about that, and what I left all over your area"
Continue getting my partner off, but now I just use my hands/fingers instead of my mouth
Get disgusted and throw up a little into their crotch. I hope my partner doesn't notice that either
Walk away disgusted. "Well, I never...!"
Hmm...snot as a lubricant? This is really good for sex. I climb aboard and start making nookie

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Are you a drama magnet? Does drama follow you around?

Plenty of my friends are drama magnets (1 or 2 in particular), but I'm always in my own little bubble so I either don't notice any dramatic things going on in/around my life, or I'm too laid back to care, apparently.

Eta: I am procrastinating, will you tell me about some recent/current drama in your/your friends' life/lives?


Do you take a daily Vitamin? Why or why not?

If you take vitamins, do you just take a multi vitamin? or lots of different ones? 

I have just started taking vitamin D with the hopes that it will help me get through winter with out wanting to go to bed as soon as its dark. I don't like that as I've gotten older I've started to really find that I get a bit of S.A.D. 
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Do you go to stand up comedy shows often? What was the last one you went to?

I've never been to one until this summer. My first was John Mulaney (and the name of the other people he was with escapes me but I like most of them, too). And last night I saw Dylan Moran and it was awesome. I was sad when it was over.

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I know that sometimes TQC has picture posts. Instead of doing that, let's try an idea I don't think (but am not sure) has been done before.

So, TQC, do you look like a famous person? Post a picture of someone you look like. Or, if you don't know any famous people who look like you, post a picture of a famous person you wish you liked like.

Now that I typed it out, the idea seems kinda stupid. But I'm posting it anyway!

*EDIT: I suck at this. Someone called me and I left a sentence out because I was only half paying attention to the post. I re-edited the body of it to actually make the post contain a question.*

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If you're working on a paper and lose focus or get writers block, what do you do to alleviate that so that you can go back to the paper?

What side goes good with burritos with chicken and black beans other than rice?
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What are the top five most played songs on your itunes? (Or other music program?)

Cosmic Love - Florence + the Machine
Lighthouse- Chris O'Brien
Lover, You Should Have Come Over - Jeff Buckley
Don't Think Twice, it's Alright - Bob Dylan
Roll Away Your Stone - Mumford and Sons
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Favorite Ennio Morricone song?

Why won't my stepdad let me have a kitten? I've been asking my whole life for a little cat :( My mom and I both want one but he's being such a stubborn dick.

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Would it be "one in four children have" or "one in four children has"? 

How much does bad grammar bother you?

What grammatical error is most annoying to you? I just can't get over your/you're. It changes the whole sentence!

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I'm in my new house - woo! Only problem is, no one else is for 2 nights and I'm quite jumpy.
How can I calm myself down when I hear things go bump in the night?

Seeing as I have a whole night and no Internet, I should have a bath instead of a shower right?
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 Are you going to watch the MTv VMA's?
Any performances you're looking forward to seeing?
Do you watch in hopes of seeing drama?

I like Nicki Minaj and can't wait to see her perform, I want to be her for Halloween. 

For 5k, would you....?

Poll #1618102 For $5,000 would you....

...brush your teeth with a homeless man's toothbrush? They find a smelly bum on the street, one that hadn't showered in a couple weeks. They have him brush his teeth for 10 minutes. Then, without rinsing off the brush or putting on more toothpaste, you brush your teeth for the next 10 minutes


...perform oral sex on Betty White?


...lose the ability to control your farts for 3 months? A device is put around your waist and it makes it so you can't hold in your farts. When you need to pass gas, you break wind right then and there, as loud and foul-smelling as they may be, whether it be at work, church, on a date, etc. After the time limit, the device is removed and your life goes back to normal with absolutely no lingering problems about your farting


...lose all memories before the age of 10? It's all erased


....ride a roller coaster without seat belts or safety bars? The coaster will not go upside down, just quick jolty side-to-side moves. You have to hold on tight for the entire ride

52(56.5%) 200 Peeps in a 24 hour span?


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So when filling out job applications, it looks bad if you select "you may not contact this employer" when it asks about previous employers, right?

Alternatively, what are the best places to look (online) for part-time jobs?

What is your favorite job you've ever had? Least favorite?

Why were they so awesome and awful, respectively?


i once saw this video, it was soooo inspirational. basically it was different groups of people from all around the world singing the same song. i think it was for AIDS or some other large organization but if anyone remembers this video, then Q: DO YOU KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND IT? AND WILL YOU TELL MEE PLEAAAASEEEE

i wanna feel inspired again ;)
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What are some of your favorite cuss words/funny phrases in another language?

magi keere gulo sheekastee - it's not like you pulled the dick of a giant (farsi)

sin loi, ma my la kie, lo dit - i'm sorry, but you are a big butt (vietnamese)

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TQC, my diet sucks. I need to eat more vegies ASAP.

However, I'm bored with the usual stand-by (frozen steamed mixed veg) with dinner. What are some ways I can increase vegie intake with dinner? Recipes would be appreciated.

Not eaten by this household:
- curries
- salads (still freezing cold here though it's spring; warm meals are best.)

What is your body telling you right now?
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If you could see any band(s) or artist(s) - living or dead, together or disbanded - in concert, which would it be?

DC/DK: If you use Foursquare, do you check in to your home? If you do, do you worry about being robbed/etc when you're not home?

(My answers in the comments.)
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Posting for a friend of mine who is trying hard to eat healthy but has limited time to cook:

What are good foods that you can make in bulk and refrigerate or freeze (needs to last up to a week)? He's especially fond of chicken, is iffy about a lot of vegetables but probably will try them and loves soup. Links to recipes are good but just a basic suggestions works too.


TQC, how do you deal with people not respecting you/a part of your identity?

ETA: Edited for clarity. [I hope.]
Collapse )

tl;dr: my GSA is disrespecting my identity as a transsexual person. how do I either a) make them stop or b) get them to realize that what they're doing is hurtful?

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I was once told that when my nose turns red and gets a little swollen, it's because I'm dehydrated. I have no idea who told me (doctor? parent? random person?) or why that would happen. Does this happen to anyone else? Is that an accurate explanation?

I'm exhausted but my friend wants me to take a 20 min train ride to join him at a bar. Should I go? I'm on vacation and if I don't go I'll just be sitting around by myself tonight. But I am very tired and don't feel like drinking.

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When a cashier hands back your change with the coins ON TOP of the bills, does it annoy you?

If you've ever been a cashier, did/do you do this?

I always make an effort to hand back coins first and THEN bills.

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Let's see if I can be more original this time, and actually remember to put a question in the post.

I feel the need for social interaction. The problem is, it's Sunday night and no one I know is answering their phones. There's only two people logged in on my IM programs and neither of them seem to be around.

Assuming you were in this situation, what would you do to amuse yourself? Anything? I looked around for some random online chat rooms and didn't find much.

And, in case you don't know about that or what not, do you know anywhere that'll make animated LJ icons on request? There's a little bit of a video I'd like to make into an icon, but my attempts have failed miserably and looked choppy as hell.
Thanks Squeaktastic


My sister is going to Japan in the morning and needs to get some medication from the Pharmacy. THE PROBLEM ISSSS that the insurance doesn't roll over until tomorrow? 


Her plane leaves at 11 but she is getting there by nine.....
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Back in the 80's, there was a gameshow on daytime TV (maybe Nickelodeon?) that featured kids playing against each other in different arcade-style video games. I don't remember much else, but at the end, there was always a challenge when the kid went "into the game" and looked like they were in it when they played. It was bizarre. What was the name of this show?
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Which of these celebrity couples would surprise/shock you the most?

Spencer Pratt and Miley Cyrus
Prince Harry (Princess Di's son) and Snooki
Taylor Swift and Kanye West
Lady Gaga and Kevin Federline
Steve Buscemi and Jessica Biel
George Clooney and Heidi Montag
Ann Coulter and Criss Angel
Kate Gosselin and John Mayer
Jennifer Aniston and Snoop Dogg
Ke$sha and Al Pacino

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My bath has a sort of a shelf on one side, which gets covered with water if you fill te bath to just below the overflow. It gets about 3 inches deep with water, and obviously takes up a lot more water and time, and is no use as either a shelf or part of the bath.
What's the point of this shelf?

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 Do you feel like a dick when you defriend someone on LJ? Not because you hate them or anything, you're just sick of the stuff they post about? 

I am having this issue :/  Edit: I ended up doing it anyhow. DAMN THE TORPEDOES

On a more positive note, what's one fashion you wish would come back? 

I love the whole 50s look.
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Are You Afraid of the Dark, Goosebumps, Tales from the Crypt, and Tales from the Darkside. Are there any other shows that are similar to those you can recommend?

What are some of your favorite cheesy ghost documentaries? Or documentary about anything paranormal or creepy?

What was your favorite scary story growing up? Bluebeard for me.

Also, I probably put the wrong those/these. I always get confused with that shit.
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College, I Guess...

If you have taken Anatomy and Physiology in college, what was the hardest part of the class for you?

What is the hardest class you have taken in college? Why was it so hard?

If you haven't been to college, what was the hardest subject for you to learn in any school and why?

This was all I could come up with you guys. Sorry if it sucks. I just haven't posted in awhile...

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If I decided to eat only bananas, oatmeal, yogurt, apples and protein shakes, what essential nutrients would be missing from my diet?

(Edit: I should note I'm not seriously contemplating some weird new diet. I just really, really, really love these foods. :3)

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Favorite Simpsons character?

Favorite Family Guy character?

Favorite King Of The Hill character?


(I like Bart because he has some good one liners, Stewie because he reminds me of one of my good friends and I like Hamk because my husband and grandpa are identical personalities)