September 11th, 2010

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so my lovely vintage schwinn is shot and needs like $400 in repairs and is only worth $100. what kind of bike should i get now?

i'm worried about another vintage bike that will cost $$$ down the line. plus bikes here (in oregon) are very expensive used because of the bike culture. i want something for daily commuting plus i'd like to get into doing longer rides. mostly day rides and eventually tour the state, maybe do some bike camping. i'm thinking a cyclocross bike or touring bike because road bikes won't really be that useful for long trips, especially on unexpected unpaved roads. i don't plan to race (except maybe cyclocross racing) so idk a road bike seems silly. i don't plan to mountain bike.

but i don't exactly have $1,000+ just lying around. should i just get another crappy vintage bike for like $100/$200 to ride around town for now? what if it still needs $$$ in repairs just to get it running?

also i live in like the top city for bicycle theft. i'd bring it inside most times, but sometimes it's not an option. :/


If you write to a food / clothing / whatever company suggesting something that you think will really work for customer satisfaction or money-making, are you supposed to ask for some share in the potential profits since it was kind of your idea?

And will you believe I spelled profits as prophets at first?
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Do you know anyone who has an unshakeable belief in ghosts? To the point of it being annoying? My mother is like that. Ever since my father died in 2000, she's been convinced his ghost is haunting her. Anytime _anything_ happens she can't explain she starts ranting about my father "refuses" to leave her alone, and it's getting annoying. Sometimes I'll hear her shouting weird crap like, "I'm invoking Jesus' name and that makes it impossible for you to ever bother me again!" Seriously.

Anyway, know anyone like that? If not, aren't you happy you don't?
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Hey guys, my friend has this thing where her stomach hurts a lot if she doesn't eat when she's hungry and then it hurts even more after she eats. Then she farts a ton and the pain subsides -- this started about two years ago. I realize it's gas but what's causing this and should she have a doctor check her out? I keep urging her to go see the doctor (and he's free! provided by our school) but she's so damn stubborn and lazy. Anyone have anything similar to this? She has't changed her diet or anything like that.
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why is TQC showing in my journal style?

when was the last time you got a haircut?

is there an unreasonable length of time that one sunburn can reach before peeling just becomes ridiculous?

whatchu doing rn - what's on your mind?
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So, I have two separate Facebook accounts - one for friends (most of which are New Yorkers, two of which were in Lower Manhattan nine years ago today searching for family and friends and working all morning on getting the hell out of there), and one for family (all of which were watching news footage from the comfort of their homes that day), and the latter are the ones changing their photos to "NEVAR FORGET" type things and posting anti-Park 51 videos and news footage all morning. Nobody on my personal profile, even the people I know who could tell you the most insanely unbelievable heartbreaking things about that day, have uttered a single word about it.

How do you feel about that?
Do you know people who do the same?
I have a lot of opinions on the matter, but I've got to, for my sanity, shut up about it.

What were you doing that morning?

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I hate these questions, but I always see "Where were you when it happened"

How the hell did you find out what happened on September 11th?
If you were in school, how did they handle it in the days that followed?

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I've been relying on my neighbor and his girlfriend to get me to work on Saturday's. She's out of town right now, and he was up all night drinking. TQC, am I going to be late to work today?
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What is a good clothing store where I can buy nice, simple basics? I'm talking solid colors, no crazy frills, layers, etc.

I just want a nice pair of jeans, simple dresses and cardigans that I can mix and match.

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My boyfriend was trying to fix something on his Husker jersey and burnt a hole in it, which is unfortunate for him but wonderful for me. Now I finally know what I can get him for his birthday!

However, I'm not sure how to get the right jersey he will like. He's had this one for a few years. It says the number 12 on it, but no name on the back. Does it matter what jersey number I get him? 
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I had a talk with my boyfriend and told him that I don't love him anymore.
I had really planned to break up with him but I couldn't do the deed.

TQC, why the hell couldn't I do it? What's wrong with me?

What's wrong with you?
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music video

Okay. I've tried to google search for this video but I only got results pertaining to the White Stripes band or websites that deal with clothes; neither of which apply. So here goes: I'm trying to find this song by an artist which I can't remember the artists' name or the song. But it's 1 woman, with I believe 2 girl dancers behind her. It's a white background & she's wearing what looks like a very flowy kimono. She's got fluffy red hair & white makeup on her face with a red stripe under each eye. It's a recent video & I saw a flash of it when watching previews for the VMA's on Sunday. I know that's not too much to go on.. but that's really all the video is. I forgot I liked the song til I saw that flash & now I'm dying to figure out who it is! Can anyone help me? Thanks so much!

new york city

all my friend and i are going to be in nyc for a day during a layover next week- what are some fun activities to do? we have all day to let loose and check out the city. i've been before so i've done the general tourist stuff but just looking for fun neat things to do with her. also where is a good place with vegetarian options to grab lunch?

are your teeth straight? do you guys wear your retainers- how often? every night?

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I was told to write a research report on a controversial subject, either defending it, or protesting against it. (The topics included things like cloning, euthanasia, animal testing.) The assignment paper that the teacher handed out that outlined the criteria for the paper specifically said "no personal opinions should be stated."

I was the only person who DIDN'T base their paper off of live experience and personal opinion. One girl called everyone who supported assisted suicides cowards. One girl called girls who get elective abortions in their teens irresponsible murders. The main argument against abortion (for three different papers) was "it's wrong".

That's personal opinion! Now, I was homeschooled, so I never had to present a paper to a classroom before, so I'm kind of the new kid to this stuff.

Is it normal to generally disregard certain criteria for a paper just cause you feel like it? Or is my class just super-dumb?
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What's the point of the questions they ask at border crossings? Why does Canada care how I met my Canadian friends? Would anyone actually answer "yes" to "Do you have any weapons in your car?"?
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Assuming you have an SO, do you attend your SO's family functions? Do they attend yours? Do you think partners should be obligated to attend their SO's family functions?

ETA: For those of you who say it is important, what would you do if your partner refused to go?
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For some reason lately I've been watching a lot of movies that make my heart hurt and it's turning me into a sad mess (I'm sure it doesn't help that it's been like 6 really sad movies in a row with little or no break)

Anyway now I need to watch something funny or upbeat but I can't decide. Will you recommend a funny or upbeat movie for me to watch? Bonus points if it's on Netflix Instant.

DK/DC: what's the last movie you watched that made you sad? Did it end well or were you still sad after?
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Does anyone in here even play Second Life (or know anyone who does)?
Is it even relevant anymore?

If you don't care about SL, how far in advance do you plan your meals?
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Will you tell me about a myth/urban legend that is from your culture?

One of mine involves the lady in white (who I've since heard pops up in other cultures' stories). She supposedly stands at the sides of deserted roads. If you pick her up, she'll direct you to her home, which you will find is an abandoned building or something, but when you turn around, she'll no longer be in your car.

If you don't pick her up, you'll get into a car accident or have some other bad luck.
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Hey TQC, I'm not sure if this will make sense, but anyhoo

Collapse )
Any stories of random people making a crap day slightly better?
After spending four hours or so in the Telstra shop with the tech guys trying to figure out what's gone wrong with my internet usb, and then getting fobbed off by a guy in JB HiFi, the man who served me at Zambreros was super nice, and cheered me up some, even saying that he'd help me chop down the Telstra Tower to pay them a lesson and giving me extra stuff with my burrito.

Yes, another September 11th related question. Plus one.

Should all american flags (that are flown in America) be at half-mast today? (I obv. mean the ones that are hung properly from a flagpole.)

Are you flying a flag today?

Now for something completely unrelated:

You know those profession-centric "witty" bumper stickers?
Like, "Electricians do it with the lights on!"

What are some you can come up with?

I came up with (or remembered) the above one and also: "Lawyers do it in their briefs" as my husband and I were driving today. And then we got totally stumped. We couldn't come up with anymore.
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So, when did you get facebook?

It started the year before I started college, so I got to use it before they let high schoolers on and stuff and you had to have a .edu email from certain schools. I miss those days sometimes.
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TQC, will you help me plan a fancy dinner for myself and one guest? I am going to make a vegetarian lasagna (with zucchini, squash, mushrooms, spinach, and a few other things, maybe broccoli and onions), but I don't know what to have with it! Because, like, all the vegetables are IN the lasagna, and all the carbs are too, so I don't know what to do for sides! It would be weird to do like, green beans or garlic bread right? Or would that be ok? WHAT ABOUT WINE?!?? AND DESSERT?!?!? D: Would cheesecake be weird?

Can we use this post to suggest meal things like this to each other?

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Me & the SO have been feeling very nostalgic for the past week and we're having a Pokemon marathon :D we're upto about ep 120 now.. lol, so cool.
Why are all the new pokemon so shitty now?

What are you feeling nostalgic for?
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I share an apartment with atm 2 other girls that I don't really know- one is always gone and the other camps out, with one of her friends from another apartment, in front of the TV all day. Normally idc but tomorrow I'd really like to spend at least part of the day watching football. I already mentioned that to the girl a few days ago, but I doubt she'll remember and it wasn't in the context of me saying I wanted the TV on sunday or anything. What's the best way to handle this tomorrow? Attempt to wake up before her and sit in front of the TV all day? Go in when she's already settled there for the day and ask her to let me switch the channel? Suggest that she and her friend go hang out at her friend's apt for once??
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Let's try it this way...

Will you comment/post your username if by doing so, you're open to friending requests from other people? You are not required to friend anyone who asks, fyi. We can't really mandate that.

This yes....but I'm not naming names stuff doesn't work very well.

ETAOk, now see someone you like who commented? Ask to friend them.

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 Has somebody ever vomited on your car?

How bad was the smell?

How did you get rid of it?

My mother was driving my sister's friend home, when the friend threw up all over the back of the car. Literally, all over it. And on my hair.  And on her hair. We washed the vomit off the car with soapy water, and when it dried my mom put baking soda where she threw up but it still smells terrible. Whenever we're in the car, we have to fight back our gag reflex. The car interior is cloth, with a strange mesh overlay on the seats. I have to know how to get rid of this, there has to be some way.

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 Which Celebrity do I look like? (I put the picture as the 1st comment) 

My hair is darker now, but some one told me I look like that actress in 'the girl with the dragon tattoo'


I disagree. So now, since I don't think I look like anyone... who do you think I look like?

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Inspired by a conversation in my work break room, can you tell me about a time when something eerily coincidental happened? I don't necessarily believe in signs, but something along that effect.

Once I was trying to decide whether or not I should break up with my SO at the time to be with this guy I liked. I asked the guy I liked to give me a number. I pressed the next button on my entire iTunes playlist [over 6000 songs] the amount of times of the number he gave me. And out of all of the songs, it was me and my SO's "song" that came up as the last song. I thought it was quite eerily conicidental.

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what are the funniest/best tumblrs you follow?

when you're relaxed.... oh FREEZE right where you are... if you're relaxed.... how does your jaw sit? are your teeth touching? where? how? i've been asking my family this and they think i'm insane, but i cannot relax my jaw it is always clenched, so i've just been curious.

last book you read? book you're currently reading?
just finished Coming and Crying, i've been on page 4 of Freedom for like a week now, i can't sit down long enough to get into it.
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If a friend of a friend of your boyfriend's gets your number off facebook and constantly calls and texts you under the guise of trying to find out what that night's plans are, is it rude/out of line to send him a message on facebook asking him to stop contacting you? This guy creeps me out to the max. But I don't want this guy to run to all my boyfriend's friends and create some story implying I gave him my number. I feel like I am walking in a social minefield.
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I want to drop 5 pounds of fat and add 10 pounds of muscle before I go on holiday on Tues. How can I do it?

I realize eating half a package of chocolate chip cookies may have been a poor start
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My smoke alarm went off for a few seconds 5 times tonight. Now it won't stop. There is no smoke. and I am too short to get to it even with a chair.


What's the last really annoying thing to happen to you?

Edit: OMG YOU GUYS. Bf came home just now. Took out battery. Still beeps. Put in another battery. Still beeps. Found another battery, hope that shuts it up. IT IS BREAKING MY BRAIN.
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Okay, which one of you got the Amazing Horse song stuck in my head? I want to know who I should imagine I am punching in the face.

Have you ever ridden a horse?
If yes, was it like a one-time thing, or did you take lessons, or what? Any of you have mad equestrian skillz?

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Should I take plant evolution or infectious disease biology? I'm in plant evolution at the moment, but I just looked over the infectious syllabus and it looks amazing. I don't give a crap about plants. My room mate is encouraging me to stay in plants and attend the first lecture of each before I make a decision. I want to be impulsive and switch into infectious. Should I? Is this even a question?!

I did it! The class is full and I'm on the waitlist, but that shouldn't be a problem at all. :)

What's the last impulsive thing you did? Was it wonderful or did it backfire?
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If you got an email from a professor saying something like this:

"The prelab quiz #1 is available there. You have 30 min to complete the quiz from the time that you start it. Please read the assigned materials from the textbook before you begin the quiz. You must complete the quiz before midnight Sunday."

Would you take that to mean midnight that is about three hours from now (It's Saturday, Eastern Time, US) or midnight tomorrow?

I was certain that it means midnight tomorrow night, as in, finish it by the time Sunday is over and Monday begins, but my friend just emailed me asking if the prelab was the only thing due by this approaching midnight, and now I'm kinda stressing. I only read about half of what was assigned and planned on finishing my reading and doing the quiz tomorrow afternoon.
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We just had to get rid of our kitty, and my daughter isn't handling it very well. TQC, what can I do to cheer her up?

Edit: For those asking, we found him as a stray and decided to take him in. We already have a dog, and the cat was MEAN to him. He still had claws and used them way too often on our poor pup. Our pup came first though, and I don't want him terrorized in his own home, so we found a couple that doesn't have any dogs to take the cat.
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When I shift into reverse and drive my engine grinds a little. What could this be? I have a 2009 Mazda 3 automatic that I JUST bought. The check engine light came on today, too :/ I bought the damn thing because Mazdas are known for being reliable.

Your last "this can't be happening" moment?
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Can you name some songs that are ridiculously full of love and passion?

I'm making a mix. What I have so far:

Home (Edward Sharpe & TMZ's)
Building All Is Love (Karen O & TK's)
I'm Yours (Jason Mraz)

I only have songs that are more mainstreamish so far, but am also looking for songs from lesser known artists. :)
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To any of you who play the bass...

I'm learning the basics on my own. I know that YouTube and other sites have tutorials... but holy crap, are there ever a lot of them. Do you have any recommendations about tutorials that are decent for a beginner?

If this question doesn't apply to you, then: If you could learn to play any musical instrument, what would it be and why?

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do you ever just cut off communication with (most) people to give yourself time to think? how long does this usually last? who do you keep in contact with? (i say "most" because when i do this i still stay in contact with my best friend and cousins) Or is this just being childish and should i suck it up and put on a fake smile for everyone?
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How do you feel about spoilers?
Do they take away any enjoyment of whatever you are watching/reading/etc?
Are there only certain shows/books/movies etc you are spoilerphobic for? If so name them.

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I'm pretty sure I just threw up undigested food that I ate over ten hours ago. My entire body aches and I've felt sick to my stomach all day.

Dr. TQC, what's wrong with me?! HOW DO I FIX IT?

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What's the last thing that made you sad, but didn't directly affect you?

I'm watching the episode of Cake Boss where Buddy's sister and her husband, Remy Gonzalez, tell Buddy [the owner] that she's pregnant with their first child, and it was all so sweet. But I also just found out yesterday that Remy Gonzalez was arrested for sexually assaulting a minor, and it made me sad to see them all so happy and sweet to each other.
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What was the last adult thing you did?
I just attempted to purchase health insurance. I am so anxious now on whether we'll get approved and how much more than the quote it'll be.

What was the last childish thing you did?
I played my DS today and ordered a kid's meal at Taco Bell!

According to my husband spent $172 on fast food last month. How should I kill him?
I only spent 32$ on fast food!

Do you use Has it helped you curb your spending habits?
I'm hoping that when faced with the physical proof of how much he spent that he'll really focus on bringing a lunch every day.