September 10th, 2010


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How long would you let a cough or something else "minor" go on before you went to the doctor?

I've had a cough for probably more than a month. It's the kind that sounds like there's something in my chest, but I haven't ever actually coughed up anything. Should I go?

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I have an interview for a substitute teaching position at a private school tomorrow. The woman was was like "It's really casual, I'm going to be wearing jeans, so you can, too".

I was thinking of wearing a casual wrap dress. Are dressy/high end flip flops a total no-no?

What are your plans for the next few days?

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When was the last time you laughed at a really inappropriate moment?

Ok, so when people stare at me while they talk and they're talking about something serious, I get nervous and start to crack up. I was at a job interview and started smiling and cracking up while he was telling me what they do and stuff. Guess I'm not getting that job :/
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What kind of car do you drive?

What kind of car should I drive? My lease was up in June and I never got a new car after that. I've saved a bit and I think I'm ready to start looking. I can't decide if I want another car or an SUV. Right now I'm looking at the Toyota Sequoia and the Infiniti Qx56. Anyone drive one of those and want to recommend/scare me away from them?

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My friend's wedding reception is this upcoming Saturday. I received the invitation a while ago, but all it says is the date, time, and location of the reception. I don't think they have a registry or anything that would indicate an appropriate gift to bring.

What would be an appropriate gift? I was thinking like $50 and a nice card (I don't have much money).

Further, would it be ok to wear a nice skirt, blouse, and heels? What about the dress code for a male?

I have never been to a wedding reception before. This reception is at an eatbar if that makes any difference.

annoying computer help

does your screen ever get blurry where there's a large blur after the font?
how'd you end up fixing it?

google seems to be failing me i certainly hope it's not something solely with my screen :(
i'm using crappy vista if that matters.

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my dearest tqc,

my favorite sweater is dying - fast. i knit some, but this thing needs a total renovation that i don't have the skills or the patience for. does ANYONE know of ANYWHERE that provides the sort of service where i could...i don't know, send them my sweater and they could build me another one just like it? i know this is odd, but i LOVE this sweater.

please help me; my heart is breaking.

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 So I think I may have broken two toes but I can't get anyone to take me to the ER to find out. I know they can't really do anything but tape them together, so how much alcohol and pain killers am I going to have to take in order to bind them myself?

How likely is it that my boss believes me if I can't stand on my foot for work tomorrow without a note from the hospital?


What was the last serious injury you had and how did it happen?
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i bought a dozen doughnuts yesterday for a party, but it turns out the party is tonight, so i tried to save them but instead i just ate a bunch of them D: i ate like 6 of them over a day and a half D: D:

1. do you have any self control when you have a whole box of delicious doughnuts sitting in your kitchen?
2. tqc what is your favorite doughnut shop in the WHOLE WORLD?

p.s. mighty-o and voodoo are the only correct answers to question 2. at voodoo you can get a cream filled cock & balls doughnut! or a blunt-shaped doughnut! and they have a yearly contest to see who can stack the most doughnuts on their penis!
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Let's say, just hypothetically, that you just got a rather large raise at work. What would you do with your first check that reflects that raise (after you are a responsible adult and make sure the bills are paid, of course!)?

Do any of you have any experience with withdrawal symptoms when going off of Cymbalta?

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Wild Horses (Rolling Stones)
Imagine (John Lennon)
Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers)
Dream a Little Dream (Mammas and the Pappas)

If those four songs were someone's absolute favorite, what other songs would you recommend them?

EDIT: My mom just called and asked me to go check out two rehab/nursing home facilities that my grandmother is going to be spending a few months in, what questions should we be sure to ask?
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Which of these things are true about you?

I really enjoy a good grilled cheese sandwich
I often forget to brush my teeth more than once a day
I've never left my native country
I've never left my state/territory/smaller region
I enjoy video games
I own more than 1 laptop
I use an OS that's not Windows or Mac related
I run out of shampoo before I run out of conditioner
I don't shave my legs nearly as often as I should
I've been drunk and peed somewhere inappropriate for peeing


Children make me feel uncomfortable
I am going to graduate college by the summer of 2011
My parents spanked me and I did not turn out emotionally abused and fragile
Where I live, I'm lucky if I ever see snow at all in winter
I really can't wait for the weather to cool off a little bit
I live in flip-flops during the warm-weather months
I am terrified of bugs
I have a sibling who is 8+ years older or younger than I am
My parents are still married
I like the mountains more than the beach as a vacation spot

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what kind of bedding do you have on your bed? what color is it? pictures?

do you like down comforters?

where are your favorite places to shop online?

how many hours a week do you work?

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What was the last nightmare you remember having? 

Last night I dreamed I was in Nazi Germany, and for some reason there was poop in my mouth and I couldn't figure out where to spit it out. It was awful and disturbing. 

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do you ever go through period of having no friends for awhile, then having a bunch of friends? it seems like i go through clusters of weeks with a whole bunch of plans, then another where no one wants to hang out with me.


I think I might be developing an intolerance to lactose, thing is, I am 23 and I have never had a prob. I went without milk for about a week because we ran out and I was having tummy troubles that I thought would be unrelated, and now that we have milk again...I am having a slight prob again.

So my questions are, those who are lactose intolerance, when did it start? did you always have it or did you develop it later in life/after childhood? How quickly did it come about?

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A woman called me last night because she wanted to interview me today. She said she'd call in the early afternoon to tell me when. It's a little after 1pm.

Do you think she's going to call?

What was the last thing you had to wait for?

How often do you eat?

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My boyfriend and I are moving and we just got the lease agreement for the new house. One of the stipulations is that we must vacate the property 4 days before our lease ends--but still pay rent for this period. Not only is that lame, we're wondering... is that even legal? Has anyone had a similar requirement built into their lease? Thanks.

EDIT: Thanks to all for affirming my gut feeling about this. We asked the landlord to take it out and she did. Problem so easily solved. Amazing.

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My teacher in class today was talking about a story where a couple has a pet and go to get it put down, but it's actually a baby [human!]. Googling it leads me to pet and baby names and I have no idea who wrote it or anything else about it, and I forgot to ask. Help?
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I am going to a 2-day workshop and need some lunch ideas as I do not want to spend money buying lunches. It needs to be food that does not need to be microwaved or warmed up, but also doesn't need to be kept in the fridge.

Any ideas?

What would you do in a situation where you have no fridge/microwave access but need a lunch? Would you just go to a restaurant?

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Two Questions:

Do you have a song stuck in your head right now? Have you had one recently if not now? what song was it, if so? I have Jack Conte's "Yeah Yeah Yeah" stuck in there right now. I don't mind because it's an awesome song.

Have you ever seen people on YouTube who upload videos of themselves playing video games? (Not a Let's Play but just without commentary.) Do you find that sort of thing at all interesting to watch?

Okay, that was technically five questions.

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It's 64 degrees here in Cleveland and will get down to 58 tonight when I'm out on a patio sipping a drink. Too soon for a scarf? Opinions? tbh I just like wearing them.
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Frozen dinners

What kinds of foods are good to freeze for later?
(like whole meals for dinner, not just 'beans' 'bread' etc)

Does rice freeze well?

I haven't had freezer space in ages so I can't remember what kinds of things I used to freeze. I figured curries and soups are good, but what else?

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When you hear someone say "September Eleventh" even in completely non-threatening context (like, for example "Come to our massive furniture sale on September eleventh," or "Hey, my birthday's September eleventh, want to do something?") do you get nervous?

I do. Just wondering if I'm batshit crazy or if this is some sort of semi-widespread thing.

If you're not from America, and/or couldn't give a shit, I'd like to know about foods you invented when you were just figuring out how to cook or didn't have much money for ingredients. These should be foods that are actually really tasty, but sort of embarrassing or highly unhealthy (mine's a family-size box of Velveeta Shells and Cheese mixed with a pound of cooked spinach and a pound of bacon, cooked in the microwave and broken into bits. I also finally got my health-conscious mother to admit that, when she first moved out on her own, she lived on Kraft Mac 'n Cheese mixed with Dinty Moore Beef stew. Stuff like that.)

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TQC, where did my period go?
I'm fairly certain I'm not pregnant and I've never once skipped a period or had it come late due to stress or anything else.

Did you take it?
Why would you want it? :(

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TQC, there is a small black purse sitting on my front porch, right in the middle of the top step. There is no reason for any random person to come up and sit on our porch and leave their purse there, since we are a little bit of a walk from the sidewalk, so... why is there a purse on my front porch?

It's a bomb, y/y?

I haven't touched it, too paranoid. My SO is going to look at it when he gets home but we'll probably call the cops, if it's not a bomb they can return it to whoever it belongs to if there's identification in it. Are we being too paranoid?

Edit: We won't call the cops if it doesn't seem odd once the boyfriend gets home, but talking to him more, he'd rather take a look at it first. I'll update once he's home, etc.

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Have you ever had a teacher with a hyphenated last name?

If so, what did you call them? Was it Mrs. Name1-Name2 or just Mrs. MarriedName?

I ask this because I got married over the summer and when I do my classroom field work for my education classes, the kids address me as if I am another teacher. I have no idea what to tell them to call me and my husband said that for elementary students, using both names is going to be a mouthful.
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I want to clean my bedroom and organize my desk so that, when school starts on Monday, I don't have to worry about that sort of shit. Unfortunately, I'm a) lazy and b) in pain from my problems I discussed last night.
How do I get motivated, man?
Srs/non srs acceptable.

Nevermind, I feel like turning my computer off is the first step. Will you leave me funny pictures/videos/cool gifs to come back to as a reward?

What did you eat today?
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Has your SO ever made you so angry that you turned your phone off and would not talk to them for a period of time (hours, days, etc.)? What did they do?

And reverse - have you ever made them so mad that they turned their phone off and wouldn't talk to you for some period of time? What did you do?

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Paging Dr. TQC!

About a week ago I was getting over a nasty cold and practically coughed up a lung. Ever since then there's been this really sharp pain under my boob whenever I cough/sneeze/laugh/move a certain way. It's unrelated to my boob, BTW.

What is wrong with me?

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I have a pub crawl coming up and the theme is "80's blowout" apparently. I have to wear a pub crawl top (ie with the pub names on), but that can be cut up however I want. So, what should my outfit be like? The only thing I can think of is big hair metal wigs.. I need some other ideas? Chances are I shall be very drunk so nothing small that I can lose, lol.

Fears and Dreams

What is it that you really fear, what can you not stand the sight of for it will stop you from sleeping nice and sound?
My answer in the comments.
Also...if I were to post some dreams that I have had would you hlp me interpret them?

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Have you seen a digital 3D movie (the new 3d)?
How does it compare to the old 3D (red & blue)?
I can't see new 3D because of my lazy eye and I feel ripped off.

What cool new things do you feel left out of?

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Help me make my grocery list.

If you were in the frozen section of your favorite grocery store, what would be the one thing you grabbed?

And then what if you could grab one more thing from anywhere in the store?
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This question was on the wall of the main hallway of my university commons:
Do you think illegal immigrants should be allowed citizenship?

I didn't answer the question, because it felt like such troll bait.

What is your opinion on the matter, TQC?

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fuck my life.
i deleted a psd file, and i cant get  it back.
i have the most updated version of a jpeg file....
i want to work around it, but i don't have layers....
what should i do? D:

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I downloaded a movie, and for some reason the volume is super super low, I am using Windows Media Player to play it, and the volume is all the way up in the program and on my computer. It's definitely got the audio there, it's just too low.

Is there another way to up the volume?
I don't have little speakers.
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Did you ever go to summer camp? Or a similar sleepaway camp? Was it a school trip or was it completely seperate?

ETA: if you did go to camp of some sort, did you make friends there? Did you keep in touch when camp was over?

I always wanted to go to a summer camp but we couldn't afford it. I did go to science camp two years in a row but it was school trips. It was cool that we got to meet kids from other schools but without cell phones and the internet there was basically no keeping in touch with the kids we met. :/

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Inspired by breakfast conversation: How are all my fellow allergy sufferers out there? Anyone else dying? *ACHOO* ugh.

Inspired by lunch conversation:
You're riding passenger in a friend's car, chatting and such, and you notice your friend, though driving fine, is going slower than you'd drive. You're on a 70km/h road, everyone else is going 75-85, and your friend is sliding between 57-67. Technically, he/she can go ten under and not get a ticket, but driving slow is annoying, inconvenient and can be dangerous if everyone else is going fast. Do you comment? Politely or jokingly? *eta* Do you even care???

And what should I talk about at dinner?
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I have onions, potatoes, carrots, peas, and soup stock in my cupboard. Is that enough for a tasty vegetable soup, or should I suck it up and go to the store? It's raining really hard, I don't exactly want to.

What are you having for supper?
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I love stories about people's pets (and I know we all love pet posts)! so... what are some of the weirdest/funniest things your pets have done, or habitually do? pictures are good too!

my cat, Persephone, is seriously the most bizarre creature I have ever met. she likes to sneak around the whole apartment hoarding all my elastic hair ties, and then she'll sit at my feet and literally whine and moan at me until I play fetch with her; she also loves pens and she will jump on me and steal them from my hand while I'm writing. whenever she's hiding and I can't find her, I just rustle my fingers in her food bowl and she'll come running and furiously stuff her face in the food bowl while pushing me out of the way. she also has a new habit... in the mornings she jumps into bed with me and violently mashes her face against mine so I wake up to a mouth full of cat hair.
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 I'm bored and broke so I should totally dress up with my boobs all out there and try to get free drinks at the bar across the street, y/y?

DKDC: please tell me you're doing something boring tonight too so I don't feel so bad.
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Have you used Groupon? Do you like it?

I'm already thinking about christmas gifts, and I know my brothers-in-law and their wives don't usually want stuff. The younger of the two live out of state, and she is in Med school. I was thinking of buying them 2 or 3 Groupons for dinners, and then give them some cash to cover the rest. Would this be a good gift, or does it sound kind of cheap? I just don't they don't have a lot of extra cash laying around, and I'd appreciate getting to do date night as a gift, ya know?
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My grandmother crocheted me a pretty decently sized blanket for my 16th birthday. It's survived 4 moves, nearly 6 years, and is looking a little rough around the edges - covered in hairballs and dirt and general floor debris. Is it okay to put something like this in a washing machine or will that rip it apart? It's just crocheted, nothing fancy about it. How do you clean this sort of thing, TQC?

Laundry etiquette

In a laundry room, is it ever OK to take a stranger's wash out of the machine and dump it on the top of the dryer when you want to use the machine? Do you mid if someone does it to you? Do you do it to others?

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Update: I left a note on his door. "Next time I see you, I will be collecting $1.25 from you for a replacement load of laundry. You know who I am."

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This is the most trivial thing in the universe, but I'm just curious.

My sister's mother-in-law seems to be on a mission to buy my nephew every gift that we tell her we want to buy him. We wanted to buy him his first bike- She's getting it. I wanted to get him a table and chairs- She bought it first (while knowing that it was what I planned to purchase)-wagons, games, etc, etc. You get the idea.

All my mom wanted to buy this kid for his birthday was a train set (Thomas and Friends, if you're curious) She asked my sister if she could, told the mother-in-law about it...andddd today she was watching the baby.

SHE BOUGHT THE TRAINS! My nephew's birthday isn't even for another two weeks!

What is the proper approach to dealing with such ridiculousness?
Will you tell me about annoying family members?

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my roommate and my friend say this word when they're talking about when they were peeved or left stung or something by someone or something. they say something that sounds like either, "Obviously, I was a bit sulty about it." or "Obviously, I was a bit salty about it."

i can never quite catch which they're saying and i don't want to ask hahaha.

do you suppose it's sulty or salty?
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Apparently TV wants me to Stand Up to Cancer. Are you watching it/did you watch it if it was on earlier in your area?

DK/DC has anyone in your family had/died of cancer?
additional DK/DC are you already starting to wear your "fall clothes"?

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Do you or have you ever worked at a place that made you sign a no dating your co-workers agreement? If so, how seriously was it taken/what were the consequences for dating a co-worker?

If no, would you ever consider dating a co-worker at the place where you had signed such a thing?

dumb cat

Dwight, my dumbass cat, apparently went on a hairtie eating rampage when I left for a few days, and now there are several hairties lodged in his stomach. Here's the x-ray. He is currently in emergency surgery, which will cost me ~$2000. What an asshole. (I love him so much. Please be okay, Dwighty)

What stupid things have your pets done that have cost you a lot of money/stress?

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TQC, I live in Huntington and the big WVU - Marshall football game is tonight. Everyone in the city is getting drunk and wooing.

( if you're from West Virginia and you go to school in-state, you probably attend WVU or Marshall. Your parents attended WVU or Marshall. Everyone you know attended WVU or Marshall. Thus, you want one or the other to win. Usually WVU wins though cause they are, well, better, but either way this is like the event of the motherfucking season for socializing. Couches get burned over this game.)

Does your state have a weird school vs school rivalry that seems similar? What is it and who do you root for?

What is going on in your town tonight?!

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What should I do, TQC? This morning I started feeling sickly, and by now I'm feeling pretty damn terrible- sore scratchy throat, stuffed nose, and I'm completely exhausted. I'm also scheduled to work the graveyard shift tonight, and I'm doubting my ability to survive the full 8 hours. So, should I call out now, two hours before my shift is to begin, or suck it up and go in? If it matters, I have relatively good past 'attendance'.
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Any entymologists out there?  Can anyone identify what this is? It looks like some kind of hummingbird/bee hybrid.  It was about 2 inches long, huge for a bee as far as I know.

We saw it in New Hampshire, but it doesn't look like any hummingbird that exists around here and it definitely has insect-like legs.

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Is there a word/phrase (whether in your native language or other) that you don't know how to pronounce, or think the pronunciation is weird?

I can't for the life of me figure out how to pronounce "A dinna ken".

I also think the American pronunciation of aluminium is weird. Are there any words that just, in different countries, you hate the rewording or re pronunciation?
My friend in Australia hates how Americans call lifts elevators, etc. Same with the zee/zed for the letter z thing.

ETA: I also cannot pronounce "rural" to (I have trouble with a lot of words, but that's one of them.)

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What are you excited about?

I'm moving into my new house tomorrow and i'm too excited to sleep.
I have a really cool mist/smoke bowl but have lost the cable. Do I bring it with me and hope my mum finds the cable so she can post it to me, or not bring it until the cable is found? Space is limited.


 1) I have to work tomorrow. Should I have a cocktail anyhow?

2) What do you think of the new show Sister Wives? Will you watch? 

3) If you had to redo one room in your house, free of charge, which would you choose? What would you change?

Eta: If you do not know what this show is, I have provided a basic synopsis here: Sister Wives
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TQC, I am off on holiday with my fam tomorrow,and I'm going armed with my ipod. I'm about to sync it,but before I do,what songs should I be taking along for the ride?
Youtube videos not necessary,but earns you kudos <3

Blood donation?

 Do you think  I can get away with donating blood in the US if I lie about living in the UK as a baby? I hear they do not accept blood if you lived there during certain years because of Mad Cow disease. I was there from around '88 to '89. 
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One of my friends, who's only 18, just got engaged with a guy she's only known since July...WTF?
What is it with people wanting to get married so soon?

What annoys you about today's young people?

DK/DC: What was the last musical you saw (live/ film/whatever)? 

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1. what's the closest thing to you on your left?

it is now your weapon in the zombie apocalypse. how fucked are you?

2. how drunk are you rn?

3. where do all these people with foreclosed homes end up living? has there been any impact on the rental market in areas with a lot of foreclosures? (i.e. prices going up due to demand)

4. on the off chance that there are people from ontario who recieve(d) OSAP and work(ed) during school: how much money were you allowed to earn while working before they started taking your OSAP away? i think working would be a good way to meet people (who don't leave toronto every weekend, sigh) and kill time, but financial aid won't tell me if OSAP will just take all my money away. which is dumb because the woman updated my financial info right in front of me and told me my new estimate. i can't wait for school to be done.

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 so, some of my friends from up north do this thing called tiny chat or whatever and they always post on facebook to have people join it... I dunno, its kind of whatever but sometimes there are tons of people on it, sometimes it is just a few of us.
Anyway, if you're bored, do you want to join the chat?

if you don't want to join, that is totally fine. Depending on how boring it gets, I might not stay. Anyway, just seeing how many people will actually go. 

on another note:

how many of you have been to a bar before? A gay bar? A straight bar? Worst bar experience ever? Best?

btw, I'm Clurah in the chatroom hahahaha