September 9th, 2010

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What expensive thing did you buy recently?

I just spent $625 on a Dell desktop. I still feel weird and slightly uncomfortable when I spend a large amount of cash on something that isn't textbooks/books or my tuition.
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How is your relationship with your parents?

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Do you think he deleted it because he feels like I might be uncomfortable with him saying something like that because we DON'T know each other that well (although I really do love my dad - he wasn't a COMPLETE stranger, just in and out for a while) and didn't want me to see it not realizing I would get it in an email, that he deleted it because he doesn't want everyone else to be all "wtf who is this girl with your same last name? I didn't know you had a daughter!", or something else entirely?
I'm real paranoid about what my dad thinks sometimes.

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I have dramaz.

A guy that I have recently been... talking to and developing something with got drunk tonight and like the flip of a switch accused me of telling people about what we have going on with each other and all this (through text) and then in response to my questions would only say, "It's over," and, "We're done."  A little later he said, "It not you."

WTF just happened here?  Last night he was saying quite a bit about getting me naked and all this business, and less than twenty-four hours later he's gotten all paranoid and is yelling at me. 

Will he apologize tomorrow?  He better.

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The TV Post :-D

1. Do you own a TV? If no, do you watch on Hulu/Netflix streaming, or are you one of those "NPR Only" folks?

I own a TV

2. What kind of a TV Do You have?

I have a 32 inch Samsung from six years ago.

3. How do you get your TV? Satellite? Cable? Pair of ol' rabbit ears?

Digital Cable

4. DVR, or VCR?

DVR built into the digital cable.

Info on Atlanta!

Hello! I have been offered an opportunity to go for an exchange to Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. Because the deadline to accept is really near and I suck at doing research on places, I would like to ask if it is a good school to go to for a Sociology major? and also, is it a fun and convenient place to travel around USA?

Thank you so much!
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is the illuminati real?

i haven't decided yet
what is the illuminati?

eta: if you don't know what it is, search "illuminati" on youtube. also check out what tila tequila has to say about it.
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What would you do with 1300? What should I do?

I received my student aid refund and after budgeting for books/gas/food, that is what I have left. I want a new computer because mine is pretty damn old and I'm going to use a chunk of it to lower my credit card debt.
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My grandpa passed away yesterday.

I'm going in to work today, because it beats being sad around the house. (That and I like my job.) What should I do to keep from being mopey and near-tears all the time?

(I work at a music store, if that helps.)

Dunno/dun care: well, neither do I. Move on.

Oh, so classy!

What was the last dumb/embarassing thing you did while drunk or hungover?

My housemate and I went out and go very drunk Tuesday night and she brought home a man I semi-know. Apparently I decided to wander around the house in nothing but a tank top and a towel, which I promptly dropped, flashing my ladies bits to them both while I was running around. She's seen it before, but still.

Flash Help Plz?

Tech nerds of TQC,

So, when I booted up Firefox today, it recommended me to install the newest version of Flash. So, I tried to do that, but the download, which was supposed to start automatically, didn't start up. Instead, Firefox notified me that I had a missing plugin. I tried to download and install it, but the computer can't find a program to do that. (It's an .xpi file, BTW.) So, how do I install that to install Flash?

DK/DC: Is it staring to get colder where you live?
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Say your going out with a guy / girl and you buy some expensive sex toys to use together but broke up before they were taken out of the packaging. Is it ok  to use them on your next partner, even though they were bought for your ex?

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If you're attaching something to an email for a job position, do you attach it as a doc or in pdf format? Let's say that the potential employer does not express a preference.

Don't know or care, if you had to have sex with a TV character, who would it be and why?

[edit] I sent the application packet as a PDF. Will you wish me luck?
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Have you ever gotten your hairs did in a school setting (ie a Paul Mitchell/other beauty school)? How'd that go? (pics plz!!)

I got one of the cutest haircuts I've ever gotten (IMO) from a phase 1 stylist at a Paul Mitchell school when I lived in St. Louis, though I knew that was a risk... trying to decide if I want to take that risk at a different PM school in the 'burbs of Atlanta, heh.

I KNOW IT'S JUST HAIR but I like my hair. :( I just don't like it when it's shapeless and dead and gross.

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1)Do you have TMJ? How do you deal with losing your appliance? Do you have one?

Yes. OMG! WHERE IS IT?! Yes.

2)What is a book you've bought from the grocery store?

The Hunger Games

3)What do you think about Blockbuster? Netflix?
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Taking your shoes off in a public (indoor) place - ever okay? Sometimes okay? Never okay?

This post is inspired by the myriad of girls I saw in our on-campus Chick-fil-a and now in our library/coffee shop/media center with their shoes off, barefoot.

ETA: This place is mostly sofas, and they're putting their feet all over the sofas/up under them and picking at them occasionally. Oh god why
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TQC, for the past few weeks, every time I've taken a shower I've ended up with this weird red line running down my cheek/neck. It usually goes away after a little while, but wtf is it?

I spent my summer in London, where I constantly got mild hives after showering as a reaction to the hard water (I think), but this is literally a line. It doesn't itch or anything, just looks weird.

I haven't started using any new products, so I don't think that has anything to do with it.


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I ordered Comcast internet last month and was quoted a $25 installation fee. I received my bill today and was shocked by a $124.95 installation fee instead, which is broken into two parts: "pro install" for $99.95 and "additional video outlet" for $25.

I'm currently talking to Comcast via the live chat getting a ticket escalated cuz this bill is ridiculous and not what I was told.

How likely do you think it is they'll help me?

Will you share horror stories about bills and companies? Or just any story?
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What's the most interesting email you got in your inbox today?
I got an email in my school inbox with just a PDF titled "Platanos and Collard Greens" and I was like "What, why is the school sending random recipes to the entire student body?" and then I opened it and realized it was for a play.

What are you most excited about in the upcoming weeks?
My first day of college ever starts on Monday. I'm excited, but nervous as HELLLLL.

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1. Have you ever (or are you currently in) been in a long distance relationship?

If so...

- For how long was it long distance, and how far apart were you and your SO?
- What were your experiences?
- Can it work?

Jesus Camp,

I am watching it right now (holy fucking shit its scary), and I was curious if there had been updates on any of the kids that were featured? Its four/five years since and most if not all the kids featured would be teens now.

(I just watched the abortion segment, Holy shit that was insane)
I just finished it...

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Sooo it's my daughter's birthday today (she's 2!) and I have to cart her around to 3 different places to see grandparents and her dad this afternoon/tonight. I just took a shower and want to do my hair all pretty because I want to take lots of pictures. It's been raining constantly since last night and I do not own an umbrella.

What kind of awesome contraption can I build to keep my head dry and looking sexy?
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 Does it bother you when you're eating something that you don't know the name of?

Today there was a free platter of cookies/desserts in the break room at work and I took what I thought was a chocolate donut hole. Now I'm eating it and it's really good, but it's not donut-y at all; it's kind of cakey, but with softish creme inside. It's not as liquidy as actual creme though -- it's not a creme puff or an eclair or anything like that. It's more like custard, I guess. With powdery chocolate coating on the outside. And the approximate size of a donut hole. 

Anyone have any idea what it could be? 

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how long are house cats supposed to live?
how old did your pets live too?
i have a cat that ive had for 14 years and he seems like hes not doing very well lately :( he has a lot of health problems and he only likes to sit on people, get pet, sit under the table, or sleeping away somewhere in the house.
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 I'm bored, broke, and have blisters (on the bottom of my heels - wtf?) from walking too much in crappy shoes yesterday. What can I doooo?

Alternatively, please use this post to bitch about why your day sucks too. For further entertainment, please use as much alliteration as possible.
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i have this picture saved to my computer, i just spent probably three minutes laughing at it, but do any of you have any idea where it's from?
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will you share random (or just your favorite) lol-able pictures you have saved to your computer?

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After work I'm going to my boyfriend's house for his birthday. He doesn't want any presents but I wanted to bring him something small and cute to say happy birthday (like a balloon or party hat, but not as corny, lol).

Any ideas?

edit: This is a family dinner, so the inappropriate stuff will have to wait until later ;)

magic 8-ball

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Alternatively (but still related), have you ever worked for a company that was sold while you were working there (for lack of a better way to phrase this....)? What happened? Mostly I'm worried about everyone in my office losing their jobs. :T :C

Do you have meetings
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iphone tripod?

I'm looking to buy an iphone tripod for a friend as a gift.  Anyone have recommendations for or against certain models?  I'm googling & looking at reviews, just thought I'd look for more personal recommendations here.

(I guess I'm looking at tabletop models, though also at that one with flexybendy legs you can wrap around things.  It's for a friend who's occupying herself during a prolonged convalescence by making clay figures and then basically making tiny claymation animations of them by taking pictures of them on her iphone, in case that makes a difference in your recommendation...)


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Hey guys! For once I'm excited about summer, so...

Can you suggest any websites that sell cute bikinis?

What kind of swimwear do you wear?

I have a black bikini with gold foil writing and studs on it. But I just tried it on and the top looks weird on me now :\

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Have you ever had mice/rats in your home? Did you notice you did because of droppings, chewed on food, or noises in your walls?

If you heard noises in your walls, have you ever heard squeaking but without any scuffling/pitter-pats of little paws?
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God fucking damnit you guys. I'm freaking the fuck out about this stupid essay I have to write for class, and I can;t for the life of me make sense of anything right now. My head hurts like hell and I'm super tired, but I have to email this piece of shit to him by 12AM. I'm freaking out so much right now, and the more I read my essay the more I realize what a bad job I did on it. Can someone please help me out? I've already written most of it but I need someone to read it to tell me if it at least makes sense. Fuck my life right now.
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Mrs Haji is getting a new dog from a Police Attack Dog academy. I will not see this dog until I am home in Jan.
WHY is she going to Police Attack Dog school to get a pet???

Also...I am going to Amsterdam for 2 weeks, She sent me spending money. $200...WTF? for 2 weeks? How am I supposed to live on that?

All this is tru-fax...I am not making it up

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TQC! My dad has just randomly invited a friend of mine to go with us to Key West this week for a week and my birthday(we'd be leaving tomorrow). The travel cost of the trip will be $350 for airfare, free accomodations, plus spending money (about $100 for the week). He doesn't have a job, however. Would you go?
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Ok it's been a long day and I have a math question I need bounce off you guys. I was short for the rent by $120.00 on the first. I have to pay that tomorrow. I normally transfer half of the rent (rent is $800.00) to my savings when I get paid, biweekly. How do I split that $120.00 up equally between this check and my next check? Transfer $340.00 to savings this week and then $460.00 next time? This should be so simple but I can't think right now.

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What is your favourite take-away?

We're getting an Indian take-away later, what should I order?

I'm not a massive fan of curry or too much spice, so usually go for something bland like korma.


Whilst walking about the Market Commons this evening, I spotted a woman walking into a store, she had a long piece of toilet paper hanging out of the back of her pants. I motioned to my husband and we agreed that I should notify her. I didn't want to, but the lady she was with was just as oblivious. So I entered Ann Taylor and whispered to her.


I told a complete stranger lady that she had toilet paper hanging out of her drawers. It was at least 10 squares long and as my husband pointed out later, it was wet at the end. She was wearing black pants so it was ridiculously obvious.

Would you have approached this woman?
Have you ever seen someone with toilet paper sticking out of their PANTS? (And not like stuck to their shoe.)
Have you ever had toilet paper sticking out of your pants?

Have you seen the new toilet paper rolls without the cardboard roll insert? Have you tried it?
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I work downtown and pass a beauty salon on my way to the bus every day. Today I was sitting outside talking to my boyfriend on the phone when the owner walked up to me. He started saying how gorgeous, sexy, and sassy I am,, that my boyfriend is damn lucky, or my girlfriend if I'm a lesbian, and how if my regular stylist starts having an affair with the butcher and they both die in a freak car accident I need to come to his shop so he can cut my hair or give me a pedi. TQC, does this seem very strange to you?
Edit: Also, would you ever step foot in his shop if he approached you like that?
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1. Are you loyal to a particular hair dresser? Why? Do you enjoy all the small talk/conversation while someone is cutting your hair?
>>>Im semi loyal to the PLACE (theres more then one location, I go to whichever Im closer to) but I dont care who cuts my hair. I hate when they try to talk to me about my life. Silence is not awkward for me, please just cut my hair so I can leave.

2. Pretty much only applies to Americans, but feel free to comment on it even if youre not.
Do you do any rememberance/moment of silence thing for 9/11? If you do, why? Were you personally affected, or just feel like its the American thing to do?
>>> 9/11 is my sons birthday so there is no mourning in my house. Not on purpose, like as a rule or anything.. but.. its my sons birthday. Thats a happy day to me. I do kinda feel "eh" about not participating in anything patriotic.. no FB status updates, moment of silences, news watching, praying.......oh well.

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Have you ever taken a microbiology class? Did you like it?
What specific things did you do? Was it hard?

I am trying to decide if I want to take microbiology next semester. I know classes will vary but I kinda want a general overview.
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Do you use the word "continental" when referring to things that are European? Is that weird to you?

I thought that word was dated/weird, but someone used it to describe food in my city's LJ community.

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My boyfriend is an Aussie longing for some of the comforts of home, aka, certain food items that he had back home but that we don't have here in the states. Do you have any recipes for things you'd consider "distinctly Australian" foods that I can make to maybe bring him a taste of home? (He's not a vegetable eater to any degree, however.)

Super duper bonus points if you can find a recipe that dupes for Heinz Baked Beans in Ham Sauce!

dk/dc but still related: Will you share one of your favorite recipes with me?

Edit: Vegemite is already a staple in our house. He special orders it from some store online, lol.

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For those of you who have kids, has your child ever questioned your authority? For instance questioning why you get to tell them to go to bed, but you get to stay up late? How did you handle that?

For those of you who don't have kids, how would you explain why you as the parent have the authority to tell them what to do?
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Alright TQC, I turn 21 in 2 and a half hours, and my best friend is taking me to her aunt's bar to celebrate. What should my first legal drink be? I like fruity drinks, like blue hawaiians, more than straight liquor.
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In ethnic clothes shops, i've often found the clothes smell of nag champa incense. I've tried burning it near my clothes but this doesn't seem to work. How do they get the clothes to smell so lovely?

What do you like your clothes to smell of?

How do you get them to smell really fresh out of the wash?
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Your friend is completely obsessed with Nickelback. S/he goes to every concert they have when they're in town, pays top dollar for front row seats, and has autographed posters of Chad Kroeger lining their bedroom walls.

How do you plan the much needed intervention?

ok fine when did you lose your sense of humor?

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Dear TQC,

In regard to this post - he still hasn't apologized - he hasn't said anything at all.  I said my piece this afternoon when I said, "You said I could have any guy I want.  I want you.  So I guess that's it," and he never responded.

What should I do to make myself feel better because I has teh depression?  I got a bikini wax that won't even go to good use, too.  :(

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Which of your joints can you crack? How many of those do you crack on a regular basis?

This question brought to you by my big right toe - it cracks every two minutes if I move it that frequently.
I crack my fingers and back at least once a day, and can also crack my left shoulder, both ankles, and both hips.

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What was the last little thing that made you happy?

My reading assignment for Literature class is to read Joyce Carol Oates' "Where are you Going, Where Have you Been?", which was the direct inspiration for The Blood Brother's song "The Salesman, Denver Max". It probably isn't appropriate to mention in class, but it makes me incredibly happy.

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After saving a good amount of money ($1,000+), what would you do?

Save it? For what?
Spend it? On what?
*Extra points for pics/websites

I'm leaning towards spending a little of it for new glasses and maybe a nice dinner w/ family and saving the rest of in a little while, i'll be in the same 'oh i have so much $$$, what to do!?' predictiment :D