September 8th, 2010


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What are the best kind of heels to wear for work, but that are also comfy? Where is the best place to buy them? Prefer around the $50-$80 range, and not all high of a heel, enough to be professional looking.

I have a pair of Steve Madden heels, but they are not good for running around in :/

I'm going to a photo shoot this weekend, and I have to dress smart (all black), if that helps.

Peggy Blink

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I have 100% cranberry juice that I am trying to drink for my UTI. Needless to say, it is very very very tart. What can I add to it to make it a bit sweeter/more palatable?

For those of you with children, what was something you thought you were going to have to sacrifice that you found out you actually didn't have to sacrifice at all?

For those of you without children, do you want them? Why/why not?

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What clubs/activities were you in in high school and college?

Have you ever campaigned for a political candidate? How did that go?

What are you doing this coming Saturday? 

I have a huge crush on this guy from Massachusetts. What on earth should I do? Non-srs answers preferred.

When was the last time you felt like a kid/preteen again?

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I'm bored. moshi says I should write about my poop. I'm compelled to do so because I'm too lazy to think of something else.

What would you like to know about my porcelain 'leavings'?

If I had to mold my next poop into the shape of something, what should it be?
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I'm taking my kitten to be spayed tomorrow and I'm so nervous and worried about her. I had to take away her food bowl at 11 and she's been sitting and crying, even though she's been fed. I'm getting major anxiety over it just because the last 3 times that I had to take a cat to the vet, it was because they were being put down and I'm probably going to act like an ass at the vet and be all teary-eyed when I leave her. She's going to be fine, right?

They said that she would be ready to go home in a few hours, but will they give her pain meds? How active or inactive should I expect her to be?

What do you have to do tomorrow?
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Who are you favorite comedians? List as many as possible, please. (Videos are definitely welcomed.) Funny movies, TV shows, anything you can think of.

I will try to post this again in 12 hours because I'm curious about the differences in comedy in different areas.
Harry Potter fan till the end

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How do you get yourself to study? I have a test in ...9 hours and work in 5 hours. I really have to study, but can't find the motivation past the first few pages.

What's your worst procrastination story that ended in disaster? How badly did things go? Maybe it'll scare me into working. :/

If you're a good student, how did you get through a lot of boring material? Tips?

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Will you tell me a tale about the last time you dressed up in a costume?
Pictures get you e-cookies.
I know some of your cosplay and go to cons and all that good stuff so you can talk about that but tell me about a party or something too.

No? Well then. What have you lost recently?
[SC] David & Patrick

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Upon watching this stand up, it reminded me of my art history professor who would suddenly start speaking in French in the middle of class while talking about the French Revolution.

Do you know anyone that does this, TQC?
mr schadenfreude

paging Dr LJ

Dr LJ, are there any signs that indicate a viral cold may have moved on to a secondary, bacterial chest infection?

DK/DC how long do you wait before going to the Dr if you have a bad chesty cough? What sort of symptoms encourage you to do more than let it run it's course?

(gross TMI, I have had a very heavy chest cough for oh, 2 weeks? I lost my voice, got it back, throat isn't too sore any more but the stuff that comes up is... badness :\ but there's been so many viral colds this winter and I don't want to bother getting antibiotics if I don't really need them. But last year I got pneumonia from trying to tough out my bronchitis so.... )
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How do you stop regretting major life decisions that turned out to be the wrong decisions? I should have known better at the time, and I made these decisions as an older adult, a few years ago around age fifty. It's not like I hadn't had any life experience at the time.
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what's that website where you can put in a picture and it tells you where it's originally from or something? so many people post movie stills on tumblr and i want to know what movies they are!

what did you dream about last night?

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Do you often visit TQC  and find that there are no questions you feel like answering?    When this happens....

1.Do you wait for a good question to come along? 

2.Do you just force yourself to pick one and answer it? 

3.Do you post your own question instead?

4. None of the above, I don't feel like answering any of these questions! 
legs motherfucker
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on facebook, why do i keep reading things on walls about "losing the game"... WHAT IS THE GAME? are you as annoyed by this as i am? it's not even clever when they say it.

on another slightly related note, what are little things that annoy you about your friends?

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Based on my class discussion today:

You are a  huge fan of Star Trek. You are summoned for a jury trial of a very important case regarding the current President of the United States. Do you think its appropriate to wear your Star Trek uniform when you are a juror? You only wear it on special occasions and decide to wear in judicial court? Is this socially acceptable to do? 

Edit: You all make sense. All the people in my class thought it was fine for a 40 year old women to wear her Star Trek uniform during the Whitewater trials with Bill Clinton. 

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boring question

Anyone here use pay as you go broadband/wireless? does it work well? I'm thinking of trying Virgin Mobiles version. I don't play games or anything on the internet, mostly just use it for school stuff and youtube videos. So yay or nay?
  • lerhat

Just wonering..

Mmkay, due to a recent discussion with a friend of mine I am gonna ask a pretty deep question.

There is a black girl at my place of work who is racist against most white people, she kinda feels like all white people owe her and all other black people something for the way some white people treated some black people way back in the day (and some still get treated that way.) Now my friend says that only white people can be racist because they have all the 'power' in society. Only those with power can be racist.

So what do you guys think. Do you think that a race other than 'white' can be racist??

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what is something you've been putting off that you really have to do?
when are you going to do it?
does this task have a deadline?

i'm in charge of my roommate's car for the week while she's gone, and the battery died last thursday and i still haven't gotten around to calling AAA to recharge it.
i'm going to do it in about an hour because if I leave it there one more day I will get a parking ticket.

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I'm limiting myself to one string of fairy lights to put around my bed headboard.
Which ones should I use?

I have: plastic leaves (short string), glass baubles with pink feathers in (med string), pink hearts with feathers at the top (long string), ladybirds (short string), small flowers or clip on birds (both short string).
narry twirl

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 I woke up with bad cramps from my period and sore muscles from my run last night and just generally feeling like I don't want to get out of bed yet. My first two classes don't take attendance and I don't have anything due. Should I skip?

How often do you skip classes and/or call in sick to work?
I haven't at all this semester yet! In previous semester I've not been so good about that.
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TQC, what are the chances that a 22 year old female of average strength can move a full sized mattress up a flight of stairs by herself?

My dad seems to think that because years ago he moved a queen size mattress up our stairs alone I should be able to move this one, but I don't think it's possible.

Edit: I'm going to try to do it right now!

Edit #2: I did it! Now I just have to do the box spring, which shouldn't be any trouble.
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So, I teach a daycare. We have about 90 kids, and e probably a little more than half are boys. Another teacher and I were talking about the behavior of one of her kids, and what we could do about it, when we realized that most of the boys (3 to 5 year olds) are a bunch of whiney babies. They can't do anything for themselves, every thing they say comes out as a whine, they can't handle their emotions or anything. What is wrong with boys these days? Is it their parents? Do they not want their precious miracle baby to never grow up? It's so annoying. The girls are all writing their names/putting on their own shoes/etc etc and we can't get most of the boys to wipe their own freaking noses or clean up without a struggle.
Anyone else notice this? or is it just my kids?
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Where do you buy your dresses?

Favorite clothing to wear?
On a scale from 1-10, 10 being unable to hold your head up, how tired are you?

Another poop post

After eating several cherry popsicles, you take a poop. When you're done, you behold your handiwork. Due to the artificial coloring, your poo came out cherry red (the same color as the popsicles), and because of the way it landed in the bowl, it fell into the shape of a HEART. What do you do now?

Show everyone in the house my pretty heart poop
Call up friends and have them come over and see my artistic poop
Freak out because I think it's blood
Take a picture and turn it into a new icon
Take a picture and have them adorn my next Valentine's cards
Flush it. No one must know that I poop
Fish it out of the toilet, put it in a box and show it to anyone who drops by
Same as above, but I sell it on ebay after a few days

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I hate my housemates. Everything i do seems to be wrong im scared to even use the bathroom(its shared two rooms a bathroom) and they said it smells. Weird coz i havent been at home at all i spent the whole week at my friends house and i just got back today! same day they got back! i am very very sad... my friends and i are planning to get a house next year around april, but its not confirmed yet as they r not sure about returning here. I really want to cry. I try very hard to keep everything spick and span and I still get shit.

what should i do?

EDIT: english is not my first language so if I screwed up Im sorry! and im malaysian, so some lingo that is normally used here could be offensive in your country, i dunno so Im sorry too!


For those of you in school, what topics or themes are you working on within the subjects that you're doing right now?
For example, Maths might be fractions, English might be Australian Literature, or 'Friendship' or something like that, Art might be charcoal sketches.

What topics or themes have you enjoyed most in the past year? And what do you wish that the teachers would pick as topics or themes?

Life swap

I'm watching the Wife Swap (or Trading Spouses or whatever) episode with the "God Warrior" in it     D:
(I know, I know, it's dreck)

TQC, if you were on one of those shows, what kind of family would you most likely be swapped with?
Would you ever be on a reality show? Why or why not?

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Will you please tell me about random crap that you own?
Are you a person who has a ton of random shit or absolutely nothing?

I have friends who have no knick knacks! HOW?!

I love my Cher barbie doll, my Frida Kahlo candle and my halfa mannequin named Sheila.
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Is there a trick to cleaning kitchen floors that I'm missing? I literally am mopping every other day. It get SO dirty. Any tips? It's like that cheap apartment tile crap. If that helps.
[[shalina nila]]

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This friday is the day i gt paid. So my boyfriend & finally going to update to a new phone service. We have the super cheap/horrible service Metro Pcs :O


but now we can go to something a little better & we are looking T-mobile
[[its in our budget]]

What phone should we/i get??
What phone do you have??
Do you have any comments on any of the phones??

Thanks in advance. I would like to hear some opinions.

The phones i have in mind; MyTouch 3g (The first one without the keyboard. all touch screen & i want it in white)

My boyfriend wants; The HTC HD2
Pez&Ziv colour

The Last Unicorn

My wife and I are having an argument about the age appropriateness of The Last Unicorn film.

I was 3 when I saw it in the theatre and think that there is nothing wrong with showing it to my 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son. My 4 month old son is too young to care.

So Question Club, what is the youngest age that The Last Unicorn movie would be appropriate for?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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So I just upgraded from my shitty Motorola cell phone to a Pantech Jest. I am on Verizon wireless.

How do I transfer my contacts and photos to my new cell phone? Is that something I can bring into a Verizon store and they'll do it for me or is there someway I can do it at home?
  • akktri

Pingback Bot?

I don't understand why I'm getting pingback messages. I don't even know what they are or how they happen. I thought my journal was public and only the private messages were private. I wouldn't post my journal online if I didn't want strangers commenting. How do I shut off the pingback thing so I can get messages that are pinged?
And is it possible to get ping pongs on LJ? If so, can you face off against pingback bot?

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I have dual monitors at work and like to use both screens, since I use excel a LOT. It won't let me drag one sheet to the other screen, and I don't like the split screen option.

What is the EASIEST way to be able to view two different workbooks on two different screens? Thanks!


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TQC, what the hell is wrong with Photobooth? I'm trying to record a video for a friend, but when I play it back it has this stamp on it! What the hell is 3ivx? What do I do?! I'm an idiot, a quick Google fixed it. I just have no memory of downloading anything like that so I was uber confused. 

New question: when was the last time you got mad at your computer? What did it do?

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TQC i'm in the hospital because for some unexplained reason I've been peeing blood for the past two days.

Will you keep me company while i'm waiting to find out what's going on? I'm scared and alone. :(


Here is my TQC Update.

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Two toootally unrelated questions:

1) I'm in my sophomore year of college. I late dropped a class last spring because my course load was ridiculous. I took the class in the summer and got an A. This year I'd like to late drop another (it's an online class, we need to find soil samples, and it is virtually impossible to do so on my campus). If I drop it, I will be taking it again next year (not online...only the online class requires the sample digging). How shitty is it going to look to employers that I dropped a class both my freshman and sophomore years? Does it look less shitty if I eventually do take the class and get an A? I really can't deal with trying to dig 18 inch holes on campus without getting arrested.

2) Would you rather your significant other cheat on you physically or emotionally? In other words,

Scenario A: He/she has a one-night stand with someone he/she barely knows. No cuddling, no conversation, and no sleeping in the same bed as the other person. Just sex.

Scenario B: He/she spends the whole night cuddling, spooning, and talking with a friend. They make an emotional connection, act couple-ish, but don't have sex.

Which would be less hurtful to you? Why?

credit score advice.

If I paid off all of my debt (about 1500 dollars), how long would it take for my score to be boosted any signifigant amount?

If I instead starting making small payments towards the various debts, would that also cause a credit boost?

Also, if you happened to have poor credit, what is the max % of interest you would pay on a car loan?
Conan & his Amazing Friends

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You wake up after a long night that involved alcohol. You remember very little of it, except that there were some strangers involved. You try and climb out of bed and it's difficult because you can't move your arms. You look down and see why. Your hands are in your jeans pockets (which you fell asleep in) and someone duct-taped your elbows to your torso. So, you can't pull your hands out of your pants. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED LAST NIGHT? You roll out of bed and inspect your place. Nothing's missing and everything seems to be in its proper place. Your cell phone and wallet/purse are in their usual place. However, without arms, you can't use your phone...or open doors...or even turn the tv on. Your front door is locked like it would be normally.

What do you do?

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TQC, I have to pay nearly a hundred dollars for my NuvaRing. I was not aware of this until now since my OBGYN was nice and gave me two months' samples. I EVEN HAVE INSURANCE. When was the last time your health insurance treated you really badly?
  • bizwac


1a. What is your favourite sci-fi TV series?
1b. What's it about?

2a. What's your favourite british comedy TV series?
2b. Will you tell me about it?

3. Will you tell me about other sci-fi/british comedies that aren't your favourites, but which are still very good?

I just finished BSG, and am in the middle of Jeeves and Wooster but will soon run out. I need suggestions of what to watch next.

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For god's sake, why won't Google wait for me to press enter before it performs a search? Has it really become that fucking impatient with me?

Never mind, I set that bitch straight.

What's the best thing that's happened to you today?

Pant-hemming advice?

So, TQC. I just bought two pairs of dress pants for work. I'm short and they need to be hemmed. I'm also going on vacation for a week on Friday. Should I:

a) try to find a tailor here, set up an appointment tomorrow and leave them with him/her for the week I'll be gone?
b) take the pants with me on vacation and see if I can set up an appointment while I'm there?
c) wait until I get back, wear nice jeans for the first few days and find a tailor then?
d) try to do it myself even though I've never sewed anything in my life and don't own a sewing machine?
My Fierce Bitch

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 So I'm in Key Club.
It's a volunteer organization, known internationally.

That still doesn't stop us from getting the question, "Do you make keys?"

But I would join a club that made keys.
And so would a few of my friends. 

So would it make sense for me to try to start a club that actually does make skeleton keys as a hobby? Would that make sense? Would it be possible, especially for a high school? I know we have wood shop and auto shop (and I don't think we have a metal shop class), but I am a girl and have taken neither, and I therefore must be taught, so would it even make sense for ME to be the one trying to start it?
  • indysd

Is this normal?

I'm a twenty year old male and I never had a girlfriend. I was sort of a late bloomer and I din't really start reaching out to the opposite sex until around 16-17. I would say I was close to getting into a relationship a few times but it never happened.

When I graduated I ended up going to the same school as some people I knew from highschool. It was a group of us male and female that hung out when we could between classes and we even went to a concert. I started falling for this one girl who I'll call "Kelly". So I started hanging out with Kelly when it was just the two of us and it worked out for a few weeks or so and then she started acting weird, stopped saying hi to me and would avoid me around campus. So this pretty much left me heart broken so after a week or so I gave up on her and looked elsewhere for a relationship.

This time I chose to go after someone who showed interest in me. I met a girl through a friend of mine on campus and she instantly showed interest in me. She would play with her hair when she talked to me, we would walk each other to our classes, eat lunch together etc. I got her number and when I tried to set up a date she always had an excuse of why she could not go and then a few weeks down the road she told me she had a boyfriend, someone she met in one of her classes. I was once again heartbroken and had no success with woman since.

What am I doing wrong?

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Did you / anyone you know ever start a club while in college? Any advice?

Some people are trying to start a Quidditch team at my school. The meeting with the woman who will decide if we can be considered a club sport or not is tomorrow. Should they bring / prepare anything?

EDIT: Ground Quidditch, guys. It's a real thing and lots of schools have it!
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For those who color their hair: what shampoo and conditioner do you use? I have been using Aveda, but I'd rather get something cheaper at the grocery store from now on.

(no subject)

 I'm looking for some new music to add to my iTunes. I listen to all kinds of music, from country to hardcore rock. What bands/artists do you listen to all the time? I need some new ideas :)

Do you have to pee right now?
My Fierce Bitch

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 I have to do this environmental survey for a class, so would you please help me out?

First name/Age

Please order the following according to what you think is the most important environmental issue in society.

1. Air pollution
2. Water pollution
3. Garbage disposal/recycling
4. Global warming
5. Destruction of the rain forest

And please write a solution you think would help resolve your first choice.

(Also, if you don't care enough to write a solution, you can say idk or idc, that's still a usable result.)

Thank you so much!


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I'd like to make dinner for my boyfriend this weekend, but I'm a novice cook. Can you suggest something simple but good? If you like cooking, what's your favorite thing to cook for dinner?

(no subject)

When were you guys planning on telling me that Neil Patrick Harris is on celebrity Jeopardy tonight? I almost missed it.

Do you watch game shows?
While watching them, do you shout the answers out loud?
If so, which one are you best at?
  • kmeghan

workplace morons....

We hired a girl to work 2-6 Monday-Friday and she came in today to fill out paper work. I asked her if she could come in at 1 tomorrow so I could show her around and do a little training and she said "no, I can't. I have other things to do". WTF? So I asked if that was an every Thursday thing or not. Then she told me that she has class on Tuesdays all day and 'other stuff going on Thursdays'. Seriously??!! When I interviewed her, she said nothing about not working t/th and I even said many times Monday through Friday. What the hell is wrong with people? I am so tired of having to hold the hands of freaking adults.

What's the last thing to annoy you at your work place?
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Pretend you can act.

Would you rather have a significant role on a TV episode with generally unknown actors that could become really popular or have a cameo on a really popular show?
Kill Bill - Elle
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There are some days I just feel like I have never held any adult responsibility at all. What do you need to bring with you to will call? I ordered a ticket online using my mom's debit card because mine is being replaced and truly hope I don't have to bring her card with me, or somehow prove I am a Tracey. What say you?

What events are you looking forward to?
MISC; Toooom and a lamp

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Im going to a letter party theme bullshit thing, and I have to dress up as something/someone starting with the letters A or M. Will you please give me some examples? Serious, not serious, whatever. Grassyass.
  • jezemel

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Since they're supposedly officially maybe definitely making a Dark Tower trilogy and television series, do you think I should finish the books?

Are you going to watch either?
Peggy Blink

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Glenn Shaddix and the lead singer of LFO have died in the past 48 hours.
Since it's obviously time to protect people from our childhood, which pop culture figure from before the year 2000 do you want to protect? I mean, it's obviously a trend.
I'm going to have to protect Mark McGrath.

Will you share gifs, too?

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I find myself attracted to one of my cousins. I'm 22 she's 50. Is this something I should be worried about? I met her for the first time in my life this weekend and idk she's just really beautiful.
  • foutu

(no subject)

1. um i just tried turning on the shower in my new place and the pipes made an ungodly noise. FUCK, NOW WHAT? i called my landlord but it went to voicemail because it's 10pm lol :(

2. for any canadian college/university students who play sports (or know people who do): are your trips covered or do you have to pay for them entirely out of pocket? how much does it cost to play your sport?
Old Fashioned
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1. How many years past would you put jobs on a resume?

I'm in my last year of a BSc degree, and I'm thinking I'm going to try and get a part-time job to help cover some bills. The last 2ish years I've either been travelling abroad (and thus not working) or working research jobs- obviously I'll put those down, but they're not exactly relevant to whatever waitressing/retail jobs I'd be looking for. The 2 years before that I was lifeguarding. I *do* have a couple of retail and food service jobs that I worked in High School- but that was 2005-2006. Can I put those down, or does that not even look relevant?

2. What are some job hunting tips? I haven't done this in ages.

(no subject)

Do you find yourself getting jealous of your friends having other close friends?
How do you stop yourself?

I do with my housemates, and no amount of telling myself they aren't that into the people, or that they have chosen to live with me will reassure me.
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

If you had to describe your genitalia in one adjective that would henceforth be the only one people could use in reference to your junk, what would it be? No copying someone else's: first come first serve adjectives!

Example: "Oh, Heather? Her vag is really _________"

(no subject)

1)What is something you have been disappointed with lately?

I am disappointed that cranberry raisinets don't taste that much different than regular.

2)Are you surprised that they greenlit another M Night Shama...whatever movie after Avatar: The Last Airbender, a bastardization of a good cartoon?

3)Why didn't Scott Pilgrim do well in the theater?

Only a limited amount of people like that sort of thing. I really like that sort of thing.
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I just looked down at my hand and there was chocolate all over my palm and on my laptop bottom. WTF TQC? How did this happen? Was it you, leaving chocolate chips strewn throughout my possessions? Did my boyfriend eat a Mars Bar in bed (likely, tbh)?

If you don't care to speculate on my chocolate conundrum: Do you have any complaints right now?

(no subject)

if you like led zeppelin, what do you think is their best album?
if you like the rolling stones, what do you think is their best album?
if you don't like either of these bands, what really good album would you recommend to a stranger?
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I often hear people claim that "size doesn't matter" RE: penises, but is this really true? If you took off a dude's pants and his dick looked like an acorn glued to his pubic mound, or if it was the size of a grown man's forearm, what would you think?

If you do not like the penis ETA of even if you do: will you say something nice about one TQC member?