September 7th, 2010

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What's your favorite kind of hummus? I made curry hummus a couple days ago, and I want to make another batch tomorrow but I can't decide what to put in it (plain or garlic isn't exciting enough).

Does Rite Aid sell any make-up removing face wipes that you'd recommend? I usually get The Body Shop's vitamin E wipes but I don't feel like going all the way to the mall to get them if I can get something just as good down the street.


I've just purchased a Macbook, the ordinary white one with more RAM and a bigger HDD.

I've been a pc user all my life, except for a few times at work.
 My question is: Have any of you gone from PC to Mac? How was it, is it difficult?

Do you have any tips for me as a new mac user? 
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With great power comes great responsibility and....painful animal bites

Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. When you get your superpowers, what kind of radioactive creature bites you?

Giraffe - ability to reach the high branches in trees with your neck
Otter - power to float on your back and eat things off your stomach
Great white shark - power to devour anything in violent chomps
Salmon - power to swim upstream
Mongoose - power to catch snakes...with your teeth
Anteater - ability to eat thousands of ants in a single sitting
Chihuahua - ability to look cute and fit inside rich socialite women's purses
Panda bear - ability to make the entire world interested in your sexual activity; you also lose the ability to successfully have sex
Flamingo - power to stand at length on one leg, as well as the power to turn bright pink when you eat shrimp
Hairless cat - ability to lick your privates with ease, but people no longer want to touch you because you feel weird
Hamster - power to run for extended periods of time on a wheel
Alpaca - whenever you shave, you can turn the hair into blankets. Plus, you can spit
Pigeon - power to sit on telephone lines and shit on people's cars
Cow - power to give loads of milk, plus the power of having tasty innards
Human - the strength, agility and stamina of a human
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What's your favorite class you've ever taken?

I've never been as excited to go to a class as I am for my Sexuality in American Literature before 1900 class. Its quickly becoming my favorite class ever.
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Every so often I manage to convince myself I have bedbugs, and tonight it one of those nights. I keep thinking I see them on me, freak out, and then just realize it's one of my freckles. Wash, rinse, repeat :/

What irrational things keep you from sleeping? Or rational, if you're not as crazy as I am.

Why is Tom Green no longer funny?

Why did Tom Green stop being funny?

10 years ago, the Tom Green show was absolutely hilarious with all his man-on-the-street segments. A couple years later, along came the New Tom Green Show and it stunk. It was nothing like his old antics. His online show isn't funny either.

hi dr tqc

I have a cold and my chest hurts. This has never happened to me before. How do I know it's a chest infection? I don't want to go to the clinic tomorrow, but I will if I have to. In the meantime, should I take anything like Buckleys? Would that help?
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Does anyone know of any good, active weight loss communities on LJ?  Everything I've found is either anorexia/ED related, or is for people who are trying to lose significant weight (like 100 lbs.)  I'm at a healthy weight but would like to be a bit thinner without starving myself, and I think this might help my motivation.
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Do you ever over-analyze recent conversations you've had with people and criticize yourself for the things you've said?

What is the best way to avoid doing this?

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I've had a cold for about three or four weeks. I'm about to go travelling for 11 hours tomorrow. Is there any possibility they will let me bring cough syrup on the plane even though the bottle is bigger than 100 ml? I heard they make exceptions for medicine but cough syrup.. I don't know.

Do you have any tips for recovering quicker? I've been eating raw cloves of garlic, making ginger and pepper tea, drinking regular tea, eating oranges and taking cough syrup. I'm all out of ideas!

Traffic Court!

I got pulled over for being in my cell phone back in February, forgot to appear, now my new court date is today. I am going to lose and I don't want to go.

Can I change my plea to guilty at this point and stay home? (I'm in NY if it matters)
Have you ever fought a ticket? What was it like?

Edit: Turned out I would have needed to call at least a week in advance so off to court I went! $150 dollars poorer, and an hour and a half later and I am back. It was reduced so I could avoid an additional $80 surcharge. :) So I think it was worth pleading not guilty, however, I will probably just plead guilty if I ever get a ticket again (assuming obviously, that I am guilty).
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How long have you and your SO been together?
If you're not already engaged/married/whatever, do you think (s)he is ~The One~?
If you're already engaged/married/whatever, when did you know (s)he was ~The One~?
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If you receive money to go to college in the United States, do you receive the leftover balance of that money (FAFSA, in this case) after tuition BEFORE or AFTER the semester?
I was just told by my college that the $3k I got in financial aid AFTER TUITION wouldn't be given to me until AFTER the semester is over, in December. You know, because it's not like I'm a full time student who needs money to exist on or anything.

Have you ever gone to school full time and still managed to work enough to pay your bills and keep your grades up? How did you find a balance between them? I feel like I HAVE to work far more than I wanted to (I was going to get a weekend job to supplement my aid), and now I'm worried that my grades are going to plummet because I'll have to find a job around my school schedule and work when I'm not sleeping.

What was the last thing you were REALLY PISSED OFF about?

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1)My stomach has been hurting on and off for weeks. It doesn't hurt today, but should I still give up hundreds of dollars[$100 to go, more if they do anything] and go to the doctor?

2)Do your bones ever feel hollow? When?

Yes. When I'm over tired. They tend to ache too.

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For those of you who work during the day, do you prefer an early or a late lunch? What time do you usually go to lunch?

For everyone else, do you miss your pets when you're gone? I miss my cat. :/
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I got impulsive and ordered a new phone and of course that meant that I had to have it OMG NOW! so I paid for overnight shipping. Well that was Saturday night so I didn't think about the next day being Sunday and yesterday being Labor Day so there was no mail either day. I figured overnight meant that it would be coming today and I got all excited and I checked the order status on Verizon's website... and it's still being processed. So it probably won't even ship until MAYBE today, or even tomorrow, right?

If I paid for overnight shipping and it takes 3-4 days for the order to even process, let alone ship, do I have a legit case to get my money back for overnight shipping?

Has anyone ever successfully gotten a refund on something like this?

dk/dc: I hid my wedding gift cards somewhere in my apartment when I moved in and now I can't find them. Where the hell are they?
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1.) What is in your refrigerator right now?
In mine, there is ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, a giant block of cheese, half a gallon of milk, half a six-month-old blue RockStar, lemon juice, carrots, radishes, and celery. The veggies are mine for work tonight, and the rest of that crap belongs to my housemate.

2.) How do you like your hashbrowns?
I like mine crispy on the outside and softer in the middle. I like to add onions and cheese if I have them. A dash of cardamom is good too.

3.) When (or if) you eat a pickle, do you tap it on the side of the jar to get the excess juice off, dry it on a paper towel, or just eat it with all the juice dripping off?
I tap mine on the side of the jar, and then wrap it up in a paper towel so I don't drip pickle juice all over.
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How do you feel about colour themed weddings where the guests all have to wear one colour or a combination of a few colours? Great idea or stupid idea? Or is it for bratty brides? Have you been to a colour them wedding or had one yourself?
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I have a box of Betty Crocker Hershey's Peanut Butter Supreme Brownie Mix.

Can I add extra peanut butter to the batter without messing up the texture/consistency too much?

If I can, how much would be too much? I really like peanut butter.

That was easily google-able, sorry. I just always think of TQC first.

So, what's a good book I should pick up from the library today? I'll read pretty much anything.

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Do you still have a home phone? Or did you nix it and just use a cellphone?

I got rid of mine when I got a cellphone, cost less money and can be directly contacted anytime.

What kinds of Coca Cola do you like? I'm lovin' cherry.


We are about to find out who will run the country, we have been in limbo for 17 days!

I am so freaking nervous, there is scertain someone who I DON'T want...GAH!

Anyone else feeling nervous? About anything?

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What's something important that you're contemplating these days? 

I'm struggling with the idea to cut my dreads (of four years) off, but I think it's time. As soon as winter hits and I can hide my head in a tuque I think I'm going to chop them off. Scary! I look so so so bad with short hair! :(

*Fixed for wording! 

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Hey college students of TQC!   Can you please explain to me why some of your classmates still belong in middle school and are rude and inconsiderate...and dare I say stupid?    

Honestly, I shut my office door (without locking it), put and "out of office" sign on it and some students had the audacity to go in it and leave the door hanging wide open!   I know it was a student because my office mates know to shut the door again if they go in (as they always do).

What is so hard about reading and understand a  simple sign posted on a door?!



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I'm trying to finish reading a book for school, and it seems like everyone is out to be as loud as possible today. There are kids playing next door, a dog barking like crazy, and my grandmother is watching something with a lot of explosions and gunshots very loudly downstairs. It sounds like the house is falling down. 

Do you have to have extreme quiet to concentrate, or are you the kind who could study while listening to a rock concert? How much noise is enough to break your focus? 

ETA: I'm taking a break from the book to get a snack, I'm not on the computer while I'm supposed to be reading. 

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   One cloudy morning you awake to the sound of a faint knocking. Stumbling bleary-eyed to the front door, you open it, look out, and see nothing. Mumbling something barely audible about your lawn and the "damn kids" supposedly thereon, you make scarcely a few paces before the knocking resumes. You throw the door open again and look around. Nothing to the left. Nothing to the right. Even less above. Then, your eyes move downward, falling upon a timid-looking skunk. He rears up on his hind legs and extends a paw to you.
   "Ah, A good morning to you, ma'am!" he exclaims in a disarming, gentlemanly voice.

1. Do you return his greeting? Do you shake his hand? Do you... let him in for some tea?!

   Regardless of what action you take, the woodland creature continues.
   "My apologies indeed if you find my unannounced presence intrusive, but no others will give me the time of day. Beautiful mornings get me thinking, you see, and pondering is a recreation best shared." He pauses to clear his throat and wipe his monocle on his fur. Replacing it over his eye, he cuts to the chase. "La raison d'être, my good lady. We exist; of that there is no doubt. But why? What is the purpose?"

2. How do you answer him?

   As you lay on him the layers of your personal philosophy like so many blankets on a cold, winter night, he rubs his chin and nods as if deeply contemplating your words. Then, he leaps across and bites you in the leg. He flies off in your fury of screaming and flailing and scampers away, callously indifferent to the blood pouring down your leg. In retrospect, conversing with a wild skunk while half-awake was not the best idea you've ever had.

3. How much are you dreading the necessary emergency room visit?
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Ever since I got my new kitten, my three adult male cats are in love with her and ignoring me.

They will come back to me eventually, y/y?

Will you post some cat pictures or macros to keep me warm until my fuzzies love me again, please?

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Are there any good websites to help out with math stuff?

I feel like a moron because I'm in math for elementary school teachers and I am NOT planning on being a math teacher but they require all of the special ed majors to take it. I missed 2 days of class for a funeral and I'm trying to do the practice quizzes and study a little to catch up and I'm just totally lost. This stuff isn't hard but it doesn't click with me. I'm working on sets and base four. I pretty much only understand math in the classroom and I take notes but the second I get home and look at them, I feel like I've written them in German or something.

What subject do you suck at?

Are you able to avoid it in your major or is it something that you can't get around no matter how hard you try?

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Have any of you taken the GRE to get into grad school? Any tips on what to focus on when studying?

I'm taking it on Sept 17th and I'm kind of freaking out that I won't do well. I bought a book that teaches you strategies for taking the test and I have GRE flashcards for vocab, but I feel like I've procrastinated way too much and won't be able to study enough beforehand :/
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 I'm going to a job fair type thing in a little while at Aldi's. Do any of you work for Aldi's? What was the interviewing process like? 

I'm really wanting this cause I can get off my feet, get insurance, and make enough money to get the fuck out of the crazy house.

What's the best way to soothe heat rash? I get it in between my thighs because I'm a fatty-fatty-two-by-four-can't-fit-through-the-kitchen-door and they rub together. Baby powder seems to be working pretty good but my room is collecting powder dust all over everything.

What was your favourite cartoon growing up? My brother and I just had an hours long conversation comprising mostly of just shouting titles at each other as they popped in our heads and going "omfg yes! I remember that!"


Have you seen the new Snuggie commercial, where they sing along to the Macarena tune? Do people still care about Snuggies? Can you show me a dorkier commercial? I feel like this one belongs in the early 90s.

Collapse )

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Have any of you tried to use the gylcemic index to help you lose weight?    Or is this more of a tool that people with Diabetes use rather than something that would be useful for weight loss?

Weight watchers is failing me and I'm bummed about it and want to try a new approach. 

Good idea?  Y/N

Edit: Does anybody even know what I'm talking about?

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Around the same times every year (between seasons) I tend to get a rash. Not sure exactly what causes it except the change in the weather, but it's usually easily cured with a bit of cortisone cream. The rash looks like patches of little raised red bumps and is quite itchy. I get a similar rash when I wear jewelry with nickel in it.

Anyway, as summer changes to fall, the rash appeared but this time it's much worse! I usually only get one or two small patches somewhere on my body, but this time I'm getting patches all over the place, and every time I cure one spot, another patch seems to just appear! It's not causing me a lot of pain or anything, but they are very itchy and it's making it hard to concentrate at work. I looked down just now and I noticed I have three new patches of it on my left arm!

Should I be concerned? Should I go to a doctor or will they just tell me to apply more cream and deal with it? Anyone else get random rashes when the season's change and do you have any idea of causes them?

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1. I have a gold chain with some real pearls that I want to sell because I'm in desperate need of some cash. I have no idea at all about jewelery value, so how should I go about this? Am I going to have to drive around and go to a bunch of different pawn shops to make sure no one rips me off? Do you know how much approximately pearls are worth, if anything?

2. Will you ctrl+V and show us the last thing you copied/cut?
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money money money

So thanks to graduating & getting married, we have a small chunk of change from various inlaws. What is the best way (that doesn't involve investing and stocks & shit like that) to make our money work for us, as it were?

Basically what kind of account should we put it in that yields the most interest? I'm wary of a CD in case something goes drastically wrong and we'll need the money.

I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question. I don't know much about finance beyond paying bills and a basic checking/savings account.
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I tried hummus at one of my favorite restaurants after years of passing it up. I have been craving it ever since.

So today I bought two different brands at the store (one plain and one garlic). They were awful. Seriously. I almost barfed.

Do you have any brand or flavor recommendations? I don't understand how it was so amazing at the restaurant and yet the store stuff doesn't even taste like the same thing. Some difference in quality I expected, but this stuff tasted like dirt :(

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 Did you get annoyed when people don't accept your Facebook friend requests? I've known them for like 10+ years and have been really good friends with them. They've been accepting other people. Am I just being sensitive?

DK/DC: What are you doing right now?

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What are your thoughts on bubble tea/pearl milk tea?

I used to love it, but I'm getting sick of it.  You can get it anywhere in Hong Kong.

EDIT: What's your favourite flavour, if any? 

I prefer original.  It's boring, I know.
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Those of you with a Mac with Windows on it:

Do you have 32 or 64 bit Windows? What has been your experience installing/using it? If you have 64 bit, were/are there lots of compatibility/driver issues?

DK/DC: I've had this cough for over a week now. It started out as an asthma thing, and I've been taking my inhaler religiously, but it won't go away! I'm not congested anymore (that stopped around Saturday), there's just this constant tickling at the back of my throat that coughing relieves temporarily. What is wrong with me TQC? Do I need moar drugz?

DK/DC again: Where do you shop for clothes? I'm more interested in the men of TQC, though females may comment as well, in case I ever feel like going out in drag.

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For those of you who get severe headaches/migraines:

What the hell do you do in the time between taking medication and starting to feel better.
I honestly have one of the worst headaches of my life right now.

I know the computer isn't the best, but I'm never light sensitive so honestly, it's not any worse than it was when I was laying on the couch

How was your day?

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You know how you get up in the morning and get dressed and put a bandana in your pocket so you can use it as a handkerchief if you need one, and hours later you reach in to get it because your forehead is all sweaty, and you realize that what you put in your pocket is actually a banana? So why does the colander?


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Your friend is in a no-injury car accident. You see some fault in their actions (following too close, going too fast, etc). Do you point them out?

Have you ever wished you could believe in something that you don't?

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Would you ever get involved romantically or sexually with someone already in a relationship? (as in, they're cheating with you, not an open relationship or anything)

Would it matter to you if they were married or just dating, or are they both equally off limits to you?

What if you were dating/sleeping with someone already and then you found out?
What would you do? Immediately dump the person, encourage them to break it off with the other spouse and be with you, would you consider telling the other spouse, etc.

(not inspired by any real life situations, just a TV show)
Kill Bill - Elle
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I swear if it isn't one thing it's another. I finally got an appointment with an endocrinologist but now something new has started: sometimes when I touch certain things it feels like sharp, jabbing needle pricks on my skin, outlining the shape onto that area of my body. I noticed first with my cell phone against my face, but even my sheets can sometimes be painful.

What odd medical symptoms do you have currently? What's the weirdest health problem you've experienced?

Do you have anything to vent about?

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Has your whole family ever received food poisoning from the same food?

We had meatballs for dinner a little over an hour ago, and my parents and brother are puking their guts out and I'm doing just fine. We all ate/drank the same thing. I know it's not the stomach virus, because it all started at the same time. 

O.O Weird. 

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Have you ever had a friend set you up with someone, with ~romantic intentions~ TQC? How did that go?

A friend of mine wants to set me up with one of her guy friends (who I've met once before, he's hoooot) who's just moved into the city. What's the most bizarre thing you can think of that would make him undateable? The more ridiculous/creepy the better.

How was your long weekend? MINE WAS AWESOME.

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1) Are there any actors/actresses you feel sorry for because, while they show promise, they just can't seem to land a decent role?

2) Are there any singers or other performers whose work you like, but find their look or 'gimmick' completely ridiculous?

3) Are you at all vindictive?
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do you care about sitting on the floor?

my friend was reading what the general ~sexual fetishes~ for his astrological sign the other day and one of them was 'inactive anal penetration'
so i must ask: tqc, why would such a thing even exist?

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Why do the folks who manage major news media think it's important to tell me me how the Dow Jones Industrial Average is doing at that moment?  Why do they think this information has any signifiicance whatsoever to me -- unless it, like, tumbles 10 percent in a few hours or something?  Do they want me to peg my mood and/or my perception of the condition of the cosmos to this particular metric?

Do you care about this number?  Why -- or why not?

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I just ate an entire bag of CHEX MIX and have crumbs in my bed....what do i dooooooooooooooooooooooooooo??

Hey now are you an ALL STAR ? ARE YOU A SHOOTING STAR?


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I will start by saying I have no bills aside from paying for gas, occasionally food and whatever random crap I feel like doing at any particular time.

I have $400 that was put aside because I planned to quit my job so I could really focus on getting a teaching job. I'm told that most schools won't hire subs until October.

I have $1000 that I wanted to be the start of my *savings*. I would like to go away with a friend of mine- something super cheap, just for a weekend. What is the most that you would want to spend out of that $1000?


I keep seeing jobs for front desk positions at gyms and dermatologists offices. I'm overweight and have bad skin. They totally won't hire me, amirite?

Did you ever feel like you wouldn't fit in at a particular job? What were the circumstances?

I can't html

Feel free to mark more than one; I did.

What's your favorite HBO original series?

Big Love
John From Cincinnati
No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency
Six Feet Under
The Sopranos
Tell Me You Love Me
True Blood
The Wire
something else

(no subject) do you flirt with people? can you tell if someone is flirting with you? (sorry im clueless)
3.what do you like to do on dates? nothing boring like movies...

If you dont like dating:
4.How long did it take you to get extremely knowledgeable about things in your chosen career path? I have been interesting in making movies(being a director) since i was little (i'm 18 now) and i still feel like I know nothing about actually making professional movies.
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bbq Beef Tenderloin

I have some imitation beef tenderloin (tenderloin isn't kosher).

I have limited ingredients available as my wife is dominating the kitchen preparing for 4 Rosh Hashanah meals and the 2 Shabbat meals, which need to all be prepared before the Holiday starts, which is Tomorrow night.

Other than just salt and pepper or bbq sauce what is a quick way of preparing them for the bbq?
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A genie grants you three wishes, but the three wishes come with stipulations.

1. One wish has to be something plausible and reasonable for your situation. Something like "I hope Harvard accepts my application" or "I wish my boyfriend would stop being such a douchenozzle". Something that MIGHT happen anyway, even if you didn't have a wish.

2. One wish has to be something that is technically possible, but will never happen to you. This is the time to wish for $100,000,000 or that your fiancee will agree to let you have an open relationship with Portia De Rossi, who after seeing your penis, decided to ditch Ellen and turn to men.

3. One wish has to be for something that is impossible, at least in this day and age. Somehow this genie will be able to grant it. X-ray vision, being able to fly, vacations on the surface of the sun, whatever floats your boat.

What are your three wishes?

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Will you tell me your worst 'college house party disaster ever' story? Or similar party situation?

I think we have one in the making for this weekend. My roommate invited over 200 people for her birthday and our house can probably hold 50. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU

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What do you wear to class (or wherever else you need to go) when it's rainy and nasty out? 
What about when it's rainy AND hot/humid? 
What about when you just feel like crap?

Tomorrow it's going to be pouring rain but be 90F with 90% humidity. I wanted to wear a hoodie to be cozy but it's too humid for even a sweater. :\

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I've tried for a couple of minutes now, and for some reason my right click doesn't work on my computer anymore. I have a new macbook, and I've already checked the trackpad in the system preferences, and it says my secondary click option is already checked. What could this mean?
Quote - Can't Buy Me Love

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Google is failing me, and I'm trying to help my mother. She has what is basically a face or veneer of some sort for her tooth, and it chipped off. She has had it since college (so at least...25 or 30 years?) but was wondering if there was some way for her to glue it back in herself. I think this sounds like a bad idea, and can't find any endorsement of a product or way to do it on Google, but I figured I'd ask here and see. there a way to glue a cosmetic piece of your tooth back in without going to a dentist?
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let's say I'm a network exec, will you pitch to me your tv show idea?

what is your current fave tv show, and if there's something you would change about it, what would it be?
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My dad's surgeon said he can go back to work! Tomorrow will be his first day back, he has been out since the beginning of July. What are some nice things I can do for him?

I'm baking his favorite cookies to pack in his lunch and I'm going to wake up when he leaves so I can give him a big hug and say goodbye. He told me not to make him a sandwich, because apparently I'm not very good at it.

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Is it correct to refer to a rosary as a 'necklace'? (As in, someone was describing a rosary in a story and then said "he set the necklace aside and blah blah blah.") I googled and just got a bunch of shopping links, which I'm a mite distrustful of since religious paraphernalia and shopping have a pretty sordid history with each other.

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If you read either of them, how did you feel about the books "The Grapes of Wrath" or "The Jungle". I have to read both for a class by next week, and I am having trouble deciding which to read first.

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You are going to a 4 day festival.
There is to be rain at some point.
It will be muddy.
You will be carrying all your stuff in a backpack/not driving.

On the fourth day there is a FANCY DRESS day.

The theme is fantasy.

What do you go as?

not at all inspired by the festival I'm going to this weekend...
I kill the bus driver.

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Has anyone here read the entire Vampire Chronicles series (or majority of them) by Anne Rice? If so, could I ask you some questions about them? I just finished IWTV, but due to other books on my list to read, I am not starting on the rest of the series immediately and have some brief, but intense, curiosities about them.
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On a scale from 1-10, how smart would you say you are? 10 being genius. Why?

On a scale from 1-10 (10 being Helen of Sparta), how physically attractive do you think you are?

Are you nervous when you have to meet new people?

I'm super nervous and I can't even talk to new people without stuttering or shaking and getting super sweaty. I don't know what to do about it. I've thought about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy but I have no money for it.

(no subject)

1. Any bands/musicians you used to hatehatehate but now like or love? Why the switch?

2. Can you finish this sentence? "I'm a fan of __________, but only before/after __________ was released". (Doesn't have to be music.)

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this has already been asked before but i forgot to save the entry to my favorites...hope you can help...again.

how do you stop over thinking/over analyzing?

there was a technique suggested which is the answer i'm looking for.. i completely forgot what it's called but it's a way to train your mind and control your thoughts.

serious answers please. thanks :)