September 6th, 2010

so many Qs haha

what are your thoughts on engagement traditions as far as the ring goes? ie someone asks someone else to marry them, and they're 100% serious .. but they don't have a ring yet because they can't afford it (or whatever other reason they might have).

is it still a "real" engagement without an engagement ring, or just words that really don't mean anything?
would you agree to a proposal without a ring if it was promised to be bought at a later date?
does a piece of jewelry really make it or break it?

DON'T CARE: what sort of things do you always tend to forget when you are going away on vacation or going to school or whatever?
i always forget pyjamas and my toothbrush :(

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You sleep with a new person, with whom you have discussed sexual histories. Later you discover said person was lying about his/her sexual history. Specifically, s/he was lying about past sexual encounters and was actually a virgin prior to sleeping with you. How (if at all) do you react?

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Guys I just got back from a Lady Gaga concert and I had a killer costume on, so I got interviewed for the newspaper, got on TV, and a million random people took pictures of me.

How often do you have attention focused on you? Do you like public attention/attention from people you don't know? does it depend?

ETA: Pic under the cut. I couldn't find a decent full-body pic but here ya go:
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Peggy Blink

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If you planned to buy something pricey for yourself only to find that your SO wanted to buy that item for you on your approaching birthday, what would you ask for instead?

What do you want for your birthday?
I want a nice dinner, to see Grinderman (omg Nick Caaaaaaave) on my birthday, and maybe Ikea gift cards.

What was the last birthday present you gave to someone?
I bought my room mate a whole bunch of B&BWorks stuff, a whiskey set (the bottle and glasses) and a bottle of Jameson.

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on some of the cupcake shows that are on tv, i've seen them use this plastic tube thing to hollow out cupcakes so they can be filled. does anyone know somewhere reputable i could buy something like this?
Tea plant leaves

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Can you recommend a good bottled salsa? I'm really disappointed with extra-chunky, too sweet stuff I've tried with Pace, Tostitos, and Old El Paso. I was hoping for something a little more restaurant-style.

If you hate supermarket salsa, do you have a good recipe to make it myself?

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My family's having this huge reunion/cook out on Saturday and it's going to be at this park with a huge field and I'm in charge of games for the kids, but other than musical chairs, I really have no ideas.

What are some fun games a huge group of kids can play??

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I'm moving into my student house next week, and am going to be alone for a couple of days. I struggle with homesickness initially and will have no internet, so what can I do to stop myself from getting lonely?
I'll probably be busy and have fun but i'm just insuring myself!
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Hi TQC. I'm in the process of buying a used car, and since the factory warranty has expired I have the option of buying a service plan- coverage for the next x number of years depending on how much I want to pay. It all has to be paid up front and the cheapest option is $1500 for 5 years. I am leaning heavily towards no but is it really a good thing to have?

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 Hey all! 2 questions for ya.

1) I have Windows Vista 64-Bit. In your opinion, is it worth it to upgrade to Windows 7? Explain please.

2) I'm looking to buy a digital SLR camera. I'm not too experienced with cameras, and it would probably just be for personal use, but I'd like to buy one as opposed to a regular digital camera, just for durability and clarity/professional look of the images. My price range is around $200 to $400. My problem is, I have no guidelines for which I should get. Does anyone have any advice on how to choose, or suggestions for which camera to get? If you own one, then post pictures taken with it please!

Edit: My price range is flexible. This is a graduation gift from my grandparents, so I'd like to keep the price low, but if a camera is really worth the money and will last, then I'm willing to ask for it.


CSS Fail...

I switched to S2 bc S1 is fucked, and I cannot figure out how to change the font size. I know I have to use custom CSS, and s2howto is really hard to navigate IMO, and I've googled the CSS code for font size or whatever, but can anyone help me figure out exactly how to implement it? Thanks!

(ETA: I did try pasting the code into the box lol, nothing changed though.)

More edit:

body [ font-size:9px; ]

Except pretend the [] are {}

Is that anywhere near what I'm supposed to be pasting into the CSS box?

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So let's say you live in a nice family oriented neighborhood with a few rentals for college students here and there. Some new students move in about a half block from you, and have a housewarming party. That night, you're riding your bike home and notice some guy walking into your yard right up to a bench you have sitting in the garden. He doesn't see you pull up. You ask, "Um, can I help you?" and he turns around and runs away at full speed, toward the house with the party.

The next morning, you wake up and your bench is gone. You walk over to the party house and it's sitting cozy on their front porch. What do you do? You obviously get the bench back, but do you talk to them about it? Bitch them out? Call the cops?

I am amazed at the disrespect and idiocy. Way to welcome yourselves to the neighborhood, assholes.

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Weird situation...

I recently moved to LA from Ohio and took my dog (chihuahua) and cat with me. This wasn't supposed to be an issue because I was pursuing school and photography. However, old habits die hard and I got back into the music business, and was hired for a two month long tour. My mom wants me to get my chihuahua back home at the end of sept before I leave, and swears I can just put Dax on a plane alone and "ship" him. I assumed I would fly with him but she's adamant I don't need to do this. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge on this? I always felt like crating and shipping an animal was mean, but am I just being silly? How should I best go about this? Or rather, what are my options?

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Hello TQC, i hope this isn't a dumb question :)

So I have a Tumblr. I just got it a couple of months ago. Yesterday i posted a quote I liked, and for the first time three people "liked" the quote and a couple re-blogged it. I dont know any of them personally, but I thought it was cool that they found my blog somehow and likesd it too.

My questions are: How did they find my blog? How do you find blogs randomly like that on Tumblr? And is there any way to go to their blog and kinda say, Hey, thanks for liking the same quote I do and re-blogging it? Is that even necessary?

Tanx :)
The Receptionist Classic

Creepy man is creepy

We live in a duplex and share a large driveway with another duplex. The folks that live across from us are an older couple -- I'd put her in her early 60s and him in his mid 70s.

About a half an hour ago, a guy drove up in a car, got out and started pounding on their door. Three times he BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!ed on their door. Rang the doorbell twice. Then he shoved a letter into their door frame and then he started walking around the front, looking at their windows. He left, but a few minutes ago, he came back and started pounding on their door again. The other tenant in that duplex saw him, but didn't seem to recognize him, so I don't think it's their landlord.

He's kind of creeping me out, since he's trying to peer into their windows and he's banging really hard on their door. If he comes back again, should I ring the police?

Any theories on who this guy might be?

Also, he's wearing an olive green Hawaiian print shirt, khaki shorts, sandals, sunglasses, and he is probably in his 50's with white hair, thick mustache. And he drives a white BMW convertible (older model, mid-to-late 90s) with the top up. Go ahead and build your assumptions using that descriptor.


When moving to a new city/town, what sort of things appeal to you?

What information would you want to know before you chose a place? (schools, public transportation, shopping, whatever)

Have you ever moved to a place you'd never been before?
the boys from queens

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What creative sounding name would you call a target audience of females in their early 20's-30's?
How about one a little older, with a family?

DK/DC: Why are you on the comp on labor day?
cabaret voltaire

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oh my god kate bornstein is coming to our campus to do a performance piece!! i'm really excited to see her! what guest speakers that have come to your campus were you excited to see? did you get to personally meet them?

that was easy?

I was just at Staples. As I was shopping around the store, an employee handed me a $5 off coupon. I didn't look closely at it and just carried it around until I was ready to pay. The coupon was amongst the three items I was buying. The cashier told me that I had to spend 50 bucks in order to get the 5 bucks off. My total was $46.78.
I did not need anything else.
He asked me if I wanted to go and get something else to bump my total up.
I declined.
He asked again.
I took a quick look around my immediate area and said politely, "Nah, no, I don't need anything thanks."
He pressed.
I again declined.
He started to slowly explain to me how dumb I was being.
I paid for my purchase and left.
Even before I was out of earshot he had turned to his boss/co-worker to advise whatta stupid broad I was being for not taking advantage of such a good deal.

He was being a bit of an asshole, yes?
Why did it bother him so much do you think?

Should I have confronted him and his bitching about me as I was leaving the store?

Do you ever confront these kinds of situations?
malcolm giggle

(no subject)

so i have the apartment to myself today, and i have nowhere to be. i've decided that i'm just going to do a labor day movie marathon by myself, and i'm about to go to the store to pick up some food. i'd like to get snacks for the marathon, and i've already decided on chips and salsa, but i'm going to need more than that.

what other snacks should i get? (besides popcorn)

Inspired by TQC

For those of you who spent a lot of money on college, do you feel it was worth it?
If you could do it again, would you choose a less expensive/more expensive school? Why?

If you had $46 worth of stuff and would get $5 off your purchase if you spent $50, would you hunt around for random stuff or would you just stick to your $46 purchase?

(no subject)

TQC, what sorts of dreams do you have? Last night it went back and forth for me between random/awkward sex dreams and me doing the dishes. As in, I woke up and half-expected the dishes to be done. But no. Has this ever happened to you? Mixing up reality and dreams is so weird.
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there is this guy who annoys the shit out of me. examples: he bothers my dog, leaves full beer cans everywhere, drinks my dad's wine, etc when he comes over. however, he is very close friends with my roommie. should i put my foot down and not let him come over anymore, or should i let this one go?

p.s. what do i do if i decide he can't come over and she doesn't listen?
ringo starfish

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tomorrow I am leaving to spend a year abroad. I will have a home while I'm away (not backpacking or anything).

what should I do with my external hard drive? should I take it with me & risk it being damaged while traveling, or go a whole year without backing up my computer?

(no subject)

 Would you travel halfway across the world for your love?

Because the guy who likes me is halfway across the world, in college, and no idea whether this would work because he's too poor to fly here.
the boys from queens

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Will you post things that will motivate me to finish this stupid project?

-It's my final professional project to finish graduate school
-It was due in August, but I got an extension on it :/
-The more work I do, the bigger it seems to get. I feel like it's going to be well over 100 slides by the time I'm done when my original plan only alloted for around 50

DK/DC: What should you be doing right now that you aren't?
swimming in a pink dress

(no subject)

Tell me your experiences with a psychic.  My mom called me yesterday and told me that my sister's psychic told her that I was going to have a baby.  I do not want to have children, so this frightened me.  Every time someone else or myself has gone to a psychic - everything they say comes true.

Do you think it is all bullshit?  Or have your experiences with a psychic turned out to be true?

(no subject)

I'm taking a bus from Indianapolis back to NYC for nineteen hours. what's going to happen to me on this bus ride?

non-srs answers appreciated

ETA: I have an 80-minute layover in Pittsburgh between 3:40 and 5 am
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Can you think of any poems written from the point of view from infancy, school-age, lover, old-age, and death?
I'm trying to put together a program and can't think of anything or where to start (for forensics team)

(no subject)

I did student teaching last semester and I didn't love my cooperating teacher (the person whose class I took over). On a scale of 1-4 on my final evaluations, she gave me threes, saying that I was *perfect* but she felt that if she put down a four, I wouldn't have needed her and she would have been learning from me. She then wrote me a pretty great evaluation. I was totally surprised because she was honestly, pretty mean to me for the most part.

I haven't spoken to her since I left in March/April.
Do you think she'd be a good reference? Is it too late for me to ask?

A lot of my online applications are asking for 5-6 professional references, and I don't have that many people who have watched me teach.
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Would you be willing to give up all sweets for the rest of your life for a million dollars?

Will you please post a "would you for a million $$" question? I realize this is phrased awkwardly.

Would you kill someone for a billion dollars (and you'd never get caught)?
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

What is an alternative...thing I can use as a coffee table other than a regular coffee table or trunk? I currently have an ottoman as a coffee table that I hate. I'd also prefer no glass because my kids are nuts. Or any links to cool looking coffee tables if I need to settle on an actual table?
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myrtle beach

I want to go to Tiger Friends in North Myrtle Beach. How big is this area?

If I fly into the regular Myrtle Beach airport, what is tranportation like? Are there busses or would it be reasonable to rent a cab?
model → rad boys


TQC, I just ran myself a bubble bath. Quick! Will you please recommend me some relaxing tunes or bubble bath jams? Before the water gets cold!

When was the last time you took a bubble bath? ETA: Do you take bubble baths regularly?

What are the best activities for a bubble bath? Or is it all about the lack of activity?

(no subject)

Do you fall asleep very quickly? My boyfriend has the ability to lie down in bed, start to do something (video games, computer, putting his phone on the charger) and fall asleep almost instantly while I lie in bed for a while (20-30 minutes) before I can fall asleep.

Who in TQC do you want to talk to more often (or at all)? Why don't you do so!?
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TQC, what the hell is wrong with me? I woke up this morning and apparently I ground/grit my teeth all last night. Now there's this weird pressure feeling in my molar. It doesn't really hurt, there's just pressure. Why the pressure?

(no subject)

I was just out jogging and bumped into my ex. We had a lovely, friendly conversation, but I know if I don't have something to occupy my mind, I'll dwell on it.

What do you reckon would be the worst situation in which to bump into your ex? Luckily I had just started out, so wasn't too sweaty, plus I had my SWEET new tattoo to show off to him.

How awesome is Darwin Deez?

my formatting is shit, sorry

I recently was behind some "interesting" bumper stickers. (On different cars.)

First one:

Comfort the disturbed, disturb the comfortable.

Do you agree with this at all?

Second one:

If you're able to read this bumper sticker, thank a teacher. If you're able to read this bumper sticker in english, thank a soldier.

How eye-rolly do you get when you read instigative bumper stickers?

How offensive is that second one?

Do you have any bumper stickers on your car?
nana smoking

(no subject)

What's something that you'd be embarrassed if people in real life found out about you?
Do you have an oral fixation (ie, chewing on pencil/pens, nails, sucking on caps, needing gum/mints)?
What's something from your childhood that you still hang onto (act, personality trait or item)?

(no subject)

I lost my car key.  This is bad because it was the only car key I had.  SO how do I go about getting a new one?  It's only a standard key, not electronic and I don't know how to do this.  

(If it helps, it's a 2001 Chevy Cavalier.)

(no subject)

Is it okay to wear black to a wedding? I have a little black dress I'm dying to wear in October, and I was going to accessorize it with a cardigan and some jewelry. I went to Google to find opinions, and there was a great big argument about it.


I have three inane questions, and this one is mostly directed towards the ladies in the house: When buying "personal" things like bras and underpants/lingerie and things like KY jelly and crotch deodorant, would you choose not to go to a male cashier, and instead go to a female cashier? Or do you just not care who sees your stuff?

I would definitely go to a female cashier with those sort of things, even if there's a longer line.

Also, when you're standing in line waiting, do you just stand there and stare off into space until it's your turn, or do you take things off hangers and organize items to put upon the counter?

I'm the latter. It just helps the cashier out a little and I think it makes things go a little quicker.

How dedicated are you when it comes to using reusable shopping bags?

I remember to use my reusable bags about 70% of the time.

(no subject)

Tomorrow is the first day of school for me, and I keep having horribly stressful dreams for the past two weeks where my schedule is all fucked up and I get in trouble for not being in the right class or w/e. How can I stop stressing/calm down and have a good nights sleep?

ESL, sunblock and wasting vodka?

god I haven't been on LJ in ages, but these questions are just THAT important

1. I'm applying for a grant to teach English in central asia. for my purpose statement I have to talk about an "academic, vocational, or community service project" to do while I'm not teaching. They encourage helping the community or teaching about american culture...but I can't think of any ideas that aren' boring? I was kind of inspired by this blog to do a self-defense project for young girls. I've just started taking judo classes (seriously, JUST started, as in last week) and although I have a year to work my ass off at it (because, if accepted, I would leave next september), I don't know if it'll be enough.

What kind of project would you do? Would you teach about american culture or do some kind of community service?

2. I've been tutoring ESL students from all around the world...and I'm a lesbian. I've been told not to tell students because some come from places where it's not only misunderstood, but seen as something absolutely disgusting (well, wait. I shouldn't say "places" since so many americans feel the same way, but you know what I mean, I hope). And I feel like I HAVE to tell some male tutorees that I have a boyfriend because some just incessantly hit on me. It's so frustrating. is anyone else going through this? I know so few queers who teach English as a second language. :( I guess it wouldn't feel as bad if I weren't already totally invisible within the gay community...everyone always thinks I'm straight.

3. totally irrelevant to the other two questions: how bad is sunblock for your skin? I wear Aveeno's SPF 55 daily because my skin is ridiculously sensitive and I live in Florida. I was told that it would have really bad effects on me, and google is wishy washy on it. help D: I'm already paranoid about skin products! hah.

4. have you ever made your own vanilla extract? I'm thinking of using this recipe and giving them out as christmas gifts...but I'd hate to risk wasting good vodka and having it turn out awful, haha.

sorry for all the tl;dr, but I seriously appreciate everyone's help!
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(no subject)

What colour should I paint my hallway?

My living room is grey, my kitchen and bath are both turquoise and my bedroom is 2 walls grey and 2 walls turquoise. I still have lots of turquoise left over, but I think that's a little too much turquoise. The hall is currently an off-white yellowy colour. The other 2 bedrooms are white and a beige.

(no subject)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you enjoy exercise? Probably a 6 for me

How often do you exercise? An hour a day, six days a week. 

If you could only do one thing for exercise, what would it be? Jogging. I love cardio

(no subject)

1)What jobs have you had?

I've been a bagger, a tutor, an file monkey, a research helper, an intern about thrice, a daycare worker, and now I'm a person who gets thrown crayons at and spends a lot of time at the ER.

2)What gadgets do you have?

An old ipod that only plays music,xbox 360, ps2, ds. samsung cellphone

(no subject)

If a friend of yours was nervous about driving in high-traffic areas, would you try to help them overcome that fear by encouraging them/coaching them, or would you see it as none of your business and something they can deal with on their own? Assume they have been driving for a few years now and have lived in a major city their entire life.

ETA: Do you ever try to help solve your friends' problems? Do you only do so when asked? If you had a problem, would you feel comfortable with help being offered, or would you prefer only getting help when you've asked for it?

(no subject)

Will you post your current Facebook status so we can comment on the quality of your day/humourous nature of your status/emo-ness of your status/etc?

Mine: Victoria found a totally naked Barbie doll and a sparkly lizard keyring today. Dougal tipped his house up & got himself stuck in it. What an odd day.

(no subject)

I'm the older child, and my brother had to watch me go off to college first. HOWEVER, I got sick and came home for a few years, and will be going back to school in January. So now I'm living with my folks. AND MY BROTHER JUST LEFT FOR COLLEGE.


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(no subject)

do you personally know anyone who is a hoarder? (like major hoarding in those tv shows)
how did you react to their situation?did you help them?

what was the best thing that happened to you this summer?

(no subject)

What could be the cause of chronic headaches? As in more than one a day. My dad says I probably need to start weening myself off of my anti depressant (generic paxil) but I am thinking it is more than likely my glasses that is causing it, needing a new prescription.

(no subject)

It has recently been brought to my attention that I hardly ever wear any colors besides black, white, and grey. What colors do you wear most often?

What's your favorite kind of "Asian" food? (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, etc?)

Why doesn't Lady Gaga just turn off her damn telephone?
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new and improved question

will you describe, in three words only, a movie OR a tv show OR a song? for clarity's sake, please specify which media form it is you are attempting to describe. then, the members of TQC will guess it.

example: dead man Reno would be Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison Blues

(no subject)

Have you tried Valerian Root for insomnia or to just help you fall asleep easier? Did it work? How did you feel in the morning? How long before I need to be asleep should I take it?

What is your favorite way to help you get to sleep?