September 5th, 2010

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what kind of underwear....

What is the best style of underpants to put on my body before I go to a concert? They can be cheap, expensive. Or inbetween, if you prefer.

as long as they won't bunch easily that's cool. just looking for something that can withstand hours of swaying rhythmically and stuff
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will you post the name of a character with whom you would be best friends? can be from anything

mine is charlie from it's always sunny

what's the most food you've eaten in one sitting?

i'm setting a new record for myself
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My stove is having trouble (stupid electricity) but I want some spaghetti. How can I cook some pasta without a cooktop, and without turning it to glue?

Is Titanic an appropriate movie for a ten year old? If no, why not?

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yesterday i was in the mall returning some things and these guys were randomly up from florida selling sugar-gliders. i obviously fell in love and spent an obscene amount of money on one. she's 8 weeks old.

however, i can't get past the fact that i now basically own a squirrel to even think of names for her. i'm going to take her everywhere with me (including work) so her name needs to not be dumb. i work in book publishing, so maybe something literary, or maybe just something very silly. yesterday there was one named Forrest Gump. I love that name. What do I name her?!??

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I was watching the TV show Leverage where the character Sophie Devereaux (a con artist) is an extremely bad actress on stage but off of it she's incredibly good.

Do you think that there are people like that?
Have you ever met someone that can't act on stage but are really good off of it?

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My dad is getting me a new laptop for my birthday. Macs in mind, which one should I ask for? ( I pretty much use it for general internetting and art stuff)

My birthday is 10/10/10 this year, what epicness should be in my plans?

Why is cooking more fun when you're drinking?

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TQC, look at this faaace!

How should I convince my dad that this dog should become part of our family? I've done research on the Whippet and I think that it's actually kind of perfect; we have a dog park near our house that I can take him to for him to run around a few times a week, and they're couch potatoes and very sweet in the house. For dog owners:do you have your dogs in any classes?

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do you sing in the shower?
what was the last song you sang while in the shower?
dc/dk/dontshower what is the weather like in your neck of the woods? what are you going to do today?

answer i used to a lot, my own personal concert venue. since im afraid of my residents hearing me now, i whistle. last one was andrew bird's tenuousness.
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(no subject)

When someone says something rude about your significant other, should you assume they are jealous or looking out for your well-being?

I am not normally someone who accuses people of being jealous, but someone said something really mean about my partner on Formspring, and it really seems like they're jealous. Formspring is a site when you can submit anonymous questions. The asker was anonymous. ETA: Collapse )
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Do you listen to songs that are in a language that you don't speak or understand? 

I can't stop listening to this one song in French. I know what the song is about and the melody is lovely. 
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What is your favorite kind of sushi? Pictures and ingredients are encouraged!

I might be going out for sushi with my mom later, but neither of us are very experienced with it. Maybe you can help me decide what to get. Everything I've had has been delicious and I'm not at all a picky eater.
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.
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I just finished my NFL fantasy draft a couple of hours ago, and I'm pretty excited for the upcoming football season.

Is anyone else doing fantasy football? If you are, what does your team look like?
If you haven't done your draft yet, who do you want on your team?

If you don't know, don't care, or just plain hate football, what was the last thing you purchased?

Names Part Two

I am engaged to my partner. However the one decision that I thought I would keep, I am having an issue trying to make it work.

I like my last name, my last name is a nice, I see it as my identity. Sad but true. I am proud to be part of my family. I always believed I would kee my last name and I still badly want to.
Now that I am engaged I have to start thinking about my last name and if I am keeping it...Easy decision right?

We both want children, our names are too long to combine or hyphenate and I want to have the same name as my children, and so does my partner. I cannot force him to change to mine like he cannot force me to change mine.
Whenever I think of changing my name I realise that I just can't. Its too much a apart of me. Yes its just name but I like it and I have no need to change it. But if my children are not going to have the same name as me then whats the point.

I dont have the in laws urging but luckily I know to ignore that. I am not totally against it but whenever I think about it I have strong urge to wack myself for going against my beliefs and what I want.

Not only NO ONE can either pronounce or spell his last name(Threlfo(Prenounced "trelfo"), its personal joke but I have enough probs with my current last name(Middleton) and mine spelt how you pronounce it.

What the fuck should I do?

He doesnt want to change his last name at all even if its to pick another one
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Sinkholes and doggies

My sis requested I ask these questions for her, since TQC is All Knowing.

1) Do underwater sinkholes have whirlpool-like currents that suck people down?

2) Why do dogs "doggie-paddle" in the air when you hold them above water?

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In your opinion, what are some traits that make someone a good person? eta: besies sharing snacks and meals :)

How can I get people to stop asking me for my snacks and meals at work? I get many questions like, "Oh, can I have some?" or "Are you going to eat that?" I don't have enough money to bring extra for everyone all the time. Also, sometimes the people who ask are children.

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I'm moving into my new student house this weekend.
Should I get my dad to help me so that I have some company moving in (i'll be the only one there) or save him the hassle and get family who are staying in my house while my mum is away to bring it with them a week later?
It's a 3 hour drive.
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Since there are are a couple of laptop questions posted up here, I thought of a few myself.
How long do you think it'll take for me to get used to my new PC? (Former Mac user)

What should I call it? It's a HP Pavillion, and I think it's either going to be black or silver...or both... My Macbook was called Monty

Do you think the annoying girl on my dorm floor will kick up a fuss because I'm getting a laptop similar to hers?

How do you think a Skittle found its way under this keyboard and still look to be intact?
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(inspired by someone recently linking to this website on facebook: )

It looks like its trying to be the new site along the vein of FML or TFLN.

These types of websites are sooooooooo popular right now, do you like them or hate them? Why do you think they are so "big" RIGHT NOW?

I recently found myself with a lot of spare time so I guess its sort of mindless but still can be really entertaining, but up until recently I totally did NOT get the appeal
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(no subject)

What is the fucking weather like where you are? Are you happy with it?

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

If you're not annoyed by my asking such an oft-asked question, will you tell me some books to get at the library? I like realistic and historical fiction, and memoirs and interesting nonfiction. and YA. but I am up for anything.
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TQC technophiles, I need your help. I have a hand-me-down iPod that has some nice music on it and i want to put it in my iTunes library, but I don't know how to go about doing that w/o erasing everything on the device. Should I click the button that says "transfer purchases"? How do I go about it?
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TQC, my grandma has Alzheimers. She just came up to see me (she lives in a downstairs apartment and my dad and I live upstairs) and asked if we had anything for a snack, and I told her that there are ice cream sandwiches in the freezer. She asked if I could come down and help her with it because she "doesn't trust herself to do it right" and I said that she could do it herself and that I didn't think she could mess anything up. I feel sort of shitty about my response but I'm just not sure how much to "baby" her; my dad and I already make her meals and help her get dressed. What would you have done?

Edit: went down just now and helped her. Whoever said that she might have trouble opening the packaging, you were right. So I was able to get it open for her. Hurray. :)
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It's grape season!! Concord grapes, scuppergong, muscadine, fox... All my favorites!! They're also good for making wine, but that has nothing to do with my question.

If and when you eat "slip skin" grapes, do you (personally) eat the skin and seeds?

I usually eat the skin but always try to spit out the seeds.

dk/dc/wtf are you talking about THIS time: have you ever gone foraging for wild fruits and vegetables?
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(no subject)

Why is my friend always late? Fuck man, I told her this time we have got to get there early. But she's always fucking late.

What's been annoying you lately?
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i really want to get involved in fat acceptance/HAES/etc activism. how can i go about doing this? i'm not sure where to start

edit: if you don't know, will you post an inspiring picture? interpret however you wish
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Have you ever broken up with someone because they were moving across the country 'for good?'

My boyfriend is supposed to move with his family in December to Florida, from New York and I cannot stop stressing about it. We've only been dating a few months, but I could honestly see us together forever.

jury duty

My partner got selected for jury duty. Much as he'd love to do his civic duty, we're a single income household with kids and are barely making ends meet as it is. A week or two of jury duty would basically mean we can't make rent. What do you think the chances are of getting an exemption with those circumstances?

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Haven't seen this in awhile (ever?): Do you have any funny stories about yourself or someone else doing something crazy / funny / weird while taking Ambien?

This post is inspired by my SO's 83 year old grandmother, who took an Ambien before an international flight so she could sleep. She woke up in the bathroom with her husband, the stewardess, and the plane's security guy all banging on the door thinking she had died in the bathroom. Oh, Mombo. {:P

eta It was ON the plane during the flight that this happened.

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When was the last time you averted disaster?

Inspired by me remembering there were highly inappropriate pictures of my ex on the phone I lent my mum. I managed to delete them before anyone looked through them.
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What do you do when sick?

Right, so I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself with a fever and a sore throat. What do you usually do when you feel any of those symptoms? I usually eat icecream, but I don't have any and I need some tips that might make me feel better.
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I asked this before a long time ago but never got around to getting any, and I don't remember what people said, soooooo

1a. What is the best OTC teeth whitening stuff? I know baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can do it (slowly), but are there any kits out there that work well enough to make them worth the cost/any other negs? If you've used any and have before/after pics of your teeth please share!

1b. And another question about that. I have just one weirdly stained tooth. If I apply the whitening stuff everywhere, will all of my teeth end up the same shade of white? Or will that stupid tooth still stand out compared to the rest?

2. Do you ever look at a photo of yourself and think you look soooo good, and then years or even months later look back and realize you look hideous in it and wonder how you ever liked it? Not due to changes in your appearance/fashion, just the realization that it's a crappy photo.

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Alrighty, my iPod will be 5 years old in January and I think it may finally be dying. I'm gonna give it another chance because I lovvvvvvvvvve it and it has a sentimental case on it, but it keeps reading as full battery then suddenly empty battery. It's...what is it...a 30gb? Video/picture classic thingy. I have photos on it, but I mainly just use it for moozik & connecting to my car. I don't have millions of tracks on it.

So my question is, when it does crap it, which is, seemingly, going to be quite soon, what should I get to replace it? I am only learning towards the iPod Touch because my boy has an iPhone and Angry Birds and Talking Carl are sooooooo cute. So yes, thoughts?
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I'm trying to watch back episodes of Jersey Shore on right now and the player won't download. Is this a chrome thing and I just have to use another browser or am I just going to have to do it illegally?

ETA: I had to to open IE for the first time since getting my computer. Even JS may not be worth this.

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Have any females noticed that doing the frog kick properly involves directing (nasty lake- or pool-) water straight at/into your genitalia? Am I the only one who's uncomfortable with this?

Does this happen to guys too, or is breaststroke just sexist? (Or am I just nuts?)

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Besides livejournal, what are some of the websites you regularly use?
What are some of your favorite websites?

Mine -,,,

dk/dc - What are you wearing?

(no subject)

best pet name you've ever heard?

also, how white (or not white) trashy are your extended family members? i feel like having the trashiest cousins is an unspoken honor, or at least entertaining

(no subject)

 So, my sisters kitten (edit: he's 8 months, so not really a kitten) has fleas. We plan on taking it into the vets office to get frontline, and on washing all her bedding and vacuuming the carpet. Is there anything else we should do? My little sister (she's 12) is terrified that the fleas are "going to get her." Can humans get flea infestations? Google seems to be conflicted on this. Is there anything she can do to make sure she does not have fleas? We also plan on giving the kitten a flea bath, although that's more to clean all the pepper-looking flea poo off him.

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Someone just hijacked my friend's Facebook, and now my News Feed is full of "Ren__ is super gay. Ren __ likes the Oprah WInfrey Show. Ren __ likes Epic Movie." I feel intense secondhand embarrassment for him. 

Has one of your friend's ever had their FB hacked? DId they post anything embarrassing? 

EDIT: New in my News Feed: "Ren wants to make a man out of Justin Bieber". I can't look anymore. 
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(no subject)

I decided to help index genealogy records at and I've ran across a problem. Reading old timey handwriting is hard! So with that said, can you help me decipher this name?

It's male, age 5-20, 1885 census. It looks like Levinna to me, but that's clearly a female name. Maybe Leorma? I just can't figure it out!

EDIT: Here is a handwriting help they included that doesn't really help me.

Also, if it helps, his dad's name was Eugene.

Bathing Suits Bathing Suits....

Okay, here are some questions.


Where are you from?

How many bathing suits do you own?

How many did you use this summer?

For me:

Female, own about five bathing suits, two which I bought last summer, and were the only ones I used last summer, two I bought about five summers ago, used one of those this summer. The last one I found over five years ago, recently uncovered it and it surprisingly fit. Most summers I don't go swimming too often so only use two suits, but this summer in the NY metro area was overwhelmingly hot. Ended up using four out of five of the bathing suits I own. Haven't counted the number of times I've been swimming, but I usually don't do it too often.
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(no subject)

Let's say you're interested in dating someone, and you have a hunch that they're interested in you too. So you decide to hang out with them a few times to test the waters and see if there's anything there worth pursuing (so these aren't necessarily dates). How much time do you, personally, think there should be in between each hangout?

I'm not asking for advice or anything, btw, i'm just asking for your personal opinions.

Bonus question: How often do you confuse the "post" and "post to this community" links?
Friends: Not good at advice
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(no subject)

Dear TQC,

I am 21 and am single for the first time since 17. Can you give me some of your best (or worst) advice on how to be an adult and date? Also, I am a girl. (ETA, I am not like fresh-from-a-breakup-single. I've been enjoying being single for a little while but would like to not turn down every single date offer.)

Will you also share your worst date story?
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(no subject)

A question about whether you'd rather be blind or deaf seems to come up rather often.  Is it really better to be one than the other, in your opinion?

EDIT: Okay..I think I worded this wrong. I don't want to know which you'd rather be. I'm curious as to how you can judge one disability as better or worse than another.