September 4th, 2010

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why did tia_1982 broke my heart? why did i ever had a crush on him? why did i even had sex with him? why did i ever fell in love with a guy like him?
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Wisdom Teeth!

So I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday!

What are some good things that will be easy to eat?
I know my stomach feels nasty when I consume liquidy meals, how should I combat this?

Any good movies I should watch while I'm home hiding my chipmunk cheeks?
Movies easy to find online (especially on Netflix or Hulu) would be fantastic.

If you got your wisdom teeth removed, how long did it take you to recover?

... such power... all hope is lost...

Without googling it, who here knows where "New Ultimate Jesus" is from? Anyone?
(Hint: It's not from 4chan. I asked someone earlier and they said 4chan. It isn't.)

I'm just curious how widely known the source of the term comes from. I was originally going to post a piece of dialog from the same source (that ended with the proclaiming of the creation of New Ultimate Jesus), but I'm too tired to do that right now, but I did put the first line in the subject of this post.

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My roommate may be sleeping with my ex boyfriend downstairs right now. I am toooo drunk to decide if I really don't care about this or if I'm just bullshitting everyone.

Similar experiences with ex's and friends? Good times or drama?
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1. Okay, so I've asked everyone I know and consulted other communities in the past, and so far nobody has been able to give me an answer.

There's this movie I'm trying to remember the title of. It's a kids' animated film, about animals that live in the forest, I believe, centering around one in particular but I can't recall if it's a he or she or what kind of animal, other than it's a mammal. At some point, I remember a tanker truck crashes or something, leaking toxic gas into the nearby woods. It proceeds to invade the tree-trunk homes of the forest creatures, killing some (including the main animal's parents/grandparents I think) and making a forest-wide disaster.

Does anyone know what movie I'm talking about?

2. Who's better? The old Strawberry Shortcake or the new?

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TQC, my friend tried to hook up with a guy while another girl and I were awkwardly in the next room and neither of us had a car with us. What should we have done?

Tl;dr Before we saw him, she was saying it was so gross to even make out with him, etc and then decided she wanted to get with him and kept trying to get him alone. It left another friend and I stranded in his living room while she kept going to the bedroom.

ETA: He had the only car there because of limited parking at his apartment and cabs can be hard to track down because I live in a fairly small area.


As far as I can tell, this is not violating rule #2 because it is not asking for torrent sites...


QUESTION: If you use torrents, aren't you afraid of downloading a virus accidentally? Why are these so popular? They seem like open invitations to viruses!
zombie baby cede! :D

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Beyond the traditional pot or microwave route, what is your favorite (or most interesting) way to eat Ramen Noodles? I used to have a cook book for them, but I'm afraid I might have given it away. :(

what to eat...

What is the best  meal to eat before you go to a concert? This would be an early dinner. Or a supper, if you prefer.

I am going to a concert tomorrow night (September 5), and I'm not sure what I should have for dinner that will be best for the standing and perhaps rhythmic swaying that will occur at said-concert. 
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Several years ago, when I got my very first job ever, I became very close to my boss. He eventually became like a second father to me.

He moved away about a year ago, so I never see him anymore, but I think of him often and I still love him very much.

A few nights ago, I had a dream where I saw him again, and he spent the whole time trying to get me to have sex with him. It was horrifying.

TQC, what does this dream mean? Srs answers only plz. Srsly.

Have you ever had a weird incestuous dream before? Will you tell me about it?
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I've posted here before about my super cool room. Here we go again.

So I got a new bed and stuff and got rid of the shitty border on my walls. I can't paint them or anything although I would really like to. Can't change the nasty blue carpet either.

Right now I'm thinking about getting curtains. I'm tired of broken blinds. I can't for the life of me decide what will match. I was thinking green or red. I checked a bunch of websites and went to a couple of stores and I can't decide if what I like will look like crap or not. I want the curtains to block out the sun but not too much -- let a little light in. This is what I found - I like it but I'm not sure it will look good. What do you guys think? I also checked the JC Penny site, which has much cheaper curtains, but I couldn't decide what would look good. Any recommendations? Any sites I can check that I haven't already checked out? I checked Pier One Imports and Pottery Barn, as well as Target, JC Penny & Bed Bath & Beyond.

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Does anyone remember the website where you check what ingredients you have in your kitchen and it gives you a list of dishes you can make with them? I'm sure I found it through TQC but never bookmarked it.
Edit: It should be Cooking By Numbers, but it may no longer exist because it won't load :(

Will you describe everything you've done so far today in great detail?

shopping spree!

if i gave you $1000 to spend at only ONE store at the mall, where would you go? what would you buy? You have to spend all of it and it can't be a department store.

is the place you chose your favorite place to shop?

would you take my $1000 if i made you do my laundry for the rest of the school year?

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I'm making the ice cream cake that TQC introduced me to for a party tomorrow.

What type of icing should I put on it?
I don't want to do regular frosting from a can.

I was thinking of just drizzling it with regular old icing like this one, but I wanted to see if you people are more creative than me.

Also, should I put it on tomorrow or today?

ETA: Chocolate ganache, maybe?
ETA2: Yeah, I went with SUPER thick chocolate ganache and it looks awesome. I wish I could taste it before tomorrow.

Random bizarre question time!

Let's assume one day you're offered the following deal:

You can make any person fall in love with you. They'll be in love with you forever. However, if you ever try to end the relationship with them, they'll become a crazy psycho stalker ex. They'll be completely normal and not at all psycho if you don't break up with them, though.

Is there anyway you'd ever take the deal?

(Personally, I wouldn't. I may think someone is awesome before I know them well, but what if I hate being with them? Then I'll end up with an insane stalker after me.)

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TQCers who gaf about College Football: Who are you rooting for?

TQCers who dgaf about College Football: Have you celebrated International Bacon Day yet?

TQCers who dgaf about College Football or bacon: WHAT DID PIGS EVER DO TO YOU?????


I'm not that into it, but GO BULLS!!!


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Coolest/most interesting job your new date could have?

Forensics lab technician
Stage magician
Drummer in a band
Personal shopper for Harrison Ford
Editor for The Onion
Director at a rare cat rescue/hospital
Lion tamer
Notable blogger
Archeologist, specializing in dinosaur bones
Tattoo artist
Former Navy SEAL, not a scuba instructor
Standup comedian

Edit: it should say 'former Navy SEAL, now a scuba instructor'

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I MADE IT TO R.I.!!!!!!!!!!!

Super happy right now. 
I just finished registering myself and I got my dorm key.

should i make my dorm right now, or run around in the lawn, not giving a fuck?
I'm really tired from the drive, btw

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If a key says "DUPLICATION PROHIBITED" does that mean it would be illegal to make a copy? Or is it just a matter of putting a sticker over the lettering and getting a copy run off?

What do you consider a "daytime" alcoholic drink?

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Are you a vegetarian?
If so--why? And for how long?

If I cut meat out of my diet entirely, what nutritional benefits am I losing? What foods can I eat in order to make up for them? I know about protein, but what other things would I have to worry about finding a new source for?
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What is a smell that give you the warm fuzzies that most people think is a bad smell? Stories please! :)

When was the last time you miscalculated the price of something, like food or something small, and the cashier paid the rest? Again, stories please.

When was the last time you climbed a tree?

1. The smell of cigarette smoke. My dad used to smoke 2 packs a day and I just associate the smell w/ him and good advice and all that.
2. I went to buy a waffle cone last night and the board in the ice cream parlor said 79 cents (all I had was a dollar), so I ordered one and it turned out to be three and a half bucks. The lady said that this happened every couple of months. She just put the money in the tip jar. :/
3. Last night I climbed this huge pine tree on the courthouse square. I got about 25-30 feet up before the branches got to small to support me. I was going to nick one of the Christmas tree lights, but before I got a chance to a security guard made me get down. Oh well. :)
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Music nuts of TQC, I need a new fix and I am looking for modern bands that sound like Joy Division or have that darkwave Joy Division feel.

So far I have Interpol, She Wants Revenge and The Horrors. Can you suggest anyone else?

If you don't have a band then let me ask you this, who is your favorite character actor? That one actor/actress who made not be a lead but still has played a million different roles in a million different ways and makes each of them special.

I am currently digging Richard Speight Jr, Sam Rockwell and Callie Thorne.
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 My dad's birthday is coming up and for years he's wanted this knife we saw on the history channel on TV. I think it was advertised as the sharpest knife in the world, made by the New York Knife Company. I'm not sure if either of the claims in the last sentence are true, but I cannot remember what they were talking about when we first saw it, and I'd really like to get this for my dad since he's turning 50. Any ideas on what this is or where to find it?
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Cyanide poisoning, good or bad?

With rhinoceros poaching in Africa approaching an all-time high, one nature preserve owner has had enough. Ed Hern, owner of the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve near Johannesburg, South Africa, is experimenting with injecting cyanide into his rhinos' horns. He believes the poison will not harm the rhinos, because there are no blood vessels in the horn to carry the poison the rest of the rhino's body. But if anyone kills the animals and sells the horns for use in traditional Asian medicine, the end-consumer could pay the ultimate price.

Read more here

Do you think this is a good or bad idea?
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 My husband left on his first deployment about a week ago. And since then my two year old son has been acting very very strange. He never got to see his dad much before he left (a weekend every month). But I think he realized his dad wasnt gonna be around for a long time. And he will randomly throw himself at the floor and start crying and yelling "Papaaa" 
He has also collected all the photos of his dad and goes beserk if anyone tries to take them from him. Its a little embarrasing when I try to go to the grocery store and he insists on taking a framed photo of his dad with him. 
On top of this he has nightmares every night. Out of no where he will wake up screaming and yelling NO!! And if I try to calm him down he'll hit me!

Is my son gonna be okay?? Or is he being tramautized by his daddy leaving?? 
Has anyone dealt with anything similar and can offer me a few tips?

For those who dont care.. Do you like Posole? I made some tonight and it turned out real good! I just wish i knew how to make menudo =D
Whats your favorite "ethnic dish"?

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What percentage of your income goes to your mortgage/rent/bills, etc? How much of your income is ~disposable~?

Background: My mother is thinking about selling her house because 20/20 or Dateline or whatever said your house payments should be something like 20% of your income.

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What is the oldest music you listen to regularly? OR What do you consider "oldies"?????????

I'm grooving to the Beatles "Abbey Road" right now.
If you say Bach or Beethoven I will assume you are a music snob and drop a harpsicord on your fingers
Clem & Joely

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I've been basically away from society all summer. I'm a huge movie lover but I currently have little to no idea of what's been going on. So...

Q: What good movies have come to theatres or out on DVD over the summer?

(Any notable horror movies?)

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What is a moment or event in your past that you feel really changed the direction your life was traveling?

When I was a little kid, I was really interested in sports. I played basketball at recess and had budding interest in volleyball and soccer. One year I tried to join the local kid's soccer team, but the 'contacts' never got back to me so I never got to play any soccer, and after that I never tried to get on a sports team again and my enthusiasm for sports completely died so I wound up the largely sedentary, artsy person I am today.

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 So, I'm apartment hunting.  My limit is $900/mth rent.   I've been using craigslist and have been calling a lot of people posting studio apartments for around $850.

Why is it that they say I don't make enough for the small apt?
I've been told that I had to make 35k-50k annually and 1 guy said I had to make 75k.
I make 25k annually.

I've been told by a Real Estate agent that they charge by sq ft, so these all apartments are no more than 500 sq ft, appliances included.

But this is my first time getting an apartment, so maybe there's something I don't know.
I mean, should I feel offended?

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What's the best way to reach people in many major cities looking for homes/vacation condo opportunities online - without going through an agent? Free classifieds that are widely used?

I'm helping my parents sell their condo, and I am trying to promote this sale to prospective buyers from out of town. I'd like to reach people in major cities across Canada and the US.

I'm a little bit stuck since realizing that craigslist is down on multi-city posts due to spamming, but my intentions are good. I really just want to reach a lot of people. Any response is appreciated.

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So TQC? My computer is now refusing to recognize the charge from its AC adapter (and I have it plugged in). Whenever I unplug the cord, it turns off. The little light that says "Hey! I'm plugged in!" isn't on at all. What's going on? 

And for those with Blackberries: my BB Pearl is refusing to charge, even when I have it in the wall charger. It has the little bolt symbol, but isn't actually charging.I just did a battery pull and it's taking its time re-starting, so we'll see what happens, Any idea what's going on here? 

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So I just discovered a pretty sizeable gap in my childcare knowledge.
What should one do with a used potty? I emptied it into the toilet but don't know if I should rinse it, in which case where. What do I do?!

What gaps in your knowledge have you recently discovered?

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I went to chat for the first time today because I reached the end of the internet and got bored. I found chat to be even more boring than the rest of the internet. Why do you people pimp it out so much if it's lamer than lame?

I burned my finger on a pierogie. When was the last time you caused harm to yourself in a stupid way?
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For those of you who run, how frequently?

Does doing other cardio make running easier or harder?

I ask because I finished week 6 of Couch to 5K and I want to go back to doing other cardio like elliptical or cycling, but I don't want my ability to run to go downhill. This has been hard, and when I was going to the gym on other days to work out more, it was too much.

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To those of you who don't like jewelry but maybe wear one piece every so often, what do you wear?

My aunt gave me loose diamonds as a gift and I was planning on having my godfather make me something. I don't wear jewelry...what do you think is more reasonable? A ring, earrings, or a bracelet?

What's the most useless present you've ever been given?
What's the weirdest?