September 3rd, 2010


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What songs should I sing at karaoke tomorrow night?

Some previous songs include Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson, Home Sweet Home by Carrie Underwood, Love Shack, I've Got You Babe (duet), and Stay by Sugarland.
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I just bought an Asus laptop about a week and a half ago from Best Buy and the screen has started to flicker and has developed this weird shadowing effect on the upper half of the screen. Should I exchange it? Did I do something? I've treated it really well, but it did travel with me. :(
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Oh, wow! Your nation's president/PM/crown prince/moff is coming to your home in an hour, and you're going to have to serve refreshments! What do you prepare, using only what you have in your home right now?

Clarification: if you're not sure who your PM is or will soon be, imagine it's the one you like.

What dietary restrictions are you under? Are they purely voluntary, externally imposed but accepted (religious, etc), or necessary/medical?
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How long did it take you to "learn"/practice how to drive to pass your driver's license exam?
TQC, I might finally buy a car today, do you think I could learn how to drive and pass my exams in a month?

DK/DC/NA: What do you wake up to in the mornings? Your iPod? Alarm clock? Baby? The birds? Etc.

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So I'm wanting to work on a speech for Toastmasters. I am 2 speeches away from giving 20 speeches. One of my last projects is called The Abstract Concept and for this speach I have to research and analyze an abstract concept, theory, engineering principle, historical force, or social/political issue. I have to relate the topic to the everyday lives of my audience (mostly coworkers). Some examples given are the effects of great conquerors of the world and the theory of relativity, both of which I feel kinda meh about.

Do you guys have any neat ideas for a speech topic?

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I'm sleeping at my friend's house tonight and of course I'm bringing dessert.
The only thing is that it must be chocolate.

What do I bring?!

Does anyone else hate sleeping at other people's houses?
Did you have sleepovers as a kid? What were they like?

I usually cried to go home at some point when I was younger but when I was like 4 or so, this one girl would invite me over and then her mom WOULDN'T LET ME CALL HOME! I think it scarred me forever.

Smattering of randomness

Have you ever seen the ocean?  More than one ocean?

What is your favorite kind of tree?

Scenario:  It is eight days until your birthday. You receive a package in the mail from a very good friend, with no instructions on whether you should open now or not.  Do you open it or wait until your actual birthday?

If I pumpkin plant sprouted itself at the end of July, will it have enough time to actually grow a pumpkin before it gets too cold in the upper Midwest?

Are you emotionally attached to the area you live in? Or is it just a "place to live" and not "HOME"?  If you are ever homesick, is it for people or the actual place?

I am working on paying all my debts off and saving money to buy some property.  I want to homestead and only work part-time for what cash I will need.  Do you think this is a reasonable goal in today's society, or am I chasing after a pipe dream?

Why does the Chicago area suck?
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When is the last time you had a friend say that they didn't want you to be friends with their friends - or say that if they were mad at someone, you should be mad at them too or limit your contact with them?

What do you like to drink with pretzels (if you eat pretzels)?

When is the last time someone swept you off your feet in any way?

Who is the most wonderful person you know that is in your life right now? Why are they so wonderful?

Do they carve pumpkins in the UK? In Canada? In Austrailia?


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1)Help me! I'm supposed to go to see about a job, basically, talk to a boss person, and I have three outfit choices- a black dress, a black skirt and a striped businessy shirt, a striped businessy shirt and new khakis. It's a professional job. What should I wear?

2)What are you freaking out about right now?
Muh Life.

Is this legal??

I wrote to the Director of Admissions to a college I plan on attending. I have three semesters worth of credits from School A and when taking these classes I was told they would be accepted at College B. The Nursing program I want to get into at College B is brand new and isn't accepting transfers. Fine. I was considering giving up my credits if need be, simply to get into this program. I explained my whole situation (which includes quirky circumstances that need to be considered) to her in a 500 word email and she wrote this:

Response #1

Admissions Director ***** ***@***

Hi Vanessa,

Unfortunately, (College B) is not accepting transfer applications for the new bachelor’s degree in Nursing. The few spaces available in the new major will be awarded to qualified first-time freshman applicants entering directly from high school.

I wish you the best of luck as you continue your education in Nursing.

L*** L****

- - -

Flabbergasted, I wrote: Response #2

Ms. L***-

How is it possible that only applicants entering directly from high school are being considered? Are you saying that if someone was willing to lose their previously earned credits from another college in order to pursue (College B)'s Nursing program as a freshman, you wouldn't even consider them because they were not a recent high school graduate? Is that common practice for State colleges?

- - -

TQC: Is that legal? Can a NON-private school limit admissions to a program simply because they only want "fresh" students??? AND NOT ONLY THAT, she CC'ed it to the Director of Special Education AND the other Director of Admissions. Do I have any rights here?
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Yesterday I had a hair in my eye, and it irritated my contact, so I've been wearing glasses since 10 last night. I plan on wearing my glasses all day, and the redness has faded a bit, it's just a thin line by my cornea but it's not scratched. Anyway, what are ways I can reduce the redness? I think the hair is gone, because I don't see it, and I've used drops, but it's still a little pink. I want to put my contacts back in tomorrow morning before I move back to school. Good idea, bad idea? I definitely want them in for Sunday morning, so should I just wait till Sunday to put them in or will tomorrow be okay?

I hate my glasses :(

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Needing some confirmation that someone is a crazy douche:

I was messing with my FB profile this morning, and Belle's Reprise from Beauty in the Beast popped into my head, so I randomly changed the little box below your profile pick to say: "I want adventure in the great, wide somewhere/I want it more than I can tell/ and for once it might be grand/ to have someone understand/ I want so much more then they've got planned..."
Then left it at that and went to class.
I come back and my phone has a few missed texts. It's BF and he's like "That's a pretty messed up thing to say.." and he goes on to FREAK out at me, interpreting it as me wanting to end the relationship. THE FFF HELL?

He's CRAZY right?
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If you were in charge of LJ, how frequently would you purge old/never been posted under usernames?

Did you know that you can change your lj userhead figure?

To do so you have to opt in Cyrillic services here and then go here.

Now that you know, would you ever do this?

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What was the last thing you read in a novel or saw in a movie or TV show that just killed your willing suspension of disbelief and took you out of the narrative?

I’m reading The Thousand Autumns of Jabob de Zoet and while it’s good so far, every five pages or so something that makes me realize that although the book is written in English, when the characters are speaking English to each other, they are actually speaking Dutch and something about it doesn’t quite make sense all the time and idk why it bothers me but fffffff.

ETA: Also, any time it's suggested in a movie or tv show that a gun can fire both regular bullets and blanks without any special adaptations.


What are your favorite folk or singer/songwriter type of songs?
Youtube or not, either way.

If this is not applicable, when is the last time you bought something at a garage/estate sale? What did you buy?

Inspired by my silver old-school champagne glasses for 1 dollar apiece. 
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Out of the following shitty movies, which top 2 should I see for the LOLs? I've never seen any of them, and they are playing at the dollar theatre. I think Eclipse is probably going to be one of the ones I see

Grown Ups
Knight & Day
The Last Airbender (also in 3D)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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Coincidentally not all related to the previous post:

My roommate and I just purchased a pot full of flowers. What should we name it? The flowers are pink, so we're thinking it's a girl.

People always ask about bad roommates, so I'll ask: who's the best roommate you've ever had? Why? Can you tell me about a good roommate memory?
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So, if you've been following my posts (which I'm pretty sure you haven't), I've been looking to getting a MacBook, well last night I bought the bullet and bought one (and was followed to the T station by a talkative homeless man, more in _updates if I feel like it).

So, my question TQC, is what should I name it? It's a 13 inch Macbook (not Pro).

I also got an iPod nano (since I already have a touch, and I barely use it for more than an iPod anyway). It's green (and not one of the new new ones with the touchscreen). What should I name that?

In the past, I've named my electronics after Greek mythological figures (old lappy is Persephone, external HD is Euterpe, the Wii is Calliope, and my old, now lost, flash drive was Nyx). The names don't have to stay in that vein, but I put that out there as a source of inspiration.

DK/DC: Do you name inanimate objects that belong to you? What is the best/silliest name you've come up with?

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I don't know what you guys know about baking and temperatures and whatnot.. But for dinner tonight I'm making baked chicken and baked spinach.

The chicken needs to cook for 45 minutes at 375.
The spinach needs to cook for 50 minutes at 350.

Obviously it isn't as much of a concern if the spinach isn't 'done' (whatever that means), but obviously I want to make sure the chicken is cooked all the way through.

What would you do?

dk/dc - What's for dinner tonight?

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Say you share a bedroom with someone you don't know (like in a college dorm) and your roommate is often in the room, sitting on their bed on their computer. Would this make you feel uncomfortable, or like you couldn't be in the room too?
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Any one here move out of their home country for another?
Are you still there?
Where did you move from? To?
Any advice for planning such a move?

I'm planning on moving to Butuan City, Philippines within the next few years. We are saving up as much as we can to move there. My husband has family there and we will be running/helping out in his deli there. We are also going to purchase the land to build a garage on, as part of his family also owns a taxi service and he is a mechanic, so we'll be working on that. I'm just wondering how I'm going to adjust from living in Maine to super ridiculously tropical climate.


I am panicking. My fridge has been barely keeping things at the proper temperature, and the freezer hasn't actually frozen anything in days. I told the apartment manager as soon as it started happening and have been following up daily. Each day they tell me it will be fixed tomorrow. Today, the fridge stopped working, so I moved everything to the freezer. Now the freezer just gave out. I called the after-hours repair number and was told it's not an "emergency" they can take care of.

To top it off my husband and I are dirt poor right now, so we are on a strict food budget. All our food is spoiling. I bought ice, but it will only last so long. I'm really afraid of what's going to happen.


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Things you wish you did/did not bring to college.

I need a little help.  Leaving in a month's time.

EDIT: Apart from the essentials - like clothes, washing up stuff etc., I'm stuck on whether or not I need things like ricecookers etc.
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When is the last time you went to a laundromat?

What did you do to occupy yourself while your clothes were being cleaned?

*inspired by the fact that I hate laundry, but I hate it less now that I can do it at home

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I think i'm coming down with an upper respiratory infection (or something. my ears, nose and throat are bothering me) and i feel like shit but i have to go to work tonight, there's no getting out of it. I feel really groggy and tired, what can i do to help with this? i'm going to take sudafed and hope that it helps with my ears, is there anything else I should pick up at the pharmacy?
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I bought a rename token a while back, but I don't know what to change the name to.

I'm toying between 'chronicwhimsy' and 'spotsofcolour'. What do you think? Any suggestions? I'd like something to do with writing or something, but I'm having a total brainblock on it.

DK/DC: What would you change your username to if you could?

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Did you ever go through some kind of phase when you were a teenager? What kind of phase(s)? How did this phase come about? Do you still have some tendencies towards the phase?

I went through a goth phase when I was in middle school. Because I liked a guy who loved the girls from kittie. No.

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So I was writing in a diary with pen and separate ink, and got a little bit on my thumb and finger. Without thinking, I licked my thumb to try to wash away the ink on my other finger.

Am I going to die now?

Srs/Non Srs both welcome =)

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Ladies of TQC, what are some of the weirdest things you've gotten emotional over while PMS-ing?

I just got tears in my eyes watching the end of Camp Rock 2. I don't know why. I don't even like Camp Rock. 
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How do I become more patient with people? Lately the stupidest, smallest things have been annoying the fuck out of me. I try not to let it show, but I've started to get really sick of everyone I know.

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 Poll #xxxx

Which of these are true about you?

I hate sleeping in hotel beds
I live somewhere where there is sulfur water
I dislike going to the beach
If I see something that flies and/or stings at the same time, I'm out of there faster than anything
I've never ridden in an airplane
I hate driving
The only camera I have is a point-and-shoot
I hate how condoms feel
My current/one of my past SO(s) snore(s)
I snore


I hate politics
I don't like children
I changed majors in college at least once
I've heard a lot about/read the "Hunger Games" trilogy of books
I wish I still had my old sheet sets from when I was a kid
I wish I had kept a lot of my old toys from when I was a kid
My toothbrush is electric/battery operated
I hate zoos
I can't stand spicy food
I think the color my hair is when it's dyed looks more natural than its actual color
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Help me, TQC, you're my only hope!

I got my wisdom teeth removed last week, and as such, I have been on a soft food diet. I recently started to eat real food again, and as such, I can now eat meat. As someone who is accustomed to eating beef of various kinds several times a week, my body is unhappy that I haven't had any in a week.

I would love to go and get a burger from BK, but I haven't eaten fast food in 3 months and, while I want meat like woah, I don't know if I should go get the fast food, because I'm worried it will start a downward spiral.

Should I a) Go to BK and get a Whopper Jr, b) run to the grocery store before it closes and get some kind of meaty thing (something that is easy to prepare, as I don't really want/know how to cook a steak), and if so, what? Or c) suck it up for the night and get some kind of meaty thing tomorrow.

DK/DC: Do you have your wisdom teeth and do you have any funny anesthesia stories?

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 What are the most famous noises/theme songs from classic horror movies?
Like the ch ch ch ah ah ah noise, Freddy's 1-2-freddy's coming for you rhyme, etc...

This is driving me crazy.
EDIT: if you can find youtube videos of them, bonus points

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Halloween approaches! 

Have you thought about what you're dressing up as, assuming you're awesome and actually are dressing up?

What costume would you make/wear if money and time were no object?

What is the coolest costume you've ever worn?
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Are some vaginas actually much wider/"looser" than others?

What is so bad about having a looser vagina, anyway?

Is it anti-woman to look down upon the Loose Vagina?

On a scale from 1 to 10 how loose is your vagina? 10 being like, uh, immediately post-birth of 10 babies