September 2nd, 2010

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    What if you saw a guy riding his bike in the night? hes wearing a 16 inch glow in the dark strap on dido. the guy is going fast, breathing heavily , and his dildo is moving up and down.

DnD 4.0

 So, I used to play dungeons and dragons v 3.5. I was a cleric necromancer, and since the rules for necromancy varied from book to book I was pretty damn OP. Now a different set of friends want me to play with them, but they play 4.0. I'm really, really  bad at making good characters and I totally lucked out on the last one I made. What is a really, really strong class to be? How would you play it? What is your favorite class? My friends were really good about telling me what classes/prestige classes rocked in 3.5, but they got no clue about 4.0 and neither do I.

I don't really mind what class (although I prefer spellcasting classes), I just want to know how to make a strong character and not noob it up.
Au Natural

food as a tool for punishment or reward

how do you feel about using food as a punishment or reward for childrens behavior? Mostly sweets or junk food specificly, ie you can have this junk if you do what you are supposed to; if you misbehave you cannot have this(sweet, dessert, or junk) food?

dk/dc- what did your parents do to motivate you as a child?
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I'm drinking out of a lowball glass that has the following sequence on a gold colored band around the rim:


The glass also has an annotated graph of the Dow-Jones Industrial Average from 1966-1976. The letters do not appear in that sequence anywhere on the internet. Well, at least until now. So, is this glass some super-sekrit stockmarket-related code? Is it the key to fame and fortune? Or is it just tacky 70s glassware?

If it helps you make your decision, on the graph July 1975 is labeled "NYC FISCAL PROBLEM BIG MAC". I'm sure that's important somehow.

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Three young (blond, half-dressed) teenaged girls are standing on the edge of a train track and are sticking body parts on the track in the spirit of chicken.

Do you say anything? What?

You just this morning experienced a high-speed passing through this particular track. Anyone playing this game at that time would have been dead.

Now do you say something? What?

One of the girls starts to put pennies on the track.

Do you say something?

The platform around the track is extremely crowded.


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Bonus: Can a train hit a penny on the track at the right angle to launch the penny off the track and potentially hurt someone?

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A week or two ago, I posted about my best friend and I going on vacation and we've finally picked a destination... GREECE!!! The only problem is that neither of us have ever planned a vacation and we don't even know what to do now. My aunt is paying for our trip and after approving our choice of Greece, she said "please make your plans, tell me the budget for airfares, hotel, transportation in Greece, food and ouzo."

So.... um.... what do we do now?

A lot(to) love

You're hanging out with your friend, and she really needs to buy groceries and is broke and asks to borrow $20. You happen to have the money and loan it to her and you both head down the street to the quickie mart/AMPM/7-11/whatever. After purchasing her groceries, she's given back a dollar in change. She decides to spend that money on a lottery ticket. It turns out to be a winner, worth $1,000,000. In all fairness, how much do you think you should get?

Nothing. I just loaned her the twenty. What she does with it is her business, and what she reaps with it is all hers. I just want my twenty back
Maybe she can treat me to a nice dinner for helping her
Few hundred because I'm her friend
Few thousand because she wouldn't have gotten the lottery ticket if it weren't for me
Ten percent
Twenty five percent
It's all mine. It was my money she was using, simply on loan, and I'm entitled to all of it

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There was an actor I used to confuse with Matt Damon a lot when I was younger. They looked the same, obviously, but I can't remember who it was. It's not Mark Wahlberg, either. Any ideas?

If you can't help, what's your favorite type of fish to eat? If you like fish. I absolutely love salmon.

US holiday

Without looking it up on wikipedia, do you know what Labor Day is all about?

What are you doing on Labor Day?

What is your favorite picnic food?

When is the last time you had a s'more?

TOTALLY unrelated:

Do you believe there is an actual g-spot?

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My friend is coming to visit me/our group of friends for a week for my birthday! I haven't seen her in over a year.

I wanna make her a huge obnoxious amazing welcome back type of poster for when we pick her up at the airport.

problem is: i'm not that creative.

What things should i put on it? besides the obvious "welcome back!" ?
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What is the most invalidating thing someone has ever said to you?
Do you have (or did you have) anyone in your life that has a pattern of being invalidating?

How often do you have deja vu? How do you tend to respond? (Do you say "deja vu" over and over again for a few moments, do you say nothing, etc.)

When is the last time you were the bigger person? How awesome did it make you feel?

ETA - Would you like some wank this morning? Click here.


TQC I do not read enough contemporary fiction. Can you recommend me some books that have been published in the last 3-5 years? My reading has taken a nose dive during my dissertation but my last reads include:

Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick
Choke Chain by Jason Donald
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy by Steig Larsson (or Men Who Hate Women if you're Swedish)
Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell
Potassium perversion

For $1,500, would you...?

Poll #1614193 For $1,500, would you....? strip poker at a retirement home? Seven other players, each around 70 years of age. Everybody plays until everybody's naked except one person. When you're out of clothes, you have to sit there until the entire game is done

44(34.1%) catapulted from one skyscraper to another? There's some 100 feet between the buildings and you're 30 stories up. On your building there's an enormous catapult, and on the other building, a gigantic net. 3 people go before you. They get flung across the chasm and land safely in the net. Now it's your turn. There's no safety wires, bungees or anything that could stop you if you missed the net

106(82.2%) 10 chocolate-covered beetles?


...get a 12" tattoo? It can be of anything you want and you can put it anywhere on your body


...torment a kennel full of dogs? You stand outside of a kennel and blow a dog whistle attached to some kind of amplifier, making the sound that only dogs can hear very very painful. You have to stand there blowing the whistle for 5 minutes, causing all sorts of cruel mayhem to the canine residents within


...put 2 bumper stickers on the rear bumper of your car? One will say SARAH PALIN FOR 2012: VOTE FOR HER IF YOU WANT TO SAVE AMERICA. The other will say EVOLUTION IS AN AFFRONT TO DECENCY: BRING CREATIONISM BACK TO OUR SCHOOLS. You have to keep the stickers on your car for 6 weeks. If you don't have a car, just pretend that you do


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Have you ever done something nice for somebody in an effort to make their life easier and then have it backfire on you instead?  

Once again this has happened to me at work when I posted a sign in the office to help our guests and later learned that the person who the signs pointed to didn't want it up.    I had to take it down and feel stupid and foolish. 

Why do I even try anymore? 
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People with iPods, which iPod/generation do you have?

I have a second generation shuffle, but I'm thinking of upgrading since I've had it for 3 years and I'm almost at max capacity. The new shuffle is pretty much identical to the 2nd gen one I have (I'm glad they went back to the 2nd gen design 'cause it is by far the best design for the shuffle). I'm thinking about the new nano too, because the small physical size appeals to me, but I'm not sure about the lack of buttons.... Tell me about your iPOD and what you like about it.

DK/DC - do you use any teeth whitening products? Does it actually work? I just bought some Scope whitening mouth wash....but I doubt it'll do much!
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Will you recommend some songs/artists? Any genre is fine, language doesn't matter, but bonuses include:
- Sexy guitar / drum solos
- Passionate songs
- Infectious beats

If you have particular tastes in music, what do you usually go for?
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When was the last time you were SUPER excited?!?

Just about 10 minutes ago, I got a call from Kohl's saying that they wanna do a interview next Wednesday and I'm so fucking pumped for this shit!!! =D

DK/DC: Did you eat anything today? What was it?
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a - Do you ever just want to tell someone they look awful and make them over? (I am not saying that I do feel the way, by the way.)

b - Do you ever just sit and people watch with yourself or with friends in a hustling, bustling area?

c - If applicable, are you excited as all get out for autumn and the holidays around the corner - start with Halloween?

d- What was your favorite thing you have ever been for Halloween?

e - What do you think you want to be this year, if you dress up?

f - For those of you with SO's who are divorced with children from that marriage, do you get bothreed at all when the SO and the SO's ex interface?

g - Any TQC rules that you think should be flushed?

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To the sexy glasses wearers of TQC-- do you take your glasses off when getting busy? At what point? If you keep them on, do they get in the way?

ETA: How blind are you? If you take them off, does that mean all your love making is done blindly?
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Do you know any good sites where I can watch movies and stuff online for free other that Hulu?

Usually Hulu is great for me, but they don't have the next episode of Glee and it's making me mad. :/
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Do you like being home alone? What sort of things do you do when you're home alone?

It used to look forward to the times when I could have a whole day to myself at home, but now I hate it. What happened?
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I just got home from the dentist.

Before the lady started cleaning them, she wanted to check my blood pressure. It was 117/80 which she then described as "pretty high"

Basically she's crazy, right? Unless I'm an idiot and now all of a sudden everyone else in the world has lowered their blood pressure without informing me that I should too.

How stupid was it of me to allow her to use sharp tools in my mouth after that comment?

DK/DC: What's your blood pressure like?

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Have you ever been fired from a job (or anything else)? Will you tell me about it?

(Brought to you by me just quitting my part-time job and being made to felt like I was being fired..... WTF?)

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tqc, what's a good game? sort of an icebreaker or a energiser game. basically, it's for an assessment but I want to do something fun. I was thinking an m&m game (say something for each colour a person gets) but yeah.

Cooper & Charlotte

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 Have you ever been stopped on the street and agreed to participate in something someone was trying to get you to do? 

What was it? How did it go?

Inspired by the ~$85 haircut I got for free because a student stopped me on the street because she needed a model to do her exam. 
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Roommate Ryoko?

I'm stuck in Roommate Ryoko. After the girl says a bunch of stuff I can't read in Japanese, I'm stuck in an apartment where I can't do anything but play with the clock. Any ideas what to do next?

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Do you live in a large city, or a touristy area? Are you good at telling people what to do/see/eat there?

I'm from New Orleans and I freeze whenever people ask me for suggestions. There are like a million awesome things to eat/do/see. I need parameters.
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How much student loan debt do you have/will you have?
How much is your monthly payment?

I'm in grad school and it looks like my payments are gonna be like $600/month... there's no way in hell.

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There's something wrong with my water/pipes/plumbing/something.

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What could be going on? My house is sort of old and in disrepair, so I'm really hoping something internally hasn't broke and we're screwed. Please give your answers to what might be wrong. :(

What state is your house in? New? Falling apart (examples?)?

Edit: For those of you who care, a friend finally messaged me and told me we've had (another) water main break and as of right now have no water pressure. Since I needed to shower (I have school/work tomorrow), and it happens to be raining... Well. Let's just say I'm clean now.
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so i took a year off of school to live in another state and now that i'm back, i've realized pretty much all of my friends have graduated and/or left town.

how can i make some new friends? it's weird because i consider this town (eugene, or) to be 'home' in many ways, but now i feel like a newcomer again because i hardly know anybody here anymore. i'm in my final year of school and working on my thesis and taking only upper-level seminars with students in my major (and i'd like to meet people outside my major).

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i'm in college.
i didn't eat dinner in the school cafeteria and it's closed now.
i have nothing to cook. all i have in my room is cereal, instant oatmeal, yogurt, and two bottles of wine.
i don't want to go to the 'snack bar' and get something there.
i don't have a car and don't feel like walking 20 minutes into town when it's 90° outside.

my question to you is...
should i order something in?
what should i get? the places that deliver around here are chinese/japanese and pizza places (like everywhere else).

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what would you do if you had a chance to see your favourite band but none of your closest friends nor your SO (if you had one) liked them and would go with you? if you've ever been in this situation, what did you do? would it be fun to go alone or just stupid?
i want to see coheed and cambria in october. is there anyone here near hamilton/london/kitchener (canada) that would go/is going to any of those 3 dates? let's meet up!

DON'T CARE: what's your ~dream hair~? a certain style, texture, colour etc you'd love to have, really admire on someone else? pictures encoraged :)
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Does anyone here actually understand how to use Microsoft Access? Do you know how to run a frequency (like...out of 100 calls, 75 were female, 25 were male)?  I googled tutorials but...I don't get it.
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Which of these things is true for you?

I've never owned a dog
I hate surprises
I've washed my hair today
I'm female and probably wearing the wrong bra size
I don't enjoy watching improv comedy
I have a fear of public speaking
I can't play an instrument
I use bar soap rather than liquid in the shower
I don't use mouth wash
I hate cream soda


I don't own a smart phone
I don't WANT to own a smart phone
I like PCs more than Macs
I don't have any special plans for this upcoming holiday weekend
I've never been in a relationship longer than a year
I sometimes forget to wear deodorant
I pee in the shower
One of my aunts or uncles is a doctor
I'm allergic to cats
I hate hot weather
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 Have you learned or discovered anything lately that has made you really, really excited and happy?

Inspired by all of those people who responded to the ramen query with "Why didn't I ever think to add an egg?" Because then I thought about how they're all going to go home and try it, and they will be all like, "Oh my stars and whiskers, this is so good!" And they will be happy forever. 

But I cannot have that, since I already know to add an egg to ramen. So I need to make a new wondrous discovery that will change my life, at least for a little while. Tell me something awesome, please?

...This is also inspired by the fact that I am still at work, even though I technically get off at 5:30. My job sucks sometimes. I want something to look forward to later. 
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Scavenger hunt. For kids only, or perfectly acceptable for job charity fundraiser?

What would you be amused to collect for a scavenger hunt? (Work safe obviously, though a matching set of hookers and blow would be epic.)

Does your place of work do any activities for charity?

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Do you have those friends who bring you down when you're trying to tell them about something good in your life?


"I got that job I interviewed for, yay!"
"You're so lucky, I wish I could get a job..*goes on to rant about their life*

What do you say to them?
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This is for you economics people. I have a quiz tomorrow and I'm trying to study and this is one of the few questions that has me stumped.

Given the production schedule below, what is the opportunity cost of producing 1 box?

            Boxes   Rubberducks
                 0        200
                5        150
               10       100
               15          50
               20           0

Question withdrawn.
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I think I am getting a car from Hertz- basically you reserve one of their rental cars and can rent it for 3 days to see if you want to buy it. It's a 2009 Toyota Corolla w/ 40,000 miles (which I am a little skeptical about since that seems like a lott for a car in a year) and its $11,400 to buy. Does this seem like a good deal? Have you bought a used car from a rental place like this or known anyone who has?


Have you ever had to file a claim through paypal for an item that was never received?
Was it a hassle or did things go smoothly? Did you get the full refund or end up with a partial?

I ordered an item off a website using paypal and ended up not receiving it after 30 days. I went through the Resolution Center and waited 13 more days before finally filing a claim. Now I have to wait 10 more days to see if the seller will actually respond. So the process kind of sucks, but I'm hoping to at least get a full refund... *cross fingers*

Random Modnar

1. Isn't Sauvignon Blanc just effin great?

2. Do you have the buns for my hotdog?

3. Does anyone else think that that new owl movie 'New Guardians' or whatever it's called looks pretty bad? Is it just me or does every owl character in that movie look exactly the same except that some of them are wearing hats

4. Rock paper or scissors? No Spock in this version, CBS watchers

5. Who's coming to the SoCal TQC meetup?
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EDIT: I got bored waiting for replies and it was like 1 am here so I just went ahead and did it. Results are in tqc_updates.

Do hair dye kits have expiration dates?

I've been wanting to do something with my hair for a while. I found a crimson dye kit at CVS and tried to do my bangs crimson, but I didn't bleach them first so all I got was a semipermanent mulberryish glow you could only see when a light was shining directly on my head.

Fate seems to like me tonight, though, because as I was going through the few dye kits we keep in the linnen closet, at the very back I found a crimson-red highlights dye kit made to be used ONLY on dark hair. Without bleaching first.

Holy shit yay.

The thing is, I have no idea how old this kit is. I suspect my sister probably bought it, which she'd have done before she moved out, so it's at least two years old. It might be older than that.

Neither the box nor the instruction sheet has an expiration date anywhere I can find. The little clear tamper-proof sticker had been broken but all the contents are there and it's quite obvious that nothing has ever been opened except MAYBE the direction sheet.

Given this box might be up to 5 years old, should I still use it to do my hair tonight?

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You live in an apartment building. All summer no one lived above you, then a week ago two guys move in. They have wood floors and walk very very heavily causing the whole apartment to shake with each of their steps. They drop things on the floor and it sounds like a bomb, and they bounce some sort of ball off the floor. You work from 1am to 6am forcing you to sleep during the day but can't because of their noise plus you have college classes from 9am to 8:30pm every day. The inability to sleep is causing you stress and emotional break downs, as well as your SO's blood pressure to rise. What do you do?

Email land lord?
Confront them?
Deal with it?

I emailed the land lord because we don't want to confront them and have them be assholes and stomp more deliberately, and be even more loud just for shits and giggles, in hopes that the land lord solves the issue.