September 1st, 2010

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 Kids that I babysitted are Friend Requesting me on Facebook.
I tried to keep my personal life out of their business when I babysitted them, so I don't know if I should accept them or not.
Plus, they're making me feel old.  I totally went "OMG HE'S A MAN! WHEN DAFUK DID THAT HAPPEN?!" out loud at one of their profiles.

Do you have kids you babysat on your FL?
Do you talk to them?
Should I accept them?

Did you ever babysit, anyway?
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Will you please come and play?

Should I drink red wine, white wine, Newcastle Brown Ale from a keg can in the fridge, whiskey, Pimms (I don't have a mixer though), or peach schnapps? I need a drink. Badly.

What's the last alcoholic beverage you consumed?


I have an appointment tomorrow but I can't decide what I want to do! Every year, I just get it cut shoulder length with a couple layer and I'm kind of sick of that. I only get my hair cut once a year because it grows slow so whatever I get, it needs to last me

This is basically what it looks like now, just a bit longer because this pic is from October/November-ish.
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So how should I get my hair cut?
The only things I have to say is whatever cut I get, I'd like to keep it middle-parted, and I can't get bangs because of where my cowlick is. They're too much maintenance for me to bother with.

ETA- If you guys can help me decide on a cut, can you help me style it? lol I fail at hair


Have you traveled out of the country you live in this year? Where?

Have you traveled out of the state/provence you live in this year? Where?

Do you want to share any pictures from these travels?

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A lot of people in tqc have long been advocates that it's unfair that women earn less than men in the workplace. According to a new time magazine article
in 147 out of 150 of the biggest cities in the U.S., young women's median full-time salaries are 8% higher than those of the guys in their peer group. In two cities, Atlanta and Memphis, those women are making around 20% more.

Are you ladies gonna champion the fight for men to get equal pay now?
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Say a friend goes to your possible new love interest and starts telling them everything about your personal life like it's their business but they say they were just being a friend. What do you tell them?

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You know how no matter how much you feel you're over someone, sometimes seeing them with someone else leaves you feeling like you've been punched in the gut?

There any way to, y'know, not get that feeling?

Last time I tried to ignore it by drinking more, that didn't turn out well.
Srs or non.
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Pet Owners of TQC:

Are your pets pampered or spoiled? In what ways?

(Brought to you by my girl-cat waiting patiently for me to eat my cereal so she could drink the milk.)

Don't have a pet (or just like answering stuff): what did you have for breakfast?
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Guys, the picture on the back of my jar of Nutella suggests that I have a slice of bread with Nutella on it, a glass of orange juice AND a glass of milk for breakfast.

How does this even count as a meal, seriously? WHY THE FUCK WOULD I DRINK TWO THINGS FOR BREAKFAST?

What's your ~*perfect*~ breakfast? I can tell you, mine would have way more solids in it for starters.
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Is there anyone IRL that you would definitely not want to find out you had an LJ?
If they found out, would you have to delete it, go friends only or do something else?

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I work in a department with three other girls, as a group, we are all really close, hanging out after work, going to dinner/the casino/concerts together and stuff. However, one of them, I am having trouble finding common ground with.

She's a perfectly nice person, and we even have a few things in common (same general tastes in clothing, music, and we both own pit bulls, both of our SOs work in the service department and obviously we work together). For some reason I'm having a lot of trouble connecting with her, not for lack of trying.

Whenever we work just the two of us we recycle the same conversations and then when that runs out we end up with a series of awkward silences.

I don't want to force a relationship with her at all, but I feel badly that we don't get along as well as my other coworkers and I do. When we hang out it feels like she's making an effort too, it's just not working.

Could it just be a personality clash?
Should I just give up and let things be awkward?
Any tips?

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Have any of your owned a panasonic lumix fh20? If so, may I see some pictures you've taken? I'm pretty set on getting it, but just want to double check.

Also, has anyone signed up for that Amazon prime thing? I can get free 2 day shipping (which is ideal, since I need this camera before I go away in less than a week) and then cancel the thing within my 30 day period and not get penalized. Has anyone done this?

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do you have curly hair?

if so, how curly? have you ever had your hair professionally (chemically) straightened? or had the curls loosened somehow?

i'm too cheap to spend $400 on japanese hair straightening but what about relaxers/"straight perm"/some sort of loosening perm? IDK.

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Does anyone recall an older television cartoon series with a title that was something like Lessons/Stories/Journeys from the Book of Whatever, and they had a gaggle of kids who always wound up talking over whatever lesson they'd learned up on a mountain with a magical talking moose or bear or something? I'm googling and getting nothing.

Maybe it was an owl. Some kind of forest creature that was brownish, and on the bigger side, I think.

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I have poor credit and am looking into buying a car. I have a cosigner with good credit, her own home, her own car, etc.

I am working to pay off some debt before I get into having a car payment, so I will start looking at cars in about a month.

I share a car with my boyfriend under his name. As long as he is with me at the dealership, can he trade it in for a new (used) car under my name?

Also, is it necessary to put down a downpayment? I know that is better because it makes the payments lower, but it would take me longer than I have to save up enough for tax,title,pay off this debt, and down payment. I would like the vehicle for the holidays so I can visit family.

If I got a loan through something like Lending Tree, would that require some sort of down payment or would I just start with monthly payments?

Is a cosigner the same as "co-borrower" on the application?


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I'm going to a wedding in Ohio in mid-October and I have no idea what to wear. I don't know anything about fashion, I never dress up, and my everyday uniform is jeans/shorts, tank tops, maybe a cardigan, and chucks. I'm from Toronto so I don't know what the weather is generally like in Ohio that time of year. I'm not opposed to wearing dresses or something fancy, I just have no idea what would look good. If it matters, I'm 5'10", thin, slightly tanned and I have short dark hair. I will also need to breastfeed my daughter, so I'll need easy boob access.

So, TQC, what should I wear to this wedding? Suggestions for style, colour, etc. are much appreciated. And pics are especially helpful!

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I solved my issues with my Vaio using MalwareBytes, so now that virus is gone! :D The thing is, I lost all my music when I (failed to properly) transfer my Itunes over. I was downloading CDs from the indie_exchange community, and that's the only thing I was downloading (minus Itunes and Firefox installations), so that HAS to be the only way I got that security suite virus, y/n?

If so, does this mean no more downloading from indie_exchange? I don't want to get that virus again, it was such a pain, but I want all my old music back and new music! :(

Alternatively, do colleges in the US have a certain amount of time they're required to be in session? I start classes later than everyone else I know, get out for the year earlier than everyone else I know, and have a 6-7 week long winter break, as well as the standard Thanksgiving and Spring Break vacations. Is that..normal?
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Do you ever think thoughts like

I am standing in the very exact same place where blankblankblank happened.


At this very moment, probably 100 people have a charlie horse. (Mine are usually far more morbid, but for OPs sake.)


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I have a dilemma. Here's the situation:

My best friend invited me to go camping with her and her family for 4 days and 3 nights. I would really like to go, but my SO and I are going through a rough spot right now, and I have a feeling that we're on the verge of breaking up.
I am have listed some pro's and con's:

Pro's of going:
-I love my best friend and it will be a guaranteed good time
-Summer is ending and this will be my last possible chance to go camping
-I have been feeling lonely lately, and this might be a chance to boost my spirits up
-It won't cost me anything because her family is paying for everything

Con's of going:
-My SO and I are going through a rough time, and distance between us right now could be negative and/or damaging
-I am nervous that the distance between my SO and I right now could encourage him to want to break up
-I will be missing out on the chance to earn a much needed $200 (doing really easy work)
-We will be returning on September 5th, and I am starting college on September 7th, leaving me with only 1 day to relax and prepare before starting school
-I have a lot of things to get done, and once school starts I won't have very much time

What would you do? I can't make a decision for the life of me.
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So apparently just down the street from me, a gunman has barricaded himself in the Discovery Channel building with hostages and possibly a bomb. WTF? Edit: Live news feed.

What sort of beef could this person possibly have with the Discovery Channel? We're 10 minutes from DC, and he takes on the Discovery Channel?
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I'm shopping for a bed set because right now we're just sleeping with a set of a sheets and random blankets. I have 2 that I'm deciding between but I'm confused.

I like this one and I have a set of royal blue sheets to go with it. This one is a comforter set and it comes with two pillow shams. It's the first 'flowery' one that my husband doesn't hate.

I also like this one but the comforter set only comes in king, but there's a duvet set that comes in queen size, and it comes with a duvet cover and two pillow shams. 

What's the difference between the comforter and the duvet cover? Do I want the comforter or the duvet or does it not matter?

Which one do you like better? There's no real theme to our bedroom right now since we just moved in, I just want it to stop looking like a guy's dorm room. 

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Have you ever had vertigo?

I have it right now. This isn't quite as fun as I might imagine it to be. Ha. The doctor made me an appointment to see a physical therapist in about an hour but I have no idea what he's gonna do to fix it. Maybe spin me around like a dreidel, you think?

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How far is too far for you to walk to school/work?

Inspired by the fact that some of my friends can't comprehend why I'd rather walk (can't bike rn) to class instead of drive when I live less than 2 miles away.

tl;dr--job angst again

A few days back, I wrote about the fact that I'm sitting in agony waiting to find out about a recent job interview. I was told after the second-round interview (which was almost two weeks ago now, on August 20th) that the committee might be deciding within a week; when a week was up and I'd heard nothing, I sent a message asking for an update.

Turned out to be a sort-of good idea. I found out that there had been delays with another candidate's interviews, so the committee would now be hoping to decide this week; the HR rep told me that she'd "probably" be calling the finalists' references this week, so I might want to give mine a heads-up. I thanked her and let my references know a call might be coming in. In response to that warning, one of my references gave me an additional phone number where she could be reached--this will be important below.

Unfortunately, she still hasn't called them, and it doesn't look like she's going to this week (she only works M-W). This could just mean she's taking longer than she thought she would, but I suspect it means I'm not going to get an offer. So my question is:

1. Is it worth it to send the updated phone number?

ETA: Sorry I accidentally posted this twice; damn LJ was freakin' out on me.
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What should I make for dinner? We have:

Ground beef.
Orange juice.
Cat food (wet and dry).
Dog food.
Pain killers.
Salad dressing.
Green beans.
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Student questions

 Hi there!

I have some questions for the (former) Students at TQC!
We have an Abroad study-plan at our school, and I'm searching all kinds of information about Studying in the United States.

The 2 schools I can go to are located in Elgin (near Chicago) and Providence (Rhode Island).

I wanted to know the following things:

1. How easy do you think it is to get a room at the school campus for +/- 3 months?
2. and how much will a room at school campus cost per month?
3. When you lived in school campus / on your own for school, how much money did you spend per week on groceries and such?
4. If school campus isn't an option, how easy do you think I can get a room/dorm/shared apartment for this short period?

Thanks for all your answers!

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Did you ever have an imaginary friend? Will you tell me about them?

When I was a kid I had an imaginary baby chicken (NOT a chick, I insisted that it was a baby chicken) that lived in the palm of my hand.

uses for stale bread


I got a baguette loaf and had it sliced into little rounds for bruschetta. I got a lot more than I needed, so now I'm stuck with a bunch of little bread rounds that will be stale soon. I wanted to use them to make something for tailgating Saturday.

What should I make with my stale bread rounds??
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I was planning to make chicken fajitas for dinner tonight, so last night I took some chicken breasts out of the freezer and put them in the refrigerator to thaw. They're still not thawed. In the past when I've made fajitas I've made a marinade for the chicken, so it was okay if they didn't thaw completely because once I cut 'em into strips and put 'em in the marinade for a few hours they'd certainly be thawed. But my marinade involves beer which we don't seem to have at the moment, and I don't drink beer so I really didn't want to buy any just for this. So I bought a little packet of fajita seasoning mix. But now I need my chicken to be thawed by the time I start cooking and I'm not sure what to do.

Can I leave the chicken at room temperature for the next hour to hour and a half? Would that even be enough time to thaw it? It's partially thawed now but still quite frozen in the middle.

Or should I take it out and cut it into strips now in hopes of speeding up the thawing process?

Or, failing any of that, would it be okay to leave it in the refrigerator until tomorrow and just have the fajitas then instead?

LJ's great idea

So I'm sure that by now that everyone has heard about LJ's great idea that will allow people to crosspost comments left on your locked posts to their Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as providing a link back to your journal.

Poll #1613818 LJ's great idea

How do you feel about this?

I think this is a great idea!
I think this is an AWFUL idea.
What's the big deal?

Are you concerned about your privacy?


Edit: An LJ staff member has linked this poll to the news post.

Edit #2: You have to be a member of this community to post a comment, but anyone can vote in this poll.

Thanks for voting! And feel free to direct people to this poll.

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I got this sponge cake dessert shell thing at a bakery near me. They are really yummy, and I've been putting Nutella and raspberries in it, but I want to try something else.

I was thinking vanilla pudding (real, not boxed) peaches and raspberries, but that's not very imaginative, I think.

What should I put in it?

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i'm so bad at this...
i need some tips for ebay beginners...
i'm selling a pretty old violin that's appraised at 300-400 dollars.
i have all of the details covered, but how do i make it more convincing to bid on?

ETA: Should i offer a return option? should i pay for the shipping both ways?

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what do you think of the people on facebook who type like this?

"its was alright, kinda got hit on. and madd bitches there i can tell already dont like me, but fuck them its jealousy. i just hate being without everyone. umm jersey shore tomorrow, i dont have school friday... miss u too girl ♥"
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beachy ??

I have just returned from spending 16 days at Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ. We spent most of our time on the beach and in the water. Because of hurricanes Danielle and Earl, the water on some days, was saucy and frothy, chugging and churning. The lifeguards were keeping us directly in front of their stand and were tweeting their shrill whistles every time a swimmer dared to go past the imaginary boundaries.

My question:

Do you have to listen to the lifeguards?
Is it like an actual law?

What happens when 5 o'clock rolls around and the lifeguards leave for the day? I mean, I understand it's then swim at your own risk, but what changes exactly as far as where you can and can't go. Aren't you really ALWAYS swimming at your own risk whether there is a lifeguard there or not?

Another question, only semi-related:

To get onto most beaches along the Jersey coastline, you have to pay. You buy a daily (or season) badge and that gets you past the posted gatekeepers. Sometimes they do random checks on the sand to make sure everyone there has a badge.

My friend's husband says that in reality you really don't have to pay. They have no cause to kick you off the beach should you refuse, as no one owns the ocean/beach, it's public domain.

Is this true?
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My boyfriend moved in recently and I want to cook a romantic meal for him since in 2-1/2 years+ I've only cooked for him once. But, I am not a very good cook. What are some easy, fairly quick (as I would have to do it after work) meals that I could make him? Bonus points if you pick a wine to accompany the meal.


What kind of dog do you have, if you have one? I'm thinking of maybe getting a rescue dog but I'm not sure if it's a good idea. I'm going to start work at the end of the month (hours are 10-6) and I wouldn't mind walking the dog in the mornings. What dogs are good with being left alone for long periods of time? Of course I'd leave chew toys and the tv on to keep the dog company during the day. I also live in an apartment with a decent-sized but unfenced yard. Apartment owners, what dogs do you have? At the moment, I'm leaning towards a medium sized dog of indeterminate breed. Any ideas for me? 

more netflix...

When they said one business day, I assumed it meant the next day. It says it'll be arriving in two days. Is this just in case something happens or does it really always take two business days? It's no big deal, I'm just curious.
Okay, I didn't realize it mattered at what time of the day it was ordered. Makes sense!

Alternatively, what's one movie you think everyone should see?

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Have you ever purchased a used electronic item (specifically a digital camera) on websites such as Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay? What was your experience? Was it worth it?

I'm considering buying a used Nikon Coolpix on Amazon, but I'm a little wary because I've never bought anything used before except for books.
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I ordered some eyeshadow and lipstick from Sephora and got it sent via UPS. It went from Maryland to New Jersey to Massachusetts (I'm in Boston) and then somehow got sent to TEXAS. What the hell happened?! Serious and nonserious answers as always.

dk/dc is there anything on TV right now?

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I'm googling as hard as I can, and so is my boyfriend... but so far we haven't gotten anywhere.
I have Photoshop CS5 and I swear someone else in this community has it too - I got it because they said I should get it. So now that I have it...

There is all this lag. I've tried fiddling with all kinds of settings and I even updated my graphics drivers.
Why is there all this lag and why isn't changing any of the settings doing anything to fix it?
What are we missing here? I've never had a problem with photoshop before. I see people talk about this problem a lot, too. Yet, I try everything they're saying like turning off openGL and what not.. nothing it working!

What the hell is going on?

Maybe that person who has CS5 could let me in on something? They obviously seemed to have it running without a problem.

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1. I need a new conditioner, what should I switch to? (Currently using Herbal Essences, I have thin, long dirty blond hair that has never been dyed and is prone to frizzies, if that helps).

2. For two years me and my roommate didn't have a garbage can, we just used a large black trash bag and rested it in a corner of the kitchen floor. I know this sounds gross, but we never had a leak and had no problems with odor.
We finally bought a garbage can a few months ago and the smell after a few days of it being in use is awful. Were not eating anything different, we empty it twice a week, its been happening regardless of heat waves- did I mention the smell?? Holy fuck does it smell bad. And it spreads throughout the kitchen every time we open it. We never had this problem before we got a trashcan- why is it doing this TQC??

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TQCers in the United States:

Blockbuster won't let me view this page because I'm outside of the US. (I also can't get around this by using an anonymous proxy site.)

Can you tell me, is it actually possible to download that movie (Stjärnsystrar) from within the United States? Or does it say "not currently available" or something?

And do you have to have a subscription or similar, or can you just pay a few dollars and download the file?

ETA: Americans and Canadians, how do you pronounce the name "Cara"? Do you pronounce it the same as you pronounce the name "Tara", as in its first syllable is like the first syllable in "fairy"?
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1. What are some names of your animals/kids/inanimate possessions/etc which you have named, past or present? Stories behind the names are very much welcome.

2. What are your favourite names in general? Details again welcome.

3. Can anyone here tell me the proper pronunciation of the Quechuan/Peruvian name "Naira"? If you don't know and just had to say it, how would you pronounce it? I think I'm going to pick that name for that one girl llama I posted here :)

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I have a pretty good friend who just got her heart seriously broken by a guy about a month ago. It sent her into a pretty awful spiral of bad feelings/depression (there was one night where I was up with her until midnight because she was threatening to self-injure). She'd had her heart broken a year prior to this, which sent her into a mental facility and got her diagnosed with clinical depression. She just got back on her meds this week after going off them about six months ago (without medical approval). She is now mooning over a guy at her work and I'm trying to be supportive and happy for her, but really I want to take her by the shoulders and shake her. How would you behave in this situation? 
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 How long do you think is too long to respond to an email?

I emailed a former teacher, former professor, and my internship advisor about a letter of recommendation. I wasn't expecting a letter back immediately, but I feel like a response email after three or four days is reasonable (my professor responded within 2 hours, however). What do you think? 
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so? i dont know where to turn too, & i was hoping to get advice. Ill give a small explanation. Not expecting anyone to feel sorry for me, just hoping maybe someone can help me or maybe if theyre is "someone" or a different community to turn too. Ok, here it goes.

i am a 22 year old living with my grandma & my uncle. Who happens to be an alcoholic. Oh well, he just stopped drinking just recently. he did drink, he got very angry. to the point he would hit me a few times. ive gotten through it. but not that he has stopped drinking, he is literally a miserable asshole who does not take care of the house. i do my very best to keep up with the cleaning, laundry, bathrooms, & for the care of my grandma & also him. cause he tends to forget to take his meds. Also, his liver is dying due to the booze. I also work part time as a cashier with low pay. looking for another job with better pay is hard. im in about 3,500$ in debt (which is my fault. not blaming anyone) so it gets harder & harder to keep everything balanced. i am in a realtionship however the way my home life is, it does affect my realtionship (at times) & also recieve no help from the rest of my family. My mother died & my father refuses to admit he has a daughter. I have older brother but he is going through a messy divorce. Agian its hard to keep everything balanced. My uncle moved all of his junk in to our spare room which is pretty big. but my uncle being lazy/sick/depressed has let it get so bad, we are now infested with mice! Mice multiply 8 times a year & have 8 or more babies per liter. I need to get all of his stuff out imeditely! however if i touch his things, he will literally hit the roof or even me. but it is a serious health issue everyone & my grandma. Someone help me. give me advice. how do i pursure to get this accomplshied without upseting my uncle. His things must go! must must must! he doesnt seem to get it but i dont know what else to do...

i do apologize for the boring/long post. if it is inappropiate, feel free to delete my post.
just need advice.

What should i do??
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I have chronic pain and I work retail.

What are the best ever work shoes for someone in my position? Note: They have to be somewhat dressy (no sneakers).

I currently have Crocs mary janes (these, to be specific), but they are not doing a good job.

ETA: Y'all are awesome. Thank you!