August 31st, 2010


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This has wankity-wank potential but let's just go for it.

What are your opinions on religion? Are you a follower of any?
I'm taking an Anthro/Socy/Religion (it's cross-listed like 30 times) class called "Religions, Magic and Witchcraft" this semester and I'm currently writing my first introductory reflection paper. I don't know if this is the time to go balls-out with what I think or if I just allude to my distaste for any and all religion in general.

The reason I'm taking this class is because I'm genuinely interest in how people who follow a religion think about that religion. I want to study the sociology and anthropology of religion to see where these passionate, deeply rooted beliefs come from. I think the psychology of faith and the ability to stand so strongly for something you accept as true with little to no proof is remarkable. That is to say, that no matter what I believe (or don’t), I don’t think one should remove those desire from anyone. I’m just very open to the idea of the origins, and dare I say evolution, of religions over the course of thousands of years.
Peggy Blink

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Which website(s) do you think everyone should have bookmarked?

If you had to Eternal Sunshine someone to forget they were ever a part of your life, who would it be?
Cupcake //

This is sort of dumb, but I'm having trouble finding answers

My boyfriend and I are about to buy annual passes to Walt Disney World. I'm looking for answers from people who have experience with this kind of stuff at any other theme park.

If we buy them online, do the tickets start from the day we purchase them, or from the first time we use them at the park? Also, it didn't really give me any delivery options, it said something about an E-certificate. Do you think that will work for admission right away, or will I have still have to wait for the tickets to come in the mail?

I looked for a FAQs, but I really hate the WDW website and I didn't get too far with my questions.


I was not planning on finding a dress for my wedding. At least not tonight. I did not even want a fancy one, but I think I found it.
Right colour, right style, right everything(Just add a corset)

I knew it as soon as I saw it.

When was the last time that or something similar happened to you?
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Is it unreasonable of me to expect a business to provide the services it claims to offer? I was up in New England this past weekend with family. As you may or may not know, Dunkin Donuts is the coffee chain of choice up there, not Starbucks (or Wawa for me) as I am used to further south. At various locations over the weekend I asked for a mocha latte and received... not remotely one. The first time, it was half coffee (clearly coffee, not espresso) and the rest foam. I returned it, got the same thing again, ordered a regular coffee. This happened repeatedly. My favorite was when I asked for a latte, no foam, and got cold milk and espresso.

My parents and family tell me that I was being ridiculous because "that isn't what they do up here" and they just do regular coffee. I say that if you put it on the board, train your damn employees to serve a damn latte.

dk/dc What is your biggest pet peeve about clothing?
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 Last month I had asthmatic bronchitis. I went to the ER but was unable to follow up with a regular doctor to be actually be diagnosed with asthma. My chest is starting to get tight and it's been a bit difficult to breathe today. I've also been coughing dry coughs today. It isn't urgent, like I'm out of breath, but deep breaths hurt and I'm wheezing quite a bit.

Is this something I should take a hit of albuterol for? The ER gave me a prescription for it and my aunt's mom was able to give me a brand new inhaler and albuterol since she gets one like every month on her insurance.


 I visited friends and noticed they had a heavy flea infestation. I don't have any pets myself, but worry that the fleas will survive anyways. So;

Can fleas survive on human blood? I've read websites that said they don't like our blood and others saying they'll eat it but it's no good for reproduction. Which is true?

Will flea eggs get killed if I wash the clothes I was wearing while visiting? Do I need to wash with a special product?

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Finally found something conclusive. Basically; yes they will feed and survive on me. Eww ;_;


I moved to the U.S. 10 years ago and I still don't feel like I've adjusted. I think I dislike a lot of people because they are just boring. I don't expect to walk around and like everyone, but I've noticed that lately I've become a complete bitch to everyone around me! Is this okay? & if do I fix it? I'm sure my gorgeous friend that gets away with everything has had an influence on my behavior...but I feel like it's becoming a problem because I'm becoming anti-social... :/ Is this even a problem? I guess this would be my attempt to socialize with people, even if its on livejournal! oh geez...
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I dropped my enV3 in soda, and now it's shot. The welcome screen will pop up if I plug the battery in. Today it turned on for a split second and I was able to send a text. Then it went right back off. Ugh.

I can't call Verizon's insurance company or go to the store to get a new phone unless I'm the policy holder, right? I won't see my SO, who has the phone plan in his name, for a week.
Autumn Pink

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I hate hearing about _________________________. Will you fill in the blank?

People like some ugly colors. y/n?

Donut holes or a bagel?

My life seems to have a pattern of people who _____________________.

the boys from queens

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probably a stupid question, but whatevs.

i have an interview later today and one of my nails is badly chipped. should i get a polish change or just hope they don't notice? :/

what's the most important thing you're doing today?

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Poll #1613122 Choices!

Should we...

have copious amounts of sex
put together the K'nex set that he got at a flea market
cook/bake something
all of the above
TQC, help my SO and I decide what to do today? :) 

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Do you think there are any vegetarians (the kind that are vegetarians because they don't like that people kill animals and stuff) who don't eat gummy bears or animal crackers because they would be killing animals?

Sorry if that's awkwardly worded
Shaun Long Day

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What would you do or say if you had a suspicion your SO was cheating on you, then you found a text from your SO to someone else saying, "You'd look better with no clothes on"? This happened to a friend of mine, so we spent last night getting completely and totally hammered. He got home about midnight, and they went at it for the next 3 hours at least. So also, how long should I give her before I go check to see if she's okay?

dk/dc When was the last time alcohol made you throw up? Last night was the first time ever for me.
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The person who utilised the toilet before you has neglected to flush. Do you flush the toilet before you use it?
Would it make a difference depending on what they left in the bowl?
SPN - Winchesters

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1. I was shopping yesterday and noticed how all the 36B's are too big for me...have bra sizes gotten bigger or have my boobs shrunk?

2. Do you ever use the Express Check Out (15 items or less)?  If you do, do you always have 15 items or less?

3. Where did you last go out to eat; what did you have?
tick tock

help me want to cook

A few weeks ago I lost all of my desire to cook or bake. I only cook for myself and it gets really freaking boring. Plus I hardly ever finish things like a tub of hummus or a block of cheese before it goes moldy and that makes me not want to eat at all.

I'm going grocery shopping today for the first time in WEEKS and I need some inspiration. What should I buy? What should I cook? (I'm a pescatarian.)

Should I bake mint chocolate brownies today?

tax stuff


I did an efile for my taxes, and I had to redo them and resend them because I got my social security number wrong.

So I fixed it and sent it back on April 15.

I got my state tax refund. Why didn't I get my federal refund yet?

I checked online at the "where is my refund" page, and it says that they can't give me any information

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I bought my Sony Vaio on Saturday, and last night this AV Security Suite found its way on my computer, so now I can't connect to the internet or open anything at all because it's all "infected" apparently. Basically, my laptop is now useless.

What was the last thing to frustrate you?

Also, if you have had this problem before, is it easy to resolve? I printed out the uninstallation guide I found on Google, and it's pretty straightforward, but I'm worried it won't be effective. Should I try it myself and then call Best Buy? Should I call Best Buy first?

Tell me a story of failed electronics in your life? D:
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I need some help, TQC. I watched a show a few months ago on how several dinosaurs we know of are probably just juvenile forms of other well known dinosaurs (I remember Torosaurus and Triceratops and Dracorex Hogwartsia and Pachycephalosaurus were the main dinosaurs), and I am completely unable to remember the show title or what channel it was on (likely Discovery, History, Nat Geo, or Science). I've tried all sorts of keywords and cannot come up with the show name.

DID I IMAGINE THIS WHOLE SHOW? Or does it exist? Please help.
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hey baby, wanna kill all humans?

i'm playing pandemic 2. every living human is infected. the vaccine has been deployed but it failed.


seriously. fever, vomiting, sores, pulmonary edema. hospitals all shut. THESE BITCHES WON'T DIE!

now what?

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Have you ever taken a women's and gender studies class? What did you think of it?

What's the best deal/coupon you've seen recently?

Do you think it's odd for a woman/man to wear a ring that is not a wedding/engagement/promise ring on their ring finger? I have a ring I wear on my ring finger, but it's my only ring and I wear it there because it's the only finger that it fits on. I sliced the "matching" finger's knuckle off a long time ago, so it's all squishy and big.

I don't normally make plans with flakes

You're supposed to meet a friend for breakfast and coffee. You arrive, grab a paper and have a coffee while waiting.
After some waiting and reading (the whole paper) they don't appear to be coming and aren't answering your calls. 

How long would you wait for someone you've made concrete plans with?

I was supposed to meet mentioned "friend" at 10:30am and waited for over an hour before going home. She just called me and said "My bad I thought we were meeting around 10:30." Since when is over an hour late around 10:30? Luckily for her I had reading material or I would have been really pissed. I know I'm not doing anything today, but still. 


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One morning while hiking alone, you find a UNICORN! It's friendly and approaches you without fear. What do you do?

Pet it and let it go. No room in my life for a big horse with a stabby forehead
I bring it home with me! It'd be awesome to have a unicorn
Take its picture and sell it to the tabloids
Capture it and sell it to a zoo/science/museum/private collector/whatever
Vow to never do drugs again while I'm hiking
I smell some super special BBQ ribs in the near future, and I'll use its horn as a cool coatrack
Run away. I hate horses and especially ones with an impaling weapon on its face
Look around to see if Tom Cruise is prancing around in short shorts nearby, or Tim Curry in demon gear

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1)Are you a good shopper, clipping coupons and matching prices or are you the sort of person who wanders in and ends up paying $1 for a single onion?

I'm the latter.

2)What's the world's worst tv show?

3)Are there too many games and too little time?

*betty draper reading

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Have you ever sent a text to the wrong number? Did they ignore it? Or text you back?

Have you ever received a text from someone who dialed the wrong number? Did you ignore it or text them back?

What are you supposed to do when you accidentally send a text to the wrong number? Send another one that says "sorry, wrong number?" Do nothing and hope they just delete it?

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Is Firefox repeatedly crashing for anyone else or is it just me? It crashed every time I tried to open it this morning.

Nevermind, restarting seems to have worked.
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How often do you replace your winter coat?

I try to make mine last for at least two years. However my son gets a new one every year because he's growing so fast and gets his so dirty.

Where do you like to shop for coats?

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When you see the Wizard, what will you ask for?

One way trip back to Kansas
Brains. I don't have enough
Heart. I don't have enough empathy
Courage. Everything scares me
Big slab of meat and a dog's ass to sniff
Gimme a flying monkey
Nothing. I'm pretty satisfied with what I have

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So, I was going over my Twitter list today and noticed a conversation had broken out between two people I follow. Person 1 said, "Everyone has taken naked pictures of themselves." His theory being that, because every cell phone made anymore has a camera, most computers have webcams, etc. that people eventually do it just to see how they look naked in a picture. Anyway, Person 2 pipes up, "I haven't! Only someone who is sick in the head would put naked pictures of themselves in the net." Which is interesting, because that's not what Person 1 even said. So they actually got into an Twitter argument about it and I unfollowed both of them because it was getting annoying.

So, this leads me to two questions for you, TQC:

1) Do you think "everyone" takes pictures of themselves naked? (Or partially naked. Some kind of naked.) I have! I took one for my girlfriend years ago and she 'accidentally' sent it to her best friend. (And by accidentally, I mean intentionally. That'll teach me.) Personally, I think a lot of people do, but I don't think every single person who owns a camera has, or even the majority have.

2) Isn't arguing on Twitter pointless? I suppose it teaches you to make your argument in 140 characters or less.


Do you wear slippers at home?

Do you have any shoes wearing rules in your house?

Sometimes I wear slippers, mostly I walk around barefoot.

Two weird rules; no thunking up the stairs late at night which usually results in shoes coming off, and also no high heels on the soft pine floors as they leave holes.



I have already chosen who my bridesmaids will be. I am only having two and they my closest friends.

However my parter's best man is most likely going to be someone who we have only been friends with for the last six months. Now that his choice and this bloke is fucking awesome guy who my partner just clicked with, they are almost brothers...thats how well they get along.
However our friend's partner is not going to be bridesmaid. I am not as close with as we are with him(The best man)

Is that going to be awkward? I know not all bridesmaids have to be partners with those in the groom's party but I am going to feel weird about not choosing her. Especially as we are good friends with her, in fact really good friends...but I chose these girls as my bridesmaids before I even knew her and got engaged.
I know its my wedding my choice but I dont want to piss anyone off.
How would you go about doing this?
EDIT: She will still be invited obviously.

the more non-srs the better

Dearest TQC;

What's the best way to avoid having to hold, watch over, or otherwise pay attention to someone's baby or child? Going to a wedding this weekend, and almost all of my cousins have at least one kid.

What is your favourite classic internet Flash Cartoon? (ex. How Is Babby Formed)
Agents are Go!

Sandwich woes

So, i just ordered a sandwich from a local place, and instead of mustard (which I love), they put on mayo (which I don't particularly like). I checked my order, and it says mustard, who ever made the sandwich must have made a mistake.

Should I walk out in the 90 degree heat 2 blocks and ask them to remake it? Or just eat it now? I know they'll replace it (they're really nice), but is it worth the effort?

DK/DC: Who is your favorite person outside of your family under the age of 12? how about over the age of 50?

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all right, amateur dream interpreters,

what do you think pirate werewolves sinking your refugee submarine means?

is it significant that these werewolves were the same ones that pillaged and burned your village, thus turning you and your entire village into refugees?

apparently, drowning means i am being overwhelmed, but the pirate werewolf part is where i get lost.

have you had any comparable dreams, tqc?
  • euka

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I am looking around for a wedding reception site. I have seen a couple of places and both have been about $70 per person for site/food/drink. Many of the sites in my area top $100 so this is looking pretty reasonable.

My fiancee has a friend who is getting married and she is claiming she is only spending $20 per person. Is this even possible? The website for the country club she is doing the reception has packages that start at $45 per person.

If I thought I could get away with that I would keep looking, but you can't even get a nice meal at a casual restaurant around here for that much, let alone service and alcohol.

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I am supposed to go to marching band practice tonight in an hour and forty-five minutes. I feel terrible. Queasiness, dizziness, pain in my jaw (the lady who cleaned my teeth earlier today SCRAPED AND SCRAPED AND SCRAPED), and very tired.


Planing a Potluck Party

I am planing a potluck, where there will be about 40 people and food that needs to be brought. There is a possibility that there will be people with dietary issues (kosher, halal vegan, diabetic). When sending out announcements, should I make some type of a note about this, so perhaps a few people might take that into consideration when deciding what to bring. I don't want everyone bringing salad, I don't want to feel like I'm singling these people out, but it would be nice if people did bring enough stuff so that those with dietary issues will have a nice time.

If I do decide to put something on the invitation, how do I phrase it? Should I phrase it, or just expect that if someone has a dietary issue, they can bring what they like?

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You're sitting somewhere public. (Be it a classroom, Starbucks, bus...) All of a sudden you get an overwhelming urge to do one of the following bodily functions. You can't leave the area, it's going to happen right where you are at that exact moment. THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

How would you go about handling each one of these situations? Have a story on any of these happening irl?

1) Fart
2) Vomit
3) Super-belch
4) Urinate
5) Continuous hiccups
6) Orgasm
Friendship is the best (Coupling)

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I'm looking into getting a graphics tablet, but I am le poor and cannot afford both a tablet and expensive graphics software. Any recommendations for cheap/free graphics software which is compatible with wacom? I've never had a tablet before, any advice?

DK/DC: What's the worse/best/most random piece of computer software you've ever seen?
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I've lived in the apartment I'm living in for 2 years and I just got a new roommate last month. He smokes both cigarettes and weed, but only ever in his room. At first I didn't care much, but now the smell is coming into the kitchen and other parts of my house and it's kind of making me sick. I'm also afraid my landlord will smell the weed and think it's me and kick us both out. Plus, it's embarrassing to bring friends over when my house is smelly. Is there anything I can do to neutralize the smell besides Glade plug-ins and Febreeze spray, which I already use?

If not, do you think I should/would be right to say something to him about it? I realize he is paying for his room so he should be able to do whatever he wants in it, but I still feel like this apartment is mine considering everything in every other room belongs to me and I've been here for so long. What should I say to him, if anything?
trent lane

la musica

TQC, will you please name a song you can't stand by a band you absolutely love?

I think Boards of Canada is great, but the song "Aquarius" is SO FREAKING ANNOYING. >:|

ETA: Now that we've named, like, every Beatles song known to man... how about any other band please :)

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What are your thoughts on lightly slapping kids in the face when they misbehave?

If you are vegan, or pretend that you are, what would be your thoughts on wool socks in the winter? Do you think most vegans will say no to clothes made out of wool?

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Okay, this is actually quite a good question that I actually REALLY need your advice on, come on TQC don't let me down.

I lost my phone at the weekend, went to the store to get a new sim and turns out I actually stopped my insurance two years ago for some reason and never set it back up again. So, yay, wayhoo, I can't get a replacement I have to buy it.

The phone I used to have was a HTC Desire so it was really expensive, new it would cost roughly £430 not tied to a contract.

So here are my options:

A) Buy new phone for £430, use it with the same contract/sim as before and insure the phone through my bank separately.

B) Cancel off the remainder of my contract with Vodafone, I'm only a few months into my contact so it would cost about £375. Get a new phone with Vodafone/another network in a contract.

C) Downgrade my minutes/texts/internet roaming access with the current sim. Use that as an emergency back-up in a cheap phone. Pay a minimal direct debit on that and take out a new contract with Vodafone/someone else with a phone included.

D) Buy a cheap phone, swallow my pride and wait until next year for an upgrade (if you want to chose this option, fine okay but chose another option too as a second one plzzzzzzz)

E) Other

Friendship is the best (Coupling)

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I am so excited, because it's Tuesday, and Don't Tell The Bride is on tonight.

I love it because more often than not the groom gets it so right, despite the bride spending three weeks worrying herself sick about what it's going to turn out like. It's nice to see the wonderful reactions when they get it right, and sometimes quite enjoyable getting angry at how spoilt some of the brides are when you can see everything the grooms are going for them.

What's your favourite guilty pleasure tv show, tqc? Why?

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dear livejournal,

thank you for adding a retarded feature that no longer allows me to tab-enter when i want to post a comment. i now have to tab-tab-enter and that is just ridiculous.

love, alicen

would you like to complain about anything?

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You are in a public place with seating (ie a train, subway, bus, airport etc) and there is an elderly lady and a pregnant woman who is clearly in her third trimester. Who do you give the seat to?

*this of course on the grounds you are a nice enough person to give up your seat at all*
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Tomorrow I'll be taking my sister and her friend to a concert out of town.
It's going to be about 60 miles (95km) in one direction.
How much gas money would you ask for from each one of them?

I'd like to take her for free, her being my sister and all, but I'm a poor student and I can't afford to give out free taxi rides, especially not within these distances. I was thinking about something between 6,50 to 9$ (5 to 7€).

dk/dc: When was the last time you thoroughly cleanded your room/appartement/house/etc.?
  • kmeghan

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I am having a facebook conversation with my dad explaining what a "RickRoll" is. :) It's pretty amusing.

Anything funny you've had to explain to your parents lately?

and my dads only 56, and quite computer/internet he missed that, I don't know :)
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My friend's wedding is on Saturday. I'm naturally deathly pale, so I thought about going and getting a spray tan, but I'm worried I've waited too long. My appointment is Thursday evening. So, help me out here...

Have you ever gotten a spray tan? Did you look like a pumpkin after? Am I stupid for waiting so long, y/y? What would you do?
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.
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I bought a MacBook Pro in June of this year. It just crapped out on me for a second time.

Should I go to the Apple store tomorrow and raise hell/demand a new computer?

DK/DC: What kind of computer are you using?

ETA: I probably won't really raise hell, I know it won't get me far. The Apple store was great the last time I had to take it in, I'm just frustrated with the computer right now :(
Change the world

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Does anyone wanna see a live concert tonight? Cuz there's one streaming for free here that starts in 20 minutes. It's The Civil Wars, Madi Diaz, and.... some guy named Tim whose music I know nothing about. Just, y'know, if y'all are as bored as I am...

Don't like folkish music/don't wanna watch streaming concerts: Will you describe your bedroom? Or post pictures of it?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 I just scratched my head and these giant (like dime sized) dandruff flakes fell off. If that wasn't gross enough, my cat started eating them.

What's grossed you out recently?

I need something to do or watch because I am so freaking bored right now.  What games or movies could I entertain myself with?

Have you ever played The Game? Yeah, I just lost.
Murdock smile

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Hey TQC,
I'm having a bad week. Sunday night my laptop crashed just after I finished an assignment, and the laptop won't turn on properly anymore, I had no sleep, Monday I had a panic attack in my tutorial and then that night I ended up having to go to hospital with a suspected broken elbow. I headed up to university today with my laptop to bring it to the IT help desk to see if they could diagnose the problem and they told me to go away and take it to a computer shop without even taking a look at it. I'm borderline tearing up right now because  nothing seems to be going right this week and my arm is killing me.

My question is; do you think my week will get any better/improve?

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Tomorrow, I'm flying out to Ontario for that wedding I posted about before. Our flight leaves at 5:00 6:00 am. My mom is picking me up to go to the airport at 4:15 am. I won't get home from work until 1:00 am, and I still need to finish laundry/pack and want to make myself something to eat.

Wouldn't it make the most sense for me to just stay awake for the next 6-7 hours and pack/eat/____/shower/head off, rather than getting a paltry 30 min/1 hour nap? My sister is lending me headphones, and not many children travel on early morning business flights, so I'll sleep on the plane anyway.

After I finish what needs to be done, what should I do to occupy my time? Reading new Tumblr posts and watching Adventure Time With Finn & Jake is a given.

When is the last time you flew somewhere, and where did you go?
Evil Me

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This evening I went to Walmart, which I usually avoid, and while I was waiting in line 2 women just about got into a fist fight. I guess one of them bumped into the other or something equally ridiculous.

What is the most hilarious/ridic thing you've seen at Walmart?

And no "people of walmart" links, this has to be something YOU have seen personally.
  • jezemel

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How do you refrain from flipping out on someone who kind of deserves it? Should I just get rid of my fb? I become enraged whenever I see his stupid comments. I'm afraid I'm going to get in a physical fight with him at Thanksgiving, too. Should I just not go home?

I very rarely get riled up by other people, but this dude is making me crazy right now.
  • virile

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Let's say you have to kill somebody. Let's say it's them or you (or someone else who you could save). But let's not see it as a total tragedy, okay: let's be a little crazy and see it as probably your one and only chance to have the experience of killing somebody legally in your entire life.

How would you prefer to do it? Me, I'd like to beat them to death with a pipe or something.
Gilmore Girls

constellation globe

When I was a young girl, my brother & I owned this toy that was a clear (possibly plastic?) globe that lit up from the inside. Printed in black on the exterior were the constellations of the sky. It also rotated. I have no idea where we got it from or who made it - maybe Rand McNally? I could be completely off the mark with that brand, so don't take my word on it. At any rate, does anyone know this toy? Did anyone own it? I'd like to get it for my friends kids for Christmas - it seems like the perfect gift for a rainy day activity. Any ideas as to what it could have been I'd really appreciate. Thanks so much!

SN: I've perused Amazon & Google with the search of 'constellation globe' & 'light up constellation globe' & neither turned up anything that I'm looking for.
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I just acquired a lot of beefsteak tomatoes. What should I do with them?
How about some zebra green heirloom tomatoes? What are your other favorite varieties of heirloom tomatoes? I got some today but forget the names of them.
Also, what should I do with a ton of zucchini?

Do you like laser light shows at concerts?
  • zockray

Bachelorette Party

My friend and I are throwing a bachelorette party for a mutual friend of ours. I'm in charge of the banner but I am having a hard time thinking up something creative for it. The bride-to-be is named Elizabeth. I can't seem to think of much else besides "Rock n' Roll Liz!" or "Believe it or not, Liz is tying the knot!" :-/

So, Question Club, what should my banner read?

Thanks in advance. :-)